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OS: || The Beautiful Bride ||

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My first ever OS. Hope you all will like it..Embarrassed

DATE: 30 May, 2016, evening


"My daughter is looking so beautiful!" The teary mother smiled gently while kissing the hairs of her daughter seeing her reflection on the mirror. Today is Jodha's marriage. She has dressed on a precious bridal-outfit, with a lot of gold and diamond jewelries. Jodha smiled while looking at her image on the mirror. Beautiful! She is beautiful! She was indeed the most beautiful girl of her batch in the college... 


DATE: 27 August, 2005, fresher's party


While dancing hard in the rhythm of disco, Jodha, the most gorgeous lady of first year of the college, just selected as Ms. Fresher, accidentally fell her eye on the guy sitting on a chair alone with a glass of juice, and staring at her without blink. Hey, she knows this piece. He is from her section only. The guy who is the hot topic of joke in her group... She has never hear him to utter an extra word apart from study, has not seen him once without book. Today he is staring at Ms. Fresher? Jodha could not stop herself from pulling his leg.

"Hey what are you ogling?" She directly questioned him which made the nervous guy to stammer.

"No I mean... You dance good." He made a lame excuse. Jodha sharpened her eyes. "Wanna dance?"

"No!" His voice was tensed. "I...I am sorry! Actually, I quite liked your performance on the stage too. You are very quick-witted and smart... so... I am really sorry!"

The ashamed boy gulped the drink as soon as possible and went off. Jodha suppressed her laughter with a long effort! "Quick-witted and Smart!" O really Chashmis? Are you sure you were not ogling her beauty? Poor chap! Does he really know to stare at beautiful girls?


DATE: 21 September, 2005, Physics Lab 


"Increase the voltage Jodha..." Jalal instructed as Jodha was confused with the experiment. They had consecutive roll no, so they are in the same group in practical. Jodha did as per the instruction and after a long trial the experiment was successful.

"At last!" Jodha sat on the chair beside. Jalal started noting down the readings, as usual without wasting a second.

"Hey chashmis! Bhai take rest for a while!" Jodha told. "Don't you get tired?"

"It is a small experiment!" He told. "You take rest, I am doing the rest of calculations."

How boring is he! Cannot think anything beyond textbooks and study! How can a boy of 19 years be like this?

While wiping the drop of sweat with her handkerchief, somehow she looked at Jalal again. Now he was staring at her face with a strangely content smile keeping the works of notebook aside!


DATE: 5th January, 2007, Debate Competition


Jodha was quite surprised to see Jalal compete the debate competition so well and bag the second prize.  So this Chashmis knows to talk also? However, he was looking smart in the stage in his new blazer- otherwise he, the topper, is the most unsmart one of the class with his thick frame of spectacles. Today he is looking quite charming...

"Hey Jodha? Don't say that you like him too!" Her best friend commented from side.

"What the..." Jodha stopped suddenly. "Hey wait, what do you mean by like him too? Do you mean that..."

"Or kya! He is flat on you!" The girl giggled. "Can't you understand?"

"Chashmis? With me???" Jodha busted on laughter. "No, he is bright and studious... But you know he is a..." She could not control her laughter.

"This is not new for you. The whole college is almost lattu on you." Her friend pulled her leg. "You know Adham of 3rd year? He is totally mad for you. Only is finding scope to impress you."

"May be Adham is a good choice than Jalal!" Jodha giggled out.


DATE: 17 October, 2007, afternoon after college


"Be ready! Chashmis is going to propose you today!" One of her friend whispered at her ears. She tried hard to control her laughter by placing hand on lips. The most average looking boy of 5 foot 4 inches with a thick glass on eyes, who even cannot talk freely with her, is going to propose her? My God!

The auspicious moment came. He at last came in front of her, with lowered eyes and trembling legs. All the friends of Jodha were hiding behind to witness the funniest scene of the era. Jalal came in front of Jodha, with shivering voice he expressed "I want to tell you something."

"O please!" Jodha showed too much excitement to charm him up. No doubt she was also enjoying the funny moment. "I too want to hear!"

" you Jodha!" He opened his heart at last... after almost two years he could gather the courage of opening his heart to the girl he has given his all heart in the first sight... But little did he think that his most memorable moment will be laughed at like this?

