Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee


Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee
Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee

DFL RomCom Ishtyle! Chap 19 up on 14th June on Pg 30! (Page 2)

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Place - Shantivan, Delhi


   Anjali happily walked into her house excited to be back. She was followed by a proud Naani who was happy that atleast her one grandson is getting married. She decided that she would call up the Panditji and get the dates finalized before Akash would even think of having second thoughts.


     Nani was followed by Mama and Mami, Mamaji happy with his son's marriage and Mamiji excited to become a saas and planning ways to boss Payal. At first, she was miffed that her son chose a halwai's daughter but when she came to know that Payal was a Graduate with honors in English and also had done a beautician course during one summer vacation to earn some pocket money for her and her sister, Mamiji's thinking took a u turn. She started dreaming of the day when her bahu would enter the house and teach her how to speak English and also help her look more beautiful.


     Followed by the Mama-Mami duo was Shyam who was confused and kept on staring behind. The reason for his confusion was both his saale-saabs who were following him and looking totally lost in their world. He could understand why Akash was looking lost, any would be groom would look like this, but what confused Shyam was even Arnav was looking lost and disturbed. As far as Shyam knew, his wife's Chote would always be in control and alert. Why was he looking like this? Shyam wondered. He decided that he would call Maan and inform him about it. Afterall Maan was not only Shyam's client in legal world but also Anjali's best friend and Arnav's confider and mentor. Happy with a temporary solution, he walked off while his both saale-saab entered the house one lost in his Miss. Cham Cham and other lost in his Afreen. Both looked like they did not have a decent night's sleep. While Akash was happily awake and lost in Payal, Arnav was tossing and turning, the thought of his Afreen engaged torturing him mercilessly.




Place - Khushi's House, Lucknow


     "Hum Dilli jaa rahe hain Buaji ke saath. Is baar hum wahaan kaam karenge." Khushi announced while her whole family looked at her with wide eyes. "Haayre Nandkisore!", Buaji shouted, "Kaahe? Bas dui mahine baad tumra kaalej (College) ka aakhri saal chaalu hui raha hai. Aur tumka kaam ki padi hai." Shashi stopped his wailing sister and asked Khushi, "Khushi, aisan faisla kaahe liya bitiya?" Khushi replied, "Kya Bauji aap bhi! Pichle saal jab humaara Kaalej ka pehla saal khatam hua tab garmi ki chuttiyon mein humne yahaan ke factory ke manager ke yahaan secretary ka kaam kiya tha na? Bhool gaye kya? Is liye is saal ki garmi ki chuttiyon mein hum phirse kaam karenge. Jiji bhi toh apne kaalej ke dino mein garmi ki chutiyon mein kaam karti thi. Agar aapko dukaan par inki jaroorat na hoti toh Mishra Saab toh aaj bhi inhein phirse naukri par rakhne ko tayyaar hain."


   "Par Dilli kaahe bitiya? Is saal bhi tum yahaan hi kaam karlo." Garima spoke up. "Karne dijiye na." Khushi mumbled, "Kuch naya karne ko milega. Aur waise bhi ek baar Kaalej khatam hua aap toh meri shaadi karwa dogi. Phir bas pati aur ghar sambhaalo. Humein ek baar apne pairon pe khade rehna hain. Aur hum yahaan wahaan thodi na rahenge. Hum toh Buaji ke paas rahenge. Aur wahaan toh ab humaare Jiji ke sasural waale bhi rehte hain. Humein kuch nahin hoga." The family of five argued a little more and finally it was agreed that Khushi would go with Buaji to Delhi. Buaji was already planning to go in the evening, but now she had Khushi as her company.


   While Payal sent Khushi to start packing, Khushi felt relieved. While the things she had said to her family were true, they did not know the true reason of her going with Buaji. Yesterday night she had nothing but nightmares of Rakshas and everytime she woke up scared. She decided to get away from him and the only way to do that was to get away from Lucknow. And today morning she took the decision and the results were in front of her. She did not know that her Rakshas was in Delhi, if she had known she would have never taken such decision.




Place - Shantivan, Lucknow


   Maan had gotten a phone call from Shyam the same day the Raizadas reached home regarding Akash's wedding and Arnav's weird behaviour. He informed his Daadi, Dev and Naintara regarding Akash's wedding and told them that he was going to meet Arnav tomorrow as it was Sunday and both the business tycoons had a free day. Dev was happy for Akash with whom he connected a lot as both of them were the right hand of two powerful business tycoons. And Naintara was excited as she was quite fond of Anjali and she knew how much Anjali wanted her brothers to get married. Daadi smiled as she knew how much Arnav's Nani would be happy with this news and decided to go and meet her. Soon it became a family plan and after conferring with the Raizadas, it was decided that on Sunday, the Raizadas and Khuranas would meet at Shantivan for lunch.


