Madhubala - Ek Ishq Ek Junoon


Madhubala - Ek Ishq Ek Junoon
Madhubala - Ek Ishq Ek Junoon

RiMa TS - Planning A Plan - Part 3 - Last Part on Page 21 (Page 14)

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I have replied to everyone's comment on previous pages . If you are interested you can check the replies else enjoy this chapter LOLLOL 

P.S. - Ignore all type of grammatical and tense errors 

P.P.S. - All those new readers who are not in my friend list , Well I am sorry guys for not sending you PM . If you want PM for the other 2 parts then you can add me to your buddy list and please feel free to comment for this chapter . Thank You Embarrassed




*After 8-9 months of Venice Accident , one fine day in RK's office*



"RK please calm down" , Dips said

"No Dips I cant calm down . I don't know how did the company's secret went to the 3rd party ?? 4 tenders Dips ... 4 tenders and that too back to back slipped from my hand" , RK said exhausted while keeping his hands on his head

"RK don't loose hope"

"Wait a second . Other than you , me , Madhu and Sultan no one knew about the lowest bids that I was going to put for those 4 collaborated project . Isn't it ????  So it means that someone amongst you 3 did this ??" , RK said suddenly with a thought

"RK ... How could you say such things ??" , Dips asked with a hurt visible on her face

"Why cant I ask such things Dips ?? You only tell me that , other than we 4 no one else knew about the company bids and its only we 4 who knew that I was gonna do collaborated business with those 4 company's by putting the lowest bid . Isn't it ??" , RK said 

"Fine . Your doubt is justified since here the matter is of 175 crores of money on those 4 projects"

"Dips ! Its not about 175 crores of money . Money never mattered to me . its about the trust that I had on you 3 and one of you back stabbed me and my trust" , RK said with a pain of betrayal visible on his face

"Fine RK !!! If you feel that amongst the 3 of us any one has broken your trust then , why don't you ask those 4 company's head that who gave them our lowest bids ?? You will get to know about that traitor" , Dipali said with a thought 




*After 2 days in RK's office*


RK was coming out of his cabin in a very foul mood since he got to know abut the traitor and Dipali was trying her best to make RK calm and compose whereas whole staff on that particular floor were just seeing RK in a foul mood for the first time . It was unusual for the staff to see a sweet and a happy guy in such a sad and foul mood so they all gathered around RK to know if he is fine and if anything is bothering him , when suddenly Madhu came there to meet RK

"Rishu how are you ?"

"How do you I look to you Madhu ??"

"Chill RK . Everything will be fine" , Madhu said understanding his condition

"Yes Madhu !! Everything has to be fine now , since I got to know about that traitor who told the company bids to those 3rd party" , RK said in a disgusted voice to which Madhu looked at him shock

"So Madhubala Malik ! What do you have to say about all this ??" , RK said in a bit louder voice

Madhu's all blood drained out from her face and she looked that RK's whole staff was looking at her curiously to know if she was the one who is responsible for their RK sir's condition

"RK can we talk about this in your cabin . You are just creating a scene and insulting me"

"Insult ... Madhubala you are talking about insult . Insult is what you did to my love . Yes Madhu you insulted my love" , RK said in anger showing how deeply he was hurt by Madhu's act

"RK please ! Let's talk calmly inside your cabin"

"No Madhu no ... Unlike you , I don't do things behind the back and secretly . Whatever I do , I do infront of all without keeping any secret . Why did you do this Madhu ?? Why ?? You were my love on whom I trusted more than myself but you cheated my trust ? For what reason you did this ?? To get money and more money ??" , RK said breaking down

"RK listen to me once . RK you know that before marrying you I wanted my own house with my own  money" , Madhu said with cry

"And so you thought to get the money for yourself by selling my company's bids secretly to others . Isn't it??"

