Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee


Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee
Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee

DFL RomCom Ishtyle! Chap 14 up on 18th Nov on Pg 22! (Page 10)

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update wen u can, thanks

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hi...hw r u...hope u will update soon

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Place - Shantivan


  It was next day morning around 10 when Geet entered the house. Last evening, Aakash had taken her to the Doctor where she was put under observation once Geet told the Doctor that she felt a bit dizzy and weak just few minutes before Aakash arrived to take her to Hospital. After staying the whole night at the hospital and put through some brain scans and tests, Geet was happy to come back home. She was told to take slow for next few days and also to avoid standing on her feet as much as possible to let her soles heal. And hence, Geet entered her house being carried in the arms of her elder brother.


"Veere! Neeche utaaro!", Geet whined for hundredth time but Aakash ignored her. Doctor had specifically told them to let Geet rest and Aakash was fully going to follow their order. Geet huffed when her whining went unheard and looked away only to be shocked as she realised that there were guests in the house staring at her. An old lady sat by her DJ while a young lady sat by her AD. And with SJ stood another man and another man stood by her AB.


"Veere!", Geet squeaked, "Mehmaan aaye hain ghar pe! Mujhe neeche utaaro! Mujhe sharam aa rahi hai!"


"Arre beta! Humse kya sharmaana? Hum paraaye thodi hain?", the old lady spoke up, "Aur waise bhi tum jis haalat mein ho usmein tumhara naa chalna hi theek hai! Aakash beta! Isko neeche mat utaarna!", the old lady smiled just as Geet was placed by Aakash beside Maamiji. Maamiji aka Geet's MJ lovingly patted her head while the old lady patted her cheek.


   When Geet looked at the old lady curiously, the old lady looked at Anjali with amusement, "Lagta hai isne humein pehchaana nahi!"


"Kaisan pehchaanegi?", Naani aka Geet's DJ spoke up, "Anjali ka shaadi ma hi mile the aapan isse! Theek se mooh bhi na dekha hoga! Aur aapko toh Maan bitwa ne bataaya ki Baby aayi hai varna aapan bhi ise na pehchaante!"


The old lady smiled, "Yeh toh sahi hai!"


"Geet bitiya! Ee hai Savitri Devi! Anjali bitiya ke dost Maan ki Daadi!", Naaniji explained and everyone saw realization dawning on Geet's face.


"Daadima!", she whispered as that was the name Anjali always mentioned when talking about Anjali's best friend's Daadi.


Daadima smiled at her realization and her happiness turned into delight when Geet bent forward and took her aashirwad. She looked at Naaniji with wide surprised eyes and Naaniji nodded at her expression. Yes! My Geet is as sanskari as my Anjali!


  "Phir toh aap NT hogi! Naintara Bhabhi!", Geet chirped as she pointed at the lady standing by Anjali. NT nodded and Geet grinned, "AD ne bataaya tha, aap bahut stylish aur elegant dikhti hain! Usse maine pehchaan liya!"


Everyone was surprised at her deduction except Arnav who knew how smart Geet actually was. NT preened at being called stylish and elegant while Anjali chuckled at her friend.


"Phir toh aap Dev honge!", Geet exclaimed as she looked at the man standing by Shyam.

"Tumhein kaise pata?", the man asked in surprise.


Geet shrugged, "Simple! NT Bhabhi aur Daadima ke saath do gents aaye hain! Aur Daadima aur NT ke life mein sirf teen gents hain! Annie Didi ke husband Arjun aur the heirs of Khurana family, Maan aur Dev! Last I heard, Arjunji Mumbai mein rehte hain! Toh hue na aap dono Maan aur Dev!"


Daadima and NT looked impressed by her deduction while Dev frowned, "Yeh sab toh theek hai! Lekin main hi Dev hun, yeh kaise keh sakti ho? Maan bhi toh ho sakta hun!"


"Na!", Geet shook her head, "Aap Maan nahi ho! Kyunki AD ki baaton se mujhe pata hai ki Maan humesha ghusse mein rehte hain aur sabko ghoorte rehte hain! Aur aap has rahe the isliye aap Dev ho!"


