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Secret affairs! A preekar drabble

Flibbertigibbet Goldie

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Posted: 16 April 2016 at 3:40am | IP Logged
Hello readers! I was wondering what if preeti and pushkar are having a secret affair...and what will happen when Shraman find out and how! 
Shravan was happy to see his father and pushkar come back. They still seemed a bit mad at him though. His dad greeted everyone as he came in and pushkar was looking at his phone. They greeted the family members but ignored Shravan. As his father left for his room, Shravan walked towards Pushkar who kept looking at his phone again and again. " Pushkar, papa abhi bhi mujhse naraaz hai kya?", pushkar replies with a straight face saying " bhaiya what makes you think ke sirf badepapa aap se naraz hai?" "matlab tum bhi ?" he asked, pushka replied "ofcourse, humne itni koshish ki aapko rokne ki, par aap nahi maane, ab pata nahi kisliye rukgaye". Shravan told Pushkar about the Tiwari villa problem and pushkar listened to every word intently. Worry lines had creased his forehead as shravan told him about the whole fiasco. "bohot pareshan hogi-" he stopped midway and then continued " sumo bohit pareshan hohi na bhaiya?" he asked. Shravan responded telling him that everyone was worried. Shravan's dad storms out of his room towards him and instead of yelling at him, he praises him for maintain his dignity and reputation by Staying back for nanaji. 

After everyone had retreated to their rooms, Shravan decided that he should talk to Pushkar about Sumo. He wanted to know what pushkar meant that he dint know what all happened in Sumo's.life.in these 10 years. He reluctantly headed towards pushkar's room and just as he was about to open the door, he heard pushkar's voice " tum itni badhi problem mei thi, bataya kyun nahi? Haan agar, mai Paris mei tha toh? It's okay, tum theek roh ho na-?" His room's door flew open and Shravan entered, Pushkar's phone flew out of his hand and he grabbed it before it fell and said into the phone " ji mai aapko thodi der se call karta hoon." 
Shravan asks " kaun hai badi problem mei? Kisse baat kar raha tha?" " Err.. Bhaiya, Sumo! Sumo se baat kar raha tha, poochra tha woh kaisi hai... Aap yahan, kuch kaam tha?" pushkar replied, leaving Shravan a bit skeptical. " kyun mai aise hi nahi aasakta? Miss kar raha tha tujhe, kaisa raha trip?" he asked, letting go of the things he actually wanted to ask and instead making small talk with him instead. 

Sumo sat in her room still thinking about what had happened that day. She almost bit Shravan. What an idiot. Somehow nothing had changed changed in all these years, yet everything had. " Didi!! Aap kuch khaoge?? Mai kitchen mei jaa rahi thi toh soncha aap se poochlun" Preeti had interrupted Sumo's thoughts as she excitedly walked into her room. Something seemed off to Sumo. Why was preeti so chirpy! "tujhe kya hogaya aaj? Itti khushi? Kya baat hai judge sahab?" Sumo tauntingly asked her. " woh didi case ki hearing achhi gayi na, us khushi mei" she said Sitting on Sumo's bed. "mai ne kaha tha na aap se, di, Shravan hai na, woh aapko haarne nahi dega" and this put a smile on Sumo's face. " mai aapke liye chai aur pakodhe laati hoon!" she chirped and rushed to the kitchen. Sumo thought of what Preeti said. Shravan really was working really hard on this case. A melody hits the room as Preeti's phone starts to ring. Her screen flashed with " P" calling written on it. P? Thought sumo...ye P kaun hai? By the time preeti comes back, the phone stops ringing and Sumo tells her about it. Preeti gasps and her eyes widen as sumo asks her who P is. "pu- punita! Didi meri friend hai" she said hurriedly. The phone rings again and preeti excuses herself out of the room with it. Itna weird kyun behave kar rahi hai ye? Thought sumo. 

The next day, Sumo went to the Malhotra Mansion to meet shravan regarding the case files. She was about to walk up the stairs to his room whem he heard someone call her. It was Pushkar! " hi! Tu kab aaya?" She asked him as he walked.over to her and they shared a friendly hug.  "Kal. Kaisi ho? Raat ko soti nahin ho kya? Itne dark circles aagaye hain tujhe?!" pushkar teased her. She swatted his arm and said " achha? Mujhe dark circle? Tu kal aa bhi gaya aur mujhe ek call nahin? She asked threatening to hit him again. " Par kal call toh ki thi usne tumhe!" shravan says. The two look around at him. Shravan had been standing in the staircase watching their whole exchange. " mujhse? Kab?" asked a perplexed sumo. Both of them look at Pushkar who had gone pink in the face as he struggked to answer. " mai abhi aaya mujhe ek client se baat karni hai" he says and flees. Shravan and sumo stand there confused. None of them had seen him like this before. 

