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Ishra SS Tera mera rishta # 5 updt pt 53 on pg 125 on 29/9 (Page 50)

komal157 Groupbie

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Posted: 21 June 2016 at 1:24am | IP Logged
Hi sorry for commenting late but actually I read hour entire story in one night. I am short of words as this was romantic, emotional, sensual everything. I really love your writings. Teaser seems to be very excited. Plz update soon. Plz keep writing like this.

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Divanru IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 25 June 2016 at 12:15am | IP Logged
Hello friends I m back .I know I m super late but you all know the reason .At last I m back. Thankyou all for your lovely comments and likes .


Here's the next update .

Part 49

Ishita rested her head on his chest as if feeling him near her while he caresses her hairs to calm her ,soon she drifted to sleep exhausted by the happening of the day .He took her phone and called someone and instructed someone .After that Raman layed ishita gently in the bed ,removed at the stuffs which she was packing and slid beside her .

Raman traced her features lovingly and spoke " we will surely leave this place but before that I want you yo have some beautiful memories which you can Cherish after going from here .( he wiped the tears which were dried on her cheeks and spoke again )- I m so sorry bachcha ,I hurted you somuch ."

Saying so he placed a feathery kiss on her forehead ,she stirred a bit and snuggled more to him ,he smiled looking to her and pulled her more ,she hide herself in him and slept keeping her hand on his heart .Soon he also drifted to sleep .

Next morning was as usual ,ishita was first to wake ,she as usual wished him good morning by pecking on his lips ,he as usual pulled her to him for some more monemys ,then she got up ,carefully enough not to disturb him .she freshened up and then went down to prepare breakfast.Soon he also woke ,and smiled looking at his stuffs which she kept like daily .He again chided himself for doubting on her ,how can he ,she is angry with him then also she had arranged everything as usual .

He freshened up and got ready .After getting ready he came down in search of her ,ishita was still in kitchen .Hr entered the kitchen ,checked it and confirmed that nobody is there except ishita. After confirming he went to her and wished her good morning by back hugging and planted a wet kiss on her neck line . 

She smiled feeling his touch ,but at the next moment she recalled that she is angry with him .ishita pushed him a little and spoke showing anger "stay away ,let me do my work ,go and sit on dinning table breakfast is almost ready ".

R- how can I go there when my sweet wiffy ,my Jaan is here .

I- ( freeing herself from his hold )- who Jaan,who Jise daan karne chale the.

Raman again felt bad listening to her ,as he again reused how much she is hurt by his deeds .He turned her to him and spoke caressing her cheeks ," I m so sorry again ".

I- I don't need your sorry ,just ho and sit in dining table I m coming with BF .

Raman didn't argue anymore and went to the dinning area and waited for her .After few minutes she showed up with his fav ,paranthas .she kept it in his plates gave him curd ,butter ,pickles and sause and was about to leave when he pulled her abd make her sat in his lap .

R- don't go anywhere ,be with me .

I-( making faces )- I m not going anywhere but just bringing your tea .

R- leave it ,just be with me 

I- why should I be with you ,you wanted yo leave me .

R- if you want I can do any thing , I m saying sorry holding my ears,can do situps also .

I- no need to show extra care and love to me.

Saying so she tried to get up from his lap ,but his hold was so tight that she can't even move ,he turned her to him and spoke " chotu please be angry on me but don't say that my love and care towards you is show off ,you know that you are the one who is reason of my living ,you know very well how was i before you were not in my life and how I m having you in my life .I so love you Jaan .you were right I m not got though you called me your god " insaan hoon yaar ,galti ho gayi ." Now forgive me .

I( making faces )- huh bade aaye the mere bina jeene wale ,paanch min to rah nahi pate ,an dikhaiye mere bina rah ke .

R( crushing her in his bone crushing hug )- nahi rah sakta ,na rahna chahta hoon.

Ishita looked at him with moist eyes while he placed a feathery kiss on her temple to assure her that what she is listening is right .ishita closed her eyes yo feel his soft touch ,she was still closing her eyes as if waiting for him to proceed ,after looking to her ,Raman smiled and bend down to capture her lips ,he kept his lips on her and she started sucking them as she was waiting .They were fully engrossed in their kiss when they heard the voice of door opening ,she knew that it would be pariamma so they parted and tarted eating while pariamma brought tea for both of them .After finishing breakfast Raman as usual went to office ,making ishita more furious .