   The next day, Khuranas entered Shantivan. After the greetings were exchanged and blessings were taken, the families split into parts. Dadi and Nani got together and stared talking about the wedding and soon the discussion changed to the differences between their generation and their grandkids' generation. Soon, Mami and Mama joined them and Mami started praising her Bahu. Naintara dragged Anjali to a corner to ask her about the Akash's love story while Shyam and Dev cornered Akash and started teasing him mercilessly.


   Maan and Arnav went to their usual haunt, the poolside and discussed business. Slowly the discussion turned personal with Maan telling Arnav about NT's promise and Arnav hesitantly opening up about Afreen. Maan shook his head and said, "Don't tell me you are in love." Arnav replied, "This doesn't seem like love Maan. I think it is just attraction, nothing more. As she is not here, soon it will fade away." Maan smiled but did not say anything. He knew Arnav like the back of his hand. Arnav would never accept his feelings. He thought that feelings made people weak. But Maan knew the girl's rejection affected him because even though he was not in love yet, he had gone beyond attraction. Her simplicity and naivity affected him and he was about to develop feelings for her when she mercilessly squashed them with the news of her engagement. Maan was happy, atleast Arnav was not lead on by her. She did not break his heart. She came clear before Arnav could develop affection for her.




Place - Delhi Bus Station


  Khushi happily looked around while Buaji got down the bus. Khushi could not believe that she was in Dilli. She thought to herself, tomorrow first thing she would do was hunt for a Mandir of Devi Maiyya and thank her for letting her come to Dilli and also for saving her from the Rakshas and later she would start hunting for a temporary job for summer.




Place - Akash's room, Shantivan, Delhi


    Akash looked at Payal's photo in his mobile. He had already turned her photo into his phone's wallpaper. He was lying on his bed after dinner but sleep refused to come. He wished the sleep would come so that he could atleast be with her, touch her, feel her, hug her in his dreams. He slowly mumbled a song:


Dil Ko Tumse Pyar Hua

Pehli Baar Hua Tumse Pyar Hua


Main Bhi Aashiq Yaar Hua

Pehli Baar Hua Tumse Pyar Hua


Chhaai Hai Betaabi Meri Jaan

Kaho Mein Kya Karoon


Chhaai Hai Betaabi Meri Jaan

Kaho Mein Kya Karoon


Dil Ko Tumse Pyar Hua

Pehli Baar Hua Tumse Pyar Hua


Main Bhi Aashiq Yaar Hua

Pehli Baar Hua Tumse Pyar Hua



  Anjali walked into his room. She had heard him singing. Very few people knew that Akash loved to sing songs. He would usually team up with her cousin sis, Baby and they, as a team, always won in Antaksharis. Akash sat up and smiled at her. Anjali smiled back, closed the door and walked away. Akash looked around gloomily and lied back down again. As he turned to his left he saw Payal lying down beside him and staring at him. Akash stared at Payal and sang further:


Kho Gaya Main Khayalon Mein

Ab Neend Bhi Nahin Aankhon Mein

Karvatein Bas Badalta Hoon

Ab Jaagta Hoon Mein Raaton Mein


Ab Doori Na Sehni Har Lamha Kehta Hain

Na Jaane Haal Mera Aisa Kyon Rehta Hain


Main Deewana Tera Bangaya Jaanejaana

Main Fasaana Tera Bangaya Jaanejaana


Haseena Gori Gori Churaye Chori Chori

Churaye Dil Chori Chori Chori Chori Chori


Dil Ko Tumse Pyar Hua

Pehli Baar Hua Tumse Pyar Hua


Main Bhi Aashiq Yaar Hua

Pehli Baar Hua Tumse Pyar Hua


Akash closed his eyes and when he opened it Payal had vanished. He got up and looked around and noticed Payal sitting in front of Dressing table. He walked towards her, sat down and put his head in her lap and sang away:


Aarzoo Hain Mere Sapnon Ki

Baitha Rahoon Teri Baahon Mein

Sirf Tu Mujhe Chaahe Ab

Itna Asar Ho Meri Aahon Mein


Tu Kehde Haske Toh

Tod Doon Main Rasmon Ko

Marke Bhi Na Bhooloon

Main Teri Kasmon Ko


Main Toh Aaya Hoon Yahaan Bas Tere Liye

Tera Tan Man Sab Hai Mere Liye


Kya Haseena Zara Samaa Hai Pyara Pyara

Gale Lagaa Le Yaara Yaara Yaara Yaara Yaara Yaara


Akash woke up with a jerk when he noticed that Payal was not there and his head was on the chair in front of the dressing table. He went and lied down on his bed and sang again:


Main Bhi Aashiq Yaar Hua

Pehli Baar Hua Tumse Pyar Hua


Chhaai Hai Betaabi Meri Jaan

Kaho Mein Kya Karoon


Chhaai Hai Betaabi Meri Jaan

Kaho Mein Kya Karoon

Kya Karoon

Kya Karoon

Kya Karoon


 And the night continued with Akash tossing and turning waiting for sleep to come and claim him to the world were his Miss. Cham Cham was waiting.



