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Sexual Harassment

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Geet looked at the wall clock as soon as she entered her cabin. 8:58.Perfect. On time geet sighed with relief. In the thirteen months since she joined Khuranna Constructions not once she came late. Geet sent her mom a quick message saying that she has reached office and quickly prayed to the small ganeshji iodl that she had placed in her cabin. As Geet sat on her comfortable chair, she turned to her right to check her boss' cabin. Empty? He didn't turn up yet. If any employee is even a minute late he shows them hell and now he himself is late by two minutes. Of course, Boss is above all rules. Geet began her work already when office phone buzzed.

"Hello Khuranna Constructions" she said in her trained professional voice.

"I will come to office only in the afternoon" her boss' voice sounded as strict as ever.

          Before Geet could reply he cut the call leaving her to curse his ill-manner. Dusht Dhanv' she mumbled to herself. Geet took her phone and opened the watsapp group that had all her colleagues. DD will not be in office till noon' she typed a message and sent them. Soon lots of happy smileys followed. Geet muted the notification and proceeded with her work. Boss or No boss, work should go on.

          Geet was about to sip water from her bottle, when sudden bang in the door startled her. "Come in" she said wiping the water off her lips.

"Hey Pinky" greeted Geet her best friend with a wide smile.

          Geet and Pinky's fathers were school friends. Initially Geet and Pinky didn't gel much. But once Geet shifted to Delhi for job and began to stay as paying guest at Pinky's they hit it off very well.

"Is everything okay?" asked Geet looking at Pinky's worried face."Here" Pinky said putting a paper in front of Geet. Geet raised her eyebrows in question. Pinky pointed at the paper with her eyes as if asking Geet to read it. Geet took the paper and her eyes widened in shock as she read the sub of the letter.

Sub: Sexual Harassment complain-Reg;

"What the hell!!! Who is harassing you Pinky? Why didn't you tell me? I will immediately tell this to boss" Geet stood up from her chair and was about to pick up her phone when Pinky stopped her by placing her hand on Geet's.

"What?" asked Geet already shocked by the fact that harassment happens in KC, one of the top companies in India."Read it fully" insisted Pinky.

          Geet looked at the top of the letter and her heart skipped a beat. Her whole head spun, she lost her balance and fell on the chair.

"From GEET HANDA?????????" a shocked Geet looked at Pinky with wide eyes.

          Geet read through the letter and she didn't know if she should laugh or shout at her friend for her stupidity.

"Pinky, have you lost it? Maan Singh Khuranna harassing me? Pinky he is our boss" Geet said waving her hand in air as if trying to clear the fog in Pinky's mind."You have lost it Geet." Said Pinky. She unwrapped the chocolate bar as a part of  diminishing stress and nibbled at it. Pinky sat on nearby chair and looked at Geet."I know what is happening Geet" said Pinky taking a big bite of her chocolate."What is happening Pinky? Enlighten me" Geet crossed her arms over her chest and looked at Pinky sharply."Isn't DD I mean Maan sir harassing you?" asked Pinky looking at Geet sympathetically."No" Geet said shaking her head. "Oh Pinky! Why would you think that?" asked Geet as she held Pinky's hand."I just know" Pinky said looking the other side."It is not true Pinky. I think someone is feeding you wrong things. Who told you all this?" asked Geet ."No one told me. I...umm...I just saw" said Pinky biting her lower lip."What?" asked Geet confused."Listen Geet" said Pinky as she turned towards Geet and looked into her eyes sincerely."I know it is happening with you. You don't have to worry. We can deal with it together. But we should file complain against him. He is the boss but it doesn't mean he can get away with whatever he is doing. Once you are ready we will rope in Adi with us and once he is by our side whole office will support us. We can make him pay" said Pinky in a serious tone.

