||Happy Birthday Freaking Brilliant Cub : Additi Gupta||

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 Hello Everyone

W e l c o m e  t

B i r t h d a y   B a s h 

of  our 

B r i l l i a n t   C u b

Kabhi Kabhi Aditi Zindagi Me 

Yun Hi Koi Apna Lagta Hai 

Kabhi Kabhi Aditi Woh Bichad Jaye 

Toh Ek Sapna Lagta Hai

8 years back, this exactly happened when Additi entered our lives as Heer. 

An unknown actress came to the lights on 3rd March 2008 and never left us from that day. The day that changed her life, and ours too. 

A common girl who started her career with one of the most loved shows till today, a girl who left us stunned by her amazing acting. 

Having experienced many shows and various characters with different shades, Additi managed to leave her mark in the industry. 

Additi's eyes, gestures, voice modulation, expressions are the ingredients to make her acting simply perfect and convincing. 

Her sweetness, cuteness and flawless talent make her loved ones and fans proud of her and greedy to see her back onscreen very soon. 

Simplicity is what makes Additi special. 

She shared very special moments with audience be it onscreen or off screen. 

Her adorable nature create sparks among her costars and fans.

On her 28th birthday, we wish Additi a very happy birthday 

and we thank her for giving us the strong Heer, the versatile Pihu, 

the adorable Harmony, the courageous Nandini, the fighter Sana, 

the hopeful Gangaa and the devilish Nayi Sanam. 

May her day be filled with love and happiness and may she achieve highs in her career.

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Magic of Heer 

Additi Gupta's first on-screen portrayal is the character 

HEER MAAN from Kis Desh Mein Hai Meraa Dil. 

Her innocence touches our heart. Her eyes are full of pain while searching for her love. 

She is the elder daughter of Balraj Maan and Teji Maan. 

The way she and her soul mate speak with their heart is very intriguing. 

They spoke without words through their eyes and also very much in sync 

with regards to what they feel or need on a particular 

moment even if they are so far away.

Heer's presence in every scene was magic.

She draws the audience towards her with 

her expressive eye, cute smile and soulful dialogues.

Additi for her part performed excellently through out the show.

Sweet innocent Heer becomes a strong willed girl who stands 

up for herself, then sacrifices for the betterment of others. 

Finally when trust is broken she leaves the house and lives independently. 

After a leap in the show we see her as single parent and a working mom with a daughter.

The progress of the character is quite smooth in the show and there is 

happy ending after she forgives mistakes of those who hurt her.

Dancing Doll

Additi participated first time in Dance Reality called Zara Nach Ke Dikha 2  

Show in 2010. She was very enthusiastic and performed to the best of her ability.

All of her acts in the show were fun to watch and  she looked so stunning and

cute justifying whatever role she's performing on the contest.

This is a stepping stone for learning variety of dance moves and styles. 

Though ZNKD 2 was her first competition, she did receive 

compliments from judges Shilpa Shetty and Arshad Warsi

two popular bollywood stars.

Also her her co participants who are TV and bollywood stars

enjoyed her presence in the contest

and complimented her efforts and support towards them.

She later  on become an amazing performer. She has been invited to

perform in various events and also in guest appearances in TV shows.

The Girl With An Attitude!

Additi Gupta's second on-screen character is 

Priyamvada aka PIHU from Sanjog Se Bani Sangini.

 Her character was very unpredictable and she herself doesn't know 

what will be her reaction in which situation. 

Pihu went through a lot of changes in the course of the show. 

Her life is always plagued by a constant fight between her heart and her mind.

There is a playful side of her that peeps in during the whole journey of this character. 

Starting off as a spoiled brat who thought that the world is at her feet. 

She is spiteful and revenge seeking woman who goes all out to satisfy her ego.

She loses her mental balance after realizing her mistake.

Soon after, she regains her strength, accepts the reality and moves ahead in life.

 Then again getting taken in by people's advice and goes after her love. 

This tempted phase wore off quickly as she became a very responsible 

woman pursing her career as a doctor who takes care of others in need.

The Cuteheart 

Additi played the character of HARMONY MODI i

n her show Zindagi Kahe - Smile Please.

Harmony is a sweet and fun loving youngest kid of her family. 

She has a pure heart, respects her daddu (her driver 

who's also her best friend) and values elders.

Spoiled youngest kid without much ambition yet

her caring nature is what would make audience

fall for this cuteheart.

There are two phases of Harmony: first her life in her parents' house and 

2nd her life after she left parents to live with her Daddu.

 Initially she is seen as spoiled, cute, bubbly girl who 

encounters a shock on the day of her wedding.

She's deeply affected by this incident and she leaves her parents.  

After fighting so many obstacles on the way, she finds solace in her Daddu's house, 

her chauffeur who treats her as his own relation.  

Harmony learns to adapt to her new environment and accepts that family 

relationship is more important than money. 

