Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon... Ek Baar Phir


Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon... Ek Baar Phir
Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon... Ek Baar Phir

NEW FF Chapter 5 PG 14 (07/12/2016) UDATING SOON (Page 6)

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Originally posted by vaishux

Awesome update...
Loved all the characters...
Waiting for Ashlok first meeting...
Continue soon..thanks for the pmEmbarrassed

thank glad u liked it
happy u r loving the characters
hehe it will happen soon
will update in a bit and ur welcome
thanks for the lovely comment Smile

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Originally posted by syvalini

It was nice start yar...
All characters r superb
Well written...
Waiting... for next one

thank u so much
glad u liked the characters
thank u
will update in a bit
thanks for the comment Smile
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Originally posted by sashra

Nice episode pls continue dear.we r waiting sooo looong

thanks... will update in a bit sorry for keeping u waiting
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Originally posted by nadeeka1200

Wonderful update thank you
Waiting for next update
How ashlok going to meet? 
Nice work

thanks im glad u liked it
will update chap 2 in a bit
ashlok meeting? u will know that soon
thank u once again and thanks for the lovely comment Smile
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Originally posted by jasminerahul

i like ffs with many famous i'm excited 2 c AR with ashlok here.Loved Armaan Riddhima aastha scene.AR fight so cute.many DMG doctors there.Liked Varad Sojal scene.hoping 4 their romantic dinner in d next part.guess jyoti is modern here.nice scene.Waiting 4 Shlok 2 come back n ashlok meeting.y r u not updating regularly?plz update quickly

hehe same here even i like adding diff character in the ff... glad u liked their scene.
hehe yes it reminds me of dmg when they use to argue... yep all r there... glad u liked sojal and varad scene... hehe i hope it is romantic enough...yep she is modern... he will be back soon... just busy with my 7 month old nephew so whenever he sleeps i try to write the next part... will update in a bit Smile thanks for the lovely comment

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Originally posted by sashra

We r waiting for too long... Pls update deae

updating in a bit
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Originally posted by nadeeka1200

 We r waiting...

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Varad: achaa by the way did u speak to Aai

Shlok: well I did call her at the mansion but then jyoti answered it and she said Aai wont speak to me until im not there... first I thought Aai is only joking but she is serious about not speaking to me since 5 month im trying to talk to her but she doesn't answer my telling u Aai is too stubborn sometimes

Varad: really but as far as I remember even ur stubborn and now we know where that stubbornness comes from after all u and Aai r the same. He said laughing

Shlok: so sometimes its fun been stubborn he said defending himself.

Varad: ok mr stubborn when r u coming then... Their talk continued and varad cut the call after smiling... time to go home otherwise Aai will scold me.

Varad finally reached home around 7:40pm to see Anjali putting oil on jyoti hair who was sitting on the floor with her eyes closed. Varad went towards them and that's when Anjali noticed him

Anjali: how was ur day beta?... varad sat down next to Anjali

Varad: it was a busy day Aai had to get a presentation ready.

Jyoti: bhai ur always late even today we had to have our dinner without u

Varad: sorry I will make sure tomorrow im on time

Jyoti; that's like a good boy she said still with her eyes closes when varad remembered

Varad: actually not 2moz as I will be going out with sojal for dinner. Anjali smiled as she knew jyoti will tease him

Jyoti: hayeee love birds will finally be spending time together. How romantic. I guess there is no chance of dinner since u both will be busy staring at each other. Anjali started tying jyoti's hair in a bun

Varad: jyoti these days u r speaking a lot.

Jyoti: arien its my mouth I can say whatever I want and this is less I can even say more she said finally turning around and looking at varad. While Anjali looked at both of her kids and wiping her hands with a napkin

Varad: say it and watch... he said warningly... Jyoti got up and looked at varad with her hands on her hips.

Jyoti : im not scared of u and not only this u both will be walking hand in hand and then there will be a small eye lock between u to and then sojal starts blushing she said slightly imitating while Anjali tried not to laugh

Varad: that's it now I wont leave u and with that he started running after jyoti who moved away from varad before gets to her. They were running all around the mansion when jyoti eyes fell towards the main door nd saw one of the servant brining Niranjan bag and Niranjan walking behind. Everyone was happy seeing him back after 4 days. Jyoti ran and hugged Niranjan who hugged her back.

