Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee


Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee
Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee

DFL RomCom Ishtyle! Chap 17 up on 3rd March on Pg 31!

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I am Kalpana and this is my story!



Four years ago today I started DFL. It was long journey filled with romance, mystery, pain, separation, jealousy and enough twists to make you feel like you are riding a roller coaster.

It had Geet getting amnesia, Arnav hiding his identity and many more twists and drama!


But I always wondered what would have happened if Geet had not gotten amnesia in DFL. How different would Maan and Geet's love story be! After all, half of the drama in Maaneet's part in DFL came from the amnesia! And then I realised that before Arnav started his identity hiding drama Geet would have destroyed the plan. How? That you will find out in Chapter 10. Suffice to say, even Arshi's love story would take different turn than what happened in DFL!


Hence, after wondering for 3 years, here I present, DFL RomCom Ishtyle!

Where Geet does not loose her memory!

Where Maan is not scared of falling for Geet!

Where Arnav does not get the chance to create the hiding Identity drama!

And where Khushi meets her Rakshas who is also her Jiji's Jethji! Hey Devi Maiyya!


So go ahead and read this brand new version and prepared to be amused!

Because this DFL is light hearted yaar!





 Even if you have read the first eight chapters in DFL, you better read them again here coz I have edited those chapters. The first time I wrote those chapters, I was a novice in story telling and now after two years of experience, my writing has improved and hence, I edited those chapters so as to make it at par with my current writing skills.


Thank you for trying my story!


Take care and have fun,



P.S. If you like my work, try my other fics @ Entertainment Galore! 

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        A young girl sat on the floor with her face on her knees. She clutched her knees tightly while drops of tears flowed out of her eyes non stop. She slowly raised her face and glanced around. The room was totally dark except some light coming from the window high up in the wall. She looked down and stared at her hands in despair. Her hands were marred with scars, some old and some new. She knew that if someone looked properly they would find such scars all over her body. She sighed sadly. These scars will fade away but what about the scars on her soul? Will they ever go away? Will she always be stuck in this four walled prison? Will anybody help her, save her? Will she never be free? At this thought her tears started flowing again.


       She stared at her hands for few more minutes when she noticed a scar on her wrist. She received it by accident when she was small while playing with her cousins. Suddenly a thought stuck her. Her Cousin! He would help her. All she has to do is contact them. She suddenly felt happy and her shoulders straightened up. She will be saved! Then another thought stuck her and her shoulders slumped in defeat. But to be saved, she would have to contact them! And to contact them she has to get out of this prison! How will she do that?


       But then she realized that she has to fight, fight for justice, fight for her freedom. She again straightened up her shoulders and determined looked up. "Hey Babaji! Mujhe raasta dikhaao ke main yahaan se nikal sakoon.", she mumbled. She looked at the scar on her wrist and said out loud, "Veere, Geet Handa aa rahi hain tere paas. Geet ka intezaar karna."





   Maan Singh Khurana walked down the steps of Khurana Mansion towards the dining table but slowed down as he noticed the three occupants smiling at him politely. Maan Bete! Daal mein kuch kaala hai, Dadima toh har waqt muskurati hain par Dev aur Naintara ka smile karna... kuch toh gadbad hain! Maan thought. As he sat down on his seat, his Dadima started serving him his breakfast. Maan's eyebrows rose on their own accord as he noticed this new development. Mujhe parosa jaa raha hain; Ab toh such mein kuch gadbad hain, Maan realized.


As if on cue, Naintara opened her mouth, "Dadima, kal aapke dost, woh Priya Sanyal, ke ghar mein kuch function haina?", she asked very sweetly. And Maan realized the plan. Someway or other he was going to be dragged to the function where he will be introduced to some girls for the sake of his marriage. He realized that he has to something and that also fast. Before Dadima could reply back, he started speaking, "Dadima, kal se yaad aaya, kal mera urgent meeting hain Office mein toh main shayad kal raat ko 11 se pehle ghar nahi pahunchoonga." He delivered his blow while smiling at his sister-in-law as if saying I know what you are planning and I won't let you succeed. His Dadima visibly deflated. Maan shook his head. Inke reaction se toh koi yahi sochega ki maine sanyaasi banne ka faisla liya hai! His Dadima should have been a theatre actress!


   Just when Maan had thought that he had won the round, his younger brother, Dev, decided to open his mouth. "But Bro, us meeting ke liye to main bhi jaa sakta hoon". Maan glared at his brother. Traitor! He thought while Dadima and Naintara beamed at Dev as if Dev had handed them a Kohinoor Heera. But Maan smirked, he was not known as one of the best businessman of Delhi just like that. He very well knew how to counter such tactics. He replied, "Lekin tum meeting main gaye toh site pe kaun jayega? Main chaahta hoon ki tum site par ek nazar ghooma do, just to be on safer side." Dev meekly nodded while Naintara and Dadima huffed at another plan being flopped. Maan wished them all goodbye and walked out to his car. As he sat in his car, he got a call. He smiled and picked it up. "Haan Arnav, bolo." Arnav as in Arnav Singh Raizada, at Shantivan, smiled at his reflection on the mirror while talking on Bluetooth and righting his tie with his hands.


Arnav raised an eyebrow, "Bus, Haan bolo. Na Good Morning, na Hello. Is everything alright?"

Maan sighed tiredly, "Kuch nahi yaar! 3 Musketeers ne phirse meri shadi ka plan banaaya. Unse bachke aa raha hoon."

Arnav smirked at that and decided to tease Maan, "Toh shaadi karlona! Problem kya hai?"

Maan narrowed his eyes at Arnav's teasing tone and retorted in annoyance, "Itna bol rahe ho? Tum kyon nahi karlete?"

Arnav rolled his eyes, "Meri shaadi toh tum bhool jaao! Mujhe na Shaadi pe vishwas hai na Pyaar pe. Par tumhe toh vishwas hai. Toh problem kya hai?"

Maan smiled sadly, "Shaadi se problem nahi hai par ladkiyon se hai. Sab mere paise se shaadi karna chaahti hain, mujhse nahi. Koi Maan se shaadi kare, Maan Singh Khurana se nahi!"

Arnav huffed, "Aisi ladki milna mushkil hai."

Maan bristled and announced loudly, "Maan Singh Khurana ke liye kuch bhi mushkil nahi. Accha! Phone rakhta hoon. We will talk later! Say Namaste and Hi to your family!"

"Ya, Okay! Bye Take care.", Arnav replied as he shut the phone.


Maan smiled and wished that there was someone who would teach Arnav what love truly was. And hoped there was someone who would love him as Maan.



  Arnav smirked at his reflection and walked down to have his breakfast. As soon as he sat on his seat, he noticed his Nani showing her thumbs up to Anjali Di and realized what Maan meant by "Unse bachke aa raha hoon" It seemed that just like Maan's family attacked him for getting married, now it was his turn to get the same treatment from his family. He schooled his features as he got ready for the battle.


   Arnav never wanted to get married but not wanting to hurt his sister's feelings whose only wish was to see her brothers married, he did not inform his family of his wish and continued to see every girl they showed to him while behaving as if he was interested in getting married. Of course, he rejected every girl harshly, his reason varying from some silly problem to some imaginary fault. And now he readied himself to do the same again. Come on Arnav! Get ready to be bombarded with the details of yet another girl and to detect some fault in her as early as possible!


   Arnav waited for the drama to begin and he did not have to wait long. Anjali smiled at Shyam and turned towards her Chote. "Chote, hum soch rahe the ke tumhein toh Shaadi nahi karni toh kyun na hum Akash ki Shaadi karaade." Mami straightened her back the moment her son's marriage was mentioned. Everyone sitting around the table very well knew how much Mami wanted a bahu for her son. But Nani had refused getting him married stating that Arnav was the eldest in line to get married.


    Arnav was surprised but only for a moment. What the! How did she know I don't want to get married! I never told anyone. But then he paused. Wait! If she came to know that truth she would have cried buckets by now. But as she is not doing that, this means...


    Arnav glanced from his Nani to his Di and realized their plan. Afterall he was Maan's best friend. Their plan, it seemed, was simple; after hearing such a dialogue, they expected him to explode because they thought he wanted to get married but was just not happy with their choice of brides. And once he panicked enough at the thought of not getting married, he would stop being picky about the girls and lower his expectations for the next girl they spring on him.


Arnav shook his head at their poorly, according to him, constituted plan. They didn't know that if it was upto him he would remain bachelor his whole life. Arnav finished his juice and delivered his blow. "Aapne sahi socha hain Di. Akash ke liye aap ladki dekhna shuru kijiye." While saying this he got up from his place and shouting "Chalo Akash" he walked towards his SUV.


    On the breakfast table, as Aakash scurried after Arnav, Arnav's family stared at him in shock. Their plan backfired, just like that. What the!


   After few minutes, Shyam tried to cheer up his pregnant wife. Keyword here is tried'. "Rani sahiba, aap toh saale sahib ko jaanti hain na, woh aise hi hain. Aap fikar mat kijiye, sab theek hojayega." But Anjali was not in mood of cheering up. Her Chote was not at all ready to get married.