"Oh God" Geet said holding her head in her hand." Pinky I still don't know why would you say this. Maan sir is doing nothing" Geet said with a clear tone."Geet don't fool yourself. Last January you didn't want to attend that Shimla conference with him but he forced you to go with him.""That is not harassment" Geet argued."Well that was just starting" countered back Pink.Geet's mind drifted back to flashback of those days. More than seven months ago.


          Geet was sitting in the almost empty restaurant except for few waiters. She looked around suspiciously. Her wired boss has the weirdest taste. Oh But he is extremely handsome, even though he seems wired at times. The very first time Geet saw him she lost her heart just like any girl who sees him. But it grew more than just a crush over months and last month after she danced with him in one of office's official party she decided it was not just a crush, but she fell head over heels for her boss,Maan Singh Khuranna.

          Geet's new found feeling for him played a major role in her refusing to accompany him to Shimla, but devil of her boss, like every other time, got what he wanted. Now Geet was with him to attend some stupid conference and they are stuck in an empty restaurant in a deserted part of Shimla.

          Geet was cursing her luck when a soulful voice started crooning her favorite song "Khuda Jaane". As Geet turned back to look at the owner of the voice, her breath caught in her throat. It was the man himself, Maan Singh Khuranna singing for her.

"I may not be very creative in all this " he said as he moved closer to her placing the mike on the table. "But Geet" he said taking her hands in his own. "Will you be my girlfriend?" Maan asked and Geet was convinced that it was only her dream.

"Maan sir-.." before she could say anything he placed his fingers on her lips.

"Yes or No" asked Maan

"Yes" Geet said with no hesitation smiling at him.


          That was the best trip of Geet's life and if she had not gone on that trip, Geet would have been in the line of those set of girls who loved a man but had no guts to get him. She would have stayed sad and desperate.

"Geet are you listening to me?" Pinky asked

"Yeah, What?" asked Geet.

"You remember? After that trip, we hosted a party in success of Khanna housing project. Sir said he would drop you after party. Well he did drop you but that day you seemed disturbed. What did he do to you that day?" asked Pinky.


          Well it was common for a boss to dance with his secretary, Geet thought. She herself has danced with Maan before. Nothing suspicious. But what is the difference? A lot, Geet said to herself.

          Last time when they danced, Maan didn't place feather light kisses on her nape. He didn't sensuously caress her waist. He didn't press his whole body on her making her feel his arousal. Neither didn he accidentally' graze the side of her breast and derriere. Last time she was his secretary and he was her boss. But now she was his girlfriend and he was her boyfriend.

          That day Pinky wanted to leave the party early. When Geet asked Maan if she could leave with Pinky he refused to let her go anywhere. He said he wanted his secretary's assistance for important business.

"I will drop her Pinky you don't have to worry" Maan said in a very professional voice.

          Geet was convinced that she was needed for professional assistance until half an hour after Pinky left, Maan pulled Geet along with him and left the party. Maan dismissed his driver and took the keys from him. Geet sat in the passenger seat and smiled at Maan when he took the driver's seat.

"Maan" called Geet as he kept staring at her instead of starting the vehicle."Ummm" he asked still looking at her."Lets go" she said"Where?" Maan asked."Home" Geet answered."My home?" asked Maan smiling naughtily."My home" said Geet smiling."I don't want to leave you" says Maan as he slowly takes her hand in his.

          Maan pulls her towards him slowly and Geet hugs him effortlessly fitting in his strong arms. Geet thought it was an innocent hug just like all their other past hugs. But the moment his hands started caressing her bare waist she knew they were in for different bait. She moved like fish out of water with the havoc his thumb was creating by pressing her belly button."Maan" she moaned."Umm" he replied as his mouth found her sweet spot on her neck and started nibbling there. He let his lips trace her shoulder blade and pulled her body up such that their face was close to each others."Geet" he called as his lips were only cnetimeters away from hers " Say no and I will stop" he said though he knew it would be very difficult for him to stop."Maan" said Geet as she held the back of his head in her hand "Yes" she whispered closing the distance between their lips.

