Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon... Ek Baar Phir


Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon... Ek Baar Phir
Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon... Ek Baar Phir

NEW FF Chapter 5 PG 14 (07/12/2016) UDATING SOON (Page 12)

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Originally posted by ameera96

It's been so long since you given us updated! All this awesome feedback it isn't fair to keep us in the dark lol! Hope that your okay and keeping well. Just wishing to see an update soon. Too much suspense isn't good ha. Anyways I shall be waiting! Loll

sorry for keeping u waiting... hehe i know it isnt fair but it shows all ur love in the cmments... yes im all gd thanks hope u r... updating in a bit u wont have to wait for too long now Smile

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Originally posted by syvalini

hey plz update soo long time dear...

updating Smile

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Jyoti: astha tomorrow we have to get Aai out of the house somehow so shlok can get home

Astha: that's fine so lets take her to parlour... that will give us enough time to get her ready

Jyoti:yahh and once shlok gets into the mansion then we could also get ready before the party

Sojal: I cant wait to see Aai reaction tomorrow

Jyoti: hey sojal y don't u join us tomorrow

Astha: yahh not a bad idea

0Jyoti: how about u both stay at my place and then tomorrow we will leave with aai

Sojal: not a bad idea we all have our spare clothes at each other's place so that would be fine

Jyoti: astha how is the idea

Astha: fab but I will just need to call aai and inform her ... she said munching onto her fries that just came.. jyoti and sojal smiled seeing astha and started digging into their food.

After having their lunch the girls decided to leave and do some clothes shopping for themselves so that they have something to wear at the party.. at the clothes store

Astha: by the way is everyone wearing different things

Jyoti: yah I guess so I would probably choose one of these party dresses as last year I wore an anarkali so probably something different this time

Astha: same plus its too hot even though there would be full AC at the mansion... by the way sojal what r u going to be wearing

Sojal: actually astha... varad has bought me a party gown already so I will be wearing that

astha: oye hoye my basanti already has got varad bhai doing shopping for her... not bad

sojal: asthaaa

astha: kya (what) astha... I must say sojal u very lucky to have varad bhai as ur life partner

sojal: dw even u will get one now come on choose ur dress

jyoti: yaar sojal so many r nice that I am actually confused

sojal: u both do one thing picks few dresses that u like and try them on and whichever ones suit u wear that

jyoti: astha don't u think sojal is becoming even more clever

astha: of course she will become clever as she has clever ppl around her

sojal: astha stop teasing me about varad all the time.

Astha: oh my god here goes my basanti again... sojal baby I agree that we tease u but u know here Im talking about clever ppl as in me and jyoti so ur bound to be saying sensible stuff... jyoti cracked up with astha answer while sojal smacked her head slightly 

Sojal: nobody can win from u meri maa ab chal choose a dress... after few hours jyoti and astha found something to wear  for the party and didn't realise that it was already 4 pm

Around 4:40pm they reached to Agnihotri mansion while walking inside jyoti and sojal were talking while astha texted siddarth to remind him to bring her gift

Vinayak who came back early from his rehearsals was sitting on the couch reading a magazine while Anjali bought him a cup of tea and that's when both noticed the girls coming in

Jyoti: ma today astha and sojal r going to stay over

Anjali: u don't even have to tell me that as they can stay here whenever they want to. By the way how was ur day

Sojal: it was gd Aai

Anjali: u girls sit I will go and get u three cold drinks. With that Anjali went to the kitchen... jyoti called out to radha (maid) who was cleaning the dining table

Jyoti: radha come here

Radha: ji didi

Jyoti: please help me take these bag to my room

Sojal: jyoti its ok we will help u

Jyoti: no if u both come with me then mum will come upstairs to give us the drinks and in these bags r her gift so its best we put them away before she notices it.

