Ratri fs: Khamosh sa afsaana final part updtd (Page 2)

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Posted: 16 April 2016 at 10:40am | IP Logged
Nice update dear Raghav make Trisha smile in any kimd of situation and the flirting was nice.  Definitely it's difficult or impossible for Raghav to See Trisha in someother arms. Please update the next part hope it will give Raghav jealous Avatar. Wink

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Tasha1994 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 16 April 2016 at 11:24am | IP Logged
wonderful update dear loved it a lot loved to see a jealous raghav .he surely cannot see his trisha with somebody else .waiting to see why trisha agrees to get engaged with this guy thanks for this wonderful update

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At first I want to say that the title of the story s tooo good... Such a romantic trailer nd part 1 s awsm... Jo sab pe bijli gira rahi thi Raghav k ane se khush ho gayi... Really he means a lot to her... 'Khali pet tumhara dimag zada garam hota hain' LOL that was soo funny ...waiting fr the next romantic part ...update soon Embarrassed

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Tasha1994 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 16 April 2016 at 9:04pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by Shaina744

At first I want to say that the title of the story s tooo good... Such a romantic trailer nd part 1 s awsm... Jo sab pe bijli gira rahi thi Raghav k ane se khush ho gayi... Really he means a lot to her... 'Khali pet tumhara dimag zada garam hota hain' LOL that was soo funny ...waiting fr the next romantic part ...update soon Embarrassed
same here really loved the title 

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Originally posted by Az07

Lovely start
Trisha's bad mood due to her fights with her mom. And Raghav's flirting to make her relax. Breakfast together along with work Embarrassed so sweet
Then comes abhi it's nice to c Trisha's personal side. Her school mate with a proposal line which made Raghav choke Wink it shows his feelings for her. Raghav seems to take Trisha for granted always when ever he hear about her proposals may be he is confident towards the end of the day she will reject. Seems like Abhi is going to give a nightmare to Raghav. Puzzled Rajbir & Bikram
I wonder what makes Trisha says yes for the engagement Trisha seems to be a sorted women who knew what she wants in her life. She was never a confused soul like usual tv heroines I hope she does this for a valid reason

Thanks for the review. Yes I think Raghav very well understands her irritation because of repeated proposals from her parents side. Also that he is the only one who can dare to flirt with her and also can change her mood. He has now started taking her for granted as he knows ki wo end me mana kar hi degi. But this time its different. He is seeing her with a guy who she knows since childhood and is her very good friend. So he had to feel insecure. 

Aage ki story next update mein. 

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braveheartdoc IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 17 April 2016 at 12:58am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Shaina744

At first I want to say that the title of the story s tooo good... Such a romantic trailer nd part 1 s awsm... Jo sab pe bijli gira rahi thi Raghav k ane se khush ho gayi... Really he means a lot to her... 'Khali pet tumhara dimag zada garam hota hain' LOL that was soo funny ...waiting fr the next romantic part ...update soon Embarrassed

Thanks for liking the title and the first part of story. Raghav ki presence me Trisha ka mood kharaab reh hi nahi sakta. Afterall she loves him a lot and she feels special in his company. Though she tries to act strict from outside, she knows that she enjoys every bit of his flirting.  

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6:30 pm restaurant

Abhi and Trisha were sitting in the restaurant. He ordered cold coffee for both of them. Trisha was still thinking about Raghav's behaviour and was lost in her thoughts. Abhi touched her hand and made her come back to the present.

Abhi: "kahan khoi ho? Kuch baat bhi nahi kar rahi ho. Kya hua? Are you comfortable?"

Trisha: "ya I'm ok."

Abhi: "accha chalo main hi baat shuru karta hu. Tum apne colleagues ke baare me kuch bataao. Wo sab kaise hain? Un sab me kya kya qualities hai."he asked this just to make her comfortable by talking about people who she is working with daily as he found no other apt topic to start conversation. Also he felt that Trisha was engrossed somewhere. Atleast she would talk and feel more comfortable.

Trisha:" bikram he is the youngest out of us all. A good team member, a good acrobat and always cares about everyone in the team. Swati hai, our tech expert, but she is on leave nowadays. Rajbir is a usual casual, carefree guy who is bound to make mistakes in his work but he is the one who would make it a point that he sincerely tries to obey all the orders given to him. He and Bikram behave like school kids sometimes. They make all of us laugh with their pranks. Rajbir ki mistakes ke liye everytime Raghav has to cover up," she said with a smile." Raghav ab uske baare me main kya kahoon. He is the most intelligent out of us all with immense talent of deductions from little clues. It is because of his intelligence that we solve many cases which otherwise would not have been solved easily. Always ready to help everyone, very emotional yet determined towards his duty."

Trisha continued on and on in Raghav's praise and after some time she said ki "Raghav ki tareef karti rahoongi to poori sham beet jaayegi "and smiled a bit. By that time their cold coffee had come and they sipped their coffee.

Abhi: "Trisha you wanted to meet the girl I wanted to marry. Hai na?"

