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hello peepsies*waves excitedly*
whatcha doin ?? im bored so I thought i'd make a post...waise bhi, I couldn't make one for so long na? no ek toh banta hai
 this is my very first os, I do write but not on tv serials, I thought  it's bout time I make an exception...drop in ur views on it, I hope u guys like it

it was a lazy afternoon, the sun sat brightly up in the sky, the grounds were hot and the air was heavy, well that said, summers in Amritsar weren't something twinkle eventually loved...she was more of a rain person, she loved the feel of the waterdroplets, paving pathways along the contours of our bodies,  or maybe even sitting along with a good book with a warm coffee mug in her balcony , but summers ?? nah...not her type..she coundt go shop for her darling family nor could she enjoy the weather...taking out a glass of cooled juice, she wished for it to rain, not the stormy type ...the breezy type...well that was comething that could not be expected at all...not in this weather at least...she sighed at the thought
her though process was disturbed by the buzzing of her phone, the caller name bringing a full fledged smile on her face"kunj," she whispered on taking the call
"yes me...well I can here you smile so I can understand I am the sunshine right now??" came the teasing but composed voice of her husband
"no kunj !!" twinkle exclaimed "don't call yourself the sunshine, im -franky speaking - hatin it right now, you could happily be my rain" she proposed
"hmm I like the idea of being the rain , but I hate being so far from you,baby"
twinkle sighed harder...that was the worst part of these four days, which seemed like a gazzalion years all together...kunj was away in Mumbai, a stupid business trip with papaji, she could not feel the warmth of his chest against her back when she slept, thus she slept on the couch, the bed was THEIR'S and not his or her's so she slept on the couch, though she knew kunj would get mad at her if he came to know that but she couldn't help it, could she
"cant u come back already kunj..the fact that I am missing you can easily qualify as the understatement of the year" she spoke with a longing in her voice
she could her him sighing "what do you think, its easy up here, papa was like -bring twinkle kunj bete, the next time you come with me, all you speak in your sleep is twinkle, all you talk about is her and nothihg else"
twinkle giggled-her man- how she loved him and his antics
"twinkle puttar ???" bebe called out , before twinkle had the time to reply , bebe entered the kitchen. "twinkle im not going to talk to you, im serious...you missed lunch today and dinner yesterday ,,,not done beta...let kunj come back , ill tell him , then you see"
twinkle squeezed her eyes closed...of course...of course in the while she missed kunj*which was all the time* she had forgotten that bebe loved her too, that bebe would notice she's not quite taking of herself and that she would be worried for her...technically, now kunj-oh freak ...her eyes flew open-kunj ?! she'd completely forgotten he was on the phone with her and that he would listen to what bebe said and then toh...-she shook her head at the predictionary thoughts in her head...she was gone..uff...why does this always happen to her?? she groaned inwardly at the way the circumstances were turning out to be
"twinkle?? beta where are you ??are you talking to kunj ??" ...the last word caught her attention and she blinked "huh?? what ??" she questioned-cursing herself for drowning in her thoughts...who knows what what bebe would have said till now, how much trouble was waiting for her??
bebe smiled as she saw the attention to a single word, handing her a plate of food that twinkle loved, she moved out of her kitchen. what did the kittle girl think, that bebe would let her starve, bebe loved twinkle like a mother loved her daughter, and she knew how long thses says seemed to be for twinkle
huhhh, if only kunj could come back, she couldn't see her daughter suffer like that
in the kitchen, tiwnkle was worried even more,kunj was silent on the other sideo f the line, damnnn
"kunj" she called out in the smallest possible voice."hmmm" that was it, she could already imagine his angry face and his no more talking mode on...dude, doomed she was then...
"you've been sleeping on the couch these days??" his voice seemed confident, like he already knew the anwer, she coundnt but agree, no more hiding things from hubby dearest, it would get her in trouble ,more than she already was
"ma told me" twinkle immidaitely sqinted her eyes at usha, who carelessly floated in the kitchen, "arre twinkle, you here?? tummy calling now??" usha teased cutely, looking at twinkel , yes her boy was worried for his girl, and she was given the responsibility of taking care of his QUEEN till he gets back...she grinned harder at the face of her princess, squinted eyes scrunhed nose and pouted lips...she knew twinkle was talking to kunj, anybody could tell, they way twinkle held the phone was proof, firmly, as if her life depended on it and carefully as if not trying to hurt it...she couoldnt take it any more and she burst out alughing, how cute were these two ?? she shook her head , grabbed some water and moved out of the kitchen
"you are not sleeping on the couch today, its an order so close your mouth now"...kunj's firm voice floated in her thougts, how coordinated were they, he understood her mouth had flew open at the though of the big bed on which she woudl seem drowning , and without him, she would drown too...damn
"i'll talk to you later, go eat food, or i would not talk either" his voice again inturrupted her thoughts..she nodded vigourously , upon realising he would not be able to see that she opened her mouth to respond - "better, go eat, i could feel you nod by thw way", his voice made her smile, calm and soft, supportive, his voice showed so much, but his eyes showed more. she smiled into the phone , disonnected tge call and moved around with her plate.
