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Software Symphony 65 "Playthings" (Page 115)

Errantnomad IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 05 August 2016 at 1:50pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by VeeIyer

Oh my God ! Kalpana !!
I have not laughed like this for a long long while.
Being weaned off indeed...and being compared to Nivi and II weaning her off, I laughed till tears rolled down !!

Nisha ! Don't you dare take Kalpana's thought seriously even for a secondSmile
We are willing to give you a break once in a while, otherwise, this is for keepsEmbarrassed

Vani ... Happy to have smoked you with n2o LOL . Enna panradhu Vani update varalena indha madiri joke adichu time pass panna vendidhu daan Embarrassed .

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Nisha0604 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 05 August 2016 at 7:27pm | IP Logged
Crushed... like a flower

Manya arrived middle of the following week, R&B tok Nivi to the airport to bring her, the tension was thick as hardened swiss cheese at home, betwen the two
Appa had stopped by the day before to "speak up" about Nivi's Bday
He had brought the Iyer priest along

R&B told them straight up "I think it will be a good idea to host it here" he said

Appa shifted in his seat uneasily
Amma was upstairs with Nivi, as II was showering

"The birthday party can be given here" Appa spoke cheerfully

"I think we should host everything here" R&B said

leaning on the wall by the Monet

Mavvy was delighted to see II's family visit,  he was whipping up brunch

"The havan will happen for 3-4 hours" Appa discouraged

R&B didnt respond

"I understand Mr Iyer, I was there at the wedding" he smiled

Appa looked startled at that pot shot

"Since its all unfamiliar to you we decided to have it at the temple" Appa said shooting back

"If I dont experience it it will remain unfamiliar" he said logically

Ranjan finished up his call and came in through the back door

"Pehli grandchild hai iyer saab" he said sitting down accepting Mahavir's coffee

"Yes yes... for us its the first grand daughter" Appa insinuated

"Arey haan, changa" Ranjan smiled

"We want to do everything Vandu did for Shravu and Shubhang" Appa said

"Bilkul jee bilkul... saare riwaaj follow karange asee" Ranjan smiled

II came down first, using the grand staircase

She did not meet R&B's gaze

Amma followed, Nivi squealed upon seeing him

Amma handed her joyously

"She knows we are all talking about her" Amma said

"Madhu he is insisting it should be here, only you can influence" Appa said eye signalling amma

"Umm... we can have at both places," amma said conciliatorily

"Adu daan naanum sonnen, avanukku elam inga vekkanumaam"(I am telling him, but he wont listen)

II shifted nervously
She was sure R&B wont hesitate to be blunt

She knew him well

She wondered when Sam was going to get here

He stepped forward and picked off a rose petal off her bare neck, Amma had pinned jasmine and rose string in her braid

She staggered back unprepared for the public display of care

Nivi pouted and made a whistle like sound

"I know, the flowers are pretty" he whispered

"Pehle khana kha lete hain Iyer saab phir asee behes karange" Ranjan reminded smiling gently

He looked longingly towards the back of the house hoping Mahavir would magically appear with "Sir khana laga lein hum?"


"He wants the hawan to be at the temple" Amma said

"I want it to be here Mrs Iyer" he said flatly

Amma nodded resigned

"Avan sonnanaka nee odanne talaya aatraye?" (u nod and agree quickly?) Appa asked softly

"He has made up his mind no?" Amma said softly

Sam walked in dragging a petulant Lasya

She screamed on spotting R&B

"hey peanut" he whispered

Nivi shrieked with joy

He held both in his arms

"Aunty MERE liye phool?" Sam enquired

"I have brought so much" Amma said

"Your brother seems to have made up his mind" Appa tattled

Sam looked at R&B, he didnt bother to look at her

"Uncle... its been his desire for long" Sam sat down akwardly

Tan came in followed by Shravu

"Mami can I go and watch this movie?" he showed her a disk

II nodded

"Saale tere paas aake ekdum chup?" Tan asked massaging his shiny pate

Lasya mumbled

"Tan... we cant seem to decide" Sam whispered

"Arey boss, bachi iski, ghar iska.. he shud host it wherever he wants it" Tan smiled

Appa's shoulder's slumped

II's heart sank

Amma looked away, concealing her disappointment

Sam hung her head

Ranjan stood up with "Khaane ka kee hoya?" he walked inside

II went up to the rec room

Couldnt figure out the remote, Nandu went down to get him
R&B came up after 20 minutes and toggled between Input 2 and Input 3 and HDMI

And the screen lit up

Nandu began watching

"U might as well tell them in so many words you are on their side" he hissed cornering her by the theatre wall, pointing to those big accusing eyes

"I should shouldnt I? They are being slaughtered by the Bhallas and Batras, now would be a good time to declare allegiance" II said furiously, her voice shaking with angst

"U staged this whole thing after I told you I wanted it hosted here" he said

"Umm let me see...yep... yep... (sniffling) I was aching to see my parents be bullied by my husband" she smiled cynically fighting tears

He placed a hand on each side of her head

"U wud have loved it if I wasnt home and they had cooked up a ritual about why it was best to be held at a temple, wouldnt you?" he asked hovering on her face like a drone on fire

"Like I said, I would rather watch my Appa get chewed up by you" she wept angrily, slamming him

He held her chin first and bend down and grabbed her lips, later using the hand to rub a loose rose petal with his thumb on her  mound exposed by the plunging blouse neckine
... a few inches from his favorite mole, it released its scent on her neck as it bruised her skin erotically, his other hand firmly gripping his smooth waist.

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kalavathi5 Senior Member

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Posted: 05 August 2016 at 7:57pm | IP Logged
Woo hoo Sosy fight!!
Though seriously Nisha-if I had a big enough house and plenty of staff for havans-I would have them at home...LOL  Not at the temple!!!

