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Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee
Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee

DFL RomCom Ishtyle! Chap 16 up on 12th Jan on Pg 28! (Page 14)

Ameyadiaz Newbie

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Posted: 03 January 2017 at 6:26am | IP Logged
perfect update,n u right abt the law n order in here upto an extend it's the truth.
Happy to have you back n good to know u r trying to face everything head on n v want u to know that v will always b with u with our prayers n wishes.
love u

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Linsie IF-Addictz

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Posted: 07 January 2017 at 3:59am | IP Logged
geet savagely landed with her family...

and what she saw... and problem she face...

the mens wants to do something about it...

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Posted: 07 January 2017 at 4:01am | IP Logged

so geet is planing for ab and kb...


anjali is going to be the partner..

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Linsie IF-Addictz

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Posted: 07 January 2017 at 4:06am | IP Logged

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ajenn IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 18 January 2017 at 9:00am | IP Logged
That was an wonderful update to read. The whole Raizada and Khurana had gathered in Raizada to give a visit to Baby Geet. 

She was such a darling, happily chatting with everyone. And of cos the best part was the way she identify Dev and Maan. The whole family was laughing aloud except Maan gave killer look at Geet.

Glad Shyam had promised to work on a plan to bring justice for Geet's friend that was murdered. Briji and Dadaji can't just get away easily from their crime.

Finally Geet told Anjali about Arnav flirting with Khushi. Geet is right, thought Arnav had openly flirt with Khushi and called her by nickname, that doesn't mean he might be in love with Khushi. If Anjali make any wrong step on this then things might ended up bad. Geet needs to come up with a perfect plan to patch Arnav and Khushi together. 

Loving it, waiting for next update.

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Kalpana_KaCy IF-Sizzlerz

BollyCurry Assistant Writer
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Posted: 14 February 2017 at 11:22am | IP Logged





    "I dont understand. What was the need to call me this early? Aur aise urgent? Is everything ok?", NT spoke as she sat on a chair while placing her purse on the table. In front of her sat Geet and Anjali grinning.

"Everything is fine NTji! Koi darne ki baat nahi!", Geet replied.

"NT! Chai peeyogi?", Anjali spoke up. NT nodded and Anjali called the waiter. Once the order was placed, NT spoke up, "Ladies! Hum chaahte toh humaare ghar par bhi mil sakte hain. Why are we meeting in the restaurant?"

Anjali smiled, "Kyunki ghar mein agar milte toh humaara secret waala plan open secret banke reh jaayega! Phir toh koi plan execute kar nahi paayenge hum!"

"Secret? Plan? Oh my! You two have got me excited. Lekin plan kis liye hai? What's the story girls?", NT looked excitedly from Geet to Anjali.

"It all started day before yesterday when Khushi humaare ghar aayi..." and Anjali narrated exactly what Geet noticed and how she came to tell Anjali about it. She explained the Geet's assumptions about Arnav's feelings and how she wanted to validate it before they took any dramatic actions.


   "Yeh sab toh ab hum samajh gaye! Lekin mujhe ab tak ek baat samajh nahi aayi!", NT looked at them confused, "Why am I here? Humein kyun bulaaya gaya hai yahaan?"

Geet leaned forward and signalled NT to come close. Once NT leaned forward, Geet spoke in a soft voice, "Kyunki AD aur mujhe aapki madat chaahiye! Khushi ko humaari Bhabhi banaane ke liye!"

NT's eyes widened and she leaned back in her chair in her shock. She looked from Anjali to Geet wondering if this was a joke.

"NT! Kuch toh bolo!", Anjali prodded when NT didn't say anything after few minutes.

"Are you two out of your mind?", NT rasped.

When both the ladies in front of her frowned, NT explained, "Aap log aag ke saath kheloge! Arnav Bhai ko pata chala toh..."

"Kuch nahi hoga! Kyunki hum teeno unhein pata chalne hi nahi denge!", Geet butted in.

"Phir bhi?... I am scared for you!", NT looked on worriedly. Seeing her worried, even Anjali looked uncertain about their plan. Geet noticed this and rolled her eyes.

"Don't worry! Mera plan full proof hai! Aur waise bhi we are not going to take any dramatic actions. Koi film nahi chal raha hai yahaan! Hum sublety dikhaayenge!", Geet explained.


NT thought for a second and then she nodded, "Theek hai! I will trust you! Lekin the question remains, hum yahaan kyun hai?"

Anjali took a deep breath and explained, "We want your help!"

Once again NT's eyes widened. "WHAT?", she screeched.

"Ssshhh!", both Anjali and Geet hissed.

NT looked around and smiled at the people staring at her. Once they looked away, she turned back to the sister duo and whispered to them, "You want me to be a part of it?"

