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PiIsh ALMOST meet, Aalu-Ru fight about kiski Maa sabse achchi 16.4.16

gravity23 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 16 April 2016 at 10:15am | IP Logged
Okay, so Romi got hit because he was doing badtameezi with ToshiSleepy In my opinion, Toshi herself has encouraged Romi to be a badtameez of this order, and now she is simply reaping what she sowed for decades nowConfused
I really think Raman should not have slapped Romi, I mean he is essentially doing the same he did 7 years ago on that MANHOOZ RAATLOLLOLLOL 

which is why the brothers are estranged now. Maybe he should have simply used his choicest comments and left the scene...Romi ko Raman ne ghuskhor bolaLOLLOLLOL bilkul sahi adjective. Wasn't Romi used to getting hit by his elder brother and still sucking up to him later? Leap ko interesting banane ke liye kuch bhi dikhate hain CVsGeek

Aisa hi tha, toh why didnt they show that Simmi is now doing more than nappy-changing and shopping on her bhai's moneyShockedmaybe they could've shown her with more integrity now than she has ever had in her largely dependent, un-interesting lifeSleepy

But the fact remains- pre MANHOOZ RAAT and post MANHOOZ RAAT, everything's changed...people's looks, wardrobes, interior decorations, partnersLOLLOL Romi even became a frickin' CEO damn! Bas ek cheez nai badli...he still gets slapped by Raman...LOLLOLLOL pre m.r. and post m.r. this hasnt changed!!LOLLOLLOL oh and of course, Simmi and Shagun's freeloading natureConfused

Mihir was the star in today's episodeStar Yes, I cant over the shock of how he looks in his new muchchi, but I absolutely ADORE himBlushing He is a man of few words, but boundless loyalty for Raman...I mean, Puttar's own brother turned into a complete swine, but Mihir never changed. That's some guts to be so clear in your thinking and do the right thing, be on the right side of the fence...

Mihika is the DUMBEST ass on this planetOuch She has now even started meeting Ashok as regards some business transaction? That cheapo who nearly raped her, molester her Ishu Akka, troubled her whole family as well Romi's family for years...has she no self-respect??I'm sorry, I might sound mean and bitchy when I say this, but now I've started feeling maybe she gets what she deservesAngry

Mihir, like a good-natured, concerned friend just met her at the hotel, and came up to warn her about Romi and his ways...about how he regularly deals with a swine like Ashok...Mihika retorted that she doesnt interfere in Romi's business decisions, and anyway, business mein har tarah ke logon ke saath uthna-baithna padta...she knows how to take care of herself and has faith in Romi...she is very happy in her life...she chances on this opportunity and invites Mihir to her wedding, on the pretext that she's inviting all her "close friends"

And I LOVED, LOVED the simplicity and no-nonsense attitude with which Mihir responded to her invitation, "Mihika, agar mujhe life mein kabhi bhi Raman Bhai aur tum mein chunna hoga, toh main hamesha Raman Bhai ko hi chununga"Clap

Well done Mihir! So so proud of you. I know this may sound a lil weird coz its tipping on the mythological side, but Mihir so reminds me of Lakshman yaar..never leaving his Bhai's side, always there for him, its like he deeply respects and loves Raman as a person, no matter what!

Mihika Madam thinks Mihir is going to be barbaad coz of his eternal loyalty towards Raman...and what about her barbaadi? When she has been living in with Romi (who, as Mihir reminded her had left no stone unturned in ruining her life) and interacting with Ashok, who ALSO ruined her life majorly for a good 6 months...ShockedShocked And she had the ba**s to taunt Mihir, "Haan Mihir, ab koi bhi insaan kisi ka kitna intezaar kar sakta hai. Aage toh badhna hi hoga" as if Mihir rejected her proposal or something...

