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Ishq ka Rang Safed
Ishq ka Rang Safed

The dispiriting of a good man..

Hamlet53 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 15 April 2016 at 10:55pm | IP Logged

IKRS Friday  15th April 2016 ep 219 My Take ~  the dispiriting  of a good man

The episode feels like the devil is  out to usurp the righteousness  of a deity on sacred  ground .  Foolish is the devil for he knows not that the works of the righteous   speak for themselves . While  the devil is no one's friend  not even his own ,he is his own worst enemy, god help the devil! Raja  uses spirit to  numb  Viplav's blood ties but Raja's father  sobers up  to  upset the balance of Raja's life!

Crack of dawn with higher order pomp and ceremony, Tirpathi's  climb the steps  of Maata's temple. Each step  they take  speaks of their high moral ground standing .That which  a devil ventures to rob publically  before the   faith representatives of Banaras  city. Alongside the Tirpathi's   stand the opposing  Awasthi s too. Before  the benign eyes of the all knowing, all seeing Durga goddess all stand in obeisance  visibly, but the goddess  sees through  each's shrouded hypocrisy   whether faith  upholders   or plain  devotee . Maata knows  who worships  her from the inner recess of their hearts or who stands before her simply paying  lip service. There is malice within some ,distrust  prevalent as  Viplav ,Raja and Dashrant give each other far from amicable  gazes. Jealousy too resides in Raja  as he whispers vexed to his mother watch how all  approving looks shower Viplav ,but  it will be him Raja  who will walk away with the seal of approval  by the very present. Vendetta  speaks via raja, today the tirpathis will get to see that they have never seen before, Viplav with displeasure tells dhani  that he is  not into self exuberance and self glorification .He is a lawyer by  trade  and he  was unaware  when he said he was ready to embrace all responsibilities, that dealing with the mandir  affairs would be part of it, Dhani   empowers him ,   it's his duty  as the only son ,after dada ji  he takes it up..  He though, is more preoccupied  with terminating  Raja's dirty game. Before that the faith proceedings commence with the veneration after which the  veneration of the shivling will take place ,Dashrant  instructs. While  Viplav carries out the veneration . Raja glares at Viplav and muses,  Viplav  thinks he can outsmart him , watch how he will pull a fast evil  move that will surely  usrp Viplav of the right of become a successor to this faith position. Raja  too begins his modis operandi,  drops  his hankie, pretends to pick it up and slyly  tips a whole bottle of  spirit  in the copper vessel to be used for shivling's veneration. Kanak notices Raja  move from his place but by that time he flashes his hankie at her. Have  Kanak's eyes  opened up ,as  from to time she  keeps a close watch on Raja's smug expressions

Arti  finishes and Raja muses now Viplav will venerate the shivling  not with holy water but with spirts! Viplav picks the copper vessel with assumed holy water takes it to the shivling and lifts the lid.  Jackels ,Raja, Phool Chand ,Sulochana all hold their  breathes for the  drama to begin,ready to pounce  on the lion with true devotion! The odour of  decaying defenders of the faith, morally corrupt minds and hearts ,begin to spread  their verbal stench of defamation  of good character and defilement  of the goddess  Durga herself.   Phool Chand the pandit   well known for fanning  incitement and instigating  devotes into a mob mentality ,  does so here too on Raja' behest  by identifying a smell emanating  from the  copper vessel that Viplav holds. Is this karma then coming to haunt Viplav or is this  dirty doings of some  devilish minds manipulating  an old saga to suit their own motives?  Viplav realizes what  goes on and also who set this whole drama up and who incited  Phool Chand? Slogans of blasphemy!  resound as Phool Chand whips the pandits into blind frenzy that their faith has once again been defiled by  liquor! Yet Viplav is dispirited not! and silently  maintains  his  faith that he is innocent .Hence his calm demeanour. However as the son of the household with great authority he challenges  Phool Chand s allegation against his  granddad ,who since many years  has upheld the values , traditions and   moral faith order of Banaras! But then Phool Chand has most likely been paid by Raja , plus has a bone to pick with high priest  Dashrant,  incites the  priests present . A sin has been committed Another priest suggests atonement to Dashrant as he is Viplav's grandfather, but Phool Chand  instigates atonement will not do!  this blasphemous  action qualifies  for a  punishment .. the very  same  punishment that Dashrant  meted out to the widow who poured  spirit over the shivling ! should be given out to Viplav too. Dhani recalls how  she was beaten , and gears up to  possibilities here..  Phool Chand continues to  set off,  charges Dashrant  he openly sides with his grandson ,who looks like butter wouldn't melt in his mouth. Phool Chand obviously speaks words  primed  by  Raja , calls Viplav one who knows nothing much about faith ,and shows he is impious, so  cannot become  successor of Banaras !if this happens lord Shiva will   be offended and some catastrophe will fall upon benaras.. Phool Chand tries his usual  tactics of exploiting devotees ignorant blind faith!!  Insists on punishment although ,  dashhrant charges him  this is conspiracy! But Phool Chand ensures that  Viplav is attacked and assaulted by  the pandits just like Raja wants  him! his witch of a mother  delight in the sight. While Viplav mother , Shalu   attempt to shield him..  