          Her first kiss. A perfect kiss. His lips first very gently nibbled hers first. He held her face between his hands and very slowly took her lower lips into his. The moment he tasted her, his passion hightened and plopped his tongue inside her mouth. Geet pushed herself on him and Maan happily settled her on his lap. Their lips molded perfectly. Geet became breathless causing her to push away from him. She looked at him with her almond brown eyes while gasping for air.

"Wow" Maan said as he moved a strand of hair behind her ear.      Once he tasted her he wanted only more, before Geet could recover from her first kiss she was pulled in for more.


          Geet gulped hard recollecting that evening. Maan reminded a gentleman for the first few weeks after they started dating. He took her on dates, brought flowers, they went on long drive and he even took her shopping a couple of times. Geet knew he wanted them to take another step in terms of physical intimacy as well, but she didn't know how to tell him that she was ready. She didn't want to sound desperate. That party served as ice breaker and Geet will forever be grateful to that beautiful netted pink  Saree that successfully tempted her man.

"It isn't true Geet?" asked Pinky."What is true?" asked Geet suddenly not following what Pinky was saying."That day didn't he misbehave with you?" asked Pinky."Why would you think that Pinky?" asked Geet."You seemed so lost Geet. And you refused to wear saree the next day to temple" Pinky reasoned

          Uff ho Pinky that is because Maan left a love bite on my navel, geet wanted to say but unfortunately  Geet can't say it. Maan and she have mutually decided to keep their relationship a secret owing to privacy.

"That doesn't prove anything Pinky. I was just feeling low that day and so didn't want to wear saree" said Geet.

"Then what about that day?" asked Pinky."Which day?"."Holi party at sir's house"

          *Dreamy Holi Party*


          Holi was a week after they disclosed about them to their family. They gathered her parents and his Daadi in a restaurant and confessed about their relationship. They both felt guilty about hiding things from family. Her parents couldn't have asked for a better boy for their daughter. He was educated, rich, good looking and had a respectful family. On the other hand just the fact that Maan decided to get married made his Daadi happy. Both the families wanted to make it official but Maan insisted he wanted to wait for some more time. When Geet later asked him why he wanted more time, he said " I like the fact that I get to secretly love my secretary"

          Daadi insisted that Geet organized that year's Holi party after all she will be the eldest Khuranna daughter in law in a year. Maan loved those three days when Geet reported to his Mansion to take care of party. He stayed home mostly and he felt happy seeing Geet bond with his daadi and his siblings.

          It was Holi day and Geet reached Khuranna Mansion early in the morning. Her feel was on wheel and she took it upon herself to do all work. It was early afternoon and Geet was talking to her colleagues when Maan interrupted.

"Geet haven't you mailed Ms.Rathode the details of the project yet?" asked Maan. Before Geet could comprehend what he was asking she was pulled with him to his room saying that she could use the computer in his room.

"Maan what are you doing?" asked Geet as he closed the room door behind them.

          Maan looked at his girlfriend from top to bottom. She was wearing white kurti and leggings. There was color powder on her top in some places though her face was perfectly clean. When Maan's eyes reached her face, she looked at him questioningly.

"What mail?" asked Geet."I ll tell you" said Maan as he made her sit on his bed.

          Maan rubbed her lips with his thumb and Geet immediately understood his intention. She pushed his hands away.

"Maan there is a party in your house and what are you doing?" she demanded

"I want my girlfriend " he said in a raw tone looking at her lips.

"Maan I..."before she could say anything his lips sealed hers.

          The kiss ended when Maan began to trail his lips down her throat. He tried to move her kurti off her neck but the cloth was tight and that agitated him. Maan straightened himself and looked at Geet complaining. Geet pushed herself up on bed and smiled at him.

