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Software Symphony 65 "Playthings" (Page 107)

Nisha0604 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 24 July 2016 at 9:08am | IP Logged
Deb... Dude
II hunted down Shravu and spent an hour with him
Did she stop at comparing the a animal planet employee to rocks?

She followed it up a few minutes later by saying

"I bet ummm... u know his wife feels like a wet towel every morning"

Still no response from Sam

Everyone went towards the backyard, getting into the water, BBQ, food, dancing

Deb made sure he came up to tease her about "octopus" and "squids" he had eaten

Like it was something new for her

Being married to the dude she had seen it all... Deb didnt know

"I cant believe you married HER" he exclaimed when Tan introduced him to Deb

R&B grunted, chewing on his burger

"Whats so unbelievable" R&B asked pissed

"I mean, itna lamba ladki kaha se se laaya" he said with a Bong accent

"I am from Delhi... meri Hindi iske Hindi se zyaada saaf hai" II explained to Deb, poking R&B

"He speaks it like shit, maybe u shud give him lessons" R&B muttered

II was startled but didnt dwell on it

Shravu came to her asking for ice cream, so II didnt hear her husband take pot shots at Deb
Deb explained in elaborate detail about his trips to Indonesia and the "conservation efforts" he undertook

"I am guessing octupuses are off the list?" R&B asked with a poker face

Deb was flustered

Tan cracked up LOUDLY to prove a point
He was able to observe the man hitting on II

"Did u know the cobra's venom, I mean as big... I mean... as SMALL as ur ruby nose ring could kill a person?" Deb declared

II unwittingly touched it

"Saale yeh sabko pata hai," Tan mocked Deb

Deb grunted... "I was actually invited to do a show" he said

R&B chewed slowly... watching him quietly

"Protien shake probably" II texted on her phone...

"U are smiling? I mean, there is nobody that knows more about endangered animals" Deb said smugly

By the time BBQ was done, they had all gotten a earful

Mahavir brought a crying Nivi II went up to feed her and Ranjan had work at the Mehrauli workshop so he had to leave

Sam invited her to stay and said they could go shopping

Iam going to go take a nap" II promised

R&B was speaking in French by Sam's gate

No cars were on her driverway this morning, 100s parked outside

"How come u are not responding to any of my texts? II demanded like a true DADDI

"Maine Monday se lekar aaj taq tumhe SOLAH texts bhejen hain" Sam began arguing

II 's phone was in Nivi's bag R&B had gone off to get Ranjan's car started, it was a muggy 35C this afternoon

Ranjan and Mahavir carried leftovers

II grabbed Ranjan's bag of it

"Chal gudiya, woh phone par hai, usne aivayin gussa ho jaana hai" Ranjan warned

"I work too" II scoffed

"Delh... ISI ladai se main tang aa gaya hoon" Ranjan warned

"Daddd aap jayen meri baat khatam hoyegi to main laaoongi

Sofia came out to say Lasya was crying after her nap

Tan was strolling with her on the first floor balcony, they couldnt see because of the white canopy

Sam scrolled through her phone

"KIDHAR bheja text?" Sam accused  
"Last tumne mujhe poocha, Nivi ka orange outfit hai?" Sam read

"Oh sorry, uske baad tumne poocha" I am not bringing all ur pyrex dishes today, we lost two lids" Sam read

II made a face

II walked out of the gates

"Sorry ek aur... I am probably going to be late because mere miya ko harqat soojhi hai" Sam read with a straight face

II turned and grabbed the women wrestled all the way to Ranjan's car

Sam giggled

R&B leaned on the hood waiting, listening to his call

"Shes lying" II said loudly

"Gudiyaaa" Ranjan called

"Hes talking on the phone no? " II was pissed

Sam showed her the phone... none of the comments about Deb were received by her

"arey Shravu ko bye bolna bhool gayi"II said running inside, forgetting abt the texts altogether

when they would get home at 5 ish she would go up to take a shower before he did, giving Nivi a quick bath

Dressing up in a saree to go to Sankara Temple for the Sunday evening arti

She watched the Sun Sunday movie as she dried her hair humming her latest composition

Nivi rolled on teh 2nd floor living room floor

He showed up a while later, in his cargos and a screen printed tee in French lettering, in rust color

