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Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee

DFL RomCom Ishtyle! Chap 16 up on 12th Jan on Pg 28! (Page 21)

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nice update,hope u will give us more as u said

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pls try n update! thanks

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WOW!! Outstanding  update...

loved it dear

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hoping that u will update soon 

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Lovely updates! Waiting for the next part!! 

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wishing you will update 

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    Haaye! What a romance! Geet sighed dreamily. AB ne KB ka haath kya style se pakda tha! Aur phir AB aur KB ne haath aise kheeche jaise ek doosre ka haath pakadne par current laga ho! Uff! Geet giggled. Aur phir woh seatbelt waali moment! Oh my! Kya romance tha! Haaye main mar jaawaa! Geet sighed again and then huffed. Lekin woh toh pichle hafte ki baat thi! Aur ab uss din ko 10 din hogaye lekin inki romance ki gaadi aage badi hi nahi! AB aur KB ek doosre ko aise ignore karte hain jaise dono aaju baaju hai hi nahi! Das din waste kar diya ek doosre ko ignore karte karte! Aisa raha toh main buddhi ho jaaungi lekin AD ko unki Bhabhi tab bhi nahi milegi! Geet sniffed as she sat in Sasha's cabin waiting for her to discuss some report. As she sat there, all she could think about was what to do with her AB and KB.


  Just then the Cabin phone rang and Geet picked it up saying hello. Maan was the one calling and he asked for Sasha. Geet explained that Sasha Ma'am was out. Maan seemed to be unhappy. Geet frowned, "Mr. Khurana! Is there anything I can help you with? Maan sighed, "Nothing! Its about the design she submitted this morning, I will talk to her later about it! Geet bit her lip, "Actually I have helped her with that design. Can I help you? For few seconds, Maan seemed to be deliberating and then he replied, "Ok! Come to my Cabin!


   Once Geet entered Maan's Cabin, both started discussing the design. When Geet cleared Maan's doubts, she turned around to get going only to see the Lunch plate covered with transparent film lying on the coffee table nearby. Due to transparency she could see that it was untouched. Geet frowned and then checked her watch. It was almost 3 PM. Maan Saab ne abhi tak khaaya nahi? She turned around and looked at Maan who seemed to be focused on the sheet in front of him. Bolun ki nahi? Nahi Geet! He is your boss! You have no right to... but then she remembered the way Maan had driven her to Shantivan. Nahi! She took a deep breath and turned around.


"Maan Saab! What is this?, Maan heard Geet growl. He looked up and was shocked to see Geet standing there with hands on her hips glaring at him.

"What!, he was bewildered.

"Yeh sab!, she pointed to the lunch lying on the coffee table, "Shaam ke teen baje rahe hain! Aur aap ne abhi tak khaana nahi khaaya! Yeh theek nahi hai Maan Saab!

Maan sighed, "Woh main actually...

"Bahaane banaane band keejiye!, Geet cut in, "Abhi chaliye! Abhi ke abhi khaana khaayiye!

Maan shook his head, "No Geet! I have work to do!

Geet huffed, "Kaam baad mein hota rahega! Ab chaliye!

When Maan didn't move and simply stared at her, she shook her head, walked towards him, grabbed his arm and tried to haul him out of his chair.

Maan was not amused by her actions and he let her know that, "Geet! Tum bhool rahi ho, tum yahaan ek employee ho. You have no right to treat me like this!

Geet rolled her eyes, "Aap mere boss baad mein honge! Pehle aap mere AD ke best friend Maan Saab ho! Isliye main aapko abhi Maan Saab bula rahi thi aur pehle Mr. Khurana! Kyunki kaam ke waqt aap mere boss Mr. Khurana the! Lekin right now aap mere AD ke MS ho jo khaana nahi kha rahe hain! Aur mujhe pata hai, meri AD yeh khabar sunke kabhi khush nahi hogi!


Maan softened a little by her explanation, "Dekho Geet...

"Dekhiye aap Maan Saab!, Geet cut in again, "Aap sirf mere AD ke MS hi nahi, mere dost bhi hai! Aap woh dost hai jisne meri jaan bachaayi hai! Aur iss dosti ke naate mera poora haq banta hai aapko nag karna ki aap abhi ke abhi khaane khaayiye!


For a second Maan was silent and then then he smiled gently, "Ok!