Ethereal Beauty

Additi played the character of a widow NANDINI in Badalte Rishton Ki Dastaan. 

The look of widow in white saree was given to her

which later changed to soft soothing coloured ones.

White or in colour her sweetness and beauty shines and it is ethereal.

She is a warm hearted, sensitive, passionate, calm and composed woman.

Nandini is an obedient daughter who marries a person of her father's choice. 

Though she's quiet and soft natured, her real strength of character rises to the 

surface when circumstances so require it.

Her playfulness and fun loving nature is shown in flash 

backs with her friend and her husband.

At first she loses her husband and has a miscarriage. 

Then she meets a person who is her husband's lover and she is yet 

again broken and feels betrayed, this time by her deceased husband. 

Nandini also fights her demons as she becomes jealous of her husband's 

lover when the family shows sympathy to her. 

Nandini quickly over comes this phase. 

 She is separated from her father and her longing to be reunited 

with him is very touching especially when she feels all alone.

The traditional beliefs in society are hurdle however she later 

learns to accept the truth about her life and makes an effort to move on.

Sweet Angel

Once more Additi takes up the role of a widow named GANGA.

What is different this time? She is of a person who is a victim of social 

norms and orthodox thoughts of people in her family and society.

She is a girl without any negativity in her mind whom

we can only call as sweet angel.

Innocent to the world affairs & social practices around her 

small world of home with parents and sibling.

She loses her husband in an accident just after few days of her wedding 

and after that people of her village start blaming her for her husband's death. 

Her parents send her away to an Ashram so that they can marry off their other daughter.

Her life starts changing with journalist's entry in her life who comes 

there to write a story on Ashram people. 

Ganga starts believing in herself and starts to live her life again. 

Gradually she gets stronger. She  flees from the Ashram 

with her love and stars a new life of her own. 

A Girl With Fire In Her Heart

Additi plays a character named Sana for an episode of Savdhan India. 

She is a loving sister and a daughter. She learns the death of her friend's brother. 

People in the neighbourhood accuses her father of having stolen the 

body part of the deceased person for sale in black market.

Sana is shocked however she with her help of her friend starts to investigate 

and learns who is behind the crime.

Sana is terrified that her father is in fact helping the criminals. 

Sana's father helps dig out dead bodies, doctor operates the organ in hospital, 

that was picked up by her brother then it gets sold to 3rd person who sells organs to his customers.

Sana gets beaten up and thrown out by her mother because Sana did not approve of this criminal action. 

In flash back scenes we get to see the happy and fun loving family. Sadly the happiness is destroyed. 

To help her friend find the criminals behind the heinous activity that eats up parts of

human bodes, she rises up to face the injustice.

Along with her friend she discovers all that have gone wrong and brings justice.

She is quiet yet the spirit of fighting injustice shows the fire within her heart.

Mystic Beauty's Magnetic Magical Power

Additi entered Qubool Hai show as Sanam  - often referred as New Sanam in late 2014. 

No mention of her real name or identity or background until now.

Initially (New) Sanam is shown as helpless, loving girl who just wants to be loved.

The entry or purpose of this character initially to fool a person 

who assumes her to be his real wife Sanam  and marries her. 

This was done by the groom's mother who wanted to separate her son and daughter in law.

Sadly though the ( New ) Sanam who was supposed to act / pretend 

to be the wife of person falls for him and wants to remain as his wife.

Helpless girl gets angry and demanding.  

She is believed to have had a terrible life in the past and whose only 

mechanism for defense is using black magic. 

At this point she is shown as very stylish beautiful Girl with Magical Power

She grew up in an environment where black magic was practiced.

When things did not go her way, (New ) Sanam using black magic demands her rights indirectly. 

A bit of twist and turn in the show happens and (New) Sanam is now 

shown to be greedy for money rather than yearning for love. 

This made her to lie about her pregnancy in order to obtain wealth of her 

supposed husband. He plays along though he knows the truth.

She ends up destroying her husband and his first wife.

New season. More twists to this character and she grabs 

any opportunity get more powerful and or wealthier.

New Sanam is manipulating the family members continuously and gets pregnant. 

She also destroys her partner and some of his family. 

With this tragedy New Sanam's powers are lost.

New season starts again with new name : Khan Begum. 

Who is now married to Nazir and is shown having 3 kids in the house. 

Later in the show it's revealed one child was given away.

It is revealed that oldest child Azad is from Saif ( who got killed) and New Sanam's.

Amaad and Kainat are children of Nazir's previous marriage.

Again in search of regaining power, Khan Begum destroys her husband and some others.

In the mean time, Arman is the child given away and

 hope of getting the power back is awaken with his arrival.

A marriage happens with the friend of her son Arman. 

It was easy as the wife resembles Khan Begum and the groom accepted it.

Khan Begum moves out of the house to live with new husband,

however her aim to get her power back remains.

So much struggle for people around her and finally she goes away from earth as she arrived.

She repents for her sins and vanishes.

