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Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi
Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi

OS: Doctor to doormat!! Part2 added in 1st post

hemakeerti IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 16 April 2016 at 11:21am | IP Logged

"Grr.. grr.." The phone buzzed again and she disconnected it again.

"Shona..", her brother called. "Talk to him once, how long will you avoid."

"Not now Dada," she shook head. "Not when I'm in this state of mood."

"Fine.. text him the same," he advised. "At least we'll be free from that continuous Grr of your phone."

"Actually.." she thought for a moment. "You're right.." she caved in and took the phone to hands.

"Mr.Dixit. If you're calling to know what's going on in my mind, then let me confirm it's the same you are thinking", she typed. "And I'm disturbed enough. Don't aggravate it with your calls."

The message buzz brought a wave of relief to the perturbed boss. Finally she responded. Phew!! He opened the text with great anticipation but the message sabotaged his relief. Even worse, it agitated his already agitated mind some more. So she's thinking to quit?!!

"Ms.Bose. I know what's going on with you. And I insist we need to talk about it!!" He texted back.

"Dr.Bose for you.." came the immediate response and it etched a meek smile on him. Does she ever forget to correct?!! Even in her DISTURBED mood?

"I'm in no mood for another argument now. Can we talk later?" Seeing his sister engrossed in texting, Saurav calmly left to her privacy.

"She's right!!" Dev stared at her message for a while. "If we were to talk now, it would be no close to PEACE TALKS'. It'd only worsen the situation. Doesn't he know her better?!!"

"Tomorrow at ten, Barista!!" He messaged and she was irked by the bossism in the message.  Shouldn't he be politely asking for her time?

"I've another appointment at ten!!"

"At 9?"


The conversation ended and contemplation began. She knew what's going to come her way tomorrow. An apology, a persuasion and if nothing worked, a spell of charm!! Come what may, he wouldn't let her go. After all, the issue is about his mother's health and he'd invest all of his mind to hold her back... She tossed under sheets. "How should I face him tomorrow? What am I supposed to answer?!!"

"An apology, a persuasion and if nothing worked, a spell of charm!!" With sheer determination, he took laptop to hands. "Come what may, I can't let her go. Not at this stage when Maa is on verge of getting better. And definitely not this way... insulted and demeaned!!" He restlessly hit the keys. "How should I face her tomorrow? How am I supposed to convince her?!!"


8:55am!! His gaze shifted from watch to door for umpteenth time in a span of ten minutes. He didn't know why but he didn't feel good about this meeting and his restlessness became evident in the fingers that constantly fidgeted with the mobile. She isn't late, you're early!!  The deserted entrance scoffed. Be patient!!

"Sir.." the waiter stopped by to pick up emptied cup. "Another coffee?"

"Yes!!" He continued waiting for his guest and for his coffee, and five minutes later, three events happened at same time - waiter delivered his order, the large wall clock behind him ticked Nine, and SHE made her way through the glass doors. What a perfect timing!! He  got up preparing to welcome her with a warm handshake but the tiny beads in his palms left him puzzled. Me and sweating? He couldn't believe his eyes. He didn't remember when was the last time his hands turned cold in anxiety.  Wiping beads with a tissue, he substituted the idea of warm handshake with a warm smile. "Good morning Ms. Bose!!"

"Dr.Bose..", she calmly corrected him, returned his smile and skeptically glimpsed down at the single cup.

Shucks!! How could he let her know of his anxious wait?!!

"Its for you," he faltered pushing it towards her. "I knew you'd be on time, so ordered in advance!!"

"Black coffee?" Her kinked brows conveyed him his mistake. "If someone told you I drink black coffee while you spied on me for Jodi.com profile Mr.Dixit," she quipped taking a seat and looking for the waiter. "Then you got the information wrong. Bhaiyya... one Espresso!!"

What a bad start!! His discomforted mind cringed. At least the end should be good!! Breathing deep, he looked up determined. "Thanks for coming Dr.Bose.." he cleared his throat. "...and I'm extremely sorry for yesterday!!" He plunged into direct action and waited to check on her reaction. Smile?!! He concentrated his eyes on her mouth. Did it curve into a faint smile? He stared for another longer moment and once affirmed, he felt a boulder off his shoulder. Not quite a bad start then!!