"O really? So cute... You love ME!!!!!" Jodha pressed his cheeks like a baby boy while hiding her laughter. All the boys and girls busted into laughter. Jalal, with severely hurt and insulted eyes, first looked at Jodha's eyes, then lowered his eyes again. His lips were swallowing- he was trying hard to come out from the stroke of humiliation.

Perhaps Jodha understood that the situation has become too odd and the fun is no more limited into the boundary of fun. She has no right to make fun with any others sentiment. Her smiles got vanished in one moment, she held his hand and dragged him to a lone place.

"Look Jalal; it is fine that you like me. But love is a double-sided process... It cannot be one-sided right?" she tried to make him understand. But he stopped her.

"I know. I just told my heart's feelings. I know that I am no match with you and you can never accept me...but..." his voice was stern... "please don't make fun of any other's sentiments."

"I am sorry Jalal!" She admitted. "Can you consider me as your friend after this please?"

"I consider... But none of your group can think me as friend. Never!" He declared!


DATE: 17 October,  night, Jalal's study table.


He was unable to forget the taunting face of Jodha, he was unable to forget the laughter of his classmates... But still he chose to forget by concentrating on the notes. He has to touch the goal of his career without deviating mind now.

But still, the face that has captured the heart of the over-serious and studious Jalal, could not be forgotten by him!


DATE: 4rth January, 2008, outside the campus


"Hey, Jodha..." the Royal Enfield decreased its speed in front of her. "Want a lift?"

"No thanks." Jodha replied and speeded up. She used to enjoy Adham's interest on her at past, though she had never let him to understand that; but nowadays he has become desperate to date her. Jodha and her friends first had considered Adham as a cool and handsome boy, but with increasing time they all have understood that he is nothing but a loafer!

"What happened. Can't you hear?" Adham was too desperate. He dared to pull Jodha's hand. "Come, ride on my bike..."

"Stop it Bhaiya!" Jodha screamed. "Otherwise I will shout!"

"Bhaiya!! Dil tod dogi jaanu??" [Brother!! You broke my heart!]The scoundrel tried to lift her forcefully on the bike! With a helpless blink Jodha watched at back. There are 5-6 boys of Adham's class, making fun of it. It is obvious that Adham has challenged his friends that he is going to lift Jodha on his bike.  Jodha gathered all the courage she had inside her and slapped hard! In shock Adham loosed Jodha's hand. Jodha gave a disgusted look on him and then went far from sight.

The friends of Adham were laughing at him... Adham kept on gazing Jodha from back. His eyes had fire inside those.


DATE: 1st February, at the bus-stand


Jodha was standing alone, waiting for bus. It was just the beginning of evening. The sunlight has been fed and street-lights are yet to give away lights. She was in hurry as she was already late for her tuition, no bus were coming... She was watching her watch in every second. She did not even notice when a tall guy stood beside her silently with revenge in his eyes...

The bus was coming and she was on verge to board on that. But she could not. She could not attend the tuition... for a long long time...

She does not remember much... Just someone poured something on her face, a dread painful inflammation and then all blank!!


DATE: 27th March, at principal's room


"What do you want Mr. Jalal? Let's talk face to face." The elegant woman of age 50 showed the chair to the rebel student.

"Thanks Ma'am. I am comfortable here. And I am sure that you know what our demand is." Jalal, the young chap of 21 years, the most brilliant student of the batch, told with a dignified audacity. "We want University to expel Adham Khan and to cancel his registration."

"But..."the Principal tried to negotiate. "The case is going on... And also his crime is not proved. And the incident had taken place out of the campus so how is the college..."

"The criminal is roaming inside the campus with full-on attitude, and demanding happily that he has shown a girl her position! And you people are here to shade him? And you all are teachers!" The face of Jalal bent in taunt of hatred. "However, before the university takes the responsibility and punish Adham, the hunger-strike will go on." He did not say, he announced!

