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manan os: BEYOND MY REACH [15 APRIL 2016]

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Its my first OS...I  hope you like it. Fingers CrossedConfused

Today is my first day of college. I have recently shifted to Mumbai from ernakulam. Oh i know many people here won't realise where this city is? So i m gonna tell them the more familiar one, that is, kochi in kerala. Well , they recognise this place .
I am walking through the college, and i feel people eyes on me. Why are they staring? I went in the washroom and checked myself. Well i m looking perfectly ok in my jeans and t-shirt . suddenly a girl came out of one of the toilets and asked me "hey first year??" she had a different accent. But nevertheless i replied "yes first year, economics..and you?"
"first year economics too" she chirped "we can be friends, i guess"
I nodded in approval and shook hands with her. We moved out of the washroom towards our first class. On the way she kept on speaking. Well she speaks a lot. But i got to know that she is from patna and will live in a hostel here. After the first two classes , we had a break of about 40 minutes so we decided to explore the canteen of our college and mind you now we' includes a guy named aryaman too. He is also from our batch and we became friends during the class.
We took our food trays and moved to sit on one of the two tables empty in the canteen, but suddenly a girl came and stopped us "hey freshers , don't sit there, its reserved" . we turned around to find a girl dressed sexily enough. God this is a college and not a fashion show. As we were warned , so we decided to stay away from any trouble. We moved to the second empty table "i hope this is not reserved" i spoke sarcastically , to which the girl replied "no babes , this is safe and yeah can i join you as we don't have other empty table" aryaman nodded eagerly "yes of course you can, btw what's your name?", i and navya rolled our eyes "such a boy!" well soha just needed an invitation and she sat down with us introducing herself as soha'.
They were chatting , but my mind was stuck on the reserved table, i asked "soha, how do you know that the table is reserved?" soha was more than eager to flaunt her knowledge "well that table has been reserved from our high school days"
"oh so you are  in this college from high school days?" navya enquired. And soha nodded with an air of superiority. Just then i saw a couple walking in and the buzzing canteen fell silent. Literally pin drop silence. Well even i found myself gawking at them. They looked ethereal. Soha tapped on the table "don't stare , they don't like it" we all snapped back to reality and reverted our gaze to the food on our table "who are they??" navya enquired. "they are fab 5, the best music band of asia. The guy is Dhruv vedant and she is his girlfriend  ,  aliya saxena." Just then another couple walked in and soha explained "they are not couple, u can call them evil twins, cabir dhawan, mukti vardhan" since soha said they are fab 5 , i was waiting for the fifth member and as if god heard my wish i heard soha introducing a boy named manik malhotra', i instantly looked towards the entrance. Hmmm he is good, i mean he can sexually charge up a girl by just his looks!! There were oohs and aahs in the canteen to support my hypothesis!! He knows pretty well what he has got and he shamelessly flaunts them.
Although he knows his destination, that is, the table, yet he quickly scans the room and i guess for a fleeting moment his eyes rest on me before he walks straight to the table with a smirk. Was that smirk for me? Was i ogling at him?? No i m sure i wasn't. " but why are they here? When they are such a famous band?" i asked soha. "because they wanted to complete their graduation, moreover manik has to handle his dad's business later on, so its kind of necessary" she replied and the way she was checking him out , it was clear that she had her eyes on him. I just knew that i have to stay miles miles away from all this . that he is beyond my reach. With this resolve i got up from the table and others followed me.
8 months later
There was a mad rush to check the semester results that had been put up on the notice board. I had checked it on the college website , so avoided being in the mad rush. But navya and aryaman had gone to check the merit list, so i was sitting on the cemented platform under a shady tree in the college campus. Suddenly i heard a voice and looked up from my phone , to find manik malhotra standing in front of me "congrats" he spoke and forwarded his hand , i shook hands "thank you, but may i know why am i being congratulated?"
I was confused as i was talking to him for the first time and that too ,he had initiated the conversation. I had heard a lot about him that he is rude, arrogant nd doesn't talk much. But what made him congratulate me?
"well you are the topper of our batch , this semester, i hope you know that" he was talking very politely and softly. Did the people have wrong image of him? Oh yes , i forgot he is in my class and through out the semester we had eye contacts and staring game but never dared to speak.
"i m afraid, to tell that you are the first one to inform me that" i spoke smiling "by the way , how is your result?"
"i missed you by 5 marks, i m on the second spot" he spoke with a tinge of humour to which i smiled.
"congrats to you too for securing the second spot" i spoke cheerfully.
"thank you"
*awkward silence*
"ermm, ok , i gotta go, friends must be waiting"