Niranjan: how r u bacha

Jyoti: all gd. Really missed u

Niranjan: missed u too he moved and hugged varad.

Varad: how r u? and how was the business meeting

Niranjan: im gd beta and the business meeting was gd we signed the deal. Varad nodded smiling and anjali came forward and gave Niranjan water.

Anjali: I didn't know u were coming today. Thought u will be back by tomorrow.

Niranjan: I was going to come tomorrow but then work finished early over there so thought y not come back. How r u he said giving her a small side hug

Anjali: all gd... did u have dinner outside?

Nirnajan: no not yet? Where is Vinayak?

Anjali: he is sleeping he was really tired today as he was busy preparing some act since yesterday so he ate early and slept

Niranjan: that's fine then I will see him tomorrow.

Anjali: ok then u go and freshen up and I will get the food warmed up and then u and varad can eat together as me and jyoti ate already.

Niranjan: ok I will freshen up and come. He went towards his room.

Anjali: varad u also go and change so u and Niranjan can eat together. Varad nodded and left to his room while glaring at jyoti who stuck her tongue out at him.

after 10 mins varad and Niranjan were on the dining table while Anjali was serving them food.

Niranjan: varad beta how is ur presentation going?

Varad; its going gd baba but I need to discuss some things with u before I go ahead and also the meeting got postponed till two weeks.Niranjan nodded.

Niranjan: ok beta we could discuss about it after dinner.

Varad: baba we could do it some other time u already must be tired from ur journey.

Niranjan: its k beta im not feeling that tired.

Varad: ok then I also need to talk to u about something else. Before Niranjan can ask what else varad wanted to talk about Anjali spoke.

Anjali: u guys will never change wherever u r u always have to talk about business. At least don't talk about business during dinner time. Both varad and Niranjan looked at Anjali and playfully said

Varad/Niranjan: yes boss... Three of them burst out laughing. And they continued talking.

Meanwhile astha came back home after her hectic duty when she noticed Avdhoot in the hall who didn't notice her. She slowly went behind him and covered his eyes... Avdhoot who was busy with reading a file was surprised when he felt someone cover his eyes and he exactly knew it was his daughter.

Avdhoot: astha I know its u he said smiling...astha pouted and removed her hands from his eyes and sat down next to him.

Astha: I thought it would take u some time to know its me.

Avdhoot: dw next time I will take my time he said jokingly

Astha: babaaa app bhi na.

Avdhoot: how was ur day.

Astha: it was gd but little hectic... how was yours and Niranjan uncle meeting.

Avdhoot: its was gd we both signed the deal.

Astha: congrats for ur deal. Acha baba I will quickly go and change.

Avdhoot: u wont have dinner.

Astha: yes but I just want to freshen up and then I'll have dinner. Did u eat?

Avdhoot: yes I already ate with the other u go I will tell kalindi that u r here as she is unpacking my suitcase

Astha: dw baba I will warm up the food myself Aai already must be tired so let her do whatever she is doing. And with that astha left to her room to change and then after 10 mins went down to have her dinner

After dinner varad and Niranjan were sitting in Niranjan study room and were discussing some issues regarding the project which was sorted

Varad: thanks baba now this seems easier for me.

Nirnajan: Im always here to help u beta but u were going to say something else to me.

Varad; baba shlok is coming back to india. Nianjan was happy to hear that

Nirnajan: when is he coming and does Anjali know about this he said getting happy

Varad: baba he only said that he will let me know once he reaches to Mumbai and he wants to surprise Aai on her birthday which is after two days so no I haven't told her.

Nirnajan that's really gd beta im happy that he is coming back. This will the best birthday gift Anjali will be getting.

Meanwhile in New York. Sholk reached to his office and went straight to his cabin. He had made many friends. He sat down on his chair and thought about what he said to varad while having a small smile on his face. His thought got disturbed when one of his colleague knocked at the door.

Shlok: come in. a blond girl walked in with a file in her hand.

Suzan: hey shlok... boss wants to see u in his cabin in 5 mins. She said in her accent.

Shlok: ok suzan thanks for letting me go u can go now... shlok got up from his seat and headed to his boss cabin once he reached there he knocked and waited to be called in. when he entered he saw his boss seating on his chair and looking at an envelope that was in his hand. Shlok went and sat down in front of him. His boss looked at him.