Woman, YOU were the one who traded your happiness, life and a gem of a guy to save Shagun's ass, and then jumped into the fire yourself, 'married Ashok' and ruined everything. Remember that???AngryAngry I dont like Mihika anymore, her high-handedness, like she is now too cool to care...sorry, but she reminds of Shagun in some how Shagun was, unconcerned about what a creep Ashok was, and staying with him in the name of love...but only securing her life and nothing more. And anyway, just because SHE hates Raman, what does she expect, even Mihir should do the same? AngryAngryAngry

I have SO MUCH affection and fondness for Adi..he has turned out to be so much like traces of jealousy, no insecurity...awww..what a lovely boy he has turned out to beClap Yes, he felt hurt for a couple of seconds yesterday when Raman agreed to take Pihu to Australia and not him, but then its clear he totally dotes on Pihu...he had got her candies and was making her understand not to trouble Raman...since he would be busy with work...the siblings even cracked jokes on Raman's temper, calling him saddhu kumar/Ravan KumarLOL

But Adi was careful to remind Pihu never to call Raman Ravan Kumar...he knows its what Ishita used to call him and he would get damn upsetCry
I really like the actor playing Adi...he is a very cute looking is just like Ishita'sSmile

Ruhaan yelled at Aalia for involving Ishita in all this...Aalu said, my mom was just concerned about you, she got worried about you, I only told her what I saw with my own eyes...Ru didnt give her a chance to explain much and said some mean things insinuating Ishita

"main aisi auraton ko bahut acchi tarah se jaanta hun...jinhe sirf doosron ki life barbaad karna aata hai" Aalu got damn pissed, said, main tumse umar mein badi hun, how can you speak like this...and how can you judge my Mom...she is the best Mom anyone can have...

Ru gets even more pissed and says some more mean things...says I dont want your Mom's compassion...just leave me now, the deal is, Aalu has vowed she will only be professional and never interfere in Ruhaan's personal matters...

O boyCryCry I feel sad...Its clear Ruhi is willing to be tortured by Cleopatra all her life but not forgive Ishita or come out of that hellhole she is in right now. That sucks.CryCry

The only good thing that came out of today's episode is, Aalu was reminded of her actual ageLOL

The saddest part of the episode was Ishita getting to "know" about RAMAN and Shagun...she was in the living room, sitting at the dining table, chopping fruits and watching TV at the same time...the host was talking about Business Excellence Awards (LIKE REALLY? AUSTRALIA MEIN DELHI KE KISI KONE MEIN HUEY BUSINESS AWARDS KE BAARE MEIN DIKHAYA JAATA HAI?LOLLOLLOL)...and then she heard Raman's name...and just stopped in her tracks...

She was so OVERJOYED to see him again, even if it was on TV...behind the LED screen...the camera panned over the guests' and so she even saw Toshi, Bhalla ji, Simmi, Shagun...since Shagun was sitting with sindoor in her maang and that sati-savitri air, Ishita assumed Raman remarried ShagunCryCryCry

 she was shocked, as if she couldn't believe it, and then tried to samjhao her heart that maybe it was for the best..since Shagun had taken care of the house, the kids, Raman's life...but I bet deep down she is hurt, and maybe even feeling slightly betrayed...but she dare not feel those things since in her mind, she lost the right to be indignant that very night all of this mess happened...

Her tears, which till seconds back, were tears of joy, at seeing her family again, started flowing freely and she cried her heart out...she paused the TV, and stared at RAMAN for a long, long while...touched the screen as if she could feel the scent of his body in her hands...remarked at how good he looked, that he is the best and he hasn't changed at all...there was so much love in his was so heartbreaking...

I so wanted to shake her up and tell her - Nothing about Puttar is the same without you, Ishita BhallaCry Just come back. He loves you. He misses you.

DT is such a FAB actorClapClapClap...she brought out each and every minute detail of this scene to perfection...she totally expressed the bittersweet feeling of this heady, mad love she still felt for her Raavan Kumar, even after all these yearsClap I was on the verge of tears during this scene...

And then when I saw Mani doing the creepwalk and coming close to Ishu, trying to wipe her tears, all my sentiments got dafnaoed in my chest only, and I wanted to squat this mosquito far into some cornerAngryAngryAngry

Ab toh Aalu ko bhi samajh mein aa gaya ki 'No' means 'No'..when d  f will Mani realize? Anyway, as usual, Ishu didnt let him do the 'honors', wiped her tears and left the scene...and then Mani, left to himself, tried to pull a Devdas on all of us, trying to explain exactly what Pyaar like, DAFA HO PHITTE MUNHCool

Aalu toh dimag se paidal hai hi, Shravu bhi kuch kam nai hai...wat makes him think Alia Bhatt would've sent him a friend request???ConfusedConfusedConfused That's what eating too many vada-pavs does to you...tum sochne ki shakti kho dete hoLOLLOL

ANYWAY, it was so APPARENT that the Alia Bhatt wali conversation between Shravu and Adi was only to bring Alu in the picture and to start some parallel Mohabbatein between Adi and AaluLOL aur kuch mila nai, toh bas siyappe dikho do...log khush ho jayengeSleepy