"yeah, yeah, ok.."
"ok then see you in class , bye" he spoke and ran away from there. My heart fluttered at the words  'see you in class'. But then my mind scolded it he is beyond your reach'
3 months later
After that chat with him, nothing much changed. We would acknowledge our presence whenever we bumped into each other with a meek hi' or hello'. The staring game was still on. I had caught him staring many times but i chose to ignore and term it as mere attraction.
This was the time for college fests. We freshers were super excited as we had heard that our college has the best fest among all the colleges of india. There will be competitions, performances, DJ nights, rock shows and much more.
Time for enrolling our names came. Well i decided to participate in dance competition. Dancing was my hobby as well as passion. I have had training from the age of 6. I knew all the forms.
From today prelims started. The selection process had 3 rounds.
1.       Classical
2.       Semi-classical
3.       Western
I cleared all the three rounds and got selected for the final performance with 4 others. Renowned dancers will be our judge on the finale.
It was time for my performance. I came on the stage. I generally don't look towards the crowd but today was something different. Something forced me to look in the direction of the crowd. As i moved my eyes , i caught sight of fab 5. They were there. But how? Someone had told me that they avoid such petty appearances. My heart jumped in joy as i saw manik staring at me. Is he really interested in me? No nandini no..stop thinking rubbish. He is beyond your reach. But i saw him showing a thumbs up. May be he is doing all this, because he considers me a friend. Yes , this is the case.
Song started playing and i performed contemporary style. The claps and cheers at the end of my performance suggested that i had performed pretty well. Even fab 5 passed me appreciating smiles. I specially looked at manik to know his opinion. He formed an o with his thumb and first finger and rest three fingers were straight, a gesture, telling me that i was awesome. i blushed and walked away to back stage after bowing before the audience and the judges. As i walked to the green room to change i felt someone was following me. I turned around to find manik. We passed each other smile. He came closer.
"you danced really well. I was mesmerised" he spoke in a honey tone. I felt my cheeks heating up.
"thank you. I m glad i could do that" i replied and looked around to find other girls staring with piercing looks on their faces. But he didn't seem to notice them. His full focus was on me.
"only you can do that" he spoke in his deep seductive voice, bringing  me out of my trance. I was lost.
"sorry, i didn't understand" i spoke truthfully.
He gave an embarrassed smile, may be he was not used to inattentive listeners "i said, only you have the capability to mesmerise me"
"oh" was the only syllable that i could utter. The oh-so-confident nandini was behaving like an inexperienced teenager.
Awkward silence prevailed as he waited for me to move the conversation forward. But i was in lack of topics. This will be our second long conversation which would end in awkwardness.
I looked up into his eyes when i heard him speak "ok i will take your leave then"
"ok" i confirmed.  . Suddenly we heard a shout and turned towards its source.
"nandini!!" navya was  running towards us. If she doesn't apply brakes, she would bump into us. Thankfully as she saw manik, she skidded and haulted at a hands distance from us. Manik looked at me and then at navya and then again at me "bye, cabir must be waiting" he took cabir's name deliberately. And navya blushed. Of course something had been brewing between navya and cabir. At least she told that they were friends , not like me who didn't even know what was the relationship between me and manik.
After that manik walked away. And navya let out the breath that she had been holding. "huff!! He is so intimidating!! By the way what is cooking between you two, now don't tell me , it is nothing because i have seen him looking at you like a blind man who has seen light for the first time"
"navya will you let me speak???" i asked her. She nodded and put a finger on her lips.
"he just congratulated me for my performa..n..ce" i was cut in between by her
"what!! Do you mean to say that he watched you perform??" she spoke as if it was the 8th wonder of the world.
"not only him, whole fab 5 was present among the audience" i informed her so that she doesn't build up any story about me and manik.
Listening to this , she acted as if she fainted. I quickly held her "navya stop overreacting okay!!"
"ok" she laughed "but i m telling you , he definitely has some feelings for you"
"yeah yeah..definitely" i spoke sarcastically.
Our unnamed relationship was progressing slowly. We were by now comfortable with each other. I had started trusting him. So i opened up about my family, home, dreams , choices everything. He listened to each and every detail very carefully. He always made me feel special and stand out among the girls. I had become the butt of envy for girls. Frankly speaking , i was enjoying the attention and care. Which girl doesn't?? I was a normal girl after all.
After the summer vacations, college had reopened today. I had not met manik during this time as i had gone to my family in ernakulam. Ooops! Kochi , i mean. But we had talked over phone and messages.
