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Software Symphony 65 "Playthings" (Page 71)

Nisha0604 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 28 June 2016 at 12:35pm | IP Logged
To Grow up and hate...

"pawtee" "Pawtee" Sid danced like a crazy kid

"Patti is here" she kissed their soft cheeks trying to hold two wiggly creatures in her arms
They wore vibhuti on their forehead Amma smeared some after she lit the evening diya, before driving them back

Amma was shocked to see Nivi crying

"Amma did they behave in the back seat?" she asked muffled, buried into Ved's cheeks

"They are such good boys" Amma claimed

She looked at Ved probingly "Is paati right?'

"Me ment to a biggg tore" "BIGGG TORE" Sid said stretching his arms out

Amma grabbed Sahana from Ranjan
Ranjan grabbed Ved from her

"See there is one for everyone" II chuckled

R&B wasnt too happy that she mocked herself

"Baithen aap" Ranjan pulled the tall chair at the breakfast area

"That is to tall" amma said

He walked over to the wall and pulled a more formal chair

Amma sat down with Sahana, she sucked on Amma's chain

"Shall we go up?" R&B asked Nivi softly, she slid down

"what happened? Is she hurt?" Amma asked

"More like WHO did she hurt?" II said

R&B turned to glare at her

II esxplained everything to Amma to Nivi's humiliation

Amma squirmed

"Tch tch tch" Amma expressed despair

"Bachi hai Mrs Iyer she wants to enjoy with her friends"

Chuck and James returned and nibbled on Amma's feet
Amma was terrified

"Dey" II scolded them

The boys slid down and began chasing the dogs around the kitchen

Sahana crawled furiously and grabbed Chuck's tail... he stumbled and splattered on the floor like he was a cat run over by a car
The slippery floor not helping his cause

He turned and barked at her

She reached for his face

"Onakku avala kanda nadukkam, idula avala paathu perisa sound kudukareya?"( u are terrified of Sahana yet u dare her?") II mocked Chuck
Amma laughed

R&B walked with his daughter in the front yard

The boys had already stripped off their tees and lay on the now dry slide
Mahavir turned on the water the boys didnt care if they were invited to a pawtee or not, she started to slip and slide
The dogs slid and crashed, sprawling on the wet grass, face down

Nivi smiled gently
Ved pulled her arm "Mimika com... Mimika" he begged
She looked at R&B

He raised his eyebrows "Will Amma let u change again?" he whispered

"Will u ask?" she whispered

"I can try" he made a face,  afraid

"II" he wandered back in to ask, II was making coffee for Amma

"Pesaade" she whispered
"Umm.. will it be OK if she changes and goes back into the water?" he asked

"Edukku? she wants to crash their party now?" she hissed

"Let it go... she is apologetic" he whispered back

"I dont know YOU are incharge, because all day long I listened to 10 screeching 10 year olds" Ii said

"Was Greg here too?" he asked suddenly bristly

"No... I told him Nivi's Dad is jealous of him so he is not welcome" II giggled

Amma watched the young couple jostle and flirt

Turning away and going out to the front lawn

"Twerp!" R&B cursed

"thats what they all say... but to Nivi he looks like umm..." II mentioned the name of 2027's rock star

R&B cursed

"its her first crush" II said in awe

She is too little" he barked

"At this rate u wont even let her date at 16" II accused

"Maybe at 46" he said smugly

"I wish Appa had said something" she said

He bend down and kissed her... and groaned

"4 monsters and a devil" she said

Sahana came in soaked carrying Chuck by his tail
He yelped protesting strongly

"YENNN DEEE" Ii shouted

Nivi came in "amma?" "Umm... can I play with my brothers?" she asked politely

II smiled weakly

"Please dont hurt them kanna... they worship u... they have no idea you dont like them" II said

Nivi nodded somberly

"I think they are cute" she said shyly

"Like Amma?" Ii smiled

R&B threw his head back and laughed at her openly shallow comment

Nivi smiled at her Dad

"U shud just agree" he winked at his daughter

"Ive had 4 kids now... but I used to be cute" II said defensively, all hot and bothered

Sahana and Chuck shared cookie crumbs under the table

Both naked except for diaper ofcourse... and soaked.. well the dog was wholly naked
She spoke kindly to the dog, he cooed back to her

"I keep tellin him, he has nothin to fear.." Chuck said boldly

"the faster James runs the more I want to grab him" she told Chuck

"Wimp" Chuck nodded

"U over reacted" R&B accused

"U can say whatever u want, when they grow up and cant stand each other or ste (steal from each other)" she paused "then u will agree with me" she said thoughtfully

He held her close... and they both sighed

Ranjan brought in a bruised screaming Ved  "Sid PUSSED me" he said his nose dripping with snot

"And the angels reappear" he said laughing under his breath grabbing his son from his Dad

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..sush.. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 28 June 2016 at 1:17pm | IP Logged
How cute
Loved it
sonalgupta2004 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 28 June 2016 at 2:29pm | IP Logged
Hav I read it correct... Sahana was talking to puppy,,, really
It's unimaginative nisha just awesome

Kids r so cute
Nivi is so adorable just perfect!!!!