Everyone looked at Geet with wide eyes at her deduction. They were tempted to laugh at her accurate description of Maan but one glance at Maan's fuming face and all bit their lip. No one wanted to face his wrath by laughing. Geet turned to the last man in guest group who stood beside Arnav, "Phir toh aap Maan hue!" Geet said cheerfully and then her eyes widened as she took in Maan glaring at her, "Aur aap ghusse mein ho! Mujhe ghoor rahe ho!", Geet blurted out, and then shrieked and hid her face in Aakash's shoulder. Seeing her reaction only added humor to the whole situation and everyone burst out laughing. Maan turned and glared at everyone for laughing at him but no one stopped. Even Arnav looked amused. With a growl, Maan turned away partially.



After few seconds on laughing, Anjali spoke up, "Geet! Aise mazaak nahi udaate! Khaas karke uss insaan ka jisne tumhaari jaan bachaayi ho!"


  Geet looked from her hiding place at Anjali with a frown. Anjali nodded, "Haan! Bhala ho Devi Ma ka lekin parso raat ko tum Maan Saab ke gaadi ke saamne aayi thi! Unhonein tumhein lift diya aur yahaan tak pahunchaaya!"


  Geet's eyes sought Maan who was looking away and then she spoke up, "Mr. Khurana! Maan!"


Maan turned around and Geet looked at him seriously. Gone was the playfulness from her face, "Thank you! Parso raat aapne mujhe bachaaya na hota toh aaj main zinda bhi nahi hoti!"





Aakash and Anjali blurted out as rest of the family gasped. Arnav and Maan looked at Geet with wide eyes. Both took their family's safety pretty seriously and to know that someone from one of their families was near death was a scary thing for them. Arnav felt the hopelessness from yesterday overwhelm him again and he resisted the urge to run away and throw himself into his work as distraction. Maan remembered how the girl had begged him to save her and Maan wondered how did he even think that the girl was faking it.


"Lekin Geet! Tumhaare saath hua kya tha? Kaun tumhein maarna chaahta tha aur kyun?", Shyam voiced one question that was burning in everyone's mind.


Suddenly, Geet looked at Shyam and he was taken aback by the fire in her eyes. Even Maan and Arnav straightened up at her expression.


"Kaun maarna chaahta tha mujhe? Mere khud ke parivaar waale!", Geet spat and everyone looked at her in shock. Anjali almost fainted while NT paled. Daadima and Naaniji had tears in their eyes while Maamiji hugged Geet as if assuring herself that Geet was alive and here. Maan and Arnav looked at each other with horrified eyes. Aakash stared at his little sister as if she was going to vanish any minute.


"Geet! What are you saying?", Arnav asked his face showing denial and disbelief.

Geet looked down with tears in her eyes, "Summer vacation ke liye aayi thi Arnav Bhai. Sirf kuch din rehne waali thi phir waapis Chandigarh apne college jaane waali thi! Lekin wahaan aisa kuch dekha jisne meri zindagi hi badal di!"


"Kya dekha Baby?", Anjali stepped ahead and stood in front of her sister in worry, her hands wringing in fear.


"Brij Veerji ne meri dost, Channi ko maar diya! Woh bhi isliye kyunki use ek neeche jaati ke ladke se pyaar hua tha!", Geet mumbled and hid her face in Aakash's shoulder as she sobbed.


Aakash patted her head while looking at Anjali pleadingly. He wanted Anjali to stop Geet's pain.


Geet pulled away and wiped her eyes. She turned back to her family and took in their shocked faces.


"Main uss haadse ko dekhke bahut darr gayi! Lekin darr ke peeche peeche ghussa bhi aaya! Kaun hote hain yeh Brij Veerji, kisiki zindagi ka faisla karne waale? Main wahaan se bhaagi aur foran apne Daarji ko jaake bataa diya! Kyunki woh sarpanch the gaav ke! Aur woh meri Channi ko insaaf jaroor dilaayenge! Tab mujhe zindagi ka sabse bada jhatka mila!", Geet took a pause and looked around once again. And then she dropped the bomb, "Maarne ka farmaan mere Daarji ne hi zaahir kiya tha! Unka hukum tha ki Channi ko maar diya jaaye!"


There were gasps around as everyone looked at Geet with wide eyes. Even Maan and Arnav were stupefied. The Sarpanch himself was a part of this! How?


"Phir kya hua Geetto?", Aakash asked in horror.

