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Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee

DFL RomCom Ishtyle! Chap 16 up on 12th Jan on Pg 28! (Page 18)

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I was really curious on NT part in Geet-Anjali's plan. Like how she's going to help them or what's her role going to be. Now later to know NT have a major role here. Only she can make Dev employ Geet directly into KC. Which Geet then can execute the match-making part between Khushi and Arnav. Wow this is really an smart plan I would say.
Khushi and Arnav equally trying hard to distract themselves from each other's memory. Khushi hates the sight of Arnav where else Arnav doesn't want to divert his concentration from work.

Maan is already in his dreamland. Unknown to Geet , she have made a plan to be beneficial for Maan as well.

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  "I am supposed to do WHAT?", Arnav looked at his sisters incredulously as if both were aliens. Geet and Anjali, the above mentioned sisters, simply looked at each other and rolled their eyes. How dramatic, they seemed to think. Arnav huffed at their reactions and looked away. Anjali chuckled when she noticed that her Chote was pouting. She resisted the urge to pinch his cheeks and coo over him. If she did that, he will never drop and pick up Geet from KC and they badly needed Arnav to do the pick and drop for their plan to work.


  "AB! All I am asking is for a small favour! Main jyaada thodi na kuch maang rahi hun!", Geet pouted and looked at him with puppy dog eyes.

Arnav growled, "But I don't understand why you need me to drive you!"

"Because I don't know how to drive!", Geet shrugged, looking at him innocently. 

Arnav gave her a mocking smile, "There are people called driver. You know, people we hire to drive! You could just pick one of them!"

"But what about her safety?", Anjali spoke up, "What if Brij came to Dilli and attacked her here?"

"Then hire a bodyguard!", Arnav shrugged.

"Offo! I won't feel happy till someone from our family is taking care of my Baby, our Geetto! Got it?", Anjali stomped her foot, "Warna hum toh tension mein aadhe ho jaayenge! Aur phir bachche ko kuch nuksaan hogaya toh...?", she innocently looked down at her pregnant stomach and softly patted it knowing that making her worry was the last thing Arnav wanted to do. She looked at Geet coyly and winked at her. Geet grinned also.


Arnav huffed, "Emotional blackmail! So typical of you Di! Waise itni fikar hai iss Motormouth ki then why aren't you sending Aakash? Waise bhi, he can tolerate Motormouth's bakbak more than me!"


Anjali's eyes widened. How was she reply to that? What excuse they should give? She looked at Geet hoping that Geet had some excuse ready. Geet narrowed her eyes for few seconds and then brightened up, "AB! Have you seen Veere ever fight? He is non-violent person. You know how to fight. And you know how to fire a gun too! I will feel much safer around you than Veere! Maan jaaona AB? Please!"

"Please!", Anjali chimed in too. Arnav looked at the two pleading faces in front of him and sighed, "Fine! I will do it!" Geet and Anjali looked at each other excitedly and cheered. They hugged each other and walked away chattering. Arnav frowned, "Why are these two so excited about me agreeing to drive Geet to and fro? God knows what is cooking in those twos' heads!" He shook his head and walked away.



  Maan sighed as he came out of his cabin. He called one of his employees and started discussing the file he was holding in his hand with him. Once he pointed out the changes he wanted to be made in the file, the employee left and Maan also turned towards his cabin to enter it. Just then he stopped. Did I just see Geet? He turned around and his eyes widened. Yup! There was Geet standing by the main door of his office talking with the receptionist Pinky.


"Sasha?", Maan called the woman who was passing by him.

"Yes, MK?", Sasha turned around.

"Who is that girl?", Maan asked pointing towards Geet.

Sasha smiled, "That's my new assistant! I have been asking DK for ages to get me a new assistant! Finally he got me one!"

"Dev appointed her?", Maan asked.

Sasha nodded, "Yes! Her name is Geet I think! She will be starting her fourth year in Architecture in Dilli! Once College starts she will work only part time! And once her College is done, if she is good, DK wants her working here!"


Maan nodded and Sasha walked away. Dev appointed her? He frowned. How did Dev know about her qualifications and roped her in here so soon? Then he remembered. NT was very close to Anjali. They must have talked. Maan shrugged. Why does he care? He was about to turn back to walk away when he heard Geet shouting, "Mr. Khurana! Excuse me!" He turned to see Geet running towards him. She knocked into one of his employees, stumbled into another one and made the third one trip. Maan blinked in surprise at her clumsiness. Suddenly, an old memory came forth in his mind...


