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Ishra SS Tera mera rishta # 5 updt pt 53 on pg 125 on 29/9 (Page 29)

Divanru IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 17 May 2016 at 12:13pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by 9900

Awesome update pooja di Big smile
Loved it loads Big smile
Raghav is too muchAngry
Trying to poke in others lives Angry
Ishitha wanted raman to come to the party with himConfused
She always wants him around herLOL
She's so possessive about ramanLOL
In the evening raman had to wait long for her to get readyLOL
Ishu looking smoking hotBig smile
Ishu called him an unromantic husbandLOL
ArrrghAngrythat boyAngry
Hate him a lotAngry
Raman got confusedConfused
He went outCry
But ishu also came with himBig smile
Her words were soothing for himBig smile
Please continue soon can't wait to read the next part. Big smile

Thanks a lot pooja dear for your comment .
Glad you.liked the update .
Will try to update asap

Divanru IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 17 May 2016 at 12:14pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by ..Armor_ishra..

awesome update di
loved it
hope this raghavs plan backfire on him only
aww ishu noticed  that he is missing...
superb update soon

Thanks a lot tanu .
Glad you liked it .
Yul that will only happen .
Will update asap
Divanru IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 17 May 2016 at 12:15pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by traveller_girl

Awesome update di 
That guy...simply fuelling insecurities 
Hope ishita removes all his fears
Ishra moments...nice 
Continue soon 

Thankyou somuch hetvi .
Glad youliked the update .
Yup she will do the same .
Will update asap

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Divanru IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 17 May 2016 at 12:16pm | IP Logged
Hi friends I m back ,I know I m super late but what to do .Here's the next update .

Part 47

Raman pulled her in a bone crushing hug and spoke " ishita I want to go home ,will u come with me ".

Ishita was very much surprised listening to him ,she was shocked with his question ,why he asked will you .

Next moment both were driving towards there home but both minds were captured with different thoughts .Though ishita didn't asked him but she has seen him crying and she was thinking the reason for his crying while raman was still having another battle with his mind and heart .

Soon they reached their house ,ishita got out from the car bit raman was still sitting there .she called him two three times but he was list in his world ,this made ishita more confident that something is wrong with him ,that's why the person who had high observing power , cannot listen her voice .she shook him and he came back in senses .

I- Raman ,is there anything which is bothering you .

R- no no ,ishita actu actually I wanted yo askbyou something .

I- poochiye.

R- didn't you miss all this when you were in Delhi .

I- bahut ,I missed this all too much there ,but you know what now it doesn't matter anymore to me as I m married to you .

Ishita spoke this to happily ,trying to say him how much she is happy with him but he took it other way around that now these didn't matter as sshe don't have any other option since she is married to him .This make him more sure that the boy was right .

Raman asked again - ishita do you want to live here .

I- arey what question is this ,this is my place I should be more thank happy to live here but kaise rah sakte hain ,you live in Delhi na .

This was also against raman .Then he asked again " do you actually think I m boring ".

I( in teasing mode )- haan raman aao bahut boring ho ,you hadn't satisfied me till date .

She told this as she wants to tease him ,but again this statement of her also went against raman .

R( sadly )- you mean to say that if some other person whould have been in my place ,he would have been satisfy you .

I( thinking that she is making him jealous)- may be ,you know raman you should love me 24/7 .may be then I will be satisfied .

Ishita was telling all this only to tease raman but unfortunately these a was going against him ,now he was sure that the boy was right ,ishira is not happy with him but is adjusting her life anyhow as she is his wife.

Any how they went to room ,ishita brought milk for him ,till the time he has changed and when she came after changing he pretended to be in deep sleep .ishita shook him two three times but he didn't responded again ishita spoke 
" unromantic hubby ,don't know how to make his wife happy " saying so she pushed him again thinking that he will respond but he didn't ,at last she slept angrily .After she drifted to sleep ,raman turned to her ,he caressed her face lovingly and spoke " I never know ishita that I forced you to be my wife ,don't worry I will fix everything " saying so he pecked her temple,a tear was ready to roll from his eyes and fall on her but he wiped it immediately thinking it mat disturb her sound sleep .He was about to turn but sane time ishira snuggled closer to him and cooconed herself in him and again slept peacefully in his embrance .