Aalu ka IQ AUR EQ, dono dekhne ke baad, Adi ko bahut jald pata chalega yaar, ki har chamakne wali cheez sona nai hoti...Australia mein bhi china ka maal mask pehenka baith sakta haiROFL

The funniest bit of the episode was - RaHu reaching Australia in like a fraction of seconds...kam se kam airport aur do chaar flights ke udne ka scene toh dikha dete...the hotel where RaHu had gone to looked so JAALI Australian babaLOLLOLLOLpoora Indian lag raha tha...humein dhokha dene ke liye 4-5 angrez logon ko wahan bitha diya ki dekho bhai aa gaye Australia

Maane jhoothe rumours failao bas, ki shooting Dubai mein ho rahi hai , falane dhimkane mein ho rahi hai...reality is, pata nai Gurgaon ke kaunse 5 star hotel mein ho rahi haiSleepy

we should file a case against these CVs for this dhokhaLOLLOL

so anyway, Ra leaves Hu sitting on a bench and asks the receptionist to keep an eye out for his daughter, and goes to take a luck would have it, Hu starts feeling hungry, and sees Raman still on the she thinks she will just take some money from Ra's wallet and go get herself something to eat from the cafeteria nearby...

she orders a Pineapple pastry, but then it seems the last two pineapple pastries have already been taken by a lady standing near her i.e. Ishita...ISHU hears the convo and tells the guy at the counter to give it to the little girl, she'll have one less...and makes a way towards the exit...

Pihu thinks of thanking this kind, generous lady and comes behind her saying, "Excuse me"...but Ishu is already on a call and cant hear her...she moves out of the cafe, passing by a mirror where Pihu finally saw her face..

and the jasoos she is, she recalls where she had seen this lady's face Patti's house, durin the pooja...its the haar-wali auntyWinkshe decides she will share this info with Adi...

Phew! FINALLY. The story's moving...dheere dheere

So it seems Adi and Pihu will try to uncover the truth...ufff...I cant wait for the day Adi finds out his Ishima...he is going to be so so happyDay Dreaming I know I'm prolly expecting too much, but then come on, there will be 3 FRICKIN' kids working towards getting IshRa to bhi nai mile toh mera dil toot jayega yaarCryCryCry

So it seems RaHu, IshRu will ALL be in the same hotel...but not meet each other...

and Ru will do all in her power to keep them away...Gosh...I am thinking, how would it be if Ru comes across Hu...wont she be curious to see her identical chhoti twinWinkTongue

P.S. Unless CVs want YHM to turn into COMEDY NIGHTS WITH KAPIL II, they should just STOP trying to make Mani be the devdas he is now pretending he is...its so weird...aise hi munh uthake chale aata hain log aashiq banneErmm

P.S. The Business Excellence Awards looked like some local Jagraata event, with the exception that people were dressed in western clothes and didnt have those blingy red headbands..and the makers wanna have us believe that the press COVERED this event and was kind enough to telecast it on TV???20-25 log hote hain kya award function mein??? kuch bhi...Wacko

Okay guys, I was really touched by Ishita's scene today...and so ended up writing a short poem, dedicated to IshRa, their unique love, passion, and oneness

Did I ever tell you how snugly 
I have hidden you in my heart?

Did I tell you, I feel you in my every breath
Even when I am falling apart?

Did I tell you I feel life's beautiful
Even when you did so much as take my name?

Did I tell you, you're the wind beneath my wings
And nothing without you, is anymore the same?

So come back, wont you?
And hold me in your arms

Bring me close to you, be my joy again
Twist fate's lines on my palms

Without you, I am not me
And With you, is all I could ever be.

 (hurriedly written and copyrightedSmile)

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kaa1202 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 16 April 2016 at 10:29am | IP Logged
As usual great review Aakansha...

DT & RSA stole the episode today it seems..

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Mreddy Senior Member

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Posted: 16 April 2016 at 10:33am | IP Logged
Hi Akanksha,
Love your reference to the MANHOOZ RAAT.  It gives me a ghost/creepy feeling.  Mihika has a big ego and no brains.  I am glad she is out of Mihir's life.  She does not deserve him.  How can she even be with a guy who works with Ashok and is trying to destroy his bhai's business who was a like a second father to him.  Be successful on your own and mind your business, why poke into your bhais'.  Shows how selfish he is and added to that she has an MBA with no brains.  Good combination.  DO not want Raman to bail them out.  If he does, they will never learn.  I do not about this hitting and thappad business, it never did any good with Romi.  Toshiju is reaping what she has sown.  Bhallas are good at blaming other for their mistakes..

