Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon... Ek Baar Phir


Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon... Ek Baar Phir
Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon... Ek Baar Phir

NEW FF Chapter 5 PG 14 (07/12/2016) UDATING SOON (Page 13)

jasminerahul IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 19 August 2016 at 4:22am | IP Logged
niranjan anjali scene n family moments were nice.ashlok argument.cute

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Netram Groupbie

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Posted: 24 August 2016 at 8:18am | IP Logged
Waiting,plz update
syvalini Senior Member

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Posted: 27 August 2016 at 1:41am | IP Logged
hey dear where r u plz update na...
nadeeka1200 Senior Member

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Posted: 06 September 2016 at 5:21am | IP Logged
Waiting,plz update now one month

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syvalini Senior Member

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Posted: 16 September 2016 at 5:34am | IP Logged
yeh dear where r u? waiting plz...update
preya_radev Goldie

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Varad: girls r u going to help Aai choose a saree for her or not. Time is going quick now come on

Jyoti: yh u r right she said holding on to astha hand and walked up with her followed by sojal and Anjali... while shlok kept looking towards the stairs.

Varad: oye what happened to u

Shlok: come lets go to the garden and I will tell u... in the garden shlok told about his and astha encounter while varad cracked up

Shlok: y r u laughing

Varad: dude u both haven't changed I mean when u both met at the mall u both argued and even over here . It just reminds me how u both were in childhood... shlok rolled his eyes while varad had a smile.

In Anjali room the girls had selected what saree Anjali would wear till then astha had forgotten about the whole shlok scenario

Anjali: ok come on girls I will get ready but u all go and get ready.

Jyoti: yeh lets go otherwise we would have to rush last minute.

Astha and sojal decided to change in jyoti room...astha and jyoti were getting their outfits out of the bag when radha (maid) came

Radha: baby ji she said calling out to jyoti

Jyoti: what happened radha?

Radha: baby ji varad bhaiya gave this and said can u give it to sojal didi? She said handing the bag to jyoti that had sojals outfit

Jyoti: ok I will give it to her... radha nodded and left the room ... after few mins sojal came out

Astha: sojal ur lover boy sent u this gift

Sojal: asthaaa don't start again.

Jyoti: oye hoye someone is blushing... sojal was about to hit astha playfully when jyoti quickly ran into the washroom.

Sojal took the bag and went to the changing room that was attached to jyoti bedroom.

Astha opened jyoti wardrobe and took out her earing collection to see which earings would go well with her outfit she still couldn't figure out which one to choose when jyoti came out

Jyoti: what happened astha wt u looking for

Astha: yaar I cant find any earings that would go well with my dress

Jyoti: dw u go and freshen up till then I will choose one for u

Astha: ok

Like this the girls were getting ready and helped each other with their jewellery and did each others hair and make up and they were finally ready and it was already 5:40pm... the girls were looking stunning in their party dress





They went to see if Anjali is all ready and they were about to enter her room when they saw Niranjan putting on gajra on Anjali hair not to disturb this moments the girls went downsitars to see shlok and varad standing with Vinayak talking... they all looked up to see the girls coming down varad couldn't take his eyes of sojal making her blush... astha looked at sojal and varad and winked at jyoti who smiled back naughtily... however astha causally looked at shlok to see him staring at her and this time there was something in his look that made her nervous she ignored the feeling and looked away from him... while shlok smirked.

Once they came down Vinayak praised them

Vinayak: I must say u r girls r looking really pretty.

Sojal: thanks Vinayak chachu

Jyoti: astha u do one thing go and check if the caters have came and see if the menu is the same and all items r there... astha nodded and left while sojal and jyoti went to check the decoration and the stage where the dance performance was going to happen

Astha went to the garden where the food was going to be served she went to the person who was in charge of the catering service and asked him if she can see if all the dishes have came that they had ordered.

Astha was busy checking the menu and when she was about to check the desert section she heard a voice which she didn't want to hear at all which was none other than shlok.

Shlok: excuse me please do make sure that she doesn't eat any of the food while checking the menu... he said to the person that was in charge for catering... astha turned around to see shlok leaning against the wall with hands crossed around his chest

Astha:oh hello I haven't ate anything and even if I taste a bit of the food to see if its good what problem have u got

Shlok : I have no problem... But u see since I am slowly starting to remember when we were young u were really chubby and u always loved to eat all the food.

