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Lovely tags Appy! Thank you so much for helping out <3 

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"What's up birthday girl?" Armaan asked and fist bumped with Gurleen. "Armaan, my birthday is tomorrow not today." Gurleen corrected him for the umpteenth time.

 "Don't go home tonight, Gur!" Armaan said to which Gurleen asked him why?

"Since we have a night shift tonight we decided to celebrate your birthday here itself, at Sanjeevani." Right after saying that he closed his eyes in guilt as he realized what blunder he had done and Riddhima smacked his head.

"You duffer! Why did you tell her? Nothing stays in your stomach!" Atul said in anger. "Oops!" Armaan slapped his own forehead. "Oh so this is why you all were acting all weird since morning and also the reason why your heads were like buried in your phones." Gurleen asked them with her hands on her hips like a teacher who is angry at her students for not completing their homework.

"It was our fault. We shouldn't have said a word to Armaan." Anjali said to which everyone nodded their heads in agreement.

"Everyone please calm down. You all are the sweetest people I know. Jo bhi hai, you guys thought so much about me. I love you all." Saying this Gurleen hugged them all. "Okay guys! Stop being senti. Even though Armaan kind of ruined the entire surprise, we will still stick to our initial plan." Said Siddhant.

"Okay so we all will meet up at 11:30 pm after we have completed our work." Riddhima announced and they all went back to their daily work routine.

If only they knew about the horrific situation they were about to get stuck in.


"Woah! Today was an intense day. So much work! UGHHH! Our seniors just love to roast all of us on a daily basis." Armaan complained as he slumped onto the chair. "Armaan, every freaking day you say the same thing. Bring in some originality yaar!" Atul said and everyone laughed. 

"And you love to praise my originality right Atul?" Armaan said in a bittersweet tone and each and every word of his was wrapped in sarcasm.

"OH MY GOD! Not right now guys! Just end it right now. It's Gur's birthday in 15 minutes. So shusssh!" Riddhima tried to control them while Gurleen was busy lol-ing in the corner as usual. This was like a daily occurrence. But it was their first night shift so just a change of time for them.

"Armaan, please do some work. You ruined everything so now you will go and get all the stuff from the canteen." Anjali taunted him as she knew Armaan will never do a single work by himself till someone taunts him and reminds him of his mistake.

"Fine. I'll do it but for Gur only." Armaan said and threw a flying kiss towards Gur while Riddhima fumed at the side. "Guys, kuch jal ne ki baadbo aa rahi hai right?" Gurleen faked to sniff and everyone laughed in the room!

"Gur ki bacchi! But I'll let you go since it's your birthday." Riddhima said and embraced her in a bone-crushing hug.

"Koi bachao mujhe please!" Gurleen said it dramatically and Riddhima smacked her and then the duo started laughing.

Meanwhile Armaan went to the canteen to get Gurleen's cake and the birthday hats. On his way to the canteen, he felt like someone was staring at him but then when he looked at that direction he saw no one there. He thought it was his imagination so he let it go. He picked up the stuff and was on his way back when again he felt like someone just ran behind him.

This time he kept the cake and other stuff on the side and decided to check even though he was damn scared. He started walking towards the "Morgue Room" and weakly asked in his stuttering voice, "Who..wh..who.wwhoo's there?"

"Grow up Armaan. Be a man!"

His inner voice tried to boost his confidence.

"Who's there?" This time he asked with more confidence. Once he turned on the light he saw a middle aged man standing before him in shabby clothes.

"Who are you and how did you get in here? This guard I swear sleeps 24/7" Armaan said but the man in front of him kept on staring at him. Armaan thought he needed help as he could see the man had cuts on his face and hands.

"Do you need help?" Armaan asked and this time he was genuinely tensed.

The man kept on walking towards him and at a point he was so damn close to him that Armaan stepped back but the man kept on walking.

The next thing that had happened scared the crap out of him. The man simply walked through him.

Through his body.

His freaking body, like he wasn't even standing there.

 Armaan's eye balls threatened to pop out. He could swear that he would have peed his pants right there.

"RIDDHIMAAA! GUR! ATUL! ANJALI! SIDDHANT! HAE BHAGWAN MUJHE KOI BACHAAAO!" Armaan screamed his lungs out and ran for his life and he made sure that he didn't look back.

Everyone else in the locker room got scared and went towards his direction.

"What the hell happened?" Riddhima asked Armaan and it seemed like Armaan just nearly escaped death.

Well he kinda did.

"Are you okay Armaan?" The rest of them asked.

"Gho.. ghos... ghos. I saw. Gho...saw..saw" Armaan tried to gather his words so that he could speak properly but he couldn't. "Armaan stop your nautanki yaar. Its almost 12 am. Cake kahan hai?" Siddhant asked and that annoyed Armaan.

"Tujhe cake ki pari hai? Here my life is at stake and you all are bothered about the cake." Armaan said in anger. "Again, calm down people." Gurleen decided to be the mature one, as always.

"What happened, Armaan?" Anjali asked him nicely. "Ghost! I saw a freaking ghost in the morgue room. And he literally walked through me and by the look on his face it seemed like I had killed his kids and now he's here to eat me to take revenge." Armaan let it all out. "What rubbish!" Atul said in disbelief.