Ishita POV .

See he has gone office ,I m fool that I thought he will stay here at home and woo me .Raavan Kumar now I m super ,super and super she bhi ooper angry ,ab to main bilkul nahi maanne waali .Manate rahiye .

Saying so she made a dirty face and went to her room .she dropped herself in bed and start reading a book randomly when she saw a neatly wrapped packet kept on the bed ,she went to it and picked it up .A note was attached to it .The note read .

Hi my chotu ,

Wear this and get ready beautifully ,I had a surprise for you .I will come to.pick you at sharp 5.00 .Hope you will not keep me waiting .

           Your and only yours Raman.

Ishita smiled reading to the note and opened the packet curiously .it contain a dark green gown ,with matching diamond jewellery. She smiled fully looking to it as though it was his choice but all the things were as per her taste .she kepttge dress and jewellery early and started waiting for evening .

It was around four fourty five when Raman reached home ,he new that she would be ready so he directly to their room ,there he saw her dressed in that dark green gown and jewellery, she has left her hair open , had put dark kohl in her beautiful almond eyes with a lil amount of makeup .He looked at her and was lost as always ,he was looking at her when she walked to her and spoke huskily in his ears " we are getting late ."

His trance was broken ,he ruffled his hairs ,took his clothes and went to changing room.
After few minutes he was ready ,ishita asked him curiously " Raman were are we going ".

R- soon you will know ,till then its a surprise .
I- please bataiye na .

R- wait and watch .

Saying so he walked out if the room side hugging her .Both sat in the car ,he ignited it and drove away ,after a drive of about twenty min ,he stopped somewhere in the mid of road ,ishita saw around and spoke making a dirty and confused face " Raman were is surprise ,ye kaisi jagah hai .yahaan kuch nahi hai ."

Raman smiled and spoke blindfolding her " wait for a while ,you are behaving like a chotu baby .

I- that I m ,you always say that ,ab batao .

R- Tum chup rahogi to him jaldi pahunchenge .

Ishita again made a dirty face and sat silently .After a drive of some more minutes ,he stopped the car .Raman got out from the car and helped her to come out ,he held her and took her some where .After reaching the place ,he opened her blind fold .Ishita opened her eyes excitedly ,but all the colour of her face was gone just looking around .

She immediately turned to raman and shouted furiously " is this your surprise .how in earth you thought that its a surprise which fan make me happy ."

Raman cupped the face and spoke lovingly 
" jaan ,I know you are angry but I also know that ,you are equally sad .and without talking to them you will never be happy ."

Raman spoke pointing to her friends ,which were standing there .He then also turned her and showed the hall which was beautifully decorated with huge banners in which sorry was written .Ishita again turned and started walking towards the entrance angrily when she heard " I m so sorry ishu" .

She turned to saw the person as it was not Raman .she saw it was Raghav who was saying sorry ,looking to him her face again become red when vishu and Vicky came to her and forwarded a bunch of yellow flowers mouthing sorry to her .ishita was not getting anything ,that how come they are here when Raman walked to her and spoke " accept their apology ishita ".

Ishita raised her eyes to saw raman and was about yo speak something when all her friends ,including Raghav ,vishu and Vicky surrounded her and spoke " sorry " in unison.

Ishita was yet to speak when Raghav come forward and spoke " ishu I realised my mistake that I was wrong .I thought bad and was about to saperate you with your husband only for my selfishness .but I m glad that your love is so pure and true that you didn't let anything happen wrong ."

Ishita was still silent when Raghav continued " yeah ishu you were right,you told the Mr bhalla will always choose right path as he has more experience than us .I do agree with you now ,you wanted to leave chennei with sad and painful memories but he being your husband wanted you to go from here with happy memories with us .He called swati yesterday and told that he wanted to talk to us .swati called us and take us to his office,there he told us that though he will always keep you happy but there will always a miss as whenever you will remember your place you will be sad .".