And dude has become more shameless with time I think now he is flirting and kissing in front of Ranjan and now amma...

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Tuc_Mob Senior Member

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Posted: 28 June 2016 at 7:15pm | IP Logged
"Party & Politicians "

 "To Grow up and hate..."

Both updates are amazing, II's kids are adorable.
It looks like II really grew up(Its true she is adorable). 
Love each and every character including Chuck and James.
loveishraru Groupbie

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Posted: 28 June 2016 at 11:45pm | IP Logged
Guys Indradanush updated...Clap

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Errantnomad IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 29 June 2016 at 3:42pm | IP Logged
"Sahana crawled furiously and grabbed Chuck's tail... he stumbled and splattered on the floor like he was a cat run over by a car
The slippery floor not helping his cause

He turned and barked at her

She reached for his face

"Onakku avala kanda nadukkam, idula avala paathu perisa sound kudukareya?"( u are terrified of Sahana yet u dare her?") II mocked Chuck.

Sahana and Chuck shared cookie crumbs under the table

Both naked except for diaper ofcourse... and soaked.. well the dog was wholly naked
She spoke kindly to the dog, he cooed back to her

"I keep tellin him, he has nothin to fear.." Chuck said boldly

"the faster James runs the more I want to grab him" she told Chuck

"Wimp" Chuck nodded"

You could do a spin off on this and title it " Sahana Chronicles". Absolutely delightful to read.

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nadira26islam Senior Member

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Posted: 30 June 2016 at 10:44pm | IP Logged

Edited by nadira26islam - 30 June 2016 at 10:49pm
Nisha0604 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 02 July 2016 at 6:50pm | IP Logged
Two for one...

Much of Amma Appa's things were loaded into the truck by 5 PM on the Sunday, Appa didnt look happy or upbeat
Neighbors came in droves to greet him and wish him good luck and wish amma the best
Appa and Amma hosted a "party" of sorts at Rohini on Thursday

R&B was in Manila until the night before and came in from the airport after the havan was over
His famous (not because he talks about it) swagger and in his unassuming style
He was lost in the crowd of Kanjeevaram and silk veshti

It took him a while to find his wife, in a purple Kanjeevaram with gold Saraswati motifs, and a gold blouse

Nivi wore a purple lehanga and a gold blouse too

Appa told him straight up he was unhappy that he didnt stay overnight at Rohini

R&B countered with "Oh well u werent originally planning to have a pooja and a havan and a party"

Appa hated arguments where he couldnt win, well.. except with Subbu, when he happily let him win

He hated letting R&B win...

"If u let us know in advance about your travel plans we could have arranged the havan around it. You were gone for almost 3 weeks in january" Appa lobbed the ball back to his court

"I usually dont hear about meetings until I am ready to hear a pitch from startups" "thats when I travel" he said unfazed

Ii sensed Appa was talking more than 3 minutes and she rushed to his side, Nivi plastered herself on R&B afraid II was going to extricate her

"Do u want to change?" she asked

"I am fine" he shrugged

Thankfully he wasnt wearing cargo shorts, he was wearing navy pants and a pink shirt, pretty much the tallest guy in the room"

Bala brought him coffee and made small talk

He stayed at Rohini until 3 and took off with his daughter...