"Unhonein mujhe chup rehne ko kahaa!", Geet explained, "Par maine manaa kar diya! Toh unhonein mujhe kamre mein lock kiya aur keh diya ki jab tak main apna faisla nahi badalti tab tak woh mujhe kamre se baahar nahi nikaalenge!"


Then she explained how she escaped and how she reached Chandigarh only for them to find her and follow her. They had planned to kill her and only she knew how she escaped from her hostel and towards the Jungle. As her tale ended with meeting Maan, there was silence all around. None of them could move or say anything. To know that such things can happen and that also to their near and dear ones had left them feeling numb.


After few seconds, someone spoke up. But it was not Maan or Arnav.


"Humein bahut naaz hai tumpar Geet bete!", Daadima spoke up as she softly patted Geet's head. Geet smiled at her and that broke the silence.


"I am proud of you too Geetto!"

"Haan baby! Tumpar humein fakr hai!"

"Hello Hi Bye Bye! My brave daughter! Dis mother ish proud af you!"


As everyone praised Geet, one person remained silent. It was Arnav! He simply stared at Geet with hopelessness in his eyes. If only he could protect her! But then the hopelessness gave way to anger and he narrowed his eyes. Whoever did this will have to pay for it! I will make sure of that!


It seemed Dev had the same idea. Dev pulled Shyam to a corner while signaling Aakash, Arnav and Maan to join him. The ladies fussed around Geet while she smiled sadly at them.


"Is there any way they could be made to pay for it?", Dev asked the moment Maan, Arnav and Aakash joined them. Shyam was a lawyer and hence he was the right person to ask about this, Dev mused.

Shyam frowned and Dev explained, "They can't just kill a woman and attempt to murder another and get away!"

"I agree! They have to pay!", Arnav spat. Maan and Aakash agreed.

Shyam shook his head and shocked them into silence by his words, "They can get away and they will get away!"

Arnav took in a sharp breath while Aakash looked at Shyam with something akin to betrayal. Maan and Dev looked like they thought Shyam had gone mad.

"WHAT THE...!", Surprisingly it was Aakash who almost roared. Shyam cut him off, "Humaari baat toh suniye Saale Sahib!" Once he was sure that he had the attention of all four of them he spoke, "Yeh humaare jurisdiction ka case nahi hai! Hoshiarpur ka hai! Aur jaayega district court mein! Aur wahaan haare toh high court aur wahaan haare toh supreme court! There we will win but it will take years to reach there!"


"Why are you talking about us loosing?", Arnav growled.

"Haan Jiju! Hum District court mein hi jeet sakte hain!", Aakash spoke up.

Shyam took in a deep breath knowing that what he was about to explain to his brother in laws will change their view of the world but he had to let them know.


"District court mein jeetna namumkin hai! Forget court, first and foremost bahut mushkil se koi police waala milega jo FIR likhe!", Shyam looked disgusted, "Tumhein kya lagta hai? Kya Police ko yeh honor killings ke baare mein pata nahi! Police, Judge, Lawyers sabko pata hai! All are in this and also believe in it! How do you think these Panchayats are allowed to run amok? Sabko sab pata hai! Aur sab honor killings ko support bhi karte hain!"


Suddenly they heard a gasp and turned around. Arnav's eyes widened when he notice Geet standing there with the support of Anjali looking at them with tear filled eyes.


Shyam stepped forward, "I am sorry Saali Sahiba! But sach yahi hai! Kai saal lag jaayenge aapko aur aapki dost ko insaaf dilaate dilaate! Aur humein usse bhi koi farak nahi! Humein toh lagta hai ki chaahe janam lag jaaye, insaan ko insaaf milna chaahiye! Yeh uska haq hai! Lekin hum ek baat bhool rahe hain!"


He looked at the whole family who had now gathered around him, "Yeh log bina hitchkitchaaye ek ladki ki jaan le sakte hain! Apni behen ya beti ko bhi nahi chod sakte hain! Toh kya guarantee hai ki jab Geet wahaan FIR darj karne ya case ladne jaayegi, toh woh log uska kaam tamaam nahi karenge?"