Later for a brief time she was re introduced in the show and she helps to fight off

her evil Amad and she gives up life to save her son Arman.

New Sanam / Khan Begum re emerged to reunite the hero and heroine.

A parting gift from mother to son : a good deed to the society.

Magnetic Model on the Ramp

Additi was also part of Jordan photo shoot for Telly Calendar 2015.
She wore both Western and Traditional outfits 
The pose with the camel, her attire and the desert background gives a Royal Look to AG.
The Launch for the Telly Calendar event had the models Walk The Ramp.

AG wore western outfit.

In 2016 Telly Calendar shoot theme was Hot & Sexy

The shoot was done in Taiwan in casual outfits.

Additi was one of the 12 Stars who was selected and mountain scenery

and sea shore were chosen for back ground.

Additi wore deni shorts with long brown boots and silver necklace for standing pose.

2nd outfit was blue printed knee length dress with blue sunglasses for sitting pose.

The launch of Calendar party models walked on ramp.

Additi had open hair with side clip, brown boots, blue pair of shots with matching shirt

and maroon sweater tied loosely on her waist. 

She looked cute and hot at the same time.

Brilliant Box Cricketer

Additi entered BCL in February 2014

We later learned it was a trial version  - contest between teams for box cricket all participants are either TV or Movie stars.

First team was Kolkota Babu Moshayes and her team costume colour was red and yellow.

She was awarded as Lucky Mascot on one of her matches she played.

She could not be in last match on the team as she had family event to attend.

Additi had the opportunity to participate in BCL 1 which started late 2014

She played well. She scored 60 runs & got 2 wickets.

She was awarded as "Player of the Series - Female"

In March 2016 Additi entered two set of leagues :

1) BCL Punjab - Ambersariye Hawks 

2) BCL season 2 - Chandigarh Cubs 

Ambersariye Hawks won the series - but matches are yet to air on TV

BCL 2 has had 3 matches and team has won all so far.

Additi was awarded as "Woman of The Match" 

on 1st Match against Mumbai Tigers.

On 2nd Match against Rowdy Bangalores and AG took a wicket and made her team win!

On 3rd Match against Ahmadabad Express team and won.

This is still to be on air on tv.

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Dekhu saal girah ye kiski aayi

khushiyan saath mein hazarun laai

Nigahein muntazir haain usski aek jhalak ko 

Woh hamari Additi hai ju bahar ban k aayi 

Woh karti hai nadaniyan hazarun

par chehak ti hai woh phulun sii

Apne aap mein hai woh jaado ki guirya

Nigahun mein usski hai khawab hazarun

Woh kehlati hai Audi pyaar se

Woh hai aek Selfie Queen bhi

Karti hai khayal woh sabka dil se

Woh hai Additi hamari pyaari or cute sii

BCL Trial - Kolkatta Babu Moshayes February - April 2014

BCL 1 -  December 2014 (on air till January 2015)

Terrific balling & Got Wicket
 Killer Smile 
Fantastic batting with A Sixer

BCL March - April 2016

BCL Punjab - Ambarsariye Hawks March 2016

BCL 2 Chandigarh Cubs March - April 2016

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Woh ek larki ju pyaari hai

Ju,sab k dil mein rehti haai

Ju karti baatein pyaari hai

Ju jeet leti hai sab k dil 

Haar kaam mein usski aada niraali hai

Woh sab k dilun ki raani hai 

Ju pyaar se Additi Audi kehlati hai 

Woh larki sbse pyaari hai

Abishek Kapur
Team mate BCL  Punjab Amersariye Hawks 2016 - Insta 
"With the very talented and adorable Additi Gupta"

Abishek Rawat
YHA co star - SBS November 27, 2013
"I must say you look very nice in short hair cute. It looks good."

Ambersariye Hawks
Admin official Insta profile BCL Punjab 2016 Insta ( About her batting skill.)
"When Additi Gupta hits it, it has to go all the way!"

Ankit Raaj
Co actor  QH - Insta
"Missing someone is Ur heart's way of reminding you that you love them.
Additi Gupta u r being missed on the sets already."

Arshad Warsi
ZNKD 2 Judge of ZNKD & bollywood star. May 30th, 2010
"Aap ladka aur ladki dono dance bohot acha karti ho. Bohot thi saaf dekai deraha hai ki tum ek achi dancer ho. Thoda aur effort, mere kayal se pata nahi that fire was missing. But you could have. Aap bilcul kar sakti ho."

Barkha Bishti
Captain of BCL Chandigarh Cubs vid interview February 3rd, 2016
" Hamari team ki larkiyan achha khelti hain or jab additi batting krti hai tu dil karta hai ke Additi khelti raahe"

(BRKD One of the creatives -
Name not available.)
Youtube last day of shooting interview. June 25th, 2013
"Jan Nandini roti hai toh sabse zyada khoobsurat lagti hai"

Ekta Kapoor
Producer of TV shows and creative. The Rediff Inteverview March 04, 2008
"We had taken auditions from all over India but my team selected Additi Gupta as the lead. She is perfect for the role."