she truly missed him, she missed seeing his face first thng in the morning, she missed his soft-for-her and hard-for-others chest slash pillor that made her sleep so much better. she missed his voice floating thourh the ahlls of sarna mansion, she missed him laughing at some sill joke he had cracked. she missed his eyes crinkling as he lauhged, she missed running around him when he snatched her book, she  missed his intense gaze on her as she laughed openly, she missed midnight kidnappings and sneaking downsatirs for a noter round of chocolate with butterscotch icecream,  romantic baths and mushy plant waterign sessions...she blushed, she missed HIM, her baby , her kunj ...she resigned to her work of breaking a bite of a chapati and dipping it in the sabzi, she missed feeding and being fed by him too...she smiled
"OI Twinkle bhabhi ji ??" cherry called out ...she looked up to see him raiseing his eyebrows, "thats not the way to eat you knwo...chapati is to be dipped in sabzi not water" he said, expression frozen
twinkle quickly glanced at her plate and again at cherry , who was by now in fits of laughter,"OH bhabhi ji...hahahaha...ufff...love does wonders na?? haaahhahhahah " he took support of the arm of the sofa chair in front of twinkel and sat on it...twinkle cracked a smile, kunj was going to laugh his ass of at this...
"but twinkle bhabhi ji...how come you and kunj are so similiar, one day , when you were out shopping , he kept a photograph of yours on this chair "he pointed to teh one he was sitting on "and sat on that one" he pointed to the one that twinkle was sitting on"and ate his lunch, dipping his chapati hahhahaha in water"...his laughter breaking the sentence , and giving twinkle time to process his words...twinkel gave a smile at that one , she felt releived , she had thought she would go insane it things continue at this rate, but no, twinj were one of a kind, smiling she offered cherry another round of laughter when she almost ate that water dipped chapati lost in kunj world.
these were gonna be long days
she hung out with bebe at night,she couldnt not obey his order , but not sleep alone on that bed either, no she woundt , it was a promise she's made to herself. she'd made a plan, there were 6 people in teh house today, ma , bebe, tauji, anand bhaiya, cherry bhaiya and mahi also the taneja's could be counted in, bubbly , mama, mami and ma . she'd sneak into each one's room and wake em up and spend one alotted hour with each. 11-12 was bebe as she slept soon, then her target was tauji , cherry bhaiya and anand bhaiya were gonna be hangni out together and bubbly in the wee hours of the morning cause she wont mind...that was fixed and she was already on it.
"twinkel puttar, pass the sugar please..." bebe asked, twinkle bent to the left and picked up the box, passing it over to bebe, she was sitting on the kitchen slab, legs hanging off and her back was towards the door , "sooo then heer said to ranjha that she couldnt possibly run off with him " bebe continued. twinkel smiled inwardly , she had thought just the right plan, a along story telling session with bebe would do her good, but bebe intended on making halwa so the hang out for today was the kitchen..."BEBE !! BEBE!!" surjeet tuaji's voice cried out "i need the bank papers...please?" bebe smiled and shook her head at twikle, "still a ltiile boy", twinkle smiled and nodded as bebe moved out of the kitchen.
"everybody deseves to be one ,na ??" a voice floated in the kitchen, twinkle absentmindedly nodded her head and froze. she turned her head with blinding speed towards her shoulder and tehre her was, her life, perched platform so flawlessly , head on twinke's shoulder, kunj!!
twinkle's face glowed with joy unfaltered, it glowed with love and pleasure as she raised her hands to tie them aorunf his neck, but kunj was faster, no sooner that he noticed twinkle noticing him, he pulled her in a bone crushing embrace, her legs around his waist and his hands wrapped aorunf her waist, twinkle had buried her face in his neck and his was in hers, they pulled away, remaining in that position , but then kunj crashed his lips on hers and no air could pass from between them
after , what seemed like a lifetime , they pulled apart, and twinkle hugged him tught, she was so happy ! her smile so big that her cheek bones actually blocked her view, she unwound her legs and kunj placed her on the ground, "did you eat ??" the first question kunj popped up was this, twinkle happily nodded, "lets go tell everyone im back", he winked, intwining her hand with his, moving out of the kitchen, together .
the "im back " session being over, tehy moved towards their room, hands swinging between them, twinkel gazed at her husband, who smiled back. twinlke still wasnt over the fact that kunj was actually here, back in amritsar, it was so blissful. they entered the room and kunj locked the door behind him. he looked at the bed and frowned"i knew you woundt sleep on it , what plan did you make to get away , siyappa queen" he murmered as he tucked a strand of hair behind her ear, "does it matter?? you're here, now i can sleep like i want," she murmered back, holding his waist. kunj mischiveously winked at twinkle and dipped towards the side and the both fell in the position they were standing in , kunj's one hand on her face, one on her waist, twinkle's hands hugging his waist. twinkle smiled, boy, she had missed him, and looking at him, she was sure he had too, "there is nothing more important than you queen, nothing, no owrk no stars no moon, i need you to be okay, dont do this again please" kunj whispered, her nose against his nose, twinkle noticed his eyes, how they were serious first and concerned next and by the end they were watrey , she moved up and kissed his eyes."i wont, i promise, but i just cant stay away from you kunj, it pains right here, " she pointed at her heart, kunj shook her head and kissed her nose softly, "i wont leave you in amritsar if i go on another trip, i swear i wont" he vowed against her hair . a peaceful slumber took over them, together, forever.