Mama piped up, "Par u ladki ka kaa jon humne Arnav bitwa ke liye Lucknow ma Dhoond rakhi hai?" Mami, worried for her son, cut in "Hello Hi Bye Bye! Woh Girl hum Akash ko dikhai denge, What you say, Sasuma?"


   Nani thought for a while and then nodded her head, "Manorama Sahi keh rahi hain. Waise bhi hum kitna bhi koshish karlein ki Chote ko ladki dikhaa dein, uu toh bas baat ko taalne laagat hai. Lagta hai ki iss baar humka Aakash bitwa ke baare mein sochna chaahiye! Theek hai! Hum aaj hi Lucknow ki Kothi tayyar karwa det hain. Anjali Bitiya, tum uu ladki waalon ko bataado ki Akash ke rishte ke liye hum sabhai aawat hain."


    Anjali nodded her head solemnly, still miffed that her plan to sprung another girl on Chote had backfired so spectacularly. She closed her eyes and prayed to Devi Ma, "Hey Devi Ma, humaari toh ek hi kaamna hai aapse ki humaare Chote ko apna jeevan saathi mil jaaye! Unhein bhi koi saathi mil jaaye! Hamare Chote ke zindagi mein ek aisi ladki bhejo jise dekhte hi woh unka ho jaaye! Ladki ko parakhne mein jo shart lagaate hain woh Chote un saari sharton ko bhool jaaye aur bina kuch kahe us ladki ka haath thaam lein! Hum bas unhein khush dekhna chaahte hain! Humaare Chote ki zindagi badi khaali aur sooni hai! Ma, Mere Chote ki black and white zindagi ko colourful kardo. Usmein Khushi bhar do."





  "Arrey, Oh Sanka Devi!", a voice roared throughout the house of Mr. Shashi Gupta, who fortunately was not in the house. But unfortunate were the members of the house, a certain Mrs. Garima Gupta and a beautiful Miss. Payal Kumari Gupta who visibly reacted by closing their ears with their hands while praying to Devi Maiyya to save the so called Sanka Devi. And the Sanka Devi in question, a certain Miss. Khushi Kumari Gupta reacted by turning around in the kitchen, huffing a bit and questioning her Devi Maiyya silently why had this darling Bua decided to visit her Shashi Babua now, and went back to her work. The mother - daughter duo, Garima and Payal slowly poked their heads into kitchen, had a look around, shook their head and turned back to their work, while a confused Bua looked around the kitchen counter which was littered with nothing but Jalebis and noticed that the Parmeshwari had actually gone on to make more Jalebis.


   "Haiyye Re, Nand Kisore! Arrey, Oh Titaliya, Ee Sab Jalebian kaahe banaawat ho? Ka Hua? Ab kisne tori sanak khiska di?" questioned Bua to which Khushi huffed and replied, "Arrey Buaji! Hum kya hamesha ghusse mein hi Jalebi banaayen kya? Khushi mein nahi bana sakti?"


    Bua looked confused, "Khushi, Kauno khushi ki baat kar rahi ho Titaliya?", enquired Bua. Khushi turned around, hugged her Bua and spoke, "Jiji ko dekhne ladkewale aa rahe hain, is khushi mein hum jalebi bana rahe hain." Bua shook her head and told her, "Par bitiya rishta toh ho jaane do. Abhi toh sirf uu dekhne aa rahe hain!"


   Bua turned around and walked towards the living room and Khushi followed her. Khushi directly went to her sister, pulled her up and made her stand in front of Bua and said, "Kyon rishta nahi hoga? Hamaari jiji mein kya kami hai jo woh unhe manaa karde? Dekhna jiji ko dekhte hi woh jhat se haan kardenge." Saying this, Khushi hugged her sister and sang, "Meri pyari beheniya banegi dulhaniya" to which Payal blushed and ran away to her room and Garima laughed softly.


     This was the scene to which Shashi Gupta returned, his sister holding her head, his wife laughing softly, his elder daughter Payal blushing and his younger daughter Khushi giggling and fooling around. He still remembered the day Khushi had come into his house. Khushi's parents had died in a car accident when she was 8 years old and Khushi was to go to Allahabad to her mother's sister's house. But her maternal Aunt already had a daughter - Lavanya and were also facing money problems. And that is when Khushi's mother's best friend Garima had stepped in. As Garima and Shashi Gupta also had a daughter but no money problems, they decided to adopt Khushi. Shashi fell in love with sweet little Khushi after meeting her first time. Even though Bua took time to adjust with her, later on she also fell in love in Khushi too. After two three years, Khushi's maternal Aunt, sister to her real mother, died due to cancer, and left Lavanya motherless. Again Garima stepped in and gave the girl a mother's love. Pretty soon Garima became Amma to three daughters - Eldest in line simple and mature Payal, Second in line Chatpati and Dreamy Lavanya and Youngest of all Full of fun and crazy ideas Khushi.


   Shashi was stopped from reminicising by Khushi who went came running towards holding the Jalebis. "Bauji, hum yeh sab Jalebian Mohalle mein baant aate hain. Waisi bhi sabko pata chalna chahiye ki hamaari jiji ke liye Dilli se Rajkumar ka rishta aa raha hain." Khushi practically shouted. Shashi smiled and replied, "Woh sab toh theek hain bitiya par kya tumne apni behen ko ee baat batayi hain? Lavanya aur uske Babuji ka bhi haq banta hain yeh khabar jaanneka." Khushi slapped her forehead and replied, "Hey Devi Maiyya! Humein laga tha ki hum kuch bhool rahe hain! Hum abhi unse baat karte hain." Khushi did an about turn and ran towards the phone. She picked it up and dialed the number. After two rings the phone was picked up. Khushi spoke, "Hello, hum Khushi bol rahe hain." To which she got the reply, "Haan Chamkeeli, mein Lavanya bol rahi hoon. Bolo kaisi ho? Ghar mein sab theek to hain na? Amma, Buaji aur Mausaji theek to hai na?"


  Soon both the girls were chattering loudly and after a while, Khushi put down the phone and went on to do her work happily. She prayed to her Devi Maiyya, "Hey Devi Maiyya! Meri Payal Jiji Aur Lavanya Di ko khush rakhna aur unhein apne sapnon ka raajkumar dena. Aur rahi baat hamaari toh, humein toh koi aisa bhejna jo apne parivar se bahut pyar kare aur hamesha unhein khush rakhein, jaise hum sabko rakhte hain."

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Place - Kothi of Raizadas at Lucknow


       Manorama was worried. "Hello, Hi! Bye, Bye! Itna kam samay mein sab kaisan hovega sasuma? Aur bas itna hi saaman, sasuma? Humra matlab hai ki hum bas ee sab hi laike jaawat hai?" Asked our darling Mami as she ran behind her sasuma while the said sasuma looked around making sure that all the things are ready and at their places. Afterall if they like the girl they can give shagun then and there, right! Nani thought with a smile. Oh! How she wished it was Arnav getting married. "Manorama", chided Nani while looking at her bahuriya. "Hum kauno shaadi karaane naahi jaawat hai. Hum toh bas ladki dekhan jaawat hai. Baat pakki hui bhi gayi toh sirf shagun denge, byah naahi karwaenge. Shaadi ma je saaman tumka deika padi tum tab uu sab dekhilo. Ab itna hi kaafi hai", replied Nani.


         Meanwhile a miffed Anjali looked around gloomily. Don't take her wrong. She was happy for Akash, but she wished it was her Chote for whom they were going to see the girl. Suddenly an idea entered her head and her face light up like a tubelight.



 Shyam looked at his wife, shook his head and moved two feet away from her. Don't get him wrong, he loved his wife but when her face lit like a bulb there must be some idea going on there. And most of her ideas were related to Devi Maiyya and some puja. While he loved and worshipped God, he was not fanatic enough to keep visiting daily and doing a puja every week. He looked around wishing he had stayed behind in Dilli just like his saale-saab, Arnav, who had used his work as an excuse to escape the trip. Shyam wished he had thought something similar too; he was getting bored here. Akash was of no use as he was in his dream land from the moment he heard about his marriage. His wife suddenly got up and went and conspired with Mami and Nani and suddenly Nani spoke in loud voice, "Chote ko bulaao, Anjali Bitiya! Aapan ko jo puja karni hai uske liye Chote ka puja ki thaal ko haath lagaana bahut jaroori hai! Toh jaake Chote ko hiyaan bulaao aur agar aane mein Chote nakhre kare toh uuka kaho ki yahaan naahin aaye toh hum aur aap unse baat naahi karenge." Shyam grinned. Finally he would have some good company in this whole trip.



Place - Khushi's House


     Madhumati Bua slapped her forehead as she looked at her Sanka Devi who was less helping in the preparations and more running here and there excitedly. Bua understood her excitement as some one from Delhi was coming to see her sister and soon here sister will be married but that did not mean she should run here and there like an uncivilized child. Finally, unable to bear it, Bua marched towards Khushi, got hold of her arm and dragged her to her Shashi Babua's shop and strictly told her to work there and not to enter the house. She entered the house and found a grateful Garima who did not have the heart to chide her daughter but was unable to stop her from creating more problems. Haiyre Nandkisore! Thought Bua. She pitied the guy who would marry her Sanka Devi.