"Look Jalal." Principal herself got up from seat and came beside him. "This is one of the most renowned universities of the nation. We have some heritage. Do you really want media to demean this heritage like this? And you are the brightest student of the batch- you have a golden future ahead. Why are you ruining your future? "

"Cause this is one of the student of this renowned and prosperous university who has put the whole life of my friend at stake!" Jalal stated calmly. "Ma'am, I am not demeaning the name of the University- we are fighting for a girl's right of having justice! Don't know about court, but none of the college will bear a brute in our institution!"

"But... Adham is our student- we have to see his..."

"Adham is your student, not Jodha? You have to take care of the future of Adham, and what about Jodha who is fighting in Hospital?" His voice trembled. "Only as Adham's father is a powerful personality of politics and gives a fat amount as donation in the fund of college?"

"Jalal!" The principal uttered, but could not say anything more... She had failed in her trial of negotiation, but she felt that she has won... At least their institution has cultivated a human too along with an animal like Adham Khan!

Before he left, she kept her hand on his shoulder and patted. "Best of Luck!" she uttered with all the blessings of heart.

The strike was successful. The University had to obey the demands of the students and media and had to cancel Adham's registration. After another fight of 1 year the court also declared verdict against Adham. The justice won.


DATE: 20th June, 2009, College


Jodha was sitting alone in the common room. The rock of tears was strangulating her from inside. She knows a whole year is lost, now she has to study harder but how! She has become an interesting creature to all... This humiliation of fake sympathies is unbearable! More than the severe pain that she has gone through a whole year!

The glass window of the room reflected her image... Jodha herself shivered suddenly seeing that! Again tears rolled down from her eyes. No, peoples are not at fault.

"Hey Jodha!" A familiar voice called her from behind. Jalal. He is still in the University, doing Masters after a mind-blowing result in B-Sc. Final. The only friend that Jodha has!

"What happened? No class?" He asked.

"Yes... I mean..." Jodha tried to hide as much as she could. "Professor told me that he will give me notes separately after the class. Maybe I will be much comfortable..."

"No, you should attend class. You are alright now." Jalal stopped suddenly seeing the eyes of Jodha. "Wait I am coming!" He left suddenly.

He came after almost two hours. "Let's go. I have talked with Principal Ma'am and she has talked with the rest of professors. You will be attending lectures in the classes only- among the other students. None will object!"  

Jodha kept on gazing at his high-power spectacles with eyes full of gratitude!


DATE: 27th May, 2012, at laboratory  


"Increase the voltage Jodha." Jalal instructed his research-partner as she was calculating something else. Jodha did. Jalal started noting down the readings.

"I have almost completed the first experimental table. Do have a check. I am noting down this one." Jodha proposed.

"Okay. And then take a rest. Doctors had told you not to stress your left eye much."

Jodha sat down and closed her eyes for some minutes. After she opened them; she saw Jalal's spectacles first... they were staring at her, with mesmerized eyes, and content smile on lips...


DATE: 10th December, 2015, at restaurant


"Will you try a little vodka Jalal?" Jodha asked.

"No!!!" As usual, the good boy Jalal never even dreams to drink alcohol!

"Idiot! When will you become smart?" Jodha smiled. "My dear we are almost succeeded in our research! Let's celebrate!"

"You try. I am okay with Tanduri Chicken." Jalal replied with a shy smile.

It was their personal celebration as their research paper is almost complete and they both are going to join a conference at IIT next month. The waiter came to take orders and fronted at Jalal. "Madam will order."  Jalal referred at Jodha. The boy looked at her and gulped. His eyes had caught with a peculiar expression. So was the rest of the restaurant. As usual they were staring at their table, some with sympathy, some with amusement, some with terror. Automatically Jodha's palm went to her face and she pulled her dupatta against her face more with an embarrassed sigh!

"What happened? Order the meal, Doctor Jodha!" Jalal, her co-researcher said loudly. So loudly that all of the restaurant can hear!

After they went out from the restaurant and got back to the car, suddenly Jodha held Jalal's hand.

"If you are going to thank me again like always, my reply will be again like always; pulling your hair strongly!" Jalal told in an amused tone.

"Today I will say something to you." Jodha said. "I love you."

Jalal gazed at her eyes for a long time with a content happiness, then laughed out suddenly! "O really, so cute!! YOU love me!!!!"

Both started laughing together.