"Yay!, Geet cheered and then promptly dragged Maan to the Sofa right before the coffee table. As Maan started to eat, Geet stood nearby watching him with narrowed eyes. Maan was amused by the way she was making sure he ate. Once his lunch was done, Geet said her goodbyes and flounced off. As Geet walked off, Maan sighed. That was sweet of her, Maan thought. Sweet smile, sweet face, sweet girl! Maan smiled softly.



    It was in the evening and Geet was back in the backseat of the car frowning and sulking as Khushi and Arnav sat in the front resolutely looking anywhere but at each other. Geet huffed. Yeh kya hai Babaji? First din kitna progress kiya tha! Aur aaj kal sab negative mein chal raha hai! And then she blinked. Le! Progress report vekh vekhke main toh Business ki bhasha office ke baahar bolne lagi! She slapped her forehead and then went back to the issue on hand. Atleast ek cheez achcha hua, Khushi abhi bhi aage hi baithi hai! Par woh toh hona hi tha! Mera paas achcha excuse jo tha! AB! Mujhe aage motion sickness hota hai! Aur peeche thoda kam hota hai toh peeche beech beech mein let jaaungi! Toh better hoga Khushi aage hi baithe! Thank Babaji, that plan worked.


But now what to do with these two stubborn fools? Ab aisa kya karun ki in dono ke beech ice break ho? What to do Geet puttar? Soch! As Geet thought over the matter, her eyes fell on the chaat stall they were passing by. Geet's eyes lit up and she shouted, "STOP!


   Arnav jerked the car to stop and looked at Geet worriedly, "Kya hua Geet? You ok?

Even Khushi looked back in worry.

But Geet didn't even notice them. She simply grinned widely as she looked out of the window, "Golgappa!, she shrieked.

"WHAT THE!, Arnav spat just as Khushi squealed in excitement.

"You are mad! Totally mad, Geet! Screeching like that! You freaked me! I am starting the car!, Arnav roared. Just then Khushi turned and grabbing his hand, she spoke excitedly, "Please please please Arnavji! Gaadi mat chalaayiye! Humein golgappe khaane hain! Please please please!


Arnav took in a sharp breath as he looked down at the hand grabbing his arm and then back at Khushi. Khushi finally realised she was holding his hand and pulled her hand back. Geet meanwhile grinned too. Yay! Naam liya toh already jaadu shuru! Agar golgappe khaayein toh?


Just then Khushi spoke in a quiet voice, "Humein golgappe khaane hain!

Arnav sighed and then nodded, "Theek hai! You two go!

Geet and Khushi cheered and before he knew it, both were out of the car and walking across the road. Arnav rolled his eyes and watched as the girls walked without looking around chatting about something. That's when he noticed it. A truck coming towards them and neither of them noticed it. Arnav got out of the car right away and ran towards them hollering Geet's name. Geet looked back just as Arnav reached them and grabbing Geet's hand he dragged them to the other side. As Geet was holding Khushi's hand, Khushi was also dragged along.


"Can't you see? The truck was coming right towards you!, Arnav thundered.

Geet rolled her eyes, "But nothing happened right? Stop overreacting!

Arnav growled, "Overreacting? Me over..., Arnav was speechless. He pulled himself together and growled, "Fine! Go die! he huffed and turned to storm away.

Geet frowned and then grabbed Arnav's hand, "Arre AB! Now that you have come! Why don't you eat with us? She turned to the seller, "Bhaiyya! Teen plate Golgappe dena!

"What? I am not going to eat these roadside things. Yuck! No hygiene!, Arnav visibly shuddered.

Geet rolled her eyes, "Oh bhai! There is nothing wrong with eating these things! Its delicious!

Standing by Geet, Khushi simply watched the interaction in confusion, unable to understand what was wrong with Roadside Golgappes. Bade ajeeb hain yeh Rakshas! Humein kya!

"No way! I am going!, Arnav huffed and turned to walk away only to be tugged back by Geet. She positioned him right between Khushi and herself and ordered the seller to make only two plates. She looked at Arnav, "Ok! Here is the deal! You don't have to eat one plate. But you must eat one puri. Please, please, please! Geet pleaded and Arnav huffed, "Fine Motormouth! The things I do in the name of brotherly love! Geet simply chuckled at his comments. She loved riling her brother, especially when she knew he hated doing certain things and she still made him do it, like making him eat golgappes. And the best part is that AB and KB are standing side by side. How sweet! Geet! You are so smart!