Madhu hangs her head down with tears in her eyes . And here the whole staff was gossiping about her

"What happened Madhubala ?? Why have you hung your head down ? Are you feeling ashamed to make any eye contact with me ??" , RK said with a taunt

"It's so strange Madhu that you dint felt ashamed even for once while breaking my trust , but now you are feeling ashamed . I don't know where my love for you went wrong" , RK said with tears in his eyes which could flow any time soon from his eyes

"You could have asked me the money Madhu and I would have given it to you happily because whatever is mines is yours or I could have told the manager to increase your salary or I could have granted you a loan with minimal EMI . But you back stabbed me and cheated me and my trust . I am not sad about this fact that you gave those secrets to 3rd party because you wanted to buy your own bungalow . I am sad about this fact that you back stabbed me , cheated me and my trust  . You made a mockery of my love"

"RK I am sorry"

"No Madhu . I am sorry for trusting a girl and falling in love with a girl like you. Once a trust is broken cant be repaired"

"RK Sir leave this girl to us . We will give her the brutal punishment for breaking your trust and making you sad" , one of the staff members said to RK who was angry with what Madhu did to their boss

"No Mrs Khanna . No one will say anything to her nor anyone will do anything to her" , RK said in a panic tone with a fear that if someone might hurt his Madhu

"Why Sir ? You are still saving her inspite of what she did with you" , another staff member said

"Because I can't forget her and still I have those feelings for her even though she forgot about her love and promises she made to me" , RK said in a sad tone 

"Our relationship is over Madhu . Now there is nothing left between us . You can work in this company like you were working previously . I will not throw you out of this company since I can't be like you . At one point of time my love for you was true and I can't break your trust" , RK said in a dejected voice 

"RK please just give me one chance . I became blind for my priorities and ambitions" , Madu said in a pleading voice

"And I became blind in your love madhu that now it's me who is feeling the pain , who is suffering the most"

"RK I am sorry" , Madhu said while blocking RK's way but he paid no heed to her pleadings and walked away from her

Madhu sat down on the floor crying when she heard the murmurs of RK's staff , who were gossiping about her greedy and selfish character . She stood up from her position and saw the staff's mocking smile on her and she went away from there .


*After 4-5 days*

Sultan came to meet RK at his upcoming movies set and saw him all lost when the director was narrating him the movie scene

"RK ... RK..." , Sultan shakes him by his shoulder to bring him out of his thoughts

"Bro ! The director is telling you a scene and you are all lost . You are still thinking about that Madhu ? Isn't it ??" , Sultan asked RK in a soft voice

"Yeah . I am thinking about Madhu . Why did she do this with me . Is money everything in life ? Is money so important that it makes you forget your good side , your relationships with others ??" , rk asked Sultan with hurt

"RK you are too good that is why she misused your goodness and trust and such bitches aren't worth over to be cried upon . So Bro ! Just forget all this and just forget that bitch"

"I can't forget her Sultan and stop calling her slang's . Since 5 years we were in relationship and yet she back stabbed me . I don't know where my love went wrong for her ??"

"RK you can't act like a Devdas . Why are you letting her affect you . ? You will get the best girl so just stop giving that bitch ... I mean Madhu importance since everything is over between you two"

"I guess you are right Sultan"



*The Same Day at Purple Night Pub*

"I hate you RK" , Madhu said while sitting on the chair and playing with her Vodka glass

"Agreed that I stole those bids and broke your trust but you could have atleast  given me another chance . No ... Instead you humiliated me in front of your whole staff"

"I feel like taking revenge form you for my humiliation"

"Then take it" , a known voice said from behind her


"Revenge .. You wanted to take revenge on RK then take it"

"What are you doing here Sultan???"

"You know this is my favourite pub and so , I often come her but today I saw something very interesting in this pub . And that is you"

"Just get the hell out from my sight" , Madhu said holding her glass in anger

"Don't be so angry Madhu . You hate my brother and not me .So have that courtesy to talk to me with a politeness" , Sultan said with a coy smile which was making Madhu irritate to her hearts core 

And both of them remained silent for few minutes and Sultan ordered his Martina Mandarina

"I never wanted to steal those bids but I had to steal it because of your bro RK" , Madhu said after few minutes

"Because of RK .. I dint get you" , Sultan said looking at her all confused

"He wanted to marry me after 5-6 months but I want my own house before I marry him and I had told him this . I told him to wait for another one year but he wasn't ready to wait . And I cant let RK go from my hand" , Madhu said while sipping her Vodka

"Go from your hand..." , again Sultan asked her all confused

"What do you think that I am doing from the past 5 years with RK ??? I want his money and not him . I never loved him . All I loved was his money . It took all my patience and will to be a good girl infront of him . I entered into a relationship so that I can fulfill my priorities , my ambitions but since last year , RK is hell bent on marrying me and I don't want to get married to him that soon . Last year somehow I succeeded in making him not to marry me but after his Venice accident he is just hell bent on marrying me . And before marriage I want my own 1500 acres bungalow , a Range Rover and a BMW series , one penthouse in Bahamas and all this needs money" , Madhu said with a passion to owe all these things   

