Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon


Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon
Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon


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Hi Guys...This is my New OS...I hope you guys will like it...Enjoy


The leaves shuffled, the branches brushed against each other, the wind blew fast as two dark bodies ran fast hand-in-hand. They ran past the dense woods not even for once having a thought of looking back or stopping.

The only thing running in their mind was that they need to save themselves. They need to be away from the clutches of the Devil. The Devil named Shyam... SHYAM MANOHAR JHA'...

A very influential person in Lucknow.  A devil. , a snake and what not. He always gets what he wants. And this time it's one of the two bodies running to save themselves. The younger one among the two beautiful girls. Both the girls were tired but dare they stopped.

They dragged themselves and the other along with them. They need to save themselves. Suddenly coming out of the woods, they reached the middle of the road when a sudden flash entered their eye lens and they closed their eyes as they heard the screeching sound of the tyres followed by the shooting pain up from their legs to the body and they fell unconscious on the road.

The occupants of the car were too shocked to react. Two young handsome guys sat shocked at the turn of events. They were late for Lucknow. They had an important meeting to attend in morning and being late to reach Lucknow the one driving, increased the speed of the car just to apply short brakes as he saw two shadows running out of the woods towards the middle of the road and as he applied brakes he felt the car jerk slightly indicating they hit someone.

They both ran out of the car to look at two girls lying unconscious on the road. "Bhai they seem to be unconscious" Said a guy with specs looking decent, introvert and sincere

"Yes Aakash u r right, we won't be getting any hospitals in the way to Lucknow. Let's take them to Sheesh Mahal and then decide tomorrow morning of what to do" Said the other guy looking hot in his three piece Armani suit with killer looks.

Aakash nodded at his brother and then each one of them picked up one of the two girls and settled them on the back seat of the car. They felt something... Something inside them hammering... Just at the place where heart is situated. Was it the heart that was beating so loudly? They pondered but then pushed the thoughts back and started their journey towards Lucknow.

Aakash and his bro time to time kept taking glances at the girls. As soon as Aakash and his brother reached Sheesh Mahal all the servants of Sheesh mahal looked at their masters in utter shock and surprise.

It wasn't a secret that both their masters didn't like girls' company. They were too busy in their business world to even spare a look at those so-called make-up flooded girls. Arnav calls for Ramu Kaka, the care-taker of Sheesh Mahal and asks him to arrange warm Luke water and some clothes for the girls.

Ramu Kaka obliges and runs to order the servants to arrange the required things quickly. By then Arnav and Aakash place their angels on the king size bed in the guest room and cover them properly with the quilt.

Later, Arnav asks the trusted female servant to clean the girls and make them change as their clothes were too dirty. Arnav and Aakash stayed the whole night in the guest room looking after the girls.

Early the next morning, Arnav ordered Ramu Kaka to look after all the necessities of the girls and to not allow them out of Sheesh Mahal as they are going for an important meeting which is necessary to be attended,. He promised to come back soon and the brothers left for the meeting.

After a while, in the guest room, Khushi squirms and moves on her bed as she is haunted by the nightmare and then opens her horror-filled eyes and jerks on the bed. She looks around the room as fear grips her heart seeing the unknown place.

She looks at her side and sighs in relief having her sister beside her. She forgets the injuries and starts jerking Payal to wake who opens her eyes with a hiss as Khushi accidentally touches her injured arm.

Even she feels terror as yesterday's events come back haunting her. Suddenly the door opens and both the sisters hold each other's hands for strength. Ramu Kaka enters and notices both the girls awake. He then introduces himself and says of how their chhote maalik brought them to Sheesh Mahal.

Khushi, on hearing Sheesh Mahal, was feeled with thrill. It was her childhood dream to see the palace from inside along but her parents never allowed her. She again lost her colour as she recalled of how brutally her parents were killed in front of her eyes and she had to watch it happen helplessly.

They both then had their bath and changed in the given outfit. They both thanked Ramu Kaka and asked his leave who denied saying their chhote maalik had ordered him not to let then go and that they'll soon be back.

Payal agreed as they both thought it to be best to thank their maalik personally for saving their lives from the beast. By then, Ramu Kaka showed the girls around the Sheesh Mahal. Khushi noticed a small pool surrounded by a garden and she smiled slightly and walked aimlessly towards the destination.

On the way, she failed to notice someone coming from the other end and banged with the tall, muscular, man. "What the" is the only thing Khushi heard and she looked up to see a tall, handsome guy with perfect features representing the Greek God.

Arnav too was lost in the hazel eyes of his angel. He felt a strong pull on the strings of his heart but soon anger took over him as he noticed the bandaged forehead and arms of Khushi. "WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING HERE OUT OF THE ROOM? YOU SHOULD TAKE REST DAMMIT" Arnav shouted while Khushi got scared of him and started walking back only to hit the vase that fell down and made the noise. Seeing the unknown guy, she got more scared and shouted for her Jiji to save her.

Payal ran towards the voice while a bit later even Aakash joined as he heard his Bhai's angry voice. Aakash too was lost in Payal's beauty. Yesterday it was unconscious beauty while today it was just out of the world.

