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Our Inseparable Hearts || NOTE ON PAGE 11 || PERMANENTLY STOPPED (Page 3)

-PyaariBhootni- IF-Addictz

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Posted: 17 April 2016 at 2:47am | IP Logged
interesting trailerSmile
continue soonishSmile

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Radhika13_ Groupbie

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Posted: 17 April 2016 at 3:01am | IP Logged
Amazing Trailer..
Romance and Mystery.. I love this combination..
Waiting forward for the update..

Between ..the cast is amazing !! Embarrassed   Clap

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nedhvik-91 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 17 April 2016 at 7:35am | IP Logged
Nice trailer keep going  

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SaNa_sTaR Goldie

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Posted: 18 April 2016 at 4:33am | IP Logged
That was a brilliant trailer!
Interesting concept!
Waiting for more!! :)

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..Sugary_Pie.. IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 18 April 2016 at 11:15pm | IP Logged
First chapter in some time guys!  

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..Sugary_Pie.. IF-Rockerz

Joined: 14 March 2013
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Posted: 19 April 2016 at 4:26am | IP Logged
Hola! Como estas? Don't worry the story isn't in Spanish LOL
Firstly, Thanks a lot everyone for liking and commenting the trailer! *hugs*
I haven't reached 30 likes yet, but still negotiating with 26 likes! Embarrassed God bless me for my kindness LOL
So, here goes the first chapter. It maybe a little boring but hope you like it anyways.

I was standing in a corner, fidgeting my dress with the most uncomfortable expression stuck on my face. Well, being surrounded by a mass of people wasn't really my thing. And I'm here unwillingly, without any gusto. Being in parties was anathema to me. I used to always feel forlorn at such places. Therefore, I and parties are two entirely opposite words. But this time, I couldn't just deny my bestie, Jessica. After all, she had won the title of "Miss Diva of the College".

Well yeah, Jess was always into fashion. Perhaps, she was just too obsessed with it.

Suddenly, I felt a pat on my shoulder, making me come from the trance. I turned around to find Jess, the only person I knew in the party.

Oh I forgot to introduce myself! Sorry, I'm just so forgetful at times. Okay, so I'm Blair Jones, a 19yr old college girl. I'm not a typical college girl though. I'm not really outgoing and I'm reticent. I keep to stuffs pertaining to me. I'm quite fun loving. And I have this huge love for dogs! I enjoy whatever I do. I never am that "Miss Popular" of the college either. I've got only one friend, who is my best friend, Jessica. She is the complete opposite of me. We resemble the two different poles of a magnet, yet we attract each other. Mind the pun. We both definitely are contrasting in various aspects, but we share a good friendship. And it is this camaraderie that keeps us together. Jess might be a diva, but she is indeed so down to earth and that's what I love about her.

"Hey, what are you doing here? I've been trying to spot you" Jess said animatedly.

"No Jess. I'm fine here."

"This is not done. I want you to be here, with me and not stand in a corner, moving away from the crowd!"

"But I hate being engulfed by a mass of people" I retorted, making a Ewww' face.

"Not convinced yet! Now, come!" Jess said pulling me to the centre of the hall. I probably was on the podium with Jess.

Before I could adapt to the circumstance, I could hear blasting of balloons, whistles and applauds all around me. Ewww, I so hated this! It was such a hubbub! I turned around to see Jess cutting the chocolate trifle cake, with an elated face. I rolled my eyes but tried to put up an ecstatic face just to make Jess happy.

After the cake cut, I parted away from the crowd. Well yeah, I could never miss an opportunity which could save me from a plethora of humans. As I was moving away, I stumbled upon a sturdy figure, but I tried balancing myself and was successful in it.

"I'm so sorry", I uttered.

"Miss, get a pair of glasses for yourself" the husky voice said.

Well, it was just so rude to talk like that to a girl and that somewhat made me frown in anger.

"Hey, I said I'm sorry." I said being a little bit more vocal.

"Uh! Whatever" the burly looking guy said in his over-weening tone.

Never mind, I thought to myself and moved out. Before I left the party hall, I texted Jess about my exit from the party hall which had turned so chaotic. I hope she doesn't rage over me this time.


I threw my glittering clutch on my ever-so soft bed, quickly changed to an over-sized tee and pyjamas. Oooh! This is me! Being in those flashy, glittering, body-sticking clothes were so sick. But I had worn it just because Jess compelled me to do so. She literally blackmailed me!

"Sis.. Where are my hot wheels?" Chris said, blaring and knocking at my bedroom door.

I rolled my eyes and unlocked the door.

"You always stack up my things, Sis!"

"Chris, it's called placing things in the spots' and not stacking!" I kinda yelled.

"Now, where are my hot wheels?"

"It's in your room, beside the cupboard, in your so-called Toys Closet'." I said elaborately in a retortful tone.

Chris snorted and went away. I chuckled a bit.

Chris is my 11 year old, frivolous brother. He has a huge craze for those toy cars. In his words, "Hot wheels". A sworn enemy of mine in the family, but still we love each other a lot. We do have frequent fights over fatuous things, but that's how it is between siblings. Isn't it? Yeah, he is the voice and sound of the house. His presence makes the house so lively and vibrant which is otherwise a house of tediousness. He's my biggest troublemaker, but my partner in crime, when it comes to dealing with others. Crazy yet sweet he is!

I turned around to see my soft and fluffy bed, tempting me to lay on it. I hopped onto my bed with great zest, nearly damaging it. Ah! How much I missed being on my bed. It was my assignments and projects that made me burn the midnight oil. I felt groggy at times but I was determined to complete my assignments. Yeah, now don't call me a nerd'! I'm just a little studious when it comes to studies. *adjusting my thick rimmed nerdy glasses*

So my dear bed had missed me a lot and not wasting any more time to escape, I draped myself with a blanket and dozed off to sleep.


