Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon... Ek Baar Phir


Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon... Ek Baar Phir
Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon... Ek Baar Phir

NEW FF Chapter 5 PG 14 (07/12/2016) UDATING SOON (Page 9)

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Posted: 27 June 2016 at 5:24pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by pooja186

hi dear
how r u ...very well written love whole family members

im gd wt about u?
thank u so much glad u liked it

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Originally posted by vaishux

Hey..finally you updated
Awesome part...
Loved all the characters
Thanks for the pm...continue soon

hey... hehe yep
thank u so much
glad u liked it
ur welcome... updating in a bit
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Originally posted by jasminerahul

Shlok coming 2 India 2 surprise anjali.hope she will have nice b'day party.Samrat n Mayank as shlok's friends.WowVery soon they will also come 2 India.thats hopefully we will get their scenes too in future.Muskaan is so bubbly.Aastha with agnihotris..that scene was nice.Varad gave d party outfit 2 romantic he is.cant wait 4 ashlok meeting.plz update soon

hehe yes he is and hope she does... yes decided to add them too...yep they will come soon
yes u surely will... hehe yes she is very bubbly...thank u glad u liked her scene with them...yes he surely is... updating in bit
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Posted: 27 June 2016 at 5:28pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by sashra

We r waiting dear

updating in a bit sorry for keeping u waiting
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Originally posted by ais13495

Update plzzz

updating in a bit

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Sojal: see u at the party and haan do text or call me when u reach home

Varad: will do bye love u

Sojal: love u 2. Bye varad waited till sojal went inside the house and drove off... when he reached home around 9 he went to jyoti room and hoped she was awake till then he also texted sojal that he reached home. Once he reached outside her room he saw that she was awake and busy reading some messages on the phone

Varad: jyoti I need to talk to u... he said closing the door... jyoti looked at him and waited for him to continue. Varad came and sat down next to jyoti

Jyoti: what happened bhai is everything ok

Varad: yahh I actually wanted to tell u that... and he told her the plan of shlok surprising Anjali on her bday

Jyoti: omg shlok is coming I really cant wait... damn Im so excited she said getting so happy

Varad: shhh don't forget if Aai hears this then our plan will go in vain for now only u, me, baba and astha know about this...

Jyoti; don't worry me and astha wont bring Aai to the house till shlok doesn't come.

Varad: night.

Jyoti: gd night... varad kissed her forehead and left the room while jyoti was happy.

everyone was sleeping in india meanwhile in New York shlok was at the airport with his friends as it was 7:10 in the evening but when he got there he found out that the flight going to india has been delayed for 30 mins. They were sitting at the caf which was inside the airport

Samrat: so mr supercool all ready to go back home

Shlok: yes. Though I told bhai that I would be coming back to india I didn't tell him the flight was today

Mayank: so ur even surprising him even though he knows u r coming back to india. Though u will reach there in the morning who is coming to pick u up

Shlok: nobody... ill take a cab and stay at bhais penthouse and then go home on Aai bday as bhai had told me he would send Aai out so that I could get home without getting caught and then surprise her before the party

Samrat: dude do let us know when u have reached there

Shlok: dw I will but u guys need to come soon to.

Samrat; of course we will and then we will party hard.

Mayank: shlok if u find a gf before we get there then do let us know he said with a wink... shlok smirked

Shlok: of course mayank I would let u know

Samrat: mayank ur acting like we wont be going back to india till 4 years I mean come on man its only next week and then even we would be on a plane to india

Mayank: even I know that samrat but don't forget this is shlok girls died to be with him in college so u never know he could find someone in india

Shlok: thanks I will take that as a compliment... the boys continued their talk but after few mins there was an announcement for shloks flight he hugged his mates and promised to call them once he reached to india.

Time went so quick that it was 8 in the morning... astha had decided that today she sojal and jyoti would go together and buy gifts for Anjali so they decided to meet at a mall.  Astha was getting ready in her room as she came back from jogging 20 mins ago. She was wearing a summer dress with sandals and left her hair down making her look like a cute doll. It was 9:20am and astha felt satisfied with the way she looked she put on a simple necklace with earing's. once she was completely ready she took her purse and her phone and headed out the room and was walking down.

Siddarth who was sitting on the couch saw astha walking down.

Siddarth: someone is looking pretty? ... astha looked at him and smiled

Astha: thank u. by the way where is Aai

Siddarth: she just went into the kitchen... astha nodded and went into the kitchen to tell kalindi that she is going. And after few mins came out.

Astha: bye siddarth she said just about to step out of the mansion when siddarth stopped her

Siddarth: astha wait?

Astha: what happened she said turning around looking at siddarth

Siddarth: have fun but also take care of urself if someone tries to tease any of u then don't get scared show them that ur not scared of them and if anyone tried to misbehave then call me he said getting into his protective brother mode... astha rolled her eyes as siddarth always tells her this because of the way how guys sometimes misbehave with girls when they r out.

