Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon... Ek Baar Phir


Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon... Ek Baar Phir
Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon... Ek Baar Phir

NEW FF Chapter 5 PG 14 (07/12/2016) UDATING SOON (Page 4)

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Posted: 02 May 2016 at 1:30pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by chickyhoney

Hey really waiting for 1st part...when will u update???? Plz pm me also...

hey will update sometime this week. sure will add u to the pm list

preya_radev Goldie

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Kalindi was in the kitchen with the maid getting the breakfast ready for the morning... she looked at the time on the kitchen wall and saw it was 8:10 and decided to go and wake her son up

Kalindi: imli (maid more like a family member) ill go and wake siddarth up and come back till then put these paratha on the pan ok

Imli: ok madam ji.

With that kalindi left the kitchen and headed to her sons room. When she opened the door she walked in to the room and saw her son sleeping on his stomach with his hands around the pillow and a sweet smile on his face. She smiled and picked up the clothes that was laying on his chair and put them in the clothes wash basket that was in the bathroom. Once she did that she went and opened the curtains and then sat down on siddarth bed.

Kalindi; siddarth come on wake up its nearly 8:20. She said shaking him. Siddarth opened his eyes sleepily and looked at Kalindi and then rested his head on her lap while she was smiling and started caressing his hair.

Siddarth: 5 mins Aai

Kalindi: no 5 mins get up now as its nearly breakfast time plus u didn't go for jogging with astha today. Come on then u need to go to ur studio as people would be coming to get their pictures taken and im sure u wouldn't want ur clients to be waiting. Siddarth opened his eyes and sat up

Siddarth: that's true he said yawning and got up from the bed. By the way Aai is astha back.

Kalindi: no not yet but she should be coming soon. Ok now come on get ready till then I will go and see if imli has finished making the breakfast she said getting up and walking out of his room while siddarth took his towel and went to the washroom to get ready.

When kalindi was walking back to the kitchen she saw ajju sitting near the temple praying. She decided not to disturb her and went straight to the kitchen where she saw imli putting the last paratha in the container and closing the lid.

Kalindi: everything done imli. She asked taking the juice jug out of the fridge.

Imli: jee madam ji till then I will start putting everything on the dining table. Kalindi nodded.  around 8:40 siddarth came down and went near ajju who was watching tv and kissed her on the cheeks

Siddarth: good morning my gorgeous ajju.

Ajju: good morning beta she said patting his cheeks lovingly and both went and sat down on the dining table

Meanwhile astha and her friends who were doing internship at sanjeevani hospital were jogging and soon they reached to a nearby park and decided to stop. One of her friend riddhima spoke

Riddhima; damn after jogging the only thing I hate is when u feel too hot she said drinking her water.

Astha: exactly but it also feels gd after the amount of jogging we did. What say Amy. Both girls didn't get any reply and looked at each other and then back at Amy. Astha slapped him on his arms. Which made him look towards them.

Armaan: what? Y did u hit me?

Riddhima: mr Amy urf armaan malik is too busy to look at other girls that he doesn't have time for us

Armaan: aww poor basket jealous that I was staring at other girls but not u

Riddhima: please I don't even want ur attention she said.

Astha: here we go again she mumbled and tried to stop the two from arguing... Guys stop it otherwise ppl over here would think a sweet couple is having an argument. Both armaan and riddhima looked at astha for a second and then at the same time both said

Armann/ riddhima: a sweet couple? Us two? Never in our lifetime.

Astha: ufff even I know that but im saying other might think that. U know what forget about this and go home and we would meet the hospital ok. All agreed and left to go their house to get ready for the day.

When astha reached home she saw everyone sitting on the dining table having breakfast. She quickly went and washed her hands in the kitchen and came and sat down on her seat.

Kalindi: morning beta

Astha: good morning and sorry I got late today.

Ajju: that's fine but how comes u r late today u usually come on time for breakfast.

Astha: ajju u know how armaan and riddhima are always arguing had to stop it somehow.

Kalindi: tell them to come for dinner again when they came last time they said they will come and since then we haven't seen them.

Ajju: as far as I remember they came when u all were in medical school but after u lot joined the hospital there is no sign of them

Astha: Aai they would love to come but something keeps coming up now and then and everyone gets tired because of the amount of work we do at the hospital but dw hopefully we all will plan something soon.

Kalindi: ok now come on eat otherwise ur paratha will get cold. Imli u also come and eat with us

Imli: madam ji I will eat after.

