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Software Symphony 65 "Playthings" (Page 111)

Tuc_Mob Senior Member

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Posted: 28 July 2016 at 9:57pm | IP Logged
Waiting for next part of conversation.

Nisha0604 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 30 July 2016 at 12:03am | IP Logged
Mysore Maharaja & Murukku

He was entrusted with the task of driving to Rohini and picking up his brood from the Iyers
He dreaded it already, as he walked down the grand staircase, every step had a toy, a book or a binki or some random object

He was sympathetic to all the help, especially Mavvy

The dogs scampered up and sniffed his feet

He picked them up "Missing them huh?" he asked them kindly

They frantically licked his face
The moment they noticed he had the keys in his hand

"Do u want to go?" he asked

They waged their tails like they were keyed up toys

He opened the back door and let them get into the Toyota Land Cruiser, James sat on Sahana's car seat and growled

"Yeahh show her whos the boss" he chuckled

Mavvy came running outside

"Bhabhiji ne kaha 4 baje bachon ko laayenge? Abhi 6 baj gaye. bache nahi aaye?" he said

"I am sorry I had calls" he said

"Abhi laayenge?" he drawled

R&B nodded, just as the gates opened and Ranjan's car slid in

The black Merc drenched in rain

The guard opened the door "Bache kithe?" he asked

the dog got out and barked and wagged

"Mainnu ki khabar?" he scolded them

"Inko vi leke ja raha hai?" he asked smiling cuddling Chuck

R&B nodded...

"Beta gaadi bahar laga de" he handed his key to a guard so his car could be pulled out so R&B cud drive his SUV out

"Mrs Iyer ko kehna woh yaha ruk jaayen beshaq ek hafta... lekin bache nahi ruk sakte raat ko" he warned R&B

"Understood" he nodded smiling

II texted "Dey kozhandel enga da?" (where are the kids)

"I am heading out right now" he said

"Paavi" she cursed

Mr Iyer stood outside on the elevator area... walking around in circles... holding one edge of his veshti, pacing the floor waiting for the elevator so he could go down to the maintenance office and request help for a locked door
His banian stained with many colors

When the lift sang and stopped he was startled to see R&B

"Um... hello... yes yes... umm... u are late" he said grumpy

R&B nodded "I am sorry sir" he said
"Madhu is inside" he said pointing to the apartment

He nodded

"they are extremely naughty I say" Appa said loudly

R&B paused not knowing if he shud be happy or upset
"I mean... I have seen naughty boys... but the girl?" Appa was shocked

"Umm u have a stain " R&B began

"Yes yes... I know I know... they locked the pooja room.. now it wont open" he said waving a finger

The boys opened the door, or Amma did

Sahana crawled out first, followed by Sid, then Ved

The dogs ran inside sniffed everything, scampered out and wagged their tails by R&B's feet "We have everything we need" lets go James said

"Fool... we dont have the oldest" Chuck said

"Oh yeah... we better ditch the youngest and grab the oldest" James said
Sid and Ved and Sahana were all perched on R&B

"Come in" Amma smiled

"Avan kitta sollitten... enna paadu paduthina nu... teriyattum" (I told him what terror these kids are) Appa sulked

"I am sorry they locked a door" he said

"No... no... dont worry" Amma said

The house smelled like II to him

Sahana was down... chasing James

"Anga vichirke nee Bala mami kovil samaan apdiye talla pora" Appa shouted (Bala Mami's temple things are by the wall this fatso is going to shove it all)

What do u know... Appa was indeed clairvoyant... a bunch of brass plates and bowls and and pots... were sent crashing

Sahana watched stunned as every shiny well washed gold like brass object scattered as James tipped the edge of the stool

James and Chuck went beserk barking

Nivi came out with a book in hand  "Daddeee" she smiled

"Thatha pussed the door amd it got BWOKEN" Sid explained to R&B

"He is lying I say... they were touching the bell the lamp and al I said no, and shut the door it self locked" Appa argued

"Avan OKKARATTUM FIRST" (let him sit down) Amma hissed

"Aathla 8 mani neram okkandu book padikaran... oonjal la... Nivi oda neruthindu irukalam... vanarangala irukku...
idula nai vera" (he sits on the swing and reads all day, he shud have stopped at Nivi SUCH MONKEYS!!) Appa sighed

There was finger paint art work strewn all over the floor Sahana grabbed James by the tail and tried to stand up
"I cant believe I missed YOU" James yelped

He sat down staggering as the boys pulled him down

"Thatha mont take us for eyekeem" Ved said waving a dirty finger

"U have a cold dont u?" he whispered

"Paati cam I have a muwukku" Sid got off his lap and went to beg his grandma

"He ate ALL the murukku" Appa said his eyes shone with fear and outrage, as if Mysore Maharja usurped the entire state of Tamil Nadu

R&B cudnt control his smile

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Cookieg Goldie

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Posted: 30 July 2016 at 12:23am | IP Logged
Just love the chaos LOL

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Preethu15 Newbie

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Posted: 30 July 2016 at 12:24am | IP Logged
what a cute update!!Embarrassed Appa's complaints are so adorable!!LOL Belated birthday wishes nisha! Have a healthy n a sucessful year!

