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Dashrath the Mastermind ? (Page 4)

cocoatree IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 15 April 2016 at 3:27am | IP Logged
Originally posted by pearl100

Hey Ratna very well written.
The only good outcome of bringing raja is clearing dhani's name as you said earlier...the shivling incident and the mirchi incident is may be to impress the public and his family save his face.May be first raja needs to win their hearts before making any move.

Regarding raja not knowing dhani makes no sense at all...that's what i felt why is DT hell bent on supporting raja from the beginning he did dig out the past of dhani bahut hi chatur hai...he keep feeding raja the money untill he does his work..

But now when the question of share of property has come he is never going to do that so he might get rid of him...raja himself is not going totake this lightly and he is going to see DT's entire family's downfall.In the end shalu is one big bali ki bakari Ouch

This man uses every single person he comes across to satisfy his needs (dirty deeds) uses them properly and when they are of no use dumps them...i'm waiting for raja to expose DT's deeds to viplav if not proven at least let him take the hints and be cautious.

well written Pearl.! Thumbs Up
I am much bewildered to reconnect left out dots..Though sudden twist goes well in progressing drama..
I felt this was a random twist considering bloopers but after reading many opinions, So Is that  .DT's inceptive step by bribing RA then n there feeding him more than expected..My only doubt whether DT knew about RA's connection to Dhani's past  before breaking of marriage..RA's entry happened on MS, so obviously its a planned one..

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Hamlet53 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 15 April 2016 at 11:56am | IP Logged
hi premratan.. firstly  may I say the post is well  laid out .. for the likes of me as , it setsout exactly it comes about with raja's entry .Yes  most I follow and agree with your  stancesbloopers and all.. those I feel come under the category of willing suspension of disbelief.
Premratan , one thing is not debatable , i.e DT's loathing of dhani.. he himself says to kanak   only recently , we tired hard but could never split dhani from viplav.. so this chappie raja is ideal for one thing is common  between them three.. him,kanak and raja all hate dhani.. hence raja will be used.. banking on his past history with  dhani. they will have to use shalu..  seems credible to me..
prem ratan.. I think raja's incident  had been prearranged between raja and dashrant.. before dadi brings the news... remember not much was investigated about the family.. even we queried and so did dhani from viplav... its because dashrant had done his ground work..
raja turning up  with shivling was preplanned.. as DT had fallen out with  tripurari already.. the guy had left...   mirchi scene may looked tampered..but  it was a credible scene as raja was introduced as one approved by DT.. and thus a good  sell, husband material   for shalu..
Premratan, I think raja is DT's last resort..   dt set all this up.. what DT stumbles at is raja wanting more and all!.. But all said and done.. raja too is in a position to squeal  against   dashrant ..
My concern is   will viplav believe  news about his grand dad ?  its the heart break vips will suffer...   dhani too knows  dashrant  heinous deeds .. remember ashram papers?  what role thus will dhani play in keeping this family  from going to pieces.. thanks for a thought provoking  ,well written post..   love hammie

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Meenakshi-rg IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 15 April 2016 at 12:01pm | IP Logged

Hey Ratna how meticulosly you have mentioned and explained all points, 

al I can say is in a daily soap reasoning and logic stand right at the back . sometimes not even visible.

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samanthana IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 15 April 2016 at 1:24pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by premparbat

A twist was thrown at us today  as in Dashrath Tripathi planted Raja from the start for the single purpose of separating Viplav & Dhani even if it meant using Shallu as a pawn.
Do you think this twist was part of the main plot all along or this has been introduced randomly.
There are several loopholes but when you look at the bigger picture it makes sense.
What is not convincing the ultimate motive. 