"You know the biggest problem with your handsome elder brother RK is , that he trusts people so easily . For him relationship , trust , happiness values the most and so its easy to fool him but for me money , power , authority matters the most " , Madhu said with a sly smile

"Oh my god ... You are a great player than me . All this while I thought that you actually loved my bro but you were fooling him . I must touch your feet Madhubala . No once can be a bigger scoundrel than you Madhubala" , Sultan said with great amazement

"Hmm ! I never knew this that you are an ambitious women who keeps ambition as her first priority"

"I am taking it as a compliment . And if you want , you can go and tell your bro about all this . I don't care a damn because anyways he has to pay the price for humiliating me infront of his staff" , Madhu said while sipping the last drop of Vodka in anger

"What if I help you in fulfilling your revenge plan ?"

"I dint get you Sultan"

"Well you have started hating my bro and I already hate my bro . Now if the destination is same then why to go with different cars ? Lets do carpooling . Shake hands with me Madhubala and I will help you in taking revenge from RK" , Sultan said with a smirk

"And what if you back stabbed me ?" , Madhu asked him with a wry smile

"I can ask you the same question Madhubala and infact you have already back stabbed my bro so it should be me , who should be cautious from you" , Sultan said with a taunt

"Fine . I will help you to fulfill your priorities along with my revenge"

"That's awesome then . Partners ??" , Sultan said forwarding his hand

"Partners" , Madhu said while shaking her hand firmly with Sultan

"Come I will drop you home" , Sultan said while getting up from his seat

"You are my partner only for RK's destruction and not for anything else . So don't try to act smart with me" , Madhu said haughtily

"Ohk . I just asked you in a friendly way . I am sorry"

"You don't need to be . You are driving the car or you want me to drive the car ??" , Madhu asked with a wink to which Sultan smirked

"I want revenge from RK because he humiliated me . But why do you want revenge from RK ??? He is your elder bro and he loves you very much" , Madhu asked Sultan while they were in the car

"Because he is my step brother . RK's father Mohan Kundra was a well known movie director and a hotel businessman  . And I was the result of Mohan and famous yesteryear fashion designer Meera Kapoors i.e my Mom's illegitimate relationship . Radha Kundra was Mohan's legally wedded wife and she knew how this Bollywood industry worked with every other producer or actor having an illegitimate relationship , so she wasn't shocked with the revelation of my mom and her husbands affair . My mom died after giving birth to me so Mohan bought me to his house since I was his own blood , although illegitimate . Radha gave both of us motherly love and RK used to be a very protective brother to me . He loved me very much and always acted like a big brother , But I never liked RK nor Radha for the simple reason that because of Radha and RK my mom never got the deserved place in Mohan's life and she was always that second woman in Mohan's life (this is what Sultan felt ) . Things took an ugly turn when Radha and Mohan died in a plane crash and Mohan had already made a will when he was alive for future circumstances , where he mentioned all his property , business and everything worth 200 Billion Dollars in the name of RK . When I got to know about the will in which everything was named in favour of RK , I was furious and hatred filled my heart against RK , making me lose all my sanity . Mohan had made a clause in the will that if anything happens to RK or RK died a natural or an accidental death then all the property would be transferred to their younger son Sultan i.e Me . And this is how I felt that killing RK and getting the entire property of 200 Billion Dllars would be a justice and a tribute to my dead mother" , Sultan said acting like a psycho making Madhu shock to her wits end 

"Don't worry Madhubala ! Once RK is dead and I get all his property then I will give you 10 percent from the property and you can get your dream house and your dream car" , Sultan said while focusing on the road

"Hmmm" , is the only thing that could come out of Madhu's mouth

After shaking hands with Sultan , they almost made 10-11 plans to kill RK . But every time he survived and their plan to kill RK got foiled , which increased Sultan's hated for his brother to the core  


*Year 2015 ,Turkey*  

Breaking news

Superstar RK got severely injured in a fatal accident . The incident occurred around 1 pm when superstar RK was driving back to his farmhouse after the shoot and a speeding truck was coming from the opposite side hitting RK's car badly . Its said that the driver wanted to turn his truck towards another side but the truck's brake were not working and so the driver couldn't alert the passengers and he rammed his truck into RK's car hitting RK very badly . The truck driver is absconding but the hunt is on to nab him . Right now we are standing outside Wake Feild Hospital where superstar RK is getting treated .

