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RiMa TS - Planning A Plan - Part 3 - Last Part on Page 21 (Page 8)

Pani.Puri IF-Rockerz

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I have replied to everyone's comment on previous pages . If you are interested you can check the replies else enjoy this chapter LOLLOL 

I am going to make it a 3S because I can't make it a SS or FF since it will consume a lot of time of mines and I can't give you my time maybe from the last week of April that is why I will keep this story to the point so that I can finish it within 3 updates . Here goes the 1st Part Tongue

P.S. - Ignore all type of grammatical and tense errors 

P.P.S. - All those new readers who are not in my friend list , Well I am sorry guys for not sending you PM . If you want PM for the other 2 parts then you can add me to your buddy list and please feel free to comment for this chapter . Thank You Embarrassed


*Year 2010 , Venice*

"RK Sir we are ready with the final changes for the next

 scene" , Arjun the director of the movie said

"OHK . So what's the scene??"

"Aryan (RK) will be standing under the chandelier waiting for

 Dia (movie's heroine Nysha) and Rohan (Yug , villain of the

 movie) will be standing near the staircase to know the answe

r of Dia . Dia will come running towards Aryan with a "Yes" ,

 making Rohan angrier and he will see that his friend , Aryan is

 standing under the chandelier and Rohan while giving an evil

 smirk to himself will go towards the chandelier's rope and he

 will cut the rope half way when suddenly his mobile ringtone

 will alert Aryan and Dia that someone else is also present

 here in the restaurant other than them. Rohan will hide

 himself from Aryan and Dia's gaze when suddenly Dia will

 notice that the chandelier is much below than its normal

 height and she will push Aryan and herself from the

 chandelier hitting them" , Arjun explained the scene to RK

"RK Sir ! So you want any other changes in this scene ??" ,

 Arjun asked to RK when he saw that RK dint say anything

 about the scene

"No ! the scene seems perfectly fine with me . We can start

 the shoot"

"OK Sir . And Sir don't worry ! The knife with which Yug sir

 will cut the chandelier's rope is blunt , so the rope will not cut

 and we will just shift the chandelier down during the scene ,

 so it's a completely safe scene"

"Yeah Arjun ! I trust you . Now get the shot ready"

"OHK Sir . Even Nysha and Yug are ready with their scenes"

"Scene 81 "Pyaar Aur Intiqaam" roll sound , camera and action"

The required scene for the movie was going perfectly fine

 until the rope cutting scene , when Yug was supposed to cut

 the rope halfway and his mobile was suppose to ring alerting

 RK and Nysha . But things went haywire when the knife with

 which the rope was supposed to be cut turned out to be a very

 sharp knife and it actually cut the rope shocking Yug to his

 wits end .

Yug saw that the chandelier's rope became loose which meant

 that it can fall any time on the ground .

"RK move aside ... The chandelier is gonna fall on you" , Yug

 said in a panic stricken voice and ran down stairs to push RK

 from under the chandelier

"CUT... Yug Sir ! This dialogue was supposed to be said by

 Nysha mam and not by you" , Arjun told Yug lookingin his

 direction when Arjun saw that Yug was not saying Nysha's

 dialogue but the truth

"RK move aside... The rope is actually been cut" , Arjun said

 to RK with a horror stricken face and ran towards him

RK looked upwards and saw the chandelier that was going to

 hit him  any time soon if he dint move from there , and he ran

 from under the chandelier when suddenly the chandelier came

 with a force and hit RK on his legs

"Ahhh..." , RK said and passed out because of the instant pain


*San Camillo Hospital , Venice*

RK opened his eyes and saw Arjun , Nysha , Yug and his

 Secretary standing there with worry written all over their


"RK how are you ??" , Dipli his secretary asked him with

 concern and helped him to sit

"I am fine Dips and stop worrying all of you . Please" , RK said

 with a smile

"Guys why are you all so sad ? Someone died or what ?? that

 you guys are mourning ??" , RK asked with a smirk when he

 saw that no one replied anything to his statement

"Dude I am extremely sorry . I don't know how that knife

 turned out to be a sharp one and how it fell on you" , Yug who

 was sitting on the chair kept besides RK's bed said with a guilt

"Chill dude . Its OK" , RK who had his leg plastered said with a

 smile while patting Yug's back from his bed

"No dude... It happened because of me"

"Arey !!! I said forget that incident . I am alive and fine , and

 that is more than enough" , RK said with an assurance

"I guess RK you should take rest . We will come later" , Nysha


"Yeah ! Even you all can go back to hotel and rest since its

 already late night . I will be here with RK " , Dipali said with

 an assurance

Dipali was RK's secretary since last 3 years and she loved him

 since then . She would take care of RK's schedule and office

 just like a dutiful wife in a hope that one day RK would

 recognise her love & care she had for him. But RK was

 ignorant of Dipali's feeling towards him since RK was already

 in a relationship with Madhu much before Dipali had become

 his secretary , and RK loved Madhu very much and so he would

 treat Dipali as one of his employee and would keep only

 professional attachment with her . Still Dipali would do things

 to make RK realise that she loved him , like she would bring

 coffee for him when she finds him exhausted with his work or

 she would just take him out to restaurant if he has skipped

 his  food because of his work .

