Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon... Ek Baar Phir


Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon... Ek Baar Phir
Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon... Ek Baar Phir

Aashlok are forever - OS

pisces17 Senior Member

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Posted: 16 April 2016 at 2:21am | IP Logged

Hi All,

I am a silent reader of this forum. Aashlok is my favorite jodi. I have attempted to write a story on them. I am a first time writer...all comments/remarks welcome Smile

Aashlok are forever


Shlok had tried to revive Aastha's memory by recreating all the important events in their life. But still she did not get her memory. He was very dejected. He told Varad" Dada, I have tried to recreate all the important events in my life with Aastha, but still she has not got even a bit of her memory back. She now understands that I am not a bad person and has become my friend. But I want my wifey Aastha back... What do I do?" He was in tears. Varad consoled him and told him " I have an idea. Try and get Aastha to Anjali Nivas for one day. We shall recreate the division of the house event. Hopefully that should revive her memory because that changed all our lives." Shlok said"Dada wonderful idea. I shall confirm a date and tell you. Vahini and you act like me and Aastha". Varad said " Okay done... we shall get our Aastha back... don't worry."

Shlok was thinking how to take Aastha to Pune to Anjali Nivas. He took a walk to the nearest park to think on this. There he met Suman Aunty who asked him about everybody. She did not know of Anjali's death, Shlok's coma or Aastha's memory loss since she had gone to the US for 1 year to be with her daughter's family. When Shlok explained everything to her she got very angry and said "We will help Aastha revive her memory back." She gathered the other ladies of the ashram and went to Aastha's house and introduced themselves as a ladies association who is helping slum children, especially girls to get educated and become independent. Aastha was impressed with their selfless work and wanted to get involved in it herself. Then they said they have fixed a program in Pune in their ashram for two days next week and she can come if she wants. Aastha agreed. Knowing Indrajeet Sarkar Suman Aunty came and talked to Indrajeet and convinced him to send Aastha with them. Accordingly  Suman aunty came along with the other ladies and took Aastha with them in a travel van to Pune. Indrajeet had meanwhile checked about the ashram because he wanted to know if Shlok was involved in this also. But Shlok had made arrangements such that Indrajeet was happy that Shlok was nowhere there.

To convince Indrajeet Shlok purposely came to Indrajeet's house after Aastha had left searching for her. And Indrajeet said " Poor Shlok coming in search of his ex biwi and soon to be my biwi. You cant find her here. She is not here." Shlok acts as if he is disappointed and says he will come again tomorrow. But Indrajeet says she has gone out of town and he cant find her. Shlok acts angry but thinks to himself, "Indrajeet count your days... my Aastha will be with me very very shortly. " and leaves from there.


Now Aastha and the team reach the ashram. Suman aunty asks her to rest for a while. In the evening the ladies tell Aastha that they are taking to a house which belongs to a lady who is no more. But she was a very good lady and they have their first meeting in that house. Suman aunty had already informed Shlok about their plan. 

The stage was set...The house was divided with a rope with Sojal and Varad on each side of the rope. When they heard Astha and Suman Aunty entering the house, both Varad and Sojal started arguing and fighting. Aastha enters the house with mixed emotions. She feels she knows this house very well. She thinks..."mujhe kyon aise lag raha hain ki yeh mera ghar jaisa hain. Mein yaha both sara vakth bithaya gaya hoon. Meri life ki bahot important events ithar hua tha...kyon mujhe aisa laghta hai" She keeps thinking and enters the house. As soon as she enters she hears Varad and Sojal fighting. Varad shouts at Sojal saying that he made a mistake marrying her...and says "majoboori mein nibha raha hoon yeh rishta...thum mujhe bhoj lagne lagi ho.." Sojal acts shocked and starts crying... Shlok is watching Aastha from the time she entered the house. She does not know he is there. On listening to these words from Varad Aastha faints and falls down. Shlok comes running and tries to wake her up. He carries her to their bedroom and makes her lie down. Meantime Varad calls the doctor to come urgently. Doctor comes and checks Aastha and says she has fainted. "Although nothing to worry we can only say after she wakes up. We will have to wait for her to wake up" and he goes away. 