When Anjali and Geet nodded, NT started shaking her head, "No way! Forget it! Aap dono toh Arnav Bhai ki behne hain toh woh aap dono ko kuch nahi kahenge lekin humaari woh kya haal karenge humein pata nahi! Hum nahi kar sakte!"


   NT grabbed her bag and stood up as if she was about to walk away. Anjali grabbed her hand and tugged her into the seat, "You are not going anywhere!" Anjali glared at her friend, "Bahut mushkil se humein Bhabhi milne ka chance mila hai! Hum yeh chance nahi chod rahe! Samjhe aap?"


NT bit her lip, "Arre but..." Geet cut her off, "NTji, you need not worry! Aap ka kaam bahut chota hai! Aapko jyaada kuch nahi karna hai!"

NT looked at the sisters suspiciously, "Waise humein karna kya hai?"

Geet explained what she wanted NT to do. Once she was finished, NT looked incredulously, "That's it? That's all you want?"

The sisters nodded.

Geet explained, "Dekhiye NTji! Its ek teer se do shikaar! I can fulfil my dream but I can also orchestrate the matchmaking from front seat without letting AB know! So what say you? Kya aap humaara kaam kar sakte ho?"

Both Geet and Anjali watched with bated breath as NT pondered for few seconds. And then she grinned and the sisters heaved a sigh of relief.

"I will do it! Ek toh yeh nek kaam hai aur upar se kisi ko shaq nahi hoga ki yeh aap dono ka plan hai kyunki aapke ghar mein sabko pata hai ki Geet ne bachpan se kya sapna dekha hai! Toh hum aapke saath hai.", NT replied. Geet and Anjali congratulated each other.


   The next few hours, the ladies spent chattering with each other and simply having fun.



  Meanwhile in AR Fashion House, the owner of the company paced in his cabin to and fro. Why? Why can't I forget that girl? Why is she haunting me so much? What is happening here? Arnav thought as he strode around. I have to forget her. Mujhe Khushi ko bhoolna hoga! She is making me behave out of control. And that is not acceptable. I have to stay away from her. But how? He stopped and thought for a second. And then she smirked. Perfect! I will never be around. Whenever she comes home, I will get out and won't come back till she is gone. Yes! Perfect! Main wahaan rahunga hi nahi jahaan woh hai! Arnav nodded and now with the problem solved, he focused on his work.



    While Arnav was making plans to stay away from Khushi, Khushi was doing the same.

"Hey Devi Maiyya! Yeh kya hogaya?", Khushi whined as she ate another piece of Jalebi. She continued to talk to Devi Maiyya all the while making more Jalebis and eating it.

"Hum toh Lucknow chod ke aaye hi the, uss uss... uss Rakshas se door hone ke liye! Lekin woh toh yahin rehte hain! Aur woh toh Jiji ke Jethji nikle! Hey Devi Maiyya! Humein kahaan phasa diya! Ab woh humein jab bhi milenge toh behki behki baatein karenge!" Her mind flashed back to the day she first met him, "Kiski Khushi? Meri Khushi?" Her heart sped up and butterflies erupted in her stomach. Her mind flashed to the second meet and then to their meet day before yesterday. The Jalebi in her hand fell onto the floor as she swallowed. She stumbled back in shock. Yeh humein kya ho raha hai? Jab bhi uss Rakshas ke baare mein sochte hain humein yeh sab ehsaas kyun hota hai! Jaroor woh sach much ke rakshas hain! Isliye humpe unka itna bura asar hai! Haan! Humne sahi naam rakha hai inka, Rakshas! Aur ab woh humaare Jiji ke Jethji ban gaye! Yaani ki ab yeh har waqt milenge aur woh din jaise bakwas karenge! She remembered the way he held her close to him when they first met and she shivered. Nahi! Humein kuch karna hoga! Lekin kya? She continued to munch on her Jalebis as she worried about what to do. Just then an idea stuck. Haan! Hum unke saamne hi nahi aayenge! She grinned eagerly. Woh jahaan rahenge hum wahaan nahi honge! Hum unse door door rahenge! Haan! Yahi sahi hai! She giggled excitedly and focused on finishing off rest of the Jalebis.


      While Arnav and Khushi planned to avoid each other, at Khurana Mansion Maan had altogether a different thought process. He was leaning against the window, looking outside, lost in his own thoughts. His mind was on the girl he met two days back. Her smartness, her bravery and her cheerfulness in the face of her sorrows had impressed him and he couldn't stop thinking about her. He smiled as he remembered how she had guessed him by his expression. Geet! Sweet girl! Ek dum Soni!


    Maan was so lost in Geet's thoughts that he didn't notice Daadima entering his room to talk to him or her eyes widening at the gentle expression on his face. She neared him and felt an impish urge to tease him regarding his expression, "Kiske khayaalon mein khoye ho Maan?", her gentle voice enquired.


  "Geet!", Maan whispered softly.