I met manik in the morning. It felt like ages since i had seen him. His expressions conveyed the same. He took me to the back of music wing, which was a secluded area and as soon as we were alone , he hugged me tight. It was the first time that we were so close to each other. I felt tingles all over my body.  My heart thumped. Slowly i gained the courage and hugged him back. It felt like i had attained peace, and in his arms was my home. At that moment i knew that i loved him. But i decided to keep my mouth shut for time being.
... same day afternoon.
I was walking through the corridor , when a guy came up to me "nandini, soha was looking for you, she is behind the drama section" i nodded and reached there. But what i saw there made me numb. I felt i had no emotions left in me. I could feel nothing. I turned around and walked away from there. I didn't know where i was going, but thankfully i landed in my room. My phone buzzed.
"hello nandini where are you??" navya enquired.
"i was not feeling well, so i came back to my room" i lied
"oh ok, do you want me to come to you?" she asked
"no yaar i m fine, i will just sleep now"
"ok then see you tomorrow"
"yeah ok"
She hung up and i just crashed on the bed. I cried and cried and cried, making the pillow wet and soon drifted to sleep.
One month later
"what is the problem nandini? Why are you behaving like this since one month??" manik charged me as soon as he found me alone.
"behaving like what??" i answered stubbornly
He was furious now. His nose flared . "behaving like what?? Seriously you are asking me this?? Yok i will tell you, you are running away from me...you are ignoring me"
" you don't have any right to accuse me..what are we?? From which right are you asking me this??" i spoke equally furious. What does he think of himself? He is trying to two time with me and soha. Well i m not that bimbo type of girl.
His eyes were red in anger but now i could see hurt in them. Wow my words hurt him.! Good for him. "ok its high time!! You want to know what right i have on you, i will show you, come with me"
"i m not going anywhere with you" i answered
"you wont come?"
"ok then" he answered and i was swept off the floor. He carried me like a gunny bag on his shoulders. I flapped my legs and arms vigorously but that didn't make any difference as he was a monster!
"manik put me down, what are you doing? Every one is watching. Don't create a scene " i was blabbering but he paid no heed. On the way people just gave us  weird looks, boys ogled , girls looked with dreamy eyes.
He opened the the car door and placed me on the passenger's seat and put my seat belt. Before i could come out of the car , he ran and sat on the driver's seat and locked the car.
He stopped in front of a one storeyed bungalow. I wondered what for he had brought me here. He opened the passenger door and waited for me to step out but i didn't , so he picked me again bridal style. "i guess you like being carried in my arms" he said with a smirk.
"huh" and i turned my face.
he rang the bell. A  servant opened the door.
"kaka main apne room main hun, please dhyan rakhiyega , koi hume disturb na kare" he spoke and kaka smiled
"jee baba" he answered lovingly.
I was still in his arms. It was so embarrassing. "manik put me down, i can walk" i ordered and he obeyed. But he held my hand, afraid that i might run away. I rolled my eyes. He led me to a room and opened it. He made me enter first.
As i entered i gasped in shock. It was a master bedroom . it was huge. But what shocked me was that the walls were covered with my photos. Not even an inch of the wall was visible. There were so many photos, small, big, medium. I observed all the photos. They were taken in the college. I even recognised a photo of two days back, because that day i had worn a new top and i was looking sad. I turned around and found him still standing and leaning at the door, with his hands in his pocket.
I had so many questions . what does all this mean?? What is he trying to suggest? When did he click these pics?
He was observing me and we were looking at each other. He strolled forward "do you want to know what right i have on you, even after seeing this?" he held my arms but i jerked him away "you cant fool me manik malhotra, i know what you are trying to do...you are not a one woman man" i accused him. He was quite for a moment.
" i don't know , why are you saying all this?? What have i done?"
"what have you done ? you are still acting innocent? i..i..saw you.." i stopped as lump started to form in my throat and tears pricked my eyes.
"you saw what? Tell me.." he urged softly as he saw my state.
"i saw you kissing that bitch soha on the day our college reopened." I finally let it out. I felt light. Tears trickled down my face. He came forward to cup my face. But i stopped him. "don't don't touch me" i warned him. "I don't need your sympathy"
I don't know what was his reaction because i didn't look at him for once.
"listen nandini , there is some misunderstanding. I don't even know who is soha? How can i kiss her?"  there was some kind of surety in his tone.
"but i saw myself"
"r u sure you saw me ??"
"i didn't see your face, but the clothes were same" i was myself confused now.
"wait i will give you proof, then you will believe me" he spoke in a determined  tone and took out his phone. 
"hello cabir"
"hello manik, kaha h tu, we heard gossip that you were carrying nandini on your shoulders? Is that true?" cabir asked with amusement. I could hear him, as manik had turned on the speaker.
"listen cabir , abhi majak ka time ni h. There has been some misunderstanding and i want you to clear that" manik spoke seriously.