  Soon the seller was serving them Golgappes. Geet and Khushi thoroughly enjoyed their treat and had fun eating the puris. As the last puri was served, Geet remembered Arnav and her deal, "Ok! AB! This is for you! In her excitement of riling her brother up, Geet forgot that Arnav didn't like and also couldn't handle spicy foods. So she forgot to tell the seller to make it a little bland.


  Just as Arnav put the puri into his mouth, his mouth burned and he started shouting, "Geet! Too spicy! Geet! His eyes started watering and forehead started to sweat. Geet panicked and started mumbling, "Ab main kya karun? Hey Babaji! Bhaiyya! Paani dena! "Nahi! Paani nahi!, Khushi finally spoke up. Arnav looked at her in horror. Even Geet was alarmed. Khushi looked at them in worry, "Paani jalan ko badhaati hai! Aur baad mein pet mein bhi jalan hogi! She turned to the seller, "Bhaiyya! Aap dahi puri bechte ho? When the seller replied in affirmative, Khushi asked him to give some curd in a puri. The seller gave her the puri and she looked at Arnav, "Arnavji! Dahi puri khaayiye! Teekha jhat se chala jaayega! When Arnav continued to gulp air and seemed to not notice Khushi, Khushi stepped forward and touched his cheek. Arnav's bloodshot eyes looked at her and he stilled. She took the puri to his mouth and when he opened it, she fed it to him.


  Geet's eyes went wide. Oh wow! I so did not anticipate this! Thank you Babaji!


Arnav looked at Khushi with wide eyes as the spice in his mouth subsided. He looked at Khushi meaningfully, "Thank you! Khushi didn't know why but there was something in Arnav's eyes that for the first time made Arnav look less like a Rakshas and more like a normal being. She nodded and looked down, fiddling with her Dupatta. Arnav paid the seller and turned to Geet, "This is why! This is why I had refused to eat it. But no! You had to make a deal right? Annoying girl! As Arnav continued to scold Geet while they walked towards the car, Khushi sighed. Aur insaan ki jagah Rakshas phir waapis aagaya!


"Aur phir jo AB ne dekha aur thank you bola, uff! Kya bolun di! Maar daala!, Geet sighed and fell on the bed. Anjali, who was sitting on the bed, looked at Geet with part amusement and part excitement.


"Aur phir? Phir kya hua?, Anjali asked eagerly.

"Phir? Phir kuch nahi di!, Geet pouted and then she brightened, "Par Di! Kuch toh hua! Warna 10 din mein toh kuch nahi ho raha tha!, Geet pouted again.


"Humse aur intezaar nahi hota! Humein humaari Bhabhi jald hi chaahiye!, Anjali frowned.

Geet sat up, "Arre AD! Dheeraj rakho! Sabar ka phal meetha hota hai! Dekhna bahut jald Khushi Kumaari Gupta humaari ghar ki bahu banegi!


"Bahu? Khushi?, came a voice and both Anjali and Geet turned to see Maamiji standing at the doorway looking at both the ladies suspiciously.

"Hello Hi Bye Bye! Eehaan ka khichdi pak rahi hai badi aur choti behen ke beech?, Maamiji entered the room, "Aur humko toh laga tha ki humri bahu ka naam Paayal hai! Ee Khushi kahaan beech mein aagayi? What eez haapaning here?


"K...kk...kuch nahi Maamiji!, Anjali stuttered and Geet winced. Uh oh! AD is stuttering. Now obviously MJ will become more suspicious. Yeh AD bhi na! Straight face kabhi jhoot bol hi nahi sakti! "Woh MJ..., Geet opened her mouth to salvage the situation but Maamiji simply glared at her letting her know that today Geet's lies are not going to be believed.


"Jhoot bilkul mat bolna!, Maamiji glared at both the ladies. When Anjali and Geet simply shared worried glances and didn't reply, Maamiji sighed, "Theek hai! No Piraablem! Hum Arnav Bitwa se hi jaake baat karte hain!


Anjali and Geet's eyes widened. Maamiji didn't understand but Arnav would surely understand the meaning behind the words Khushi and Bahu. And then their plan will go down the drain. They surged forward and grabbed Maamiji by her arms one sister on each side.


"MJ! We will tell you everything. But AB ke paas mat jaana!, Geet pleaded.

"Haan Maamiji! Chote ko kuch pata nahi chalna chaahiye!, Anjali pleaded too.


Maamiji shrugged their hands and turned around, "Theek hai! Hum Bitwa se baat naahi karenge! Par pehle ee bataao ki ee ka khichdi pak rahi hai?