Arnav then controlled his anger and asked the sisters if they were okay to which Payal replied politely and thanked them for the help. Khushi was still scared of the recent events. Payal and Khushi later asked their leave but both the brothers denied saying they weren't yet safe and that they might be in danger.

Aakash, out of curiousity, asks aboutt how they landed in such a situation,. Payal and Khushi took turns in explaining how their parents were murdered and how Shyam Manohar Jha was behind them especially Khushi who was his obsession.

The Raizada Brothers felt their blood boil listening to the pitiful story of their angels. Aakash tried consoling them while Arnav sat there not knowing what to speak. Later he asked his police associated friend to look into the matter and arrest Shyam for His deeds.


It had been a week since the brothers met the sisters. Aakash had started developing strong feelings towards Payal while Arnav was affected by Khushi's presence. Their family was pestering them to come back to Delhi as it was a week they were away  from them when the work was only of 2 days.

Not wanting to leave behind their angels, they asked the sisters to join them as they could start their new life in Delhi and they can even be safe away from Shyam. Khushi and Payal agreed and the four people moved to Delhi.

The Raizadas were shocked to see both their sons with girls. Not that they didn't like girls but Aakash was too shy to talk to girls while Arnav and girls never go hand in hand. Arnav and Aakash recited the story to the Raizadas who sympathized the girls and welcomed them with their open arms.

Days went on and the girls were comfortable with the members. Payal had started working under Aakash as she didn't want herself and her sister to be a burden on them. Khushi was still injured so Payal didn't allow her to work.

The Raizadas noticed their sons' feelings towards the girls and it was decided that those were going to be the next Raizada Bahu's.

Aakash would keep on stealing glances of Payal while at work and Anjali enjoyed teasing him with Payal's name which made him blush beet root. Even Payal started developing feelings towards Aakash but she felt she didn't deserve it as he was rich, she was poor and moreover she has to take care of her baby sister.

Khushi had started smiling but it never reached her eyes. It was always fake and she made everyone around her smile and laugh but Arnav knew that it was all fake as at the end of the day, he found Khushi in the pool side garden gazing at the stars and shedding tears as she talked to her parents.


Soon, Shyam was trapped by the police and according to the information he was a murderer and so was given the death penalty. Khushi and Payal on knowing aboutt Shyam's end were happy and Khushi was back to get smiling mode but this time it was real.

Arnav felt content in his heart seeing her smile heartily. Anjali was married to Rahul, her college love and they were happily married since 2 years. On their 3rd anniversary, there was a huge party organized on which was present NK, their relative from Sydney.

Aakash was clear about his feelings towards Payal but was scared of rejection from Payal as she thought herself a burden and she worked to take care of her sister. He was scared she might reject his love and so stayed silent.

Anjali who knew about Arnav's feelings too played her cards and said that if Arnav accepts his feelings and that Khushi married Arnav, Payal won't have any reason to deny.

Aakash was happy as even he noticed the closeness between Arnav and Khushi. But he even knew Arnav was a hard nut to crack. Now, Anjali took help of NK and included everyone in their plan.

NK met Khushi in the party and they in no time were a hit. They both were bubbly and talkative and hence became good friends instantly. Arnav who saw Khushi with NK felt jealous.

After few days whenever he asked for Khushi, she was always found with NK laughing at his Hindi or any joke he cracked. It made him more jealous as to why did Khushi only laugh with NK and not him but he knew that he never gave her a reason to laugh around him.

One fine day, everyone were sitting in the hall discussing random things when suddenly Anjali started teasing NK saying he should marry someone like Khushi who can make a good pair with him. NK blushed while Khushi smiled seeing him blush at the joke.

But Arnav was seething in pure anger. Later when Arnav's marriage talk was held up, Nani said that they should start looking for girls as Arnav is adamant on not marrying anyone.

Khushi's face fell at it. She felt sad and stabbed. Making an excuse, she rushed to kitchen to control her sad beating heart. In all this Aakash kept Payal busy so that she doesn't come to know their plan.

Arnav who had seen Khushi going to kitchen followed her silently in a way that no one notices but poor boy, he was being watched by each and every member who silently Hi-Fi-ed seeing their plan works.

In the kitchen,

"Do you love him?" Asked Arnav as soon as he entered the kitchen.

Khushi looked at him confused at the sudden question. She didn't reply anything which angered Arnav and he held her tightly by her upper arms making her wince in pain.

 "Arnav-ji you are hurting me" said khushi with her hurtful expressions.

"Answer me, dam it.. Do you love him?*

"Whom are you talking about?"  Asked khushi not believing he had asked that.

"NK... Who else?" Arnav replied as he let go off Khushi who held back her tears.

Khushi was shocked and looked at Arnav as if he were an alien. She didn't know how to react. Here she was in love with the guy standing in front of her and there he was asking if she loved NK. Has he gone nuts? How can he think that she'll love someone else?

She replied back aggressively, "are you crazy? How can I love NK when I already love someone else?"