"I apologize for everything that happened yesterday Dr.Bose. Nikki told me and I'm sorry for Mami's rudeness. I know she wasn't quite happy with you but try to look at her as a possessive, money-obsessed middle class lady. Any person of that thinking always equates a person's salary with quantity of work done than with quality, right? She hasn't much exposure to world Dr.Bose. It's tough for her to realize the nature of your job or appreciate it. I request you to understand her ignorance and don't take her words to heart. I know you're disturbed by her presence, by her intrusion," he glanced apologetic. "I may not be able to rectify what had happened but I'll ensure it wouldn't repeat Dr. Bose. Maa is ready to apologize for her behavior. She meant no insult to you..." he voice became soft as he spoke of his mother. "She was just carried away by the emotional turbulence. She mistook that you insulted Mami and hence.." he stopped in awkwardness at the recollection of the situation. Her bowed head didn't let him perceive how she's taking his persuasion.

"Mama's family shielded us in our tough times Dr.Bose and you know Maa. I mean you'd have understood by now that once she accepts someone as her own, she'd go to any extent to defend them. She thought Mami was insulted and did whatever that came to her mind to defend her. We have responsibility towards my uncle's family Dr. Bose.." he closed his fingers on her and she looked up. "That said, I know our responsibilities shouldn't create ripples in your life. I promise to take it upon me to ensure that no one..", his fingers tightly gripped her slender ones. "No one means absolutely NO ONE intrudes into your work or misbehaves with you. Trust me for once and please..." he paused perceiving an undefined emotion in her mysterious eyes, nevertheless he completed what he began. "Please do come back!!"

"Mam.. coffee.." the waiter's voice broke the trance of the moment. And his hand retreated!!                                                                                  


"How were Aunty ji's reports?" sipping her coffee, she asked. "Yesterday you're supposed to meet Dr. Sinha, right?"

"Miraculous improvement.." Dev replied with great exuberance. "Dr. Sinha said I should actually hug..", her brows knitted and he corrected at nick of time, "..I mean thank you for the wonderful achievement."

"May be Dr. Sinha didn't know my second month salary was already credited!!" she quipped and the smart boss deduced the wryness behind the quip. "Salary is for your job," he asserted. "..and gratitude is for your dedication. Not every one carries on their work with such passion. Thank you so much for taking care of Maa Dr. Bose!!" His eyes spilled gratitude.

"Another month of strict diet and she'll be good," the nutritionist dived into casual conversation. "Once her sodium and cholesterol levels are normal, the restrictions can be eased. A new chart has to be done after this month."

So, she's going to stay?!! Her casualty boosted his hopes. "As you say Dr.Bose," he smiled in content. "I'm very much relieved Maa is in safe hands."

"Wasn't she always in safe hands?" her lips curled into a half smirk. "Any mother with a son like you is always safe Mr. Dixit - a son who can turn the world upside down for his mother."

Well!! Was that a laud or chide? Dev blankly stared at her, trying to read between lines. "If you are hinting at the compulsion I put you in to accept my offer," he paused. "I told you before and am I telling you again. You are the best and I needed the best to my mother!!"

"Best remains BEST when it is in ITS place Mr. Dixit," tracing the contour of cup, Sonakshi sighed. "It becomes waste when it is moved out of its place!!"

"I didn't get you Dr. Bose!!" his forehead scrunched and she looked up smiling. "There might be many employees in your company who are paid more than me, right?"


"Did Aunty ji ever feel they're over paid for doing nothing than sitting before computers?"

"No!!" His eyes sharpened.

"Or did your Mami ever barge into your office and ask them to clean the floors?"

"No!!" His face became stern as he discerned where this is going.

"Why not? After all, they're lavishly paid not to sit idle, right?"

"What do you have to say Dr. Bose?" he calmly asked. "Put it straight!!"

"Very simple Mr. Dixit!!" she smiled and he could perceive the ache behind it. "When you go to someone for your need, you go with respect.  But when the same someone comes to you to cater your needs, you show attitude. That is why your family never intruded into your other employee's jobs but was highly bothered about my work and my pay. I'm not pinpointing at anyone Mr. Dixit, it's the typical human nature I'm speaking of.  The day you shoved me out of my place and brought me home I was reduced from a nutritionist to a Naukar, from a doctor to a doormat..." her voice was low yet firm. "A doormat who has to bear the wrath of your family's mood swings."

"But Dr. Bose..", he tried to interject.

"Let me finish Mr. Dixit", she cut him short. "My parent's always taught me to lead life with my choices and I was independent in my decisions till you stormed into my life, my career. Do you know how I felt when you got me terminated and zeroed my other opportunities?" her pain filled eyes slashed him straight. "I felt impotent Mr. Dixit. I felt so helpless, powerless that I cursed my necessities for compelling me to be sold.." she gulped the shame along with the clot in throat. ".. to your power!! To be sold to YOU!! From the day I accepted your offer, nothing happened as per MY choice Mr. Dixit, it is you who directed my life, my choices, my decisions," she breathed deep to calm down. "And yesterday was a wakening call for me. It made me introspect into myself. I realized I've fallen enough and before I fall in my own eyes, I've to resurrect and I can't do that without your help," she looked truly helpless.

