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DFL RomCom Ishtyle! Chap 19 up on 14th June on Pg 30! (Page 5)

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WOW!! fantastic start...brilliant concept...lovely update dear.

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Wonderful update dear

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Originally posted by renjini263

Chapter 5:
Hmm so Payal and Akash are thinking about each other and Khushi is cursing ASR hahaha..
and ASR is thinking about his Afreen :) and khushi ko rakhsas ke dreams bhi aaye LOL
Maan is listening to song and Geet is crying as she wants to escape and fulfill her dreams..

Chapter 6: 
So finally akash and Payal ka rishta pakka hua Dancing
Raizadas decide to go to Gupta's house and ASR as usual is busy in work.. and Khushi decides to go and deliver the sweets..
hmm so ASR meets his Afreen and Khushi lies that she is engagedLOL

Chapter 7:
So ASR was thinking that his Afreen his engaged and was disturbed.. 
loved Shyam's concern fr ASR.. and he decided to call Maan..
so Khuranas come to knw that Akashkarishta pakka hua and they meet Raizadas.. Arnav tells Maan everything loved it :) loved Maan's thinking/monologue too :)
So khushi is gng to Delhi in search of a job cool .. Loved the song too which Akash was singing :)
Chapter 8: 
Khushi reaches Delhi and goes to temple.. Maan and Dadi also come to the same temple.. Maan is busy talkingon phone and Dadi faints bt Khushi catches her :) Loved hw she scolded MaanROFL
Dadi is too much.. Maan knew Dadi must have thought Khushi as Maan's bride ROFL

So Anjali comes to knw that Khushi has come to Delhi and feels lil disappointed that no one told them... so Khushi is finallygng to Shantivan.. and ASR is praying that it should be his Afreen :)

Chapter 9:
So Maan is gng to chandigarh fr meeting via jeep.. Loved hw he was smiling listening to music :)
So Geet came in front of Maan's car and as usual MSK thought that this gal is behind his money and she is faking dizziness.. uff MSK she can be genuinely in trouble.. uff koi isse samjhaoD'oh

So Maan decides to play along with her.. and asks abt her Veere and she guides him.. 
Yipee Geet reached in Shantivan...
he made her sit in sofa and anji came and recognised her baby.. 
and finally Maan came to knw that she was genuinely in trouble and she is Aaksh's muh boli behen..
loved hw Maan came to knw abt baby and he saw that wedding pic too.. loved that part..
hmm so he has named her Soni cool :)

one doubt wen Anjali and others surrounded Geet they took her name and Maan was listening so hw come at the end he thinks that he doesn't knw her name? 

Precap seems interesting.. waiting fo the update.. update soon.. take care.. Smile

P.S : Half of the comments are on page 3..

Hey! Glad you are enjoying this version! To answer your question, yes they did say Geet's name but it was mostly Geetto or Baby. In such situations you dont remember such things and all. Maan is not Sherlock to remember every convo or deduce that Geetto might be nickname to Geet. Wink Poor fellow was in shock that the girl he thought was cheat turned out to be genuinely in need of his help and also a family friend. The thought if he had not played along then Arnav's sister might have been killed is what going through his head most of the time. 

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Originally posted by trishtej

new reader

Awesome! Welcome to DFL RC! Hope you enjoy this story and stay with me till the end!
Kalpana_KaCy IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 15 May 2016 at 5:18am | IP Logged
Originally posted by renjini263

Kalpana.. finally u launched DFL Romcom.. 
congo shongo jeeBig smile
sorry fr the late comment.. I read all the parts.. must say I just remembered hw I had completed 81 parts within 3 daysLOL 
Brought all the memories back thanks a lot :)Hug

coming to the updates .. First Part.. 
Poor Geet she is trapped.. I really felt bad for her.. Geet himmat mat haaro m sure u will defo find a way to escape..

Maan's family is a real nautankiLOL LOL  Dadi and NT are damn funny.. Maan already guessed something is fishy hahaha...
Hmm loved Maan and Arnav's convo and loved hw maan tackled the situWink
Arnav ke yaha bhi same case.. lol even Arnav is damn intelligent LOL LOL  in such situations only.. so the plan backfired and Arnav's family decided to find rishta fr akash

Loved Khushi and everyone's bond.. Seriously khushi is so full of life.. spreading happiness everywhere :) and Payal ko ladka dekhne aa raha he cool..isiliye Khushi was making jalebis..