Astha: dw we will be fine and if anything then I will call u. now im going getting late ok bye... Siddarth shook his head and went back to watching tv

Meanwhile at the Agnihotri house niranjan and varad were getting ready to leave for office after having their breakfast... They walked towards the couch to pick their briefcase up when Niranjan saw sojal walk in.

Niranjan: sojal beta wt a pleasant surprise he said seeing her... sojal smiled and took Niranjan blessing and then he gave her a fatherly hug.

Sojal: its gd to see u after a long time baba

Niranjan: same u planning to go out with varad he said looking at varad then sojal.

Varad: no baba actually sojal is going with astha and jyoti to get Aai a birthday gift. He said looking towards the staircase to make sure Anjali is not there since she went to the room to get Niranjan blazer

Niranjan: that is sweet of u. beta have u had breakfast

Sojal: ji baba I did. Where is Vinayak chachu

Nirnajan; he is busy with his plays so he left early... till then Anjali came down with Niranjan blazer when she saw sojal there... she gave Niranjan his blazer while she and sojal hugged

Varad: baba shall we go? Anjali and sojal looked at them nd said bye... once Niranjan and varad left Anjali and sojal sat down.

Anjali: how r u beta? And how are ur parents

Sojal: im gd Aai.  And Aai and baba are also fine...Wt about u ?

Anjali: all good, but I didn't know u was going to come today as varad didn't tell me.

Sojal: haan actually me astha and jyoti decided last night that we will have our girls day out that's y.

Anjali: that's gd. But what time u were planning to go?

Sojal: well astha said she will meet us here so once she comes we will leave.

Anjali: ok that's fine... beta I have some work in the kitchen and jyoti is upstairs in her room so u can go and if u need anything don't hesitate sojal nodded and anajli left to do her work while sojal went to jyoti room... once she entered she saw jyoti brushing her hair... sojal walked in and whistled at her

Sojal: wow someone is looking beautiful and I wonder for who she said teasingly. Jyoti turned around and saw sojal sitting on her bed giving her a teasing smile.

Jyoti: look who is talking here im supposed to say that to u but u r using that dialogue on me. She said putting her hair brush down.

Sojal: so I have the right to say that to u besides anyone can fall for u she said winking at her

Jyoti: sojalll... don't make me start on urs and bhais last night date she said teasingly. Which made sojal a bit shy but she ignored that

Sojal: by the way where is astha?

Jyoti: topic change? Fine ill left u go this time... she then unlocked her phone and called astha.

Astha who had left ages ago was stuck in traffic which was annoying her... After few mins she saw jyoti call and answered it.

Astha: hello?

Jyoti: hey astha where r u ?

Astha: yaar jyoti im stuck in traffic

Jyoti: kya? So how long will it take u

Astha: seems like an hour so lets do once thing I will meet u guys at the mall outside Starbucks since it will only take me about 10 mins from here to reach to the mall 

Jyoti: ok see u soon bye

Astha: bye... astha placed her phone down on her lap as finally the cars started moving and took the right to go to the mall.

After 10 mins astha reached to the mall and parked her car... after few secs she got out and walked towards starbucks and waited outside... She was near the entrance of starbucks and was walking from the left to right busy on her phone. She then went a little to the right and stood there talking to her friend nikki on the phone

Astha: oh yh nikki I forgot to tell u guys something

Nikki: kya?

Astha: u remember varad bhai right

Nikki: yah jyoti brother right? (astha friends knew jyoti as astha had introduced them to her and since then they became friends with jyoti as well)

Astha: yah actually he told me to tell u guys that since they have organised a party tomorrow for his mums birthday so he wanted u all to come

Nikki: and ur telling us now?

Astha: yaar varad bhai told me yesterday so I forgot na but do tell the others from my side please?

Nikki: well to let u know jyoti messaged all of us and told us about the party

Astha: really? I didn't know that

Nikki: yeh she messaged us all last night and everyone is coming to the party

Astha: that's gd even Aai will get to see u all

Nikki: ok chal I need to go the bank so will speak to u later

Astha: ok bye

Nikki: bye and both cut the call... astha was still on her phone looking at some snapchats of her friends... she then decided to get some caramel Frappuccino from Starbucks and turned around still busy on her phone when she bumped into someone making her phone drop on to the floor... she bent down to pick it up and also started to scold that person.

Astha: god cant u see and walk ... when she heard someone talk back to her

Person: oh hello madam instead of telling me if u did that then u wouldn't have bumped into me. its ur fault u bumped into me making my coffee spill... astha screwed her face and looked up to see a  guy standing in front of her she couldn't see his eyes since he had shades on but she could clearly see that well-trimmed beard... short hair... wearing a white shirt with jeans... she collected her phone and looked at him.

Astha: if u saw me about to bump into u then u could have moved away.

Person: y is this mall a road where I have to stop seeing people walk and once they have gone then move

Astha: uuu she said pointing her fingers at him and was about to move forward when she suddenly slipped because of the wet coffee on the floor when all of a sudden she felt someone holding on to her waist... she looked into the person eyes and for few seconds there was a small eye lock between them despite the person wearing shades on she could feel his gaze on her... however astha broke the eye lock and stood straight pushing the person away.

