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New ishra SS - Dil ko Teri hi tamanna # 2 Teaser on 136 on 28/10 (Page 33)

Divanru IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 14 May 2016 at 10:02pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by traveller_girl

Congrats for the new thread di 

Thanks Hetvi dear

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Divanru IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 14 May 2016 at 10:05pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by sukanksha

Awesome update
Liked ishu's gifts.. All were cute
I m also excited for their meet

Thankyou somuch sukh.
Glad you liked it
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Posted: 14 May 2016 at 10:10pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by mayraa

Superb update Di
Loved it

Ishu gift was awesome
Her gift remind him about ishita whenever he use the things
She don't want him to forget her
Ishra love each other
They both cried in eachother embrace
Omg ishu kissed Raman that too on lips Blushing
Lovely update di

Thankyou somuch Maalvika dear .
Glad you liked the. Update and her gifts .
I'll update asap
Divanru IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 14 May 2016 at 10:12pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by detha

emotional update di
ishra are now apart
but spent beautiful moments

thanks for pm
please update soon

SORRY for the late di

Thanks a lot divya dear .
Yup they are always together though they are apart .
Will update soon
Divanru IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 14 May 2016 at 10:15pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by traveller_girl

Awesome update di 
Loved it 
Ishralicious and beautiful moments 
Loved her gifts
Continue soon 

Thankyou somuch Hetvi dear .
Will update asap

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Divanru IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 14 May 2016 at 10:16pm | IP Logged
Hi friends I m back .Here's the next update .

Part - 10.

The evening before the day raman was coming ishita cleaned abd arranger his room again .she very well know that when he will arrive she must be in school ,so she made a small poster of welcome with a smily and kept it on his study table .Toshiji was arranging all the stuffs to make all his favorite foods when ishita asked 
" auntyji ,you are not preparing dosa ."

T- haan yaar ,I forget about that ,arey I had planned all the Punjabi foods but Raman like Dosa too .koi gal nahi ,main doosre din bana doongi .

I- Aunty I you don't mind,can I make it for him .

T- ok if you want but make it in evening ,you know na ,he will be angry looking to so much food .

I- ok aunty .

Ishita remained with toshiji for some more time and helped her in her work and then went yo her house .Toshiji very well know that ishita likes raman but she didn't opposed her as she also likes ishita very much .In her opinion ishita was having all the qualities as a good DIL ,she was beautiful ,her family is also good ,she was studious ,also good in household works moreover she respect everybody and above all Toshiji can see ishitas deep love and crave for her son in her eyes ,so toshiji don't have any problem with ishra relation other than their age and Raman's POV.

Next day Raman arrived ,Toshiji was so happy to see her son after so many days ,she hugged him and cried .After meeting his parents raman went to take blessings of amma and appa .He knocked the door but it was already opened ,he entered the house as madhvi spoke " the door is open come in ."

He went to amma ,took blessings from her ,she was also super happy to see raman after so many days .Though raman himself has told ishita to go to school and they will meet after that but still he was hoping that he can have a glimpse of his cheeku but to his disappointment she was not there .After talking to amma for sometime ,he went back to his house .He then entered his room and the moment he saw it ,he was sure that it is arrange by ishita only ,but only to confirm he shouts and asked " maa ,maa who arranged my room."

T- what happened raman why are you shouting .

R- ma why did you arranged my room like this ,I m a boy .

T- what boy and girl .ishita arranged your room moreover how cone this room is looking like  girls room .

R- first of all this pink bedsheet ,I mean pink bedsheets in a boys room ,then this room fragrance and moreover these flowers .

T- this all are brought by her only ,she was so excited that you are coming .

Raman smiled and ruffled his hairs looking to the beautiful flowers ,they were white ,pink and yellow roses and beside that the poster of welcome back was kept .He saw it and caressed each words written in it ,she has wrote it very beautifully with colour sketches ,while he was admiring it he recalled the how she beautifully wrote the dairy to give him as gift .He smiled fully and went freshen up .

He had met all the important persons ,freshened up ,had his lunch and almost completed all his work ,but still one more hour is left ,for school to be over .He was just dying to meet his ishita but the time is passing so slowly .Toshiji saw him and spoke " raman you must be tired ,go and get some sleep now ".

Raman don't wanted to sleep but went to his room and closed his eyes .He started recalling their last day together before the day he was leaving Delhi .Her sweet gifts ,there lovely talks ,their promises that they will not forget each other .Lost in all soon he drifted to sleep .

After a hour ,ishita and mihir returned home .Mihir saw Raman was sleeping so after freshning and having his snacks he went to play cricket while ishita dropped her bag .Took a beautiful suit and went to freshen up .she wore the carrot pink anarkali suit ,put dark kohl in her almond eyes ,curled her hairs and then put a small black binding on her forehead .she admired herself many times in front of the mirror and then came out from her room .she asked her amma how she was looking ,amma admired her and ask" are you going to some party kanna ".

Ishita was tongue tight listening to her ,how can she say the she is going yo meet raman after dressing like she is going for a party."

I- ( stammering)- wo amma ,wo I m going to bhalla aunties place ,aunty has called me to help her in making Dosas ,you know na Rams has come .

A( scolding )- ishu he is elder than you don't calk him by name .

I- can I go.

A- ok,come soon ,don't spend whole evening there .

I( while stepping out )- ok amma .

Amma smiled looking to ishira ,she also knows that ishita like him as she has seen ishitas friendly relations with toshiji though she don't have any daughter .And today it got confirmed after seeing ishita so beautifully dressed for him .Amma also likes raman ,as he is a good boy but then also she thought to talk to ishita about it for once .

