Ye Hai Mohabbatein


Ye Hai Mohabbatein
Ye Hai Mohabbatein

It's all emptiness between IshRu, RaHu to fly to Australia 15.4.16

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Posted: 15 April 2016 at 12:56pm | IP Logged
Watching today's episode had me feeling really low todayConfused

Had Ishita not entered Ru's house at the last minute, she would've spilled the beans, but that didnt happen...since obviously she doesnt want any 'ehsaan' from Ishita's end...and of course, wants to punish/hurt her in some twisted way of a way, she prefers drowning in this masochistic mess than detoxify her lifeCry Ishita kept urging her to be fearless and speak up, Ruhi yelled at her instead... "Who are you to complain against my Mom?" "Aapko koi kaam nai hai isliye doosron ke bacchon ki life mein interfere karti rehti ho" Ouch. That hurtCryCry

God. So much karmic backlog Ishita, Ruhi and Raman have... And as luck would have it, despite being under the same roof, Nidhi and Ishita did not meet aaj bhi...else Ishu would've understood everything in an instant...NIDHI was being interrogated by Hindi-speaking totally Indian Australian police forceLOLLOL in one room, and Ru, the other

Ishita is not only disturbed by today's happenings, she also feels unnerved by Ruhaan's hate towards her, which she finds is strange considering they never met before now

Wahan, Raman and Mihir are discussing how to buy IshRa soft drink company, now that the owner (Mani) has refused their offer. Mihir tells him about how it was making profit, but has gone into losses since the owner's accident 7 yrs back...For Chrissake, its Abhimanyu Raghav, or are they going to say its Abhimanyu Ramachandran Raghav?ShockedShocked It seems IshRa meeting is in the offing now...I am waiting for them to sit across each other and discuss business and trying to be all professional

Shagun has lost her marbles post leap - she just cant get enough of that Harappan civilization relic hanging on her neck, and those yard-length gamcchaasConfused aaj usne black and red ka gamchcha pehna tha

Pihu needs counselling, she has been watching too much saas-bahu nonsense, second and third weddings in serials..and requesting Shagun to get married with Raman AGAIN, since she couldn't see it happening the first time aroundD'ohIf my kids turn out to be this way, I will dope myself to a semi-conscious stateConfused

Raman didnt agree to take Adi to Australia but readily agreed when Pihu wanted to go...Adi felt bad.. hope it doesn't become the cause of a big rift between him and Raman with him thinking he is being sidelined and all...Sleepy One thing is clear though - Raman DOTES on Pihu..just loves her like crazy. And I feel sad and jealous on behalf of Ruhi now. She was neglected for straight 7 years till Ishita came in their livesCryCryCry

When Pihu talked about a wedding list, Raman got really pissed, Toshi and Simmi got shocked...Raman asked Shagun to not feed such nonsense in Pihu's head...snow white retorts that its Pihu's habit of watching nonsensical shows and picking up things from there... Raman says, "woh toh bacchi hai, lekin tum toh uski Maa ho..tumhen samjhana chahiye"

Shagun retorts, "tum bhi toh uske pita ho, tum kyun nai samjhate"

she isn't all wrong you know..Granted, she is the official Bai thereLOL but then there's Toshi, Simmi, Raman himself who KNOWS wat a crackpot Pihu is turning out to be and yet they all bare their teeth like hungry bears and laugh it off. Indulge that SHIT.Ouch

so anyway, she leaves the scene huffily, asking him to explain things to Pihu properly on their trip to Australia..on a very sarcastic note btw

I think she is mighty pissed RAMAN is not giving her patta anymore.Wink

And yet, they both fight like a typical married couple, cribbing about the kids, reminding each other of their responsibilities...I guess they just cant help it since they have 3 frickin' kids btween them, that's bound to make them behave all married types, even though they are technically divorced from each other

Something like a BAD hangoverLOLLOL

Romi straight up went to the Iyers' place, without even greeting Toshi who he met outside...Mihika also came over...the new actress playing Mihika looks okay...she looks better in her online pics thoughConfused Romi wants to get aashirvaad to marry Mihika...Amma and Appa look thrilled. They should be. Ab do do CEOs hai unki family meinLOLLOL

I kinda dont blame Romi for not wanting to gel with his own family, since, they like a bunch of retards didnt once stop him when he was leaving the house or even defend him...but I abso hate him for being Khanna's spotboy all these yearsAngryAngryAngry

anyway, so Toshi starts getting all insecure and petty, and instructs Neelu to dump chicken bones from last night's dinner right in front of the Iyers' ...Almost like, "Tune mere bete ko mujhse chheenne ki koshish ki ab chicken ki baas se marr jaa" a few minutes Amma started shrieking... "aayo kadavale CHHHICCCKKEN BONES!! Punjabi wali ne hi aisa kia hoga"

Toshi comes out to deal with Amma, they have some tu -tu main main...Toshi asks Amma what proof she has against her, and seconds later, Romi comes in and asks Toshi to apologize to Amma since she did the exact same thing she used to, apparently do when they used to live in the old building...Toshi categorically refuses

Technically, what Toshi did was petty and wrong, but since I currently cant stand Romi, I could not digest that self-righteous tone he was using with his own mother. And so, when Raman turned him around and slapped him hard on his face, I actually liked it.

Romi had it coming for a long, long time now...for the cheapskate he was acting in the business dept, and generally as well...

