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Ishra SS Tera mera rishta # 5 updt pt 53 on pg 125 on 29/9 (Page 40)

prachi_vrushan IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 22 May 2016 at 2:01pm | IP Logged
awesome update

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traveller_girl IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 23 May 2016 at 7:50am | IP Logged
Awesome update di 
What a reply to raghav 
Waiting to see how Raman manofies his chotu 
Continue soon 

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maduragymhasium IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 23 May 2016 at 1:40pm | IP Logged
extremely sorry for late reply dear

awesome update dear

poor raman ready to sacrifice his love to him thinking he is not suit her moreover ruin her life

wow jkr is back find out everything give back to raman in his style superb dear

slap to raghav was well done dear

love ishu  kiss to make him confront what he feeling

continue soon dear

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Divanru IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 23 May 2016 at 11:30pm | IP Logged
Hello friends I m back again with new update .yes this time I m very fast because many of you especially my buddy "Nadiya" was very eager for this part So nidiya here it is .But before that I want to thankyou all of you friends for your immense love ,huge likes and lovely comments .As you all know chutti season has started and I have some mother's duty so I m not having much time because of that I will not be able to answer your comments saperately but believe me I have read each and every comments and tried to like all of them but may be because of net problems if I missed someone ,to people don't be mad at me .And one more thing I want to share I had got 145 likes in last update so I m wishing for 150 + likes this time ,hope you will fulfill my this wish.


Part 48

Raman smiled between his tears ,he ruffled his face and thought " oh my God ,now I have to woo this JKR ,chal beta raman ,ho ja shuru.mission manofy jkr shuru ."

Raman was lost in his thought when he heard loud sound of " thud" he turned and saw ishita slapped Raghav hard .Raman ran to her and held her hand speaking " ishita what are you doing".

I- Raman you stay out of it ,now he has to answer my question and will have to repay for instigating you .how dare he tried to created a rift between us more over(looking to raman)how dare you believe him .

Leaving raghav she again turned to raman and asked  with teary eyes " raman had you actually believed him that I don't love you "

R - actually not but I thought that every person has to be given a chance to prove himself .

I( furiously)- and this chance you were going to give him ,you were leaving .

R( cupping her face )- no jaan ,how can I leave you .

I- but you were .

R- I m so sorry bachcha .

I- ( glaring him )- first you move ,I have to teach this raghav a lesson then I will see you .

Ishita moved raman a side then glared raghav and shouted " why are you mute now ,just say all those poisonous words to me also so that may be I also think that my raman is not suitable for me and I will opt to come with you ".

Everybody was silent ,ishita spoke again " oh sorry raghav you were not there ,its was him this vishu ,(she went to the boy who actually talked to raman )bolo vishu tell same thing which you spoke to my husband ."

V- ishu actually I was helping raghav ,Vicky told me to tell those words .

I- haan to ab main bol rahi hoon ,aakhir kaar main bhi to jaanu ki mere pati mere layak kyun nahi hain ,bol.

Vishu looked to Vicky and raghav .

I- no need to take permission from them ,tell me ,you want to help your friend na .

Vishu started speaking " at first I told that he is much elder than you and he took advantage of you by marrying you."

Ishita looked at raman and spoke " abhi bhi khade rahoge ya you have answer for his words".

Raman was already boiling in anger ,he punched hard in raghavs face while ishita slapped vishu and spoke " yeah he is elder than me ,but I never regert it ,because he had already lived the age we are in and he always tackle me well if I ever act adamant for something or if I m stuck in some problem .He is more experience than me and though he always took right decision for me and you know what ,he is not only my husband ,but he is my friend ,guide,mentor and moreover sometimes he is my mother and father too .so in our case age doesn't matter but instead I insist that every girl should marry a boy who us elder than her to have a balance in their married life .next bolo".

V- you fear him and can't mouth your feelings.

Listening to this ,ishita laughed aloud and spoke " that was a nice joke ,haina raman .I hope you all can see that how I can't mouth my feeling due his fear .jokes apart ,I never need to mouth my feelings or needs because he understand me well all my demands ,wishes and each feelings are fulfilled before I mouth them .And about culture ,yeah I agree we are from different places ,different culture and I would love to be in my place and in my culture but never in expense of my life .yeah you all listened it right ,he is my life ,suna raman aap meri zindagi ho ,so please never ever think again to sperate me from yourself ."

Raman again cupped her face and spoke " I m sorry jaan ,even you are my life .I was so wrong in judging you ."

Ishita again turned to all her friends and spoke 
" you know friends when I came here I was so very happy that its my place ,I will again be able my friends and can cherish our school and college days but now I revert the moment when I decided to cone here .I m leaving chennei and will never ever come here because though its my birthplace but it has always either tried to or snatched my dearones .you know people they ,raman his friends ,his family never know me but they gave me somuch love that I forget my all pain .And again my bad luck ,I came here in between my people and you being my best friends again gave me that pain which I can never forget .I wanted to take beautiful memories from here instead I m taking painful memories from here .chalo Raman yahan se and we will never come back here ."