Ishita peeped in the house ,Toshiji was waiting for her as it was her time to visit bhallas after coming from school .Toshiji make her sit and was talking to her randomly ,ishita was just answering only in yes or no as her eyes were fixed on Raman's room,but it was closed and to her disappointment it was not opening also .At last ishita spoke " aunty should we start making dosas its evening ."

T- wait for a while ,raman is still sleeping let him wake .

I- how much he will sleep ,should I wake him .

T- ok you go and start preparing till the time I will woke raman .

Ishita nodded like a good girl and went to kitchen while Toshiji went to Raman's room .she woke Raman and he came out of his room and went direct to kitchen to have some some water unknown to the fact that ishita is there .Toshiji has gone to her room ,she was not there.Raman entered the kitchen and saw ishita, " cheeku" escaped from his mouth ,while she raised her eyes to the direction of voice . Both look each other and their eyes met ,they shared a beautiful eyelock ,both wanted to embrance each other but looking to the place they remain far ,he so wanted to caress her beautiful face and love her while she wants to behold his image in her eyes .Their trance was broken by toshijis voice " atey raman what are you doing here ."

R- ma paani .

He cannot complete his words and toshiji spoke " you go and ishita is bringing your Dosa ,see she is making it ."

Raman went to his room and started waiting for her ,soon she entered with his Dosa and water . He was sitting in the couch but the moment he saw her ,he got up from his place ,she immediately kept the plate and ran to him .He opened her arms for her ,she scooped herself in them and cried " I missed you ,I missed you so.much ".

R- I too missed you somuch cheeku .how r you .

I- aapke bina kaisi ho sakti hoon .

Both hadn't even looked at each other properly when they heard toshiji calling ishita .ishita ran to kitchen ,Raman came out and sat in the dinning table sothar he can see her .Both were stealing glances on each other while doing their respective work .Soon her work was over ,she talked some random things and something about studies to raman and went back to her house .Before that raman called her in terrace to meet him .

After half an hour ,she went to terrace and saw him waiting for her .She went to him and he pulled her for a bone crushing hug and spoke 
" where were you I was waiting for you since long .here I m just dying to meet you and you are taking forever to come ."

I- I was helping amma in cooking .

R- oh my cheeku has become a big she is helping her amma and MIL both together I'm their work .

I- yup ,both are my mothers and both loves me too much .you know aunty and amma both loves me more than mihir ,now a days I m only child of both houses .

R- and mihir 

I-he is getting all the scoldings from aunty now a days and when she scold him,he come to my house to have food .bhukkhad kahi ka .

Raman laughed aloud and gave a packet to her.

I( clinging on him )- what's this .

R- open and see it .

I- I don't have that much time ,let me feel that you are near me .

R- ( pulling her more yo him)-even I m not free ,let me hold you first .

They again hugged eachotger tightly ,then they sat and talked about her school ,there college .He narrated many incidents and stories of his college ,she was curiously listening all.

After listening to many of his stories ,ishita asked " Rams your classmates must be more beautiful and hot than me na."

R( teasing )- haan year they are too hot to handle ,and you know many of them want to befriend with me .what say should I make a girlfriend there also .

Ishita glared him .He smiled and spoke again 
" I mean you will be main ,I will marry you only but you know for some fun like gharwali baharwali .

Ishita glared him then smiled and spoke " actually rams you know ,I m also feeling very lonely here ,I was also thinking to have a boyfriend here and you will be my original one."

R( angrily)- I will kill your that so called boyfriend for even thinking about you .

I- jale na ,then why are you teasing me .

Raman.pulled her more to him and spoke" I want to confess cheeku ,I just can't express how much I love you.and you know by living apart it has grown more strong ".

I- I also love you beyond limits .I don't have words to describe you.

Raman opened the parcel and passed a diary to her and spoke " as you wrote and gave me diary ,this is my feelings for the same day which you have written in your dairy ."

She opened it ," MY CHEEKU" was written beautifully in it on the first page .then she opened it and saw ,he has written many moments ,not so beautifully like her but has written almost half of the dairy .she smiled looking to it and hugged him again .They talked for some more time ,after that they return back to their houses .This same routine godson for whole week.

Raman went back ,sane thing happened in rest two years ,he came to Delhi ,they spend time together .Anyhow the moment of saperation ,was spend ishita has given her competitive exams .Raman took a week leave and helped her in preparations for her competitive exams . He also accompanied her with appa for her entrance exams to support her .ishira also worked hard and gave her exams with all her dedicated so that she can pass and take admission in his college .

At last they succeeded and she hot admission in his college ,in same department .ishra were super happy that now they will be together always little did they know their this togetherness is going to bring a big mess in their life.

That's all for now friends .Hope you like this part .Enjoy reading and do comment .Do hit like buttons .

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Hello friends updated new part .Enjoy reading

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Superb update pooh...
Kya pyaar hai, door rehke bhi itna gehraHeart
He wanted her to attend her classes,phir bhi he was restlessLOL
Woh bechari toh,she'd to do so much for a dosaLOL
Finally they met...he wrote a diary for her...soo cute...
Toshiji n ammaCool...mummiya ho toh aiseLOL...they're all cool with their kids relationship...
I expected a kiss pooh...
He helped her for her entranceHeart
And she made sure she's in the same college...
Kya problems aayenge pooh unki life mainWink...I'm curious
Continue soon...

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