Next morning raman was silent while ishita was as usual.she as usual ,kept his office stuffs ,was making breakfast for him and doing her daily routine .ishita has done with breakfast ,parimaa was placing the breakfast in dinning table while ishita was waiting for his call .This was his usual that nomatter how perfectly ishita keep them ,he will shout on her ,actually according to his habit he wanted to get ready by her .But today was not usual ,she was still waiting for him when she saw he was climbing down the stairs .

She was surprised to see him ready without her buy she noticed that he us not wearing tie ,she smiled and walked to him .Raman was on half stairs when ishita reached to him ,she encircled her arms around his waist and spoke pulling him toward their room again " Raman I think you forgot something ,come you are not fully ready .

Raman removed her hands from him and spoke softly " no ishita actually I m not feeling well ,that's why I don't wore tie ,leave it I will go like this only ".

Ishita ( concerned)- what happened ,if you are not feeling good then why are you going to office ,don't go instead you rest .

R- ishita I have important meeting .

I- let it be ,but you are not going .got that now come .

Raman shrugged her hands and spoke little louder " ishita don't poke your nose every where ,I told na I have an important meeting ."

He thought that if he will shout at her she will be angry so that he can escape to act sweetly but he was wrong ,his chotu who was scared of world has now become JKR with his support. Ishita pulled him forcefully ,he tried to free himself aging ,when ishita warned " Raman I don't want to create any scene in front of servants so please come ,either you will regret your decision ."

Raman again freed himself and spoke " what the hell is this ishita ,why are you behaving adamant ".

Ishita become soft and asked lovingly caressing his face " maine koi galti ki kya ,aap itna gussa kyun hain mujhse " her eyes welled up till she completed her word .This was the last thing he wanted to see in the earth .

R( st)- I m trying to give her all the happiness but instead of that my behavior is hurting her .

Till he was lost in his thoughts ,she dragged him from stairs to their room ,she pulled him inside the room and bolted the door .After closing the door ,they stood there itself she cupped his face and asked concerned " Raman please tell me what's bothering you ".

R- nothing ,I told you na I m little unwell .

Ishita ignored his words and asked " did something happened in party ,did my friends told anything to you .I did something which hurt."

Raman was stunned listening to her words that how can she exactly went to the point that something must had happened in party .He was mute but ishita was waiting for him ,ishita noticed that he is not at all mad  ,he is soft ,she wiped the tear from core of his eyes which was freshly formed and was about to fell .As he was silent ,she was not getting any clue to sooth his pain ,so to ease him she tiptoed closed her and started chewing his lips gently ,at first he tried to push her but actually her touch was soothing him..He so wanted to move from his place but seems he was glued there ,after a while he also closed his eyes and started enjoying her soft kiss which were actually lessening his pain .

They kissed for longest time as it was a soft kiss and they were not suffocated .she broke apart but raman pulled her again ,they again engrossed themselves in the kiss ,both were chewing each other lips as if eating a chocolate ,after much time she asked again " bolo na raman Maine kya galti ki ."

Raman freed himself from her grip and spoke softly cupping her face " I m sorry chotu ,I ruined your life ,but don't worry I will fix everything."

I( surprised)- you ruined my life ,how ,who told you that and how you will fix .

R- I was so busy in my happiness that I never thought that I m not suitable for you .I will...

He was about speak more when he realised that he is talking his heart out to ishita .He immediately shrugged ishitas hands from himself and walked out away from the house and drove towards the office .ishita was shocked as well as surprised listening to his words but she also knew that there must be something because of it he was reacting like this .she also understood that some body has instigated him,but who and what ,she was eager yo know .she wanted to cry aloud but she composed herself and thought thoroughly ,how can she solve this problem of her life .soon she recalled the incident of last day when her friends were instigating her against him.she immediately called her friends and told everything to them .ishita asked them to find the person who instigated raman and what exactly he has told to Raman .

Ishita was pacing to and fro when she received call from her friend.

S- hey ishita we found who has done all this .

I- who and what he has done.

S- this all is done by Raghav and Vicky ,they had instigated jiju that he is not suitable for you and he has taken advantage of you by marrying ten year younger girl .he also told that you are not happy with him but adjusting with him and his family ,he also has said that you and raghav were loving each other .

I( shocked)- how come you know all this .

