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RiMa TS - Planning A Plan - Part 3 - Last Part on Page 21 (Page 21)

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Originally posted by RagingBlaze

Thanks everyone . Story will be updated soon Tongue

when??? Date din aur time btaoLOL

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Originally posted by srksimran

Originally posted by RagingBlaze

Thanks everyone . Story will be updated soon Tongue

when??? Date din aur time btaoLOL

Aaj aur abhi ROFL
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"Where are you taking me sultan ? Are we crossing New Zealand

 by driving??" , Madhu asked irritated when she saw that since an

 hour Sultan was just driving his car

"Relax Madhu  ! We are just reaching the place for our perfect

 partnership to end"

"What??? I dint get you Sultan" , and saying so Sultan stopped

 his car and opened Madhu's side door to let her come out. 

When Madhu came out from the car she was shocked to see the

 environment around her

"Sultan why are we here at the cliff??" , Madhu asked scared

"So that we can kill you" , a voice said from behind Sultan and


"Dipali!!!!" , Madhu said in a shock

"Oh Hi sweetheart ! You are actually late baby by 5 minutes . But

 its OK" , Sultan said while hugging Dips and chastely kissed her


"Actually Madhu ! I thought that when your Ex BF has died in

 Wellington , then why to make you wait for so many days by

 going in India and then  kill you and unnecessary burden ourselves

 for your death expenditure ?? We can kill you here in the same

 country so that our work becomes easier. You really thought that

 I will give 10 percent of my share to a girl like you who could

 deceive anyone at any time??" , Sultan said menacingly after

 breaking the hug from Dipali

"Sultan !! You can't do this with me" , Madhu said angry and afraid

 at the same time

"Madhu I love you" , Dips and Madhu both looked shocked at

 Sultan's confession

"Yeah Madhu ! Being with you most of the time actually made me

 fell for you . Your beauty , your proud nature everything was

 just superb about you unlike other normal girls . I actually liked

 you from the first instance when I saw you in Rishabh's office 

, but you see my bro gets everything which I want , be it

 property or anything and that includes you also . But I can't be

 with you since you are an ambitious woman giving top priorities to

 your aim and ambition . I would have literally married you if you

 weren't that ambitious and money hungry , but what if I marry

 you and just like my bro you even deceive me and plan to kill me

 ?? Sorry Madhu darling ! I can't take that risk because I want to

 live a long long luxurious life . Baby we will definitely meet in the

 next birth" , and saying so he hugs her and kisses her on her

 cheeks and he tries to kiss on her lips but Madhu pushes him so

 hardly and slaps him hard across his cheeks 

"You bas***d ... You double crossed me . I will kill you"

"Madhu Madhu Madhu !! Right now it's you , who is going to die

 and not me . Well you see ! A girl who can never become my

 Bro's then how will she become anyone else's . A girl who

 deceived my bro can deceive me and I don't like such people who

 deceive Sultan Kundra . And baby now your days are over . Your

 Ex BF is in heaven and now even you can go there to give him

 company because I don't want my late bro RK to live alone . I am

 so sorry honey that I am unable to ask you your last wish

 because I don't trust an ambitious girl like you . What if , you

 asked me for your life as your last wish ?? I can't give you that

 and most importantly I can't fulfil your last wish since I have to

 enjoy this romantic night with Dips. You were my lucky charm

 baby , but now since RK is dead , so now I don't need you any

 more . Goodbye my Ex lucky charm 

"You cheated me.  I will not spare you Sultan..." , and saying so

 Madhu walks towards Sultan when Dipali suddenly comes in

 between her and Sultan and pushes off Madhu from the cliff and

 Madhu falls down from the cliff shouting for help

"Sorry Madhubala your time is up from this planet" , Dips said

 with an evil smirk and entwining her fingers with Sultan she went

 from there

Madhu screams for help but Sultan and Dips laugh evilly and goes

 from there . Madhu was still hanging in mid-air shouting for help

 . Her grip was loosening from the bark of the tree which she was

 holding . Now she knew that her death was near

"RK I love you and will always keep loving you" , and saying so she

 left the grip from the tree and closed her eyes waiting to hit the

 ground when she felt a strong hand gripping her palms tightly .