Astha: ok. With that jyoti and radha left to put the bags in jyoti room

Vinayak: so how r u girls? its been long since I have seen u

Astha: all gd uncle and yes it surely has been a long time. but I guess u were really busy with ur plays that I hardly saw u around most of the time... seems like u never missed us

Sojal: yes Vinayak uncle I completely agree with astha

Vinayak: can it be that I don't miss u both... u three girls r my dolls

Jyoti: and we will always be said jyoti who came down and sat next to sojal. Till then Anjali bought the drinks

Anjali: sorry it took me a little long as i was finding ur fav drinks in the fridge and finally found them.

Astha: its ok aunty... By the way has anyone made the list for tomorrow party.

Vinayak: yes varad made the list and gave it to me so need to make sure everything is ready by tomorrow

Astha: can we check the list

Vinayak: its in my room come lets go

Jyoti: Aai we will be back

Anjali: ok till then im going next door as our neighbour wants my help... jyoti nodded and Anjali left while the girls went to Vinayak room once they reached his room they all sat on his bed sipping on their cold drinks while Vinayak took a sip of his tea... Astha sojal and jyoti were keenly looking at the arrangements for the party when the word dance caught their attention

Sojal: Vinayak uncle there will be dance?

Vinayak: haan beta

Jyoti: omg dancing that will so fun

Astha: here u go as soon as madam hears the word dance  then she gets excited like a little kid

Jyoti: astha dance is everything for me... but tell me once thing is everyone going to be dancing their own way or is there going to be any practice

Vinayak: jyoti when we have u then y should we think about dancing in fact u should give everyone the steps

Jyoti: chachu teaching the steps is not a problem for me but everyone needs to get it right

Astha: babes just give simple steps in that way everyone will remember and will be able to manage it.  And also our family is genius even if we haven't rehearsed everyone will start dancing in a fab way when any music would play

Jyoti: that is so true

Meanwhile at the penthouse... once shlok had reached there he slept for few hour and didn't realise how the time went so fast. It was around 5:30pm when he woke up and he decided to freshen up... after freshening up shlok decided to call his friend mayank and samrat as he knew they both will be together at this time.

Mayank: hey dude we were just taking about u?

Shlok: u guys were thinking about me and here I call u guys anyways how r u both

Smrat: yaar shlok its hasn't been a few days and we all r missing ur company at work.

Shlok: same here man on one side im feeling gd by coming back and on the other hand I am actually missing work and u guys

Mayank: anyways forget this where r u now

Shlok: im at my brother penthouse

Samrat: that's cool man anyways when r u going to see ur mom

Shlok: well tomorrow her birthday so going to surprise her before the party

Mayank: shlok do wish aunty from our sides

Shlok: I will anyways I will let u guys get on with whatever ur doing as I need to give varad bhai a call

Samrat: no worries man u take care speak to u soon bye

Mayank: bye dude

Shlok: bye with that shlok cut the call and till then the workers who works there made coffee for shlok and went back to the kitchen to make dinner for later on

Shlok tried to get through varad but wasn't able to... so he decided to sit in the garden and enjoy the cool breeze while sipping on to his coffee as he was thinking about meeting his family the next day and that also face to face he thought of calling Niranjan till then.

Meanwhile at the Agnihotri office... varad was in Niranjan cabin discussing about some file and once they were done they decided to leave to go home.

Varad: baba I will just go and collect my coat and phone from my cabin

Niranjan: ok beta till then I will wait downstairs for u... Niranjan was near the lift when he received a call and he was surprised to see sholks name as he usually calls varad. Niranjan answered the phone

Shlok: hey dad whats up

Niranjan: shlok beta how r u... have u had ur dinner yet

Shlok: im gd baba just having coffee as the worker is making food right now so will eat later on

Niranjan: gd gd... and yes varad told me that u arrived this morning Anjali will be really happy when she sees u tomorrow

Shlok: same here baba it feels gd been back after a long time and even I can wait to see u all 2moz especially Aai

Shlok: by the way dad I was getting through varad bhai but he was not answering is he busy?