RK takes his phone from the side table and dials a number with

 a smile

"Hello Rishu !! How are you ?? When did you gain consciousness

 ?? What did the doctors say about your injury ? Is the injury

 too deep ?? Is it paining too much ?? Rishu say something .

 Why aren't you saying something ??" , Madhu asked RK in a

 worried tone from the other side of the phone

"Time up Madhu"

"What ??"

"Yes ! Your time up is up for asking questions Madhu . Madhu !

 From the past 3 minutes you have asked me 5 questions and

 that too without a break . Madhu take a deep breathe and

 then shoot your questions" , RK said with a chuckle

"Shut up Rishu . Do you think that I am cracking some kind of

 joke at the middle of the night ??" , Madhu said angrily

"No sweetheart !! When did I say that you are cracking a joke

 ?? It's just I that I care for you , so I asked you to take a

 deep breathe because you asked me questions without pausing

 for breathe . And just tell me this that how do you expect me

 to answer your questions when you are non stop shooting your

 questions without giving me a chance to answer ??" , RK said

 with a hearty laugh


"Madhu I am fine and its just a minor injury , and you know

 that such things are common to happen with actors and

 directors in movies . Stop taking tension Madhu . At times I

 feel that after marriage I should stop acting because the

 amount of worry you take for me , makes me concern about

 you and your health"

"Rishu ! Why do you have to do such stunts risking your life ??

 Do you know if anything would have happened to you then I

 would have died" , Nadhu said breaking down

"Madhu Shhh... Stop crying . You know that I don't like to see

 you crying . And unluckily I am not there with you in India to

 wipe your tears . So please Madhu just stop crying . Acha I

 am  sorry . Next time I will take more safety and precautions

 while shooting any scene . If necessary I will take help of a

 body double . Now happy??" , RK said in a soft tone to assure


"Rishu please don't ever leave me" , Madhu said while

 controlling her sobs

"It's a promise Madhu . I will never leave you , and wherever I

 will go I will take you along with me . I love you Madhu and will

 always keep loving you"

"I love you too Rishu"

Before any one of them could speak another word RK's phones

 battery died

"Shittt this battery . Dips... Dips..." , RK shouted her name

"What happened RK ? Do you need anything ??" , Dipali asked

 RK while coming inside the room after dropping Yug , Nysha

 and Arjun outside the hospital

"Can I get your phone ? My phones battery is dead and I don't

 have its charger now"

"Of course RK . Here take my phone"

After Dipali gave her phone to RK , he messaged Madhu that

 he will call her tomorrow from his phone after charging his

 phones battery .

Madhu and RK were in a relationship since last 5 years . Madhu

 wanted to gift her parents a visit to Greece on their 25th

 marriage anniversary , so soon after completing her Bcom

 degree she was searching for a job . In the employment news

 she found out about the internship in RK industries . The

 internship was for 1 month and if the manager is happy with

 the interns hardwork and dedication then the interned

 student will land a job in RK industry and the orientation

 would be given by RK himself to the freshers . Madhu after

 completing the one month internhsip landed a job in RK

 industry and on the day of orientation she met RK for the

 first time . After the orientation was over , the manager was

 introducing the interned students to RK . When Madhu met

 RK , everything changed for them . That one meeting made RK

 and Madhu come closer to each other . It wasn't an instant

 love but that attraction was mutual and so both decided to

 know each other well before entering into a relationship .

 They became friends which made them to turn into best

 friends and they did all kinds of craziness which just made

 them come more closer to each other thus making them to

 enter into relationship . RK was bowled over by Madhu's

 principle , simplicity , honesty and beauty while Madhu fell for

 RK's honesty , caring and sweet nature along with his charming

 personality and a strikingly handsome face .

"Oh no ! I need to call Sultan and tell him not to worry about

 me else he will just take the whole world down with his anger"

 ,  RK murmured to himself and saying this he dialled Sultan's

 number from Dipali's phone .