Meanwhile at some other place a man throws of the remote in anger

"Damn ... Again this RK got saved . Again my plan to give him death backfired at me"

"Calm down Sullu . If this plan flopped then we can make another plan" , Madhu said this to Sultan while calming him down

"No Madz no .. This was the second attempt of killing RK but again he deceived death"

"Second attempt..." , Madhu asked curiously

"Yeah second attempt ... Venice one was the first attempt" , Sultan said switching off the TV

"That means it was you , who did all that and RK landed in hospital" , Madhu asked to Sultan

"Yes ! It was me . Money can do everything in the world . I had kept one of my men in RK's shooting team who would tell me about the movie scene and what all was RK's schedule , where he would go , what he did etc etc , so that I can plan my trick accordingly . That day I told that man of mines to exchange the blunt knife with a very sharp one when I got to know about the chandelier scene. But luck favoured him that time and luck favoured him this time also" , Sultan said with a proud smile as if he has won an Olympic medal

"But not for long RK . Luck will not favour you again and again" , Sultan said menacingly

"So?? What's the plan ??? How are you gonna kill RK now ??" , Madhu asked curiously 

"Just wait and watch" , Sultan smirked evilly

"Whatever is your plan just make sure that RK isn't alive"

"Of course Madhubala ! No one can come between me and my aim . I will make sure that RK is dead this time once and for all" , Sultan said with determination

*At  Wake Field Hospital*

"Thank god RK that you are alive and OK . I was so scared for you . If anything would have happend to you then what would have happened to me??" , Dipali said to rk when she saw rk gaining conciousness

"what ?" , Rk asked in a surprised tone

"I mean what would have happened to your business and your shootings ??" , Dipali said to RK

"Chill Dipali ! Nothing will happen to me nor my business and shoots . I am alive and fine infront of you" , RK said with a smile to which Dipali gave a hesitant smile

"RK I don't think so that this was an accident . It looks like a planned conspiracy" , Dipali said after sometime to RK who was busy checking some files while laying on hospital bed

"What do you mean by that Dips ?"

"I mean RK just look at it . That absconding driver had the whole empty road to turn his truck then why did he just rammed his truck in your car while turning ?"

"Comm'on Dips his breaks were failed"

"So ?? If his trucks brake had failed then he could have honked the trucks horn to alert you that the vehicle behind you is either in a hurry to go or some problem is there with the vehicle but he dint even honked his horn so it means that he did this on purpose to kill you" , Dipali said to RK

"Dips you just think too much . Don't use your brains for wrong things . Its nothing like that"

"RK why don't you use your brain . If your cars brake had failed then wouldn't you honk your cars horn to alert the vehicle ahead of you ? It's a common sense"

"But Dips why would a truck driver want to kill me ? I haven't even met him nor I have caused him any sort of harm??"

"But a truck driver can do it on someone else's saying"

"What do you mean Dips"

"Maybe Madhu had tried to kill you ? Because you humiliated her infront of the staff and after you went from there , the whole staff was making fun of her and calling her names . So maybe out of anger she did this ?"

"Dipali how will Madhu do all this ? She doesn't even know that I am here in Turkey . Dipali please stop all this . It was just anaccident and nothing else and moreover I guess Madhubala has moved on in her life" , RK said with a solemn look  

"There was no planning in this so stop using your detective brain"


*Year 2016 , Wellington , New Zealand*

RK was in Wellington to shoot for his upcoming Hollywood movie "Ploy" 

"RK sir the next scene is ready" , David their movie director said

"RK Sir ! You along with Jennifer Lawrence will be chasing your car which had a bomb planted in it and you and Jenni mam will somehow succeed in opening her sides car door and you will tell her to jump out of the car . At first she will be reluctant to leave without you , but you will assure her that you will just drop this car somewhere out of human's range and after your assurance , Jenni mam will jump from the car . You will chase the car to a secluded area where there will be no people and as soon the bomb's time will show "10 seconds left" , you will jump out of the car and run from there and you will come to the spot where Jenni mam will be standing in anxiety , and when she will see you alive she will just run and hug you and you both will have an emotional reunion" , David told the upcoming scene to RK and Jennifer and  they both nodded their head in  agreement

"David what about the bomb and when do I have to jump out of the car ??" , Jennifer asked while getting her make-up done

"Mam this is not a bomb but just a toy bomb which we will use while shooting your and RK Sir's scene . And while the scene will be filmed our VFX team with the help of computer and their software will create a bomb on the computer which we will later be edited and placed in the place of that toy bomb so that the audience will get excited to see a real bomb"

"Ohk . So RK can we start the shoot ?" Jennifer asked

"Sure Jenni"

The scene was going all perfect till the countdown of the bomb began .