Person: what happened don't have anything to say? He said teasingly.

Astha: to hell with u she said walking away with anger while that person turned around looking at astha retreating back making a smirk appear on his face he then got his phone out of his pocket and decided to call someone

Person: hello dada?

Varad: Shlok? I tried calling u few hours ago u didn't answer?

Shlok: im fine dada I just wanted to say I have reached india... Varad was happy hearing that

Varad: omg r u serious where r u? wait let me come and pick u up

Shlok: dada chill... I will be coming home tomorrow for now I will stay at ur penthouse and once Aai leaves tomorrow to go out let me know and I will come to the mansion. So I will need ur keys for the penthouse

Varad: dw there is a worker who stays there to look after the penthouse I will let him know that u will be coming

Shlok: ok then see u tomorrow...

Varad: chal bye... shlok looked at one of the staff member cleaning the spilt coffee and smiled guiltily at him and said sorry while the staff member smiled in return and went back to doing his job  while Shlok took his suitcase and walked out of the mall getting back into the taxi he came from.

Astha who was walking ahead cursing the person who bumped into her unaware that he was none other than shlok.

Astha: stupid person spoiled my mood. She said standing near the railing and tried to calm herself down. When all of a sudden she heard kids shouting and laughing. She looked around from where the noise was coming from when she saw small kids playing area where there was bouncing castle. Small horse, cars etc she went forward and was watching the kids which bought a smile on her face... she was so busy that she didn't realise her phone ringing when someone lady standing next to her told her. Astha said thanks to her and looked at her phone to see jyoti calling

Astha: hey jyoti where r u guys

Jyoti: astha we have reached outside starbucks where r u ?

Astha: actually im on the first floor and there is a kids playing area come there

Jyoti: ok see u in a bit she said cutting the call

Sojal: where is she ?

Jyoti: she is on the first floor come lets go and both headed where astha was and after few minutes they spotted astha and walked towards her who was busy watching the kids... sojal tapped astha on the shoulder making her turn around

Astha: hey sojal she said hugging her

Sojal: hey how r u

Astha: all gd and u

Sojal: same here... astha then hugged jyoti

Jyoti: so ready guys

Astha: yah but where r we going

Sojal : well we all r getting Aai something so lets go to different stores and see what gd things they have

Astha: yahh that's a gd idea

Jyoti: hey guys there is a saree shop there lets go and see if they have any gd sarees... they entered the store and started looking at sarees. After choosing so many sarees jyoti finally found one that would look gd on Anjali. Ok guys im done what about u guys

Sojal: I want to get Aai a jewellery.

Astha: ok then there is one upstairs

Sojal: lets go... luckily since jyoti bought a saree they chose a jewellery set that would match with the saree 

Sojal: astha what r u getting for aai

Astha: nothing from here she said smiling at them

Jyoti: then r we going to another store or mall

Astha: nope I have something else in my mind for Aai

Jyoti: what is it?

Astha: u will know at the party just count it as it's a surprise for u guys too

Sojal: astha this is cheating... U r building suspense in our mind and im getting curious what could it be that u wont tell us

Jyoti: leave it sojal I know her very well if she has decided to keep it a surprise then she wont tell us.

Astha: exactly guys shall we go and eat something im Hungary

Sojal: there is a good restaurant just down the road

Jyoti: not a bad idea come lets go

 At the restaurant the girls sat down and had placed their order already... they were waiting for their food to come and were talking about random thing

Jyoti: astha tomorrow we have to get Aai out of the house somehow so shlok can get home

Astha: that's fine so lets take her to parlour around 4:30 that will give us enough time to get her ready

Jyoti:yahh and once shlok gets into the mansion then we could also get ready before the party

Sojal: I cant wait to see Aai reaction tomorrow

Jyoti: hey sojal y don't u join us tomorrow

Astha: yahh not a bad idea

Jyoti: how about u both stay at my place and then tomorrow we will leave with aai

Sojal: not a bad idea we all have our spare clothes at each others place so that would be fine

Jyoti: astha how is the idea

Astha: fab but I will just need to call aai and inform her ... she said munching onto her fries that just came.. jyoti and sojal smiled seeing astha and started digging into their food.

Precrap: ashlok meeting again...

Anjali mixed emotion seeing shlok

Shlok teasing or more likely annoying astha


Ok guys how r u? hope u like this chapter really don't know how it is but tried my best hope u all like it

Also thank u to those who commented and liked for the previous part really loved reading ur comments

Ps: if any new reader wants pm then please do let me and also if u have changed ur username please do let me know otherwise I wont be able to send pm since I wont know ur new username

Don't forget to press the like button and also do leave ur lovely comments would love reading them

Sorry for any spelling or grammar mistake

I have replied to all ur comments.

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Posted: 27 June 2016 at 11:47pm | IP Logged
After Long time dear. We r waitinggg...anyway nice update...continue dear

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archanarajan96 Groupbie

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Posted: 27 June 2016 at 11:58pm | IP Logged
Suprb update dr..lvd it vry much.cnt wait to see ashlok encounter..pls update soon

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