 She opened her eyes to look at her saviour 


"Madhu keep holding my hand tightly . I am bringing you up"

RK after a lot of efforts pulled up Madhu and hugged her tightly

"RK" , Madhu cried on his chest

"Shhh Madhu ! Calm down . Nothing has happened and nothing will

 happen to you" , RK said while ruffling her hair

"I thought I am gonna die" , Madhu said while controlling her sobs

"How can I let you die Madhu when I am alive"

"RK !! Now what ??

"When I am here then , there is nothing to fear . Now the scores

 will get even" , RK said while holding Madhu closely to him as if

 his life depended on her

"Let's go home Madhu . I want to finish this climax scene soon"

And saying so they drove off from there 

*At RK's Secret Hideout*

"Rishu I am scared for you" , Madhu said while laying down on bed

 with RK and drawing patterns on his chest with her fingers

"Madhu nothing will happen . Trust me . And now things are at its

 final stage , so let's get over with it because I am really tired of

 all this nonsense" , RK said while ruffling Madhu's hair

"RK just make sure that whatever you do is done with great

 cautiousness , because I don't want to  lose you" , Madhu said while looking up at RK with her tear filled eyes

"Hey Madhu ! Stop getting emotional . Don't you trust me ? I

 promise nothing will happen to you and me"

"RK what about the confession from Sultan ?"

"Oh about that I love you one ?? Don't worry , he can never get

 serious about any girl . So chill"


"Let's go to sleep Madhu because tomorrow the curtains will be

 down on this whole act"

*Next Day At RK Mansion*

Sultan comes to RK mansion without Dipali and was waiting for the

 lawyer to get his signatures on the papers which mentioned that

 now after RK's death the whole property belongs to Mohan

 Kundra's youngest son , when suddenly lawyer came with the


"So Mr. Lawyer ! Give me the papers and I will sign it now only

 since I will be busy later on with press conference and all" ,

 Sultan said excited  

"I'm sorry sir , but you can't get this property"

Sultan is shocked to listen this and looks angrily at the lawyer.

"Why ??? Why will I not get this property ???" , Sultan held the

 lawyers collar in anger

"Because till the time your Big Bro is alive , then how can the

 younger brother get the property??", RK said with his trademark

 smirk standing at the main door of RK Manison with Madhu

Sultan gets shocked on seeing RK and Madhu alive 

"RKKK" ,  was the only word that came from Sultan's mouth

RK came forward and signalled the lawyer to go back 

"Do you know a universal rule Sultan ?? Well the universal rule is

 that , a hero can never die in a movie" , RK said while sitting on

 the sofa , "and since hero remains alive till the end of the movie

 then how can his heroine die leaving hero all alone ??"

"Sultan you thought that you were planning a plan to kill RK ???

 But I am so sorry to break your heart . It's we , who were

 planning a plan" , Madhu said with a smirk sitting beside RK

 holding his hands

"Well this was all a masterplan from your big bro , my sweet little

 step bro . You thought that you are smart , But but but you

 forgot that your big bro is more smarter than you afterall I am

 the son of Mohan Kundra" , RK said with an attitude

"Madhu ! Just look at Sultan's face . He is looking so lost and

 clueless as to what is happening around him" , RK said with a

 chuckle to which Madhu had a hearty laugh

"Then RK ! Why don't you clear Sultan's confusion ?? Let's start

 from the scratch" , Madhu said feigning innonce

"Hmmm ! So let's start from the first step . Well Sultan you

 remember that in 2010 in Venice I had a minor accident from the

 chandelier ?? Ofcourse bro you will remember it very well .

 Uhhh what kind of stupid question I am asking Sultan" , RK

 slightly hit his head by saying so

"Well sultan that day at hospital when I was talking to Madhu my

 phones battery went off and so I asked Dips for her mobile . I

 wanted to message to Madhu that I will call her the next day and

 talk to her from my phone so to message Madhu I unlocked Dips

 phone and I accidentally swiped the screen which opened her

 Whatspp and thanks to Dips that she never kept password for

 her WA . Well !! So her WA showed me her messages where it

 was a message by you that the knife has been replaced with a

 sharp one and I am sure that today my sweet big bro will die .