The song is taken from the movie Rehna Hai Tere Dil Mein sung by Roopkumar Rathod and performed on screen by Saif Ali Khan.


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Place - Devi Maiyya's Mandir in Delhi


   Savitri Devi came out of the Mandir with her Grandson Maan. After seeing the whole Raizada family happy for Akash, Dadi had felt a pinch in her heart. Why Maan was not getting married? She wondered. So, for pleading with the Goddess once again to give her a bahu, she had come to the temple today. Next she was planning to go to the Dargah and then to Gurudwarah and then home. Dev was busy with an important project and Naintara has been feeling ill from last evening, so she had asked Maan to come with her. After a lot of protests and excuses, Maan was emotionally blackmailed into coming with her. Suddenly, Maan got a phone call and wandered off. Dadi rolled her eyes and waited for him to come and help her getting down. She was standing at the edge of the Mandir stairs when suddenly overcome by heat she started to faint. Realising that she would fall on the stairs, she tried to call for Maan. But Maan was on the phone and Dadi realized that she might die today without seeing her Maan getting married.


    Khushi excitedly climbed down the steps of the Mandir. She had met her best Friend and thanked her for saving her and now was on her way to hunt a job. How she was going to do that she did not know. Unlike Lucknow, where posters with details of job was put on every space, pillars and walls available, Delhi seemed to be a big city and there must be different way of advertising for jobs. But no problem, Khushi trusted her Devi Maiyya and knew that she would not let Khushi down. Khushi felt a strange noise come from behind her as if something had fallen down behind her. She looked up to the top of the steps to see an old lady standing on the edge of the stairs about to faint. The noise was made by her lota which had fallen down from her hands. Khushi climbed the stairs as fast as she could and held the lady. Luckily, Khushi had reached on the right time and the lady fainted in her arms.


      Khushi dragged the lady away from the stairs when people started gathering around. She took out a bottle of water from her bag and sprinkled some water on her. Savitri Devi woke up and noticed a young girl sitting besides her worriedly looking at her. Daadi noticed that she was wearing traditional clothes and smiled at her.


    As soon as the lady smiled, Khushi felt relieved. She introduced herself as Khushi and helped the lady stand up when suddenly she was pushed aside and a young man hugged the lady saying, "Dadima, aap theek toh hain?" He was dressed in such a way that anyone would think that he was here for a business deal and not for Devi Ma's darshan. Khushi suddenly felt anger at the man. How could he leave his Dadima alone like this and wander off. What if something worse would have happened? Khushi thought.


  Maan was hugging his Dadima when he felt somebody tapping his shoulder. He turned around and saw a young girl. He had seen her helping his Dadima and was about to thank her when suddenly she started shouting at him, "Aap samajhte kya hain apne aapko? Apni Dadima ko koi aise chodta hain kya? Kuch hojata toh? Aap khush kismet hain humne dekha aur unhein bacha liya. Agar hum yahaan nahin hote toh? Aap abhi Aspataal (Hospital) ke chakkar kaat rahe hote. Shakal se toh Padhe likhe lagte ho, kapde bhi dhang ke pehne hain, itni akal nahin hai aap mein? Arrey! Daadi hain, umar ho chuka hai unka, unhein akela nahin chodna chahiye, itni toh aap mein samajh honi chaahiye, na? Koi aise apni Daadi ko akele chodta hain kya?"


   While Khushi went on scolding Maan, Maan at first was amused by her but soon grew angry. Only Daadi's hand on his arm stopped him from tearing into the girl for scolding Maan Singh Khurana. Meanwhile Dadi stared at the girl. The girl was not only sanskari but also can stand up to her Maan. She seemed caring also. Suddenly Daadi got an idea. She imagined Khushi dressed in a dulhan's joda scolding Maan, while Maan stood in a Sherwani looking handsome and trying to look remorseful but totally failing in it. She grinned and saw an older Khushi holding onto a baby in her hand and scolding an older Maan who was holding another baby. She came out of her daydream when Maan asked her, "Chalein?" She noticed that Khushi was glaring at Maan while Maan not wanting to create tamasha was controlling his anger.


   Savitri Devi wanted to know more about the girl, so she told Maan to go ahead and asked Khushi to help her get down the remaining stairs. "Toh Bete, Humne aapko is Mandir mein kabhi nahin dekha?" Dadi enquired. Dadi was shocked when Khushi launched into a monologue non stop not even stopping to take a break. Dadi happily smiled as another idea struck her mind. From what she came to know from the girl's monologue was that she was looking for temporary job for summer vacation for secretary post and Dadi remembered how yesterday evening Maan was complaining that his secretary had suffered an accident and was confined to bed for nearly two months and how he and his work was suffering because of it.





    Khushi entered her Bua's home with spring in her step. The dear old Dadima she had helped was none other than the owner of one of the biggest Companies in Delhi, Khurana Constructions and Khushi was given a temporary job of secretary for her grandson's post of MD. While the said grandson had protested and spluttered, it was Daadi's final decision and she refused to back out of it. Khushi thanked her Devi Maiyya and felt excited for her new job. As her boss was going to be out of city next day, she was to join the office the day after tomorrow. She excitedly ran into the house to inform her Bua and also to call her Amma and Bauji and inform them.





