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DFL OS #3 Humari Maangein Poori Karo! Up on 16th May Pg 5! (Page 4)

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WOW!! Beautiful  shots... loved it dear

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Originally posted by taahir004

Thank you!
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"Humaari maangein poori karo! Poori karo! Poori karo! Humaari maangein poori karo! Poori Karo! Poori karo!", Khushi shouted at the top of her voice.

"Khushi!", Arnav spoke with gritted teeth as he glared at his wife, "Neeche utro! I said get down!"


"NAHI! Jab tak aap humaari maangein poori nahi karte, hum yahaan se nahi hilenge! HUMAARI MAANGEIN POORI KARO! POORI KARO! POORI KARO!", Khushi shouted at the top of her voice as she stood on the bed in their room.


"You...!", Arnav swallowed all the swear words that were bubbling on the tip of his tongue and glared at her, "Wait! Tum neeche nahi aati toh main tumhein neeche laata hun!"

He lunged to grab her but Khushi stepped back. When Arnav climbed the bed, Khushi jumped down and the moment Arnav stepped down the bed, Khushi climbed up again.

"HUMAARI MAANGEIN POORI KARO! POORI KARO! POORI KARO!", Khushi continued to shout at the top of her voice. Luckily for her, most of the family had gone out to attend a wedding out of the city except Aakash and Paayal and Arnav and Khushi hence nobody heard Khushi's shout. Or there definitely would have been some heart attacks at Shantivan that night. Both Arnav and Aakash had some projects that they wanted to urgently finish and that was why they were left behind at the house with their wives.  The family was due to come back in three days.




Just then Aakash and Payaal came barging in expecting a fire or even earthquake with the way Khushi was shouting. They came to stop as they took in the scene in front of them. Arnav was standing by the bed looking quite exasperated. OK! That was something usual! Aakash and Paayal mentally shrugged. Since his marriage, Arnav's expression frequently swung from exasperated to annoyed thanks to his wife. Next, their eyes swung to Khushi who stood on the bed, still shouting about some demands. Another thing usual! The couple was so used to seeing Khushi do one or the other silly antics that her behaving serious would have shocked them but not these antics. They turned to walk away! Nothing new was happening! As usual, Khushi was behaving silly and as usual Arnav was fed up of her antics. What is new?


  "Arre! Where are you two going?", Arnav's panicked voice came and both Aakash and Paayal turned to look at Arnav who looked at them with wide eyes.

"Isko koi neeche utaaro!", Arnav's voice went one octave higher.




Aakash and Paayal came to their senses and stepped ahead. Arnav heaved a sigh of relief.


"Khushi! Yeh kya bachpana hai?", Paayal asked aghast.

"Bhabhi! Baat kya hai?", Aakash spoke up worriedly.

"Kya baat hai? Kya baat hai?", Khushi spat and then sat on the bed with a pout, "Kya bataaye hum aapko Jethji! Kaise zaalim piya se paala pada hai humaara!"


  As Khushi sniffed in a poor attempt to gather sympathy Aakash looked at Arnav with horrified eyes and mouthed Zaalim Piya'. Arnav shook his head and mouthed back, Drama Queen!' Understanding crossed Aakash's face and he nodded. He knew drama queens and their antics; after all Naani, Anjali and Geet were drama queens of the excellent calibre. Chalo! In teeno ke baad ek aur drama queen jud gayi iss khaandaan mein! Aakash mused and then with worry he glanced at his wife. I hope she does not turn into one too! Warna Arnav Bhai ki tarah mujhe bhi sar pakadke baithna padega!


Khushi continued with her antics, "Jijaji! Aap bataaiyiye! Humaari shaadi ko kitne mahine hue hain?"

Aakash blinked. How many months? Oh yes! They got married the same time I got married. And I got married six months ago. He told Khushi that and Khushi sniffed, "Aapko pata hai inn che mahinon mein Arnavji ne humein kitni baar film dikhaayi?"


Aakash shook his head and Khushi burst out, "Ek baar bhi nahi!" She turned and glared at her husband.

"Yeh!", she pointed her finger at Arnav, "Yeh Mr. Raizada, itna kaam karte hain, itna kaam karte hain ki aaj bhi jab saare parivar waale shaadi attend karne ke bahaane enjoy karne gaye hain, yeh yahaan baithke kaam kar rahe hain! Na khud jaate hain aur na humein enjoy karne bhejte hain!"


"What the! You could have gone with them too, you know!", Arnav growled.

"Haan haan! Aur aap time pe khaana khaayein aur sona bhool na jaaye, yeh sab kaun dekhega? Uff! Aur Arnavji! Kaun si patni pati ke baghair koi bhi event enjoy kar paayegi? Arnavji! Aapko toh humaari koi kadar hi nahi hai! Hey Devi Maiyya! Yeh kisse shaadi karwaadi humaari!", Khushi whined and continued to sniff.


