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Software Symphony 65 "Playthings" (Page 105)

Errantnomad IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 22 July 2016 at 7:26am | IP Logged
Originally posted by blue5sky

Kalpana I'm sure you Daughter had a blast on her birthday!
Belated but heartfelt birthday wishes to the young lady Heart

Thank you Asma. I'll pass on your wishes to her. It's not belated. We just celebrated it in advance. It's only next week. She is away traveling. She sends me pics regularly . One she sent from inside the aircraft with a 8 yr old boy on her lap... That little boy was playing with her and also the games on the phone... Got so attached to her that he told her" I will take care of you till we land, will you miss me after we reach ... She was zapped saying Brat tell his mom that I'm his girl friend. Ha ha. I was chucking to myself thinking ... Shravu this is!!
And now She just sent me a pic of her sporting a kabali tee
Captioning it yikes! Believe it! Yes it's me sporting a Rajini tee ... Couldn't say no to the enthusiasm of chithappa!!. Kabali craze sucked me in too.

Seeing that pic I almost fainted LOL . God! I miss her so much!!

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Errantnomad IF-Dazzler

Joined: 17 March 2015
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Posted: 22 July 2016 at 7:38am | IP Logged
Hey guys, it slipped my mind to report this scene that I witness in the airport the other day...
So we were taking this bridge to the check in counter... We took this moving travalator/ the walk way and then the escalator down... I spotted this couple as I was descending... The airport was less crowded surprisingly... Guys I'm telling you that was one long nose kiss I saw that went on for a good 3 mins I think and note I'm guessing it was atleast 3 mins cos they still were at it even when we moved passed them... LOL . My daughter goes , ma do you see that!! I said yes, don't pop your eyes out! She says !! Ma! Not that ... Do you see their little boys ... Then I noticed these two boys ... Cute ...gaping at their parents ... Their look on their face was ' what the heck's going on'!!. Folks that look was Sid and ved screaming GAROSS!! LOL

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ishruhi IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 22 July 2016 at 12:29pm | IP Logged

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SWAN123 Senior Member

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Posted: 22 July 2016 at 1:19pm | IP Logged
Nisha me.. not much of "future" person!

So happy to see Sam

Love what you write in the present... Tongue and looking forward to a bit of RnB and a little outside the Iyer circus. The Bhallas, RnB's life, their pre nup, Ranjan at work M and M. You have breathed so much life into these people I miss them like my own! Wish II and her self indulgence will make space for the rest of the Bhalla clan.

But I know it's your call.. Not crossing boundaries here.. Just missing the rest .. As I miss the rest of the bubbly thread and those real people that peopled it Big smile

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Tuc_Mob Senior Member

Joined: 25 December 2015
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Posted: 22 July 2016 at 7:22pm | IP Logged
Are  there more facts about R&B 's loss?
Is he hiding something from II as Ranjan thought?
When Vandu is going to realize that she is using II to vent her own frustration?
Just some questions about present. 

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Nisha0604 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 22 July 2016 at 9:43pm | IP Logged
Golden Girl & Granite

Since Shru wanted a chapter on R&B's possessiveness
Here it goes:

It was BBQ/pool party/welcome Spring/Post Holi party at Sam's house

The yard was covered up with a white tent, with misters and swamp coolers

Nivi waddled amongst the crowd dressed in a frilly purple ballet outfit/swim suit

Akka was invited too she sent Shravu and Bala promised to "being Shubhang and Vandu soon"

Sam stood by the gate and watched his car leave, her eyes filled with longing

Things were definitely not normal between the second set of Iyers and Batras and Bhallas

II noticed Sam's expression and wove her way through the crowd asking Mavvy to watch Nivi

"U think she will come?" Sam asked, without evening turning to look to see who it was

"I texted Amma on my way home from paatu class, mujhe lagta nahi" II's shoulders slumped

"Everything is OK at DPS, the family that accused him of misbehavior is moving to Singapore, phir bhi Vandu itni embarrassed hai" Sam muttered

Ranjan had left no stone unturned in convincing the trustees that Shravu should be let go

The damage was done
Bala discovered Ranjan's involvement and wasnt happy
Akka argued endlessly with II, II curtailed Ranjan
Appa found out, expressed outrage that "we are now one of "those" families" who suppress evidence
It was a mess from every angle

Mahavir brought a crying Nivi

"Ennadee venum?" II asked shrilly
Nivi cooed...

"Na khaati hai, na soti hai... my paatu class got pushed up a day, kal Sunday hai I am just going to take an oil bath and sleep" II promised

"Mere yaha chhod de isko" Sam grabbed the fat lump and kissed her cheek audibly... over and over and over again

Nivi looked straight into Sam's eyes seriously and then gave a gummy smile with a "unggga" sound

She loved Nivi more, cuddling her

Lasya was perched on R&B's neck as they wandered the lawns

"U can keep her if u like, I can go home with him" Lasya waved at her mother patting R&B's hairy head

R&B wore his swim shorts and was basically barechested

II still clung to her Iyer modesty and refused to wear swim clothing

South Delhi's high society wandered in crocheted coveralls in various colors

"I LOVE the orange" Sam whispered "TUM JAO change karo, for the water fight" Sam urged