Boss: r u really doing this? He said taking out the letter from the envelope

Shlok: yes boss plus my contract ends today for the company over here.

Boss: shlok u r my friends son. I didn't hire u for that reason but because of ur capabilities and beta im not just saying it like that but we all will miss u. but yes if u ever want to work here then ur always welcome and im only saying this because of the qualities u have as a business man ... he said proudly

Shlok: I know boss and that's wt I liked about u that u hired me for my hard work not because u r my dad friend.

Boss: well then I cant force u so u r free to go. But when r u leaving.

Shlok: I will be leaving tonight.

Boss: well gd luck for the future it was a pleasure working with u. do give me regards to Niranjan

Shlok: same here. Thank u and will let baba know... he got up and left his boss cabin and went back to his to finish the last work of his in the office

During his lunch time his two friends mayank and samrat (character from show milen jab hum tum) came and sat down with him at the canteen.

Samrat: whats up bro u seem to be thinking about something he said looking at shlok.

Shlok: nothing much. Guys u remember I said after my contract finishes I will go back to india

Mayank: yah so wt about that?

Shlok: my flight is today at 7:10 in the evening

Mayank: dude u did tell us about going to india but u didn't tell us that u would be going this soon I mean I thought u were gonna stay back for few days when ur contract finishes

Shlok: I was but my Aai birthday is coming up and I thought this might be the best surprise ever also I was going to book my ticket for tomorrow but they only had one available for tonight as the other flights were packed for few days.

Samrat: that's so sweet of u man

Shlok: thanks guys but honestly I will miss u both so much

Mayank: oh hello don't get too emotional

Samrat: exactly don't forget that even we r coming back to india soon

Shlok: y don't u come with me I could get ur guys tickets booked as when I called to book my flight they did say they had few cancelation for today

Mayank: not possible who would do our work over here plus our contract would be ending next week so dw we would meet soon. After this they all continued talk more and then went back to their work.

Meanwhile in india everyone was sleeping... astha was sleeping peacefully and was enjoying her dreams where all her loved one was with her... she was standing far from them looking at them all smiling when she felt someone hand around her waist making her smile she slowly turned to look at the person only to find the vision not clear which made her frown in her sleep she was trying her best to see the face clearly but it was just too blurry she again tried but failed she could only see the person smiling at her naughtily... when all of a sudden her dream got broken as her phone started ringing she opened her eyes to see that it was her friend muskaan calling her and she answered it,

Astha: muskaan is everything alright? She said sitting up on her bed

Muskaan: yah y would happen to me

Astha: nothing u called at this time so thought something happened

Muskaan: oh-ho astheee u worry tooo much... I just called u as i was bored... To be honest im really happy we got our few days  holiday so I ws thinking of what to do and thought let me call u

Astha: muski u r mad. Its not like these few days will run away from u instead of sleeping u r deciding on what to do  I mean couldn't u think of this in the morning.

Muskaan: asthee even i was sleeping but then I woke up as I was feeling Hungary and while warming up my food I started thinking about what to do these few days so how is it my fault

Astha: so meri maaa u r right now go and eat ur food and let me sleep. Gd night

Muskann: gd night bye ill speak to u 2moz with that both cut the call astha smiled thinking about muskaan. She laid back down on the bed and closed her eyes to get some sleep but her eyes opened again slowly thinking about who the guy was in her dream there was everyone she knew in her dream but this mysterious guy who was close to her but not a clear imagine making her frown... however she didn't think much about it and thought if it as a random dream and went back to sleep after few minutes.

In the morning astha woke up around 8 and stretched her arms... after few minutes she got up from her bed and went to get freshen up... after 15mins she came out and was dressed in a pink top and jeans and went down to see kalindi as usual getting things ready for breakfast. Kalindi saw astha coming down the stairs

Astha: morning Aai she said while kissing her on the cheeks

Kalindi: morning beta. Did u have dinner yesterday?

Astha: yes Aai I did I just told baba not to disturb u as u were busy unpacking his clothes and u already must be tired.

