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New ishra SS - Dil ko Teri hi tamanna # 2 Teaser on 136 on 28/10 (Page 88)

Divanru IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 04 September 2016 at 7:31am | IP Logged
Originally posted by divyaruhi

excellent update di
good progress in ishra relation

hope whatever plan nidhi made
it fails and benefits ishra

rest all
i loved it completely

thanks for pm di
please update soon

Thanks a lot divya dear .
Nidhi's plan will surely fail.
Will try yo update soon

Divanru IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 25 August 2015
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Posted: 04 September 2016 at 7:32am | IP Logged
Originally posted by jaya1867

Amazing update
loved it 
ishra scene was nice
update soon

Thanks a lot shruti .
Glad you like it .
Will try to update soon
Divanru IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 04 September 2016 at 7:35am | IP Logged
Originally posted by DipaliG

superb update

Thanks dipali 
Divanru IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 04 September 2016 at 7:39am | IP Logged
Originally posted by sukanksha

Waiting for nidhi's evil plan... Which will be back fired at least I want that to happen

Thanks a lot sukh .
Wait till next update 

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Divanru IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 04 September 2016 at 7:42am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Divan-holic

superb update sis
very well written
loved ishra nok jhok
continue soon

Thanks a lot dear.
Will updt asap

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Divanru IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 04 September 2016 at 7:47am | IP Logged
Hello friends at last I m back with another update .Here's the next update.

Part 14

Ishita pulled him to say something ,Raman bend a little to listen her .

I- Rams be with me ,all girls are ogling at you only .

Raman smiled fully noticing her possessiveness towards him .He encircled his arm around her and spoke, scanning the hall ," you also be with me ,all eyes are on you only ".

I- ( wounding her right arm around his waist)- koi tension nahi ,you are with me na .Aap saath ho to main jahannum mein bhi chali jaaon .

R- chup .

The party started ,all the fresher's introduced themselves ,after everybody went back to their groups and started enjoying the party .Ishra were still together ,Raman was still holding her with her waist while Nidhi was having all her eyes on ishra ,she want ishita to be alone so that she can play her trick with her .

Ishra ,Romika ,abhi and divya all were standing in a group with some more seniors ,all were talking and laughing while mihika and ishits was talking to themselves only ,at the same time , Nidhi came and spoke looking to Raman's hand in ishitas waist " oh ho RKB leave her for a while ,you are holding her like she is your baby and you came to khumbh mela and she will vanish the moment you will leave her hand ."

R- (pulling Ishita more to him)- she is indeed my baby and is very much precious for me .

Ishita was over whelmed with his gesture ,she looked at him with happy tears in her eyes while he was busy in chatting with his friends carelessly after speaking those words without realising what those meant for Ishita.
Nidhi was gone making faces .After a while one of there classmate came to them and spoke " Raman ,Romi ,abhi don't be spoil spot man ,come on have some drinks ,let the girls go and enjoy with their friends ".

The boys looked at each other ,then to the girls ,they nodded and the boys went to the drinks corner ,Raman looked at ishita and spoke through his eyes yo take care of herself ,ishita pressed her eyes assuring that she will be ok .After having some drinks the couple dance was announced ,all went to the stage and started swaying with the song .it was a romantic number .Ishra were dancing romantically ,when nidhi came to them and forwarded her hands towards Raman ,while at the sane time ,the host annoced for partner change ,ishita don't wanted to leave Raman but everybody was changing partner ,so she also left him .She also got another boy but ,she don't wanted to dance with someone else so she left the stage and stood in a corner ,while nidhi was trying to seduce Raman ,she was trying to make him touch to her anywhere and everywhere .

Ishita noticed this and her blood boiled looking to it ,she so wanted to slap her hard but she was her senior ,moreover all were in enjoying mood and she don't wanted to spoil it ,so she remained silent .After the dance ended ,Ishita was waiting for Raman to come to her but before he can do so ,nidhi dragged him with herself to her group ,who were also Raman's classmates,they started talking in themselves ,Raman also got busy with them ,on the other hand ,some students were singing songs ,it was not a completion but just ,some were singing,some were saying jokes to entertain the party ,the people who don't have any group were enjoying it .