"Maan Saab!", Maan heard someone call him. It was his best friend Anjali's sangeet and he was hiding from his Daadima. Daadima seemed to be determined to get him married as Maan's best friend Anjali, who was also his age, was getting married too. Anjali's marriage seemed to be a rude awakening to Daadima who realised that except Maan, everyone of his age were married now.


"Maan Saab!", came the voice a little closer and Maan noticed a girl dressed in a fancy salwar kameez running towards him. She seemed to be a teenager with her hair in two plaits and a childish grin on her face. Maan estimated her age to be around 13 to 16. As she neared him, she knocked into one servants and crashed into a wall. Maan looked at her incredulously. What a clumsy girl! She reached him and panted. After catching her breath, she looked at him, "Maan Saab! This is not fair! Aaj aapki dost ki shaadi hai aur aap yahaan chupke baithe hain! Not fair! Chaliye! Chaliye mere saath! Aaj aapko naachna padega!" Maan opened his mouth to protest but before he could say something he was already grabbed by the girl and dragged off to the dance floor.


    "Mr. Khurana!", came the voice pulling Maan out of his thoughts. He looked up to see Geet standing in front of him slightly panting. Maan blurted out, "You haven't changed!"

"Ji?", the girl frowned.

Maan smirked, "Crashing into people, dropping things down, you haven't changed! Anjali ke shaadi mein bhi tum aise hi girti padti mujhse pehli baar mili thi!"

Geet's eyes brightened, "Aapko yaad hai?"

"Bhool kaise sakta hun? You dragged me to the dance floor!", Maan huffed but there was a smile on his lips letting Geet know that he wasn't truly angry at her.

Geet smiled mischievously, "Aur aapne bhi kya dance kiya tha! Waah waah! Waise main yahaan aapki dance ki taarif karne nahi aayi hun! Aapko thank you bolne aayi hun!"

"Thank you? Woh kis liye?", Maan was confused.

Geet smiled softly, "Aapne meri jaan jo bachaayi uss din! Mujhe yaad nahi maine aapko thank you bola ki nahi! Thank you!"

Maan looked down and then looked up, "Actually tumhein mujhe thank you nahi, mujhe tumhein sorry bolna chaahiye!"

Now it was Geet's turn to be confused, "Kyun?"

"Kyunki jab uss din tum mujhse madat maang rahi thi I thought you were some con artist! Tumhe galat samajhne ke liye I am sorry!", Maan spoke sheepishly.

Geet looked at him with wonder, "Aap bhi kamaal hai Mr. Khurana!"

Maan frowned and Geet explained, "Con artist samajhke bhi aapne meri madat karne ki sochi, mujhe wahin pe chod nahi diya? Maanna padega aapko! True gentleman nikle aap!"

Maan felt his ears turning red at the sudden compliment. He was about to say something when some employee interrupted them with some file. Geet excused herself and walked off. Sweet girl, Maan thought and turned towards his employee. As he tried to focus on the file, Geet's smile flashed in front of his eyes and he couldn't resist from thinking, sweet smile!



"Hello Khushi!", Khushi heard someone say and she turned around. When she saw who called her, she grinned widely, "Geetji!"

"Oh ho! Geetji nahi...", Geet spoke once she reached Khushi, "Sirf Geet! Geet! Bolo Geeet!"

"Geeet!", Khushi spoke and giggled. Geet laughed too.

"Waise kahan jaa rahi ho?", Geet asked. Khushi smiled, "Canteen! Khaana khaane!"

"Main bhi wahaan jaa rahi hun! Chalo! Saath chalte hain! Saath mein khaayenge!", Geet suggested. Khushi nodded and followed Geet as both headed towards the Canteen.

"Waise dabbe mein kya laayi ho? Hum roti aur lauki ki sabji laaye hain!", Khushi spoke as they reached the Canteen and looked around for a seat.

"Arre waah! Main bhindi ki sabji laayi hun! Mil baatke khaayenge!", Geet said as she found an empty spot and sat down. Khushi sat in front of her and both opened their tiffins. Soon both were eating out of each others' boxes and talking about their family. Geet kept her family explanations limited to Raizadas and not talking about Handas while Khushi talked about her Di as Geet wanted to know more about her favourite brother's would be.


  As Khushi spoke about some childhood memory, Geet frowned. This is the right time! Mujhe ab Khushi ke baare mein poochna start karna padega! Uski pasand, na pasand, taaki main aage ka plan kar sakun! This was the reason Geet wanted to eat with Khushi! Of course, she found Khushi with similar tastes and liked her a lot! But today Geet sought Khushi out just to know more about her. Then she could plan her matchmaking and find out ways to get Arnav and Khushi closer. Maybe they liked the same things or had similar hobbies! Hey Babaji! The things I could plan once I knew more about Khushi!