Kalindi: astha u know Im never tired to do anything for u

Astha: I know Aai but even u need rest from some of the things and I am old enough to take out food my self

Kalindi: ok baba now can u go and wait siddarth up

Astha: ok ill be back in few mins...astha ran up the stairs and went straight into siddarth room to see him still sleeping she went near him and started shaking him

Astha: sid wake up its nearly breakfast time

Siddarth: astha yaar please let me sleep he said changing sides

Astha: come on sid wake up everyone will be waiting for breakfast she said still shaking him and tried to pull sid up which did disturb his sleep and even though he didn't want to he had to get up while astha pushed him into the washroom and went back down

Kalindi; what happened he didn't wake up

Astha: Aai im capable of waking anyone up.

Kalindi: achaa she said pretending to be surprised. Astha was about to sit in her seat when her friend muskaan came

Muskaan: gd morning aunty

Kalindi: gd morning muskaan beta how r u

Muskaan: im gd aunty

Kalindi; u came right on time for breakfast come and sit ... muskaan nodded and came and sat next to astha

Muskaan: sorry asthee I didn't text u while coming but I had to collect something from the market and since ur house was near I came

Astha: come on muskaan ur allowed to come anytime this is ur house too... after a while everyone came down for breakfast and they all were happy to see muskaan

Avdhoot: good morning muskaan beta its so gd to see u

Muskaan: thanks uncle how r u

Avdhoot: im gd beta

Ajju: muskaan ur other friends didn't come

Muskaan: actually dadi ji I came to get something from the market and since ur house was near thought of coming to meet u guys for a while

Ajju: u did the right thing beta. We were waiting for all of u to come over. Here have some poha.

After an hour or so muskaan left as her parents were going to come from Punjab

Astha was chilling in the hall when she heard kalindi and ajju speaking

Kalindi: Aayi I will leave now as I told Anjali that I would meet her around 10 but please u take ur medicine on time and when u go for ur walk with ur friend please take ur phone and... Before she could continue ajju stopped her

Ajju: kalindi stop I know I will take care of everything u don't worry about me

Kalindi: but Aai

Ajju: r u going or not she said scolding her lovingly

Astha: Aayi can I come to

Kalindi: sure.. lets go... both left while astha quickly ran and hugged ajju and sat in the car

Meanwhile at the Agnihotri house varad had finished breakfast and was getting his briefcase ready to go to the office and was also checking some files in his room. While Niranjan came down and sat down for breakfast and after few minutes Vinayak also came down only to see Niranjan is back from his trip. He walked near the dining table and sat down next to Niranjan

Vinakyak: good morning bhau.

Niranjan: good morning. He said smiling at his younger brother

Vinayak: bhau when did u come?

Niranjan: I just came back last night as the meeting had finished early. How is the preparation going for ur play

Vinayak: its going gd. Just need to rehearse it properly... Anjali came with the breakfast and gave it to both the men.

Anjali: good morning to both of u she said giving them a cup of tea while the maid served them breakfast. Niranjan and Vinayak talked about various thing... after 15 minutes Vinayak left to go and rehearse his play with his team while Niranjan went to his study room

30 mins later astha and kalindi reached outside Agnihotri house... both got out and started walking in as the main door was open when they entered the main hall they saw Anjali sitting on the couch making a list of the things that need to be bought from the market. Kalindi was about to walk forward and call her name when astha stopped her and signalled her not to say a word. Anjali didn't know astha and kalindi came as her back was facing the door. Astha slowly walked towards Anjali and when she was near she spoke right near her ear

Astha: GD MORING BEAUTIFUL. She said a bit loudly making Anjali jump in her seat... kalindi walked forward smiling. While Anjali turned around with her hand on her heart and looked at astha.

Anjali; asthaaa u nearly gave me a heart attack she said getting up from her seat and slapped astha lovingly on her cheeks and then hugged her.

Astha: come on aunty u r too young to get a heart attack

Anjali: asthaaa

Astha: yah that's my name she said... Anjali smiled at her while kalindi came and hugged Anjali

Anjali: come and sit.

Astha: aunty were r the others

Anjali: beta jyoti and Vinayak bhau left for their work while varad is getting ready to go office and Niranjan is in his study room.

Astha: ok I will go and see Niranjan uncle.. Anjali nodded while the maid came and gave kalindi water... when astha was walking up the stairs she bumped into varad

Astha: ouch she said rubbing her nose as her face bumped onto varad chest

Varad: good morning dr astha he said forwarding his hand

Astha: gd morning mr varad. She said shaking his hand.