Gaurav Khanna 
Co actor on 100 Years of Cinema SBB / SBS interview December 11th, 2012
"Upar se neeche tak deko, Aur haan deka agayi hai kamal. Bohot thi khoosurat lag rahi hai. Aise co actors ke saath dance karna bohot aasan hojate hai for romantic ghana."

Harshad Chopda
Co star - KDMHMD SBS February 09, 2009
"Achi aadat yeh hai iski, as an actor what you need is a cooperative co actor. She is that way.
They say acting is all about reacting. Aur agar mere expression ache aarahi hai, mein react isse kar paraha hoon toh more than half the credit goes to the other actor, co actor. Mere scenes jitne ache aye hai, hum dono ko jitne ache aye hai..."

Indraneil Sengupta
Team mate BCL Chandigarh Cubs
Youtube interview after winning 1st Match. March 26, 2016
"I would say that Barkha and Additi are the best players. Both of them coincidentally happened to be in our team. They are the strongest ones in our team."

Jennifer Winget
ZNKD 2 Host of ZNKD May 30th, 2010
"Wah Additi wah! Pehla solo performance aur aisa jalwa?! Mind blowing!"

Karanvir Bohra
Co Star QH - Insta (about and edit her picture he made)
"My new creation with this wonderful app and my muse... Additi Gupta. The good and the bad side of Nayi Sanam"

Kashish Vohra
QH co actor - insta
"Love, love, love her"

Kiran Karmarkar
Co Star  April 08, 2013
 "Additi played my daughter in a show we did together earlier and in Daastan, she plays my daughter-in-law I was ragging Additi and told her that one day soon, she and I will be like Raakhee and Amitabh Bachchan of television. Rakhi is one actress who has played Amitabh Bachchan's lover in Trishool and essayed his mother's role in Kasme Vaade. I keep telling her that very soon she'll be cast as my mother too...,"

Kritika Kamra
Co participant in ZNKD. SBB Interview 2 May 25, 2011
"Adi ke bohot sari tarike  rone ke. Kuch 7  - 8 tarike hoti hai. She doesn't even need glycerin, she could just cry."

Krystle D'Souza
Co actor - KDMHMD - Insta April 20, 2015
"Some 7 or 8 years ago!!! All us crazy teenagers together in one big fat show!!! That's my heer bhabhi and our love hate relationship!!! ... Additi Gupta Thank God Tumne sach mei mera peeche nahi choda!!! So much love to you. And a big fat hug. Muwah"

Rohit Reddy
Team mate BCL Chandigarh Cubs - Insta
"Women hold key to our team strategy...introducing Additi Gupta... one of the finest female players of the league!!"

Sanjeeda Shaikh
Tellybuz March 17. 2013
"I have done Zara Nach Ke Dikha with Additi where we were together rehearsing for 4 months. So, I know her very well. I was happy when she was cast for Badalte Rishton Ki Daastan. We are actually like hero-heroine for each other (laughs). We have to do a lot of scenes together. If two actors have a good rapport, then the chemistry will eventually come out very beautifully on-screen."

Seema Chaudry
Co actor QH. F 32 April 13, 2015
"She is not only positive. She is magnetic."
"Additi is a brilliant actress. She comes up with innovative ideas on the spur of the moment which is very important for her character."

Shilpa Shetty
ZNKD 2 Judge of ZNKD and bollywood star. May 30th, 2010
"Aap ke peechle performances ko agar mein compare karun, toh yeh performance aap ka sabse behterin performance raha hai. Attitude bohot sahi tha. Bas thoda sa aur practice ki zarurat hai mere kayal se. And you are very very close. You are gona be a very very good dancer."

Surbhi Jyoti
Co Star QH - Insta
"I have never seen such a pretty and adorable witch before... In love with her innocent look"
"Love you my information desk"

Sushant Singh Rajput
ZNKD 2 co participant and co actor. June 5th, 2010
"Mein jaanta tha ke woh ek trained dancer nahi hai. Lekin I was so so surprised unko yahan aye is tarike se perform karte hue deke. Aur unka har performance pehele se behter aur woh raat bar woh sun rahi thi, practice kar rahi thi. I really appreciate her hard work."

Teejay Sidhu
Host Radio one 94.3 - insta
"...You're doing a terrific job on T.V. .."

Varun Toorkey
Co actor QH. F 32 April 24, 2015
"..with Additi literally half an hour. It just that one point where you know ok this is going to work out.just fine."

Vrushali Tripathi
Photographer/ Writer / Content Generator @ F 32 April 13, 2015
"...I dunno something so attractive about her that I wanted to capture her on camera. Very simple and I wanted to meet her. Meri tab murad hui. Meri murad hai ki ek din kabi isi industry mei toh Additi se mil jaye. Hum baat kar rahi thi about the magnetism you have."