Cabir understood the gravity of the situation instantly "ha bol kya hua h?"
"ok listen carefully, on the day our college reopened, after attending the first class , where were we?" manik asked
"abbey tu ghajni ban gya h kya? Itna v yaad ni rehta h , we had gone to sign the contract of our next album" manik looked at me. I realised that he was right. I had not seen the face of the guy. Knowing the wickedness of soha, i should have confronted her rather than running away, she had tricked me. I had been such a fool.
"acha ar contract sign karne k baad hm kaha gye the?" manik asked further to prove his point.
"mukti k ghar pe the hmlog pura time, wse hua kya h? Tu yeh sab kyu puch raha h?" cabir told.
"i will tell you later, for now bye and thanks" manik replied looking at me.
"arey par..su" cabir's voice was shut as manik disconnected the call.
"do you believe me now?" manik asked
I felt weak and drained , so i sat on the couch. I palmed my face. I was ashamed of myself. How am i even going to face him now. I had hurt him a lot in this one month. Every time he tried to talk or spend time , i would bluntly ignore him in front of so many people. I had embarrassed THE MANIK MALHOTRA. He could have easily left me and moved on. But he didn't. He didn't give up on me. He is so nice and what did i do. I hurt him and myself too. I should have just talked to him.
I felt his hands on me as he tried to pull them away to look at my face. Tears had my vision clogged.
"nandini, i love you"
At that moment the whole world around me stopped. Time had come to a standstill. I saw nothing only the truth in his eyes and the sincerity in his voice. I wanted to believe that i was so lucky? Or am i dreaming?
"say it again" i demanded
He smiled. " i love you, i love you, i love you, i love you and only you"
He was sitting on his knees in front of me. I hugged him. "manik, i m sorry , i m so sorry"
"sorry for what?? Don't tell me , you don't love me...my first love will be incomplete" he spoke dramatically and i broke the hug smiling. "i hate you" i teased.
"i will make you love me, but i m going to be the father of the children that i have from only you otherwise i will be impotent all my life"
I laughed. " what kind of a proposal is this!"
"this is my style of proposing" he smiled , while i laughed.
"so  do you love me?" he asked looking straight into my eyes. I just nodded overcome with shyness.
"say it" he urged me softly.
"manik..i "
"i m waiting" he informed.
"manik..i .." i took a deep breath as i was hesitant , this was my first time after all "i love you" i almost whispered looking down. He held my chin up. "for now it will do, but next time , speak with more confidence, ok?"
He got up and made me stand up too. "come i will show you this house, after all we have to live here together. I bought it last year after meeting you, with my own money"
I was speechless.
Manik introduced me to his mother as his girlfriend. She blessed me and was warm too. I met rest of his family too. Fab 5 also welcomed me as their own. One day i got the news that , soha had been expelled from our college. I had no doubt as to who did this.
In our next holiday, manik accompanied me to my home, to meet my parents. We had a tough time convincing my parents. Especially manik, he really had a tough time proving his love, as he was a Punjabi. Tamil and Punjabi is a deadly combination. Moreover manik stopped me from informing them as to how famous he is. I was lucky when rishabh recognised manik and the whole family came to know about him, but by that time he had already won their hearts. They gave us approval.
Concert [5 years later]
 The amphitheatre was full house , when we reached there. The crowd was roaring. We heard chants of fab 5 fab 5. But the louder was the chorus of manik manik!! He has so many fan girls who are ready to do anything for him.
As we were stuck in the crowd which was heading towards the entrance of the amphitheatre, a bouncer, literally, double our size , came to us.
"ma'm you have to come this way" he informed us.
But we were sceptical to go with him "i think you are mistaking us with someone else"
"your names are nandini and navya right??" he asked and we were surprised.
We nodded slightly "how do you know?" navya asked
"manik sir showed us your photos and asked to escort you safely to the VIP  lounge." He answered.
Navya winked at me.
We reached the vip lounge, where already some eminent personalities were seated. Our trustee and manik's mom, mrs neyonika malhotra was among them. we sat in the last row, feeling out of place.
Soon the performance was announced. And the lights on the stage were turned off. And one by one they switched on revealing each member of the fab 5 one by one. And at last appeared the enigmatic manik malhotra in the centre of the stage and the crowd went mad at his one glimpse.
Manik's eyes searched for me. I got up from my seat so that he could see me, otherwise he wouldn't start the performance. As soon as he saw me, his face glowed and eyes twinkled.
"this song is dedicated to my lady love..." manik spoke over the mike pointing towards me and whole of the crowd turned to look at me. Even the guests in the lounge smiled. Manik's mom asked me and navya to join her in the first row. I obeyed.
From the day that I met you, girl
I knew that your love would be
Everything that I ever wanted in my life
From the moment you spoke my name
I knew everything had changed
Because of you I felt my life would be complete