DATE: 15th January, 2016, Guesthouse of IIT Kanpur


The headlines of the newspapers are shining with two names today... two young scientists from India has touched a new horizon of Science with their latest research paper that has been read at the conference in IIT Kanpur. Both of their names, especially of the girl's, had come into newspapers before almost 8 years ago- some has remembered, some has forgotten... But this time the news of their achievement will be remembered by all. As they are almost set to create History together...

Jodha was resting in her room after a hectic press-conference. Suddenly someone knocked the door.

"Come in." With the permission, Jalal came in.

"Hi Jalal. Was going to you just now." Jodha stood up. "Are we going to settle at Oxford for further research?"

"I feel it would be good for our work." Jalal uttered indifferently. "But I want to tell you something. Actually I want to...ask... I mean..."

The man who is able to conduct a long speech on Physics often starts stammering in his personal life due to nervousness. Jodha smiled, but in her heart a sting of fear started overpowering her. She can never afford to lose him!

"I... I... Will you marry me Jodha?"  Jalal, the shining star in the sky of Physics at last managed to open up his heart. But little did he know he will get two tearful eyes with the mixture of happiness, agony, dependence, gratitude, peace, acceptance and love as a reply?

"Actually if we settle abroad, first let us settle our relationship also. Our parents will be happy and assured also..." Jalal started explaining logically... But Jodha was not hearing anything. She was looking at his eyes, and perhaps was thinking about the fresher's welcome party of her college!

"Tell something!" Jalal asked restlessly.

"Are you serious! Will you marry me really!" Jodha exhaled.

"Am I not smart enough to walk with you till now?" Jalal said sadly. "Well, I will groom myself. And will practice ball-dance and drinking vodka too." He touched her hand. "But dear, don't refuse me..."

Jodha, without saying a word hugged him...



DATE: 20th January,2016, Jodha's house


Both of the families are present at Jodha's house to have a talk regarding marriage. Though they are from different religious background, but both open-mined families have no problem regarding that. Actually both the families were waiting for the day when their children will wish to marry each-other; so this is a day of celebration...

"We should arrange everything ASAP." Jodha's father told. "I am going to call the marriage register tomorrow and..."

"Uncle... I have a wish." Jalal cut him in between. "We will do registry obviously, but I want to marry socially. In proper Indian style."

None was ready for that. Jodha started first. "What are you telling? It is not possible."


"Don't you understand..." Jodha told. "Dressing and make-over like bride and all... Jalal, I don't want to be a joking-element please!"

"The whole world dresses and makes over typically in their wedding, so why won't you?" Jalal said in an adamant voice. "I will not let you to lose that opportunity! At last you are the most beautiful girl I have ever seen... the most beautiful bride I would have ever seen..."


DATE:30th May, 2016, wedding hall   


The bride-groom was waiting anxiously to see his bride once. The period of waiting finished, the bride came into the hall- adorned in her red-banarasi shari, eyes covered with two betel leaves in hand... Ritual of Subha-dristi'.

The ritual had finished- Jodha had rotated around Jalal for 7 times and at last stood on front. She left the leaves and looked at Jalal's eyes with a shy expression. Jalal looked at her... One side of her face is spotlessly beautiful till today- but the other side is totally damaged and burnt due to the acid attack that she had faced in her college days. She had passed through 4-5 operations of face; that had helped her to regain the shape of her face and slightly the eye-sight of the left eye... But the scar of Acid is still horrifyingly remaining there, which sometimes embarrasses even a scholar like Jodha in public places- till today!

She wanted to complete the marriage just with a signature. Only due to Jalal's adamancy she has agreed to dress like this. And she is looking resplendently beautiful! Jalal can see no stigma in her face... She is the same heavenly beautiful woman, whom he had given his heart at the first sight...

During the photo-session after marriage, Jodha was again hiding the left-side of her face with the veil, as she is practiced to do. "Doctor Jodha, Don't hide your face..." Jalal did not let her to do so. "You are the paragon for all the women of the world. And the role model cannot hide her face!"

Jodha smiled the brightest smile. Jalal smiled too. "So lucky am I. I have got the most beautiful bride ever!!"


This is my tribute to all the victims of acid-attacks who have not left to live their life and have defeated their destiny with their will-power...