S- Raghav is very happily announcing this in canteen even he is happily announcing that soon you will be his.

I( angrily)- how dare he can tell anything about anyone's wife .

S( sadly)- even he is saying that jeeju himself had called him and told raghav to prove himself suitable ,if he will be satisfied ,jeeju will leave you .

Listening to this ishita was red with anger ,she was more angry with raman than raghav .She thought of a plan to teach both of them a nice lesson .After a while she called her friends that is including Raghav and Vicky and invited them for to her house for a get together party .

After an hour all ishitas friends arrived ,ishitas blood boiled seeing raghav and Vicky but she was waiting for Raman as she was more angry with him .when all of his friends settled ishita called raman and ask him to come home .At first he denied faking that he is busy ,because he don't want to face ishita but when she told faked that her tummy is paining and nobody is home he immediately agreed and spoke " don't worry bachcha I will be there ASAP".

Now ishita was waiting patiently for him ,soon he also arrived ,he entered with a worried face but soon his expression changed in anger .But before he can react he saw ishita climbing down the stairs ,beautifully dressed in his favorite colour saree with a sweet smile .But she didn't gave a glance to him instead she smiled fully looking to her friends mostly Raghav ,raman heart ached witnessing this scene .Then ishita looked at raman and spoke 
" areu raman aap aa gaye ,come sit I want to talk to you .see I have called my friends for a get together party ,you are not mad at me na ."

R( anyhow holding his tears in his eyes)- nope why should I ,it good you are enjoying but you told...

Ishita didn't let him complete and spoke in mid 
" I told you na ,I had an important work with you."

R( with dull face ) - bolo ishita .

She make him sit in couch and sat beside him ,then she called pariamma .Parimma appeared and forwarded an envelop to ishita and was gone .Ishita opebed tge envelop ,it was containing some pics of girls ,she excitedly started showing those pictures to raman .

I- Raman see how is this girl ,even this girl is also beautiful ,see her she will look good with you .

Ishira was going on speaking ,praising different girls ,making their pair with raman ,while he was getting irritated ,at last he lost his control and shouted " ishita  stop it what's this ,why are you showing these pictures to me ."

I( calmly)- I m choosing a girl for your marriage .

R( narrowing his eyes)- ishita have you gone mad ,I think you forget that you are my wife .

I( angrily )- nope Mr bhalla I remember it very well but seems you have forgotten this ,that's why you want me to marry anyone and everyone .

All were shocked listening to her ,but she continued" see these all girls are Punjabi and of your age ,this time I didn't do any mistake " 

Raman cane back to senses and thought what he was going to do .He cupped ishiras face and spoke lovingly with teary eyes " I thought you will.."

I- ( scolding)- chup raman ,you had already did much damage ,what you wanted to do .I m shocked to that you wanted me to give to that idiot raghav ,I didn't give a damn about his feeling moreover if I would had any feeling ,how can you give your wife to someone raman .I called you god in front of everybody ,that doesn't mean that you became god .you have to be possessive about your wife damn it .

R- chotu please .

I( angrily )- chup ekdum chup raman ,I m not talking to you from now .

R- till when .

I( with teary eyes )- forever .

Raman smiled between his tears ,he ruffled his face and thought " oh my God ,now I have to woo this JKR ,chal beta raman ,ho ja shuru.mission manofy jkr shuru ."

Raman was lost in his thought when he heard loud sound of " thud" he turned and saw ishita slapped Raghav hard .

That's all for now friends .Hope you like this , enjoy reading and do comment .if you want quick update give me nice comments and more likes .Do hit like buttons.

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loveruhi Senior Member

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Nice update Poor Raman he thinks he forced ishita for marriage     Thank god ishita got to know about that Raghav PLAN. Love ishita JKR mode . The way she make Raman realize his mistake Thank god no misunderstanding that was awesome Puttar on mission manofy biwi Lovely update. Thanks for pm di

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Divanru IF-Stunnerz

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Hello friends updated new part .Enjoy reading

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dtlover08 Goldie

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Posted: 20 May 2016 at 10:57am | IP Logged
You updated after so long n that to short update
Not fair.
Love reading this os
Continue soon .

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arreddy Senior Member

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Nice update... I'm waiting for this story... Waiting how Raman going to manavo his chotu who is in jkr mode... Pls give daily update if possible...

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