"Excuse me! You are the one who lo...", Arnav coughed trying to cover up what he almost blurted out. Stupid Arnav! Paayal and Aakash don't know the truth of our love story! Don't go blurting out things to people that aren't in the know!


"You are the one who said yes!", Arnav mumbled and Khushi huffed, "Haan haan! Humaari hi galti hai! Hey Devi Maiyya!", she continued to sniffle.


Arnav looked away annoyed while Aakash and Paayal looked bewildered. Arnav could sympathize with them. Anyone who heard Khushi's bak-bak would have had the same expression on their faces.


"Aur ab jo shaadi hogayi hai aur hum inke taur tareeke se jee rahe hain yeh hai ki kaam, kaam aur kaam hi karte rehte hain! Na film dikhaane le jaate hain na shopping! Aur aaj bhi hum yahin phans gaye!", Khushi looked down sadly.


"Khushi!", Paayal spoke in placating tone as she sat beside her sister and placed a comforting hand on her shoulder, "Shaadi mein yeh sab toh hota rehta hai! Hum bhi toh nahi gaye Aakashji ke project ki wajah se, lekin humne kuch nahi kahaa na! Toh phir tum kyun aise bakheda khada kar rahi ho?"


Khushi looked at her sister, "Arre Jiji! Aap toh mahaan hai! Aap na Jiju ka bade se bada gunaah bhi maaf kardogi! Lekin hum itne mahaan nahi!"
"Mahaan? Gunaah? Matlab? Hum tumhaara matlab samjhe nahi Khushi!", Paayal spoke with a frown.


Wiping her eyes, Khushi fully turned around to face Paayal, "Dekho Jiji! Jijaji bhi humaare pati ki tarah thaire workaholic!"


Paayal nodded and Khushi continued, "Upar se jaise yeh humein kahin ghumaane nahi le jaate waise aapke pati bhi aapko kahin nahi le jaate!"


Paayal nodded again and Khushi sighed, "Lekin aap Jiji thehri sant aurat! Jijaji aapke saath kitna bhi anyaay karein aap sehti rahengi! Hum nahi!"


Paayal blinked. Khushi was right! Even her husband was workaholic! Paayal turned to look at her husband with wide eyes as if she was looking at him for the first time. She got up and with hands on her hips, she glared at her husband, "Khushi sahi kehte hai! Aap bhi Jethji ki tarah hi ho! Kabhi humaare liye waqt nahi nikaalte! Jaayiye! Hum aapse baat nahi karte!"


   Saying her words, Paayal stomped out of the door leaving an open mouthed Aakash behind.


"Paayal! Paayal!", Aakash called for her but when she did not stop, Aakash turned around and looked at his elder cousin with narrowed eyes. Arnav blinked in surprise at the new avatar of his brother. Yeh expression toh mera trademark hai! Why is Aakash sporting it?


"Bhai!", Aakash growled, "This is all because of you! Achcha khaasi meri sweet wife thi! Aapke wajah se mujhse naaraaz hogayi!" He gritted his teeth in annoyance, "Bhai! Agar iss sabki wajah se mere aur Paayal ke rishte mein problem aayi na toh... toh...", Aakash wondered what threat to use, yes that is perfect, "Haan! Geet se aapke saare poll khulwaaunga! I am warning you Bhai!"


  "What the!", Arnav spluttered as his younger cousin stormed away. What was that? What is happening here? Just then...


"HUMAARI MAANGEIN POORI KARO! POORI KARO! POORI KARO!", Khushi was back to standing on the bed and chanting her slogan.

Arnav sent a glare at her but his glare had no effect on Khushi who continued to champion her rights.


"Aargh!", Arnav growled in frustration and stormed away.




The whole night passed away. Paayal and Aakash seemed to have patched up in the night going by the giggling and chattering they were doing at the dining table. Arnav looked at the love birds and then gave a glanced at his wife forlornly. His wife continued to focus on her breakfast, as if it was the most beautiful thing in the world. Itna bhi tasti nahi woh naashta jo tum use aise ghoor rahi ho! Arnav grumbled. After spending the whole night in the sofa in the study room, he came back to his room early morning hoping to see some sign of reconciliation between him and his wife. But the hope was drained when his wife practically ignored him as if he did not exist at all.


"Khushi! Can you pass me more oats please?", Arnav asked and was beyond annoyed when she ignored him. Bas hogaya! Subah se bahut naatak kar liya tumne Khushi! Now it is my turn! And I am going to call in reinforcements! Kyunki tumhaare tedhe dimaag ko theek karne waali ek hi hai iss duniya mein, aur woh hai meri behen! He brandished his mobile like a weapon and dialed Geet's number. Excusing himself from the table, he found a secluded corner and informed Geet of his situation.



An hour later


  "Hey Babaji! Yeh sab toh mere PD bhi karte hain!", Geet exclaimed and Arnav felt a sense of dj vu. Why do I feel as if I have seen this scene before? And why do I feel as if I just invited a catastrophe into my house?