I liked seeing the Iyers charge, fall back, and regroup...they are going up against an unmovable object--R&B!!!ROFL  After the way he got married to II, do they really think he is going to give way on his Nivi??LOL

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Nisha0604 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 05 August 2016 at 8:02pm | IP Logged
No kidding

Appa is all fire and spears when it comes to R&B
And is all flowers and sugar when it comes to Bala

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taramira Goldie

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Posted: 05 August 2016 at 9:18pm | IP Logged
How does it matter whether MM mein ho ya temple mein, havan hone se matlab hai na? I feel appa in the name of tradition and ritual really tries to throw his weight around. But he has Rb for an adversary who is no less of a fighter. Bechari II kahan phas gayi??? 
And I think for her it's more about who won and who got the last word instead of actually following the ritual, because having it at MM would mean Iyers lost this round and bhallas - NO Manya Bhalla won, which of course would be most unpalatable to dear II IYER-Bhalla. 

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Errantnomad IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 05 August 2016 at 9:46pm | IP Logged
"Pehle khana kha lete hain Iyer saab phir asee behes karange" Ranjan reminded smiling gently
He looked longingly towards the back of the house hoping Mahavir would magically appear with "Sir khana laga lein hum?"

As the temp is being cranked up a notch higher and as the Air conditioning gives way to sauna... Ranjan bhalla wishes he had a wand to turn Mavvy in to a Greek God with hundred arms to whip up khana on the table that instant...

As he finds that there's still a lot if steam left in the room .even after some time , Ranjan bhalla decides to take the matter in his own hands and goes charging in to the kitchen . Arrey .. Mavvy ... Don't do this to me beta only to find Mavvy is not a deva but a Manav...
Of all the times... Now Mavvy ? You too Brutus?...

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Nisha0604 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 05 August 2016 at 11:10pm | IP Logged
Sex & Sonia

He leaned on her forehead to calm himself for a few seconds when they unlocked their lips. Their proximity was always sexually charged, during times of anger or happiness
It was the overarching theme of their marriage

She reached for his fingers and pried them loose from her waist, he trapped her fingers between her waist and his palm, telling her she can go when he was ready to let her go
He leaned and buried his face in the jasmine strings caressing her bare back. She squirmed  as his chin stroked her upper back and collar bone in swift strokes

He kissed her again as if to remind himself what she tasted like.

She peeled herself off the wall, just in time for Nandu's question "Mami can Shravu come watch with me? and can I have popcorn please"

"U missed school because ur head hurt, and now you want popcorn?" she asked gruffly clearing her throat shedding his taste, as
she shivered goosebumps appearing all over her arm, wrapping her chiffon pallu over her shoulders.

The spot they stood in was littered with jasmine and rose petals, homage to love making

She studiously avoided his gaze weaving her way through the theatre like seating to head out the door
The day bed mocked her as she passed it

"I am going to Rohini in the evening" she returned to tell him smugly
He leaned on the wall, one foot raised, texting

She held her breath waiting for him to explode, he didnt
Her heart thudded... as she waited

Huh" he grunted looking up at her quietly

(Dont ever say anything much)

Sam was coming up with a sleepy Lasya

"He didnt sleep last night because of his cough, then she woke up early morning, when she heard a neighbor cutting down a tree" she complained

II nodded

"Gussa ho?" Sam asked looking at her flushed face

"Umm.. no" II shook her head

"Ladkar aa rahi hoo, phool jhar gaye?" she asked

"Are Amma Appa eating?" she asked primly

"Umm... haan.. suno" Sam called

"U can put her down on my bed if u want" "or Nivi's crib"

"Maharani wont sleep in a crib any more" Sam said with pride

R&B walked out of the theatre ona  French call, Lasya did a athletic leap flying into his arms, she found a rose petal on his Lacoste croc on his tee

Sam did her best to hide a smile

"Lad rahe they dono?" she asked curiously

"I am going down to send Nandu some popcorn up

II left the brother and sister alone

Appa was unhappy, II could tell clearly

Ranjan was also on R&B's side, II didnt know how  else she could help

Nivi slept on Amma's godee
She took her from Amma's arms

"Appa ta sonnen, Sector 3 kovil poo nanna irukkadu nu " (the flowers outside the Sector 3 temple are of poor quality)

II looked at Amma alarmed, wondering just how much had come unstrung


"For us Malai mandir is best" Amma explained to Ranjan

Ranjan refused to looked at II's hair

II walked up the back stair case to find R&B slouched on the couch, twirling his locks and talking on the phone

He extended his arms, asking for his daughter

She vented

"Appa has retired, it has been so hard on him" "U dont care" "Ur ego is the size of Sonia Gandhi's Swiss bank account" she bitched

He hung up... pissed

"Wanting my daughter's birthday here is inconsiderate?" he asked baffled, mocking her

"Ofcourse it is... from a man who hates the house enough never to speak of it as "home" suddenly using it as a bargain chip to win with my Appa" II slammed

"U think my resentment for this house is is al in my head?" he asked getting of the couch

She took a step back... startled

II swallowed trying to come up with a sharp retort




"ENOUGH II" he hissed warning her... Sam reappeared at the doorway leading to the bedroom

"Yeh baby ka guard rail raise karo R&B" Sam ordered

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Cookieg Goldie

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Posted: 05 August 2016 at 11:35pm | IP Logged
Thank you for 2 updates...yeah Smile
Appa never learns...always on R&B's case
Temple is fine... but I think home is better
Sam the mediator is there to try to put out the fire
Maybe this is the spark to get R&B to open up to II

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