Part 2:
Shyam's monologue/thinking was damn hilarious ROFLROFL  bechara kaha phas gaya.. and anjali threatened ASR.. very good LOL 
Bechare maan and ASR dono phas gaye
So rishta dekhna chalu kia.. OMG jo akash ke lie ladki dekha ROFLROFL
I was laughing.. poor akash and anjali.. hahaha bechari Anjali arnav and shyam teased her LOL hmm so Payal ka b rishta nai hua because they  aksed for dowry.. hmm acha hua nai hua!
Hmm so Geet remembered her Veere's words and decided to have the food so that she will get enough strength :) 

Part 3:

So Khushi came to knw that some bigh people r visiting kothi fr marriage purpose so khushi gave the idea of sweets cool..and decided that Payal and Khushi they will take the sweets and go :)
Loved Maan-NT and Dev's convo.. So maan is rejecting gals because he wants gal who r independent educated and who will give importance to family wow :) Loved Dev and NT's convo too... yaar they r so sweet :)

hmm So khushi and Payal got lost and payal ki mulakat uski rajkumar se ho hi gayi.. and aakash too liked his miss.cham chamWink and finally ASR and khushi met too :)
loved his dialogue kiski khushi..? meri khushiLOL 

Oh my! Review per update? You made my day yaar! Thanks for commenting dear! You made me really happy!

BTW, 81 chaps in 3 days? I was shocked when you first told me and I am still shocked. Kudos to you for your determination to read all the chapters ASAP!Wink

Thank you for becoming my reader!Hug

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Kalpana_KaCy IF-Sizzlerz

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Place - Shantivan, Delhi


     "Toh kaisa laga aapko humaara ghar, Khushiji?" enquired Anjali with a smile as she looked into the glowing face of Khushi Kumari Gupta who was standing beside her staring in awe at the poolside. It was few hours after Geet arrived at Shantivan. Once Geet had arrived, everyone had almost forgotten that Khushi had been invited to visit Shantivan. But Anjali remembered at the last moment and soon she had organized the house to look presentable; something which was not needed as the servants did their work effectively. But who were the members of Shantivan to object when Anjali was on a warpath?


  Once Khushi had arrived, the whole family gathered in the living room to talk to her. Only people missing were Geet, who was still asleep and Arnav who had warned everyone that he was busy with some work and not to disturb him. Only Aakash knew that Arnav was actually throwing himself into work to forget the image of pale and scarred Geet lying on the sofa. Aakash let him be; everyone had their way of coping with stress and pain in their life. Anjali would go on cleaning spree while Arnav would throw himself into work. Even Aakash had his own way of coping which was strumming his guitar and forgetting himself in the world of music and that's how he had spent the whole day before Khushi arrived.


  As the family spoke with Khushi, they fell in love with her innocent and nave nature and were delighted to have her over. This was what they needed after seeing their beloved Geet in such a state, Khushi's cheerfulness had gotten to them and soon all were smiling and feeling optimistic. Later on, Anjali dragged Khushi all over the house showing her the whole house. She left Geet's room and Arnav's room alone as neither wanted or needed to be disturbed. She had specifically left the poolside for the last as it was the best part of the house. And now both were standing at the poolside with Anjali grinning at the expression on Khushi's face.


Before Khushi could answer, a small voice came from behind, "AD?"

Anjali turned and grinned when she saw it was her younger sister Geet, "Baby! Abhi uthi kya? Dawaai li? Aur bed se uthne ki kya jaroorat thi? Tumhein aaraam karna chaahiye tha!"


Geet huffed as she came to stand by her sister, "Arre! Jab ghar mein mehmaan aaye ho toh main kaise apne kamre padi rahun? Ghar ki choti hun! Mehmaan ko ghar dikhaana mera kaam hai, aapka nahi! Aur aapne mujhe uthaaya kyun nahi? Mehmaan ghar aaye aur aapne na mujhe uthaaya aur na aapne mujhe unse milaaya!", Geet walked past her sister and placed her hand in front of Khushi, "Hi! I am Geet! Iss ghar ki sabse choti beti aur aapke Aakash Jiju ki favorite behen! Aur aap Khushi ho right? Mere Veere ki saali?"