 At first I couldn't believe it and honestly speaking I dint believe

 it , so I dismissed such ill thoughts that you would hurt me and

  I texted Madhu that I will call her the next day and when I was

 going to dial your number to tell you to not worry about me ,

 then in call logs I saw your number and the no of times you have

 called Dips . I got shocked that Dips has your number with most

 no of calls . This meant that you and Dips knew each other from

 before and that to very very well" , RK said with a smirk

"After my shoots when we came back to India , I knew that

 someday or the other day Dips will meet you and so I fixed

 microchip in Dipali's dress so that I can hear her conversation

 with you . And after coming back to India the same thing

 happened . After 2-3 days she finally met you and then I came

 to know about your real truth Sultan" , RK said while gritting his


"RK caught her one day when she was returning after meeting you

 and she got scared to see RK and me knowing her truth . We

 showed Dips the recordings of her meetings with you and her WA

 chats and call logs as a proof , that the Venice incident was done

 by her and you . She got shit scared and she was apologizing to

 RK . She told us that how you had sent Dips to RK's office for

 the secretary post to keep an eye on him . Though she had fallen

 for RK but then money overpowered her sense of judgement and

 she fell in your trap Sultan to become rich. Well when she came

 to know that we have caught her red handed with proofs against

 her then RK made a plan to see your real face and he threatened

 Dipali to act as normal as possible with you and us . After that

 whenever Dips met you , she was supposed to pass all the

 information about you and your planning like what was your next

 step to kill rk etc etc and to make sure that Dips doesn't double

 cross us , RK made the plan to throw me out of his life" , Madhu

 said while smiling at RK



*RK's Cabin*

"RK I don't trust this Dips . What if she double crosses us ??" ,

 Madhu said deep in thoughts while standing near the window

 looking at the skyscrapers

"Hmm Madhu you are right . And I am getting impatient to know

 that why Sultan did all this?" , RK said coming closer to Madhu

 and holding her from her shoulder

"So what should we do then ? We need to plan something RK ,

 because I doubt Dips"

"Chill Madhu ! Nothing bad will happen , because I hate you

 Madhu" , RK said with a smirk

"What ??? I dint get you RK" , Madhu said looking confused when

 she saw RK smirking his trademark smirk to which she instantly


"So what's the plan Mr. actor ??"

*Flashback Ends*

"And so I gave Madhu the fake bids secret so that she can sell it

 off , then humiliated her for deceiving me being my GF . She got

 so angry that she went to the same bar where you always went ,

 just to put the next step of the plan in action . I was standing

 outside the bar only to tell Madhu that when you enter the bar

 she can start her acting of hating me and killing me and blah blah

 . Then when you entered in the bar I gave a miss call to Madhu

 telling her that you have entered the bar and then she started

 her acting and vowed for revenge from me , then you saw her

 and shook your hands with her to kill me . You thought that we

 both have broken up?? But you are wrong we were always

 together , like how you and Dips were together . And that is how

 your plan to kill me always backfired because Madhu would tell me

 that how you are planning to kill me . And that day when you

 were telling Madhu your reasons to hate me , she had secretly

 called me on her phone and I was listening to whatever you were

 saying  through her phone 

"But you know Sultan , I was getting bored of this chase game .

 So I thought to perform one final stunt to get the cat out of the

 bag . I was planning to let something big happen but thankfully

 you yourself planned for something extravagant - the bomb blast

 . I always knew about your plans because of Madhu and that day

 in Wellington when you were planning with Madhu to replace the

 toy bomb with the original one , I threatened Diplai to actually

 place the real bomb in my car with the toy bomb. And the spot

 boy who brought the bomb to David and Mathew was the real

 bomb , but its wire were already cut . And before the toy bomb

 was supposed to blast I jumped out from the car and laid down

 on the floor with my torn clothes so that it looked that I am

 dead . Madhu have already taken the doctor on our side and so

 the doctor who checked me in the hospital told a lie that I am

 dead . On the funeral day I told Dips to place a dummy when I

 was supposed to be burnt on the pyre and warned Dips not to

 open her filthy mouth before anyone" , RK told Sultan who was

 looking all shocked with all these revelations 

"And yesterday when you called Dips to tell her that Madhu is

 going to be dead now , well I was listening to this whole

 conversation because I was with Dipali only . I messaged Madhu

 that you are gonna kill her and so she was ready with her part .