Niranjan: he had left his phone in his cabin as he was with me discussing about some file... till then varad came.

Varad: baba I just got shloks miscall... let me call him now so u also can speak to him... he said still looking into his phone while walking towards Niranjan.

Niranjan: varad im talking to shlok only since he couldn't get through u he called me... varad looked up from his phone when Niranjan said that

Varad: baba ask shlok wt time will he be leaving from the penthouse so we can send Aai out of the house till then

Niranjan: here u ask him till then and passed his phone to varad

Varad: hey shlok

Shlok: hey bhai whats up

Varad: all gd by the way what time will u be leaving from the house so Jyoti and Astha can take Aai away for a while

Shlok: ASTHA... shlok repeated only astha name as if he has heard it before.

Varad: yah astha Avdhoot uncle daughter she use to be with us when we were young... u both use to argue all the time remember?

Shlok: little bit but anyway I will leave from here around 1 so probably will reach to the mansion around 2 but I will give u a call when im near

Varad: ok that's fine.

Shlok: ok bhai I will go and rest for a bit... I will call u 2moz

Varad: ok take care bye

Shlok: bye... with that both cut the call shlok was sipping on to the coffee but the name ASTHA  was still in his mind.

Around 7 Niranjan and varad reached home when they saw astha and sojal sitting with Anjali and were laughing about something... varad was really happy seeing sojal but controlled it as he knows what astha and jyoti r like

All had dinner together and after dinner... jyoti, varad, Vinayak, astha and sojal were sitting in varads room and discussing about the party as they wanted everything to be perfect... and also confirmed the plan to take Anjali out of the house... after making sure whatever is needed for the party varad was looking for a chance to spend time with sojal... Astha who casually looked us saw varad keep looking at sojal but she was not paying attention to him as she was busy wrapping up all the gifts that everyone bought... For once instead of teasing varad she decided to help him

Astha: sojal can u make the usual coffee that u make for me please?... sojal finally looked up

Sojal: sure does anyone else want coffee or anything else.

Jyoti: I will have coffee too

Vinayak: me too

Sojal: varad wt about u?

Varad: no its k thanks. Sojal nodded and left while astha rolled her eyes thinking varad will go behind sojal... Astha sat in sojal place to wrap up the gift and since varad was sitting next to her she poked him on the arm... varad looked at her raising his eyebrows... while astha indicated him towards the door he looked at the door and then back at astha not getting what she is trying to tell him ... Astha closed her eyes ...if vinayak wouldn't have been here she would have shouted it out although she knows vinayak loves to tease varad too... She made sure he was not looking and then looked at varad and closely whispered to him

Astha: go and spend some time with sojal this is the best chance and yes I would get something in return for this favour... varad was taken back but then gave astha a smiled and left... Time flew like this at the Agnihotri house with varad and sojal spending time together for a bit and then went back to others and then all went to sleep as tomorrow was going to be a long day for them.

Now was the day where Anjali would meet the apple of her eyes who was away from her for so many years.

Anjali was sitting in her room looking at shloks picture

Anjali: I wish if u were here today shlok. Spent so many years without u really missing u a lot and I hope u come soon because if u love ur Aai then u have to come soon no matter what... Niranjan who was listening to Anjali speaking to shloks picture smiled and thought

Nirnajan in his mind : dw Anjali soon u will get to see ur son just few more hours left... he then went and sat next to her placing his hands on her shoulder.

Niranjan: Anjali y r u crying on this special day of urs... even though shlok is not here but if he was then he wouldn't like it if he saw u crying like this. Now come on wipe ur tears and lets go down.

Anjali: yeah otherwise those three girls (astha, jyoti and sojal) would come here and drag us down if we don't go now. She said trying to change the topic. Anjali got up and started to walk when Niranjan stopped her

Niranjan: Anjali

Anjali: hmm she said turning around

Niranjan: happy birthday. Thank u for coming in my life and making each of my day beautiful. He said kissing her on the forehead... Anjali smiled and gave him a hug

Anjali: thank u for always been there... they stayed there like few secs before breaking the hug and came down to see workers walking in with box of things.