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This is for you our Cuteheart AG

You are the star of our eyes

You make us feel happy

with your blossom smile

We love the way you are

because of your natural style

You're magnetic person in the world

towards people who say hi

We wish you a Happy Birthday

On this special day of your life

Stay blessed with lovely people

in your life and keep rocking

in your carrier with happiness and joy


Hi Additi Happy Birthday to you.
Wish you a healthy & successful year.

So cool you played well in BCL2 - Our Cool Sports Star.

From Heer to Sana in Savdhan India you're a dream to watch.

You're fab as a model too and

pleasure to see you shine as a cricket player.

You smile from the heart and it brightens up our day!

Enjoyed your interviews / off screen performances / masti time

with your friends & co actors that we get to see on tv.

You always give your 100% in every project, that dedication is

something everyone can look up to.

We grew up watching you on TV & would always love to be

entertained by you.

Fans miss your presence on TV.

Thank you for every bit that you did for your fans.

So much of hard work & hard ship went in to please fans'

demands for many years.
You've been very appreciative & very kind & understanding

towards fans.

May you have the presence of mind to choose right path that will

 guide you in a right direction for success & happiness.

You're always a cutiepie, our cuteheart Additi. Remebering your

fan - fellow Additian -Abigail- ( may she RIP) From both of us :

 Wish you a Happy B'day AG smile emoticon xoxo athi

Aditi Love Harshad

Fly in the plane of ambition, and land on the airport of success,

Luck is yours, wish is mine may ur future always shine. . .


Additi may ur dream come true love u always

Aleena Premeer

Helloo Additi di Im your big fan. i love you so much.

Happy Birthday to you. Have an amazing year ahead.

Missing you Additi pls come back soon as lead.

You are so innocent, cute and beautiful

Amina Abd

Happy happy birthday Additi Gupta.

Wish all the best in life with good health love you.


Happy Birthday Additi !

Hope this day is filled with joy, love, care and happiness!

You acting skills are amazing!

Keep rocking as you always are!

Have a joyous and prosperous day filled with cake

and presents! Best wishes for your new year!

Happy Birthday!


May this day bring countless happiness and endless joy and live

with peace and serenity.

Happy Birthday Additi

Arwa Nahin

Wishing u a many many happy returns of ur b'day Additi

birthdays r a new start; fresh beginning, a time 2 start new

endeavors with fresh confidence & courage.

U r a special person, may beauty & happiness

surround u not only on ur special day but always...

hoping ur day as special as u r

Wishing u a day filled with lotzzz of love,

laughter & cheer *_* "Happy_Birth_Day_Dear_Addit" *_*

Bhagyashri Rose

Happy Birthday Additi !!!!

Many many happy returns of the day.

May all ur dreams and wishes come true.

You are my favorite actress wish you all the best for future

projects .May God bless u with lots of love and success.

Love you so much Additi!!!!!

Bernie Mavande

Happy birthday

Chitra Sing

Happy Birthday Additi Gupta.I hope your special day will bring

 you lots of happiness, love and fun.

You deserve them a lot. Enjoy!

Cutediary(Sana Khan)

Hello my cute & sweet Angel...

Wishing you A very Happy Birthday Aditi...

May your birthday and every day be filled

with the warmth of sunshine, the happiness of smiles,

the sounds of laughter, the feeling of love

and the sharing of good cheer.

You are one of the best actress...

Your every role played by you left an impression on your fanz...You played very well in BCL...

I luv ur every role...

Heer,pihu,Nandini,HarmonyKhan begum...

Waiting for ur comeback on television world...

Wishing you all the great things in life,

hope this day will bring you an extra share of all that

makes you happiest. May you have a fantastic birthday.

Hope your birthday is totally cool, really funtastic,

wonderful, exciting, majorly awesome, rocking and

HAPPY. Hope you love your new age.

It loves you because it looks good on you.

Once again Happy Birthday Aditi...

lots of luv


Dear Additi, Wishing you a day that is as special in every way as

 you are! A very Happy Birthday to You.

Missing Heer..

Loads of love from Deepa/Deeps


Dear Adi, May you achieve everything you Desire in Life.

I wish you a very Sweet Happy Birthday


Hey Aditti!!

Want to wish you a very Happy Birthday!

May you enjoy your special day to the max,

And may all your wishes come true.

Hope to see you in another great project soon.

Loads of Love...Dil Se,


Harsha Thakur

H@ppiest BirthDay Additi..

Hav a Blessed Birthday Ever.. Lots of Love


Additi Wishing you a Very Happy Birthday Dear

God Bless you with a Glowing and Bright future Ahead

fulfilling all your Wishes that your Heart Desires.

All the Best for everything Dear. Love U so much Dear Keep

 Smiling and Rocking Take care ..Miss U Dear.

This time when you get my Gift on your Birthday

hope you like it...

I may be very busy with my Marriage rituals ...

So Happy Birthday Additi Dear ...