Lets recount the timeline :

1. After Kanak returns from Ashram Dadi gives a message that a very rishta has come for Shallu.

2. Sulakshana is at AN when Viplav comes in with the good news he is married but is stopped by Dhani .

3. Raja makes an entry in the madir with the Shivling. Did he land up on his own or was it DT asking him to, I think it was the former he came at a times to save his face. - DT reference

4. Raja makes friend with Viplav and if you remember he is very much interested in Viplav's love life.  - DT intention about Viplov life (Is he is in still connect with Dhaani )

5. Viplav narrates his story about Dhani but does not tell him about the marriage.  - DT might have given a hint to trace it out viplov aaction , so that he will help in Dhaani action(Give and take policy) -DT is master minded evil

6. Raja constantly wants to be introduced to Dhani and the first time he bumps into her is at Shivratri . He was surprised to see her and follows her to the ashram . ( A blooper ? if he knew she is in town then why does he not know where she lives )  - Lack of resource from DT .

DT has requested to follow Viplov life , however he has not told that girl is Dhaani .  However DT has promised that he will help in Dhaani action.. (this what might be )

7. Raja tells Viplav about Suman to plant doubt against Dhani .

8. Raja sends scary notes and whistling to Dhani . Blooper ?? assumes that Dhani has never told Viplav about her past life.  Raja doesnt know Dhaani better half is viplov and Viplov better half is dhaani .    He was following  just DT instruction,

9. Raja sees Dhani's photo on Viplavs phone and is surprised.- This is not blooper (He came to know on that day is Viplov love girl is dhaani .. (So it was shock for him ) and he do not aware about equation between Viplov and Dhaani (That was the plus point for  this couple ).

10. Dhani stops wedding. Raja refuses to marry . Till now no one knows that both are married. So DT and Raja plan still holds to separate the two.  - just drama (When he doesnot care about his son , do you think he sits and care for his  grand daughter whom he thinks Zero of AN)

11. DT begs Raja to marry Shallu.   Blooper or he genuinely wanted the marriage to happen ?

12. Court case Viplav wins and declares Dhani as his wife. Shallu Raja marriage still not complete.

13. Raja fallen out of DT's graces still wants in ..puts chilli powder on holi to impress him . DT happy at his action.  (It was Mount everst Chilli powder - DT knows  that RA will go to any extent to save his life (When he admits that he will marry his  grand daughter and wants money ) -  Both work done (Shallu  marraige done , Vidha separated , He will be in safe )

13a . DT playing a game of snakes and ladder tells Kanak he has a plan up his sleeve.  - DT has ingited a fire to RA (by using as a pawn, RA inturn igniting the feeling of Shallu ) , KT was not aware of this behind screen action ) - thatz what he is saying he has plan up his sleeve

14. Shallu cuts her wrist and DT gets the two married. He cuts Viplav's phone too when he is calling. ?? Why does he want them married when Raja is of no use to him now.  - answers above all which was told by DT - Shallu is zero of AN - Aadhi adhoor sandha

15 Vip shows them the RL video and DT insults Raja but later on apologizes to him to stay . Blooper ? - Drama (DT   act)

16 Vip fakes a fight with Dhani and wants to take on more responsibility . DT declares he will coronate Viplav soon.

17. Raja reminds DT of his promise and is threatened by DT to never underestimate him.

Anything I missed guys ?   There are indeed a lot of holes ..mostly on part of DT and his behavior.
The oddest is him tolerating Raja after knowing that Vip & Dhani are married and he is useless.
Why this sudden need to hand over to Viplav ?
Would love to hear from you as to what is illogical about this new twist . ?

Please comment.

 DT is confessed to KT , that he has tried many times and failed to separate vidha , awaiting for an oppurtunity , and   phinally it arrives n the form of RA  under unexpected way .  (He has not shut the door , instesad  , he opened the door for war) .

He know about dhaani and he came to know about RA as well .  (so for him Dhaani is enemy (Widow ) , becuase on the first episode (Summarize everyhting) or

, why he hate for widow - Is there any flash back behind widow story in his life ). which connects with Dullari past .

Dhaani past connected with Shallu

Dullari past  going to connect to whom ?????