Niranjan: there u go our kids have started to get things ready for the party 

Anjali: they wont sit until everything is perfect. They walked downstairs when Vinayak came towards them

Vinayak: happy birthday vahini

Anjali: thank u Vinayak bhau... After that Anjali went to the temple area and started lighting the diyas (oil lamp) while Niranjan and Vinayak stood behind her... she started singing the prayers song and till then astha, jyoti, sojal and varad came... they all were praying while Anjali was singing once she was done she started giving them Prasad.

Varad: happy birthday Aai he said hugging her side ways and kissed her on the forehead

Anjali: thank u beta

Astha: happy birthday to my beautiful aunty... Anjali lightly hit astha on the cheeks and then hugged her.

Jyoti: happy birthday Aai.. and both hugged each other. Lastly she went to sojal

Sojal: happy birthday Aai

Anjali: thank u beta she said placing a Prasad in her hand and tapped her cheeks lovingly.

Vinayak: now lets have breakfast after  other decorators will be coming to decorate the mansion and also we need to make sure other arrangements r done before the party starts

All were enjoying breakfast

Meanwhile at the penthouse... shlok was having his breakfast... however he was excited to reach home.

Shlok: kaka thank u for the lovely breakfast he said to the worker. And went to his room... he made sure he had Anjali gift ready ... till then he ordered a cab to come to the penthouse around 12:40

Time was going quick at the Agnihotri mansion as everyone was busy with the preparation, and they didn't realise how time went  quick... the girls saw it was around 12:30 so they decided to take Anjali out of the house so she could get all the beauty treatment needed.

Jyoti: Aai I think we should leave now as ur appointment at the parlour is at 1

Anjali: jyoti that was not needed beta

Astha: oh come aunty u deserve a little pampering on this day so today no ifs or buts... now come on lets go... all of them left for the parlour while Vinayak, Niranjan and varad stayed back and once they were sure that the girls had left with Anjali varad called shlok up

Shlok: hey bro wts up?

Varad: shlok Aai has gone to the parlour now so what time u leaving

Shlok: well the cab will be coming in few mins.

Varad: ok u will reach before Aai then that's fine

Shlok: ok... I will call u once im near

Varad: ok bye

Shlok: bye

Vinayak: when is he leaving varad

Varad: chachu he will be leaving in few mins

Niranjan: ok lets go and see the other things

Vinayak: bhau I will also come with u... Niranjan nodded and both brother left to see how the decoration is going on... while varad went to call jyoti to tell her that when they leave she should text them.

Meanwhile in the car astha, jyoti and sojal were speaking... while Anjali was smiling at hearing their convo... since the parlour was a little near and also because of less traffic they reached to the parlour a little early. Along will getting Anjali stuff done they decided to sort themselves out at the parlour.

Meanwhile at the Kirloskar house whenever it was someone birthday at the agnhotri house kalindi always makes something sweet for them she was in the kitchen getting some sweets preparation done. Till then siddarth came in

Siddarth: Aai astha texted me that she is at the parlour but she also said that Anjali aunty said do also bring imli along

Kalindi: see I told u to come even Anjali said that u have to be at the party so don't say no she said to imli who was standing next to her

Kalindi: ji madam ji

Siddarth: Aai I will go and wrap up the gifts till then

Kalindi: ok beta.

Siddarth was just going in the hall when he saw riddhima, muskaan, Anjali and nikki enter (astha friends from hospital) the girls said hi to siddarth

Siddarth: hey girls

Riddhima: siddarth where is everyone

Siddarth: Aai is in the kitchen, dad has gone to get few things and ajju is in her im sure u know astha is not here

Nikki: yh she told us that she would be staying at Anjali auntys place

Muskaan: we will go and see if aunty needs some help.