Enjoy and Love U so much Dear...

- Divya R.A.


A very Happy Birthday to you Additi ...

may all ur dreams n wishes come true...

may success and happiness always surround you ...

stay happy n stay blessed ...

enjoy your day Big smile

juwairiya shah

Special day, special person and special celebration.

May all your dreams and desires come true in this coming year.

Happy birthday Additi Muhhh Heart


Many many happy returns of the day Additi.

I hope this day bring happiness, success and prosperity in your

life. Thank you for being the the way you are..

the sweet, loving and humble person you are.

May you always keep shining and being the queen of our hearts.
I am proud of you.

with lots of love Kanwal


Birthday message:- Happy birthday Additi..

wishing you a very glorious and bright future ahead...

after bcl...will be waiting for ur new project..

pls do come back...becoz we miss you..!!!


HBD additi you are fab actress in tellyworld.

Every role of urs mind blowing.

You are perfection with hard work Heart

Heer pihu nandani ganga sana sanam2 speechless character's

also superb dancer you are journey of ZNKD rocking Big smile

and journey of BCl u just amazing Additi Rocks as always

and i want you as lead back with the bang Heart

great year ahead ..

Special day, special person and special celebration.

May all your dreams and desires come true in this coming year.

Happy birthday.Love u my selfieQueen Big smile Heart stay blessed !



Today is a very special day!

I hope that you have the most wonderful and blessed birthday.

Today i wish you get life full of happiness & success, may your

 this year & coming years, be brighter,healthier,weathier and may

 your all dreams come true in this year.

Happy Birthday Additi

Love you Plz come back on TV screen


 It's been 8 years already that you've entered our lives Additi...

and I have to admit that I've spent one of the

most wonderful journey with you.

I've been amazed by your flawless performance as Heer

and this is your personality and your flawless acting

that pushed me to watch you as Pihu, Harmony,

Nandini, Sana, Gangaa and Nayi Sanam.

So many characters you've played, each with a

 such an unique shade.

You're simply amazing as an actress and as a person!!!!

Wishing you a very happy birthday Additi.

Thank you for giving us memorable moments

and being so caring towards people who

 appreciate your work. May all your wishes come true and

may you achieve highs in your career.

Eagerly waiting for your comeback.

Loads of love, Maria.


Once a year I get the chance

To wish you birthday cheer.

It pleases me no end to say,

I wish you another great year.

So happy birthday to you Additi,

From the bottom of my heart.

And may your good times multiply,

Till they're flying off the chart!

From the beginning, you made us smile,

Accepted us, without any trial.

Never judged or jumped to conclusions,

Exciting friendship; random infusions.

We cannot ask, for anything more,

So many things, we simply adore.

Hope this birthday never ends,

In our hearts, time transcends.

Maha Ahmed

Happy Birthday Princess my favrt actress sweet cute innocent

beautiful Additi stay bless always love u lot

Meera Sharma

Special day, special person and special celebration.

May all your dreams and desires come true in this coming year.

Happy birthday Additi Gupta


My birthday wish for you is that you continue to love life

and never stop dreaming.

May beauty and happiness surround you,

not only on your special day, but always.

Happy birthday Additi

God bless u u

Mishisty Harshiti

Sharing fans msg Happy Birthday Additi Gupta

May God bless you love you muhh

Nabeela KK



Naziya Hussain

wishing u the best of birthdays health and

happiness-thanku so much for all ur entertaining work and

looking forward to enjoying more..

missing u so much on screen..

please come back sooon.

What can I say about u??u r my first favourite actress..

u r the first actress Jo itni attractive lagi mujhe..

jisko screen par rota dekh mujhe bhi Rona aata hai tongue

 emoticon I wanted to tell u how much I love to watching ur

shows how much I love u ..

can't explain in words.

Hope u have a great day on ur birthday.

Always be Happy. gud luck for ur future...

ur all dream comes true..

may god bless u always..u r a very special ...

love u so much from the my heart..

wishing u a veryyy Happyyy birthday.
have a bombastic day.



Happy Birhday additi.

May lifes brightests joys illuminate your day and nights.

It has been 8 years since

i became your fan and there is something

very special about you which merely words cant express.

You are talented, beautiful and very hardworking.
Whatever you acheived today is beacuse

your hardwork and dedication.

in 8 years, you gave us 8 different characters,

each stands miles away from other, to cherish.

Thank you additi. thank you for giving the innocent heer,

cunning pihu,bchildish Harmony, stong nandini,

helpless ganaga, courageous sana, devilish nayi sanam

and the wounded khan begum.

You not just played them, but lived them onscreen

and proved your versatality everytime.

Thank you additi and now we miss you onscreen.

ofcurse we are watching you on bcl and are really proud of you

 ..but we want you to come back on serial world pretty soon..

as main lead in a show which actually give justice to your talent.

 hope it happens very soon. love you lots priya

Precious Rose

Happy birthday beautiful angel Additi..
may the year you are going to have in your life

bring loads of happiness and success.