   Maan rolled his eyes. His Dadima has insisted that they drop the girl to her house. He knew what was going in his Dadima's head. Infact, Maan was sure she must have dreamt of his and the girl's children. While Maan was impressed by the girl and noticed that she had all the qualities he wanted in his dream girl, she did not evoke any feelings in him. He rolled his eyes again. If Daadima persisted, he would just ask the girl to tie him a Rakhi and tell his Daadi to get over it.




Place - Hoshiarpur


   Geet ran as fast as she could trying to save herself from being captured again. She had escaped by assaulting one of her kidnappers and now she was running through the jungle knowing very well that once the kidnapper woke up he would inform the other members and search for her would begin. And this time they won't leave her alive.


   She reached the outskirts of Hoshiarpur when she noticed a Dhaba where a truck was parked. The truck was filled with cotton filled in gunny bags. As soon as she neared the truck, she heard the truck driver speaking about reaching Chandigarh by Morning. Chandigarh! Geet thought. There her friends will be able to help her. Yes! That's what she will do, she will go to Chandigarh and approach her friends and they  will help her contact her Veere who would come and rescue her. Geet smiled happily at the thought of her cousins and climbed the truck and hid herself. The truck started in few minutes and Geet smiled. "Thank you Babaji. Aap ne mujhe bachaliya! Veere, Mein aa rahi hoon!"




Place - Shantivan, Delhi


    Anjali happily smiled into the phone and replied, "Arrey! Khushi Delhi mein hain aur humse milne nahin aayi." Arnav who was sitting nearby typing on his laptop, raised his head the moment Khushi was mentioned. Khushi! Did Di know his Khushi? Arnav wondered. Akash looking at Arnav's puzzled expression, whispered, "Payal's sister Khushi." "She is a very bindaas girl." Akash spoke again as he remembered how she had befriended him easily at the Mandir calling him Jeeju while he was the one blushing.


     Payal's sister, Khushi  cannot be his Afreen. Arnav thought. Because his Afreen was engaged and he knew that in small town like Lucknow the younger sister will not be allowed to get engaged before elder sister's wedding. And Akash had told him that his Saali was an extrovert while his Afreen seemed to be very timid. But Arnav wished that they were the same person and he could see his Afreen again.


    Anjali kept down the phone happily. She had called up the Guptas to inform them that the engagement date has been fixed and it was in two months. But as she spoke with Garima, she came to know that Khushi, her brother's Chulbuli Saali had come to Delhi for job. She was miffed that Garima had not informed them about it. Anjali had even decided to shift Khushi to Shantivan when Garima refused stating Khushi wished to experience independency hence she is staying as paying guest to her Bua. When Anjali asked that if she could help Khushi in getting job, Garima had replied that today morning Khushi had called up with news that she has already got the job.


   Anjali had already taken Khushi's Bua's number from Garima and she called them up. After half an hour of talking to Khushi, Anjali put the phone down. She informed the whole family that Khushi was coming to meet them tomorrow and ambled off to Nani's room to tell Nani about it. She was already mentally making the menu for tomorrow welcome lunch for Khushi and wanted to ask Nani about it. The whole family except Arnav rejoiced at this news as they loved Khushi from the first meeting and were delighted by her cheerfulness. While Arnav looked sad wishing once again that it was his Afreen coming.




Place - Khurana Mansion, Delhi


   It was evening and Maan was packing his bags when Dadima came into his room. "Maan bete, kahin jaa rahe ho?", Dadima asked. Maan smiled at his Daadima and spoke, "Dadima, Main abhi hi Chandigarh ke liye nikal raha hoon." "Lekin meeting to kal ki hain na beta?", Daadi asked surpised. "Haan Dadima, Jeep se jaa raha hoon. Toh kal subah tak pahunchunga aur raat ko kaam khatam karke nikloonga, toh parso subah tak ghar aa jaaunga.", Maan replied while checking his bags once more. "Lekin Maan, Jeep kyon nikaal rahe ho? Chopper se jaldi pahunchoge aur jaldi aa bhi jaaoge.", Dadima said. Maan stood in front of her and replied, "Dadima, aap jaanti hain Mujhe nature se kitna pyar hai. Aur Jeep chalate hue khuli hawaaon ko mehsoos karne mein bahut mazaa hain." Dadima smiled knowing that once decided Maan will not change his decision. Maan took his bags and loaded them in his jeep and after taking Daadi's Ashirwaad drove off.