Siddarth: oh hello girls even I need ur help

Anjali: what help do u need siddy

Siddarth: I need help to wrap up gifts

Muskaan: ok me and Anjali will help u wrap up the gift... siddarth smiled at them

Siddarth: u girls r the best come the gifts are in my room... Anjali and muskaan followed him while riddhima and nikki went to the kitchen... once the entered the kitchen kalindi was happy to see them and the girls started helping kalindi.

Kalindi: ok I am done with the food... by the way I was going to do something myself but now since u both r here I leave that job to u

Riddhima: what job aunty

Kalindi: imli

Nikki: what about imli ?

Kalindi: get her ready for the party

Nikki: wow that will be fun we have enough time to get her all dressed.

Kalindi: and yes I have bought her an anarkali its in my bedroom on the bed so take it from there and u can use astha room to dress her up... nikki and riddhima left with a nervous imli with them.

Since everyone was busy doing their own things time started to go quick and they didn't realise how an hour passed so quickly

Around 2 shlok called varad and told him that he is near the Agnihotri mansion... and till then Vinayak called jyoti and told her... the Agnihotri men were walking from one side to another and kept looking towards the main door... after 5 mins they heard the doorbell ring. Varad quickly ran to open the door followed by Niranjan and Vinayak... and there stood shlok... all had a big smile on their face.

Varad: Shlok !!! he said hugging his brother tightly happy to see him face to face rather than a video call... both brother stayed like that for a long time

Shlok: dad... he said moving towards Niranjan and took his blessing... Niranjan blessed him and gave him a big hug

Niranjan: I still cant believe u r standing in front of u

Shlok: I missed u dad... and u look even younger.

Vinayak: oye wt about me... shlok turned towards his chachu and gave him a hi fi and then both hugged each other.

Shlok: how can I not miss u chachu

Vinayak: how r u

Shlok: all gd and u

Vinayak: fit and fine

Shlok: bhai when is Aai coming back

Vinayak: when I called jyoti they said the will be leaving in 10 or 20 mins so she will give me a miss call when they have reached near

Niranjan: beta go and freshen up till then... shlok nodded and varad went with shlok too... shlok opened the door of his bedroom.

He looked around to see everything is neat and clean just how he left it years ago nobody changed it.

Varad: Aai always makes sure ur room is tidy and kept the way u left it... he said waking towards shlok and placing his hands on shloks shoulder.

Shlok: she knows how to keep things the way they r

Varad: hmmm now go and freshen up...and then its time to surprise Aai... varad was sitting on shloks bed going through his phone while shlok came all freshened up in his white shirt and jeans and saw varad on his bed... he went towards the dressing table and started brushing his hair

Shlok: so bhai how is ur love life going? Varad looked up for a sec and then turned towards shlok

Varad: its going gd

Shlok: gd? Is that it?

Varad: that's all I am going to say because I already have enough ppl teasing me so I don't want to add u to that list.

Shlok: arien but im only asking generally... anyways u don't need to tell me I'll ask sojal Bhabhi myself 

After about 10 mins vinayak came to shlok room.

Vinayak: boys Anjali vahini is coming in 5 mins. Varad and shlok quickly got up and went to Anjali room while Vinayak went down.

Varad in Anjali room with shlok

Varad: look shlok Aai is coming u stay here or hide behind the curtains we will somehow send her up

Shlok: cool... Varad went down while shlok hid behind the curtains

Downstairs Niranjan pretended to read the newspaper while Vinayak and varad acted like they were engrossed in some deep convo as they saw Anjali walking in with the girls.

Jyoti: we r back guys she said trying to get the guys attention although she knew they were pretending to act like they didn't know they were home.

Varad: wow Aai u look even more beautiful. Baba I think u will fall in love with Aai again... Anjali smiled shyly while she also tried to glare at varad at the same time

Niranjan: varaddd he said trying to be stern though nobody missed the smile on his face

Niranjan: Anjali its already 3:30 y don't u freshen up so then u have enough time to get ready

Anjali: yh I will go a bit later as it wont take me that long to get ready plus everyone will be coming at

6pm so we few hours left. Everyone looked at each other.