Astha: haan toh eating is not a bad thing... and that was my stomach I ate as much I wanted to eat. About been fat u should be ashamed to say that to a girl and it doesn't mean if a girl is fat then she stays fat. I proudly say I even eat a lot now. With that she was about to leave and passed shlok but stopped when she heard what he said

Shlok: but I must say u maintained ur self well enough... by the way shall I say something else

Astha: what? She said as if she is not interested but for once she wanted to know what he will say

Shlok: u look beautiful in this dress... astha took a deep breath usually when guys praised her she never felt anything and took it in a normal way... but shlok he makes her angry in one sec and the next sec he just made her feel special... astha didn't turn around she tried to act normal and without turning around said

Astha: I know... Anyways thanks for the compliment... Astha left from there while shlok just started at her going lost in thoughts

Astha was in the hall when she saw her family walk in with her friends Anjali, nikki, riddhima and muski.

Kalindi: ma did u bring my gift..

Kalindi: haan do one thing go with siddarth now and bring the gifts.

Jyoti: dw aunty me and astha will go and get it... said jyoti who came back after checking the other arrangements... plus u can also wish Aai and see her

Kalindi: ok but where is she.

Sojal: she is in her room come let me take u... sojal was about to leave with kalindi when Niranjan came down. Niranjan saw them and greeted them all with a smile while he went to hug Avdhoot and siddarth. And took ajjus blessing

Niranjan: im happy u all came before the party started.

Avdhoot: of course we will come before the party starts after all we are family not guest and everyone laughed to this

Niranjan: absolutely right

Ajju: yes but u don't seem to remember your Aai that much... Niranjan went towards her and placed his arms around her shoulder

Niranjan: come on Aai u know I miss u a lot but sometimes work load is too much an... before he could continue ajju spoke

Ajju: oye I am ur Aai u don't need to give me any explanations.

Kalindi: Niranjan bhau we will just go and wish Anjali

Nirnajan: sure vahini u can go

Kalindi: r u guys coming she said to astha friends

Nikki: no aunty we will wish her later till then we will help astha and jyoti get the gifts out

Niranjan: how many gifts did u bring? He asked causally as all of them r going to the car to get it

Muskaan: so many uncle after all its our Anjali aunty bday

Niranjan: that is true go ahead... Everyone went ahead while Niranjan took Avdhoot towards the other side of the hall and both sat down talking.

Meanwhile kalindi and ajju reached outside Anjalis bedroom and the saw Anjalis sitting In front of the dressing table

Kalindi :*ahem ahem can we come in birthday girl... Anjali turned around and saw Kalindi and ajju at the door... She got up with a smile

Anjali : come on Kalindi u guys don't need my permission...

Ajju: happy birthday beta she said giving Anjalis a hug while Anjalis also hugged her back and took her blessing

Kalindi: happy birthday Anjalis. She said hugging Anjalis next

Anjali: thank u

Kalindi : by the way has anyone from the family  given u gifts yet

Anjali : yes I got a very big gift that was a big surprise for me. She said with a big smile on her face...

Ajju: and what is that

Anjali: didn't u see him downstairs... She said referring. To shlok while Kalindi and ajju were confused as they didn't know about shlok yet

Kalindi : Anjali here we r talking about your gift and u r asking us if we saw him downstairs. Who r u talking about ?

Anjali : shlok !








Kalindi: what shlok is here?

Ajju: when did he come?

Kalindi: u should have told us we would have got him something

Ajju: but where is he we didn't see him downstairs... Anjali was looking at kalindi then ajju then kalindi then ajju and this continued along with their questions.

Anjali: one minute guys calm down I will answer all ur questions..., she made them sit down on the bed

Anjali: I didn't know about all this... only varad, Niranjan, astha, jyoti, sojal knew about shlok coming on my birthday... the girls took me out and that's when shlok probably came... they all planned everything but shall I tell u it was the best surprise ever my shlok is back with me she said with tears of joy in her eyes.

Kalindi: even astha knew about this and she didn't tell us anything.

Ajju: she probably didn't tell u thinking that u might tell Anjali so that's fine but she didn't tell her ajju who she shares most of her secrets with...ajju said jokingly making Anjali and kalindi laugh

Anjali: come lets go downstairs and I will introduce u guys to shlok.

Kaliindi: haan lets go. The three walked out of the room and headed downstairs. Avdhoot got up and gave Anjali a small side hug wishing her

Anjali: thank u so much bhau... Niranjan have u seen shlok

Avdhoot: shlok is here?

Niranjan: yes I was going to tell u that ...and Anjali I don't know where shlok is because when I came down everyone was here except him

Anjali: ok he might be in the garden come lets go and see

Niranjan: come Avdhoot even u will get to meet shlok.

Once they reached to the garden they saw shlok busy talking to his friends on the phone

Anjali: shlok!... hearing Anjali call his name shlok turned around to see his parents standing there along with few other ppl and for some reason he felt that he knew them. He ended the call and walked towards them

Shlok: ji Aai

Anjali: beta we want you to meet someone so close to us.