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Place - Outskirts of Chandigarh


   Maan smiled as he enjoyed the fresh wind blowing through his hair. It was night time and he was driving towards Delhi after completion of his work at Chandigarh. The roads were empty and Maan was sure he would reach Delhi by morning before the morning traffic. He smelled the fresh air and smiled again. If the staff of Khurana Constructions saw him smiling, they would sure have a heart attack, Maan thought laughingly. Even though he enjoyed the wilderness, he wished he had a companion to share the nature's beauty. The Lightening flashed, the thunder boomed and Maan grinned. He loved driving in such weather.


   Feeling the loneliness closing on him, he switched on the radio but as he was far off the city, he could not get the signal clearly. Suddenly, the radio caught signal and started blaring:


Satsriakal doston, aap sun rahe hain Midnight Music aur mein hoon aapka dost RJ Sudi Singh. Aaj ka pehla request Mr. Puppy Singh ki taraf se apni girlfriend Billo ke liye: Phalak Dekhoon from the Movie Garam Masala. Gayak Hain Udit Narayan.


Suddenly a beautiful melody strung on guitar began followed by some notes on flute and Maan raised the volume. Udit Narayan crooned away:


Phalak Dekhoon Zameen Dekhoon

Jahaan Dekhoon Tera Chehra Wahin Dekhoon


Har Ek Manzar Tera Manzar

Woh Kya Manzar Jahaan Tujhko Nahin Dekhoon


 Maan shook his head at the lyrics of the song. Don't get him wrong, he believed in love but he did not believe that a person in love would see nothing but his lover everywhere. Because, if that was possible then the person could never work properly in his office. He would be disturbed by seeing his lover everywhere.


   Suddenly the radio lost its signal. The lightening flashed when all of a sudden a human body came in front of his jeep. Fortunately, Maan's presence of mind saved the person from being killed. Maan practically stood on the break and the person slumped on the bonnet of the jeep. Maan jumped out of his jeep and went closer. He noticed that the person was woman and Maan rolled his eyes. As far as he knew, most of women folks were either cunning enough to trap a rich guy or always weeping over their misfortune instead of taking action. This seemed like a weepy girl ready to take her life just because she faced a hurdle in her life. Well, it was her misfortune that she chose Maan Singh Khurana's vehicle to die for. Maan held the woman's arm and pulled her up and noticed that her face was covered by her duppatta showing nothing but her eyes. She seemed to be swaying in her place and Maan rolled his eyes over her naatak.


  Geet felt dizzy but she tried to open her eyes. She noticed a guy holding her arm and looking at her in anger. Because of her dizziness she could not see his face clearly. A thought struck her, she was saved! Even with darkness threatening to take over her mind, she gathered her energy for a last attempt to save herself from a gruesome death. She used all of her energy to grab the man's both arms and spoke frantically, "Mujhe bachalijiye saabji. Woh log Mujhe maar denge. Meri jaan khatre mein hain. Mujhe marna nahin hai saabji. Woh log mere peeche hi hain. Dilli mein mere Veere hain. Mujhe un tak pahuncha deejiye. Please! Main aap se apni jaan ki bheek maang rahi hoon." Geet went on mumbling her plea while trying to stop herself from fainting.

  Maan rolled his eyes again. He stared at her hands on his biceps and turned and glared at her. He realized that he had misjudged her. She was the first type of girl; the one who would trap a rich guy. He knew these types of girls very well. From the time he became one of the famous tycoons of Delhi; many girls have tried the trick of fainting in front of car to get a lift with the intention of wooing him. They even sometimes faked that they were in danger in order to get closer to him. He expected that atleast these small town girls would be better but here also the case was same. He grew more and more angrier until he thought he would explode.


   Just as Maan opened his mouth to let his anger out at the girl, when he paused. No! Aisi greedy aur chaalu ladkiyon ko daant ke kuch faayda nahi! Inhein toh range haathon pakadna chaahiye! Haan! I will play along and then when I caught her red handed I will hand her over to the Police. Girls like her need to be taught a lesson!


   "Theek hai! Gaadi mein baitho! Main tumhein Dilli tak chod deta hun!", Maan replied and went to sit in the Jeep.


   Geet sighed in relief. She was saved! Now to go to Dilli and find her family! Stumbling all the way, she walked over and sat in the passenger seat as the man started the Jeep. She stared at the front as they travelled ahead. The dizziness was affecting her and she could not see anything clearly but she did not care. She was saved!


     Maan glanced at the girl and narrowed his eyes. Mujhe phasaane chali thi? Maan Singh Khurana ko? I will show you the result of trying to trap Maan Singh Khurana!


  As Maan drove the Jeep, the radio continued to make noise. Just then a gust of wind flew and pulled the duppatta from the girl's face. Maan turned to look at her face just as the radio caught the signal and Udit Narayan continued his crooning.


Hai Kisne Taraasha Yeh Badan Marmari Sa

Yeh Khaabon Bhari Aankhein Yeh Chehra Pari Sa


Maan totally agreed with the singer. Her skin looked as smooth as marble and her eyes were so dreamy. He was sure she was an angel just like the singer claimed.