Khushi blinked in confusion and hesitantly shook Geet's hand. She felt a bit overwhelmed at Geet's chatter. Does this how everyone feels when I talk to them?


"Baby!", Anjali sighed, "Humne tumhein isliye uthaaya nahi kyunki tumhein aaraam ki jaroorat hai! Aur tumne bataaya nahi, tumne dawaai khaayi ki nahi?"

"Uffo AD!", Geet huffed and then looking at Khushi she pouted, "Dekho na Khushi! Hum jara se kya ghaayal hue, humaari Di humaare peeche haath dhoke pad gayi!"


"Zaraa sa?", Anjali was shocked, "Baby! Tumhaare pair neeche se chhil chuke hain! Haath mein itni chot lagi hai! Aur sar ki baat toh mat hi karo! Aur tumne bataaya nahi, tumne dawaai li ki nahi?"


Khushi blinked in confusion and looked at the girl in front of her. Dressed in pale yellow salwar kameez, her legs seemed to be bandaged while her hand had angry scars. Khushi frowned, inhein aisa kya hua jo itne ghaav lage hain inhein?


"Hey Babaji!", Geet whined, "Oh meri pyaari AD! Itna fikar karna band karo! Maine dawaai khaa li hai! Jab main uth rahi thi tab Veere kamre ke paas se guzar rahe the! Unhonein mujhe dekha aur dawaai di! Aur yahi nahi, MJ ko bulaake mujhe nahaane mein madat bhi karawaayi! Aapko aake bataane waale the tabhi Khushiji aagayi isliye aapko pareshaan nahi kiya! Abhi woh infact ready ho rahe hain! Mujhe Doctor ke paas le jaane ke liye! Unhonein toh bataaya ki unhonein mere liye Bhabhi dhundh li hai! Aur unki Saali yahaan aayi hui hai! Toh bas main yahaan aagayi! MJ mere liye khaana lene gayi hai! Maine socha, MJ ke aane tak main Khushiji se mil lun!"


Anjali shook her head at her little sister's antics. Knowing her, she must not have told Maamiji where she was going. And by now, her Maamiji must have gone on full mode panic. And knowing how over protective Aakash was about Geet, Anjali won't be surprised if Aakash ordered the whole family and servants to search the house from top to bottom. Anjali sighed.


  Just then one of the servants arrived and informed Anjali that Aakash was asking for her. And Anjali sighed again. She knew very well why she was being called. Aakash must have noticed Geet missing and must have called for all family members to help searching for her. Yeh Aakash bhi na! She opened her mouth to give the message of having found Geet to Aakash when she stopped herself. Yeh Aakash naukar ki baat nahi maanenge! Humein hi jaake Aakash ko bataana hoga ki Geet poolside par hai aur wahin nahi yeh bhi kahenge ki aake Geet ko daant lagaaye! Kyunki yeh toh humaari sunegi nahi!


  "Hum abhi aate hain! Khushiji! Zara Geet pe nazar rakhiyega! Aur Geet, please take it easy!", Anjali said and both the girls nodded. Geet eased down in the nearby recliner as her feet started to throb.


     Khushi looked around happily. This was heaven, Khushi thought happily. It was like she was surrounded by nature all around - water below, sky above and plants all around. As it was evening time the skies twinkled with stars and Khushi could clearly see her parents twinkling above. She noticed a recliner on which Geet sat and also a doorway which was made of glass and had curtains covering from inside. Anjali had pointed out that it was her younger brother Chote's room and he was a workaholic and a very private person. For first time in her life Khushi felt jealous; she was jealous of Anjali Ji's Chote for having a room facing poolside. She wished it was her room. This way at anytime she could come out, sit on the recliner and spend time with her parents for hours. She smiled at Geet and walked further looking at the various plants. She just wandered around the pool with a childish excitement on her face.