Ishita was waiting for him ,but seems he was too busy with his friends ,which ishira didn't like a bit ,she got upset and to addher anger nidhi came to her and spoke " what happened baby ,feeling bad ,arey yaar leave him for sometimes he also have his life ,always keep clinging on him ,he is a boy not your personal property ,give some space to him ."

Though ishita knows that ,Raman himself is protective towards her that's why he always take her with him ,bit then also she didn't like nidhis talk .She felt bad ,at the same time her name was announced for singing song ,she then realised that ,that day mihika gave her name for singing in party ,though ishita was denying .Ishita don't want to go but all her classmate including mihika hooted for her ,she went to stage with heavy heart,she looked at him but he was so busy with his friends but the reality was ,nidhis friends were keeping him busy while he wanted to leave from their .

Ishita looked so nervous when she climbed the stage so to encourage her ,mihika along with her classmates clapped for ishita .she went near the mike and started singing .


Listening to her voice Raman immediately recognised her voice and looked at the direction ,though she was not crying but Listening to her voice ,he understood that she is upset ,not only that he also knew the reason for her sadness ,he left his friends and walked towards the stage ,while she continued.

Dil Ko Teri Hi Tamanna
Dil Ko Hai Tujhse Hi Pyar
Chaahe Tu Aaye Na Aaye
Hum Karenge Intezaar
Yeh Mera Deewanapan...

Aise Veerane Mein Ek Din
Ghut Ke Mar Jayenge Hum
Jitna Ji Chaahe Pukaro
Phir Nahin Aayenge Hum
Yeh Mera Deewanapan...

The song finishes, all clapped for ishita, but instead of taking the praises she ran back stage ,where Raman was waiting for her .Ishita saw him but pretended that she had not seen him and looked towards another direction ,Raman knew that she is upset from him ,he walked to her and without saying anything pulled her in a tight hug ,she at first struggled ,then loosen herself in his arms and unknown to her tears started flowing from her eyes .He felt wetness in his shirt ,he pulled her from himself and asked cupping her face " cheeku what happened bachcha ,kisi ne kuch kaha kya ".

Ishita knew that if she will say nidhis words he will definetly get angry and unnecessary he will indulge himself in fighting with them.She just hugged him  tight and spoke cocooning herself in him " I was missing you and you were talking to your friends ,that's it .'

R( scolding her a little)- are you mad cheeku ,wasting your precious pearls in such rubbish matter ,I was coming to you na .

I- you want to be with me na .

R- humm.

I- I don't cling on you but you want me with you na .

R- humm

R- I never stop you to go to your friends na .

R- nahi baba ,kisi ne much kaha kya .

I- no I was just wondering that you are not bored with me na .

R( scolding her )- ek tappad maroonga ,if you tell this again .

She smiled and hided again in him while he held her protectively ,after that all went to have their dinner and the party was about to end as it was college party .When the party ended Raman was going to drop ishita  but at the same time his HOD called him for some discussion about the payment of the party as Raman was keeping records of payments .He told romika to drop ishita and went to the HOD .

It was about fourth five minutes ,he has gone to meet HOD ,he settled all the bills and was returning to his appt ,suddenly it stuck him that ishita didn't messaged him after reaching to her hostel ( it was her daily routine,to inform him after she reaches her hostel) .He called her but her phone was unreachable ,Raman got worried ,he then called mihika her phone rang but before she pick the ring ended ,Raman then called romi ,he picked his phone ,before he can even speak hello Raman asked worriedly" where is ishita".

Ro (surprised)- how could I know .

R( shocked)- what do you mean ,I send her with you and mihika .

Ro- yes you send her with us but in next minute ,you yourself called her back .

R- what do you mean .