II wore a spaghetti strap geometric pattern Old Navy dress in black & white

"Not in Delhi" II cringed

"Oh haaan... Parisian huh?" Sam mocked

"Waha koi nahi jaanta mujhe, beaches of normandy are practically unknown to me" she said defensively

"Yahan SABNE bikinis pehni hai" Sam urged

"You wear first" II urged

"Mera peyt dekha?" Sam grabbed a soft bulge and shook

"Its either that... or" II winked

"Shut up... my plumbing's sealed" she said defiantly

II laughed hysterically

Women shrieked and squealed in a corner

"Whats going on?" II asked
"Aage se nahi kehna u are not a Bhalla... when u said "whats going on" u saounded like R&B" Sam winked

II grunted primly unwilling to admit

"What is it?" she asked

"Oh! one of my neighbors has a petting zoo... he brought some of the creatures over to show off, log bache laate hain he brought reptiles" Sam said laughing

"Is that him?" II asked

HOT no?" Sam sighed

A man stood up from behind the crowd, in a offwhite skinny tee, accentuating his buff body almost bald...

"Umm" II scanned his body (we wont tell R&B)

"kinda" she whispered

"Tan hates him, he is very touchy feely... Bong hai...Deb... Debashish" Sam giggled
"How come Ive never seen him?"

"Oh... they have many houses... Cal, yaha... Singapore and all" Sam said carelessly

He picked up an iguana the women choked and stumbled stepping back

He grinned

"Look at them" Sam whispered

II and him wandered towards him

"Hey Sam, come say hi to Portia" he chuckled

Sam shook her head vehemently

Tan found her "conveniently

"Saala... usko keh if he is so desperate to get laid he needs to ask one of his giggly fans" Tan cursed

"oooh jealous?" II laughed

"Tu zyaada bakwas nahi kar... the guy is a player" Tan waved a finger

"With that body, It wud be a pity if he was not" II said unable to control the gasp at the end

"ISHITA" Sam laughed

He stood behind a bunch of what looked like animal carrier/ cages

Women giggled and fawned and cringed and drooled... over him that is

He took a woman's hand and placed it on the iguana's back, "look she loves a back rub" he stroked the iguana's back

"Hey... its too scaly" she made a face

He took his hand and rubbed HER BACK" she smiled coyly

"Is that good?" he asked cooing to the random chick

"Where is his WIFE?" II asked shocked over text to Sam

"Around here..." Sam texted back

REALLY?" II was stunned

He proceeded to give all the women in the semi circle a "Iguana holding lesson"

He spotted II and stared

"Hey Sam... who is the young girl?" he asked

II grunted

"YOUNG nahi hai... yeh bachi USKI hai" Sam said a lil enviously

II laughed out loud

Sam patted a snoozing Nivi

"Pakdo apni beti ko" Sam offered

"Umm... not now" II smiled winking

Deb brought the iguana and a WATER SNAKE over
"Nivi?" R&B asked

"Toongara" "On Sam's shoulder" (asleep) she texted

Women screamed

"Boss snake to andar daal cage mein" Tan ordered
"Its a water snake dude" Deb said

"Usne kaha tujhko?" Tan was not amused

II stepped back rapidly

"I swear it wont hurt you" Deb urged

He had a helper the guy watched his "master" play the women
Deb handed "Portia" to his helper and walked up to II with a snake

"Snake charmer" II texted Sam
Or she thought she texted Sam but it was R&B she texted

"What?" "No response?" she asked Sam ALOUD


"Kis baat ka?" Sam asked

"Never mind" II said lost in deb's muscles

He petted the snake, fondling it, approaching II
it was slimy and pale yellow with silver scales
"Does this one have a name too?" she asked Deb

hE chuckled

"Let me guess, Golden Girl" II said cynically

Deb laughed out loud

"Kuch nahi karega" he promised

II shook her head

"Boss usko to tu rehne de, saale ki biwi hai woh" Tan said aloud "U know my saala" Tan reiterated

Deb turned to Tan "SHE is R&B's wife?" he asked Tan incredulously

Tan nodded

"Who did u expect" II cooed

"Umm... u know... umm... never mind... are u a South Indian?" he asked

II pretended to peer at her ruby nose ring

"Iyer" she said

"Really?" he turned to Tan

"To kya jhooth bol rahi hai woh?" Tan asked
Sam laughed

"Its a water snake" Deb urged

Just when II reached out to touch, well she did...

Wrapped around his one ton wrist

"U can hold if u want" Deb said

II looked at Sam nervously

"MUJHE  mat dekho I cant sleep for a week if I touch it" she warned

"II do it at ur own risk" Tan teased warning her of the consequences if a "terrified of spider II" happens to hold a hot guy's snake

It suddenly unfurled and hissed

II jumped and slammed into Deb
His help grabbed the snake, as Deb held her down

"Its OK..." he cooed to II

"God !!!!he feels like a wall of granite" II texted her husband again... assuming it was Sam


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Tuc_Mob Senior Member

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Posted: 22 July 2016 at 10:25pm | IP Logged
Waiting for next one!!

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kalavathi5 Senior Member

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Posted: 22 July 2016 at 10:31pm | IP Logged
ewww snakes...!!!!!!  I really don't like them at all...Confused
R&B is going to be a thundercloud!!!ROFL  II won't know what hit her!!!!

Thank you for the lovely updates Nisha!!!!  Are we going to get another???

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