   Just then Geet moaned and Khushi turned towards her in shock, "Kya hua Geetji?", she asked in alarm. Geet looked at her with pain in her eyes. "Sar dukh raha hai! Chakkar aa rahe hain!" Khushi panicked. She had to inform the Raizadas. But she cannot leave Geet alone either. Ab hum kya karein?  


"Hey Devi Maiyya! Ab hum kya karein? Inhein akele nahi chod sakte lekin inke ghar waalon ko toh bulaana padega na! Devi Maiyya! Kya karein? Kuch toh bataao!", Khushi mumbled to herself while playing with her duppatta.


Geet, hearing Khushi's mumblings, slowly opened her eyes and pointed her finger at the closed sliding door. Khushi's eyes widened. Of course, Chote, Anjaliji's little brother. He can run and call for the family right? She eagerly went and knocked on the door.



   Arnav had forgotten that his Afreen existed since the morning. After seeing Geet in such a manner, Arnav was left feeling something he had not felt since he and his sister had been thrown out of Sheeshmahal in his teenage years; helplessness. He and Geet may have fought a lot as kids but he loved all three of his siblings and as the person who promised that none of his siblings will feel pain again as long as he was alive, seeing Geet in pain had left him in agony. What had happened to his Motormouth? The question haunted him and he threw himself into his work trying to forget Geet's pale face and scarred hands and legs. But it was not easy. Arnav only came out to have lunch and ask if Geet woke up. After that he simply locked himself in his room and focused on his work.



Earlier in the evening, there was a commotion in the living room and his sister had come up to call him up to meet Khushi, Akash's sister-in-law. He did not want to meet anybody. He just wanted his Motormouth to wake up and start annoying him. He wanted to hear her inane chatter. Then only he will stop feeling guilty for not protecting his little sister. He knew intellectually that he was not at fault with what happened to Geet as she lived in Hoshiarpur and he in Dilli. But who will explain that to his heart?



   Arnav was so lost in his pain and guilt that Afreen was pushed to the back of his mind. And that is why he was surprised when after hearing a knock on the poolside door, he opened the sliding door and was shocked to see his Afreen standing in front of him. What the! His heart stopped beating for a second and then started to beat faster. She wore a loud salwar kameez with gotas and embroidery done on it. Her eyes were wide in shock as she looked at him. Arnav stared at her for few seconds with a goofy grin on his face when he remembered that she was happily engaged and was in Lucknow. She could not be here. Arnav shook his head. Now it was confirmed. He had lost it. He has gone mad. Or else how can he see her here when she is in Lucknow?


   But Arnav could not stop himself from raising his hand and touch her cheek. Wait! If she is my imagination then how can I feel her soft cheek? She is real!

"Tum yahaan?", Arnav whispered in shock.



Geet took in a deep breath as she started to feel better. The dizziness was going away and the head pounding was vanishing too. She looked up to tell Khushi to stop knocking on AB's room as she was feeling better but was shocked to see Arnav staring at Khushi. Hey Babaji! Yeh main kya dekh rahi hun! AB Khushiji ko aise dekh rahe hain jaise ki woh aathva ajooba ho! What the!


  Then Arnav did something that shocked Geet. He raised his hand and touched Khushi's cheek. Geet's jaw dropped open and she looked at the scene with wide eyes.


"Tum yahaan?", Arnav asked and Geet frowned. Do they know each other?

"Aap?... Aap yahaan kya kare rahe hain?", Khushi almost screeched and Geet winced. Why does she sound so scared?


Arnav's face took on a mischievous look and he took a step ahead, "Kyun nahi aa sakta kya? Afreen?"

"Humaara naam Khushi hai! Afreen nahi!", Khushi protested, neither noticing Geet staring at them.

Arnav shrugged, "Khushi? Na! I like you as Afreen! Beautiful!"


AB is flirting! AB is FLIRTING! Geet could not believe her eyes or her ears. Her AB is flirting! Geet looked at Khushi as if she was looking at her for the first time. This was the girl who made Arnav Singh Raizada flirt! Have I found my other Bhabhi too? Mujhe Di se baat karni hogi!


Khushi opened her mouth to retort back when a voice came, "Geetto!"