Ajju: what do u mean after come and eat with us. Every time we have to scold u and that's when u listen to us and sit with us.

Astha: dw imli will sit with us as she does consider us part of her family right. She said pulling imli to the seat next to her while everyone laughed. Astha looked at her brother who was eating but at the same time was going through emails on his phone.

Astha: sid what r u doing

Sddarth: just checking some emails... by the way sorry I missed out the jogging today.

Astha: ur forgiven but don't think u can get away always.

Siddarth: astha

Astha: yah?

Siddarth: ur not my teacher so stop ordering he said winking at her.

Meanwhile at the Agnihotri house. everyone had just finished their breakfast few mins ago and varad had left for office since Niranjan went for an important business deal with Avdhoot. Anjali was in her room sorting out the clothes in the wardrobe when she received a call from kalindi on her mobile

Anjali: good morning kalindi

Kalindi: good morning Anjali.  What r u doing right now.

Anjali: nothing was just sorting out the clothes in the wardrobe. Thought of coming to ur mansion in the afternoon as u know our husbands have gone for a business meeting. Vinayak bhau (brother) has going for his play... jyoti has gone to teach dance while im all alone she said and both laughed.

Kalindi: ok then come here Aai will also be happy seeing u.

Anjali: ok I will see u soon

Around 11:25 astha had reached to the hospital and walked to the locker room to see her friends doing their own thing as usual armaan planning to play a prank on riddhima and Rahul... while muskaan and atul were busy eating their breakfast from the bakery. Anjali (riddhima sister) applying lip gloss... nikki taking out her lab coat and stethoscope and Abhimanyu busy talking on the phone (guys these r characters from the show DIL MIL GAYE if anyone has watched it). She moved towards her locker and placed her bag in.

astha: hey guys... they all said hi when they saw astha.

Nikki: guys lets go to the reception otherwise if dr kirti (senior doc) doesn't see any of us on time then she would get angry.

Armaan: dw worry about hitler as that's her job he said referring to dr kirti only to be glared by Rahul

Rahul: and that hitler is my sister

Armaan: not only ur sister but she is our sister too plus she is only hitler at the hospital outside the hospital when she is not on duty then she is our angel sister.

Anjali: lets go guys otherwise this discussion would keep going on. And with that all started moving out of the locker room and headed to the reception to see where the duty was held.

Around 11:40 anjali left the Agnihotri mansion to go and see kalindi and ajju. It took her about 15mins to get there when she was about to walk in she told her driver to go back home and will call him if she needs to be picked up. She rang the doorbell and was waiting outside when one of the other maid opened the door and allowed her in.

Kalindi and ajju who were talking saw Anjali walk towards them and both got up to greet her Anjali took ajju blessing first and hugged her and then moved to kalindi and hugged her.

Kalindi: come and sit. She said and all sat down while imli came and gave Anjali some water to drink.

Ajju: how r u Anjali beta

Anjali: im fine Aai how r u.

Ajju: all fit and fine she said with a wide smile which made kalindi and Anjali laugh

Anjali: by the way where is astha and siddarth?

Kalindi: they left for their respective work but u tell me one thing when is shlok coming

Anjali: I don't know she said been upset but kalindi and ajju smiled seeing her making a cute sad face

Kalindi: u didn't speak to him.

Anjali: haan I did but that was 5 month ago when he said he will come for holiday but as usual my son cancelled his plan so I decided that I will only speak to him only when he comes back home.

Ajju: beta he must have been busy for cancelling it

Anjali: I know Aai he is busy with his work but its been so many years since he has been away from us... last time I was with him when me and Niranjan went personally to drop him to new york and stayed with him till he doesn't settle down. Whenever I see him he was always on video call when his dad or brother called him but he wont understand how much his mum misses him and wants to hug him tightly she said complaining to ajju and kalindi who understood how Anjali was feeling.

Kalindi: I understand how u feel Anjali but just think that he would come soon.

Ajju: haan and then u can keep shlok with u as much as u want. Anjali smiled and wiped a small tear that was on the corner of her eyes.

Kalindi: chal now stop crying and lets have lunch and then go shopping

Anjali: gd idea.

Meanwhile astha was given a duty in the children ward along with atul who was busy telling a story to a small kid astha listened and went close to atul.