Shlok is sitting on the floor next to Aastha's bed holding her hand. He is half asleep but keeps saying "Aastha please meri paas wapas aa jao. tumhare bina jee nahi saktha...tum hi mere sab kuch ho...tum hamare pyaar ko kaise bool sakthi ho...i am ready to listen to you chapar chapar whole day long... just please come back to me...please"  Aastha wakes up and looks around the room...

I shall complete the story in the next part. How is it so far?????

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..optimist.. IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 02 November 2012
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Posted: 16 April 2016 at 2:42am | IP Logged
Very well written dear Clap
Congratulations on your first story Big smile
Waiting for the concluding part Smile
vaishux Senior Member

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Posted: 16 April 2016 at 2:49am | IP Logged
Nice one..
Continue the next part soonWink
Saibhargav Goldie

Joined: 07 February 2015
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Posted: 16 April 2016 at 4:05am | IP Logged
wow it is so nice Clap
actually i was going to write something like this about her memory loss track but u wrote it already thank u for this OS
u wrote it beautifully Big smile
do continue soon Day Dreaming
we liked it so much
and also keep on writing we all r here to read Ashlok stories
thanks for taking time to write

coolhi1988 IF-Addictz

Joined: 23 June 2012
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Posted: 16 April 2016 at 4:51am | IP Logged
wow.. nice os..
shlok planning to get back astha's memory..
varad wat a plan..
suman aunty helping shlok to get back astha's memory...
hopefully astha gets her memory back.. soon..
continue soon..
thnks 4 d pm..
sudhamadhu Senior Member

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Posted: 16 April 2016 at 5:46am | IP Logged
Hai gud evening friend
Nice update yaar.
Loved the track
Please bring astha's memory back.
Suman aunty sojal varad v r waiting for next part
rd0309 Senior Member

Joined: 05 January 2016
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Posted: 16 April 2016 at 6:19am | IP Logged
Wow very good, waiting for the concluding part
pisces17 Senior Member

Joined: 12 September 2014
Posts: 209

Posted: 16 April 2016 at 6:23am | IP Logged
Hi All,
thank you so much for your wonderful feedback. Below is the final part of the story.

Aastha woke up and called  "Shlok... " He got up and saw Aastha calling him.  He just crushed her in a hug. Not even air could come in between them... they were hugging each other like that. He rained kisses on her forehead, her cheeks, her ears, her fingers, her palms... he was so so happy.  He was crying and saying in between his tears..." don't you ever leave me again Aastha".  She wiped his tears and said "No, I will not leave you again...nothing can come between us." Shlok  woke up to find that it was only his dream and Aastha was still sleeping. He left the room with tears in his eyes.

Barkha woke up as Aastha...J She woke up and saw that she was in her bedroom...the room brought so many memories to her. She was about to get up and call Shlok  but she wanted to play the same game with Inderjeet sircar and catch him. So she decides not to tell anybody that she is Aastha and acts as if she is Barkha only. She says "Sorry Shlok... I can fully understand aapka haalaat. Mein be aisi hi hoon. Bas 2-3 din ka baath hai. mujhe Inderjeet sircar ko pakadna chaahiye.. jis insaan ne hamara parivaar ko itna takleef diya, aapko aur  mujhe alag kar diya uss insaan ko mein sabak sikhana chahti hoon. Please mujhe maaf kijiye...hamare pyaar par barosa rakhiye...mein jaldi hi aapke paas aajaoongi. Bappa please mera saath dena aur Shlok ko himmat dena."

She slowly comes from the room to the hall downstairs. She sees everybody sitting there and she wants to go and greet each one of them. But she controls herself and tells Suman Aunty that she wants to go back to Mumbai to her family.  She takes leave of everybody and goes off with Suman Aunty. Shlok is overcome with grief, he just breaks down that his final attempt also did not revive Aastha's memory.