Place - Shantivan in Delhi


    What the! Thought Arnav. His sister, his sweet dearest darling sister, had called him up and threatened him, actually threatened him, Arnav Singh Raizada, that he has to be present at Lucknow by the evening and stay there for nearly four days or else she and Nani would not speak with him. Arnav could care less if his Nani spoke with him or not but Di, his angel like Di not speaking with him. Not possible! Thought Arnav. Not Possible. He could not believe it. And when asked the reason behind this weird demand, His Jeejaji had the audacity to laugh at him. His Jeejaji who always warned him about his Di and Nani's plan, so that Arnav be ready with counter attack, had actually laughed at him. "Unbelievable", mumbled Arnav. He needed to plan, Arnav thought and walked into his only solace from outer world, his poolside. He started watering his plants while thinking of a way out when his phone rang.


     Arnav picked up his phone while watering his plants, "Hello! Maan. Kaise ho? Daadima kaisi he? Everything fine?"

Maan replied, "Haan! Sab theek hain, bas main phas gayaa!"

Arnav stopped his gardening work in alarm. Who has the guts and audacity to trap MSK?, "Kyon? Aisa kaun hai jo Maan Singh Khurana ko phasa gaya? Koi naya opponent? Information nikaaloon? Aman is an expert in these things."

Maan sighed in defeat, "I wish! Main professionally phasne ki baat nahin kar raha hoon, Arnav. Naintara ne Mujhe phasa diya, phirse ek ladki dekhne ke liye."

Arnav rolled his eyes, " Unbelievable! Finally she duped you! Kaise hua yeh?"

Maan explainedfrom other side, "Kal KC ke client ne party throw ki hai. Next thing you know, NT ne ladki ko bhi party mein bula diya. Turns out the girl is related to the client. Ab client ki party hai, toh miss bhi nahin kar sakta, so it turns out I am stuck."

Arnav chuckled as he continued to water his plants, " Ek baar jaake toh dekhlo, kya pata? Tumhare type waali ladki ho."

Arnav heard Maan sigh again, "Not possible. Ek baar business setting mein mil chuka hoon. She is total modern. And you know that after Sameera I don't like these modern types. Isiliye tumhein call kar raha hoon. Why don't you give me company in this party? Naintara ka plan flop aur tum aur main baatein bhi karlenge. What say?"

Arnav blew out his breath, "Sorry, dude. Is baar tum sach mein phas chuke ho. Akash ke liye Lucknow mein ladki dhoondi hain. Usse dekhne poori family private chopper se Lucknow pahunchchuki hai. Aur Nani ne order diya hai ki main bhi pahunchoon. Aur ladki aaj sham ko hi dekhke final kardenge."

Maan was confused, "Par party toh kal hain yaar. Kal tak toh tum aa sakte ho."

Not it was Arnav's turn to sigh, "Not possible, dude. Parson wahaan ke mandir mein koi puja hai. And Di and Nani both wants me in Lucknow to touch the thaali or something silly like that! And you know I won't go against Di. Aur is baar Di has actually threatened me that she won't speak to me if I did not reach there."

Maan chuckled, "Angel Dear ke aage toh meri bhi nahi chalti. Tum toh uske bhai ho. But be careful. If I know Angel, uske dimaag mein koi na koi plan pak raha hai."

Arnav chuckled too, "Ya, Mujhe bhi wahi lag raha hai. Bye. You Take care too."



Place - Somewhere in Lucknow


     Nani entered the house of ladkiwallahs with pride in the evening. The whole clan of Raizadas including the two Jhas followed her. Once the groom side was seaten the ladkiwallahs began with their khaatirdaari. Nani was impressed by the ladkiwallahs and was even ready to say yes without looking at girl when the girl's family decided to bring the girl out. Akash's eyes widened and he started blushing. Shyam noticing this rolled his eyes. If Akash started blushing now, what was he going to do in the wedding night? Thought Shyam as he looked across at Arnav and realized that Arnav had noticed Akash and the glint in his eyes told Shyam that Arnav was also thinking the same thing. Both tried to control their smiles when out came the girl and smiles were wiped from their faces. Nani raised her eyebrow in a eiree resemblance to her grandson while the said grandson shouted What the! In his mind and turned towards his Di as she was the one who had come across this rishta. The ladkiwallahs made the girl sit and Nani started asking the questions, "Naam ka hai bitiya tumhara?", asked Nani and the girl replied in girlish voice, "Piyali! But please if you want you can call me Piya or even Babes. That's my nickname in my college." Piya smiled as she straightened her skirt which was barely reaching her thigh and bent a bit forward and her low cut blouse showed the glimpse of her assets to the world. Akash eyes popped out while Shyam, Anjali and Arnav thought What the! Simultaneously in their minds. Nani glared at the girl for being so indecent while Mama just shook his head. Manorama was too involved in giving her make up a touch up to notice anything. Afterall she was the sasuma, she has to look good in front of her bahuriya.


   An hour later, a dejected Anjali, a gloomy Akash and an angry Nani exited the place with the remaining clan following them. Shyam and Arnav were controlling their laughs for the sake of the family when Nani spoke with annoyance in her voice, "Anjali bitiya humka tumse ee umeed naahi thi. Aur Arnav Bitwa aur Damaadji aapko hasee aa rahi hai toh has lijiye." And that did it. Arnav and Shyam started laughing loudly while Anjali spluttered. Arnav spoke, "Kya ladki dekhi hai Di? Mini skirt, itni choti top aur upar se model! Lagta hai use laga ki hum ladki dekhne nahin, AR ke liye show stopper dhoondne aaye." and Arnav started laughing again. Shyam spoke up, "Shayad use laga ki hamare yahaan bahuon ko show stopper banaya jaata hai." Both of them again started laughing with Akash and Mama. Anjali spluttered, "Humein kya pata tha? Humein laga ki ladki Lucknow ki hai, toh sanskari hogi. Humein kya pata ki woh modern niklegi." Arnav spoke teasingly, "Di, aapke Maan Saab ko yeh sab pata chalega toh who kya bolenge? Maan Singh Khurana ki Best friend aur ek dhang ki ladki nahin dhoond saki apne bhai ke liye!" Anjali fumed, "Chote, aap toh chup hi rahiye. Aur apne jeejaji se kahiye ki woh chup hojaaye varna hum unse baat nahin karenge." Shyam shut up promptly. Arnav spoke while smirking, "Waise Di ladki buri nahin thi, kaho toh main haan kardoon?" Anjali felt so excited that her chote liked someone that she was ready to go back. Even though the girl was modern, her Chote finally liked someone, she thought gleefully when Nani, as if reading her mind, glared at her and spoke, "Naahin, Chote. Humaari parivar ki bahu aisan ladki naahi banegi. Aur ee humaar final decision hai." While Anjali visibly deflated, Arnav smirked. He didn't like the girl as he wished to never marry, he said that just to annoy his Nani. Shyam turned and winked at him as if saying I know what you did and Arnav grinned back.



Place - Somewhere in Hoshiarpur


     Geet woke up with a start. What was that noise? She looked around with apprehension when she noticed a plate served rotis and sabji. Oh! They couldn't even look at my face! They just kept the food and walked away! Geet knew what she would find on their faces, nothing but guilt and helplessness. They couldn't go against their own family and help her. So, instead on meeting her eyes, they left the food and went away. She knew her capturers expected her to eat; but she wouldn't. She refused to eat. Let her jailors think it was her way of rebelling. She closed her eyes when she suddenly heard her Veere's voice in her mind, something he had told her when they had last met, "Geetto, ek baad yaad rakh. Jab bhi mushkil mein rahegi, toh dil se nahin dimaag se kaam le. Dil jahaan bhaavnaon mein bahega, dimaag waheen bhaavnaon se pare hatke koi na koi hal nikalega. Toh rishton ke liye dil se sochna, par mushkilon ke liye dimaag se kaam lena." Geet opened her eyes, Iss waqt tu mushkil mein hai Geetto, dil se nahin dimaag se kaam le! Geet thought. She spoke outloud, "Dil keh rahaa hain ki tu yeh khaana mat kha, khaayegi toh inki jeet hogi, par dimaag keh raha hain ki bachke bhaagne ke liye taakat chaahiye, toh uske liye kha le, aur khaayegi toh inhein lagega woh jeet gaye aur inki chaukidari thodi dheeli padegi tab tujhe bhaagne ka mauka bhi milega. Haan, yehi theek hai, main khaa leti hoon." Geet took the food platter and started to eat.



Place - Khushi's House


   Khushi looked dejectedly at the moon wondering what had went wrong. Yesterday, she was so happy that her sister will be married to a Dilli rajkumar. Even today morning she felt so happy. Now what had happened? Thought Khushi gloomily. She remembered how the ladkawallahs had entered their house. The Sharma family had been living in Delhi for years and wanted a bride from their hometown Lucknow. The bridegroom was good looking and he also liked her Jiji. Even the parents of the boy approved of Jiji. Then why Devi Maiyya, did you bring problems? Thought Khushi. Everything was fine and the rishta was to be finalized when the father of the groom started talking about the dahej - Dowry. And as the whole of Gupta family was against Dowry, they were shocked. Khushi could not restrain herself and told them what she thought of Dowry and dowry takers. The mother of the groom retorted back and a whole set of arguments began between both the families which ended with the Sharma family walking out of the house with a promise to never set their foot into this house and Payal sobbing slowly and Khushi sitting dejectly. Even though her whole family appreciated her and told her that she did not do anything wrong, she still felt a bit sad that her Jiji would not marry a rajkumar. She folded her hands and spoke to her Devi Maiyya, "Hey Devi Maiyaa! Humaari Jiji ke liye ek rajkumar bhejdo na, please." She did not know her plea was going to be listened and her wish was going to be fulfulled pretty soon, infact the next day!