Hai Kisne Taraasha Yeh Badan Marmari Sa

Yeh Khaabon Bhari Aankhein Yeh Chehra Pari Sa


 The radio lost its signal again but Maan was still in trance. Suddenly the girl glanced at him and he looked away. Focus Maan! Focus! You are not allowed to fall into her trap! You want to expose her trap!


    But Maan could not stop himself from glancing at her again and again. She was beautiful!


Again the radio caught the signal and it seemed that the first Para was over and the second Para began:


Chalakta Hai Palkon Se Yeh Kaisa Nasha Hai

Nahin Hosh Mein Koi Kya Dilkash Samaa Hai


Chalakta Hai Palkon Se Yeh Kaisa Nasha Hai

Nahin Hosh Mein Koi Kya Dilkash Samaa Hai


  Maan shut the radio annoyed at its song. He did not need distractions like this right now. He needed to find a way to expose the girl.


  Geet sighed as she blinked. Everything was still blurry. She was still feeling the dizziness. She was sure that the fall she had while running through the jungle affected her head when it hit a stone. She needed to get to a Doctor but before that she needed to go to her Veere. He will keep her safe and take care of her. She sighed again. Her eyes were shutting down from exhaustion. She could not believe that she asked lift from a stranger, that also late night. Normally she would have never done such thing. But when chased by her captors, she was ready to make a deal with a devil to get away from them. Her eyes drooped but she opened them widely. She had no sleep since her escape. But she could not sleep! Till she reached safely to her house, she could not sleep.


  After half hour of driving, when Maan was sure the girl was comfortable enough, he asked her his question. , "Dilli mein kahaan jaana hai?"

The girl looking at the passing scenery mumbled out, "Pata nahi!"

"Kya?", Maan spat. Caught you! Dilli jaana hai my foot! You are here to trap me! If you are not here for that, you would have easily told me where you want to go!


  The girl mumbled, "Last main apne Veere ke ghar paanch saal pehle gayi! Mujhe ata pata toh yaad nahi! Lekin rasta yaad hai! Aap bas drive karte rahiye! Dilli pahunchte hi main aapko directions dena start kar dungi!"


  Maan rolled his eyes. All naatak! You will somehow find a way to enter my house! Don't I know your tricks? But I am MSK! And MSK cannot be fooled by a chit of a girl!


  Geet did not notice when she fell asleep. She only realised that she fell asleep was when her helper woke her up early morning.


"Ae ladki! Ae ladki suno! Hum Dilli sheher pahunch gaye! Rasta bataao!", the man growled and Geet straightened up right away. She looked around but everything still seemed blurry. Hey Babaji! I still cannot see properly. Hope I remember the landmarks I byhearted as timepass in my teenage!


  "Ok! Hum kaunse highway pe hain?", Geet mumbled.

Her helper mentioned the highway and she started directing him remembering the landmarks.


   Maan was surprised to see that the girl was guiding him perfectly. How did she know that there was a certain landmark at the next turning? This girl must be from Dilli! Yes! Then she must have recognized me as MSK! That's why she trapped me! She must have seen me and decided to make me as her mark! It never clicked to Maan that when you drive, by the time anyone on the road recognizes the driver, the vehicle would have passed the person already. Then how the girl could have jumped in front of his Jeep? But who will explain this to Maan? As far as he was concerned, he was rich and girls fell over their knees to marry him! It never struck him that maybe the girl sitting beside him might be genuinely in trouble! And he actually managed to save her life! Or atleast save her from amnesia and him from heartbreak!


   Soon they entered a familiar street and Maan frowned. Iss road pe toh Angel Dear ka ghar hai! Ab toh yeh ladki phasi!


  "Kaunsa ghar tumhare Veere ka hai?", Maan asked.


Geet smiled as she closed her eyes and remembered her counting excitedly the house numbers as teenagers. Bungalow No. 3 Naani ka tha jo unhonein saalon pehle bech di! Aur Bungalow No. 4 mere Veere ka!


   The girl told him the Bungalow number and Maan was shocked. You use my Angel Dear's house as your ruse! Better! Now when she will come face to face with Raizadas and they will deny knowing her, he would teach what it means to try duping Maan Singh Khurana. And he was sure, Arnav would have his own scathing words with her too. This will be fun!


  Maan stopped the jeep and the girl got down. The moment she stepped down she swayed. Maan wanted to applaud. Kya acting hai! Agar mujhe pehle se iski chaal pata nahi hoti, toh main bhi pareshaan hota ise aise dekhke! Sab naatak! You are not fainting! You are fully awake! Mujhe pata hai tum kya chaahti ho ladki! Tumhein lagta hai ki tumhein aise haalat mein dekh, main pighlunga aur tumhein apne ghar le jaaunga! No way! Jo naatak tumne start kiya hai, use main aaj khatam karke rahunga!


  Maan got down the jeep and went to assist the girl. He put her arm around his shoulder and grabbed her waist, "Aao! Main tumhein andar tak chod deta hun!"


  Maan reached the bungalow porch and rang the bell. One of the new servants, Hari Prakash opened the door. Maan looked at the girl, "Saamne naukar khada hai!"