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Errantnomad IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 30 July 2016 at 1:19am | IP Logged
Don't know if Mysore maharaja was able to usurp Tamilnadu but surely the monkeys have royally usurped Mr.Iyer in the battle field and he's fighting hard the surrender pangs.
Lost battle anyways Mr.Iyer. Mr. Iyer you have to really revise your Battlefield strategies I feel... to one day come up trumps against the likes of king of snakes Adhiseshan and the troop of monkeys and now with a potent mix of the breed grey hound in sahana and Terriers in Bond and chuck... A LETHAL COMBO added to the enemy camp... the battle's not getting easier I say. Lol.

Tch tch...the king of snake in command along with his vaanar sena and their loyal commando terriers . It's animal planet and no wonder Mr. iyer is feeling like a prey to the predators hovering around him...
There's no escaping now. Big smile

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tiachh Groupbie

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Posted: 30 July 2016 at 7:50am | IP Logged
happy belated birthday nisha
Nisha0604 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 30 July 2016 at 11:46pm | IP Logged
Bottles & Beasts

"Amma, he understands TAMIL" II's tone was of immense hurt

"I TOLD Appa to tone it down" Amma pleaded

"Avan kitta pot you should have stopped after Nivi sonna? I mean I HAVE 4 NOW. There is no way to change it. I wouldnt want to, for one second" II panted as she got off her car.

The vanarsena was in the front lawn, doing gymnastics and long jumps

Ranjan sat on a rug eating something
R&B sat on the swing sipping adrink

None of then ran towards her... and then the dogs did

"He texted me to  say, your Dad thinks we shud have stopped at 1" II whispered agitated

"Ishita... watching the 4 for a day and a half sent appa over the edge" Amma admitted

"Apdi ena pannina?" (what did they do?) Ii asked

"ENAA? PANNINALA?" ( do u really wantt o know?) Amma asked

II had left Sahana for the second time last night... after nursing her and laying her down for her sleep

She had woken up and spent the day at Rohini

The other three had spent almost two days and a night

"They locked Appa in the bathroom first, now the pooja room is locked from the outside. they confused leftover varnish for paint
and spilled it all over the living room. Chinnadu padu vaala irukku (she is a brat). KATHU KATHU nu kathara every time Appa attempts to take the boys downstairs (she screams)" Amma said accusingly

"She wants to enjoy too" II sat on her hood

Sahana squeaked in Ranjan's arms

R&B got up and walke dover

Sid & Ved gave her a cursory hug Sid's hand still had varnish stains he smelled like turpentine?

"Thatha dhammm ojanjuda" (broke?) II kissed the fat cheek and smacked her lips

"They are saying Appa broke something" II said

"They ran around him, Appa dropped the hair oil bottle in the bathroom" Amma said

"I wont send them any more ma' II said sadly
Amma didnt protest

"They are uncontrollable" II nodded sadly

Sahana waddled and wanted to be carried

R&B picked her up and gave her to II

"Avan kitta sollu appa sorry sonna sollu" (tell him Appa apologizes)

"I cant lie" Ii said pissed

"Adi paavi" Amma howled

"Amma its that stage... now Nivi doesnt utter a word" II walked with R&B to the swing, sitting down

They all clamored for her attention

"Amma I will call u back" II promised

"What did u do in thatha paati's?" II asked

Sahana joined both hands and waved and shook her face and tilted her head and narrated a story

Ved interjected with "Thatha pussed me... and whem he ment down he diddnt take me... Sid bwoke thatha's mernd"

"It was not mernd da (meds) it was thatha's hair oil" II explained

R&B made a face

"They are pure terror" II nodded

"Gudiya... khaana kya khayegi?" Ranjan asked

Sahana went from Ii to R&B to Ranjan on the swing

"Yeh mujhe abhi kacha kha rahe hain" II smiled

"Do din se dekha nahi" Ranjan nodded appreciatively

"Did Nivi practice her kritis?" Ii asked

"I didnt ask" R&b said

'NIVIII" Ii called

"Amma tomorrow... pleeez" Nivi begged

sahana imitated her "peeel"

"Amma cam we have ikweem" Sid asked

"Umm... no Thatha said u ate all his mwuvuku" II said holding his cheeks

"Thatha THOLE fwom me" Sid said smugly

Making Mr Iyer a thief

"Appa is saying we had too many kids" II tried to chuckle

"Ajee na jee naaa... charon... lottery haingey ne" Ranjan said furiously

"Amma can I go to Macy's tomorrow"

"ODAI... kazhudai... u dont practice... u go nowhere"

"Dadu please?" Nivi beged

"Amma ki gall sun puttar" he urged

"Nobody fears me" II claimed

"I DO" Sid said raising his turpentine stained hand...

Ranjan took them inside to have them washed up

Sahana nursed on the swing

"I am sorry if Appa was mean" II muttered

"They drove him crazy I think" he whispered stiflinga  chuckle

"U find that amusing?" she asked

He gently felt Sahan's curls as she lay in II's arms

"Is it obvious?" he asked

"Paavi" she cursed

"Maybe we shudnt send them all together?" he asked

"Or send all the help along?" Ii asked

"The help wouldnt want to return, they will probably send the kids back and stay in Rohini" he chuckled

"They are beasts arent they?" Ii had a sad expression

"Only the scariest" he nodded, kissing her forehead

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sonalgupta2004 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 31 July 2016 at 12:32am | IP Logged
Wanar sena ...
Really nisha
No they r not
They r so cute!!!!!

So the news is after so many years finally dude understands tamil

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