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Place - Khushi's House


        "Jijiii", a certain hurricane named Khushi came running into her house at morning 8 o'clock hollering for her Jiji, while a certain Miss. Payal Kumari Gupta, the Jiji in question, looked up from her stitching, rolled her eyes and went back to her work. Payal and Khushi's parents, Shashi and Garima looked amused and annoyed respectively. Luckily for Khushi, Buaji was out of the house or else she would started on her "Haiyre Nanakisore" and "Sanki Devi" Dialogues. Shashi folded his newspaper as he knew his younger daughter would be lot more entertaining than the paper while Garima continued to clean the rice which was to be cooked soon. Khushi ran into the house and landed beside her sister and started talking non-stop addressing both her sister and father, "Humaare paas ek taaji khabar hai jiji, who purani kothi haina, jahaan saalon se koi nahi rehta, Mishraaiyin keh rahi thi, ki wahaan abhi kuch log rehne aayein hain Dilli se aur unke ghar mein shaadi ke liye rishta dekha jaa raha hai." While Shashi and Garima looked mildly interested, Payal looked at Khushi disinterestedly. "Toh?", she questioned Khushi. Khushi replied, "Arrey Jiji! Bade log hain, toh unke yahaan rishta dekhne ke liye shagun toh le jaate honge na, toh unhein mithaaayion ki jaroorat toh hogi na. Aur agar rishta pakka hogaya aur sagaai bhi yaheen hui toh kitne saare mehmaan aayenge. Aur jitne mehmaan utni mithaaiyan bhi chahiye hogi."



            "Tum ka keh rahi ho bitiya?", Garima asked and Shashi nodded his head. "Arrey Amma! Agar hum wahaan jaakar apni mithaai unko chakha dein, aur unhe pasand aai toh socho kitna bada Aardar (Order) humein milega. Aur unke mehmaan bhi Dilli ke honge. Mehmaanon ko pasand aaya toh humein Dilli se bhi Aardar milenge. Phir toh humein bahut paise milenge aur aap dono ko jiji aur meri shaadi ke kharche ki fikar bhi nahin karni padegi." Khushi replied excitedly. She had already started dreaming her sister's marriage to some handsome rajkumar while Garima and Shashi conferred on Khushi's idea. Khushi dreamed of her sister dressed in laal joda and wearing lots of jewellery when Garima's words broke into her thoughts, "Par Mithaai chakhhaane ke liye mithaai leke jayega kaun? Hum toh ghar sambhaalenge. Aap teeno toh dukaan sambhaalenge. Phir kaun jayega?" Asked Garima to which Khushi replied enthusiastically, "Hum shaam ko chale jaayenge. Shaam ko jab dukaan par bheed kam hogi us waqt hum wahaan jayenge." Garima shook her head, "Na, na. Hum tumka wahaan akeli naahi jaane denge." Khushi looked around dejectedly and then smiled and replied Garima, "Toh theek haina, Amma! Hum Jiji ko saath lejayenge. Ab toh theek haina, Amma!" Garima hesitated when Shashi held her hand in assurance and nodded in affirmative at Khushi. Khushi suddenly excited about getting a big order bounced towards the door while shouting," Babuji, Jiji! Jaldi se tayyaar hoke dukaan pahunch jaayiye. Hum abhi jaake shaam ke liye mithaai tayyaar karte hain. Aur haan, Jiji, humaare aur aapke liye acchhe waale kapde tayyaar rakhna. Achhe kapde pehnenge toh achha impresan (impression) padega."


     Shashi looked on with pride at his daughter. While he was against Dowry, he knew that as ladkiwallah he had to empty his pockets for decoration and clothes and jewellery and for other arrangements. Above on that, he had two daughters. If he got even one big Order, it will be helpful for the girls' weddings.



Place - Maan's Study room at Khurana Mansion


     Maan looked out of the window. It was nearing 7 o'clock in evening and moon was out of the clouds. Maan couldn't believe that he had to go to the party and meet a girl. He was still thinking of a plan to back out of it. The girl in question was his client Mr. Malhotra's niece, Miss. Parineeta Malhotra. Maan was saddened that Naintara had chose such a girl for him. Parineeta, preferred to be called Pari, was intelligent and a modern girl. She was a model and had gone against her own parents to try modeling. Maan had nothing against modern and working girls, instead he believed that girls should stand on their own feet and not be dependant on their family, but the girl who goes against her own parents, Maan did not believe that she will respect her inlaws' wishes.


    Naintara entered her room and shook her head looking at her Vadde Veerji. While she and Dev were already ready, Maan was yet in his office clothes. She spoke, "Yeh kya hai, aap abhi tak tayyaar nahin hue? Pari se milna nahin hai kya?"

Maan turned around and faced NT. "Maine kahaan tha na tumse mujhe koi ladki nahin dekhni. Toh phir tum kyon mere peeche padi ho Naintara? Mujhe kyon chain se nahin rehne deti?" Maan shouted at her.

Naintara took a step backward in fear. Her Veerji looked scary when he shouted. She pitied the girl who would marry him. But she gathered her courage and spoke, "Par Veerji, suniye toh..." Maan could not take it anymore. "Chup, Bilkul chup.", he roared. Naintara's eyes filled with tears.


    Dev, who was listening to the conversation from the door, could not resist himself anymore and made himself visible to both Maan and NT and spoke up, "Bas, bro, bas. NT toh bas aapki bhale ki sochti hai. Aur aap uspe chilla rahe ho! Bro, why are you letting Sameera affect yourself so much? Sameera aapka ateet thi. Use bhool jayiye aur aage badhiye bro."


     Maan looked confused, "Sameera! Ab yeh Sameera kahaan se beech mein aagayi? Paanch saal pehle jab woh shaadi ka mandap chod ke chali gayi, woh bhi mere, mere parivar ki ya uske parivar ki izzat ki parwaah na karte hue, tabhi hi main use bhool chukka hoon.", Maan replied harshly. Now it was Dev's turn to look confused. "Par bro, agar woh wajaah nahin hai toh kya wajah hai aapke shaadi na karne ki?" questioned Dev.


   Maan sighed and signaled them to sit down. NT and Dev sat on the sofa while Maan took the chair. Maan waited for few seconds to collect his thoughts and spoke, "Sameera aur meri shaadi sirf ek compromise thi. We were good friends from childhood aur humaari family bhi friends the. Woh hamesha se modeling karna chaahti thi par use dhang ke breaks nahin mil rahe the. Tab Dadima ne humari shaadi ki baat kahi. Hum dono achhe dost the aur ek duje ko samajthe the isliye humne bhi haan kardi. Shaadi ke sangeet ke waqt Dadima ne tum dono ki sagaai karwa di aur shaadi tumhare College khatam hone par hojayegi yeh elaan kar diya. Aur phir shaadi ka din aaya. Woh din ek manhoos din tha. Sameera ko modeling karne ka achha Offer aaya. Uski wajah se woh shaadi ka mandap chodke bhaag gayi aur humaare liye ek chitti chod gayi. Maine toh use us waqt apni zindagi se nikal phenka. Yeh sab toh tum dono ne bhi apne aankhon se dekha tha lekin shaadi ke tootne ke gham mein Dadima ka kya hua yeh sirf Mujhe yaad hai. Shaadi ke evening toh tum dono aur Anvesha aur Arjun apne hostel chale gaye. Aur dadi dheere dheere depression mein chali gayi. Sameera se shaadi ki baat dadi ne chedi thi. Isliye Dadima apne aap ko is shaadi ke tootne ka gunehgaar maanti thi. Ek din unhein Heart Attack aagaya. Tum sab ke exams chal rahe the isliye maine tumse kuch nahi kahaa. Doctor ne keh diya ki phir aisa unhein jhatka mila toh woh bardaasht nahin kar payengi. Is liye main shaadi se darta hoon. Sameera ke wajah se nahin. Agar meri patni ne apne career ko apne family ke aage rakha toh shayad Dadima nahi seh paayengi!"


   Dev and NT were shocked to know this whole story. They did not know Dadi had an heart Attack. NT felt like crying. Maan got up and knelt down in front of NT and held her hands. NT looked at him. Maan spoke, "Bachpan se tumhein jaanta hoon NT, tum bahut modern ladki ho aur career oriented bhi. Agar mujhe pata nahi hota ki tum parivar ko kitna importance deti ho toh shayad main tumhari Dev se shaadi bhi nahin hone deta, par main jaanta tha ki anaath hone ki wajah se tumhare zindagi mein ek parivar ke, khaas karke Khurana parivar ke kya maayne hain. Isliye maine tumhari aur Dev ki Aur Arjun aur Annie ki shaadi ko manjoori di."