Once Viplav gave witness as a husband to vouch for his wife's virtue in the court of law. Today Dhani as his wife gives witness in favour of  her husband  Viplav's virtue in devi Maa's mandir! move back !comes  the  person of  Dhani in her  Durga the invcincible  goddess! Avtar!  Like a lioness she shields  her   lion from being hounded by the pack of blinded   rabid jackals!   Her first reaction is to check  if he is ok.. this than is the maternal instinct that makes her protects her family . Viplav is her lord protector ,  he made her fearless ,taught her how to look fear in the face  Phool Chand! and push him back with her courage and tenacity. Moral and immoral  they talk about , what would they know these blind hypocrites? this Phool Chand is a sinner !who burnt a widow alive at the stakes! no one called him a sinner!  Where was their sense of good or bad then? Where were they when that helpless girl suffered! Due to this Phool Chand?none of them   were around and here they talk about vice and virtue?  Dhani yells at the shamefaced  priests there was only one man who  stood by her that day!and that man was Viplav  Tirpathi!he was there who saved her!dhani cries out as she holds his hand  supportively! They were the same people who tried to burn down the widows  ashram? without any reason! incited by this sinner phool chand ? and today they will decide  between moral and immoral? ok she accepts Viplav is a sinner , would they like to know what sin he has committed?  His sin is he always wants good of others! he has always sought his happiness  in others joy! he is that person who has always stood  by widows..when no one else stood by them.. they are calling him a sinner? these are all the sins he has committed.. is there any one among  them like him?no? then hear her clearly , Viplav is not a sinner ! she turns to face the silent crowd and shouts.  The devil decides to come in and tries to  upset the balance  once again against Viplav, and his favour , he taunts he knows that Viplav doesn't believe in  rituals  but it doesn't mean that he committed  such a disgusting act, he reiterates  to the priests that he did commit a similar thing in the past  but it doesn't mean he'll repeat his mistake again?the priest relaxes  towards Viplav ,accepted that he wasn't aware that  the vessel contained spirit , but regardless sin has  been committed in the house of god.. hence Viplav cannot be the successor !tirpathi's are shocked Raja and Phool Chand are pleased and the pandit says to Dashrant will have to choose another heir from his family! Otherwise his title of high priest will be taken from him! Raja jumped at the moment! the wait  for offers himself for the responsibility . Reluctantly Dashrant  is manipulated  by Raja into accepting his offer and is forced to   give Raja his blessings .

Raja goes to Viplav and  sneers,  he told him  he will win  in this game and he has been proved  right, today before him  he stands a winner, in a while dada ji will make him the successor  and no one can stop it from happening neither you nor the people of benaras  so gives me  good wishes  .. Viplav gives  Raja's feet a mocking smile.. and gives his best wishes

Raja's father arrives at the temple confronts Raja and slaps him across the face! before all present.