Naani, Daadi and Maami turned pale while Anjali gripped Geet tightly. Rest of the family looked shocked too at the prospect of Geet being attacked again. Shyam continued, "Aur toh aur agar Geet yahaan hoti toh hum use protect bhi kar paate, par wahaan Police se, Logon se kaise bachaayenge ise? Wahaan kaun iske saath hai aur kaun iska dushman yeh bhi farak hum nahi kar paayenge! Bodyguards bhi iski jaan nahi bacha paayenge! Aur yeh mat bhooliye ki yeh log apnon ko bhi nahi chodte! Toh agar hum Geet ke support ke liye udhar gaye hum sabki bhi jaan ko khatra hai!" He looked at Geet again, "I am sorry Geet! Lekin yeh case ladna matlab hum sabki jaan ko khatra! Kyunki hum log toh tumhein akele jaane nahi denge! Yaani ki har court ke date par hum sab hamla hoga! Aur yeh sab District court ki baat hai! High court case toh Punjab mein hi hoga yaaniki wahaan ke bhi aadhe log honor killings pe vishwas karte honge! Mushkil honge agle kuch saal agar humne case lada toh!"


All were silent as they wondered what to say. On one side, they wanted justice for Geet, but on the other side, forget about their own life, they couldn't loose Geet either. What to do?


"Naahi Naahi! Hum apni bitiya ko muskil ma naahi daal sakat hain! Geetto koi case naahi ladegi!", Maami spoke up and Anjali and Naaniji agreed with her.

Geet tried to protest but her family wore her down. She looked disappointed. Arnav could not take the disappointment on her face.


"Aur koi raasta nahi?", Arnav asked with pleading in his eyes. He wanted Shyam to find some other way.

"Ek raasta hai!", Shyam blurted out and all looked at him eagerly. Shyam continued, "Agar un mein se kisi ne Geet pe yahaan attack kiya toh! Kyunki yahaan toh district court mein un logon ko jail bhej diya jaayega! Dilli is very liberal on those matters!"


"So what? We wait for them to attack Geet?", Maan spat and Shyam shook his head, "No! We cannot do that! But your words gave me a plan! Ek plan hai! Hum Un kaatilon ko kisi tarah yahaan laake trap kar sakte hain!"


"Par yeh kaise hoga?", Geet wondered with worry.

Shyam smiled as he placed his hands on Geet's shoulders, "Woh tum humpe chod do! Tum apne health pe focus karo! Hum kuch na kuch raasta nikaal lenge! Just let me talk to my lawyer friends aur phir hum Maan aur Arnav ke saath milkar kuch plan sochenge! You just relax aur apne sehat ka khayaal rakhiye!" Geet nodded as everyone thought about Shyam's words pensively.




It was late in the evening. Dinner was over and everyone had retired to their rooms. Only Anjali was not in her room. She was in Geet's room puttering around. Geet could only observe in amusement as Anjali made sure for the umpteenth time that the water jug on Geet's bedside table was full and Geet had everything she wanted within her reach.


   "AD! Bas keejiye! Baithiye na! Mujhe aapse baath karni hai!", Geet whined but Anjali just mumbled Ek Minute!' and continued wobbling around the room. Geet huffed. She had enough!


"AD! Agar aap abhi yahaan nahi aayi toh main uthke naachne lagungi! Phir mere pair ke ghaavon ka kya hoga woh mujhe nahi pata!", Geet pouted and Anjali's eyes widened.

"Nahi nahi! Dekhiye! Hum aagaye!", Anjali sat beside Geet with her hand on her swollen stomach.

"Ab bataao! Aisa kya bataana hai jiske liye tum mari jaa rahi ho!", Anjali spoke.

Geet's eyes widened with mischief, "Maine humaari Bhabhi dhoondhli!"

Anjali frowned, "Kya?"

"Haan!", Geet vigorously nodded.

"Arre! Par Chutke ke liye toh ladki mil gayi hai! Paayal naam hai uska! Khushi ke badi behen! Tumhein yaad haina? Hey Devi Ma! Kahin tumhaare sar ke chot ne tumhaari yaaddaasht ko toh nahi bigaad diya!" Anjali stood up in worry, "Humein abhi Doctor ko bulaana hoga! Jaroor unhonein kuch miss kiya hoga unke check up!"


Just as Anjali turned to leave the room, Geet grabbed her arm, "Arre! Meri bholi AD! Main Veere ki baat nahi kar rahi hun!"