Varad: dr astha I need your suggestion for a serious case

Astha: hmmm if it is serious then im ready to listen to it.

Varad: thank u so much I really appreciate it... both looked at each other seriously for a min and then burst out laughing.

Varad: how r u he said giving her a side hug while astha also hugged him back

Astha: I am fine thanks. How is sojal

Varad: she is fine too I will be seeing her later on today as we r going for dinner.

Astha: aww how romantic varad bhai

Varad: astha now u also don't start

Astha: means jyoti already teased u about this. But even I have my right to tease u

Varad: u can tease me later on but for now I need to go office he said and was about to walk forward while astha stopped him

Astha: arien but what was the serious thing u wanted to talk about

Varad: well its not that serious but if u get time then come and meet me at the office in the afternoon

Astha: ok I will see u around. Will u be free then?

Varad: I will be but for now don't tell anyone that I want to talk to u about something

Astha: ok she said confusingly... varad kissed her on the forehead and left while astha started walking towards the study room. Since the door was open she could see Niranjan looking towards the bookshelf... she walked towards him and stood behind him and after a while she tip toed a bit

Astha: *ahem ahem*... Niranjan turned around to see astha which bought a big smile to his face

Niranjan: astha beta what a pleasant surprise he said hugging her while astha hugged him to

Astha: how r u uncle

Niranjan: all gd beta how is ur work going he said cupping her cheek with his one hand

Astha: its going gd. By the way congrats for getting the deal.

Niranjan: thank u bacha.

Astha: by the way were u busy

Niranjan: not really was just sorting out some files and then leave for office

Astha: ohhh

Niranjan: did u come alone

Astha: no I actually came with Aai.

Niranjan: ok give me few minutes I will just print out these documents and get one of the files from the shelf

Astha: ok that's fine. Niranjan sat down on his seat and started printing out some documents

Niranjan: astha there is a drawer on ur right can u please get out an empty file from there please

Astha: sure uncle... with that she gave Niranjan the file and he placed the documents inside the file and both headed down... Niranjan and astha were walking downstairs

Astha; by the way uncle the day after tomorrow is Anjali aunty birthday. So have u thought of doing anything

Niranjan: yes we r going to have a party over here... everything has been sorted now only the decorators need to come nd do their job on that day. When Niranjan and astha came down they saw Anjali and kalindi still talking

Anjali: here they come she said when she saw astha and Niranjan walking towards them.

Niranjan: how r u vahini

Kalindi: all gd Niranjan bhau wt about u

Niranjan: all gd thanks... by the way kalindi u know Anjali birthday is the day after tomorrow we have organised a party around 6 so please do come

Kalindi: bhau is that a thing to say even if u didn't tell us we still would have came after all we r friends but also family

Niranjan: absolutely right... ok Anjali I will leave now

Anjali: ok even we would be leaving to go and distribute stuff at the ashram.

Niranjan: ok bye bacha he said giving astha a side hug and left

Anjali: astha u coming with us?

Astha: of course but how long will this take/

Anjali: it will take time as we would be going to few ashrams

Astha: ok then i will stay with u guys till 12:30 as I need to meet a friend after

Kalindi: ok then lets go.

They all sat in the car astha sat in the middle between kalindi and Anjali... around 10:40 they reached to the ashram... they all got out of the car and went inside the ashram. While some maids came out of the other car and bought different stuff for the people in the ashram

The lady who looks after the ashram came and greeted them

Lady: how r u all

Kalindi: we all r good where is everyone

Lady: they all r sitting in the garden come I will take u... when they walked towards the garden they saw some old ladies sitting, chit chatting however they were happy to see kalindi and Anjali and went towards to hug them .

One old lady: how r u both

Anjali; we r gd how r u all... I hope u r taking care of urself she said to all of them

2nd old lady: beta its because of u lot that we r still in this ashram. Nobody helps us like u two do by giving us clothes food and other stuff she said with tears in her eyes

Kalindi: that makes us happy that's y we do this she said wiping the old ladies tears... they all chit chatted with the ladies and also introduced astha to them... around 11:20 they said bye to the old ladies and left but before leaving kalindi and Anjali gave donation for the ashram and left

In the car astha asked them both

Astha: Aai I know that u and Anjali aunty donate stuff at the ashram but I never knew the reason for doing this

Anjali: beta we r doing this because we love helping ppl... it gives us peace when we help people at the ashram... there are many ppl who wouldn't care and would prefer to mind their own business and that not wrong but when me and kalindi saw the state some ashram were in years back we thought y not help the ashram as much as we can.