"So Khushi, tumhaare hobbies kya kya hai?", Geet asked.

Khushi shrugged, "Humein na Jalebi banaana aur khaana bahut pasand hai! Pata hai hum jab bhi bahut khush hote hain, ya bahut naaraaz ya bahut pareshaan, toh hum dhed saari Jalebiyaan banaate hain, khaate hain aur khilaate bhi hai!...", as Khushi continued to praise her Jalebis and how much she loved eating them, Geet frowned. Hey Babaji! Yeh toh gadbad hogayi! Ise Jalebiyaan pasand hai aur AB ko diabetics hai! Yeh toh bilkul match nahi hote! Next question pooch Geet!


 "Aur kya kya pasand hai tumhein?", Geet asked. "Humein aur...", suddenly Khushi became animated, "Humein na paani puri bahut pasand hai!" Geet perked up. She loved Panipuri too! Khushi continued to speak, "Lekin ek dum teekhi honi chaahiye! Ek dum chatakdaar!", Khushi made action of licking fingers while Geet pouted. Hey Babaji! Ek AB hain jinhein teekhe se saqt nafrat hai aur ek yeh hai jo teekhe ki deewani hai! Ab kya hoga!


Khushi continued to explain, "Waise na humein ghar ki paani puri nahi pasand haan! Hum jab tak raste ke thele se na khaalein humein mazaa bilkul nahi aata!" Geet's eyes widened as she remembered one time her AB ranting about how unhygienic eating from road was when her AD had suggested trying it. Hey Babaji! Yeh dono toh ek doosre ke opposites hain! Yeh bakbaki toh woh chupchaap sa! Yeh shaant toh woh aag babula! Yeh meethe ki shaukeen aur woh diabetics ka patient! Yeh road side khaane ki fan aur woh toh aise cheezon se door bhaagta hua! Yeh teekhe ki deewani, woh teekhe ko dekhta bhi nahi! Agar woh subah hai toh yeh raat! Hey Babaji! Ab yeh dono jab hain itne alag, toh kaise saath nibhegi? Kaise banenge yeh ek Jodi? Mujhe toh kuch samajh nahi aa raha!


Khushi and Geet's conversation continued but Geet's mind was distracted. All she could think about was that if Arnav was sun, then Khushi was moon. How will she make the sun and moon come together? Babaji! Ab toh twannu hi madat karni padegi!


  It was evening and Geet and Khushi were walking together. Their work day had just ended and they were coming out of the Office together, joking and laughing about something. Geet noticed Arnav standing nearby by his car looking somewhere else. Geet smiled and slowly steered Khushi towards the car. Khushi didn't notice anything amiss and continued to chatter with Geet.


"AB! Lets go!", Geet announced as they reached the car. Khushi's eyes widened as she finally realised where she was standing and who was standing in front of her.

Arnav, who was standing with back towards them, turned around, "What the! How dare you order me! Do I look like I am your dri...", he trailed off as he noticed Khushi standing there. Inadvertently a smile slowly bloomed on his lips. If Arnav was happy to see her, Khushi's reaction was opposite. She turned pale and even took a step back. But Geet didn't notice that. Her eyes were on her AB's soft smile. Oh ho AB! I didn't even know you can smile like this! AD ko bataana padega!


 Geet waved her hand in front of Arnav, "AB! Stop staring! Staring is rude!", she bit her lip to stop herself from smiling. No need to let AB know you suspect something Geet! Play oblivious!


Arnav snapped out of his thoughts with Geet's words. He looked away as he remembered that he had planned to avoid Khushi. Look away Arnav! Focus on Motormouth! Khushi does not exist! He pulled out his glares and wore it, "Chalein?", he asked as he looked at Geet.

Geet nodded, "Haan! Chaliye! Chalo Khushi!"

Khushi blinked in surprise but Arnav reacted first, "Wait what? Why is she coming with us?"

"AB! Don't be rude!", Geet pinched Arnav and he jumped.

Khushi looked down feeling a little hurt. Humein kya itne bure hain ki saath aane pe yeh aise bartaav kar rahe hain? Theek hain! Aisi baat hai toh hum chalte hain!


"Geet! Hum chalte hain! Hum bus pakad lenge!", Khushi spoke and turned around.

Geet looked at Khushi shocked. No! You can't let my plan go down the drain the first day, Khushi!