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Hi Sakshi this was amazing. nicely written. loved it. you should more Embarrassed

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Sakshi this was amazing. 
Such a beautiful cute and romantic piece. 
I loved it.
Their longing for eachother was so raw.twinkle eating roti in water rofl.
Cherry bebe usha everyone knowing wat she was going through was adorable.
Twinkle's plan was so sweet but he came back and reunion was so perfect.
I loved it u need to write more girl.
Also add ur oneshot in the media gallery that way everyone can read and it won't be lost in posts on forum.
Thanks for wonderful ks 

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luvedit...it's a beautiful os...Big smileBig smile

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Ping pong.. 
Kisi ne lil monster ko msg bheja tha. 

So lil monster is here. 

Will attack on this after. Lunch. 

Big wala res! 


Hmm finally read. It.. 

It was sweet. Adorable, touching, lovely. 

Completely loved it. 

The way twinkly slept in the couch instead of bed made me aww. Lol

That moment when she dipped chapati in water rofl.. 

And the reaction on seeing Kunj.. Omg it was.. So cute. 

And there noses.. Haha.. 

All in all I enjoyed it. Big smile

10/10 from meStar. It was a emotional package Hehe. 

Keep writing more and more.. Embarrassed

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Such a sweet and beautifull OS!

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Did i say that i just love you for this..  Clap
Raound of applause for u girl.. StarClap

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It's fantastic ...cute twinj...lovely os

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