Astha: u guys r awesome. I salute both of u despite been so busy u both make time to go to the ashram and give them food and other requirement and not only that spend time with them.

Kalindi: yes and we love doing this and will continue. God has given us a lot astha and we believe that we can help others by contributing a bit. Astha smiled and remembered how happy the old ladies got

Due to traffic they reached to the next ashram around 12:10... as they got out astha heard kids playing but when they went inside she saw kids running around,,, some reading, some painting and doing different things... astha walked a little ahead and  continued looking at the kids doing their own stuff.

Anjali: hello everyone she said loudly the kids stopped what they were doing and hugged kalindi and Anjali

One kid: aunty who is this they said pointing towards astha

Kalindi: beta she is my daughter astha

One girl: hello astha didi

Astha: hello

One boy: will u be our friend?

Astha: of course I will be ur friend not only urs but I will be all ur friend... some kids went and hugged astha... while one boy took astha with him and showed him his drawing. She got so lost with interacting with the kids while Anjali and kalindi were talking to the lady and man who look after the ashram and they also gave some donation for the ashram and some required equipment for the kids. They were busy talking when kalindi called out astha name making her turn around

Astha; what happened Aayi

Kalindi: beta its 12:30 don't u need to leave to see ur friend.

Astha: oh god I forget... she got up and said bye to the kids and promised them that she will be back

Anjali: beta shall we drop u

Astha: no aunty I will take taxi u guys carry on

Kalindi: here take this money for the taxi as u didn't bring ur purse

Astha: thanks Aai see u guys later bye and with that she ran out she waited for 5 mins and got into a taxi and gave varad office address... due to traffic she reach to the Agnihotri office around 13:05pm and went straight to the reception

Astha: hi I came to see varad Agnihotri

Receptionist: make I take ur name please

Astha: astha... the lady at the reception nodded and called varad who told her to make astha wait over there

Receptionist: miss astha varad sir said he will meet u over here in 5 mins till then u can take a seat... astha nodded and sat on the couch and after few minutes varad came down

Varad: sorry for keeping u waiting astha come let go he said taking her to a cabin...once they entered varad made astha sit down

Astha: what happened?

Varad: nothing actually astha I wanted to tell u about shlok

Astha: shlok? She said confusingly as she had forgotten about him

Varad: yah shlok my brother as he guessed astha was not sure who he was talking about... astha tried to member about shlok and after few minutes she remembered that shlok was the one who kept annoying her when they were young and they never got on well... plus everyone called them tom and jerry as they always tried to play a prank on each other and kept fighting

Astha: that annoying shlok? But she bit her tongue

Varad: yes that annoying shlok? He said laughing... But he has become intelligent... astha slightly made a face

Astha: but what about him

Varad: actually u know that he went for his further studies to New York and since then he has never came to India and how we all have spoken to him on video call and since few month Aai hasn't spoken to shlok or seen him on video chat as she has made it a point that she will only talk to him when he comes back to india

Astha: and?

Varad: he is coming back to india and will surprise Aai on her birthday

Astha: ohhh

Varad: but on that day I will need urs and jyoti help basically what u guys will do is take Aai out and get her a new saree for the party and till the shlok could get into the mansion and after when u guys come back before the party shlok could surprise Aai then.

Astha: not a bad idea but does jyoti know about this

Varad: nope but I will tell her at night only baba knows shlok is coming back

Astha: when is he coming?

Varad: don't know but all I know that he should be coming back before the party.

Astha: ok u dw Anjali aunty wont find out till her birthday.

In the evening varad had left work early as he promised sojal for dinner so when he got home he headed straight to his room to freshen up. After 10 mintues he came down on time and was putting on his watch while walking down the stairs

Jyoti and Vinayak who were sitting together looked at each other and then varad

Vinayak: jyoti don't u think someone looks happy after a long time

Jyoti: haan chachu I guess it because that someone would be meeting someone after a long time

Vinayak: love does this to ppl jyoti

Varad: u guys will never change

Jyoti: if we change then who will tease u

Vinayak: jyoti let him go otherwise if he doesn't see his sojal then two love birds will be really upset. Varad showed the fake anger and left but they didn't miss the small smile on his lips.