Niranjan: beta do u remember[Sonali Pa1]  who they r... shlok tried hard to think and after going back in the past he remembered who they were

Shlok: Avdhoot uncle?, kalindi aunty? And ajju if I am not wrong

Kalindi: wow beta u actually remember us?

Shlok: yes though for a second I was trying to guess ur names but finally recalled how I use to spend some of my time with u when I was young... he then bent and took ajju blessing followed by kalindi and Avdhoot who hugged him after.

Ajju: beta its good to see u back everyone missed u a lot. Shlok smiled when all of a sudden they heard astha, jyoti and the other girls  talking along with siddarth they went inside to see them back with the gifts and placed it on the big table where all the gifts were going to be kept.

Anjali: wow girls u all r looking so pretty? She said referring to astha friends (muskaan, Anjali, nikki and riddhima)

Muskaan: happy birthday aunty she said moving forward to hug her

Anjali: thank u beta.

Nikki: happy birthday aunty

Anjali(astha friend): happy birthday aunty

Riddhima: happy bday to u anjali aunty

Anjali: thank u for all the lovely wishes girls but where r the boys (armaan, atul, Abhimanyu and Rahul

Vinayak: wow u guys came he said seeing half of astha friend and her family members

Avdhoot: yes but where did u disappear

Vinayak: nowhere me and Varad were just sorting some of the arrangements out

Varad: by the way girls where r the boys? Haven't they come yet?

Mukaan: oh baba ji here we r here but all everyone is asking about is the boys dw they will come soon.

Anjali: by the way girls this is shlok my son... all said hi to shlok while shlok also said hi with a smile and the girls introduced themselves to shlok while astha made a face

Nikki: its gd to see u shlok we all have becomes friends with jyoti, varad bhai and sojal and hopefully we will become friends with u

Shlok: thanks nikki

Vinayak: look here comes ours guest he said seen few people start walking in they all greeted each other and wished Anjali

Shlok was busy talking to varad while the girls were talking to each other, kalindi, imli and ajju and Avdhoot were standing with Vinayak talking as Niranjan and Anjali were busy attending the guest

Soon the boys came to the party with their gifts in their hand before anyone could greet Anjali armaan moved forwards giving Anjali a rose

Armaan: a rose for my lovely lady... happy birthday beautiful he said giving a hug to Anjali and gave her gifts while she gave it to the worker to place on the table once he broke the hug... he went forward to hug Niranjan but Niranjan stopped him

Niranjan: armaan don't u feel ashamed that ur flirting with my wife right in front of me he said pretending to be strict.

Armaan: oh come on uncle even u know that my girlfriend loves me more than u... Anjali tried to stop herself from laughing.

Niranjan: acha ur girlfriend?

Armaan: ok fine just for u I will call her aunty for now

Niranjan: that's much better he said slowly bringing a smile on his face and both hugged each other while the others moved to wish Anjali and greeted Niranjan.

The boys slowly started moving where the girls were

Atul: wow u all r looking so pretty but Anjali ur looking like an angel

Anjali: shut up atul

Atul: as u say anji anything for u

Muski: lo here he starts again she said but only riddhima laughed hearing her

Jyoti: guys let me introduce u to my brother shlok... She looked for shlok and called out his name when shlok looked at her she signalled him to come where they were standing. Shlok nodded and he and varad started walking towards them once they reached there varad hugged the boys while shlok stood there when jyoti was introducing shlok to the boys

Rahul: its nice to meet u shlok

Abhi: friends?

Shlok: friends he shakes hands with everyone

Atul: see u have made so many friends in one day

Shlok: yes and i never knew that I would make so many good friends in a day.


Party was going in full swing it had been an hour since many guest had arrived.

Jyoti went on the stage to get everyone attention.

Jyoti: ladies and gentlemen I am really happy that many of u came to celebrate our Aai special day. It really means a lot to us all we have tried our best to make this party as entertaining and hope u like the dance performance that will be held soon and also lovely food is awaiting for u all. But can we have the cake please... Aai please come on the stage... One of the waiter bought the cake and placed it on the stage where jyoti was standing while Anjali told Niranjan to come with her on the stage and everyone was clapping and whistling when she reached to the stage.

Jyoti: come on everyone lets start singing and with that she went down the stage and stood near astha. All started singing happy birthday while Anjali blew the candles and cut the cake... she took a piece and turned towards Niranjan while he took a bite and placed a small piece in her mouth... Jyoti came back on the stage

Jyoti: ok guys the cake cutting is done now its time for some dance performance... soon the lights turned off and after a min it turned back on. All the girls were on the stage having their back faced to everyone once the music started they turned around and started dancing to the beat the song that was playing was baby doll from movie ragini mms . for some reason shlok was loving astha dance moves and he was just staring at her with a smirk on his face.