She grabbed Khushi's arm to stop her and turned towards her brother, "Dekha AB! Look what you have done! Meri pehli friend Dilli mein aur aap uska insult kar rahe hain! How could you!" She pinched him again.

"Ouch! Stop pinching me monkey!", Arnav growled.

"Monkey? Who me? Aap monkey ho! Kaan dekhe hain apne?", Geet spat.

"Kaan? What is wrong with my kaan? I have got a great kaan ok?", he subconsciously touched his ears.

"Ya ya! Keep thinking like that! You are...", Geet would have spoken more if Khushi hadn't interrupted, "Toh phir hum chalte hain?"

Geet and Arnav turned to look towards Khushi simultaneously who looked at them meekly.

"No no no!", Geet said as she ignored Arnav and dragged Khushi to the passenger side of the car, "You are my friend! And AB is dropping you! Waise bhi AD bhi bahut naaraaz hogi agar unhein pata chala ki tumhein humne drop nahi kiya! Aur Aakash Veere ko bhi bura lagega ki unki saali ko humaare hote hue bus se jaana pada!"


  As Geet finished with her rant, Khushi found herself sitting on the passenger seat. She blinked in surprise and looked around. Yeh kab hua? Geet opened the back door and slid in. Then she lowered the window and looked out, "AB? Coming?"


Arnav huffed and entered the driver's seat. That's when he noticed Khushi sitting beside him. He looked back at Geet and Geet smiled at him angelically. He narrowed his eyes nad pointed his thumb at Khushi, "Why is she sitting near me?" Khushi looked away and Geet winced. That sounded so rude and insulting AB! I don't know how you are going to romance Khushi later if you kept on insulting her!


  Khushi felt tears well up in her eyes. Arnav had spoken over her as if she did not exist. And he sounded so disgusted as if she was some dirty thing sitting by him. Hum jaante hain hum inki tarah oonche gharaane ke nahi hai! Lekin iska matlab yeh nahi ki yeh iss tarah humse baat karein! Agar hum itne bure hain toh humaari Jiji se rishta kyun joda? She blinked her tears away.


"AB! Whoever sits in front, who cares! You just drive!", Geet growled. She was now annoyed. Kya Bhai hai mera! Idhar main inke love story ko aage badhaane ki koshish kar rahi hun aur yeh hain ki apne hi gaadi ke handbreak bane pade hain! Hey Babaji! Iss love story ke toh aap hi maalik! Ise banaana toh hum insaano ki bas mein nahi!


Arnav grumbled a little but started the car. As he drove, his eyes went sideways. He stared for few seconds and then realising what he was doing he looked back at the road. Arnav focus! Remember, you are supposed to avoid her! But his eyes inadvertently went back to Khushi. He pulled them back on the road but his eyes couldn't resist looking at her again and again. What is happening to me? I am going mad! What Arnav didn't know was that Geet was sitting right in the middle of the backseat so she had direct view to Arnav's eyes through the rear view mirror. She grinned widely as she noticed his eyes continuously sliding towards Khushi! Haaye!


   That is when Arnav noticed something and slammed the brakes.

Khushi and Geet jerked ahead and both felt their breath leave them.

"AB! Is everything ok?", Geet mumbled. Both the girls shared worried looks.

Arnav turned and glared at his sister, "This is the problem!", he pointed to Khushi.

Geet gasped, "Bhai!", she looked revolted, "She is not a problem! What kind of behaviour is this?"

Khushi was now above hurt. Now she was just angry. What kind of rude, arrogant man is he? Kitne ghamandi insaan hai! Humne sahi naam diya tha! Rakshas! Rakshas hain yeh!


Arnav closed his eyes looking annoyed. He opened his eyes and hissed, "Not her! This!" He lifted the seat belt and Geet's eyes widened, "Khushi! Tumne seatbelt nahi pehni?", Khushi looked at her confused and Geet explained, "Arre! Seatbelt se jaan bachti hai! Agar Babaji na kare, accident hogaya toh seatbelt ke baghair seedhe kaanch se baahar pheki jaaogi! Jaan ka jokham hai!" Khushi's eyes widened in shock and she looked down at the lower part of the seatbelt.


"I am not driving the car till she wears it!", Arnav hissed. Khushi threw him a glare for being rude once again but Arnav was staring at the road and didn't notice it. She turned to put the seatbelt and was confused. Isko pehente kaise hain? She tried every way but she couldn't wear it.


Arnav watched Khushi work out the seatbelt and fumble over it. He waited for few minutes for her to get it done but then his patience gave up. That's it! I can't handle this!