Arnav and Khushi scrambled back putting some distance between each other just as Aakash arrived with Anjali following him. Geet fought the urge to scream. Kya Veere! Kya AD! Achcha khaasa romance chaalu tha idhar AB aur Khushiji ke beech mein! Aagaye dono kabaab mein haddi banke! Uff!



 Aakash arrived and started to scold Geet for scaring the family. Meanwhile Anjali limped over to Khushi and seeing that Arnav was here she introduced him, "Khushiji! Inse miliye! Yeh hain humaare Chote! Aapke Jiji ke Jeth! Aur Chote! Yeh hai Khushi! Aapke Chote Bhai ki saali!"


Hey Devi Maiyya! Khushi was horrified. Rakshas Jiji ke Jethji hain! Inse bachne ke liye hum Dilli aaye! Aur inhi ke paas aagaye!


"Nice to meet you Khushi!", Arnav spoke in amused voice.

"Humein aapse milke khushi hui!", Khushi spat.

Anjali as usual remained oblivious to the annoyance in Khushi's voice or amusement in Arnav's voice and turned her focus on Geet who was now being lifted by Aakash and taken away. Aakash said his goodbyes to Khushi with Geet doing the same from his arms and Aakash walked off after shouting to his siblings that he was taking his annoying sister to her room to get her fed and then to the Doctor.


Khushi decided to leave too and Anjali decided to escort her to the door. As Khushi and Anjali walked off, Khushi turned to look at Arnav and her eyes widened as Arnav winked at her. Hey Devi Maiyya!



Late night, Arnav was found pacing in his room. He was totally puzzled by his new behavior. Once upon a time, Arnav Singh prided himself over his control of his mind and body. But for last few days, both behaved out of control and that left Arnav baffled. And funnily, both went out of control around Khushi only. Afreen! His mind reminded and Arnav rolled his eyes. And that was yet another proof of his own mind rebelling against him. The ASR who never moved a muscle or spoke a word unless he thought atleast twice about doing it was grabbing a young girl in his arms and flirting with her. What the!


  Arnav fumed as he paced. How? How could he be attracted to a girl so much that when she was around he was eagerly grabbing her, flirting with her and lets not forget the wink he sent when she left. Arnav! Get a grip! She is engaged remember? Yes! She is engaged and is also your relative! So get over your silly attraction and move on! Or yes, you will ruin your life! Arnav continued to pace as he tried to convince himself to forget the enchanting girl named Khushi! Afreen! His brain reminded and Arnav sighed. Why do I feel getting over this attraction is going to be really tough for me?



Place - Buaji's house


  While Arnav was pacing around his room, here Khushi was also unable to sleep too. She tossed and turned but everytime she closed her eyes she was reminded of Rakshas's wink. She sat up finally, too much annoyed to get some sleep.


"Bas bahut hogaya! Rakshas kahin ke!", Khushi ranted, " Lucknow mein kya humein kam sataaya tha jo yahaan bhi aagaye! Isse achcha toh hum Lucknow mein reh jaate! Hey Devi Maiyya! Humne toh unse jhoot bola tha ki humaari sagaai hogayi hai! Agar unhein sach pata lag gaya toh? Nahi nahi! Devi Maiyya! Unhein kuch pata mat lagne dena!"


Unable to sleep anymore Khushi stalked into kitchen to make some Jalebis all the while ranting about Rakshas haunting her.




For those who are wondering why like last time Arnav did not guess that Khushi might not be engaged to be married coz her elder sister is unmarried, here is the reply. Arnav could have speculated the same thing in this DFL too if not for the fact that his wink and flirting with Khushi alarmed him and turned his smart brain into mush. He is too worried about his attraction to even think logically. Got it? But don't worry, the engagement lie will be out soon.


Also, in DFL, Arnav went to see Maan, worried about him and came across Khushi working there. Hence, the identity drama started. But with Maan back, Arnav won't go to KC and hence the whole stalking, fight and apology won't happen.


And last but not the least, next part will focus on Maaneet like this focused on Arshi!



Thank you, take care and have fun,


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simply amazing
loved it.

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lovely update...

loved it very much...

thank u very much fr d lovely update...

eagerly waiting fr d nxt prt...

continue soon plz...

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