The servant was confused. Why wasn't Khurana Saab coming in? Warna humesha toh andar ghuse chale aavat hain!

"Mujhe Veere se milna hai!", Geet whispered as she knew the servant must have recognized her and every servant in the house knew that Aakash Singh Raizada was Veere to Geet.


 The servant scratched his head. Veere! Ab ee kaun sasur ka naati hai? Humko kuchcho samajh nahi aa raha! Kaam pe aaye hue teen mahine hogaye lekin aaj tak hum kisi Veere se naahi mile!


Maan rolled his eyes. Veere! Right! Liar!

 "Koi ghar pe hai?", Maan asked.

The servant recognized him and nodded. He let them in and Maan made the girl sit on the sofa while waiting for someone to come around. The girl closed her eyes.


"Arre MS aap?", came a voice and Maan turned around. There was Anjali coming down the stairs with a smile on her face.

  Maan got up and went to hug her.

Anjali grinned as she pulled away, "Yahaan kaise aana hua?"

Maan shook his head, "Poocho mat AD! Some girl tried to trap me by saying mujhe Dilli mein apne ghar chod do! Ghar ka pata yahaan ka bata rahi hai! Isliye yahaan leke aaya! Now look at her and confirm that you don't know her! Phir use main lesson sikhaata hun! Maan Singh Khurana se ulajhne chali thi!"


Anjali rolled her eyes at her Maan Saab's rants. She had learnt to tune out his and Chote's rants ages ago. She walked past him to look at the girl who claimed to know their family. The moment her eyes fell on the girl's face she gasped.


Maan frowned at her reaction, "Angel! Kya hua?"

"Baby!", Anjali whispered as she looked at the girl in shock who seemed to be unconscious.

Hey Devi Ma! Humaare Baby ko kuch hua toh nahi?


"CHOTE! CHUTKE! NAANIJI! MAAMIJI! MAAMAJI! Baahar aayiye!", Anjali shouted at the top of her voice as tears filled her eyes.

"Baby! Baby!", Anjali shook the girl worriedly. Why wasn't Baby opening her eyes?


  Just then the cavalry... ahem... The family arrived.


"Di! What's wrong?"

"Di! Aap theek haina?"

"Anjali bitiya! Ka hua?"

"Hello Hi Bye Bye! Waat is going on here?"


Anjali did not say anything but pointed her finger at the sofa and the whole family came around to see what was on the sofa. All of them reacted totally different from what Maan would have expected.


   "Motormouth?", Arnav's voice was curious and his expression seemed to be of confusion.

Aakash turned pale while he whispered, "Geetto!"

"Geet bitiya!", Naaniji smiled as tears filled her eyes.

But it was Maami and Maama's reaction that shocked Maan the most.

"Bitiya!", both lunged forward to the girl and Maamaji carded his fingers through her hair while Maamiji cupped her face and kissed all over it.


Who is this girl that means so much to Raizadas? And why have I not met her till now?


"Humaar Geet bitiya uth kaahe naahi rahi hai? Aur itne saare zakham kaisan hue?", Maamiji cried out and the Raizada brothers sprang into action.


"Main Doctor ko bulaata hun!"

"Main ise iske kamre mein letaata hun!"


Aakash lifted the girl as Arnav dialed the number. Shyam, who was just coming from his room looked at the cacophony in shock.


"Rani Sahiba! Kya hua? Aur yeh Aakash kise upar le jaa rahe hain?", Shyam asked as he came near his wife.


"Baby!", Anjali whispered and that was enough for Shyam to understand. He comforted his wife through a hug.


  Matlab Shyam ko bhi pata hai yeh ladki hai kaun? Maan thought still confused.


Maamiji, Naaniji and Maamaji walked to the stairs eager to go and stay by the girl. Anjali followed them with Arnav doing the same. Maan and Shyam followed them. As he climbed Maan asked Shyam, "Yeh ladki hai kaun?"


And the reply shocked him.

"Yeh Baby hai! Aakash ki mooh boli behen aur Maamiji ke maani hui beti! Hoshiarpur mein rehti hai! Chandigarh mein padti hai! Pata nahi yahaan kaise pahunchi! Aur woh bhi iss haalat mein?"


  Baby! That name brought an old memory where Anjali explained him that her honorary sister had scribbled AD instead of Anjali Di in front of her books. He blinked. The girl was not a fake! She was genuinely in trouble! Aur main uske kya kya bura bhala soch baitha! He remembered how she pleaded to save her life and wondered what trouble she was in!