 And When you were coming to the cliff with Madhu  and you

 messaged Dips , then I was with Dips and before coming here I

 hid in cars trunk and told Dips to be normal like she should be

 with you . Yes Sultan ! Madhu knew that you are gonna take her

 to the cliff to give her a final goodbye . When Dips came out of

 the car and you 3 were having your dialogues then I came out

 from the cars trunk and hid in the bush waiting for the right

 moment . Then Dips pushed Madhu and she went with you and I

 came from behind the bush and saved her . Though it was risky 

, but it was adventurous . Isn't it Madhu??" , RK asked with a


"After we came back safe last night , RK called DGP and gave

 Dipali's proof . So your sweetheart Dipali is in jail and RK has

 shifted her case on fast track court infact he tipped the judges

 to give her life imprisonment or hang to death . Now only you are

 left Sultan so why you should be roaming freely ?? Don't you

 think so Sultan that even you should go to your GF Dipali and give

 her company in jail?? , Madhu said with a wicked smile  

"What say Sultan Kapoor?? You were never worthy of Kundra

 surname , so I snatch that surname Kundra from you" , RK said

 in a bitter tone

"Bravo RK Bravo !!! You literally fooled me . I am admitting this

 now that you are a great master planner RK" , Sultan said while

 laughing hysterically 

"Sultan if this money was everything for you then you could have

 asked me . I would have given everything to you . Why did you

 wanted me to die??"

"I am not a beggar RK that I will ask you to give me money . I

 will snatch everything from you . Your love , your life everything

 because killing you will give me inner satisfaction that now late

 Mohan Kundra has only one son named Sultan and my mom will get


"This is not what is called justice Sultan"

"Why not ?? What did Mohan think of my mom as ?? A wh**e or a

 prostitute . He could have married my Mom , but he never

 married her plus he always had more love for you than me just

 because you were his legitimate child . But not now , because now

 legitimate or illegitimate - Mohan will have only one son called


"There is no point Sultan to tell you that how much I love you as

 my little bro because you will never understand that . I relaised

 that this defect of hatred in you is by birth and over these 6

 years from the day of venice accident I realised that even if I

 do evrything for you still your hatred for me will never subside .

 So I have already given up on you to reform you . You have

 crossed all levels of your hatred against me so you will never be

 able to see my love for you . You have mentally become sick

 Sultan in your revenge" , RK said with pure disgust

RK takes out the gun from his jacket to shoot him but Sultan

 helds Madhu by her side blocking RK to shoot at him

"Madhubala I am so sorry that I thought you to be a gold digger

 and a cheater . You are quite a committed and a loving woman

 and that I can see now with the way you have helped your lover

 by fooling me . I thought so bad about you but no worries now I

 can marry you after killing your lover . What say ??"

"Sultan leave Madhu !! She has nothing to do in all this . She did

 what I told her . Don't harm her please" , RK said in a panic

 stricken voice

"I will not harm her elder bro . I am taking her with me forever .

 And will you keep your f**king gun down because you are just

 scaring my soon to be wife"

"Sultan just leave her"

"RK ! Seeing you begging infront of me gives me immense pleasure

 . Once I kill you then I can live a happy life forever"

RK kept the gun down but pulled the trigger and he slowly bent his

 hands down on the floor to keep the gun when suddenly the bullet

 made its way from the gun making Sultan loose his grip from

 Madhu and seeing this as an opportunity , Madhu bit Sultan's

 hand and ran towards RK and hugged him


"Madhu are you alright??"

"Yeah am fine"

RK saw that Sultan was going to pick up the gun when he hit

 Sultan with his hands and punched Sultan in his stomach and

 pushed him to the other side . Sultan held RK from his feet and

 hit him with his leg in his stomach making RK shriek in pain .

 Madhu saw this as an opportunity and called the police

 immediately . The fight between Sultan and RK was going on when

 police came and held Sultan who was struggling to get out from

 police's grip . Madhu came towards RK and hugged him 

Sultan hit the constable with his legs to which the grip from

 Sultans hands loosened and Sultan saw this as anopportunityy and

 ran towards the main door

"Sultan stop running else I will shoot you" , theDGP said in a loud

 voice but Sultan dint pay any heed to DGP's words and DGP shot

 him then and there . And the bullet hit at Sultan's head making

 him die on the spot

DGP freaked out with what happened but RK came to his rescue


"DGP just tell your higher authority's that an unknown men killed

 Sultan when he was driving his car . After few days I will tell

 your authorities that I want to close this case since it pains me

 to see Sultan's name every now and then in the newspaper and

 amongst peoples gossip . Is that clear??"