Aastha goes back to Mumbai to Inderjeet's house. The next day once he goes to office and the children go to school, she starts searching his office room for any kind of proof against him. She could not get anything. She takes the help of internet and fixes a small bug in Inderjeet's phone so that she can listen to all his conversations on her phone. But nothing...Aastha is worried. She is not able to get any proof and Inderjeet is busy arranging the wedding.

Two days later she listens to a conversation on her phone which shocks her. Inderjeet Sircar was on the phone talking to someone. He was saying " next week Monday ko hamara shaadi hai Barkha ke saath. Panditji ne 10 baje ka muhurat nikala hai. Teek 10 baje I want you to set off the bomb at both the places - anjali mansion as well as agnihotri office.Just like how you made all those photos and documents of Barkha with Aastha's photos, fix these bombs also and I shall take very good care of you Suresh. Shlok ko sab  kuch katham hoga... family mein sab log mar chuke honge aur Aastha ke saath meri shaadi ho chuki hogi. Isse badkar kya chahiye.. Shlok tho paagal ho jaayega...I am waiting for that. Just finish this kaam Suresh" Yes Sir, says Suresh.

Aastha was shocked hearing it. Fortunately she had recorded the entire conversation in her phone. She was about to send it to Shlok when Inderjeet comes to her room and tells her "Barkha parsoon hamaari shaadi hai. Aap aayiye hamare saath hum aapko khaas gift dena chaahthe hein." She goes with him and is unable to use her phone because Inderjeet keeps her occupied by taking her to many shops.

Finally next day she finds some free time and starts sending the message to Shlok and Varad. Suddenly Inderjeet comes there and asks for her phone bcause he says that he wants her to be free and take rest till the wedding tomorrow. Aastha did not know whether the message reached Shlok or not. she was very worried. She says she wants to have a juice. Inderjeet takes away her phone and tells her that he will send the juice through Kamala. Kamala brings the juice. she is very upset looking at the arrangements Inderjeet is making for his marriage. Aastha tells Kamala to close the doors and windows. She tells her" Apsara mein Aastha hoon. mera yaadgash vapas aagayi." She tells her of Inderjeet's conversation and tells her to try and get her phone without Inderjeet knowing it. When inderjeet goes out, Apsara brings Aastha's phone to her. She switches it on and quickly manages to send the message once again to Shlok and Varad once again. She also tells Apsara to talk to Shlok, Varad and come with the police tomorrow. Apsara manages to keep the phone back before Inderjeet comes back.

On the day of wedding, Shlok comes to the wedding with the police and his family. Inderjeet is shocked and tries to argue saying he has done nothing and police cannot do anything. But Suresh has been caught and he has accepted everything. Moreover the telephone conversation is played and Inderjeet is caught. All ends well.

Everyone is happy in Anjali Nivas. It is night and Aastha is waiting for Shlok in their room. Shlok comes but he is very angry and does not talk to Aastha. He goes and stands near the window angrily. Now our drama queen knows how to change her Akdu's mood. She goes and hugs him tightly from behind and asks him " Shlok hum itne mahine baad mil rahe hain aur aap itne gusse mein hein? Agar aap aaj nayi aaye tho, I  would have died before Inderjeet sircar even touched me. Mein tho sab thayyar mein thi. Mere paas cyanide tha.. agar aap nayi aaye tho mein woh cyanide khaakar mar jaathi thi" Shlok shouts saying" Meine kitne baar kaha hai marne wali baath math karo. Agar thumhe kuch ho jaatha tho mein kaise jee payoonga. Promise me now never to talk like this again"

Aastha "I promise".

Shlok gives a soulful kiss on her forehead and hugs her tightly and says "Mujhe jeene ki vaja ab mil gaya"

Hope I have managed to meet your expectation. Thanks once again to all of you.

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