"David Sir , the toy bomb is ready we can fix it in the car" , one of the spot boy told David

David looked at the spot boy in shock

"What ?? If you have the toy bomb then what did we fix in RK's car ??" , david and the assistant director shared worried glance

"Oh no ... we need to stop the scene david" , mathew the assistant director of the movie said

But before they could alert RK the car blasted of 

"Rkkk ..." , everyone shouted for him 

*After 3 Days*

*NDTV News Channel*
We are standing outside the Jade Hall where in a short while prayer meeting is going to be held in the loving memory of our beloved Superstar RK . In a very unfortunate incident superstar RK died while shooting for his upcoming movie "Ploy" in Wellington 3 days back . His body has been flown back to India for the cremation and last rites . Superstar RK's brother Sultan along with RK's  secretary Dipali Bhatia have arrived for the prayer meeting few minutes back . The whole nation along with Hollywood is in shock and mourning the death of gem , a charismatic superstar . 

"Sir , after RK sir's death who is going to be the owner of 200 Billion Dollar property ??" , A reporter from BBC News Channel tried to ask Sultan who had stepped out of his car . 

"Do you have any ethics or not ?? I have lost an important part of my life and all you media people have to do is to ask such idiotic questions ??" , Sultan shot back angrily at the reporter who had asked him this question . 

"Get the hell out of my way . It will be my insult to answer any stupid question of your's" , Sultan said in a menacing voice to that reporter and along with Dipali went inside the prayer hall . 


*In evening at Sultan's Residence*


"Yes yes yes , finally I succeeded in killing my lovely step bro" , Sultan laughed his heart out while pouring drinks in 2 glasses 

"Now are you happy ???" , Madhu asked while sitting comfortably on the couch

"Of course Madhu Darling ... Right now I am the most happiest person in this world . Now that 200 Billion Dollars property is mine" , Sultan said with happiness while passing one of the glass to Madhu

"By the way I liked your acting on TV today when that lady reporter asked you about the property . Even you have good acting skills like your brother RK" , Madhu said while sipping her drink  

" No my sweetheart , you are wrong" , Sultan said with a soft chuckle to which Madhu looked at him

"I have good acting skills not like my brother BUT like my Late Brother" , Sultan said with a laugh to which even Madhu joined 

"May your soul rest in peace RK" , Madhu said with fake sympathy controlling her laughter 

"You will not be missed by your dear brother" , Sultan said with fake apologetic look and gulped down his drink in one go  

"You are my lucky charm baby" , Sultan said sitting besides Madhu 

"LOL .. No Sultan !! I don't believe in charm and luck . It's all about planning like how you planned for your big brother's death . It's just that you wanted 200 Billion Dollars and I wanted my revenge from RK" , Madhu said while getting up from her couch gazing outside the window at clear blue sky 

"Madhu ! Now since RK is dead I want to show you something tonight . Will you come with me ??" ,  Sultan asked Madhu with a hope that she says yes 

"Where do you wanna take me ??" 

"You remember our deal ?? That you will get 10 percent from the entire property ?? Well I will fulfil the deal and then you are free to go" , Sultan said with a smile


"Then be ready by 9 PM , I will pick you up from your house" , Sultan said 



Note - All I can say is that you can have that courtesy of giving this TS a chance till the end . I can't force you to read this story till the end since we are breathing in a democratic country but atleast you all can give this TS a chance till end so that it encourages me to write story  Tongue

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unres...okay again sorry for replying late I was really exhausted and was combating my fatigue by sleeping LOL

okay now coming back to the update...Tell me one thing you like thrilling stories or what??
This is awesome girlShockedShocked...such a different concept...though I didn't like Madhu playing a -ve role...I really hope there is some reason behind madhu acting like this...but I really liked the way you are building up the story i am getting more and more curious to know what's going to happen next.