They head towards the living room and discuss the case. Hours later, both of them leave the Malhotra Mansion to go and meet naanu. On the way, Shravan asks " coffee?" and sumo nods. They stop at a nearby caf and enter the store. They take seats in a corner as theybwere the only empty ones and place their order. They share a bit chit.chat when Sumo.notices a familiar figure in the.other corner of the caf and says " pushkar?" shravan looks in the direction, looks at his brother sitting as he waited for someone and smiles. " kisi client se mil raha hoga" he replied. Shravan and sumo both thought to themselves what would happen if pushkar saw them together. He would tease and trouble the daylights out of them. Their coffee and sandwiches arrive. Pushkar was still sitting alone but he looked more calm and smiled to himself. " Ye kuch zyada weird behave nahi kar raha aaj kal? Sumo asked shravan and was about to answer but his attention was caught by someone who had just entered. Sumo.looked at shravan who's eyes were wide open anf looked in the direction he was looking. They both looked at each other and then to where preeti was headed. They see Pushkar stamd up with a grin on his face and preeti hurriedly walks towards him and pushkar envelopes her in a tight hug. They break apart and seat themselves together. Shravan and sumo sat in mind boggling silence. They were stunned. Sumo's mouth was still hanging open and shravan had the biggest smirk on his face. They looked at each other and chuckled. " toh ye hai "P""? Mumbled sumo and shravan questioned her, she told him about the phone call and how preeti had vanished. Shravan remembers the conversation he had heard pushkar having and suddenly everything made sense. " itni aasani se toh inhe nahin chorh sakte inhe." they both said together. Then "mujhe bhi nahi bataya" again together. They smiked looking at each other and looked down. They brain stormed together and decided to trouble the new love birds. Pushkar and preeti sat talking to each other with broad smiles on their faces. Preeti looked down as pushkar turned pink and ran a hand through his hair. Shraman leave the cafe.

"Mujhe yaqeen nahi ho raha ki un dono ne humse chhupaya." Sumo went on in the car. " tabhi mai sonchu pushkar itne din se kyun apne phone mei laga rehta hai ya smile karte rehta hai" replied shravan. They decide to make the two reveal their secret themselves but after shravan and sumo trouble them. Later in the evening, pushkar returns home and playfully walks to his room. He encounters Shravan in the way who looked smug. " Hi bhaiya! Kya baat hai bade.khush lag rahe ho?" he says to shravan who raises his eyebrows and says "really? Mai khush lag raha hoon" " haan, ab poora din Sumo ke saath bitaoge toh thodi khusi toh chehre par nazar aajaegi na" he replied and that shut shravan up. He couldn't believe that pushkar just turned the tables on him. " waise tu kyun itna happy lag raha hai?" shhravan asked. " aap happy toh mai happy!" he replies. Smart move pushkar thought shravan.

Preeti was home by the time Sumo came back. Sumo entered her room and saw preeti lying on her bed and smiling at the ceiling as she played with her hair. " oye, itna kyun muskura rahi hai" she asked. Preeti still in a daze replies " haan mai wo pu- purani yaado ke baare mei sonchri thi didi!" she quickly replies. Sumo understands what she was about to say and says " arre pata hai tujhe, aaj mai pushkar se mili. Wapas aagya woh paris se. Idiot pata nahin kya kya batein karta hai. Thoda sa buddhu hai". Preeti's forhead droops and she mumbles " par woh toh bohot smart hai'..." . Suman asks her what she said but Prieti changes the topic and asks " aap aaj shravan ke saath thi na? Kya kaha usne? Waise aap dono kuch zyada time.nai spend kar rahe ho ek saath? Kitna lamba hogaya hai woh!" preeti exclaimed, making suman hot around the ears. " haan woh case ki wajah se saath mei the. Lamba toh hogaya hai par dimaahj wahin ka wahin hai" sumo smilingly tells preeti. " didi are you aure sirf case ke liye?" preeti teases her and sumo shuns her and leaves the room. 

The next morning, pushkar and shravan work out together, shravan pretends to be dazed and lost and pushkar asks " kya hua bhaiya itne list kyun ho?" shravan seeing that P has taken the bait replies " uska chehra meri aankho se hath ta hi nahi, kitni cute hai woh" shravsn smiles and tells pushkar. Pushkar replies " waah bhaiya itni jaldi realize karli sumo ke liye apni feelings?" this makes shravan stutter but he keeps the hame on and says " sumo? Mai toh preeti ki baat kar raha hoon." shravan replies. " uski aankhei, uske lamba baal, bohot pretty hai" he says looking at pushkar. Pushkar looked like he was about to burst a vessel. " aap tiwari villa kaam se jaate ho ya ladhkia taadhne?" pushkar asked him pretending not to be miffed. Shravan had got the exact reaction he wanted and said " killing two birds with one stone. Case khatam hojane ke baad baat karta hoon preeti se, im sure woh ek date oar toh chalegi" says shravan, feigning confidence. The rest of the workout goes in silence and pushkar avoids shravan the whole day.

Shravan calls sumo and tells her about what happened. Sumo laughs a lot on the phone and her laughter raises shravan's heart. He laughs back her, both not knowing that they were being observed by two pairs of eyes. 

Hey guys i hope you liked it! Do you want me to continue? 

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ButterflyChaser IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 16 April 2016 at 4:03am | IP Logged
superb!!!! please continue n update asap. 
SahSah IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 16 April 2016 at 4:31am | IP Logged
aww this is so adorable 
loved P+P 

Shraman love emmm 
Onie... Goldie

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Posted: 16 April 2016 at 4:40am | IP Logged
ShraMan= S+S
PreeKar= P+P

How cute is that?

That was a lovely start. Please do continue soon. Smile

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Gurveen IF-Dazzler

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Superb Drabble
Do write more like these
mizzundaztud IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 16 April 2016 at 5:07am | IP Logged
Continue bhai, ye bhi koi poochhne ki baat hai... Very very interesting yaar... Wud love to read more Smile
orion23 IF-Sizzlerz

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Awesome! ! Continue soon :)
MysticRiver IF-Addictz

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