   Maan turned towards the window when NT spoke, "Toh kya Veerji aap kabhi shaadi nahin karenge?" Maan turned around and smiled at her, "Kisne kahaa tumse? Main shaadi karoonga lekin aisi ladki jo Career se jyaada Parivar ko ehmiyat de." Naintara suddenly got excited and thought Gaaon ki ladkiyaan aisi hi hoti hai. Haan! Humaare Punjab mein toh aisi ladkiyan mil sakti hai.' The moment she finished the thought Maan spoke up, "Lekin who ladki padhi likhi honi chahiye aur independent bhi honi chahiye." Gayi bhains paani mein!' thought NT. gaaon ki ladki aur woh bhi padhi likhi - not possible aur sheher ki ladki par family oriented - again not possible.' Naintara felt her hopes disappearing. "Aisi ladki milna possible nahin hai Veerji!" NT mumbled to which Maan replied, "Mushkil hai impossible nahin! Aur tum hi kehti thi na, ke sab ke liye bhagwaan ne koi na koi banaya hai, toh mere liye bhi koi hogi, independent par family oriented. Tum mere liye ladki dekhna bandh kardo, jab mein use dhoond loonga toh mein khud tumse aake apni shaadi ki baat karoonga." "Matlab aap shaadi karenge?" NT asked and Maan replied in affirmative.


    NT got up from her place and stood in front of Maan and extended her hand. "Toh vaada kijiye, Veerji, ki jaise hi aapko ladki pasand aayegi aap unhein humse milvaenge aur shaadi jald se jald karenge." Maan smiled at her, placed his hand on her hand and promised, "Vaada hai NT!" NT smiled back at him when Dev looked at time and spoke, "Arrey! 7 baj gaye. Chalo chalte hain. Bro aap baad mein aayiye, hum abhi nikalte hain." And NT and Dev walked towards the stairs and Maan went to his room to get ready.



Place - Kothi at Lucknow


    Khushi shook her head, looked here and there and admitted to herself, SHE WAS LOST. Khushi felt her heartbeats rising in fear. This Kothi was so big that she actually has got lost in it. She looked around in shock. Half an hour back she was happily walking into the Kothi with her sister. She was dressed in one of her best chudidaar kameez with a heavily embroideried dupatta while her sister wore a simple saari. She was happily talking to her Jiji how this Aardar would get the said Jiji married. And now Khushi was lost. She and her sister had noticed that there was no one in the main hall and decided to get separated and search for someone to talk. (They did not know that everybody had gone to see the evening aarti at Mandir except Arnav). While Payal carried half the Sweets, Khushi carried the other half. They decided to meet in half hour in the main hall and now Khushi was lost. She wondered how much her jiji must be panicking when suddenly she noticed a guy dressed in Black suit with his back facing Khushi. Khushi was about to walk towards him and talk to him when suddenly the guy started shouting in his phone and Khushi got scared. She had heard that shaitans and bad people always dressed up in black and his shouting signified that he might not be happy seeing her here. She slowly edged towards the door through which she entered the room a while ago when the guy turned.



Place - Dev and NT's room at Khurana Mansion


   Naintara felt tired as she entered her room after coming back from the party but she was happy today. Though Veerji rejected Pari, he also promised NT that he would marry one day, but he was just waiting for the right girl. Yes, She was happy today.


     Dev looked at his wife amazed and hugged her from behind. He was happy that his Bro was not against marriage and would get married one day but he did not understand why NT was so adamant to get Maan married. He turned her around but before he could say anything NT spoke, " Hum jaante hain ki aap humse kya poochna chahte hain. Yehi na ki hum Maan Veerji ki shaadi ko lekar itne zidd par kyon hai?" Dev looked at his wife surprised that she understood him so easily.


   NT smiled at him and walked towards the window. She stared at the same moon which Maan was staring at few hours ago. She spoke up, "Hum ek anaath hain Dev. Ma toh humaare paida hote chal basi. Babuji bhi kuch saalon baad chal base. Humaare paas kuch nahin tha Arjun Bhai ke sivai. Humaare paas bahut daulat thi par duniya ki sabse badi daulat matlab humaara parivar nahi tha. Rishtedaaron ne humaare saari daulat cheen li aur hum dono ko sadak par phenk diya. Tabhi hamaari naani ki best friend aapki daadi aage aayi. Unhonein humein aur Arjun Veerji ko sambhala, paala posa, aur khayal rakha. Maan Veerji hum dono ke bhai bankar humein hamesha galat logon se bachaate rahe. Dadima ne toh Maan Veerji ki shaadi ke baad hi aapki aur Annie ki shaadi karvaengi aisi zidd pakadli thi. Us waqt Maan Veerji ne unhein manaya. Ab dekhiye Annie Bhabhi aur Arjun Veerji Mumbai mein khush hain aur hum aapke saath hain. Hum Maan Veerji ke bahut shukr guzaar hain aur unhein aur Dadima ko khush dekhna chaahte hain. Itne saalon mein Dadima ne humse kuch nahi maanga. Aur maanga bhi toh sirf itna ki hum Maan Veerji ki shaadi karaadein. Hum bas unki yeh ichha poori karna chahte hain. Aur agar Veerji ki shaadi hui toh woh bhi hum dono ki tarah khush rahenge. Bas humein aur kuch nahi chahiye, Dev. Aur kuch nahi." Dev hugged his wife while thanking God for giving him such a family loving wife.



Place - Kothi at Lucknow


   Akash looked at floor dejectedly as he entered the main hall of the Kothi. The remaining family was still at the mandir but Akash had come back as Arnav had messaged him regarding some deal. Akash shook his head. His brother was such a workaholic that he would be signing deals even in his dreams and his worst nightmare must be his fashion show being wrecked by his competitor. Akash smiled at his joke and looked ahead when he noticed a girl in a saree standing in the middle hall with her back facing him. Who is she? Thought Akash as he walked towards her. While the said girl was worried aobut her sister. Kahan gayi Khushi? Payal thought worriedly. Then a horrified thought entered her head. Kahin Kothi ke kitchen mein ghuske Jalebi banane to nahin lagi!


   Payal turned around and slammed into a hard chest and the bags containing boxes of mithaai in her hand fell down. She took a step back and loosing her balance she was about to fall when someone held her by her waist and steadied her. Payal slowly looked up and stared at a handsome face. And promptly blushed and looked down.


   Akash stared at the girl like a fool. Only one thought went through his head. Beautiful! Perfect! The girl took a step behind and her anklets tinkled. The cham-cham of the payal broke Akash from his trance. He spoke, "Aap... yahaan...matlab!" Akash was tongue tied. He did not know what to say. The girl spoke up, "Ji ...woh...yahaan shaadi baat". Akash could not believe it. Her voice was as sweet as her payal's cham-cham. Her words registered in his brain and he suddenly felt excited. "Aap shaadi karne ke liye aayi hain?" he questioned. The girl blushed and shook her head. Akash looked amused by her shyness and spoke, "Matlab aap shaadi nahin karenge?" "Karoongi." Replied the girl. "Kya! Aap mujhse shaadi karengi?" questioned Akash amusedly. Was he seriously flirting with this girl? Him? Mr. I am always shy! He was flirting? Di will never believe me if I tell her!


       The girl's eyes widened and looked like they would pop out of their sockets. "Nahin!" She practically screamed. Akash looked down, feeling hurt by her rejection and spoke in a dejected voice, "Aap mujhse shaadi nahin karengi?" The girl looked at him with a jerk and spoke, "Mera matlab woh nahin tha!" "Toh kya matlab tha?" Akash asked her, his tone back to flirting as he took a step towards her and she took a step back. Suddenly the girl fumbled, looked down, picked up her bags and ran away towards the main door.


    Akash turned towards her and shouted, "Arrey! Suniye! Suniye Miss. Cham-Cham." The girl stopped at the door. Akash smirked like his brother and shouted, "Apna naam toh bataayiye!" The girl turned around lifted bit of her saree and pointed at her anklets and spoke, "Samajhdaar ko ishaara kafi hai." and turned back. Akash thought for a second and whispered, "Payal!" The girl turned around as if she had heard him, smiled at him and ran away while Akash shouted at her, "Miss. Payal! Hum phir milenge!"

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Place - Kothi at Lucknow


     "What the!!", Arnav shouted into his phone. "Aman, tum ek kaam dhang se nahin kar sakte! Har cheez ke liye mera wahaan hona jaroori hai kya?" Arnav spoke while gritting his teeth. He cut the phone and glared at it as if it was source of all his problems. Why can't things happen properly for once! He thought. First of all, his Di and Nani threatened him into coming here, then the meeting with ladkiwallahs went wrong with the girl looking more like a model and less like a Raizada bahu material. Then his darling Jiju informed him that the reason behind the Puja which his Di organized for day after tomorrow was so that the Goddess would listen to her and get her Chote married. Arnav could not understand how some Goddess would help in getting him married. After all to get married he has to agree for it. And now, some problem cropped up in AR and he could not even do something about it because he was sitting here in Lucknow! He already was starting to have headache. He wished someone would give him some green tea. But he refused to ask for it because with his luck someone would add sugar in it by mistake.


