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Ishra SS Tera mera rishta # 5 updt pt 53 on pg 125 on 29/9 (Page 14)

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Originally posted by imabinaya

Congratulations di

Thanks abi

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Originally posted by sukanksha


Thanks sukh

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Originally posted by 9900

Congratulations for the new thread diBig smile

Thanks pooja
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Originally posted by ..Armor_ishra..

Thanks a lot Tanu

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Originally posted by shavetamehta32


Thanks dear
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Originally posted by Rkchinju

OMG..5th thread ...
Many many congrats dear... Party
Love this story..
keep rocking and keep writing... Thumbs Up

Thanks a lot roshni dear
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Hi friends I m back .Heres the next part .

Part 46 .

Raghav- you just organize a college get together and invite them in it .I will instuct further what to do ,just watch ishu will be mine in some days .

V- ok bro as you say .

Both did a HiFi and again engrossed themselves in their drinks .

Next morning Raman and ishita both were enjoying their breakfast when Vicky and some of his friends came to iyer house .ishita welcomed them and make them sit .

I- come come have a sit ,say what will you have in breakfast .

V- no ishu we will not have anything but we are here to invite you people for the college get together we are celebrating tonight. .

I- college get together that's great ,but I can't come na ,as I m no more part of college .

Ishita spoke being little hurt .

V- so what ishu ,you are our friends we all know each other then why can't you come .

I- how can I ,I mean alone .Raman ( she looked at raman with questioning eyes ).

R- why not jaan ,you should go for sure ,you will get a chance to meet your friends whom you hadn't met yet and  you want to meet .

I- ok I will also join you all .

Ishita spoke excitedly while raman smiled at her excitement .

V- ( looking to raman)- sir why don't you also join us .

R- ( shocked )- me ,no no why would I join you people ,I am not your classmate ,I even don't know anybody over there more over our age groups are also different.

I- raman please na ,I will feel good if you will be around me .

R- no jaan you go and enjoy with your friends .you had missed them a lot na .

I- yeah ,but if you will not be around I will miss you also na .

Before raman can deny some more, a girl from the group interrupted and spoke " haan haan jeeju it would've good if you also come ,we can get some time to talk to you ,this ishu is always clinging to you and never give us a chance to talk to you .

Raman smiled while ishita glared her friend and again went to raman ,clung on him and spoke 
" if you want to talk to some body ,you also marry and cling on your hubby ,I will never say anything but he is mine and I don't like anyone eye on him ."

All burst in laugh while raman agreed for his appearance in party .After some more chit chat her friends left and Raman also went to office.

In the evening ,ishita was getting ready while raman was waiting for her in the hall .He was ready and was waiting for her ,glancing at his watch ,he was wearing a grey tux with black combination shirt ,was looking handsome yet cute in his killer look with those beautiful dimples. After waiting for much time she showed up ,she was wearing a black keen length gown with matching accessarios, her hairs were curled ,while she has woke smoky makeup today .Though she was looking smoky hot in her ultra modern awtaar but still she was that innocent ishita from inside .In this attire also she had not forget to wear her signs of marriage,she was wearing a pinch of sindoor ,her small diamond mangal sutra and also she was wearing handful of choora .Raman smiled fully and smoke " ishita if you want you are take them off and can wear them again when once we return from the party .

I( almost shouting )- why I will take off them ,ma told them to wear till one month of marriage and now we only have completed twenty days of our marriage .I m not going to take off them ,got that .

R- achcha meri ma ,chale .


R- now what ,you already took so long to get ready and now also something is left .

I( making faces ,)- I must say I have got a unromantic husband ,arey such a hot biwi is standing in front of you and you like boring husband want to go to party .

R( smiling )- ohthats the matter ,then listen I was just controlling myself thinking you must be getting late ,but seems you have enough time ,then its ok we can play .Even if you want we can skip the party .

I( pressing her lips on him )- that's a very great idea but we can also continue our passion game after coming back .

Saying so she engrossed herself in her job of kissing him ,he also reciprocated her and then both fight for dominance and then part due to need of oxygen .

They received a warm welcome in the party. Ishita introduced raman to all her friends ,they talk very warmly with raman .ishita was trying to ease raman as he was feeling awkward in the party since all her friends were young.

But soon some girls come and took ishita away from him .Raman took a drink and stood in the corner as no one was familiar to him .As he was not having any work he start noticing everybody in the hall but his sight stopped on his wife only. She was talking to her friends and was laughing wholeheartedly.

Raman was admiring ishita holding a drink in his hands when a friend of her came and stood beside raman .Raman saw him and again gone back to his work of admiring his childish wife who was engrossed fully in ,chatting ,teasing and doing mischiefs with her friends .The boy spoke " ishita is looking so happy na."

R( not removing his eyez from ishita)- humm.

The boy - have you ever seen this awtaar of her,which you are witnessing here.

R- actually not ,it seems that she is different ishita than her who lives with me.

The boy - you would be very happy na getting her as your wife.

R- i m happiest .she is just amazing .

The boy - what about her happiness.