Listening to him ishita glanced Raman with tearful eyes .when swati continued " yes ishu jiju want that when you go from here you have happy memory and we also want same.Raghav is guilty of his act as now he know depth of your and jeeju love .

Raghav - yes ishu now i know that love actually doesn't means winning the person but it means that the person should be happy with you .and noe I know it very well that your happiness lies with Mr bhalla .ishu he has forgiven me ,please you too forgive us and befriend with us .

Ishita was still silent as she was in short if words ,she wanted to be angry with them because of their deeds ,but at the same time she also wanted to have them as friends for lifetime .she was in delimma that how everything changed just in a night ,yesterday this person was held bend to prove Raman as unsuitable person for her and today the sane person is saying that he is most perfect person for her .

Raman encircled around her shoulder and spoke " ishita they are are saying sorry ,they all wanted to be your friends again then why are you hesistating .come on accept their friendship and cherish your lovely memories so that you will also have beautiful memory.

Ishita looked at everyone while all assured her that they wanted her friendship back .she at last smiled and joins the friends hug after that party started ,everybody started enjoying the party .All friends join and started talking about their old days ,Raman still was alone .He again stood in a corner and started his work of admiring his wife .  He was lost in her when Raghav and his friends called him for some drinks ,at first Raman was hesitant but joined them when Raghav apologize and assured him that now they will not do anything bad .

After having some drinks and having some light talks all were called for couple dance. Ishra also went to the dance floor and started dancing in sync with everyone .The music was soft so ishita simply kept her head on his chest and closed her eyes ,he also held her protectively and both sway in swing .

Ishita enjoyed fully with her friends and was so happy .After the party was over ishra came back to their house ,looking happy ishita Raman asked " now you are happy na."

Ishita turned to him and spoke " yeah I m happy but still angry with you ."

R- ye kya baat hui yaar ,I did somuch to make you happy and you are saying that you are still angry with me .

I- yeah ,I know you did much but that was a part of your apology but its not completed. Your part if apology is still left as you ruined our honeymoon .hope you are getting my point .

She said winking ,Raman smiled listening to her and spoke picking her in his arms ," yeah I totally get you ".

Ishita was sleeping peacefully in his arms after some passionate rounds of their lovemakings while raman was again thinking to surprise her .

That's all for noe friends .Hope you like this part .Enjoy reading and to comment .

PS - I want to update next part soonish as it will be 50th part ,for that I only want 160 likes ,hope you people will give me that soonish .

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fSharm IF-Rockerz

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Ishra are soo lovely...
Ishita z not at all ready to apolozise raman..
But she melting for raman's words & gestures...

" chotu please be angry on me but don't say that my love and care towards you is show off ,you know that you are the one who is reason of my living ,you know very well how was i before you were not in my life and how I m having you in my life .I so love you Jaan .you were right I m not got though you called me your god " insaan hoon yaar ,galti ho gayi ." Now forgive me .''

Thse words are awesome..
These shows how much he love her..
& raman's I didnt expect raman's suprise to b meeting her friends..
But its..
All he want z her happiness..
Now she has forgven her friends..
But not raman..
As he ruined their honeymoon..
She z agry vth raman..

Edited by fSharm - 26 June 2016 at 9:58am
nadiay Goldie

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update chahiyeee mujhe kab milegaaa,,,uuupppdddaaattteee poojaaa listen na...
Divanru IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 26 June 2016 at 9:03am | IP Logged
Hello friends updated next part .have a look 

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-K.13- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 26 June 2016 at 9:11am | IP Logged
Yay you updated! I loved the thoughtful first action Raman took to woo back Ishita - I totally understand why she is mad but Raman is definitely making it hard for her to stay that way. can't wait to read about his next action to woo her!
nadiay Goldie

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Posted: 26 June 2016 at 9:22am | IP Logged
wooowww,,,,,,beautiful n awesome wala update,,,sooo lovable,,,raman had done sooo much for her shows hw much he loves her,,,n i luv ishita here,,,,,,update soon...
shavetamehta32 IF-Dazzler

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awesome mind blowing fantastic fabulous I liked it very much n Raman's surprise was awesome n one more n 50 part are complete congratulations on that n waiting for the next

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