Oh baby, I need you
For the rest of my life, girl
I need you
To make everything right, girl
I love you
And I'll never deny that
I need you

Nothing matters but you, my love
And only God above would be the one
To know exactly how I feel
I could die in your arms right now
Knowing that you somehow
Would take my soul and keep it
Deep inside your heart


Girl, your love to me feels just like magic
When you smile you have total control
You have power like nothing I felt before
I've let all of my feelings show
'Cause I want you to know
That I need you

I need you
For the rest of my life, girl
I need you
Say that you'll be my wife
Oh, I love you
Won't you marry me, marry me
I need you

Oh, I need you
For the rest of my life
Oh, I need you
Won't you marry me, marry me
I love you
I really need you, baby
I need you
Girl, I really need, I need you
Girl, I really need, I need you
Need you, baby

Oh, baby
I need you

Girl I really need you, need you
Babe, oh baby
Won't you marry me
Won't you marry me, marry me
I love you
Oh, I need you
He sang the whole song looking at me and i stood there dumb, completely bowled over by his gesture! Navya hugged me tight. "god he proposed you , in front of such a huge crowd!! Wow!! I m so happy" navya chirped. But i was stoned to my place. I didn't know how to react. Of course  he had told me a thousand time in these 5 years that he wanted to marry me and have babies. But when he has actually proposed me, i was in short of words. He was still on the stage looking at me.
"nandini , will you be my wife? Will you marry me? " he spoke over the mike again his mom patted my shoulder. The crowd started chanting say yes, just say yes'. Finally i got the courage from the love in his eyes. I got up and went to him. He held my hand and went down on his knee, with a velvet box in his other hand. "will you marry me?" he asked in a deep husky voice.
"yes" i said and nodded. He quickly slid in the ring and the crowd roared again celebrating with us . manik picked me up from my thighs in air and twirled me. "i love you nandini, i love you so much!!" he said.
"i love you too manik" i said and joined our foreheads. He put me down and quickly pecked my lips, before his friends joined in for a group hug, navya too joined us!
And they lived happily ever after...Embarrassed

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Hayee wat an os
loved it
beyond my reach ^*^
Manik is sooo adorablee
I loved the way he proposed her first tym :p
n that was soo enchanting
his rooms walls covered by her photos
tysm fr pm
lots of love

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Awesome os
Loved it

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Posted: 15 April 2016 at 7:42am | IP Logged
That was such a lovely os
The title is very apt
Loved it
Keep writing more

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Manik is so cute...

He loves her from the first time...

Love the way to propose

Room's wall filled with nandini's photo...wow

And the house and mom thing are so adorable...

And propose her after 5 years in publicly with so much love...

Please give us this type of sweet and cute love story...

Please continue your other story...

I read all your story...so please dear...


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barkhachawla95 Senior Member

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First of all such a long os literally gives d feeling of a movie going on in front of my eyes...the way time passes and with it love grows...the proposal song...very Nyc title beyond reach...as the story gives us positivity that ya some beautiful things that seem to be out of our reach can actually happen in our near future bless u ...lovable story... Star

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wow so cute n adorable os

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Posted: 15 April 2016 at 8:39am | IP Logged
omg... this was just awesome. ..
loved each nd everything about it..
soo cute nd beautiful. ...
give more beautiful stories like this...
stay blessed!!! Smile

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