Astha: atul

Atul: hmm... he said looking at her

Astha: if any senior doctors see u telling stories to kids instead of treating them then u will be In trouble.

Atul: hmmm...and if they see us talking like this then they will think we r busy gossiping

Astha: hmmm she imitating atul and both started laughing.

Atul continued telling the kid a story and somehow made her have the medicine and went to check another kid while astha was making some changes into some medical report for a small kid.

Astha: sister lovely can you please reduce the doses to two times a day she said handing report to the nurse. Who nodded... she moved towards another child who was on the bed glaring at astha.

Atul: looks like someone is angry with u asthuu he said looking at astha and the child from the other side.

Astha: hmmm but atul how long can someone stay angry from their girlfriend she said pulling the small boys cheeks who turned his face away making a small cute angry face... astha sat on the bed and held her ears

Astha: sorry I know I didn't see u for the past few weeks even though I promised u I will come If im free at my break times but u need to understand ur girlfriend was busy.

Small kid: busy my foot. He said trying to talk like an elder person

Astha: awww someone sounds so sweet she said again pulling his cheeks.

Small kid: stop pulling my cheeks girlfriend.

Astha: nope not until u forgive me she said and started tickling him who started laughing after few mins

Small kid: ok ok I forgive u now stop tickling me. Astha stopped and gave him a kiss.

Astha: thank u my little ayush she said giving him another peck.

Ayush: its k girlfriend but don't think u can get away the next time.

Astha: pakka promise now come on let me do ur check up.

Scene moves to Delhi where many business men were seated in a conference room looking at the presentation seriously. Once the presentation was done one of the business man asked Niranjan and Avdhoot about the deal.

Niranjan: Mr Metha ur presentation looks really good and interesting for my business and im ready for the deal.

Mr Metha: thank u mr Agnihotri. Wt  about u mr Kirloskar

Avdhoot: even im ready for the deal Mr Metha as it will bring profit to my business and my staff.

Mr metha: that is great so since the deal is finalised y don't u sign on these papers. He said handing them both contract papers to sign

Avdhoot: its always pleasure doing business with u mr metha.

Mr Metha: even we r delighted that we r still doing deal with two business men like u... Avdhoot and Niranjan got up and shook hands with Mr Metha and left the conference room.

Avdhoot: finally this meeting is done Niranjan and the first time we r doing the same deal together

Niranjan: yes... our staff have worked so hard in all the deals that we got and im sure they will do the same this time. Also the way varad has progressed in these years im really proud of him plus shlok has also worked in some of the companies in New York so he has also gained good experience.

Avdhoot: that's true by the way when is shlok coming back.

Niranjan: don't knw he keeps on saying soon but don't know when that soon will come. Also Anjali is not happy as she is missing shlok a lot and has decided that she wont talk to shlok on the phone until he doesn't come he said smiling while Avdhoot laughed lightly.

Avdhoot: hope that shlok comes back soon so Anjali vahini doesn't have to wait too long.

They both continued walking to the car while still talking and the scene started fading away.

Loud music was playing in a dance hall. The lights were dim and was only on one person and that was none other than jyoti who was showing her dance to some students. Once she had finished they all clapped their hand.

Jyoti: thank u guys. Now that I have showed u the dance moves I will teach u all in small steps so that its easy for u ok. All the students shouted ok... Great so lets start as usual we will start with our warm up. So place ur hands on your sides and just keep walking on the same sport ur standing. Great keep it up and after 2 mins we r gone do star jumps. Jyoti saw some girl was struggling while the other continued she went towards that girl

Jyoti: u k? she asked placing her hands on the girls shoulder

Girl: ya ma'am

Jyoti: but u look ill plus u seem to have temperature

Girl: no seriously ma'am im fine and she continued to do her exercise only to stumble a little forward when jyoti helped her to stand still

Jyoti: pia u seriously don't seem well do one thing take rest for few days.

Girl: but ma'am I don't want to miss out on the dance practice

Jyoti: don't worry u wont... when u come back I or one of our staff member will teach u the steps personally ok now go she said smiling

Girl: thank u ma'am

Jyoti: come I will tell my driver to drop u and don't say no that is my order ok. Pia smiled at jyoti... jyoti went and told one of the dance trainer to continue and she will be back in few mins and took pia out

Like this everyone days passed and now it was the Agnihotri office varad was sitting in his cabin going through some files and typing something on his laptop when he got a call he looked at the called id to see it was sojal and answered it.

