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Ishra SS Tera mera rishta # 5 updt pt 53 on pg 125 on 29/9 (Page 117)

Divanru IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 16 September 2016 at 8:40pm | IP Logged
HHello friends I m back with another update .I knew it very well that I m super late but I know then also you all love me and my this story ,so here's the next update .

Part 52

Next two days were totally bliss for ishra ,they enjoyed fully in these two days ,their whole day was spend in each other arms ,talking ,sight scenes ,shopping ,walking in roads and enjoying in the rain and not to forget loving each other was their routine for next two days .After two days Raman booked their tickets for Delhi .They  reached Delhi and welcomed whole heartedly by their family ,Toshiji simmi papaji all were too happy as ishra had returned after many days .Whole family had a great time as they were together after many days .

From next day their normal routine started ,Raman again did ishitas admission in second year of engineer ,the institute was not ready to take a new admission in middle of year but Raman used his contacts and assure then that ishita is a brilliant student and she will cover the courses which has already been completed .Raman told ishita to be serious in studies as he wanted her to complete her studies ,he also arranged some coaching classes for her .Now their life is a busy life ,Raman got more busy in business as now he has to take care of two business ,his and appas .He has handed Delhi business to Mihir while he was taking care of Appas business ,for that he has to visit chennei often ,he was trying to merge both business but was not able to as chennei business was huge than Delhi and they had lot of clients. Ishita also got busy in her house and studies .She was a responsible DIL but with Raman she always acts childish as she liked to be pampered by Raman.

One and year passed ,ishra life was going smoothly . One day simmi called them and was talking to toshiji ,they were talking when toshiji suddenly became so happy ,she immediately told simmi to come home .ishita was wondering what happened .She asked toshiji ,she kissed ishitas forehead and spoke hugging her tightly " you are going to be mami ".

Ishita didn't understand how came ,she is suddenly going to be mami ,she was calculating when toshiji spoke " arey buddhu simmi is pregnant ."

Before ishita can ask some more simmi reached bhalla house ,everybody welcomed her whole heartedly .All were happy ,ishita was also very happy ,she went to simmi and asked slowly " simmi di how come you came to know that you are pregnant "

S- you yourself will know if you will be preggy ,when you always feel like a sick person ,when you will not feel like eating anything and will feel heavy then you can. calculate that you are pregnant .

I- and ..

S- I know you are pulling my legs ,we call you chotu that doesn't mean you are chotu ,I know you know everything .

Ishita talked some more with simmi and then got busy in her work .Simmi and mihir shifted to bhalla house till simmis delivery .Everybody including Raman took good care of simmi .Some more time passed ,now simmi is five months pregnant ,one day she felt movement in her tummy ,she happily told everybody ,toshiji and mihir felt it but at the time Ishita touched her tummy the baby didn't moved she got sad buy everybody assured her that next time she will defiantly will able to feel it .

Ishita was done with her semester exams and now she wanted to spend some time with her husband but he was very much busy .As till now Ishita was hell busy with her exams so she didn't bothered much but now she is missing him a lot.Raman was gone to chennei ,it was a busy day for ishita,she completed all her work quickly in morning to accompany simmi to doctor along with mihir ,almost half of the day passed there itself and after coming from there she got busy in household works.In all this ishita skipped her breakfast and lunch .Actually she was missing Raman too much moreover after visiting hospital she also wanted to be pregnant soon and in all this thought she forget that she hadn't eaten anything .In evening, she started feeling like sick ,her tummy started grawling, and also she started feeling drizzy.she held the corner of the bed to balance herself and sat down on the bed to relax herself. she took a glass  and gulped two or three glasses of water in a go making her feel like vomiting for drinking too much of water empty stomach.she ran to washroom closing her mouth and throw up.she held the washbasin for support and then washed her face multiple times after that she went to her bed and layed on the bed .

Today itself she has visited hospital and was not over with the thought of being pregnant and now she is going through the same symptoms which simmi had told that day ,she calculated her monthly dates but can't recalled the actual date so she calculated that she must be pregnant .She smiled fully thinking that she is having a life inside her but the only thing because of which she was most happy was now Raman will take care of her and now she can spend more and more time with him. Now she will pamper her more and will love her more .ishita was lost in her thoughts when toshiji entered her room looking for her ,she got worried noticing ishita resting at this odd hour.Toshiji touched her forehead and asked " what happened ishita puttar why are you resting at this time ."

I- I m not feeling good mummyji .

T( caressing her cheeks)- Din bhar kitna kaam karti hai,koi gal nahi puttar you rest I will do rest of the work .

Ishita thought to tell toshiji everything but then she thought that she should tell this news to Raman first ,then she said " no ma its ok I m coming after a while ".

T- no puttar you rest,you are looking so weak .

Saying so Toshiji was gone ,Ishita took her phone and called Raman,he picked the call " hello ishita ."

I- Raman ghar kab aayenge .

R- jaan I can't talk much as I m in airport going to catch flight ,will talk later .

Saying so he hung the call ,ishita made a disappointed face .After a while she slept as she was actually not feeling so well .At dinner time toshiji came to call her ,but she denied and said that she is waiting for Raman.Toshiji insisted a lot but she denied and drank some more water because of which she again vomited.She felt more week and layed on bed.

T- ishita your health is getting worst ,let me call doctor .

I- no ma I m okay just want to rest a bit.

T- but puttar ..

I- I m good has Raman aa jaaye .

T- ok as you say .

It was about 10.30 when Raman reached home ,he was expecting ishita in hall itself as it was her habit to wait for him till he return but today she was not there .He saw his mother and asked " ma where is ishita ."