 Khushi was still trying to work out how to use the seatbelt when suddenly the belt was wrenched away from her hands and she looked up to see Arnav leaning in and working with the belt. Behind them, Geet's eyes widened. Haaye! Itne paas! Uff!


Once the belt was clasped Arnav looked up only to realise how close he was to Khushi. His eyes looked into hers and for a second the world vanished. All Arnav could think was about her. He was overwhelmed by his feelings. Even Khushi seemed to stare at him with wide eyes. Arnav felt the bad urge to lean forward but before he could do it his phone rang. Geet slapped her forehead as Arnav pulled away and pulled out his phone shakily. Kaun hai yeh kameena jo mere AB ki love story ko barbaad karna chaahta hain? "Hello Aman!", Arnav spoke and Geet resisted the urge to scream. Typical Aman! Always attached by hip to AB! I swear, agar yeh Aman ladki hota na, uski hi shaadi AB se karwa deti!


Arnav kept down the phone and carded his fingers through his hair. What the hell just happened here? I need to get away from her! And for that I have to drive her home as fast as possible! Arnav thrust the gear to the fastest and the car shot like a bullet. Khushi felt her heart in her throat as the car shot down the ride. Her fear for fasting driving cars came to fore and she gripped her seat tightly. Hey Devi Maiyya! Yeh kitna tez chala rahe hain!


Geet seemed to think the same because she spoke up, "AB! You are scaring me! SLOW DOWN!", she nearly screamed. Arnav came out of his thoughts and slowed down right away. Just then his hand moved to the gear to lower it only to feel a soft hand in his hand. He looked at the gear in shock only to realise that Khushi's hand was on the gear. He looked up only for his eyes to clash into hers. Both pulled their hands away feeling like they were scalded.


Geet looked up contently. Yahaan toh mujhe kuch karna hi nahi pada! Sab apne aap ho raha hai! Babaji, aapne meri sunli? Thank you!


  Khushi felt her heart beat faster. Yeh kya ho raha hai humein? Hum unki aankhon ko bhool kyun nahi paa rahe? She turned to look at Arnav who was sitting ramrod straight and looking in the front. His eyes were haunting her and she couldn't think of anything else! She had to distract herself. Lekin kya karein? Ek idea! Geet se gappe ladaate hain! Haan! She turned towards Geet and started to talk. Geet also was happy to talk with her and before they knew it, both were chattering non stop.


Arnav was in shock. How much can these girls speak? He looked at Khushi in shock. And I like this girl? With gaudy dressing sense, having no knowledge of even seat belt and talking so much? No Arnav! You are doing the right thing by ignoring her! She is not worth it! How much more proof do you need? Isn't it obvious she is not right for you?  She is not suitable for you, Arnav and it is better if you stay away from her! Arnav nodded. My earlier decision was right. Stay away from Khushi! He pushed all thoughts of Khushi aside and focused on his driving, determined to throw Khushi out of his mind.



"Haan Di! They had an eye lock and they held hands! Oh AD! It was so romantic!", Geet sighed dreamily. She was home now and was narrating what happened in the car between Khushi and Arnav to Anjali. Anjali grinned happily, "Hey Devi Ma! Aapne meri sun li! Hum aaj itne khush hain Baby!" But then her smile dimmed. Geet frowned and flounced over to her sister, "Kya hua AD? Why so sad?" Anjali gave her sad smile, "Tumhi toh bata rahi thi ki Chote Khushiji ke saath kitne rude the! Humein darr hai ki kahin Chote apne hi pyaar ke dushman na ban jaaye!" She looked down in worry. Geet grabbed her hands and Anjali looked up. Geet gave her assuring smile, "Kuch nahi hoga AD! Apne Devi Ma pe bharosa rakho! Woh sab theek kardegi! Aur main bhi toh hun? Khushi ko toh main apni AB ki Wifey banaake rahungi!", Geet was determined.


And that was the beginning of the love stories!

Hope you enjoy it!

If you think I am focusing too much on Arshi and not on Maaneet, you are right! But I have a reason for it! The reason will be out after Maan and Arnav realise their feelings!


Thank you, take care and have fun,


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Awesome update

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Loved part 12 Clap
Geet matchmaking, eager for the next part.
Thank you for the pm Big smile

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Lovely update

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arnav nehi durr kar sakta khushi ko...geet nehi karne degi...

awesome update...

loved it very much...

thank u very much fr d lovely update...

eagerly waiting fr d nxt prt...

continue soon plz...

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hi thanks 4 da pm n fab update, well written! Geet playing cupid! 

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