Ro- I mean you called her back just before we leave .


Romika and ishita were leaving the party hall ,when a boy came running to him and told " RKB is calling ishita in party hall and had said that he himself will drop her ,as he has only 10 min. work ."

Ishita looked at him then saw romika ,they all were confused ,romi called Raman but he didn't picked the call as he was with HOD ,ishita told romika to leave assuring that she will be ok .They left from there while Ishita went inside the hall .

Flashback ends 

R- but I didn't send any boy .

Ro (shocked)- what .

R- yeah ,I was with hod ,how and why I will call her back when I myself send her with you people .

Romi also got worried ,he consoled Raman that ishita will be ok and he is coming till then Raman could ask to someone about ishita .It was dark ,the party hall was empty ,everybody has gone ,he was scared to death thinking the worst .He was riding his bike aimlessly and was asking each person whom he can see in the night.He was hell worried for ishita ,his mind can't think anything sane after knowing that ishita is missing .

After a ride of about half an hour s
he saw some one standing in middle of road ,it was dark night ,so the person was visible as she was wearing a light colour clothes and he also guessed that she is a girl as her cloths look like gown ,he prayed to matarani that it would be ishita ,he was about 1/4 km away from her .Raman was driving speedily so that he can reach her immediately ,he went lil more closer and saw that her feet was stumbling showing that the girl is drunk ,he at first was confused that ,Ishita can't drink ,she must be some other girl ,but after going some more closer he got confirmed that its ishita only .

Raman raised speed of his bike to reach her soonish but before he reaches her a car stopped in front of her ,two boys got down from it ,they took ishita inside and drove away while Raman listened ishita calling his name. All the blood from his body drained witnessing the scene in front of him,he followed the car and in between he called romi and called him towards the direction with some more boys .

Raman followed the car and it stopped in a lone place near a old house, the boys took ishita out while she was struggling to be free from their hold calling Raman's name .They took her into the house and throw her in ground and were discussing ,who is she ,how she us alone in the road ,who will be the first person to make out with her when Raman reached there ,his blood boiled listening to those words for ishita .He without thinking that he is only one and they are five, started fighting with them .After fighting for some five to seven min.when Raman was loosing his senses ,romi reached there with more boys ,they beat the boys and called police ,police came and arrested them, while ishita was still not in her senses ,she was just curling herself sitting in the corner ,scared of fight unknown of the fact that what could had happened if Raman had not searched her .After police went with the boys ,Raman walked to her and hugged her tightly ,he closed his eyes feeling her safe near him while tears made their ways from his eyes .

Ishita also hugged him recognising his touch ,she snuggled closer to him and slept immediately peacefully in his arms ,he picked her and walked out from there ,they anyhow arranged a cab in night and took her to his appt. ishita was sleeping in his embrance while he was in deep thought that who is the person responsible for doing this to ishita .

That's All for now friends .Hope you like this update .Enjoy reading and do. comment.

PS- I had got only 148 likes in last update which is not enough for me ,I want 165+ likes for next update .if I didn't get that ,I will think that you people are not liking this story and will end it asap .

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Divanru IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 07 September 2016 at 6:23am | IP Logged
Hello friends updated new part ,Enjoy reading .

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Sk-Sharmin IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 07 September 2016 at 6:35am | IP Logged
m 165th liker of tamanna...
ur wish is fulfilled nw...
nw u fulfill my wish..
give me n quickest update...
nd us update me nah...nidhi ko na..aise majhe chakhao aise maje chakhao k firse ishita ka naam na le..
bloody b*****
hw dare she did something like that...Angry
mean girl..sachhi me..

ishu was hurt by her words..
though she knws k wht RKB feels fr bt fir bhi Nidhis wrd made her sad...
poor she..
bt only 1 hug frm RKB n everything was alright..
bt nidhi...Angry
makw sure nidhi pays fr her deeds in next update...
update soon..

Edited by Sk-Sharmin - 08 September 2016 at 10:25am

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