"If you think I was of some good to Aunty ji or you truly consider me your friend like you said in that note, please relieve me from this stress. I don't want your gratitude Mr. Dixit, I want my freedom.. please!!" her head lowered with weight of emotions. For next two minutes, absolute silence prevailed on the table - To her, she emptied her heart out and there is nothing else to say. To him, his heart was loaded with emotions and he didn't know what to say!!

"Ms. Bose," a longer moment later, Dev clutched her hand. Sonakshi glimpsed up opening her mouth to correct him. "Shh..", he shushed her up. "You can't correct me this time as I rightly addressed you. You are no longer MY doctor Ms. Bose!!" He sat back and smiled. It took moment for her to fathom and once it did, her eyes brightly shone.

"Sure Mr. Dixit?" she teased. "You mean no calls will go from your phone to Mr.Ahuja before I land up at his office, right?"

"Right!!" He nodded giving her the rarest of his smiles.

"You mean I'm free to say Yes to Mr. Ahuja?"

"Yes!!" He knew freeing her means staking his mother's health, but for once, he decided to think beyond his mother.

"Thank you!!" she gave him the brightest of her smiles. "I could've quit by hook or crook as I no longer fear your power Mr. Dixit. This time I decided to compromise on pay scale for self-respect. So I'd have taken up any low job that came my way, had you spelled your power magic again. But resigning with your consent..", her happiness was very evident in her twinkling eyes. "Its altogether different feeling Mr. Dixit. Things were not the same like two months back. I now know you little better than before and I didn't want to make my resignation a bitter experience between us. Thank you so much for understanding me."

"Sir anything else?" the waiter interrupted as per his duty and Dev looked at Sonakshi. "Check please!!" she said and the duo waited relishing the strange silence.

As per habitude, the waiter stopped by Dev to hand over the check but Sonakshi grabbed it from him. "This goes on me!!" she smiled to her ex-boss. "Parting treat!!" He felt a twist in heart at the word 'parting' but her vibrant smiles acted as antidote.  

She dismissed the waiter and leaned on to table like sharing a secret. "And tell Aunty ji NOT to be happy that NUTRITION is gone," she sheepishly smirked. "I may not attend her in person but tell her that I'll chase her in phone till her health gets perfectly normal. And I'm not going to leave you either Mr. Dixit.." she pointed at him with a lop sided grin and he started bewildered. What?!!

"I'll not quit before I make you bid bye to black coffee..." she got up to leave and turned back. "By the way Mr. Aubodhra," she forwarded hand. "Friends?"

Wow!! He looked amused at her extended hand. "Friends!!" his hand met hers. "And what did you call me in Bengali?"

"That I'll say the day I decide you are no longer Mr. Aubodhra", she grinned. "Bye!!"

"Bye!!" He stood watching her retreating profile. The date didn't definitely end to his expectation, but he had no regrets. He might have lost his doctor, but got a friend in return!! 



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hemakeerti IF-Rockerz

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Dear guys..

I started watching this show recently and I like the logical nature of it. Though its a fiction and drama, I liked the way the CVs try to include logic in each scene. The high voltage drama of Thursday's episode indeed is a subject to many writers' brains. So here I'm with my version of the impending encounter!!

Will post Dr. Bose's response tomorrow.

Awaiting your reviews!!

-- hemakeerti

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Manasi90 Senior Member

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Posted: 16 April 2016 at 11:52am | IP Logged
Wawwwee... watta typical Dev like convo...
Eagerly waiting for Sona's rply ( dats ur update btw)

Update soon

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adoremevirgo IF-Sizzlerz

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wow awesome...cant wait for the next part...wonderful speech by dev...i wish it hapnd ur way...u know dev showing his bossiness wen fixing the time of meeting...but it was shown dev letting her accommodate the time by confessing that he has cancelled all meeting thus showing his eagerness to meet her...u hv done in a nice way...dev maintained his bossy stance while at the same time his eagerness to meet her getting exposed by the single coffee cup...these nuances r very important in any love story but in a daily show its hard to maintain these...
nywyz waiting for ur sonakshi's reply...

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Onie... Goldie

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Posted: 16 April 2016 at 1:29pm | IP Logged
Loved it to the core. You are quite an amazing writer.
Will be waiting for your update tomorrow!!

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pooja123456 Goldie

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Posted: 16 April 2016 at 7:54pm | IP Logged
Update soon

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sneharay IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 16 April 2016 at 9:49pm | IP Logged
Nice..well written

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AngelsFlyAlone Goldie

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Posted: 16 April 2016 at 10:13pm | IP Logged
Please update!

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