May your birthday and every day be filled

with the warmth of sunshine, the happiness of smiles,

the sounds of laughter, the feeling of love.

may yours all dreams come true God bless u.

Love you loads.

Prince Sameer

Additi Gupta - The Adorable, Dazzling, Dynamic, Innocent,

 Trendy, Incredible, Gorgeous, Unique, Perfect, Talented, Angelic

diva of telly wood.

You are the epitome of Beauty and talent.

You defines perfection.

With your angelic smile and expressive eyes you rules millions of

hearts all around the world.

Your first on-screen portrayal is the character HEER MAAN from

Kis Desh Mein Hai Meraa Dil.

She is pure. Her innocence is untainted.

I always love to see you as HEER.

Your second on-screen character Priyamvada aka PIHU from

Sanjog Se Bani Sangini.

U looks Wowww in that complete serial.

I was just staring when u enter in scene.

Next you played the character of HARMONY MODI

in her show Zindagi Kahe -

Smile Please.

Now u looks sweet, richy rich, fun loving and having pure heart.

Next you played the character of a widow NANDINI in Badalte

Rishton Ki Dastaan. In this serial, u r warm, sensitive,

passionate, calm and composed woman.

Finally ,In Qubool hai...

As Sanam u done a wonderful work...

u always entertain and smile us..

u r soo beautiful and cute...

u r only reason that i join fb, Insta..

u r my fav and u will always be my fav..i love u always...
i always pray for ur happiness..

May god bless u all things that u want in ur life...

 Many Many happy returns of the day Additi...


Happy Birthday Additi...

Wish you a great great year ahead &

you got every thing which you desire of in your life...
And please come back on t.v with main lead...

Missed you alot... Love you...


Rano Sharma

Happy Birthday Additi Gupta love you lot

Have a Wonderful year

May God Bless you with lots and lots of

Happiness and Success Missing you

plss come backk soon


Her simplicity is what makes her even more beautiful.

Happy Birthday Additi Gupta love u

Salok Khan

happy b'day Additi we lob u

Sadia Shaikh

Happy birthday Aditi. have a great year 

i hope all ur birthday dreams and wishes come true feast...

May ur coming year surprise u with the happiness of smiles the

 feelings of love and so on heart emoticon i hope u will find

plenty of sweet memories to cherish forever Big smile


Hi sweet angel Additi

I simply love you and here is me

wishing you a Very Happy Birthday Heart

On this special day I wish you all the

love,luck,happiness,smiles,wealth,holidays and health.

May you reach the pinnacles of success

with every passing second.

I just adore the way you are: simple,

straightforward, sweet, stunning and Sensational.

All in all you are simply amazing.

Always be that.

Never loose the smile of yours because

it just lights all your fans up. I wish u gud luck.

You are so wonderful in everything you chose to do...

Your every role as left an impression on us whether

be it Heer , Pihu, Harmony , Nandni, sana ,

or Sanam Every character you portray looks very real,

waiting to see you back in a daily soap. .

Additi even though I love watching you in BCL

but I have to wait till entire week to see you..
I miss to see you on my daily basis.

i want you to come in a fabulous show with

an amazing character.

I hope you come soon Heart

Knowing the beautiful human being

behind that beautiful

smiling face and the talented actress.

To know and to know more, only to love you more

and respect you with every step you took as you started

with a stumbling uncertain start to soaring high with sheer

hard work and dedication.

And on this special day when gods decided to

send his special angel down to earth for us,

I want to thank you for being born..

And May god bless you with every happiness in this world,

may you and your loved ones remain healthy,

wealthy and happy.

Again here is a huge hug and lots of wishes

on your birthday angel girl!

May that beautiful smile always keep shining brighter

and may that beautiful heart always be filled

with only the happiest of things...

Love you so much sana

Sezan Abd

Happy Birthday Additi Gupta

Wish you all the best

may god bless you wd success nd health

Sezan Rd

happy bday to you Additi Gupta Big smile

Sheema Harshadholic

Happy Birthday to a person that's charming,

talented and reminds me a lot of myself...

Keep smiling!!

May u get all the Happiness & success in ur life ahead...

live Long gorgeous Additi Gupta!!!

Sidra Mehek

Happy Birthday Additi Gupta

love you lotss Have a Wonderfull year

May God Bless you with lots and

lots of Happiness and Success

Missing you plz come backk soon


Wsh u a Many many happy returns of the day Additi

I hope this day bring happiness, success

and prosperity in your life You are one of d best,

talented nd gorgeous actress

nd I lovvvee uuu sssooo muuccchhh

I'm proud to be ur greatest fan...

u entertain us by playng bcl nd

keep on entertaining us like dis in future too...

I love ur each character nd d way u act

hope u get success in each nd evry seconds nd minutes...

I want u to come back on television with best co-star like

harshad nd others...

miss u aaa lllooottt as my lovely heer nd

I lovvveee high my beauty queen...

once again wsh u a vrrryy very happy

and charming birthday...