"Please" he pleaded"Not now" she said as she comfortably leaned on the bed post."Geet" he said glaring at her."Not today" Geet looked at him challenging."Really?" Maan asked raising his eyebrows."Really" she said

          Maan very slowly began to undress his shirt. Geet gulped hard seeing his 8 packs in display. Some days ago Geet confessed that she was attracted to him ever since she saw him and that she thought that he was the hottest guy she had ever laid her eyes on. Since then Maan never failed to use his body as a weapon against her. Maan threw his shirt away as he took her hands and slowly started to rub it on him. The moment her hands touched him Geet was overtaken by passion and pushed him down and came on top of him. She started kissing his stone like abs and Maan just enjoyed her doing it to him. He held her hair as he pulled her to his face and locked his lips with her, "Mishty" he whispered in a husky voice as his hands slowly caressed the side of her breast.

          Geet knew that moment she lost the battle. She took his hands to her back and placed it on her zipper. Maan smirked victoriously as he unzipped her kurti and minutes later it lay in a corner. Maan lacted on her mounds mercilessly sucking , licking and nibbling. Geet threaded his hair "Maaan" she moaned as he bit her there. Maan traveled down further to kiss his favorite part in her body, her navel. Geet giggled as his tongue licked and sucked there. Geet's eyes hooded in passion as her whole body felt ticklish. Maan tugged at the elastic of her legging when Geet pushed it away,"Not now please" she pleaded. She knew him well, once he starts he will not be able stop.

"Geeet" he cried pouting.

          Geet closed her eyes as she shook her head negatively. Geet knows she cannot resist that look. Because that look forced her to go all the way with him in his farm house on his birthday and they ended up making love.

"I am not listening to you " Geet said as she lifted herself off the bed and began to search for her bra and kurti."Geet what are you doing?" maan asked hugging her from back."Where did you throw my clothes?" asked Geet whacking Maan's hands away from her breast."Mishtyyy" Maan crooned kissing her back."Maan stop it" Geet said as she climbed off the bed.   Geet began to search for her clothes. She was sure he knew where it is but she will not ask him. "Geet" Maan called. Geet saw him holding her kurti in his hand.

"Give it to me" she said extending her hand."No" he nodded"Maan be a good boy" "No""Mannu" she whined"Don't call me that" he warned"Mannu baba please" she pouted"Jeez Geet don't" he warned. She knew how much he hated his childhood pet name."Then give it to me" she said"NOOO" he shouted"Ok fine" Geet said as her hands slowly traveled to her pant.   Maan began to walk towards her and when he was near her, she swiftly pulled her kurti from him."Geet" he gritted his teeth."Maan sir stop harassing me" she shouted to make fun of him before closing the door behind her.


"Maan sir stop harassing me" Geet was bought back from her dream land by pinky's voice."What?" asked Geet."I heard you shout those words Geet" said Pinky

          Oh God. Did Pinky hear me' wondered Geet.

"It is not what you think Pinky" convinced Geet."Hell it is not" Pinky said "Why are you scared Geet? I am your best friend. You can tell me"."No. Nothing is wrong" Geet said."Oh puh-lees you are telling me this after I saw him trying to hug you in his cabin and you were trying to push him away" said Pinky irritated at her friend's constant denial."When?" Geet asked confused. "There was more than once?" asked pinky shocked

          Well almost everyday, but Geet chose not to answer that question. But Geet generally don't push him away . So it could be either the day he told her about his ex girlfriend or the day she was angry on missing her periods.

"The day when you left home in the afternoon. And Geet you were CRYING" Pinky shouted

          Ohk that was the latter. God was she only crying that day? She was hell angry on everything and everyone. She fought with Maan and broke his favorite pen as she held him the sole reason for missing her periods.


"Mishty please" Maan pleaded as he sat on his knees near Geet who was sitting on the couch holding her head crying."Maan don't you understand what it is? I might be pregnant" She said. "So?" Maan said casually. "Maan Singh Khuranna do you hear yourself. I might be P.R.E.G.N.A.N.T" She said.

"Isn't a good thing?"

"Maan I am not married" Geet said." But we can marry if you want to" He said.Geet looked at him. Of course they can. Then why was she creating such a fit about it? Is it because she is actually pregnant? Are they mood swings?