Ahh yes we knew it was Sultan behind that accident...Sullu...RK is very lucky he will come back and will punish you for all your wrong deeds wonder what will happen with Madhu...You will bring Him back na IShu??CryCry

My Prediction - I  think Deepali is with Sultan and Madhu and RK already knew about them and they must be acting to catch them red handed...May be I am will be known when you will update the next part...update sooonnn...pls pls pls.

thanks for the PM IshuSmileSmile
LOve YOUEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed

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Awesome ,long and superb update ishu.
hey i am right ,i tell u that knife exchange was sultan plan!!.
U make our madhu so evil , ambitious women and gold drigger.
Madhu like this or this was rishbala plan?
o god u make me so crazy and exicted for this story to read!!!
pls ishu update soon.
sultan makes or simpley say sulbala makes so many plan to kill rk.
but rk and his luck (sulbala plan get fail)
or rishbala are together so plan fail?
last time i was right in sultan case ,hope this time also get right in rishbala case.
i think in sultan head there was plan to kill madhu.don't worry madhu ,rk comes to save u like race movie.
your last line hint that rk was alive.
pls pls pls update soon (exam start honewala hai agar mind me ya story hogi to mere plant ka name me kaha lakhugi)
soo pretty pls ha.
thanks for pm

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Fantastic update.. Oh God!! Madhu backstabbed Rk and Dipali is being too good here.. Appearance are deceptive..Hmm something is there that you are gonna unveil soon.. So Sulbala planned to kill Rk... But still my heart says that It's Rishbala plan.. They both are acting I think sooo... soon I will be in ICU soon as your updates are giving my heart attacks in every second!!! But please.. Please update soon.. I can't wait to read next part..

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Okay! So u wanna make us believe that Madhu is really a bitch... A gold digger... A money shipper... An ambitious young lady... Who faked her love... Who hurt Rk deeply & in the end she succeeded killing him along with sultan.. Just bcos Rk humiliated her?? LOL!
Dont u think killing a person is too much for humiliatIng you madhu?? In fact he didnt treat u so bad bcos he truly loved u... 

Well, u very convincingly degraded Madhu's character...  Lol! But i still have my doubts! Its just that i cant digest this... In spite a taking gelusil!!... Lol! 

I know ur love for dipali so much & u wont mind showing Madhu evil... But trust me baby... In this story i strongly feel madhu is good... & dips is good too i guess... You showed dips pretty smart & loving... Dips is not only beautiful & sexy here... But she has brain too... In the hospital scene where dips suspected it to be a conspiracy against him... To kill him... But Rk brushed it just like that... At that place i felt like... Tsk tsk tsk... This Risis not having even a pea size brain... Lol... But i told my heart not to come to such conclusion... My rk is the wiser one here... & he is planning a plan.. A Triumphant plan!

Okay back to the track! Let me explain u why i feel madhu is good... She is the partner of Rk & not sultan... When rk found out abt the bids.. He suspected it could be one among of dips sullu or madhu... & when dips gave the idea to ask the collaborators... He would have come to know it was sultan who did that... But Rk would have asked madhu to act so... U know our madhu is mahan mata devi she acted evilly to make everyone believe that she did all that for a silly bungalow lol! 

Then Rk would have asked madhu to talk out loud abt taking revenge on him in the bar where Sultan goes regularly... What a coincidence nah?? LOL!
Madhu got close with sultan just to learn his secret plans... Rk would have found out abt his evil intention rught after the venice accident... So he is up to punish sultan... And madhu is helping her love.. Her Rk! 

Lol! I know i bluffed something... Dont know whether i made any sense... Lol.. Just trying to say that Rk is alive & Madhu is playing against sultan... And i think even sultan got suspicious on madhu... So he is taking her somewhere to finish her off... Or simply he want to finish her bcos she is the only one who knows everything abt him & his evil plans... But our hero will jump into action in the next update... & blast sultan! Lol...

I will be so disappointed if my prediction goes wrong!!!CryLOL
Lets see how u r gonna end this story...Embarrassed

Well, loved the update...
It was so interesting... 
I felt like i was watching a fast moving thriller movie... 
Okay i will go grab my butter popcorn & coke & come back to know the climax!LOL

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RACE 3LOL in Rishabala version haaa. Well written dear

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fabulous update !!
but somewhere iam feeling madhu may be joined hands with sultan to save rk !!
plz cont soon very eager to read next part Smile

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madhurish IF-Sizzlerz

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Unresed my comment in pg. 15

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