Eisha gave a brilliant performance.very moving..good example of husband and wife  scene. I wonder if kanak,dashrant  will change their views about dhani? phool chand was as obnoxious as ever.. precap was disturbing  will have to see episode  to feel impact. But  am very keen to hear what senior awasthi has to reveal about raja... hamlet53 16.4. 16   have a super weekend

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Titli_KK3148 IF-Rockerz

Joined: 04 February 2016
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Posted: 16 April 2016 at 12:11am | IP Logged
Heloo Hammie, before I say anything u just take this hug from me first Hug   ..for this wonderful take..i will never get tired of praising ur takes...all are wonderful and this one is no exceptional...each and every sentence is just a WOW...and khusi ki baat toh ye hai that i read it only twice and understood it...this one is not that tough...yes Eisha was very good with her expressions and dialogues...and the precap was very disturbing...the whole forum is shedding tears for vidha since yesterday...MR once again stole my heart with those expressions...when the rod entered his body and when raja pulled it out, viplav was trembling (we saw mishal's tremling face many time before...u remember nah?? But those were out of anger and here vipu was in a state of shock and pain)..eagerly waiting for today's episode...will return tomorrow to read ur take...c u then...u too have a great weekend my dear...byee

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sati65 Senior Member

Joined: 26 July 2012
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Posted: 16 April 2016 at 12:21am | IP Logged
Phenomenally  awesome postClap

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Mishfan IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 16 April 2016 at 1:37am | IP Logged
A great post again, such detailed explanation.
Indeed the highlight of this episode was the fearless Dhani  standing alongside her husband, protecting  him from the demons.
Definitely made her husband proud. 

What happens between Raja & DT needs to be seen.
DT is definitely unhappy with this turn of events. He prefers his GSon over anyone  to step in his shoes & continue 

I for one hope the precap is not true! Even though it might help with TRPs.

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sanvid Goldie

Joined: 20 February 2016
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Posted: 16 April 2016 at 3:01am | IP Logged
As usual ...wonderful post..Thank you so much..

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cocoatree IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 16 April 2016 at 4:08am | IP Logged
Hi Hammie.!! Hug
Thanks a lot for the amazing effort by giving your expressive take on every episode..I am getting irregular to your thread.  Forgive me for that.Loved yesterday episode much and heavy drama is definitely a eye-puller for viewers..Loved temple drama and PC's outrageous fulmination to upraise havoc to create a sadistic pleasure on himself looks vindictive ! I can't tolerate crowd throbbing my hero and most surprising moment ever subtle Dhani broke her limited version by answering back to PC. Her clear-sighted and distinctive answers to PC goes remarkable, PC should check his face before hitting arrow on others..I could magnify his hangdog reactions after blasting sessions from silent girl Dhani...Dhani trounced back pressure and she stood out  for him what could be a best moment than this  ! A kind of credence, valiant unflinching attitude and dauntless explanation by scattering the crowd goes great ! VIP doesn't speak much neither he gave a sarcastic touch in observing each and every corner of his family members specially DT and KT..His composed smile, flashing of proud gratification in admiring his beloved wife fiery actions made a valuable moments.. MR and ES nailed iit in giving such mini nuances looks palatable and that's make even more credible to get into viewers heart..!! Heart

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Tahsinomi Senior Member

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Posted: 16 April 2016 at 7:40am | IP Logged
Hammie dear ,
a wonderful piece of writing again from was a well balanced episode,good vs evil.d old flavour of ishq was present.Phoolchand appears again,whenever the cvs brings him back they show d social practices which causes dispiriting of good , gives shelter to evil in d name of faith ,in d name of religion.where there is phoolchand there is viplab-dhani,who can stand up for righteousness.I loved d way dhani spoke in favour of viplab,d way her durga avatar came out in front of those sinners is very beautifully portrayed by Eisha Singh.I loved her acting.
I loved d way u have proceeded with ur words n put them together ,made a masterpiece once again.thanks for teaching me d true meaning of dedication.

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captkirk Goldie

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Posted: 16 April 2016 at 9:53am | IP Logged
Brilliant and God gifted writing.

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