"What? No marriage?" he asked"Not that. I don't want to marry because of the baby. I want it to be entirely different" She said."What is the difference baby?"

"Maan you don't understand. I have everything planned in my min since I was 16 and this is not how it happens. I get married then after a year a baby and then after two another baby" she said. Maan knew better than not to argue with Geet, especially when she is crying.

"Listen mishty calm down" He said trying to hug her but Geet pushed him."No" she shouted."Okay. Let's take a test" he said. Geet again looked at him and nodded. She should have done it before coming here. But once she saw the date and realized she missed her periods she just freaked out.

"I ll ask driver to buy a pregnancy test kit" maan said taking his phone out of his pocket."Maan why would he buy it? It will be so embarrassing. You go and buy" She ordered."Me?" Maan was about to argue but one look at Geet, he decided against it.

"Okay. You go home I ll come there." Maan said.Geet nodded and stood up. He held her hand and pulled her closer. He placed a kiss on her forehead and said "Smile". She nodded a no." Please" he said she looked at him through her eyelashes and smiled slightly. "Good girl"


          Oh dramatic day of her life. Geet could still remember she had goosebumps while holding the strip in her hand waiting for result. Fortunately it was negative.

          Pinky snapped her finger at Geet."I am gonna place a complain against him "  declared Pinky."No Pinky wait"

"No way Geet. He deserves it " Pinky was about to reach the door when Geet shouted " I am dating Maan sir" . Pinky's hand froze on the knob as she turned to look at her best friend."What?"

"Yes I am dating our boss. In fact our parents also know it and we will be engaged in another three months" Geet confessed.

A shocked Pinky looked at Geet as if she has grown horns."When were you planning to tell me?" asked Pinky."I am sorry Pinks I wanted to tell you but Maan told me not to" she said putting entire blame on Maan " You know he is a private person". Geet looked worried seeing Pinky's ghostly expression but all of sudden a huge grin spread on her face. "Wow" she exclaimed.

"Geet you are dating THE MSK. I can't believe it" said Pinky shreaking."Shh... Pinky no one should know " Geet hushed."Oops sorry. But I am very excited. My best friend and my boss. I am very happy for you'" Said Pinky hugging Geet."Thanks" said Geet smiling."I am really sorry I accused JIJAJI" said Pinky stressing on Jijaji    Geet giggled at that and hugged Pinky again."It is ok " said Geet

Pinky took the letter from the table "I ll bin it" she said but Geet took it from her."No worries. I will do it" Geet said. Pinky left the room mumbling a sorry again. Geet looked at the letter once again."This letter is defenitely going to Maan Singh Khuranna" she said giggling imagining Maan's expression while reading this.


























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wow such a nice os... i want to read more... plz plz update soon the next part about his reaction

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meravigiliso IF-Rockerz

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Amazing one

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deep002 IF-Rockerz

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Fabulous update dear, loved it Clap

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-siya-- Newbie

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Posted: 15 April 2016 at 4:33am | IP Logged
Amazing os, you write so beautifully and fluently..
the cute and sweet well described..
the story is so nice..geet and maan's love is literally aww..
i hope you write a complete ff because so mold all these incidents into one so beautifully..would love to read a complete story with romance, love and sadness from you..
have read only two of you os's..wanted to comment on the other one as well but my net was playing hide and coudn't comment that day
but seriously that was so beautiful as well...geet's feelings in the morning after first night after her weddingEmbarrassed
you write romantic scenes so cutely as wellBlushing..could keep reading and reading about them..
keep writing dear.. Approve

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wow its wonderful loved it

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would really love an arranged marriage type ff coming from you..where maan and geet are all shy and strangers and then get married..the complete journey from strangers to soulmates...with all the cute moments and fights between them..
hope you decide to write something like that one day...Day Dreaming a full fledged story..

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That was an amazing shot dear ..

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