Varad: so finally madam got time to call me he said smiling

Sojal: yaa someone was too busy to call me so I thought let me call u.

Varad: how sweet.

Sojal: sweet my foot. Varad it has been two weeks and we haven't met up I know ur busy with office work but at least we can meet for few hours.

Varad: hmmm I know sojal and im trying to finish my work early so we can meet up soon,

Sojal: I hope ur soon comes soon by the way how is Aai and baba she said asking about Anjali and Niranjan

Varad: they r good. Baba and Avdhoot uncle went to Delhi for a business meeting. How is everyone over there he said asking about her family.

Sojal: yeh everyone is fine over here... achaa varad Aai is calling me so ill speak to u later on and do let me know whenever u r free

Varad: sojal?

Sojal: yeh?

Varad: how about dinner tomorrow.

Sojal: only if u r free don't cancel ur plan for me

Varad: of course I will be. I just wont stay back at office tomorrow and will leave early.

Sojal: ok done then

Varad: ok ill pick u up at 6:30 tomorrow

Sojal: ok bye love u

Varad: love u to bye

Varad place his phone back onto the desk and continued going through the file when his eyes suddenly fell to the clock as it was 6:40pm now and decided to call shlok as it would probably be 9 something in the morning. He dialled shlok number and waited for it to go through

Meanwhile in new York shlok in his tracksuit, headphones on with a serious look on his face and the beard adding to that look was jogging from the beach to the penthouse that Niranjan had decided to buy before shlok went to new York for further studies so he could stay peacefully in his own penthouse without any worries... Shlok finally reached to his penthouse and went straight to his room and placed his headphones on the bed and was wiping his face with a towel when he saw his phone was ringing that was on the desk he saw it was varad calling and answered it.

Shlok: whats up bhai

Varad: nm was going through some files when I saw the time and thought of calling u... did u come back from jogging right now?

Shlok: yeh was awake finishing of some projects so woke up a little late.

Varad: no wonder y otherwise mr shlok agnihotri is on time for everything he said teasingly

Shlok: come on dada stop with the teasing

Varad: achaa by the way did u speak to aai

Shlok: well I did call her at the mansion but then jyoti answered it and she said Aai wont speak to me until im not there... first I thought Aai is only joking but she is serious about not speaking to me since 5 month im trying to talk to her but she doesn't answer my telling u Aai is too stubborn sometimes

Varad: really but as far as I remember even ur stubborn and now we know where that stubbornness comes from after all u and Aai r the same. He said laughing

Shlok: so sometimes its fun been stubborn he said defending himself.

Varad: ok mr stubborn when r u coming then... Their talk continued and varad cut the call after smiling... time to go home otherwise Aai will scold me.

Precap: none for now

Hey guys sorry for keeping u all waiting... I really appreciate that u all took ur time out to read the character sketch and I thank u all from the bottom of my heart and now I hope u all like chap 1. Really nervous... please do give ur honest views and let me know if u liked it.

Also if anyone wants pm then do let me know  in ur comments and ill add u to the pm list plus if anyone changes their username do let me know so its easier for me to send pm after.

Don't forget to press the like button and do leave ur comments if possible.

Sorry for an spelling and grammar mistake

Next part: Chapter 2

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Saibhargav Goldie

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Posted: 07 May 2016 at 7:38pm | IP Logged
very gud chapter it is
all happies
lets wait and watch how they r gonna meet each other
waiting eagerly for next chapter
update soonBig smile

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chickyhoney Groupbie

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Posted: 08 May 2016 at 12:10am | IP Logged
Awesome update really it is very sweet n really nice to see dmg characters...Plz update next chap soon really waiting for it...

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vaishux Senior Member

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Posted: 08 May 2016 at 3:59am | IP Logged
Awesome update...
Loved all the characters...
Waiting for Ashlok first meeting...
Continue soon..thanks for the pmEmbarrassed

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syvalini Senior Member

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Posted: 08 May 2016 at 12:42pm | IP Logged
It was nice start yar...
All characters r superb
Well written...
Waiting... for next one

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sashra Senior Member

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Posted: 09 May 2016 at 8:39am | IP Logged
Nice episode pls continue dear.we r waiting sooo looong

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nadeeka1200 Senior Member

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Posted: 11 May 2016 at 10:08am | IP Logged
Wonderful update thank you
Waiting for next update
How ashlok going to meet? 
Nice work

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