Trisha: "of course yes"

Abhi: "abhi milogi us se"

Trisha responded in a yes and Abhi placed a mirror in front of her face.

Abhi: "milo in se. Ye hai jisse main shaadi karna chahta hu. Miss Trisha Dewan my own Tisa, my best friend whom I always loved but could never say. Trisha, I have come back only for you. Today I want to confess that I really love you " He held her hand close to him and said "Trisha will you marry me?"

Trisha was so shocked to hear this that she sat absolutely still without saying anything. She felt as if she would choke any moment. Was finding hard to breathe, her lips went dry and she didn't know what to say. She felt everything getting dark and gloomy in front of her eyes as if she would faint any moment. She never expected a proposal from her best friend. She somehow composed herself after few minutes and took off her hand away from him.

Trisha: "Abhi I... I never expected you to say this to me like this." She said this with utmost difficulty. She was finding it hard to speak today. Words just seemed not to come to her. "This was not in the wildest of my dreams. I really don't know what to say to you at this time. Please try to understand this is a big shock for me... I really need some time to get over this and think about it. Now please if you can excuse me."

Abhi noticed her condition, how shocked and confused she was and she was just finding it so difficult to speak. Although he knew that she was always a person who would not express her feelings easily but this was not her Trisha he knew of.

Abhi: "no problem Trisha. You take your time. I know I've suddenly surprised you like this. I understand. But just remember that I have come to India only for you. Ok ..." he paused" I'll drop you home if you want."

Trisha: "no thanks I'll manage on my own. I'm really sorry but I need to leave now".

She immediately got up and went out of the restaurant. She took an auto from outside and left the place. Abhi could not make out the reason for such a response from her.

In the auto she repeatedly tried to call Raghav but his phone was switched off (he had not charged his phone so it had shut down). She just couldn't think of anyone other than him at this point. She had to talk to him anyhow immediately. Although she knew that this was not the first time she was facing this situation but she did not expect his best friend from school to come back after so many years and propose her suddenly.  She was feeling so uncomfortable, just needed a moral support at this time from him along with some good excuses to see off this situation as he always did earlier(we saw that in Garry murder case when he was analysing pictures of guys for Trisha). She took the auto to Raghav's residence but found it locked. She sat there outside his house, her tears flowing continuously and she had no control over them. She waited for an hour but when he did not come back, she left for her home disappointed for not being able to meet Raghav.

9:30 pm Trisha's residence

Trisha entered her house. She was very upset today and she started to move towards her room.

Trisha's mom: "where were you Trisha? Kab se phone kar rahi hu? Phone kyu nahi pick kar rahi thi? You know how worried I was."

Trisha:"mumma please aaj baat nahi karte. I don't want to talk to anyone. Please mumma can you leave me alone today?"

Mom: "why whats the matter? Tell me. Is it because Abhi proposed to you?"

Trisha: "how do you know?"

Mom: "Abhi's mom called and told me. Also about how rudely you behaved. Trisha what is your problem? You always said that you can't marry someone whom you don't know. Now what about Abhi? Use to tum bachpan se janti ho. He is a nice guy aur tumse pyar bhi karta hai. Wo sirf tumhare liye yahan aaya hai. Ab kya bahana hai tumhare paas? Trisha kahin aisa to nahi ki you like someone else? Agar aisa hai to hume bata do na. Hum usi se tumhari shaadi kara denge. Tum bolo to sahi baat kya hai. Why can't you just speak up what do you want? Have you decided not to get married ever?  You don't know colony me sab kaisi kaisi baate karne lage hai."

Trisha lost it at this moment and said angrily.

Trisha:" oh come on mom. Main sirf isliye shaadi kar loon kyunki colony wale baat karna band kar de. What logic is this mom? I don't want to talk about this topic anymore. Please leave me alone and don't try to disturb me."

Trisha went to her room, locked it from inside and lied on her bed. She kept on crying and again and again tried calling Raghav but in vain. All the thoughts of Raghav, the fear of losing him and how Abhi proposed him kept on clouding her thoughts. After some time she crept into her sleep with tears still on her face.

Next day morning she left for office without talking to anyone. In the office she was unusually quiet today. She wanted to talk to Raghav but everytime she tried, someone or the other kept on interrupting them. She saw Raghav completely oblivious to her today. Raghav on the other side was also thinking about Abhi's meeting with Trisha the previous day and was feeling sorry for misbehaving in front of him. What would Trisha be thinking about him, he thought.  Trisha felt that Raghav was trying to avoid her and the entire atmosphere around her and her thoughts of previous day made her head ache. She just wished Raghav today also comes up to her and cheers her up as he always does. She didn't realise when she again drifted into her thoughts during the meeting in which Dilip sir was briefing them about the new case and he noticed Trisha lost somewhere in her thoughts.

Dilip sir: "Trisha are you ok? Kaha khoi ho? "

Trisha did not respond. She was still thinking of Abhi's proposal. Raghav sitting on the chair next to her shook her slightly and she came out of her stupor.

Trisha:" what happened guys? Is everything ok?"