The sun rays shone brightly at my window pane, through which it penetrated and hit my face. I woke up, stretching my arms wide. I lazily looked at the alarm clock which said 8 o' clock.

8 o' clock

8 o' clock ..

8 o' clock!!! What! Oh no, I'm again late to the college. I quickly rushed to the washroom and did my chores. I picked up a white graphic tee and a skinny jean and a black polka dotted stole from my wardrobe. I pulled my hair into a high pony, wore my gloss, picked up my bicycle keys and my sling bag and rode off to the college.

I hurriedly ran towards my class.

"May I.. come in.. Sir?" I said, almost lacking my breath.

"Miss Jones, you're late by 30 mins" Mr. Smith said sternly, wrinkling his forehead into a frown.

"I'm sorry Mr. Smith" I said in a low sounding voice, expressing guilt.

"Last time! Get in now! Quick!

"Sorry"  I uttered quietly and moved towards the direction of Jess, assuming that a seat is reserved for me beside her. But I was surprised to not see it vacant and already occupied by someone else. I looked at Jess with disbelief and wandered my eye around the class to spot an empty bench.

"Miss Jones, What are you doing still?" I heard a surly voice from behind.

I felt quiet embarrassed and finally found a seat empty near the window. I sat there with discomfiture, as the rest of the class chuckled at me, especially Nicole. I glared at her and turned back to concentrate in the class.

Before I could figure out what Mr. Smith was lecturing about, the bell rang with a blaring sound. I can't blame anyone but myself for coming so late to the class that a period almost ended!

"Miss Jones, you're late by 30 mins" Nicole said humorously, imitating what Mr. Smith said.

No one found Nicole's tease extremely amusing except her so called gang which consisted of four immensely jazzy girls. One of them has piercing all over her face and calls it cool', which in reality is absolutely lame.  Undoubtedly, the gang leader is Nicole... Nicole Lovato. The "Miss Popular" of our college. Actually speaking, most of the students are scared of her rather than admiring her. She uses her dad's powers as her weapon to stab everyone. A highly pompous and a spoilt brat she is.  But her tricks never work on me.

"Hey Miss Nicole Lovato, you better stay away from matters related to me." I quickly retorted which kind of smacked her face.

"Uh! Whatever", she said making a grotesque expression.

I chuckled quietly knowing that her magic couldn't bewitch me. Well, the reason was that Nicole's dad is the Principal of our college. But he has never had any complains about me. I also had my marks high in the graph. In his books, I am a decent, well- studying and a buoyant girl. So if Nicole ever spoke bad about me, he would just shrug that off. So victory was always mine.

But now, I had to talk to Jess for her weird demeanour. I somewhat guessed that she was mad at me for last night to have left the party.

"Hey Jess. Wait a minute!" I said obstructing Jess from moving forward.

"Hi Jess, what's up?" I asked casually.

"I don't wanna talk to you", she said ignoring me.

Uhuh.. She is really mad at me now.

"Jess, I'm sorry for last night. I did text you about it. Didn't I?"

She looked away, ignoring me again.

"Okay.. I had actually bought you a Maybelline everlasting lipstick with creamy filled center which got imported just a couple of weeks ago and has limited stocks. But now since you're not interested in talking to me, I'd..." before I could end my words,

"What! I've been longing to buy that from a week! Show me, show me, show me!" Jess was frenzied and euphoric. The excitement in her eyes is hard to describe.

I knew that Jess would be alright if I talk about fashion. So, I had a smirk playing on my lips. After thoroughly examining the lipstick, Jess and I headed to the cafeteria. 

That's all for today! Do let me know how you liked the first chapter. Waiting for your comments and likes.

I would also love to know my drawbacks and try to improvise myself. Thank you for reading this.

Lots of Love,

Reshma x

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chinudolly IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 19 April 2016 at 4:57am | IP Logged
Res Smile/ unres
Wow sweetu baby sis , i didnt know my sunshine is sooo good in writing Clap
It was so good tht i actually felt i m reading ch 1 of some novel...
It was amazing sunshine ...
Lacking words to praise ur writing skills LOL
U have got brilliant writing skills sunshine ...
How could u hide ur talent from all Tongue

Now coming to story
I just loved ch 1 ...u know i m very much like her .. kind of introvert in real n dont like parties n all LOL
I could connect wid her more n understand her situation LOL ..
Then her meeting wid tht stranger... i guess tht stranger is d male lead ryt ?

Her relation wid her bro is also described amazingly by u Clap Star
It was so sweet n cute ... Embarrassed
She also love sleeping n her bed too just like me hehe LOL
She got late in her class just like me haha i also get late mostly LOL

Loved how she answered back nicole n also manofy jess wid a lipstick hehe
Atleast there is something which is not like me ...

In short i just loved every bit of d update
Please update asap ..
Love u a lot princess, my sweetu baby sis aka my sunshine baby buddy Hug

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ndcdance Senior Member

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Posted: 19 April 2016 at 6:31am | IP Logged
Unres and sorry for so much waiting..
That was pretty much fun.. !!!
Like Blair.. !!
I too don't like that short sticky glittery dresses..and rather be in my tracks and large sized tops.. !!lol
Likes Jess's and b's friendship bond..
And yeah ur vocab is swift... So its fun reading !!!!

Update asap . :)
Till then take care Embarrassed

Edited by ndcdance - 22 April 2016 at 3:28am

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