    Arnav was glaring at his phone when he sensed someone's presence behind him and then he heard cham-cham of the payals from behind him. He turned around to shout at the person who disturbed him when he noticed that there was no one there. The wind started to blow into the room from an open window and the curtains around the room started swaying with the wind. Arnav shook his head. Nowadays, he started imagining things! He should get a check-up, Arnav thought. He started walking towards the door when he felt a presence to his left behind the curtains. He walked towards the presence and swiftly pulled the curtain aside. But there was no one.


    Khushi was scared. The guy sounded too scary. Luckily for her, the moment he turned she hid behind the curtains. She could see his angry expressions. He looked like he was about to explode. Khushi felt her heartbeat rising in fear. Already her eyes were threatening to tear up. She was alone in a room with a rakshas type of guy. By the time he had noticed the curtains and pulled them aside she had taken refuge by a nearby pillar. Her heart was beating so fast that she thought he must have heard it.


   Khushi was taking deep breaths and trying to calm her heart down when suddenly someone caught hold of her hand and pulled her away from the pillar and she slammed into a hard chest. Khushi got scared of his anger. Without looking at his face she turned towards the door and ran with her right hand holding the bags containing the boxes of mithaai samples, when suddenly she felt her duppatta being pulled from behind.


    Arnav was angry that someone was in the room and tried to escape him. He looked at the girl who slammed into his chest. He could not see her face as it was hidden in his chest. Suddenly the girl turned and tried to run away when her duppatta got stuck into his cufflinks. He tried to look at the girl's face and was about to yell at her for barging into his privacy when she turned. Suddenly a curtain came between and hid the girl's face from below her eyes leaving Arnav with only a glimpse of her face. He stared into her eyes, the only visible part of her face.


   Arnav felt like drowning into her eyes, eyes that showed so many emotions with fear being prominent. As he stared into her eyes, he felt his anger draining away and even his headache going away. Suddenly, he was reminded of a line from a song he heard when his Di was listening to it few days back.


Aankhen Dekhi Toh Main Dekhta Reh Gaya

Jaam Dono Hi Do Aur Do Aatisha

Aankhen Yaa Maikade Ke Woh Do Baab Hain

Aankhen Unko Kahoon Yaa Kahoon Khaab Hain


  At that time he had rubbished the whole stanza stating that how someone would have jaam in their eyes. Neither could he understand how eyes could be called aatish or maikade ke baab or a khaab. But today he understood those lines as he stared into her eyes. He felt his breath taken away and his heart skipping a beat when the curtain moved from her face and he noticed her whole face.


   If it was upto him he would have stood there for eternity. Suddenly he was brought out of trance when the girl moved her left hand towards his left where her duppatta was stuck. He noticed her duppatta and fear in her eyes and smirked. Even though Maan always taught him to respect girls, not treat them in bad manner and never to intrude into their personal space, Arnav felt like ignoring those words of advice, especially the beauty, unlike the girls he had known, did not throw herself at him but was actually scared of him. The prankster in him stirred and he could not resist from teasing the girl.


   Arnav slowly twisted his hand and got hold of her duppatta and pulled her with a jerk. She landed right in his arms and looked fearfully at him as if he would gobble her up. "Kaun ho tum?" Arnav whispered. The girl whispered back, "Khushi." Arnav smirked and spoke, "Khushi? Kiski Khushi? Meri Khushi? Tum meri ho?" He tightened his right hand which was on her waist and pulled her even closer. Khushi's whole body stiffened with fear. "Humein chodiye", Khushi mumbled while shaking in fear. "Kyon chodoon? Mujhe tum meri baahon mein achhi lagti ho." Arnav replied.What the! Was he flirting?


      Khushi's eyes widened with fear. Yeh kaisi baatein kar rahe hain? Hey Devi Maiyya! Humein is rakshas se bacha lo. Thought Khushi as she struggled to get away from him. One of the strands of her hair fell on her cheek. Arnav untangled his left hand from her duppatta and moved the strands from her face. Taking the chance to escape, Khushi pushed him with her hands, pulled her duppatta from his hand, turned around and ran away.


    Arnav stared at door long after she ran away. "Khushi", he whispered then shook his head as if the name did not suit her. "Afreen" he spoke out loud and smirked. Yes! For the world she must be Khushi but for him she was Afreen, the beautiful. Arnav thought.



   P..S The stanza is taken from Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan Saab's song Afreen Afreen written by Javed Akhtar Saab in year 1996 from the album Sangam. If you want the song then while searching for it search for the remix version featuring Lisa Ray as that one is more cool with fusion of modern music and traditional music and lyrics.


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Place - Kothi at Lucknow


     The Raizada family entered the Kothi and turned towards their room when Anjali noticed that both her brothers were sitting on the sofa looking very lost. She wobbled towards them with Shyam in tow. She sat in between them while Shyam took to the couch. Anjali looked from Akash's dreamy expression to Arnav's amused expression and questioned them, "Chote, Chutke! Tum dono theek toh ho?" Both her brothers kept quiet. Anjali was surprised. Arnav and Akash always responded to Chote and Chutke respectively as only she and Nani called them that but today they did not respond at all. Anjali felt confused. She slowly moved closer to Akash and whispered in his ear, "Sab theek toh hai, Chutke? Kisi bhoot ko dekha kya?" "Nahin. Miss. Chham Chham ko dekha. Haaye!" Akash mumbled dreamily, got up from the sofa and went to his room. Anjali was baffled. What's wrong with him? She wondered. She turned towards her Chote, placed her hand on his shoulder and shook him. Arnav looked at her with a start and raised his eyebrow. "Kahaan khoye ho?", Anjali asked. Arnav stuttered, "Woh...Di...who...main...woh...Afreen." Anjali shook his shoulder once more and in a tensed voice questioned again, "Tum theek to ho na, Chote?" Arnav came out of trance stared at his Di and mumbled "I am fine." And walked away. Anjali was confused. What had happened just now? Anjali wondered. She turned towards Shyam and asked him, "Inhein kya hua?" Shyam shook his head wondering what had happened to his brother-in-laws, especially his favourite Saale-Saab, Arnav.



Place - Khushi's House at Lucknow


   Khushi and Payal entered their house with a lost expression on their faces. Garima walked towards them with a smiling face when she noticed their faces and the boxes in their hands. She mistook their expression and thought they were sad. Shashi questioned them, "Ka hua bitiya aisan mooh latkaaye kyon khadi ho? Oo Kothiwaalon ko mithaai naahi pasand aayi ka?"


Payal fumbled with words when Khushi replied, "Udhar koi tha nahi babuji. Kothi poora chaanne ke baad, woh watchman ne bataya ke ghar mein koi nahin hai." "Sivaai us Rakshas ke!", mumbled Khushi to herself.


Payal, supporting her sister, spoke up, "Haan! Babuji wahaan koi nahin tha." And spoke in her mind with a smile, Sivaai us Rajkumar ke!' Garima smiled at them and spoke, "Toh theek hai na, phir kabhi koshish karlena. Ab chalo, kapde badlo, mooh haath dholo, hum tabhai tak khaana paroste hain." Payal and Khushi nodded their heads and walked off to their rooms.



Place - Maan's Room at Khurana Mansion, Delhi


   Maan, dressed in his black vest and track pants, stared at the moon and wondered. When will he meet his life partner? When his loneliness would go away? After Sameera left he promised himself that he would marry only for love. But the type of girl he wanted seemed nowhere in this world. He opened his mobile and switched on the radio. Maan had a habit of listening to songs whenever he felt lonely in life. He was deep into his thoughts when the radio belted out a song:


Jaaneja Dhoondta Phir Raha

Hoon Tumhein Raat Din

Mein Yahaan Se Wahaan


    Maan tried to control his smile but he could not resist. He grinned and started laughing. How did the radio station people know what he was thinking?. The song went on.


Mujhko Awaaz Do

Kho Gaye Ho Sanam

Tum Kahaan Main Yahaan

Tum Kahaan Main Yahaan


   Maan wished there was someone who would say Main Yahaan back to him but shook his head at his own foolish thoughts and moved towards his bed and lied down.



Place - Khushi's House at Lucknow


    Payal blushed as she thought of the Rajkumar of Kothi. He was handsome that's for sure, Payal thought. She could not believe that he had flirted with her and she had actually flirted back. But suddenly she came out of her lala land. It was no use dreaming about him, Payal thought dejectedly. I may not meet him again! "Pyaari, Payal Kumariji", she mumbled to herself, "Apne sapnon se baahar niklo aur asli duniya dekho. Woh Rajkumar wahaan tha toh woh Kothi usiki hui. Toh itni badi Kothi ka maalik humein thodi na pasand karega. Aur pasand karliya toh bhi kya uske parivar waale ek halwai ki beti se uski shaadi hone denge kya? Payal bitiya, sapne dekhna band karo aur so jaao."



Place - Akash's Room at Kothi, Lucknow


   While Payal was in sleep deeply, her Raajkumar could not sleep. Afterall his sleep was solen by Miss. Chham-Chham. Akash tossed and turned but sleep was not touching his eyes. He got up and promised himself. The moment he met her again, he was not going to let her go. He will just drag her to the first person he meets from his family and tell them to get him married to her or else forget about his marriage. Already Arnav seemed against marriage, now Akash threatening not to marry; the whole family would get scared and get him married to Payal. Akash smiled and went back to his tossing and turning.