"I am going to make dal chawal and head out to VV" she said braiding her hair

He  crowded her, until she hit the wall

"Loved the petting zoo?" he asked

"He was seriously mad... ille?" she asked him for opinion

"U thot he was mad?" he asked

"What did u think?" II smiled coquettishly

"Umm... I didnt think he was a granite wall" he muttered






Ranjan came up, saw them inches from each other, sizing each other out and grunted

"Gudiya" he said turning away and walking out

"Daddd" II said ina  whisper

"Nivi pakda mainnu" he urged

Nivi was already half way on her way to her Dadu

He picked her up as she showed him a pink phone put it on his ear

"Kiska phone aaya Dadu ko?" he kissed her rosy cheeks

He pretended to speak

Then turned to II and R&B and said in a gruff tone "Ladna nahi bilqul" he said

R&B exhaled as if saying "Can u get out now?"

Ranjan sang to her as they went down

"Did Sam send u the text?"


"U did" he said

II's face filled with guilty color

"NAANA?" (Me?)

He nodded pulling it out of his pocket

"TAN ko bheja tha maine galti se TUMHE NAHI... Sam ko mila nahi text... NOW I recall... LIAR" Ii shouted shrilly

He scrolled through, and placed the phone a foot from her face

"He feels like a wall of granite" she had said

She could feel her head and her heart pound like a marathoner running through sand... squish... swish... squish swish

"I mean... who knew the snake was going to lash out like that" II said primly

"THIS" he muttered

"I mean" II began

"THIS from a woman who summons the French Army when she spots a spider?" he mocked

she turned crimson

"I didnt even touch it" she lied

"LIAR" he whispered


Ranjan did a face palm downstairs

Walking into the kitchen and ordering Mahavir to make a Scotch  " 2nd floor aur baaqi ghar ke beech deewar khari ho sakti hai beta? Contractor nu pooch" he urged Mahavir

Nivi squealed

"Tere ma baap ne" he hissed

"Did it feel cold and soft?" he asked

He took her hand and placed it on his lower body

She yelped

She felt the throb

He undid an inch of the zipper

Leaned over and nipped her lobe

"I am sorry but I ONLY FELT HIS BODY" she shouted

"Not his dick?" he rubbed his cheek on her face

keeping her open palm on his bulge

"Are u sorry you didnt?" he asked

She stiffened kicking him 'U jerk I meant I didnt feel his" he sealed her lipswhat

"U are a sick bas***d" she shouted

"Caught u ogling my love" he whispered

Using her fingers to unzip his shorts

They writhed and thrashed on the wall

"Ogling and sexting" he nipped her neck

Feeling her curves over her chiffon saree

"Wet towel huh?" he questioned

"AYYYO" "IT WAS NOT MEANT FOR U" she shouted

He was all exposed now

he bend down and rubbed her thigh lifting her saree up

"II.. hold me" he ordered

"U are a PIG" she said
He kissed her long and hard

Her hand holding "him" at the end of her kiss

"Say it" he ordered "and caress me"

"NOT COLD... NOT SOFT" she said provoking

He pushed against her, as a tidal wave of ecstasy spilled over, in a gurgling sound out of her mouth

She felt her thong roll down her thigh as he stood up again unraveling her saree in a silky concoction

And took her by the wall

Then he carried her soft sweaty, bruised, flushed, swollen half draped body to bed, and lay over her, as she shook what seemed to her like a million times...

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VeeIyer Senior Member

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Posted: 24 July 2016 at 9:30am | IP Logged
You are getting all your readers hot and bothered Nisha EmbarrassedEmbarrassed
Seems like it is going to be quite a weekend LOLLOL

Edited by VeeIyer - 24 July 2016 at 9:45am

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sonalgupta2004 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 24 July 2016 at 10:31am | IP Logged
Caught u ogling my love" he whispered

Nisha it's night here and how will I be able to sleep now
He said my love
And R&B and possessive deadly combination

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ishruhi IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 24 July 2016 at 12:00pm | IP Logged

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..sush.. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 24 July 2016 at 12:20pm | IP Logged
Omg hahhahaha I am waiting to see dudes reactions

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munira053 Senior Member

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Posted: 24 July 2016 at 1:30pm | IP Logged
Haaayyy Day Dreaming
Please do continue from here .. Wink

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blue5sky Goldie

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Posted: 24 July 2016 at 10:09pm | IP Logged
Obviously Monday morning is a bad time to read this update Day Dreaming

Deb did stir RnB didn't he??? Made even good mild Tan to become a become a bigger brighter and louder version of himself.