Astha: aunty r u planning to wear a saree?

Anjali: I always wear saree astha

Astha: I know but im saying have u chosen what saree u r going to wear

Anjali: nope I will just pick any new one that I have.

Astha: nope u wont do that today u r the birthday girl so u have to look the best y don't u do one thing go and get the saree out and then after a while me sojal and jyoti will see which one u should wear

Varad: astha is right ma please

Jyoti: exactly also we could see if u have the matching set for that saree now come on go she said pushing Anjali towards the stairs

Anjali: ok ok im going relax ok. With that Anjali started walking towards the stairs... everyone looked carefully to see Anjali walking towards her room... and they slowly followed her making sure she doesn't notice them behind her as they kept their distance.

Anjali entered her room and went towards her cupboard to take out her sarees and palced them on the bed... shlok who was behind the curtains saw his Aai right in front of him after along time... she went back to the cupboard and was about to take the last few out when she felt someone covering her eyes. She couldn't tell whose hands it was but she knew they felt familiar

Anjali: who is this? Shlok smiled from the back and moved his face towards her ears

Shlok: y don't u guess Aai...

 Anjali dropped the sarees on the floor in shock... she didn't want this to be a dream... she slowly removed shloks hands from her eyes and turned around slowly with her face down though she kept her eyes closed...  she slowly looked up praying that shlok is still there in front of her... after few secs she slowly opened her eyes to see that her son she was craving to see is right in front of her... she didn't know how to react... tears started welling up in her eyes... her hands slowly went towards shloks cheeks to caresses them... then towards his hair and then  his arm. The others had reached outside the room and was witnessing this scene.

Anjali: u...u... u r here?

Shlok: haan Aai im here this is no dreams he said cupping Anjali cheeks... Even he had a little bit of tears in his eyes after seeing how Anjali reacted.

Anjali: shl...shlok I ...i...sti...still cant believe it she said crying with happiness while tears rolled down her cheeks. Shlok kissed Anjali on her forehead and took her towards the bed and sat down next to her

Shlok: im sorry for staying away Aai... Anjali slowly calmed down though her excitement was evident

Anjali; but when did u come

Shlok: I came yesterday

Anjali: u came yesterday and u r coming to meet me now?

Shlok: Aaiii if it wasn't ur birthday then I would have came yesterday but then I thought this would be the best birthday surprise that's y I waited till today... but Aai shall I tell u something

Anjali: what?

Shlok: u r very stubborn? The smile on Anjali face started vanishing slowly and she looked a little confused

Anjali: how am I stubborn?

Shlok: for so many years u spoke to me on video call but for the last few month u didn't speak to me on video calls, not even answer my phone?

Anjali: haan so I don't think I didn't do anything wrong... u kept saying u will come soon but ur soon never came and that's when I had to take this decision that I wont speak or see u until u don't come.

Shlok: hmm I can clearly see that but I missed u a lot

Anjali: same here bacha. By the way the other might have been shocked seen u as well right?

Shlok: actually Aai everyone over here knew except u as I wanted to surprise u... Anjali had her mouth wide open

Anjali: no wonder... now I know y they acted odd... Everyone who was listening outside walked in astha and sojal were last to walk in however astha stopped as she got a call from armaan so went downstairs to answer the call

Nirnajan: Anjali we did this for ur happiness plus we wanted to see how u react after seeing shlok.

Vinayak: by the way vahini did u like this birthday gift of urs


Anjali: of course bhau is that even to say

Jyoti: ok ok my turn u all have me shlok but I didn't get to meet him she said walking over to shlok who got up and hugged her

Shlok: how r u?

Jyoti: all g dwt about u.