Arnav, for a moment, was relieved knowing she didn't love NK but then she said she loves "SOMEONE ELSE".

"Who does she love?

Arnav didn't speak a word and just moved out of the kitchen angrily. All his anger was vent out on the employees especially Aman. Aakash didn't know what went wrong in the kitchen that Arnav didn't realize his feelings.

He was scared to lose Payal who announced that day to him that she had found a small house on rent and that she with Khushi would be shifting there soon. Arnav on the other hand tried working harder to not think of Khushi but it didn't help.

At last, he was determined to make her fall for him. Determined, he left the office at the lunch break. He entered Shaantivan to find it empty. He called out for HP who informed him that Nani and Mami were at temple, Rahul & Anjali were out on a drive and that only Khushi was at home.

He took long strides towards his room where he knew he'll find Khushi at the pool side, her favorite place in the house. He opened the door only to hear Khushi's magical voice.

He followed it and found her sitting near the pool gazing in the still water and having Arnav's frame and shirt in her hand.

 "Tomorrow I'll be leaving Arnav-ji. I want to tell you how much I love you but how can I? You don't believe in love" Khushi sniffed.


Arnav was a bit away from her and so couldn't hear her talks. Though seeing her shed tears was more than enough for him to rush to her but before that she turned around wearing his shirt and collided with him.

"Arnav-ji... You... Here?" she asked with bewildered eyes

"Yaa... Main yahan... Khushi this is my house I can come here anytime I want, right?"  he said raising his eyebrows.

Khushi just nodded and was about to go when Arnav held her hand and turned her around pulling her towards him as their bodies collided creating sparks

"What were you doing with my photo and my shirt?" Arnav asked huskily while Khushi felt herself losing her senses,

"Woh hum... Hum...woh..." she stammers.

"Leave it... I want to talk to you" Khushi became alert and was about to remove his shirt but Arnav stopped her and made her sit on the recliner. He cupped her face gently and asked,

"Khushi I know you love someone else... And I want to know whom you love" Khushi opened her eyes and looked at him thinking of what next was he going to do.

She thought to play along and said,

 "How does it matter to you Arnvji... Anyways I'm leaving you tomorrow and I would no longer be a burden on you" she whimpered

Arnav hissed hearing Khushi call herself a burden on him. A sudden anger rose in him and unable to control anymore, he grabbed her shoulders in a vice grip making her wince in pain and bringing her dangerously close to him he spoke through gritted teeth,

"Burden? U think you are a burden on me? Khushi it's you who brings sanity in me. Before you came, my life has been a complete dark cage where I was a wounded lion scared to face the light. It was you who brought me out and made me comfortable with this amazing light of life and you think you are a burden on me? How can you think like that? He said with hurtful eyes.

Khushi looked at him surprised. Suddenly Arnav's voice changed from angry to soft.,

 "Khushi I won't say that I love you. I won't say that bcoz I have never believed in love.  For me it's a garbage thing. Which does n't exist for me.

I just know that I can't see u hurt. It hurts me 1000 times more than it hurts you. I can't bear seeing a single tear in your eyes. Your single small true smile brightens up my day. It's infectious.

I just know that I can bring the heaven and hell together to see you smiling all day and to keep harm and sorrow away from you. I don't know if this is love bcoz I never knew what it is actually. But if it is love, then Khushi Kumari Gupta," I LOVE YOU... I LOVE YOU DAMMIT"

Arnav ended with a whisper while Khushi had her eyes moist with the unshed tears. She was happy.. No no.. Sorry... She was the happiest person alive on the Earth. The person she loved, the person whom she thought would never love her... Just confessed that he loves her. What more does she need in her life?

She instantly hugged him trying to hide her tears not wanting to hurt him by her tears... Her lips slightly touched Arnav's right ear as she spoke in hushed voice,

"Hu.. Hum bhi aapse bahot pyaar karte hai Arnav-ji... I LOVE YOU TOO DAMMIT" Arnav was shocked and he pulled out of the hug to see Khushi smiling lightly. He spoke out his confusion,

"But you loved someone else..." still not believing his eyes.

 "That someone else has always been you Arnav-ji. I have been in love with you since the start. It has always been you and it will always be you...

"Arnav ke bina yeh Khushi hamesha hamesha adhuri hai... Arnav hai toh khushi hai... Warna iss duniya mein Khushi ka koi wajjut nahi... Koi pehchan nahi..."

Khushi confessed while Arnav overcoming with emotions hugged her tightly to his heart confirming he isn't dreaming and that he really had found his life boat that saved him from the darkness of life.

 "So I see, you're missing me and so u have worn my shirt,haan?" Arnav teased Khushi who in no time turned Beetroot creating havoc in Arnav who unable to control himself placed his lips softly on Khushi not kissing her asking her permission and wanting to continue only if she's comfortable. On getting a positive response as Khushi wrapped her arms around Arnav's neck, Arnav kissed Khushi passionately claiming Khushi his forever. And for eternity...


Thank you..TC..

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Very nice os

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So beautiful Os just like a fairy tail

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awesome OS

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nice os..

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very sweet story.

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Loved the story...

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