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-Felicity- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 15 April 2016 at 4:38am | IP Logged
Stuti dii... this is a marvelous piece of writing. Perhaps the most touching one you ever wrote. It was too emotional! Heart-wrenching! Broken Heart

You know what, I am extremely bad at handling sad stories. You moved me truly with this... CryCryCry

I never thought that this is going to take such a sadistic turn. I was like maybe Jalal is going to come save her. But...Cry

I was hoping you would do everything all right at least in the very end. 

But your Jalal deserves a big hug...Hug This is the kind of love I imagine, is true love. Love which is beyond physical appearance, love which sees through a person. Your Jalal is a sweety-pie! Heart

I felt so bad for him at his first proposal. Chalo but my Jo was at least understanding enough to make him understand. Embarrassed

But how you contrasted the first proposal to the marriage one was excellent. The way he says, "Am I not smart enough to walk with you yet?" Uff...that was sooo touching on his part. He does not want her to be sad or think low of herself even for a second. How cutely he said that, so as to remove all her hesitation! Embarrassed Loved the way she hugged him. She's so lucky to have him! Heart

Loved the determined Jalal also with the principal, in front of the families, and in all his talks with Jo after the attack. And the unity of the students against crime! Star

And my Jo... what did you do to her! CryCryCry She was such a cute, lively girl...the contrast is so striking! Ouch How life changes! It takes just a moment to lose whatever you have, to change someone's life forever! Ouch Every sad story is after my Jo only. Angry

Loved the way Jalal called her the most beautiful woman ever! Uff...he's such an encouraging person. Jo is so lucky to have a life companion like him. It's true if you are snatched something, you get an even better thing in return! Embarrassed

And I loved the way he reacted to all the people's gazes in the restaurant. And also the way he never sympathizes with her, instead always makes her realize that she has her own amazing identity! StarEmbarrassedStar

But I wish all was normal. I wish Jo wasn't a sympathizing object for all. This is really sad, because no matter what all she gets now, self-confidence is very hard to get back now! Ouch

I so wish the end was truly happy. Though true happiness is what Jo finally got! Embarrassed

Lastly, I think acid attack is the gravest of crimes. The attackers should also be poured with acid. I want them to realize what it feels like. Killing someone only removes that person from the earth, but acid attacks destroy the left life of the victim. Acid attackers aren't humans, they're devils. Why don't they just ban the use of acids? And moreover, there's practically no strict punishment for the attackers. Maximum is 7-8 years of jail, and then, just live freely and enjoy. DeadAngryDead

Kudos to you for taking up such a cause in this OS! Star

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sirat.kaur Goldie

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Posted: 15 April 2016 at 4:39am | IP Logged
can't define in words how mind blowing os it is . .
acid attack is now a big problem n even now culprits r roaming free after destroying the life of a innocent person . . . .
jalal is the best person n not to forgot best lover . . . he doesn't love jodha's body instead he loves what she is . . . .her appearance doesn't matters to him which everyone should understand . . . . . . .
keep writing more os buddy

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sirat.kaur Goldie

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Posted: 15 April 2016 at 4:40am | IP Logged
congrats fr yr new story
update soon
-Felicity- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 15 April 2016 at 4:42am | IP Logged
Congratulations for your first one shot dii...Hug
I know it is going to be awesome. Embarrassed

Waiting eagerly, please update soon. Big smile

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155pari IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 15 April 2016 at 4:42am | IP Logged
Mindblowing os dii!Clap
Am absolutely speechless !Sleepy
Jodha needed to go through so much of pain just because of rejecting someone...Cry
I seriously pity those who enjoy by destroying someone's life...Angry
You've expressed every situation so well!Day Dreaming
Jalal, a studious guy and Jodha, a cool girl...Smile
Ja supported her in the toughest time...Hug
And yes.. 
I really loved the theme you chose...Smile
Thanx for the pm...Big smile

Edited by 155pari - 18 April 2016 at 4:46am

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sweety992 Goldie

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Posted: 15 April 2016 at 4:46am | IP Logged
Congrts fr new story..
Shinning_Stuti IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 15 April 2016 at 4:51am | IP Logged
Posted guys. Please go through it!Embarrassed

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