Varad reached to sojal house and rang the door bell... sojal mum opened the door and he took her blessing while she allowed him in.. sojal father gave him a warm welcome

Sojal mum: sojal beta varad is here come down... she said calling ut to sojal

Sojal dad: beta how is work and everyone at home

Varad: all r gd baba... by the way I know that my baba will call u but I just wanted to inform u that Aai birthday is coming up so please do come to the party

Sojal mum: beta Niranjan bhau already called and told us about the party... varad nodded and smiled

After few minutes sojal came down in a nice anarkali and soon varad held sojal hand and both left... varad opened the door for her and she sat in the car while varad went and sat in the driver seat and drove of

Varad: how r u

Sojal: im gd how was ur day

Varad: it was ok but now its going to end on a gd note he said taking sojal hand and kissing it making her smile shyly

Sojal: look ahead she said taking her hands from his while he laughed a little and concentrated on driving

After 30 mintues they reached to a restaurant and chose a place to sit where there is not much ppl around

Varad: so shall we order... sojal nodded and after both gave in their order to the waiter. Once they were alone varad took sojal hand and held it while looking at her

Sojal: u know varad I actually missed all this. I know u were busy with work but I also knew no matter how long it will be but u will make it a point to meet up some day.

Varad: im sorry sojal but u know this month its just been too many presentation, meeting and... before he could continue sojal spoke

Sojal: and im happy the way u have taken ur responsibility and helping baba in the business... u don't need to give me clarification varad... she said smiling at him

Varad: that's y I love u because u understand me

Sojal: I love u too she said placing her hand on top of his

Varad: by the way wt r u wearing for the party

Sojal: I don't know haven't decided yet

Varad: don't decide because I have something for u in the car... I will give it to u later on when I drop u back home

Sojal: how sweet of u varad. Sometimes u just give me surprises out of the blue

Varad: that's because I love doing that.

After few hours varad and sojal had spent enough time together and it was time for her to get home when she was about to get out of the car varad gave her the bag which had her outfit for the party... both gave each other a long hug

Sojal: see u at the party and haan do text or call me when u reach home

Varad: will do bye love u

Sojal: love u 2. Bye varad waited till sojal went inside the house and drove off... when he reached home around 9 he went to jyoti room and hoped she was awake till then he also texted sojal that he reached home. Once he reached outside her room he saw that she was awake and busy reading some messages on the phone

Varad: jyoti I need to talk to u... he said closing the door... jyoti looked at him and waited for him to continue. Varad came and sat down next to jyoti

Jyoti: what happened bhai is everything ok

Varad: yahh I actually wanted to tell u that... and he told her the plan of shlok surprising Anjali on her bday

Jyoti: omg shlok is coming I really cant wait... damn Im so excited she said getting so happy

Varad: shhh don't forget if Aai hears this then our plan will go in vain for now only u, me, baba and astha know about this...

Jyoti; don't worry me and astha wont bring Aai to the house till shlok doesn't come.

Varad: night.

Jyoti: gd night... varad kissed her forehead and left the room while jyoti was happy.

Precrap: hmm shall I give one precrap... Well what if I say ASHLOK MEETING ;)

Ok guys i am really sorry for not updating since a long time. But I hope u like this chapter im sorry for no ashlok scene together but I hope u do like the scenes in this chap with other characters... I actually loved reading ur comments for the previous part and trust me it bought a smile to my face also I would like to thanks those that took out time to comment and also who like it... this really means a lot

I also want to say I wont be ending the story or leave it midway but sometimes it would take me time to update as I have to look after my 7 month old nephew and sometimes it becomes hard handling him as he doesn't let me do anything . I hope u guys understand

Hope u like this part do leave ur comments and don't forget to press the like button

Ps: if anyone wants pm pleas mention it in ur comments and I will add u also if anyone has changed their username do let me know so its easy to send u pm

Sorry for any spelling or grammar mistake

Sonali x

previous part:Chapter 1

Next part : Chapter 3

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