Anjali and Geet looked at each other nervously and then out came the whole story.


Maamiji heard the whole story and hummed and hawed at the right places. And once the story was done, Anjali and Geet looked on worriedly. What if Maamiji forbade them from interfering anymore? What if she told Naani or even Arnav? Then they would never have Khushi as Bhabhi.


  Both Anjali and Geet went quiet and Maamiji stared at them for few minutes. And then she smiled, "Hello Hi Bye Bye! Hum tum dono se bahut naaraaz hain! I is so angry! Geet bit her lip as Anjali turned pale. They once again shared worried glances.


 Maamiji huffed as she sat on the bed with a thump, "Humre Arnav Bitwa ka rishta ban raha hai aur tum logon ne humse madat nahi maangi! I is so angry! Anjali and Geet's eyes widened and they looked at Maamiji in surprise. Maamiji simply smirked, "Arre! What you think? I not like Khushi or not want Arnav Bitwa to do saadi! Humko bhi apne Arnav Bitwa ka saadi dekhna hai! Aur Khushi se badhiya bahu toh Bitwa ko mil hi nahi sakti! Humko yeh rishta manjoor hai!


Geet and Anjali squealed and eagerly hugged Maamiji. Maamiji hugged them back. Then Geet pulled back and pouted, "Par yeh sapna shaayad sapna hi rahega!

"Arre! Aisan kaahe?, Maamiji was not happy. Anjali sat down beside Maamiji as Geet kneeled in front of them, "Arre! Aaj dus din baad dono ne baat ki! Warna dono ne toh thaan li thi ek doosre ko ignore karne ki! Ab aap hi bataayiye! Main kya karun?


 "Hmmm!, Maamiji thought for a while and then she snapped her fingers, "Hello Hi Bye Bye! Humre paas ek bahut hi badhiya Idea hai!


"Kya?, both Geet and Anjali chirped.

"Arre Geet Bitiya! Arnav aur Khushi ko akela chod do!, Maamiji said. Geet frowned and seeing her confusion Maamiji explained, "Ab dekho! Abhi tum un dono ke beech ki kabaab mein haddi ho! Tum nikal jaao beech se toh dono thoda romaintik time saath mein bitaayenge! Aur tum nahi toh dono ko aur koi opshan nahi hoga ek doosre se baat karne ke sivaay!


  Both Geet and Anjali stared at Maamiji open mouthed.  Maamiji became a bit unsure, "Ka hua? Hum kuch galat bol gaye kya? Her eyes widened as suddenly both Anjali and Geet surged forward squealing and hugged her. Maamiji was amused by their reactions. Both pulled back and Geet first spoke up, "MJ! You are awesome! Sabse best idea hai yeh! "Haan Maamiji!, Anjali piped in, "Bahut badhiya idea hai yeh!


 Geet stood up with determination, "Toh bas aaj tay hua! Bahut jald main kuch aisa bahaana dhundhungi aur AB aur KB ko akela chodungi! Aur phir start hogi ASR and KKGSR ki romantic love story! and all three sighed dreamily.



So how was that? Hope you liked the update!



"Waise yeh achcha tareeka hai logon ko manaane ka! Kisi ko ghussa dilaao aur phir ice cream deke manaao!, Khushi commented.

"Manaao? Main tumhein nahi manaa raha!, Arnav commented, his body language stiff and his eyes looking straight as if avoiding Khushi's eyes.

Khushi smiled mischievously, "Arre! Humne kab kahaa, ki aap aisa karte ho! Hum toh bas aise hi bol rahe the!



"Waise..., Geet began, mischief shining in her eyes, "Aapko kabhi darr laga Mr Khurana?

Maan frowned, "Yeh Mr. Khurana kya hai?

Geet huffed, "Baat mat ghumaayiye Mr. Khurana! Aur aap mere boss ho, isliye Mr. Khurana!

Maan looked at her with pleasant expression on his face, "Boss office mein! Yahaan main tumhaari Di ka dost hun!

"Theek hai!, and then Geet giggled, "Maan Saab!

Maan cringed and Geet broke out laughing.


Did you like the Precap? Hope you do!

Until next time!

Thank you, take care and have fun,


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Fabulous part. Loved the way Geet bossed around forcing Maan to eat.  Her plan to Make AB and KB interact also worked and now Mammi also joined hands with Geet and Anjali to bring AB and KB together. waiting for next.

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