T- she is resting in her room .

R- resting ?.

T- actually she is not well today .

R( concerned )- what happened to her .

T- sabkuch yahin poochega ya andar bhi jaayega .

Raman went inside only to find ishita laying in the bed ,he walked to her and asked caressing her forehead " ishita what happened ,ma told you are sick.."

Ishita got up and spoke hugging him 
" I m waiting for you till long and you came so late ."

R- first you tell me what happened to you ,actually I knew you must had not taken care of yourself .tell me how was your exams ,oops I knew you must have studied so much and ignored your health because of that na .

Ishita closed hisouth and spoke " uff Raman kitna boltein hai ,let me speak ."

R- haan bolo ,I m silent .

Ishita went closer to him and spoke slowly in his ears " Raman I m pregnant ".

R(shocked)- what did you tell ,how did you know .

I- I m sick ,my head is spinning ,I m feeling like vomiting ,actually vomited twice and also feeling movements in my tummy.

R- movements from now itself .

I- yes same as simmi di feels .

R- ishita are you kidding me ,simmi felt movement after four months and you are feeling it now itself .

I- ab ho raha hai to ho raha hai ,hamara baby hai shayad jyada naughty hoga .

R- hat buddhu ,tell me did you checked it or went to doctor .

I- check how can I check baby .

R- ishita sometimes you act so childish ,arey baba you should check it will the pregnancy kit .

I- oh I forget and moreover I don't have it in home so how could I check.But I m sure I m pregnant ,now you will spend time with me .

Raman hugged her tight listening to her and spoke " I do care if you jaan ,but lil busy these days waise bhi you don't have to get preggy for spending time with me  as I m all yours only ."

They were still talking when ishita again felt like throwing up ,Raman helped her and then told her to get ready as they are going to doctor . ishita denied but Raman took her with him ,soon. they reached the doctors clinic .Doctor came and checked her ,ishra were waiting for the news to be confirmed when Doctor informed that it's nothing but gastric problem ,as she has not eaten anything from much time. Doctor prescribed some medicine and gave ishita an injection .Doctor was gone advising Raman to make her eat something and take good care of her .

Doctor left leaving ishra in the room,Raman glared ishita ,she downcasted her eyes scared of his scoldings .

R( angrily)- pregnant hone ka bahut shauk hai pahle khud ka khyaal to rakh liya karo .why didn't you eat anything .Beemaar hone ka bahut shauk hai .

I- I was busy today .

R- busy my foot ,aisa kaun sa kaamkar rahi thi .

I- I went to hospital with simmi di .

R( ruffling his hairs)- ok now I got it ,hospital se hi ye pregnancy ka bhoot sawaar hua hai na .

Ishita didn't spoke anything but started sobbing ,looking to her tears he melted a bit but spoke " now why are you crying ,at first you do mistake and then you started crying ,as if I m scolding you without any fault ".

Ishita sobbed and spoke slowly " itna to daat te ho aap,phir bolte ho ro mat , I was missing you,I don't feel like doing anything without you ."

Raman felt bad listening to her as these days he was actually too busy that he  hadn't spend any quality time with her .He walked to her and spoke wiping her tears " I m sorry jaan ,but you know na ,how much busy I m these days .

I(, sadly)- as now I m not pregnant you will not take care of me .

R- ( cupping her face)- I already told you that you don't need to do anything else as I love you and also care for you .

Raman hugged her tightly and spoke 
" I love you tomuch ishita ,please do take care of yourself ,you are my good bachcha na."

I- no I can't ,I want you to take care of myself .

R- I m there for you .

While talking all these they came out of the clinic and drove towards their home.After reaching home ,they had their dinner together ,while eating she was sharing all her feelings which she felt when she went to hospital abf also told him that she wants their baby soonish .When Raman told her that they will not plan any baby till she complete her studies .She got angry and went to bed and acted to sleep turning to other side .Raman smiled looking to her and he also layed on his side and tried to sleep .After a while ishita thought that he had slept,she got more angry and spoke turning to him 
" dekho to.manaya bhi nahi aur so gaye,I know you don't love me anymore".

She was saying this and a tear rolled from her eyes ,Raman smiled and pulled her to him.He snaked around her and spoke hiding her in him" if you can't be angry with me then why even you try ."

I- you are so bad .

R- that I m .

Saying so he captured her lips and soon they were lost in themselves .

That's all for now friends ,hope you like this .This story is almost completed so I will end it in two three updates .Enjoy reading and do comment .

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nafnaf IF-Rockerz

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Teaser to tease hi karegana!!!
Ishita so childish thinking that she is pregnant just because she is feeling dizzy and feels like vomiting!!!LOL

Please update soon and set her straight!!!LOL

Thank you so much for the pm!!!

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mehermalik Goldie

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Posted: 17 September 2016 at 8:06pm | IP Logged
nice teaser update soon

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Divanru IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 18 September 2016 at 11:59am | IP Logged
Hi friends updated new part ,have a look 

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lonelyyyy Goldie

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Posted: 18 September 2016 at 12:03pm | IP Logged
superb update dii
ishu puri bachcha h
ishra last scene mst tha di
update soonnn

dii u r ending dis lovly storyCry
plz dont do this

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agm1998 IF-Dazzler

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Diii don't finish dis story 
I love it soo much 
I knew it... ishu is soo childish 
Just bcz she felt something moving she thought she is pregnant 
Love the cute fights between ishra
Continue soon 

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qubrasoomro Goldie

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Lovely update
Continue soon
Thanks for pm
DivanShireen Senior Member

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PS : plz update milke bhi hum na mile

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