  Maan followed Shyam upto the girl's room. He entered the room and was shocked to see it decorated in shades of red. This is not just any guest room, Maan realised as he took in a big photo of the girl hanging above her bed. This was the girl's, Baby's, room. As the family gathered around the girl, Maan looked around at the collage of photo handing about an antique looking desk. In most of the pictures the girl looked younger with pig tails for her hair. And remaining photos were of her childhood. Maan smiled as in one photo a teenage Anjali stood hugging the small girl who smiled showing her front two teeth missing. There was even one where Arnav was stiffly standing while Anjali, Aakash and the girl were huddled around him. He looked around the photo and was shocked to see one of the photos from Anjali's wedding. It was not the photos that shocked him. It was not even the fact that it seemed to be a group photo filled with all Raizadas and Khuranas as they posed with bride and bridegroom. No! It was the fact that Maan was standing right beside the girl in the photo. Main uske paas khada tha phir bhi maine use pehchaana nahi! He was disappointed.


   Just then the Doctor arrived and except Anjali and Maami, all left the room. After a while, the Doctor arrived that the girl seemed fine physically and most of the wounds on her were superficial. She only fainted due to exhaustion. Yet the Doctor wanted to make sure she was ok as there was a bump on her forehead which means she must have been hurt there and he was unsure of how that bump affected her. He ordered the family to bring her to the hospital and get full check up and some scans done once she woke up and had something to eat. She had been given sedatives as of now and was out of unconsciousness and into sleep. With that, Maan also took his leave, citing his Daadima waiting for him as the excuse and left for his home.


  As Maan drive home, he was distracted by the girl. He remembered how her eyes had looked, how silky her skin seemed, how attractive her lips were. Maan shook his head but a smile lingered on his lips. As he thought about the girl, suddenly it struck Maan. Mujhe toh uss ladki ka naam bhi nahi pata! Then he smirked. Koi baat nahi! Main hi use ek naam deta hun! Soni! Kyunki woh bahut hi soni hai!




That's all for today folks!

Let me know what you think about the RomCom version of my beloved DFL!


Next up, Khushi comes to Shantivan and meets Geet!

Oh teri!

And Geet and Anjali turn matchmakers!

What the!


Thank you, take care and have fun,


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Lily30 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 16 April 2016 at 8:24am | IP Logged
Love the story Clap
Eager for the next part Big smile

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Happytwinkle IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 28 February 2013
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Posted: 16 April 2016 at 11:47am | IP Logged
Fantabulous updates
Loved them
Well written
Plz continue soon
Thanks for the pm

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7APK IF-Dazzler

Joined: 19 December 2014
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Posted: 17 April 2016 at 12:47am | IP Logged
So Funny and cute ...
Wow !!!! Mind Blowing ...
Super - Duper Amazing ...
Awesome Updates ...
Loved it...
Continue Soon...
Thanks for the PM... Embarrassed

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renjini263 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 17 April 2016 at 8:04am | IP Logged
Kalpana.. finally u launched DFL Romcom.. 
congo shongo jeeBig smile
sorry fr the late comment.. I read all the parts.. must say I just remembered hw I had completed 81 parts within 3 daysLOL 
Brought all the memories back thanks a lot :)Hug

coming to the updates .. First Part.. 
Poor Geet she is trapped.. I really felt bad for her.. Geet himmat mat haaro m sure u will defo find a way to escape..

Maan's family is a real nautankiLOL LOL  Dadi and NT are damn funny.. Maan already guessed something is fishy hahaha...
Hmm loved Maan and Arnav's convo and loved hw maan tackled the situWink
Arnav ke yaha bhi same case.. lol even Arnav is damn intelligent LOL LOL  in such situations only.. so the plan backfired and Arnav's family decided to find rishta fr akash

Loved Khushi and everyone's bond.. Seriously khushi is so full of life.. spreading happiness everywhere :) and Payal ko ladka dekhne aa raha he cool..isiliye Khushi was making jalebis..

Part 2:
Shyam's monologue/thinking was damn hilarious ROFLROFL  bechara kaha phas gaya.. and anjali threatened ASR.. very good LOL 
Bechare maan and ASR dono phas gaye
So rishta dekhna chalu kia.. OMG jo akash ke lie ladki dekha ROFLROFL
I was laughing.. poor akash and anjali.. hahaha bechari Anjali arnav and shyam teased her LOL hmm so Payal ka b rishta nai hua because they  aksed for dowry.. hmm acha hua nai hua!
Hmm so Geet remembered her Veere's words and decided to have the food so that she will get enough strength :) 

Part 3:

So Khushi came to knw that some bigh people r visiting kothi fr marriage purpose so khushi gave the idea of sweets cool..and decided that Payal and Khushi they will take the sweets and go :)
Loved Maan-NT and Dev's convo.. So maan is rejecting gals because he wants gal who r independent educated and who will give importance to family wow :) Loved Dev and NT's convo too... yaar they r so sweet :)

hmm So khushi and Payal got lost and payal ki mulakat uski rajkumar se ho hi gayi.. and aakash too liked his miss.cham chamWink and finally ASR and khushi met too :)
loved his dialogue kiski khushi..? meri khushiLOL 

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khwaishfan IF-Addictz

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Posted: 17 April 2016 at 11:45am | IP Logged
amazing fab updates! loved it! hw they met again! awesome songs! update soon

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