Dilip sir:" I could see you were lost somewhere and not listening to me. Tumhari tabiyat to theek hai"

Trisha: "nothing sir just having headache today."

Raghav:" must have slept late night yesterday after prolonged evening with your best friend. Isn't it boss?"

Dilip sir:" Raghav... "Dilip sir interrupted. "Trisha if you want you can take leave today and go home."

Trisha:" no sir. I don't want a leave. I'll just take medicine and I'll be fine after some time. Can all of you please excuse me now?"

She went to her cabin and sat down there thinking about previous evening. She decided to wait till evening so that she can talk to Raghav.

6:00 pm cbi office

Raghav was packing his things to leave when Trisha came to him.

Trisha:" Raghav I need to talk to you. Can you please come with me for sometime. "

Raghav: "abhi?? Ok theek hai chalo kahan chalna hai."

Trisha:" kahin bhi jahan hum baat kar sake".

Raghav: "ok. But I'll drive. You don't seem to be well today".

Trisha: ok

Raghav drove to nearby caf and throughout the ride Trisha was absolutely quiet and lost in her thoughts. They moved inside the caf. Trisha was so engrossed in herself that she didn't see water spilled on the floor by a child and housekeeping person was coming to clean it. She tripped on the wet floor and was about to fall. Raghav immediately held her in his arms and prevented her from falling.

Raghav:" Trisha are you ok? Whats wrong with you?"

Trisha: "nothing. I'm ok."

They both sat down in a secluded place.

Raghav: "ab batao kya baat karna chahti thi?"

Trisha: "Raghav tum kahan busy ho kal se? Main kal se tumse baat karne ki koshish kar rahi hu but tumhare paas mere liye time kahan hai. Pehle tumhara phone band, phir tumhara ghar locked aur aaj subah se..." trisha sounded very disturbed.

Raghav interrupted her and asked "Trisha baat kya hai?

Trisha composed herself and took a deep breath and after few seconds she spoke up.

Trisha: "Abhi ne mujhe shaadi ke liye propose kiya hai."

Raghav: "really! Wow great news. So kab kar rahi ho shaadi apne best friend se?"

Trisha became shocked to see his response and she asked him sternly.

Trisha:" tum khush ho ye jaankar?"

Raghav: "aur nahi to kya? Isme dukhi hone wali kya baat hai?" Raghav said teasingly to her not realising what effect his words had on her this time. He thought that anyways she would refuse the proposal subsequently. He had started taking her for granted.

Trisha angrily got up and shouted. "to tum yahan baithkar khushi manao main ja rahi hu. Tumhe to kuch farak nahi padta na". She started to move out of the caf. Raghav tried to stop her by holding her hand but she took off her hand and moved out. Raghav  could not understand why was she so upset this time. Marriage proposals to usko aate rehte hai aur wo inhe sambhaal bhi leti hai, isme nayi baat kya hai? Aaj ise kya ho gaya, he thought. He tried calling her on phone but she didn't pick up. Raghav got really worried for her.

She stopped the car some distance from the caf and cried her heart out. She just could not control herself. She switched off her phone because she didn't want to talk to anyone. After some time realising that it was getting late, she composed herself and drove back home.

This is it in this part. Reviews are most welcome. Story bahut lambi ho gayi to parts me update kar rahi hu. Please bear with me.


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Az07 IF-Sizzlerz

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I loved the flow of the story
Trisha being lost in raghav's thoughts even when she is with Abhi her restlessness & her non stop praising of Raghav in front of Abhi Embarrassed a hi being a psychologist should understand by now her soft corner for Raghav Big smile
Trisha uncomfortable with abhi's proposal her feeling like choking shows how uncomfortable she is by the thought of her friend proposing her & as usual she was frank & straightforward she didn't hide her shock & uncomfortable feeling in front of Abhi you have got Trisha's geniune character correctly
Her desperate need to meet Raghav by going to his residence and waiting for him till midnight shows how dependent she has become to Raghav emotionally
Her rift with mom added her sourness even more. Can't blame her mom too she too is worried of Trisha's running away from marriage & finally when is revealed by selecting Trisha's childhood friend she was revealed that Trisha won't reject this time only to get surprised by her behaviour her mothers embarrassment was natural after abhi's parents are there family friends. So typical of a mom asking if you love someone we are there with you. Poor Trisha! What will she say? She herself doesn't have assurance from the person whom she loves what will she say to her mom? Trisha's desperate need to meet Raghav & him avoiding made her condition even more worse. I like the concern chief had for Trisha. Shows his maturity by saying that she is not able to concentrate due to some things. Finally when Trisha got a chance to speak to Raghav he only made her condition worse by hiding his real feelings. Toh Tum yahan Baitkar Apni khushiya Manao shows how deeply hurt she was by his casual reaction
All along the events are well placed & mostly Trisha's side of story is clear as it traveled through her Pov. I would like to c Raghsv's PoV too. I won't blame Trisha even if she agrees to abhi because there is a limit a girl at her age can resist to marriage in India. She has been extremely pressurised by her family & she can't ignore them for a long time. It's high time that Raghav take initiative

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