  Maan and Geet arrived promptly after Arnav's call and after Aakash and Paayal excused themselves to go to movie as decided during their patch up session the night before, Geet sat by Khushi and asked her what was the problem. And then Maan and Arnav watched incredulously as Khushi with all dramatics explained her problem and Geet gasped and sighed at every turning point as if Khushi was narrating to her a sci-fi thriller movie's story.


 And now Geet had decided that Maan was in the same boat as Arnav as far as the girls were concerned. Hey Babaji! Lagta hai yahaan aake maine apne hi paav pe kuraadi maar di! Maan thought with dread. Aaya tha yahaan inka patch up karaane! Lekin lagta hai hoga mere ghar ka batwaara!


And Maan's thought was right. Both men could only watch with wide eyes as Khushi and Geet jumped on the sofa and started chanting together.





Arnav sighed and pinched the bridge of his nose to ward off an impending headache while Maan slapped his forehead.





"BAS! BAS! BAS!", Maan and Arnav roared and the girls shut up right away.

"Geet! Tumhaari sab maangein main poori karne ko tayyaar hun, bas neeche aajaao!", Maan explained.

"Yes Khushi! Whatever you want, its yours! Just stop this annoying chanting!"


"Toh waada keejiye! Ki hafte ek baar picture dikhaane le jaayenge!", Khushi grinned.

"What? Once a WEEK? Are you out of your mind?", Arnav gasped.




"Ok! Ok! Once a week done!", Arnav mumbled hurriedly and both the ladies grinned.

"Aur hafte mein ek shaam shopping bhi le jaaoge!", Geet excitedly announced.


"Fine!", Maan snarled as he glared at his wife in annoyance.

"Aur haan, mandir mat bhooliyega! Aur ek shaam humaare maayke ke liye bhi! Aap humaare saath humaare maayke aayenge!", Khushi stated.

"Phir phir...", Geet was lost in thought and then she brightened, "Haan! Ek shaam restaurant ke khaane ke naam! Romantic hona chaahiye! Candle light! Cake! The whole works!"

"Bas itna hi?", Arnav asked with his voice tinged with sarcasm.

Geet shook her head, "Nahi! Ek bach gaya! Ek shaam aap apne family ke saath bhi bitaayenge! Khaas karke Maan, aap Daadima ke saath aur AB, aap AD ke saath! Aap dono unhein bahut ignore karte hain!"


"Ek minute! Ek minute!", Maan intervened, "One evening for dinner, ek mandir ke liye, ek maayka ke liye, ek shopping, ek family aur ek film! That means har evening hum log tum dono ke saath bitaayenge?", Maan sounded incredulous.


"Saare evenings kahaan?", Geet asked, "Sirf che evenings! Ek shaam humne aapke liye chod diya hai! Waise bhi aap dono ke evening meetings bhi hote hain! Woh ek din unn meetings ke naam!"


Maan shook his head.


"Boliye! Kya aap humaari maangein poori karenge?", Khushi asked.


Maan and Arnav shared a glance and then together nodded.


"YAY!", the girls cheered as they jumped on the sofa.


"Arre! Ab toh sofa chod do!", Arnav spat.


Both girls jumped down and happily walked off to the kitchen to cook lunch. Maan and Arnav could only watch speechless as both girls acted as if the rebellion had not even happened and happily chattered off.


"They should have tried their hand in politics!", Arnav whispered to Maan.

Maan nodded, "Opposition tik bhi nahi paata inn dono ke saamne!"

 Both males sighed in defeat and walked off wondering when the next drama will start in their house. But one thing neither could deny, it is the dramas in their lives that livened them up a little.



That's it folks! What do you think? Let me know!


Thank you, take care and have fun,


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simply amazing
loved it

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hi kalpana 
nice update ..mangee poori ho gayi geet aur khushi ki
thanks for update 

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Superb OS.. 
I really had a good laugh ROFL 
Humaari Maangein poori Karo ROFL ROFL Arnav was damn irritated.. akash payal aaye the matter suljhane ke lie bt Payal and Akash ke beech jhagda ho gaya LOLLOL I loved Akash's warning LOL
And Akash Payal patched up par Khushi ignored Arnav.. And Arnav decided to call Geet- Maan..
par sab ulta ho gaya LOLLOL
I loved hw both of them were chanting Humaari Maange poori Karo ROFLROFL and finally Maan and Arnav listened to their demands and agreed to spend tym with them..
literally last dialogue of Arnav and Maan cracked me up politics me join karna chahie tha and opposition b tik nai paati ROFL ROFL ROFL ROFL
loved it :)

I would like to see "mein toh ainvayi ainvayi lut gaya waala" song seq on Maaneet and Arhi LOL

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It Was A Superb Update
I totally enjoyed it

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