Place - Somewhere in Hoshiarpur


   Geet felt like crying but her tears had dried long back. So many dreams she had seen! She remembered her first dream. She was nine years when during one of her visits to her cousin's house, a visit to Taj Mahal was planned. She was mesmerized by the structure and had wanted to make such structures herself. When her family heard this, her cousins had laughed at her, but her Veere had told her that to make such structures, she had to become an architect. That's when she had decided to study Architecture. She remembered how she had begged and pleaded with Daarji and Papaji when she passed her 12th with top score in whole junior college. Finally they had allowed and had sent her to Hostel in Chandigarh and she started studying for B.Arch in Punjab University. Even though Brij Veerji came every week to check on her, she was happy with her new freedom. Oh! How happy she had been this summer vacation! Geet thought. One more year and she would be known as an Architect, the first Architect of her village. Her Daarji had been so proud when many villagers and even tourists had praised him for giving his grand-daughter a chance to study.


   Geet remembered her second dream. She was fourteen and it had been the last trip to her cousins' house, though at that time she did not know that. Her Veera who was 19 had told her that Khurana Constructions was the best Construction firm in India and many Architects dreamed of joining it but only few got the chance. That's when she made the resolution that she would get into KC once she became an architect. In her College also, many students had the ambition of joining KC. Hearing this made her resolution more stronger and she studied more harder. She had topped each year till now. She had been so happy when she came home few days back. One more year and she would join KC, her dream. But she did not know that her dreams were so close to be fulfilled yet would seem so impossible one day. After two months, if she did not join College, she will have to waste one year and that would become a black mark in her resume and her dream of joining KC would be nothing but a dream. She slowly leaned back and looked at the moon from the window high above and sang in a low voice :


Saare Sapne Kahin Kho Gaye

Haaye Hum Kya Se Kya Hogaye

Saare Sapne Kahin Kho Gaye

Haaye Hum Kya Se Kya Hogaye


Her dreams, all lost in oblivion. How much this song reflected her thoughts! When she had first heard this song, she was confused. How some one could be so pessimistic to think in such a way. She always believed that if we tried hard we can fulfil any and all of our dreams. But today, she understand what the poet was trying to tell. She slowly looked up as if she was looking at her Babaji and sang:


Koi Shikwa Na Koi Gila Hain

Tumse Kab Humko Yeh Gham Mila Hain


Koi Shikwa Na Koi Gila Hain

Tumse Kab Humko Yeh Gham Mila Hain


Haan Naseeb Apne Hi So Gaye

Haaye Hum Kya Se Kya Hogaye


Saare Sapne Kahin Kho Gaye

Haaye Hum Kya Se Kya Hogaye


Saare Sapne Kahin Kho Gaye

Haaye Hum Kya Se Kya Hogaye


Geet slowly weeped for her broken and lost dreams not knowing that one day her dreams would get fulfilled.



Place - Arnav's Room in Kothi, Lucknow


   While Geet weeped her heart out, Arnav stared at moon helplessly. "Afreen", he mumbled as he stared at the moon as if he could see her in it. He could not believe that he was attracted to a village belle. But then it was not his fault. In Delhi, all girls practically throw themselves on him, and here this girl was actually scared of him. And above on that, girls in Delhi put so much make-up and yet they would not look as beautiful as girl who did not even wear a simple lipstick, forget about make-up. Arnav remembered the way she felt in his arms and smirked. "Go to sleep, Arnav. And stop acting like an idiot.", Arnav coached himself as he turned towards his bed.



Place - Khushi's Place, Lucknow


 While Arnav was thinking positively about Khushi, praising her as Afreen i.e. beautiful, he would have been appalled to know that Khushi was actually cursing him. "Us Rakshas ki toh! Samajhte kya hain apne aapko. Humko chodenge nahin! Humko! Dekha, hum apna haath chudakar bhaag aaye na. Hum bhi Khushi Kumari Gupta hain, itni aasan nahin humse jeetna! Aur kya keh rahe the woh? Hum unki Khushi hain? Humara bas chale toh unhein joote padvaayein. Bach gaye woh humse! Varna unki khair nahin hoti aaj!" Khushi went on swearing and did not know when she went to sleep.


  Khushi opened her eyes and looked around. She was back into the Kothi and in the same room. She turned around and noticed some one coming closer but the person's face was not visible. She backed away in fear when she slammed into a pillar. She winced and noticed that the person was coming more closer. Slowly the shadows covering him vanished and she saw his face. It was the Rakshas from the Kothi. He came closer and opened his mouth and bit into her neck.


   "AAAH", Khushi screamed as she opened her eyes and looked around. She was in her room. She checked herself. It was just a nightmare. Thankfully, no one in the house woke up or else there would have been questions. She huffed, thanked her Devi Maiyya for saving her, cursed the Rakshas and went back to sleep.




P.S. The first song is from the Movie, Jawani Diwani, sung by KishoreDa and Asha Ji. It was picturised on Randhir Kapoor and Jaya Bachchan.

The second song was sung by Alka Yagnik, Written by Javed Akhtar Saab. It is from an album. I don't know any other details but you will find it in youtube if you search for Saare Sapne.



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Place - Kothi at Lucknow


   Anjali cutely pouted and stood in front of her Chote while her Chote just rolled his eyes and spoke up, "Di, Main jaanta hoon ki yeh puja aapne mere liye rakhwaayi hai, par main kya kar sakta hoon? AR mein problem aagayi hai aur aap Mujhe wahaan jaane nahin deti. Toh phir yahaan se hi Mujhe problem solve karna padega na? Delhi mein hota to 2 second mein problem solve bhi ho jaati. Par yahaan se solve karne mein toh time lagega na? Please Di, aap mandir jaao, main yahaan baithke kaam khatam karta hoon. Aur waise bhi maine promise kiya haina ki main raat ko aap aur main dinner date par chalenge, sirf hum dono. Toh agar main abhi aapke saath aaya toh kaam shaam ko karna padega. Kya aap mere saath waqt nahin bitaana chahti?" Arnav asked his sister.


      Arnav very well knew that his sister was a very good emotional blackmailer but then he was her brother and knew how to turn the tables on her. Anjali sighed dejectedly but brightened up and replied back, "Par Chote, aap toh mandir mein bhi humare saath waqt bitaa sakte haina?" Oh Shit! Arnav thought. Now what to do? Arnav wondered. Suddenly he noticed Akash was within their earshot and seemed to be listening to their conversation. Arnav smirked as he got an idea. He spoke up, "Yeh bhi sahi hai Di par aapke Chutke ka kya? Woh bhi aapka Bhai hai, aur woh toh sabse chota hai. Aapko uske saath bhi waqt bitaana chahiye, toh Mandir mein aap uske saath waqt bitaayiye aur raat ka dinner mere saath. Kyon sahi kahaan na maine Akash?"Arnav asked looking at his brother. His brother understood his tactic and being a loyal brother to Arnav, came over and said, "Haan, Bhai theek keh rahe hain. Di, aap mere saath bhi waqt bitaayiye. Mandir mein hum aur aap, shaam ko dinner bhai ke saath. Theek haina, Di?" Anjali pouted and realized that her Chote had won again. She replied with a smile, "Theek hai. Is baar aap jeet gaye par, ek din aap kisi na kisi ke saamne haaroge." To which Arnav replied, "Arnav Singh Raizada ne kabhi haar dekha hi nahi." His sister ambled off to check on the remaining members of the family. Arnav, for the first time in his whole life, was happy that AR had some problems or else he would have had to attend this puja.




Place - Khushi's House


   "Haiyre! Nandkisore! Aur kitna der lagaogi, sankadevi?" shouted buaji, while Payal, Garima and Shashi who were vicinity winced and shut their eyes tightly. All four of them were standing outside their house waiting for Khushi to come. Khushi came running holding her pooja ki thaal. She was quite happy today. According to the astrologers, today was an auspicious day and anybody asking for something from Devi Maiyya would have their wish fulfilled. Khushi had announced this news to anybody and everybody in the vicinity and the whole family decided to go and visit the Mandir today.


     Khushi spoke up, "Hum aagaye buaji! Bas ab Mandir jaana hai aur Devi Maiyya se ek hi cheez maangni hai ki humari jiji ko ek achha sa rajkumar mile." While Khushi spoke about the virtues that the Rajkumar should have and the whole family walked towards the Mandir, Payal blushed thinking about the Rajkumar that she met yesterday. She had decided after thinking a lot that she would ask Devi Maiyya to give her one glimpse of the Rajkumar before he goes back to where he came from. (




Place - Devi Maiyya's Mandir, Lucknow


   Anjali finished the Pooja, took the Prasad and signaled Chutke to help her get up. Akash and Anjali bent their head in front of the God and walked towards their family who were standing near the entrance waiting for them. They got down few steps and all decided to go sit in the shade of trees which were planted in the vicinity. After helping Anjali sit, Akash sat down beside her. He had promised that he would spend time with her and he would not back out of it. Anjali starting talking about how she was happy that the pooja finished smoothly when she noticed her Chutke was not listening to her and was staring at the steps of the Mandir which led to the entrance of the Mandir. Anjali turned towards the stairs and noticed a family of five consisting two ladies, one father and two young girls. While both the girls wore salwar kameez, one was dressed were loudly while other was dressed in subtle colour. From what Anjali could see, both the girls had natural beauty untouched by the urban lifestyle. Anjali turned back to her Chutke.