Immediately the colour of Raman face was gone ,it turned pale as someone has sucked all the blood from his body.

R(confused)- what do you mean .

The boy - I mean to say that her real happiness is here with her own people and friends not with you .

R-( angrily)- what rubbish are you talking ,she is my wife and we a living a very happy married life .

The boy - no Mr bhalla ,only you are happy she is not ,she is just pretending to be happy with you .

R( angrily)- she is my wife.

The boy- I only mean to say that ,Raghav the boy standing beside ishita .can you see him .

Raman saw the boy and his blood boiled witnessing raghav ogling at his wife.He cluctched his palm in a tight fist in anger while the boy continued " raghav and ishita were liking each other and raghav was about to confess his love to ishita but unfortunately that accident happened and they were parted and you come between them."

R- ( angrily)- what the hell ,she is my wife .

The boy - I truly agree that she is your wife but I also mean that she is not happy truly with you .

R- what do you mean ,I never forced her but she herself wholeheartedly agreed to marry me .

The boy- I m not saying that you forced her but I m telling that she was not having any choice but you that's why she married you .Hadn't you listened her speech in press conference ,she told that for her you are her god .so kindly you understand that if she considers you as her god then how can she deny you if you want to marry her .

Raman made a confused face and looked the boy without blinking his eyes .

The boy continued "Look at yourself ,you are much more elder than us ,every girl wants a partner of her own age so that they can enjoy their life together ,but in your case she can't even mouth what she actually want .see yesterday you told that you love her but can't be lovey dovey always but you don't know that girls like to be pampered but in your case I m sure its not there .for once just think about her not youself .think from her point of view .

Raman was lost as well as confused listening to his words .The boy saw that his words are effecting raman so he continued again" Look Mr bhalla ,may be you love ishu a lot ,may be ishu is happy as she got a family with you ,but you know ,she had list her family and in place of you if it would be anyone else's family she would love them also like she is found of your family. You can never change the fact that you belong to different community and there is hell lot of differences between your culture and her culture .you people can never live our custom ,just think if someone will ask you to stay away from you customs ,your traditions ,your festival how would you feel.I think you will feel suffocated same is case with her ,she must be feeling saffocated ,carrying all you customs and rituals .won't it be good if she had a life partner of her age ,who is from with whom she can live each and every moment of life happily.I think MMR bhalla you understand my point and will think about ishu's happiness.

Saying so the boy left the place leaving a sad,angry and confused raman behind .He was not getting what's right or wrong .His mind and heart started a battle in him.Raman again gave a glance to ishita who was still engrossed with her friends and thought .

Mind- actually raman that boy is right she was happy ,smiling but I have never seem this jolly and chirpy ishita ever with you .

Heart- But she herself told many times that she loves me a lot .

M- recall that boys word ,that it happened because only you were there around her .

Heart- but she never wants anyone .

M- you never give her a chance to be with anyone ever .

H- that's totally lie ,ma took her to a boy but she came back to me .

M- that case was different ,he was an unknown boy ,but raghav is her close friend ,may be more than it .

H- then what should I do .

M- give that boy a chance ,may be he is actually right .

H- no no she is my wife .

M- but not your property ,she also has right to be happy .

Raman was exhausted ,confused and very sad with all this ,he closed his both ears with his hands and spoke to herself " you people go away ,I don't want to listen any of you ,just go away ."

Talking to himself raman walked to ishita .On the hand ,the boy went to raghav and informed
" bhai your work is done ,now its up to you .I tried my level best".

Raghav smiled devilishly and glanced at raman.He saw raman approaching towards ishita ,he spoke something and hugged ishita immediately ,at first ishita was confused but then she resprocated the hug ,thinking its a friendly hug and smiled .Raman saw this and misunderstood her ,he went to the counter ,galloped two three drinks in a go and went out of the saw .

Though he was not drunk too much that he cannot carry himself but his steps were not proper he was trumbling while walking ,he sawxa bench over there .He settled himself there and cried his heart out thinking his ishita is not happy with him .suddenly somebody kept a hand on his shoulder ,he turned and was surprised to see the person .

R- Tum yahaan .

I- haan there were should I suppose to .

R- in party.

I- you forget raman I told you that I can never enjoy without you.why you are here .

R- I was feeling out of spot ,so I thought to get some fresh air .

I- you should had told me ,I would accompanied you .

R- you were busy with your friends .

I- I told you earlier ,my eyes are always on you .

She spoke this to tease him but she don't know how soothing these words are for him.

R( trying to smiling )- so you were eyeing on me.

I- I have full right for that .

Raman pulled her in a bone crushing hug and spoke " ishita I want to go home ,will u come with me ".

Ishita was very much surprised listening to him ,she was shocked with his question ,why he asked will you .

Next moment both were driving towards there home but both minds were captured with different thoughts .Though ishita didn't asked him but she has seen him crying and she was thinking the reason for his crying while raman was still having another battle with his mind and heart .

That's all for now friends.Hope you like this part. Enjoy reading and do comment .don't forget to hit like buttons

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Hello friends ,updated new part .have a look and enjoy reading

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