Ii returned home after 11 dropped by Bala

He was asleep on the couch on the 2nd floor with his daughter sprawled on him, with the lehanga on with a white sewn cotton vest and no gold blouse

Moving day was Sunday, the first weekend of Feb 2017

She fed her daughter Sunday morning and reached D II at 7 AM to help the movers
Helping load stuff, making multiple trips to Munirka to bring idlis and coffee and food

Ranjan had sent lunch too

sam promised to send dinner to Rohini

Amma was being stoic and brave
Appa was weak and emotional, breaking down multiple times with Janaki Athai

Her husband didnt want to deal with it he didnt even bother to come help
R&B was conspicuous by his absence

Bala was, on the other hand, everywhere

into everything
Or so it seemed like to II
It began nagging her around 8:30 AM, and it needled her clear until Bala rode in the back of the truck

R&B came by around 1 PM to chat with Appa wished him good luck

And chatted with Amma waited until II fed Nivi and readied to leave
Bala was either  "busy" or wanted to show he was he couldnt talk much with R&B

"Boss ghar aata hoon yaar main" he promised

R&B shrugged and smiled  "We could go grab a beer and play a game of pool at Maurya?" he offered

"I can put her to sleep do u two want to hang?" II asked eagerly

R&B's look told her "not now II"

He had picked her up when she was unwrapping her saree on Thursday night and made passionate love
"Its a good idea I came back home then?" she whispered hoarsely, as she lay spent beneath him

"U know the rule... if u wear a saree... u come home" he growled in her neck

He had found eyes following her at the event, much married Iyer men gazing appreciatively quite irksome to him
To return from an overseas trip to find his wife being the center of attention at an iyer do

He rolled her over on to his bare chest and held her tight

Appa's accusing glare and his dismissive tone pissed him off

He sensed Appa was always THIS close... THIS close to breaking them up and marrying her off to some "good iyer boy" that would hover around him in a veshti

She wiped lipstick off his bristle on his chin

"u might have forgotten to pack ONE thing u NEVERRR forget...ur razor I believe for the Manila trip" she whispered mocking him

He cupped her curves at the back and pressed her down on his lower body

"Looks like it" he agreed... satiated, pressing her warm scented curves on his firm wiry body

Smelling her bare jasmine scented...achy.. tired skin

"Vidu da" she whispered... not meaning those words a bit

"U can have her take a nap here, I have a meeting" he said quietly

The movers jostled and pulled stuff

Amma brought him coffee

"No... its very dusty, Akka didnt bring Shubhang either... take her home" she said "Or u can stay I can take her home"

"I dont think there is anything for me to do" he said

II wished he would jump in and take over and "do stuff" like Athim

"Appa might feel better if u are here" she suggested hoping to tempt

"Umm.. I dont think thats true" he said

"She can stay with us in Rohini" Appa said pointedly

"U probably want her to" he said not mincing words

"I will ask u to stay.. but u wont" Appa said bluntly, taking out his frustration of leaving DII all out on R&B

"U are right... I cant" he said meeting Appa's gaze boldly

II felt like someone punched her in her gut

"U can atleast be polite? no?" she asked devastated

"I WAS... II, if I was planning to be rude I wud said " the first son in law is as good as TWO"

that was the last she spoke to him

Athim rode the truck and when they returned to DI and helped NDMC do half the inspection, Appa was going to come back to DII Monday and hand over teh house
II let Athim take the car home at 10 ish, after loading the trunk with remaining belongings as his car was giving trouble
Athim was going to go to Rohini early morning on Monday he said
Akka called saying Kamakshi Athai wanted a ride home to NOIDA so he took off

Athai and Lakshmi Akka and kids were going to give Amma Appa company at night

Forgetting her phone was in the passenger seat of her own car

When R&B called her at 10 ish Bala answered

"Hey, is II around?" he asked politely

"Mujhe gaadi de di usne," Bala cracked a bad joke " Well u dont care, u can give her a new car off the lot" he chuckled

"Umm.. where is she?" R&B asked

"On her way home I guess?" Bala said

R&B hung up with a terse thanks...

He drove to DII and the lights were out and the door was locked a strange sadness overtook him

The kolam outside the front dor smeared and messed up with all the furniture being dragged over it

He found her at the Sector 12 intersection waving down autos after 10 PM

He stopped near her, she jumped back on the side walk afraid

An auto slid up also

"kidhar madam?" the guy asked

'Malcha Marg?" she asked

"Dabal dengi?" he asked slowly scanning her

"II get in the car" he barked

She realized it was him at that point

"Chalo baitho jitna marji de dena" the autowala salivated

"Get in the f**king car II" he said

"I know the way home da" she said bluntly

He hit hazard, got off and walked around and opened her door

"Thanks... nahi chahiye" he said

"Auto chhodke madam gaadi waale ke saath" the auto waala provoked

Ii sat stiffly...

He drove home quietly...

"can I see ur phone?" he asked after pulling inside the gate

she fished in her purse... and looked up

"thats right... Bala answered" he said softly

Ii looked startled
And quickly gathered her composure...

"happy now? U nailed me?" she asked mockingly

Getting off... tired... grimy and pissed

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