"Rubbish? Okay then. You go and check that room. Go! Go!" Armaan literally pushed Atul towards the morgue room.

Right after 5 minutes they could hear Atul screaming which startled all of them and they ran into that room to investigate the matter, but within a few seconds they ran back out of the room screaming and wailing each other's names. "I told you. There's a freaking ghost in here!" Armaan was still screaming.

"Yeh kaha phas gaye hum?" Siddhant exclaimed while running here and there trying to find an exit. All the doors were closed and they just couldn't find a way out.

"Why is this happening on the day of my birthday?" Gurleen dramatically cried out and Riddhima couldn't help but roll her eyes even now.

"Now what?" Anjali whispered as the ghost was coming towards them. "Happy birthday or should I say death day, Gur?" Atul said and Siddhant smacked him. "Even now you have to make a lame joke." Siddhant was really pissed and terrified at the same time.

"Stop it you two. We are on the verge of death and here you two are fighting. Ajeeb pagal ho! Bhagwan ji please send someone to our rescue." Gurleen and everyone else started praying as only God could save them. 

They kept on running here and there, when Gurleen bumped into someone and fell down screaming while the others raised their hands up in the air as they saw two very tall guys pointing guns at them.

"Now who the hell are you guys?" Siddhant asked. "Whoever you are please don't kill me.. I... I mean us." Armaan said. "Oh shut up all of you. We are here to save you." One of the guys said. "Really? But who are you?" Anjali was back in her investigation mode.

"We are hunters. Well in other words, we hunt ghosts, vampires anything. You name it and we will kill it. In short we save the world from the evil. And I'm Dean Winchester and he is my brother Sam Winchester." Dean introduced themselves and Sam said hi to them.

"OMG NO! THE GHOST IS HERE!" Riddhima screamed as she spotted a fast movement behind her. "Quick, Sammy!" Sam passed the gun which was loaded with iron bullets. Dean shot the ghost but nothing happened. The 6 of them were petrified. Gurleen admired Dean and Sam's heroic stance where as Atul almost fainted twice and Anjali was handling him. Armaan was busy hiding under Riddhima's stole and Siddhant was on the verge of losing his mental stability as all this was driving him crazy.

"Nothing's working Dean. Now what?" Sam asked. Dean pulled out a salt box from his duffle bag and made a big circle on the ground and pushed the 6 of them inside it. They all noticed that the ghost couldn't cross that circle and sighed in relief.

"What the hell is this? We can't even get out of this ring and do anything. Are we going to be stuck in this teeny circle till morning?" Atul asked, frustrated over the fact that it had been ages since they were standing within the circle and neither Sam nor Dean had been able to get rid of the ghost.

"No. I'll find his bones and then burn them. Till then hang on." A deep voice startled them all except Sam and Dean as they knew who it was.

"Now who the hell are you? And how did you get in here?" Gurleen asked horrified. All they heard was flapping noise and then voila! They see a guy in a long trench coat.

"I'm Castiel. An angel of the lord. Now wait for me."

 The 6 of them had the "What-the" look on their faces. "An angel of what? Is this even for real anymore? Are we stuck in a Harry Potter phase?" Armaan asked as everything was confusing. "Don't question it, yaar. Let them help us." Anjali whispered. "Oh Gurleen, happy birthday." Castiel wished Gurleen and everyone was shocked again. "How do you know that it's my birthday?" Gurleen asked.

"I know everything." Saying that he flashed his charming smile and he then clicked his fingers and vanished in thin hair.

"Well well! Happy birthday!" Both Dean and Sam wished her. "It's by far the most interesting one, huh?" Sam asked to which Dean chuckled. "I guess, its the best I have ever had." Gurleen sighed.

In less than 10 minutes Castiel was back with the ghost's bones and then he clicked his fingers again and zapped them all to the graveyard.


The 6 of them screamed. "Shut up! Don't wake up the dead now!" Dean scolded them all. "How did we even get here?" Anjali asked as they all clinged together in fear of losing each other. "He's an angel remember? He pulled me out of purgatory. This is nothing for him." Dean said cool-y like it wasn't a big matter. "Purga .. Nevermind. Sorry" Armaan shut his mouth after Dean glared at him.

Sam threw the bones in that ghost's grave and set it on fire. "Why did you burn it?" Gurleen asked. "He just wanted to be free. And we did that. He meant no harm. You all were just freaking out for no reason." Sam explained.

"He was a freaking ghost and walked through all of us. And you are saying he meant no harm." Siddhant screamed. "I regret saving them all except Gurleen. She cooperated unlike the rest. She's cool!" Dean said with a smirk while Gurleen blushed.

"Okay now I'm about to do something." Castiel said and zapped the 6 of them back at the hospital, where Gurleen cut her birthday cake and celebrated with her friends. Neither of them had any memory of what had happened earlier that night since Castiel erased this memory from their minds forever.

"Tonight was fun!" Dean said making Sam and Castiel smile.

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So Gur, was that spooky enough for you ? We know it was Evil Smile Here's hoping you have a hatke birthday with your loved ones *wink wink* and may this year bring you surprises galore (good ones of course) Tongue  Here's a small gift from our side to make this day special for you! Happy BirthdayParty


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Final edit done... mally and abhi open new thread and post awayBig smile
well done team...Clap

@Appy.. thank u very much for the graphics.

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Abhi you can res now :3

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