"KYA?", Daadima almost shouted. She so didn't expect that answer. Maan jerked and came out of his thoughts.

"Geet ke baare mein? Aap soch rahe hain Maan?", Daadima asked in surprise.

"Uhh... woh...", Maan stuttered. He resisted the urge to blush or look away sheepishly. He had to be careful! Warna Daadima toh agle hi din meri uske saath engagement karwa dengi! He straightened up. Don't deflect Maan! Warna Daadima galat matlab nikaalegi! Face it head first and be nonchalant.

"Haan Daadima!", he replied, "I was thinking about her!"

Daadima raised her eyebrows and Maan ignoring her expression continued, "How brave she is! She faced all her problems without hesitation. And she still has it in her to be smiling. Bahut bahadur ladki hai! Agar uski bahaduri ka ek bhi percent humaari desh ki ladkiyon mein aa jaaye toh ladkiyon ki zindagi bahut sudhar jaayegi!"

Daadima nodded, "Yeh toh sahi keh rahe hain aap beta!" Soon the conversation turned towards the condition of women and the recent cases that Daadima found during her charity work. But despite the change in conversation Geet was still there in Maan's mind and he couldn't forget her, especially her smile.



   And just like that, five days passed since Geet's arrival at Shantivan. Geet and Anjali eagerly waited for one signal from NT that their plan was underway. And then suddenly one Saturday Anjali got a phone call. Geet was brushing her hair when her AD burst into her room, "Call aaya! NT ka call aagaya!"


Geet dropped the brush and rushed to her sister, "Kya hua? Kya kaha unhonein? Plan ka pehla part ready?"

"Haan haan Baby!", Anjali squealed, "Everything is ready. Ab tumhara raasta clear! Monday se tum join kar sakti ho!"

"Thank God yeh hogaya!", Geet sighed, "Lekin yeh kaise hua?"

"Arre simple!", Anjali winked, "NT ne Dev ko maska lagaaya! Aur jab Dev ko pata chala ki KC mein job karna tumhaara bachpan ka sapna hai toh kya woh tumhein khaali haath jaane dete? Itni brave ladki ke liye toh woh apne company mein job dila hi sakte the!"

Geet grinned.

Anjali spoke up, "Ready ho jaao Baby! Monday se tum KC join kar rahi ho as Architect Intern."

Geet squealed and hugged her sister. Then grabbing Anjali by her arms, she spun them around.

"Dheere!", Anjali shouted but Geet didn't give her a heed. After few seconds, she stopped spinning and shouted loudly, "Mujhe sabko bataana hoga!" She ran off to tell everyone.

"Arre! Tumhaare pair ke ghav abhi tak bhare nahi Baby, sambhalke!", Anjali shouted but Geet ignored her. Anjali chuckled at the enthusiasm Geet was displaying.


  Soon it was Sunday night and Geet was readying her purse. She giggled excitedly at her new purse and new shades. The purse was a gift by her AD and the shades were gift from AB. Aakash had taken her shopping to buy her new wardrobe while Naaniji and Maama Maamiji had joined hands to buy her some gold and silver pendants and bangles to suit her dresses. Geet looked at everything she had arranged for next day and clapped excitedly.


"All set Baby?", Anjali asked as she entered Geet's room.

Geet nodded excitedly and Anjali continued, "Plan ka first part toh NT ne kar diya! Kya tum ready ho tumhaare plan ke agle part ke liye?"

Geet nodded and smirked proudly, "Kal main KC join karungi aur phir aap AB ko force karna ki woh mujhe roz pick up karein."

She visibly got excited for the next part of the plan, "Aur main unhein force karungi ki woh Khushi ko bhi saath lein kyunki after all", she looked at Anjali with innocent eyes, "woh unke Bhai ki saali hai!" Anjali and Geet giggled and then Geet continued, "Phir dono roz milenge aur mujhe front seat se unhein sahi raaste mein bhejne ka mauka milega! You know, a nudge in the right direction." Geet winked and giggled again.


Anjali then sobered up, "Lekin Baby yaad rakhna! Only a nudge. Don't give them a push warna Chote Khushi se door hi bhaag jaayenge!", she warned. Geet nodded and both continued to discuss how to emotionally blackmail... ahem...convince Arnav to pick Geet up from Khurana Constructions.



The stage is set folks!

Let the romance begin!

Here Geet will try her level best to bring Arnav and Khushi together. And there Maan who is already falling for Geet will unknowingly find ways to spend time with her! Oh my! Romance seems to be in the air, what do you think?

Do let me know!


Thank you, take care and have fun,




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Fantastic update. Full planning to bring arnav Khushi together. Liked NT's initial reactions on learning about the plan. LOL waiting for next.

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Loved the update Clap
Anjali and Geet plan Big smile
Eager for the next part Big smile

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