But sending naughty texts to the man did land on target for II didn't it. Come to think of it young ones around here please take note but I'm guessing it can go either way in real life!

I'm have now turn my attention to the leafy paradise that I'm heading too before life turns again in a few days Smile

Have a great week people!!

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Nisha0604 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 24 July 2016 at 10:23pm | IP Logged
Selfless (selfish) acts

9:30 that night when Nivi wouldnt stop crying, Ranjan came up to find the door to the bedroom locked
After much banging II woke up wore her clothes and found a bewildered Ranjan holding Nivi

"Umm... sorry, raat ko neeche soi yeh?" she asked

"Raat abhi hui puttar" he suppressed a smile

"What time is it?" she asked peering at the walls, Nivi cooed and lay on II's shoulder

Ranjan had changed her and fed her some mashed potatoes

"Aaja beta kha le" he urged

She was wearing R&B's teeshirt over her saree's underskirt

He was relieved there was no more bloodbath

"I thot it was morning" she muttered

"9:15 hue honge" he smiled

"I will put her down for the night and I will come down, he is sleeping too" she informed a non inquisitive Ranjan

He nodded turned on the hallway and grand staircase lights and went down

II fed and changed her daughter and put her down to sleep

Woke R&B

"Get up no" she whispered, leaning over him

"Not really hungry II" he whispered

She rubbed his back softly... "U didnt eat right at Sam's either... ennachu da?" she asked

"The burger was too charred" he said

"I am bringing dal chawal" she said

He was laying face down, on his belly, he turned and looked at her

"Come here" he summoned

She crawled up close

He thumbed her lips and her neck

"Down" he ordered and kissed her long and hard

"What was that for?" she asked

"Lets go to bed II" he offered, kissing her cheek reverentially

"Rakshasaney..." she muttered getting off the bed, after snuggling some

Brought him dinner, cleaned up the kitchen, took her plate to the ground floor swing sat down and called Amma

"Bala mami said u didnt go to Sankara Math" Amma accused

"Ennamma nee... call panni first complain panre?" (why are u scolding me)

"What is this Ishita, you said you will go, u asked me not to go from Rohini, now Mami is ticked off" Amma whined

"By the time we came back it was 6..." II said

"U live a mile from it" Amma said

"I am sorry ma" II was furious at R&B

"Apdi enadee velai?" (what were u so busy for?)  "No paatu class either, u already went yesterday" Amma reminded


"Amma when he is in Delhi, we are always late we never get to any place on time" II said weakly

"Podi" Amma was upset

"I will go to her house tomm and say sorry... poruma?" II shouted

Ranjan was cheking her veg garden he walked over, and found her upset

"Abhi phone pe ladai?" he asked

"He is asleep... I am fighting with my Amma" II said waving the phone

"Changa gudiya... baari baari ladna" he blew air kisses

"Amma why I called was to say Akka or Athim neither came to Sam's BBQ" II said

"Hmmm" Amma grunted

"Ippo edaanu sollen?" (say something no?)

Amma grunted

"Enna pidichu vaatre nee" (u torture me no?)

"U say sorry to Bala Mami I will say sorry to Sam, poruma?" Amma lashed out

"Bala Mami and Sam are not the same... u were doing a favor to Bala Mami by offering to go to the temple, (some prior bhajan mandli politics) Sam is my SIL" II was upset

"ennadee panna solrey?" (what do u want?) Amma asked

"I didnt intentionally make Shravu late two weeks ago that morning, Dad got him out of the bind, oru thanks solla kooda varale" (they didnt show up to thank Ranjan either)" II ranted

"U are the one harping on wanting an informal relationship and closeness with Vandu" Amma was deeply hurt that II wud expect formal things from Vandita

"Amma ADU VERA" (thats different) II shouted

"Its all the same... u are demanding Vandu and Bala express gratitude explicitly" Amma was unhappy

there was a pause
"When Thatha (Bala's Dad) helped u find that auditing job when u were doing CA, did Vandu ask?" Amma reminded

"Ammaaa" II pleaded

"Shravu is turning out to be a problem child, u are suddenly being very unforgiving and callous" Amma said bluntly

"Naa callous na, I wudnt have brought Shravu home" II was angry

"Senjittu solli kamkikaade Ishita" (karke jatao mat) Amma said in agony

II's food sat there untouched...

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