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gravity23 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 16 April 2016 at 10:50am | IP Logged
Originally posted by kaa1202

As usual great review Aakansha...

DT & RSA stole the episode today it seems..

Thanks dear...yes, DT stole the scene todayTongue

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gravity23 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 16 April 2016 at 10:52am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Mreddy

Hi Akanksha,
Love your reference to the MANHOOZ RAAT.  It gives me a ghost/creepy feeling.  Mihika has a big ego and no brains.  I am glad she is out of Mihir's life.  She does not deserve him.  How can she even be with a guy who works with Ashok and is trying to destroy his bhai's business who was a like a second father to him.  Be successful on your own and mind your business, why poke into your bhais'.  Shows how selfish he is and added to that she has an MBA with no brains.  Good combination.  DO not want Raman to bail them out.  If he does, they will never learn.  I do not about this hitting and thappad business, it never did any good with Romi.  Toshiju is reaping what she has sown.  Bhallas are good at blaming other for their mistakes..

Mihika is pissed with Raman, granted...but hw can you ENDORSE Romi's actions knowing fully well what a creep he is...the Iyers are NO less than the Bhallas...bth are equally complicit

And yes, no matter WHAT happens Mihir shud NEVER EVER take her back...nor should Raman bail them out...they need to learn their lessons the hard wayAngry

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sunitas123 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 16 April 2016 at 10:55am | IP Logged
Wow Aka, you back? Or maybe you were always here, i was not. had given up on YHM, still hardly watch. cant bear to see Shagun in Bhalla house. So once in a while read WUs. But your reviews are just soo good, perhaps better than watching the actual show. Everyone seems to be doing something different, except Simmi. How long will she live off her bro?Angry

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DivanIshraru IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 16 April 2016 at 11:03am | IP Logged
as usual awesome review
today DT stole the episode
Raman's words have pricked her at its core.
i remember earlier ishu used to remember subbu's words and cry.
in one scene she gt to knw that subbu had a baby boy, she was hurt deep down bt still happy fr subbu saying, "i am happy fr u.u gt what u wanted"
today her scene with raman was almost same.
now she remembers Raman's words bt happy that he has moved on although deep down feeling betrayed although the intensity of love is too much nw
had ishu once looked into his eyes.there is no life in them.

adi-pihu bond is so special Heart
adi just lije her ishima hides his pain and wants others to be happy.
it is hard to digest that adi is sharam baby.
it seems he is actually ishra baby.

aalu-ru nok jhok was ROFL

and u r hilarious with ur explanation of shravu ROFL
shravu loves alia bhatt ROFL
adi samajh jaayega har chamakti hui cheeze sona nahi hoti ROFL
bechara adi usse puri zindagi aliya ko jhelna padega ROFL

they are showing that pihu is like ishu as der tastes of pastry is same.
hope so that we can see raman's self thought where raman sees ishu in pihu and becomes emotional and also pihu calls raman raavan kumar

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gargpoo IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 16 April 2016 at 11:08am | IP Logged
Awsm review
Dt stole the epi...the scene ws heart wrenching...
She misses him...she thinks he is happy...kash uski eyes dekhti...emptiness
Y she didnt think may b shanoj married..?
She ws caressing his face...abhi ye haal hai face to face aayenge toh kya hoga
Romi deserves slaps...i m always amazed y mr. Bhalla doesnt say anything to romi ..infect he helped him in business..
I m proud of mihir...he will b wid his bhai no matter wat...
Mihika doesnt interfere in romi business toh 7 saal se uske sath kya kar rhi hai.. Silly
Marrying a guy jisne na jaane kitne kaand kiya hai...supporting ashok who tried to rape her...barbadi mihir ki nhi iski hogi bhot jald..
Adi is cutipie...he ws happy for his sis pihu...Awww.
I want pihu to call raman ravan kumar ..i wanna c his reaction...
Ruhi needs help...she is in trauma...
Kash pihu adi ko bata de...n may b wo Aalu ki pics dekh le ishira k sath
Sab indians hai pure aussie me...home servants..hotel staff...cops...lollol

Precap...ishra so close tobeach other bt dont feel presense looks stupid to me...

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