"Toh kaun?", Anjali turned around in confusion. Aakash nahi toh kis Bhabhi ki baat kar rahi hai? Hey Devi Ma! Kahin Brij ke liye toh dulhan nahi dhoondhli! Jisne ise maarna chaaha uske liye biwi dhoondh rahi hai yeh ladki! Kahin Baby paagal toh nahi hogayi!? Lekin ek minute! Brij ki toh shaadi ho chuki hai! Toh kiski baat...


Geet watched as realization dawned on Anjali's face. She sat down with a thump and whispered, "Chote!"

Geet nodded eagerly. Anjali grinned widely but then her grin dimmed and then slowly vanished away.

"Kya hua Di?", Geet asked worriedly.

Anjali sighed sadly and looked down. Her voice was very small, "Chodo Baby! Chote ki shaadi kabhi nahi ho sakti! Humne yeh sapna dekhna chod diya hai aur tum bhi chod do!"

Geet felt sad as she saw the sadness on her sister's face. She lifted her sister's chin and made her look at her, "Lekin Di..."

"Nahi!", Anjali spoke with tears in her eyes, "Humne bahut saari ladkiyaan dikhaaye Chote ko! Lekin use koi pasand nahi aayi! Aur shaadi toh tab hi ho sakti hai jab dono ladka ladki ek doosre ko pasand karein!"

Geet leaned in and whispered, "Aur agar main aapse yeh kahun ki aapke Chote ko bhi woh ladki pasand hui toh?"

"KYA?", Anjali literally screamed. Geet shushed her, "Shhh! AD! Koi sunlega! Sab so rahe hain!"

Anjali gave her a sheepish look and then her expression turned into excitement, "Poori baat bataao Baby! Kaun hai woh ladki? Aur Chote kab usse mile? Aur tumhein kaise pata? Chote ne bataaya?"


"Arre arre Di! Itne sawaal! Aaraam se aaraam se! Main sab bataati hun aapko!", Geet spoke and then explained what she observed in the evening. Anjali's eyes widened and widened and she even let out a squeal when Geet explained how Arnav touched Khushi's cheek. She nearly swooned when Geet mentioned Arnav flirting. "Humaare Chote! Humaare Chote ne aisa kiya?", Anjali kept on exclaiming.


As Geet finished her narrative, Anjali sighed dreamily. With her hand under her chin and fingers spread upon her cheeks, she placed her elbow on her knee and dreamed about her brother's wedding to Khushi. Nahi ji! Khushi nahi! Humaari Bhabhi ka naam toh Afreen hai! Haina Chote! Anjali giggled.


Suddenly Anjali sprang up from her seat with excitement on her face, "Hum abhi jaake Naaniji aur Maamiji ko bataate hain! Humaare Chote ne humaare liye Bhabhi dhoondhli! Woh bhi Paayal Bhabhi ki behen! Abhi baat karenge toh kya pata dono Bhaiyyon ki shaadi ek saath ho jaaye! Socho Baby! Do bhaiyyon ki shaadi do behnon se! Perfect!"


Anjali almost reached the door when Geet shouted, "NAHI!"
Anjali turned with worry wondering if something happened to Geet. Geet was standing on her knees on the bed with worrisome expression on her face, "Nahi AD! Gharwaalon ko mat bataana!"


"Kyun? Chat mangni aur pat byah hojaayega!", Anjali explained.

"Lekin Di, AB nahi maanenge!", Geet replied.

Anjali was confused. She came and sat beside Geet. Geet also relaxed from her position and sat back.


"Kyun? Kyun nahi maanenge? Tum toh keh rahi thi ki Chote usse flirt kar rahe the, romance kar rahe the toh kyun nahi?", Anjali pouted. Geet smiled with amusement, "Lekin pyaar ka izhaar toh nahi kiya na? Only attraction hai! Abhi hi agar humne dono ne rishte ki baat ki toh kya pata AB KB se door hi bhaag jaayein! Aap toh jaante hain AB ko! Pyaar aur shaadi se darte hain woh! Nahi! Hum rishte ki baat nahi kar sakte hain!"

"KB?", Anjali looked at Geet with confusion.

Geet grinned, "Khushi Bhabhi!"