"Hello Sultan ! Its me RK . My phones battery was dead so I

 am calling you from my secretary's phone"

"Thankgod Rishu that you called me up . Arjun had called me in

 the noon telling me about the accident but that time you were

 sleeping because of the injections so I was waiting for you to

 wake up so that I can call you . But its OK that you called me

 up . How are you Rishabh ? You just scared me . I feel like

 punching that Arjun for adding such a scene in the movie and

 Yug for his carelessness"

"Chill Sullu . You know that such mishaps are common on a

 movie set"

"But still RK . If anything would have happened to you then


"Leave all that Sullu , and listen to me carefully . Sullu ! Till

 the time my health is not fine and my movie doesn't get over

 just take care of the business . You know that how fondly Dad

 made this whole industrial and food chain business and how

 much he loved his business seeing it expanding so rapidly" , RK

 said with a smile

"Yeah Bro... Don't worry . I know you loved Dad so much that

 you want to always keep him happy wherever he is . Just chill

 and take rest Daddy's boy" , Sultan said with a chuckle

 making RK laugh

"Thanks Bro" 

"Oh comm'on Rishu !! Don't be so formal with me" 

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1. Rk is so sweet!!! So hot!! So rich!!
2. Rk & Madhu are so in love!!!
3. Dipali is a good girl which is fishy!!!
4. Sultan is clearly acting!!!
5. Rk loved his dad more... So that his weakness!!!
5. That chandelier dropping incident is preplanned!!!
6. Both Madhu & Sultan were not in Venice with Rk at the time of the events happening!!!
7. Madhu concern vaguely sounded fake ... Bcos sultan sounded the same too... Same set of questions... Same panicking act... 

1. Whether Madhu truly loves Rk?
2. Whether dipali has her own share in all this?
3. Whether dipali framed any shit to Madhu like she & rk were together? Madhu will feel cheated & took revenge on him...?
4. Is Rk blind to see sultan's true face??
5. Now the main issue is... How will Ishu complete this story in the next two parts??? Well first update really went in a fast forward mode... But still... A lot to reveal nah?? 

Sorry... I dont know Case Law or illustration to quote!!!

Judgement!! - 
Ishu J. will pass the judgement soon!

Critical analysis - I feel Rk is still alive... & he will order death sentence to sultan... & madhu will be arrested & kept in Rk's arms forever!! 


Loved the update!Clap
Great going!Tongue
Continue soon!Embarrassed

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Nithunavi IF-Dazzler

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Im second !!!

Hey !! This Rk is sooo sweet Blushing love himmm already...
Btwn dips is his faithful caring in love PA... I guess u too love in making dips always positive char like me... 
And Rk is too much in love with madhu... but wt abt her... Y does she wants a revenge... i.e to know & Im waiting for the story to unfold...
This Ullu he's one grt actor... he's so selfish & doesnt like his step bro... but loathes him & greedy for his money...
poor Rk he's unaware of it... 
I'm guessing acc to prologue...Rk will come back & avenge Ullu & finds abt madhu y she's helping sultan & may be dips helps him in his plan...coz i can she has so much of love for Rk...
I have no problem of no roamnce in this story but I wish atleast madhu & Rk be together at end & not dips & Rk... 
But lets see...wt r u going to give us...
totally...Suppperrrb update dear... Big smile

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sapnaf52 IF-Dazzler

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awesome update ishu.
so rishbala are in relationship
then what was happen that madhu want revenge?
so depali loves rk.
i have strong feeling, the knife get exchange (sharp) that was sultan plan.
waiting for next.
thanks for pm.
and pls pls don't kill rk in this story.just make that was his plan to expose sultan.

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Originally posted by RagingBlaze

Originally posted by -ChitraRocking-

my god this is the most shocking prologue i have var read yar Shocked   ROFLROFLROFL Thanks for making me feel proud of writing an extra ordinary prologue Evil SmileLOLLOL

gosh so that's how the story is gonna be rk dieing sullu getting all property n madhu happily taking revenge woah that sounds interesting hilarious n unbelievable all aroundWackoLOL but i hated the fact of rk dieingDisapprove well i personally believe that rk would come back after all h's our superstar  Cooln i dont think madhu could be so evil their had to be third angle to this story so i m waiting for that Wink   Lets see girl ! if your theory is correct or not Wink

n no dont worry even i m not expecting romantic angle my dear as its in every rishbala story so far LOLthough i love it Day Dreamingbut something different is always good so all the best i hope this story get more likes its nice concept very uniqueThumbs Up lots of love n thanks for pm friend !! Hug  Baby I really love you  bcz you are the first reader who actually want something different between Rishbala to happen and is ok with saying a no to love story between them . 

Thanks a lot dear for your awesome comments Embarrassed
he he great to know that Winkn welcome sweetheart Embarrassed

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-QueenlyChitra- IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 20 April 2016 at 9:22pm | IP Logged
awesome update
thanks for pm  Embarrassed
so rishbala were already in relationship
it seems they loved each other so much Ermmgod knows how it went to hatred n then so called revengeD'oh
nd this stupid despo dips she will always be after rk uff
rk's so called bro sullu ullu who dont deserve to be his brother as he always had evil plans to kill rk in his mind lols hows he's acting so calm and all good bro when he is bro k naam pe dhabba AngryROFL 

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Jyoraj IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 20 April 2016 at 9:39pm | IP Logged
RK and Madhu love each other, so why does Madhu want to take revenge?
who replaced the knife, is it Sultan?
waiting eagerly for the next part.

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snehalata Senior Member

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Posted: 20 April 2016 at 10:21pm | IP Logged
Waiting for next update

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