I dunno why Raman hit him though, was it because he was talkng rudely to Toshi, or was it because of the kameenapanti he was doing in business, or generally coz he doesnt like his bro's face...but yes, Romi will now pick a new beef against his addition to the slap and humiliation from 7 years ago

I'm kinda divided on whether Raman should have intervened and come on AS strong as he did today, And so, I feel, he ought to keep a lid on his temper. I dont have the heart to see his own younger brother trying to do an Asok Khanna with him nowCry Its bad enough to see Romi all changed to achcha Romi, bhala Romi...causes me indigestionOuchOuch

P.S. The only funny bit in the epi today was Raman-Toshi conversation

Raman was talking on the phone, about his trip to Australia
Toshi stops him in his tracks and asks him, tu kahaan jaa raha hai Raman?
"Aap ne kya suna?"
"Haan toh jab pata hai toh phir pooch kyun rahe ho"LOL

Puttar 's expression be like, "Maa tum YEDI ho gayi ho kya?"LOL

P.S. I just coined a new term, RaHu (RAMAN+PIHU)LOLLOLLOL
W*F is wrong with me. really.LOLLOLLOL
P.S. I guess tomorrow Ishu will find out about Raman and Shagun. Shit. More heartbreaks our wayCryCryCry

P.S. Raman's swanky brown-red rimmed glasses. Why. Is. He. So. Frickin'. HOTDay Dreaming
P.S. CHINDICHOR looked damn creepy in the precapOuchOuch, why cant he keep his hands to himself???Angry

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Posted: 15 April 2016 at 1:11pm | IP Logged
Wid ds mu by ishita... tomomorw v might get ishita remembering raman...

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Mdwst IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 15 April 2016 at 1:23pm | IP Logged
Hi aka
Nice review...yes it was a meh epi 
I didn't knew Australian police recruits Hindi speaking police  officers LOL..that was quite a revelation. Shagun can't get enough of the mohenjadaro harappan jewelry.D'ohLOL.
About pihu...yes she watches way too much soaps...this kid understand 2 nd ir 3 rd marriages ..but not death?! Shocked
I liked you "semi conscious state" remark ROFL.
I felt bad for adi though..poor guy all he wanted to do was to learn about international business a hands on experience ..a great opportunity..but gets turned down. about Ruhi..I'm just waiting  her to be rescued soon..poor kid..I didn't get toshijis complaint at all..she's accusing Amma fir taking romi away from her..what did bhallas do..they didn't let pihu bond with to  me Toshiji had no right even mentioning it. 
Loved Toshiji's and ramans convo ...LOLLOLLOL
Loved Rahu ...Heart
We should have our kleenexes handy from now on...

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gargpoo IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 15 April 2016 at 1:25pm | IP Logged
Awsm review...
Nothing to laugh today except police...kya police thi...i felt nidhi is police ...her way of talking n mute officer...hindi police ROFL
Yes i too felt like ruhi is punishing ishita in her twisted way
ISHRA word will create must b ishota plus raman bt raman will mu it as ishita plus ramchandran
I m not at all liking pihu watching daily spaps like a mad n demanding the same thing...this is not funny...none makes her understand...
Felt bad for adi...raman ws thay day wen he ws drunk...he shared his pain with adi..he ws broken n not at all rude...
Sw wants to marry raman..thays y she is miffed today...she will defo go aussie after rahu..
Toshiji ws wrong bt romi's commanding tone ws not right too...raman n his anger...only his madrasan can calm him down..
Precap starts before meeting

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Mreddy Senior Member

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Posted: 15 April 2016 at 1:27pm | IP Logged
Very entertaining analysis.  If my kids are addicted to desi soaps like this, not sure what I would have done.  My daughter is 17 and we both started watching YHM 1.0 together, as both of us like IshRu..I stopped her watching around the time of Shagun's marriage because she kept saying Mihika lost her brains and did not like Raman yelling at Ishita..She said if dad talked like that you would have left. Seeing the content, after that I never watched it on TV.  She reminded me couple of times and then forgot all about it.  Luckily she still watches Spongebob, which I hate but kind of reason to myself this is better than YHM 2.0.  Don't kids watch cartoon shows at that age or is it because of growing up with grandparents.  But don't parents normally put restrictions on the shows the kids watch.  Is Toshi any less in drama that Pihu needs to watch these soaps and learn.  Ruhi also was mature and irritated me sometimes (especially the baby drama phase).
Don't understand this parenting, that they cater to the kids demands so much.  Can't they just say it is not going to happen, cut the crap etc.  By catering to the kids so much, Romi turned out to be nikamma and cheater..etc who left a pregnant woman on her own, abandoned his adopted baby..all that they do not find it wrong but blame Iyers and put chicken bones.  

Love the name Rahu...LOL

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gargpoo IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 15 April 2016 at 1:27pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by swatica

Wid ds mu by ishita... tomomorw v might get ishita remembering raman...
i think mosquito will not let that happen... Ouch
sky-if IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 15 April 2016 at 1:28pm | IP Logged
Shagun is getting her attitude back. Me likes that!  Pretty sure she'll go to Aus to visit her 'maayka' since she can't stay without PihuConfusedLOL
The whole Romi-Mihika-Ashok-Raman angle seems pretty half-baked. Pre-leap, Romi had a string of cases (stealing, bribing, MMS) to his credit but always remained loyal to his bro.. Leap ke liye kuch bhi!

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Posted: 15 April 2016 at 1:29pm | IP Logged
So much toruture to much ishu would think that Shagun is right for Raman since she thinks she is the reason for Ruhi death and Shagun is the reason for pihu..I'm sure she will take all Raman each and every word in literal terms and stay away as much as she can..Ruhi is the most sufferer..oh my god why so much much pain.. I feel down after watching the episode..I may need to take break from the serial..I still wonder why whole Bhalla family have to hide about ishu..don't she deserve basic respect..why is Raman angry with Ishra name or why did he say that husbands should not take wife's name in company..did he hate ishu now?

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