"OK RK Sir . I will keep Sultan's dead body in his car and keep

 his car at a deserted place"

*After 2 Years*

After the Sultan fiasco RK held a press conference the next day

 and told them that the bomb scene was all just for the movie and

 he was required to create such hype of his death and this all was

 a part of the movie but media mistook it and published all such

 stories about RK's death . Basically RK kept the press conference

 to tell that he was alive and he always kept that last night as a

 secret .

"Rishu ... Rishu wake up . I have made your favourite uttapam .

 Come soon else it will get cold" , Madhu shouted from the kitchen

"Rishu Rish ... Suddenly she felt a pair of strong arms on her


"Hmmm Biwi ! I know uttapam is hot but the person who made

 utappam is more hot than uttapam . Can I taste you rather than

 this uttapam ?? Eating you will also satisfy hunger"

"Sheee rishu stop talking all horny in the morning itself . You have

 to go for your shoots also right ??" , Madhu said while facing RK

"What kind of a wife are you ? Instead of romancing with your

 Pati , you want him to go to work??" , RK said with a cute pout

"Awww my baby felt bad . OK lets do one thing , that when you

 will come back home in the evening then we will do romance .

 Happy??" , Madhu said while pulling RK's cheeks

"Yes Biwi ! That's OK . Infact in the evening we will be planning a


"Planning a plan ?" , Madhu asked confused

"Yes Biwi planning a plan ! That how many kids we want" , RK said

 with a chuckle to which Madhu blushed

"Ohk we will plan for our kids . Now eat this uttapam"

"Yes Mam" , and saying so RK took uttapam in the spoon and fed

 half of it to Madhu and the other half to himself . 

I hope you enjoyed this TS Wink

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Yay me first againDancing

Woaahhh...Ishu you are becoming a tremendous thriller writerClapClapClap...Hahahaha Honestly i can't stop laughing on Deepali's situationROFL...she helped both of them by giving each and every update of Sultan's plan and at last what happened with her she ended up in a prison hahahha...perfect she deserves thatLOLLOLLOL

I knew from the beginning that Madhu is acting...thanks for not making her a vamp...or else I would have eaten you just kidding bae.WinkWinkWink...even i doubted Deepali...but How you implemented the story was superb...phoonk phoonk ke kadam rakhein hain tumne

Loved the brief romance...thanks for including the romantic moments alsoWink

Well what kind of lawyer you want to become...let me guess you will become a criminal lawyer as far as I can seeLOLLOLLOL

Loved this TS...keep writing such stories dear
Thanks for the PM Ishu
Love you

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omg what a tremendous update dear.

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madhurish IF-Sizzlerz

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Kuddos to you baby...ClapClap for successfully completing this brilliant story in 3 parts unlike me... i say 2 shot & give 4 shots... LOLLOL
Mind boggling update! ClapClap

though we all were so sure that Rk was not dead right from the first update you still made us wonder what was the actual plan... WinkLOL

showing Madhu evil & Dipali a good good girl was the highlight of this story... LOLLOL

well, few thing i guessed after reading the second part but not fully... like how Rk found out abt Sultan's evil intention... never thought that 6 yrs back venice accident & the hospital room scene, Rk asking dips phone was the key to the mystery... so he found out everything then itself but Rk acted brilliantly showing he knew nothing abt that... that's why he is our superstar nah!WinkWink 

Rk executed the plan pretty well & fool Sullu... LOLLOL 
poor dips got stuck between two borthers... she loved Rk but madhu stole him... so she thought to favour sultan at least to get some huge bucks... but crap! LOLLOL 

i felt like killing sultan when he said he liked madhu...want to marry her but when she deceived her brother for money then why not she do the same with him & tried to kill her...DeadDead 
that madhu hanging on the branch of tree & Rk hiding behind the bushed & jumping in on time & saving her like a hero scene was quite filmy..LOLLOL 

All your madhu's are smart yaar... she played the role given to her quite well... she spontaneously called the cops too & Sultan got killed by the DIG... Sultan ran from the DIG to DIG hole in the graveyard i guess...LOLLOL 

everything was so amazing about this story... but the best plan will be their plan to make babies...BlushingBlushing

Thanks for giving us this interesting story to read! u r truly a brilliant writer! ClapClap

love uHug

Edited by madhurish - 30 April 2016 at 10:14am

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vishti4eva Goldie

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Posted: 29 April 2016 at 1:58pm | IP Logged
wonderful update the plan

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Insaneniyu IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 29 April 2016 at 3:16pm | IP Logged
Amazing story
Loved d end Smile

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