Shlok: gd by the way haven't u put on weight he said teasing her... jyoti didn't expect that comment and started slapping him

Jyoti: shlok how dare u say that

Shlok: ouch jyoti stop he said running out of the room while jyoti after him...everyone laughed seeing them two and went downstairs

Meanwhile downstairs astha was on the phone to armaan

Astha: armaan just get whatever u like aunty wont mind

Armaan: I know yaar just a little confused if u was here with me then I know u have helped me out

Astha: ok do one thing pick the most two things u like from there

Armaan: ok.. after few secs he picked the two things he liked and placed one of the left and the next one on the right... as armaan knew about wt astha will do next

Astha: ok then ermmm I pick the 1 on the left

Armaan: ok then the left one is decided

Astha: ok wt is it

Armaan: it's a bracelet which would suit aunty a lot

Astha: ok then now u r sorted now don't waste time and do reach here on time.

Armaan: cool will do bye... with that both cut the call... astha smiled while she replied to one of her messages and turned around when she felt someone bumping into her and bam she fell on the floor with someone on top however he head didn't hit the floor as the person had his hand behind her head. While his other hand was around her waist and his face was near her side neck... it took a minute for her to realise that she was on the floor with someone on top of her and that also a male

Astha: oh hello get of me? She didn't see the person face clear... meanwhile jyoti who came running to catch shlok saw him on the floor on top of astha 

Shlok moved his face up and astha also looked when she found herself looking into someone eyes so close... for some reason they seemed familiar not reliasing that these was the eyes that she had seen in her dream. 

The continued to look at each other for few mins...But when shlok moved away from her she could see his whole face and realised he is the guy who she bumped into at the mall... astha got up while shlok was sorting his shirt out

Astha: oye hello do u have an habit of bumping to me?

Shlok: name is shlok Agnihotri... Astha was shocked for a second she forgot she was at the Agnihotri house and didn't realise the person she would bump into would be shlok himself

Astha: r u some prime minister that u r introducing urself like that

Shlok: thanks I will take that as a compliment.

Astha: oh hello don't u know how to apologise... u didn't apologise yesterday and u r not even apologising right now.

Shlok: who r u? how dare u speak to me like this in my own house... he said glaring at her... jyoti who was watching this silently decided to stop this

Jyoti: astha wt happened? Shlok raised his eyebrows in surprise to know that this is astha

Astha: jyoti this is the guy who bumped into me yesterday at the mall and spoilt my mood

Shlok: don't u have anything else to say other than repeating urself

Astha: I feel like repeating myself and I will continue to until u don't say sorry... Other came down till then however they didn't know about astha and shlok arguing

Jyoti: both of u shut up and don't start... she said make them keep their mouth shut for a bit

Astha stood on the right while jyoti in the middle and shlok on the left

Anjali: shlok u forgot to meet sojal and astha... not realising that shlok has already met astha and their first meeting didn't go well

Anjali: this is sojal she said bringing sojal towards shlok.

Shlok: hey

Sojal: hi.

Varad: girls r u going to help Aai choose a saree for her or not. Time is going quick now come on

Jyoti: yh u r right she said holding on to astha hand and walked up with her followed by sojal and Anjali... while shlok kept looking towards the stairs.

Varad: oye what happened to u

Shlok: come lets go to the garden and I will tell u... in the garden shlok told about his and astha encounter while varad cracked up

Shlok: y r u laughing

Varad: dude u both haven't changed I mean when u both met at the mall u both argued and even over here seems. It just reminds me how u both were in childhood... shlok rolled his eyes while varad had a smile.

In Anjali room the girls had selected what saree Anjali would wear till then astha had forgotten about the whole shlok scenario

Anjali: ok come on girls I will get ready but u all go and get ready.

Jyoti: yeh lets go otherwise we would have to rush last minute.

Astha and sojal decided to change in jyoti room...astha and jyoti were getting their outfits out of the bag when radha (maid)

Radha: baby ji she said calling out to jyoti

Jyoti: what happened radha?