Anjali shook her head at Geet's habit of giving nicknames. But then she frowned, "Baby! Ek taraf tum use Bhabhi bulaati ho aur doosre taraf rishte ki baat karne se manaa karti ho! Humein kuch samajh nahi aa raha!"


"Oh ho meri bholi Di! Baat ko samjho!", Geet looked at Anjali as if she was telling her nuclear secrets, "Dekho di! Maine dono ki baaton se aur expression se itna samjha ki Bhai is attracted to her lekin KB Bhai se darti hai! Kyun? Kab se? Yeh pata nahi! Yeh humein pata lagaana hoga! Kyunki agar Bhai ko pyaar ho aur Khushi ko nafrat toh agar ab rishta leke gaye toh AB ka dil tootega!"


Anjali shook her head in worry, "Nahi nahi Baby! Yeh nahi hona chaahiye!"

"Aur doosri baat", Geet continued, "Pyaar ya attraction, AB ko jo bhi hua hai, agar naya naya hua hai toh woh denial mein rahenge kyunki unhein pyaar aur shaadi se darr hai! Agar iss waqt hum rishte ki baat karein toh Bhai aur ziddi ho jaayenge! Phir toh apne Chote ki shaadi ke sapne dekhna bhool jaao!"


Anjali worriedly bit her lip, "Phir toh hum rishte ki baat bilkul nahi karenge!"

Then she glared at Geet, "Toh phir tumne humein yeh baat kyun bataayi? Achche khaase hum anjaan the! Ab humein yeh sab bataake humein hope deke dil tod di!"


Geet pouted, "Arre di! Baat ko samjho! Maine aapko isliye bataaya taaki hum AB ki shaadi KB se karwa sake!"


Anjali had enough. "Yeh kya hai Baby?", Anjali whined, "Kabhi kehti ho, taang adaana nahi, toh ab keh rahi ho, taang adaana hai! Yeh chal kya raha hai?"


Geet slapped her forehead, "Oh ho! Aap samajh nahi rahi ho! Kya pata agar humne kuch nahi kiya aur AB KB ki kahaani pyaar tak pahunchi hi nahi toh? Soch lo AD! Wahaan Khushi shaadi karke jaayegi aur yahaan aapka Chote devdas bana phirega!"


"Nahi!", Anjali shouted. She looked at Geet worriedly, "Phir hum kya karein? Taang adaayein toh problem! Taang na adaayein toh problem!"


"Arre AD! Simple matter hai! Hum dono ka rishta toh nahi karwa sakte jab tak dono ek duje ko pasand na karlein! Toh kyun na hum kuch aisa karein ki dono ko dono pasand aa jaayein!", Geet explained.


Anjali looked at her with wide eyes and Geet continued, "Infact, mere paas perfect plan hai! Lekin aapki jaroorat padegi! Yeh plan work hua toh Khushi KB ho jaayegi!"


Anjali looked at her eagerly and Geet giggling explained her plan. Once the plan was fully explained, Anjali clapped eagerly, "Yeh toh perfect plan hai! Ise toh work karna hi padega! Don't worry Baby! Hum tumhaara kaam kardenge! Aur tum humein humaari Bhabhi dila dogi!"

Geet nodded happily and both ladies hugged each other. Let the matchmaking begin!




I don't know a single thing about cases and lawyers so I apologise if I offended anybody. But the fact is in India it does take years to get justice and I am simply reflecting and exaggerating on that. Also, before you flame me for my thinking remember that this is just a fanfiction.


Another point is that this is a RomCom. So the whole Shyam's plan thing won't be the focus. My focus is on Romance and some Comedy, so get ready for some fun folks because the love stories are about to begin!


PRECAP: Anjali executes the first step of the plan while Geet gets ready for the second step! Meanwhile we get to know the haal of the other three lovebirds aka Maan, Khushi, and Arnav too!



Thank you, have fun and leave your comments,




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Loved part 10B Clap
Anjali and Geet matchmaking, eager for the next part.
Welcome back Big smile

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Lovely update. Loved the way Geet recognized Khurana family's membersLOL

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fabulous update

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hi thanks 4 updating! hw r u??? terrific update! superbly written

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Originally posted by khwaishfan

hi thanks 4 updating! hw r u??? terrific update! superbly written
I am ok! Slowly coming out of the grief. And trying to distract myself through writing. 

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