Sona Harsh

Wishing u a very happy birthday dear Aditi.

may all ur wishes n dreams comes true. Stay blessed..

Sonakshi Agarwal

Happiest BirthDay Additi...

Stay Blessed nd all happy wishes for u on dis Birthday,

May Ur all Dreams Come true..

Soniya khan

Wishing you A very Happy Birthday to the most charming,

funny, attractive and rocking personality in on television

Have a great day Additi Stay Healthy Stay Happy

With lotsss and lotss of love

you are the best Additi Gupta

Soniya Khan

Happy happy birthday my Gorgeous pretty Audi.

Allah tala apke sari qwahishon ko pura kare

nd give lots of success.

ur fans we all always with u

may god bless u jaan nd

I wish audi aap jaldi se ek rocking nd successful

show me as a lead positive role me

vapas auo come back soon dear.

I love u sooo much '


Happy happy Birthday heart emoticon Aditi Heart

I really hope you get each and everything you wish for.

May every little wish of yours come true

and you have God's blessings upon you, forever.

I hope you get success in every sphere of life and

stay happy, always.


Happy bday to one of most beautifulll n coolest Girll...
Happy wallaaa bday to Additi

may u achive everything what u want n have a blessful

beautifulll n a healthy year for u !!!

Love u loads

Tamanna khan

Happy happy birthday Additi Gupta

wish all the best in life with good health love you


I HAPPY BIRTHDAY DOLL Today is a very special day!

I hope that you have the most

wonderful and blessed birthday today.

i wish you get life full of happiness & success,

may your this year & coming years, be


may your all dreams come true

in this year Happy Birthday Additi Gupta



Happpyyy Birthday Additi Gupta

wishing You Long Life With Health Name Fame Happiness

And With A Lot Of Fun

You A Veryy Happy Birthday Additi Gupta...

You are the best Actress television

Most Gorgeous and Amazing Talanted Actress

I will ever seen...

Proud To Be Your Fan

You are AMAZING as Heer and my most fav character ...

You are just Sooo Amazing...

You are My Fav Actress Additi

You Humble And Down To Earth Nature

Makes You More Special...

May All Your Wishes And Dreams Come True

And May God Give You Pleanty Of Reasons To Smile...

May You Achieve Everything

You Want In Life And Reach

Greater Heights Of Success Because
You on Truely Deserve It...

Missing you Additi di Please Come Back soon

You Are AMAZING Additi

I Love You Sooo Much...

Tehreem Fa

Happy birthday Additi wish a great year ahead...

please come back


Happy birthday Additi...

May God bless you n u gt all d success u deserve in ur life...
May all ur dreams n wishes cm true...

N keep entertaining us by portraying

different kinds of roles such as Heer, pihu, harmony,

Nandini, Sana, ganga and khan begum..

This proves that u r one if the best actress n

I'm proud to be ur fan...

N also entertaining us by showing it dance talent

and by playing cricket in bcl...

Be happy n keep smiling always...

Love u however u are n take care of yourself n enjoy dis day...

N waiting for ur comeback on television.. .

Once again happy birthday.. ''-'

Tulip Tulip




Wish you a a very happy birthday

and I wish your all wishes comes true and thank you
for being HEER so memorable and

 all the best for upcoming projects and

congratulations for playing superb in BOL

keep smiling and always be happy.



Additi di.. wishing u a very very happy birthday

Wishing u all d success in d coming year..

U have become better n better over d years

with d work u do.. that makes us feel so very proud !!

Good luck for eveything..

n love u loads.

Zoya Khan

Happy birthday to u...

happy birthday to uu...

happy birthday dear Additi ...

happy birthday to uuu may god him bless u...

Happy birthday dear Additi ..

happy birthday to uu wishing u not only

on ur birthday ..

but ur whole life Love you

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ebook with Fan Wishes Link:
(Sent by April 15th, 2016)

B i r t h d a y  V i d e o  M i x e s 

From dhanyabalan


From Kanwal-

Our Angel Additi Gupta

From sana.harshiti

Oye Tera Happy B'day Aya

Baby Doll

From Tehreem Fa

Happy Birthday Additi













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FB Covers

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Title :


Banner :

Title Tags:

On Screen Character Tags:

Character Write Up:
various fans

Poems (decorating on posts):

Stars' Quotes assistance:

ebook (with Fans' wishes) prepared by:

Tehreem Fa/FB

AVs / Icons / Siggies:
Aditi(Aditi Love Harshad/FB)
Cutediary(Sana Khan)
Harsha Thakur
Kanwal- (Rimsha)
Mishty Creations
Naziya H/FB
Sadia Khan/FB
Sheema /FB
Sidra Mehek/FB
Soniya Khan
Tehreem Fa/FB

On behalf of Additi Gupta, thanking everyone who helped to celebrate.
Enjoy the party!

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