Saying so she hugged raman and cried bitterly,all her friends which were present there cried looking to her state .They went to her and tried to console ishita but today she was unstoppable as she was deeply hurt .All looked helplessly to raman ,he walked to them and took ishita in his embrance and spoke patting her back " chup ishita enough bachcha ,stop crying ,she all your friends will think you are a cry baby ."

I- no raman I m not .

R( smiling )- but you are acting like one .

Ishita immediately wiped her tears and spoke " see now I m not crying".

R- that's like a good girl .

Swati - we are very sorry ishu ,we all hurt you a lot.

I- nope ,swati its not you.but this raghav ,ohh I hadn't answered him . so.listen Raghav its true that once we were good friends ,may be we liked each other too but now I m not feeling shame in declaring openely that I m hopelessly ,deeply and madly in love with this handsome Punjabi boy .and nobody ,I repeat I will not allow anyone to come in between us .

Raman smiled happilyand pulled her in bone crushing hug mouthing " I too love uoh madly ishita ".

I(making a dirty face )- that I had seem ,apni biwi hi daan karne chale the .

R- I thought ..

I- this is the problem na ,beside being Punjabi you always think with your brain like a pur businessman not with your heart like a lover .

R- ishita you are behaving shamelessly in front of your friends.

I- let it be raman ,they all are shameless ,we acted decent that's why they thought that we are lacking love instead if I would cling on you whole days ,would kiss your anywhere and everywhere ,then they will think that we are in deep love ..

R- (side hugging her )- mad girl .

I- haan raman its true .

R- achcha baba I got you happy .

Ishita smiled fully and pecked his lips ,raman also smiled .After that her friends left ,raghav ,Vicky and vibhu tried to talk to her but she showed them cold shoulder while she cried while bidding adieu to her friends.

Soon after her friends left ishitas expression changed ,she pushed raman from.herself and spoke " don't you ever think that I forget that you doubted me and had thought to.leave me ."

R- ishita listen to me jaan .

But seems his words were going on deaf ears, she ignored him and walked to their room and started packing their luggage .Raman ran behind her ,he was trying to talk to her but she was ignoring him and was continuing her works. raman sat on the bed and pulled her to him ,she laded on his lap ,he immediately arrested her in his arms and spoke " now you cannot go anywhere ,until you listen to me ."

I- nope Raman ,I will not listen to you now also , actually what more is left to listen ,you doubted me ,you thought that I m not happy with you ,you yourself made your openion that you are taking advantage of you and that was not enough ,you told that idiot raghav to prove himself for me then you will give myself to him. I m a thing ,or cloth or any contract which you will give to more deserving person .I m your wife damn it ..I m...

She can't speak more and burst in tears ,raman felt so guilty for his deed .He engulf her in himself and hugged her tight .They remain in same position and cried their heart out .After they felt light raman pulled her from him and spoke scooping her face in his palm " I can't say more than sorry because actually I had done a great mistake ,you have full right to be angry from me as many as days you want but can you give some days ,so that I can woo my wife .

I- ( angrily )- I think you didn't heard me ,I told you that time itself that I m not going to talk to you  for forever .

R- laughed listening to her and spoke ,planting a kiss on her temple " can you live without taking to me ,that to not for one or two days but for whole life .

I- no this time I m really angry and will do it .

R- ok you don't talk buy I will talk to you and will do whatever I can do .

Saying so raman held her fact and smacked his lips on her ,she pretended to free herself but actually she was craving for this ,because his love is only thing which can sooth her pain. She closed her eyes and gave him full charge of her,he entered her mouth and sucked her tongue relishing her flavour .after sometimes they broke apart because of suffocation ,then he traced all her face and spoke sorry ,after planting lovely kisses on her features .ishita was closing her eyes feeling his touches on her but she was so hurt on his behaviour that tears were still flowing from her eyes .

He drank her tears and spoke huskily on her ear " Jaan can't you give me few days so that I can sooth your hurt with all my love .only few days".

Is hits saw him ,he pleaded through his eyes ,she flicked her eyes to give ilhim permission and then rested her head on his chest as if feeling him near her ,he was caressing her hairs and soon she sliped in deep slumber exhausted from the happenings of day ,he kissed her hairs lovingly and then took her phone to call someone .

Thats all for now friends .Hope you like this .Enjoy reafing and do cimment .Do hit like buttons ,yoi know na this time i want 150, likes .

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fSharm IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 23 May 2016 at 11:42pm | IP Logged
I totally loved the answers ishu gave for vishu...
She z really angry vth ragav & his friends as they tride to seperate them..
She z not only angry vth them...
But raman too..
She z totally mad at raman...
Waiting to see how he woo his dear wife...
Update soon..

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Divanru IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 24 May 2016 at 4:46am | IP Logged
Hello friends updated new part .have a look

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attitudequeen17 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 24 May 2016 at 5:04am | IP Logged
ishu slapped raghav and raman too...
awesome update di
i loved the way ishita answered to each and every statement
she is way too husrt
i agree she is not a thing or piece of cloth to give it to anyone...
so she finally gave Raman time to heal her
and to whom he call???
update soonish di
thnx for the pm

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mamtasingla IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 24 May 2016 at 5:08am | IP Logged
nice update
ishita slapped ramanShocked
she is very hurtCry
hope raman get success in wooing his madrasanTongue
update soon
thnkx 4 pm

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