Radha: baby ji varad bhaiya gave this and said can u give it to sojal didi? She said handing the bag to jyoti that had sojals outfit

Jyoti: ok I will give it to her... radha nodded and left the room ... after few mins sojal came out

Astha: sojal ur lover boy sent u this gift

Sojal: asthaaa don't start again.

Jyoti: oye hoye someone is blushing... sojal was about to hit sojal playfully when jyoti quickly ran into the washroom.

Sojal took the bag and went to the changing room that was attached to jyoti bedroom.

Astha opened jyoti wardrobe and took out her earing collection to see which earings would go well with her outfit she still couldn't figure out which one to choose when jyoti came out

Jyoti: what happened astha wt u looking for

Astha: yaar I cant find any earings that wuld go well with my dress

Jyoti: dw u go and freshen up till then I will choose one for u

Astha: ok

Like this the girls were getting ready and helped each other with their jewlereey and did each others hair and make up and they were finally ready and it was already 5:40pm... the girls were ready and they were wearing this




They went to see if Anjali is all ready and they were about to enter her room when they saw Niranjan putting on gajra on Anjali hair not to disturb this moments the girls went downsitars to see shlok an varad standing with vinayak speak... they all looked up to see the girls coming down varad couldn't take his eyes of sojal making her blush... astha looked at sojal and varad and winked at jyoti who smiled back naughtily... however astha causally looked at shlok to see him staring at her and this time there was something in his look that made her nervous she ignored the feeling and looked away from him... while shlok smirked.

Precrap: party begins and astha and shloks small arguments

Ok guys I know I know I haven't updated for probs 2 month... im holding my ears and saying sorry for keeping u all waiting... but shall I be honest at the same time I was loving ur guys eagerness that was in ur comments... I tried to complete this part as quickly but wasn't able to that's y it took me this long... really sorry for keeping u all waiting I hope u like this part now instead of Sunday u all r getting an update one day earlier.

I know there is less ashlok scenes but as the story proceeds there will be more scene of them and that's a promise

I hope u like this chapter will be waiting for ur comments and don't forget to press the like button

Also thanks to those who commented for the previous part and also liked it really appreciate it

Sorry for any spelling or grammar mistake.

Ps: if any new readers wants pm then please do mention it in your comments

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archanarajan96 Groupbie

Joined: 04 January 2015
Posts: 95

Posted: 05 August 2016 at 10:00pm | IP Logged
Suprb update dr..i am so hpy to see u bck..lvd each scenes,..cnt wait 4 nxt..pls dnt make delay in updating

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dazzles Goldie

Joined: 30 June 2014
Posts: 2391

Posted: 06 August 2016 at 3:40am | IP Logged
Thank u for the update..
Nice one...
Ashlok and their fight was awesome. ...
I loved their family bonding...
Now waiting for the love to blossom between ashlok...
Keep updating...

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syvalini Senior Member

Joined: 14 July 2015
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Posted: 06 August 2016 at 9:29am | IP Logged
hai dear...nice to hear u...
how r u? after a long time...hope ur good...
hmm i am in  love with ur update...
superb yar...well written...
atlast we too witnessed the surprise of shlok to his mom...
really awesome...while reading na...i imagined it feel so lovely...that is the mother son relationship..
wat can i say yar...all girls na too naughty, chirpy na esp our baby doll...
all the family members r their way...loved to see all r happy...funny...affectionate to eachother...
i loved the way ur writing...really falling for u also along with this..ff dear...
thank u so much for taking time to write ur busy...
looking forward dear...continue soon..waiting...

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nadeeka1200 Senior Member

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Posted: 07 August 2016 at 8:43am | IP Logged
Wow nice update
Waiting for ashlok moments
Please give us weekly update
Thank you

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coolhi1988 IF-Addictz

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Posted: 08 August 2016 at 7:58am | IP Logged
this is simply superb...
loved it...

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