After the dance finished everyone clapped for the girls while the rest left the stage jyoti stayed back

Jyoti: thank u guys we r happy u liked the dance performance. On the other side of the hall there is slow dance going on for all the couples and food and drink r outside. Enjoy the party everyone.

Astha was coming out of her room coming back in her party dress as she had to change during the dance performance. She was placing one of her earrings in ears but she stopped when she heard shloks voice

Shlok: I never knew u were good at dancing as far as I member u couldn't dance properly when we were young

Astha: there is something called dance classes she said turning around to see shlok standing there with his hands in his pocket

Shlok: but I never knew u would actually learn dancing I thought u hated it

Astha: u and ur thoughts can go for a walk with that she walked away

Astha went toward where Her friends were

Jyoti: oye what took u so long

Astha: mr shlok baba started lecturing me. Everyone started laughing silently.

Shlok : what happened y are u all laughing. He said coming from behind. While astha took a big breath and closed her eyes annoyingly.

Muskaan: nothing astha was saying shlok baba started his lecture again.  She said only to  be glared by astha. Shlok looked at astha

Shlok: really? Even I would like to know what type of lectures I give my tiny bhakt (devotee). Astha glared at shlok

Astha: I'm not your bhakt

Shlok: really I thought since I was shlok baba  and  I was giving u a lecture I thought  u were my Bhakt

Astha: shlok baba ji can u please go and find someone else to irritate instead of me.

Varad: here u both start again. I understand u both Use to argue with each other when u were young but at least stop irritating each other now.

Jyoto: Bhai I think whenever they see each other the child inside them comes out and then they start to argue like before  shlok was about to speak when Kalindi came

Kalindi : kids what are u doing over here go and have dinner.  Said Kalindi coming toward them

Armaan: girlfriend we will eat in a bit...

Kalindi: ok. And with that she left

Shlok : well I'm only saying whatever the truth is too her I mean I cant do anything if she takes it as a lecture

Astha: will u just stop it. I mean first u spoiled my mood at the mall and now over here. Don't u have anything else to do other than irritate me

Shlok: oh hello it was your fault at the mall don't blame me for that. And i can't do anything if u get offended when I say anything to u

Astha: who said I'm offended.

Shlok. Your face says it all.

Armaan: shlok. Dude k understand how u feel man but sometimes it best if we don't say anything after all girls can't digest the truth.

Nikki : r u for serious armaan

Riddhima: nikki leave it na he just need an excuses to complain like usual.

Jyoti: enough lets go and have dinner y argue on a small thing come on left go before someone else comes to call us

After eating everyone was dancing in pairs with each other moving in circles but whenever the music changed they had to change partners ... This was continuing for a gd 10 mins . Astha was just hoping she didn't have to dance with shlok but to her bad luck he was just next to her and as the music changed she had no option he had his one hand around her waist while the other collapsed to her other hand while astha placed her hand on his shoulder
Shlok smirked at her while astha looked away and both moved around dancing but there was something that both felt which bothered astha more than shlok . She decided to move away when one dancing pair by accident moved towards astha making her lose balance and she held on to shlok tightly one hand on his shirt collar and the other one on his shoulder Shlok controlled his balance if astha hadn't held on to shlok then she would have been on the floor by now. And for a Sec both had a small eye look. Both stayed in that position for a while with their background music playing

Astha: I don't want my back to hurt by standing like this so pull me up.  She said looking around. Shlok stared at her pulled her up and he continued dancing with her much to astha annoyance

Shlok: thank god this time I didn't get the blame

Astha : what u talking about

Shlok : nothing since we met whatever has happened with u always has had u blaming me at the end but this time I'm saved. Astha scowled at him

Astha: well it's a fact

Shlok: no point of saying anything as u will stick to what ur saying

Astha: and u will stick to what ur saying. Both glared at each other.

hey guys i know i havent updated for a long time but that was due to my internent connection and also my laptop had broken down. hope u all r still interested in this ff. will be looking forwards for all ur comments and also dont forget to press the like button

ps: if anyone wants pm the please do mention it in ur comment

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coolhi1988 IF-Addictz

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Posted: 08 December 2016 at 4:13am | IP Logged
superb update
'loved it very much
anjali getting her surprise
good one

continue soon
thanks 4 d pm
jasminerahul IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 08 December 2016 at 4:30am | IP Logged
Niranjan decorating Anjali's hair n varad geting lost in sojal's beauty were romantic.on d show v didnt get their romantic scenes,stil i found them romantic.Ashlok nok jhok was cool.stil shlok is geting atracted 2 her.arman NA Anjali scene was funy.Ashlok acidental dance,when aastha lost her balance shlok held her,eyelock was romantic

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