    Akash was shocked. He did not know that by promising Bhai and Di to come here he would get a chance to meet her. If he had known, then he would have come and stood in the entrance from the morning. Akash felt a nudge on his side and heard a whisper, "Kya Hua?" Akash in a trance whispered back, "Meri Cham Cham aayi hai." "Cham Cham", his sister's loud voice brought him out of his thoughts. He blushed mildly as he thought of what he told his sister.


   Akash then remembered the promise he made to himself last evening and told Anjali about Miss. Cham Cham and his resolution of marrying her only. She smiled at him and ambled of towards Nani and Mami. Even if her Chote was not getting married, atleast there is Akash bringing home his bahu, Anajli thought giddily. After nearly another half an hour of conference between the ladies, the group of trio alongwith Mamaji and Shyam went to talk with the family of five.


   Akash stared at the his family members with wide eyes hoping against hope that the decision was in his favour. Payal turned towards him and glanced at him and blushed promptly. Suddenly he noticed the girl who was standing with Payal coming towards him with his sister holding a box in her hand. She and Anjali sat beside him and Anjali introduced the girl. The girl, who turned out to be his future Saali named Khushi, spoke up teasingly, "Jijaji, mithaai khaiyiye. Aapke Cham Cham ke haaton ke bane hain." Akash blushed and went on to pick up a piece when Anjali spoke up, "Arrey! Rishta toh hone dijiye Khushiji, phir jijaji bulaayiye. Ab toh ladki dekhne dikhane ka shaam ka program baaki hain." Khushi replied, "Ladka ladki raaji hain. Parivar waale bhi raaji hain. Shaam ka dekhne dikhane ka program toh sirf ab ek faarmaality hain." Khushi nudged Akash and Anjali pinched his cheek and Akash wondered whether it was his day to do nothing but blush.




Place - Khushi's House at Lucknow


     It was evening and Khushi happily helped her sister get ready as the Raizadas were about to come in half an hour to have a official program of seeing the girl. She smiled at her sister through  the mirror and exclaimed, "Jiji, Aap kitni sundar lag rahi hain, Jijaji dekhte hi behosh ho jaayenge!" "Chup Badmash!", exclaimed her Jiji blushingly when Amma came into the room, thrust a red coloured saree into Khushi's hand and spoke, "Ab tak tum tayyaar naahi hui Khushi bitiya? Achha hua! Ee Saadi pehenlo aaj! Kya pata unhein tum pasand aajaao aur tumre liye bhi unke nazar mein koi ladka ho, haan! Toh ab hi tayyaar ho ja bitiya, aur jaldi se, haan!" Amma walked of to living room muttering about all arrangements yet to be done and Khushi rolled her eyes and started to get ready.




Place - Arnav's Room at Kothi, Lucknow


   Arnav rolled his eyes while his sister pouted sweetly. Did Di really think her antics will melt him? Arnav wondered. He typed furiously into his laptop while speaking, "Di, bas thoda kaam baaki hai." Di sighed dejectedly, "Aap jaante hain ki aapke raay kiye bina Chutke kabhi aage nahin badhte. Woh chaahte hain ki aap bhi Payal aur uske rishte ko Approval ka stamp lagaa dein. Itne toh kar sakte hain na aap Chote?"


   Arnav had his work pending and his Di wanted him to come with the family to see a girl for Akash. Arnav knew that the girl liked Akash and Akash liked the girl, Akash had told him that even the families had gelled well then what's the need of his approval? He questioned in his mind. He spoke up, "Theek hai Di. Ek kaam karo aap un logon ka Address mere paas chhod do. Main ek Aadhe ghante mein ek video conference khatam karke aata hoon." Anjali huffed knowing very well this was Chote's final decision. She sighed and walked off dejectedly. Arnav shook his head. Maan had told him how his Dadima was a drama queen and should have tried her hand at theatre acting. Arnav felt like enquiring Maan's Daadi and Anjali Di if they wish to actually act in a theatre. Maan and Arnav had enough contacts between them to get them good roles! And he was sure both would be a hit!




Place - Khushi's House, Lucknow


   Shashi Gupta was worried. The whole family was sitting in the living room and waiting for Raizadas but that was not the Problem for him. The Problem was that he had come across a big order which had to be delivered early morning next day. He had prepared all the sweets and packed them in the afternoon itself and they had just to be delivered. Then, what was the problem? Readers Enquire. The problem was that the customer had called up few minutes before and had asked them to send the Sweets as soon as possible and the delivery place was quite far from their house. The whole family was worried. It was a good order and if they did not deliver it, they would not only loose money but even the sweets would go waste. Suddenly Khushi got an idea. She informed her family that she would deliver the sweets herself. Buaji and Garima hesitated but Shashi realized that while rest of the four members were necessary for the event, Khushi presence was not that needed as she was neither the would be Bride nor the Bride's Parents. Her presence can be excused and if she came back fast she can still meet the Raizadas. He explained this and whole family allowed Khushi to go. Khushi in her red saree, walked off to the door with the mithaai where she met the Raizadas (minus Arnav) who were entering the house. She explained the family predicament, welcomed them, served them juice along with Garima and went to her scooter and sped off to deliver the sweets.




Place - Some few kilometres away from Kothi, Lucknow


   Arnav happily checked his mail while sitting in the car. He had given the Guptas' address to the driver and was deep in his work. He was more than hour late to meet the Guptas. His family must have reached the place and even finalized the girl, Arnav thought and looked out of the window when he got a shock. He signaled the Driver to stop and got out of the car in trance.


    Khushi was worried. She had to deliver the sweets and her scooter started giving problems and had stopped moving. She had dragged it to the mechanic and he told her that it will be ready in an hour. Ek ghanta, Khushi thought, she had to deliver the sweets and go back home too. She left her mithaais with the mechanic while she went to search for a rickshaw. By the time she would have delivered and come back her scooter might be ready, Khushi thought. But she could not get an rickshaw as due to auspicious day rickshaw wallahs were busy. She kept on trying to get a rickshaw when she heard a whisper behind her, "Afreen".


   Arnav stood in trance. There was his Afreen waiting for a rickshaw on the main road in a red saree. Did she know that his favourite color was red? Did she know how beautiful she looked in it? She made the red color look more beautiful. The saree showed off her curves clearly and he was reminded of few lines from the same Afreen song:


Aisa Dekha Nahin Khoobsurat Koi

Jism Jaise Ajanta Ki Moorat Koi

Jism Jaise Nigaahon Pe Jaadoo Koi

Jism Nagma Koi Jism Khushboo Koi


Jism Jaise Machalti Hui Raagini

Jism Jaise Mehekti Hui Chaandni

Jism Jaise Ke Khilta Hua Ek Chaman

Jism Jaise Ki Suraj Ki Pehli Kiran


Jism Tarsha Hua Dilkasho-Dilnashin

Sandhali Sandhali Marmari Marmari


Arnav walked towards her in trance. She was looking at other side and did not notice him. He stood behind her and whispered, "Afreen."


   Khushi turned and the moment she looked at him. She felt scared but did not show it to on her face. "Aap?", she enquired. Arnav came out of trance and noticed that she was waiting for a rickshaw. "Tum kahin jaa rahi ho? Kaho toh main tumhein chod doon." Arnav offered her. Khushi was at first happy that she would be reach her home soon but as she noticed his car and remembered his last night's weird behaviour, she got scared. She remembered how she had read in a gossip magazine that rich people took advantage of poor girls by giving them such helps. She shuddered. She was scared but spoke to him in a firm manner, "Nahin. Shukriya. Hum chale jaayenge." Arnav frowned. If she had been a Delhi girl, she would jumped into his car. But his Afreen was a village belle and refused him. Maybe that's why he liked her so much even if he met her only yesterday. Suddenly, a rickshaw stopped in front of her and she climbed into it. He stopped the rickshaw and spoke up, "Phir kab milogi?". Khushi was shocked at the man's behaviour. He wanted to meet her!!! Hey Devi Maiyya! She did not know what to answer him when suddenly she got an idea. She replied suppressing her grin, "Ab toh milna mushkil hai. Woh kya haina, humaari sagaai hogayi hai. Aur kuch din mein humari shaadi hai. Ladka Amreeka ka hai. To hum wahaan aap yahaan, milna mushkil hai ji. Achha hum chalte hain." She told the rickshaw wallah to move on while Arnav stood there shell-shocked. She was engaged, Arnav thought. He did not know why he was disturbed by this news. He shook his head and walked towards his car still lost in his thoughts.



Place - Khushi's House, Lucknow


   By the time, Khushi reached home, the Raizadas had left. She told her ordeal to her family except about the Rakshas (Arnav) and her family informed that the rishta had been finalized and the Raizadas would call them with the engagement dates after reaching Dilli. Later on, while going to sleep, Khushi was thinking about the Rakshas. She did not know anything about him, not even his name and yet she was disturbed by his thoughts. Where did he come from? Who was he? Khushi wondered but shrugged her shoulders. She did not care about him as long as he did not bother him. And after telling him that she was engaged, he would not even think about her. Khushi happy with her plan went to sleep not knowing that she has gifted a certain Rakshas nothing but sleepless nights full of tossings and turnings.



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