Three in once action

Vidha got separated

Shallu will get married

HE  will be king of aN again - He wants to rule the property of AN

He abducted lot of temple properties (iska matlab  Who is Viplov Tripathi )??/ Dont throw stones - I have raised this concern in my thread as well and will raise in future as well ... (This is the new turning point of IKRS , when TRP falls another time LOLLOLLOLLOL

So my question, when he comes to know about DT , will he able to digest , It should comes through Dhani through Taniya .. 

Taniya is the first person started this revelation and will end the same track through her ..  So will he trust dhaani or wind up away from dhaani ...   

Will he able to digest the news of Trips as official son Ouch

Days are sooo faar this the last question(DT ) ...

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premparbat IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 15 April 2016 at 7:04pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by manjusudha999

If Dt himself said that he doesn't cares for shalu life then y they think after marriage, pregnancy they will get whole property and that to they are in hurry in making pregnant

Definitely I can say this twist was not planned before Ra entry that's why there are many bloopers
Thanks Manju . With a kid in a relationship it will be harder for DT to throw him out of AN . That is the last resort according to Sulakshana and Raja.
But yes there are many bloopers and should have been planned better.
premparbat IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 15 April 2016 at 7:09pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by -JaZ-

this twist has been brought on after looking at the dropping trps , who knows may be it was shot yesterday only LOL

u have summed up everything very nicely Thumbs Up...there is nothing left to add... since the RA track started till the court case drama the track was already full of bloopers and inconsistencies,i kept pointing it out... now with this twist a few previous ones make sense like ra's interest in viplav's love life and narrating his brother's story and how dt has not inquired ra's bg and a few others which u mentioned makes no sense...on the whole if this track can raise trps then fine...
the entry of ra at mandir in ur pt3 can be dt's plan also...may be thats how he wanted to introduce ra to make ra believe he will make him his heir n impress kt also on why he selects ra for shalu...

Jaz.  This TRP is reason for a lot of inconsistencies . That is why the first 50 episodes of any show are the best coz they are settling in and TRP are nor considered.
Nevertheless , Its very few folks like us who look for such bloopers. Other shows too have them but the audience generally does not care.  From my perspective I like to challenge something which is honestly a blooper.
If DT was planned before the writers should have been taken care of details.
Its not so bad either. This too shall be forgotten.
premparbat IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 15 April 2016 at 7:16pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by nandyy55

Good Morning Prem!!
Subah subah 17 sawal?? Aur kuch bhakhi hai kya??

Anyhow thnz for all Ques!

I dont think RA's entry is becoz of Dadaji DT, he might knows about him later on definitely after Dhaani past revelation track i.e Suman character.
And DT must be joined hand with RA after getting all details bcoz he is mirror image of DT.Sure DT gives RA handsome money to marry shalu & to separate #Vidha.
But now RA won't leave DT that much easily, his expectations are higher & wants him to be equally treated as Viplav.
One thing strikes me Y DT wants to ruin shalu's life to save viplav's life from Dhaani!!
Y shalu is not his granddaughter to DT? How can be so partial to his grandchildrens??
Already shalu is down & broken becoz of her marriage broken many times, she never gets support from her Mother (KT) she always calls her Moti only..only one person loved her so much is her bhai Viplav, can add Dadi too..

Nandy , I think Raja was planned right from the start . that's what I got from the episode but yes the timing was not explained very well that when this deal was made.
In regards to DT's treatment and hatred for Dhani & his own grandchild is appalling .  No one treats their pet even like that .
DT's character is reflective of patriarchs and families who kill girls before they are born or don't care to educate them and treat them as cows . Its shocking but true.
I hope some people watching the show are repulsed and take care of their girls more than they usually do .
Thanks for writing in.
premparbat IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 15 April 2016 at 7:19pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by revathirk

Gud mrng prem...
Well connected all d timelines...ClapClap
I don't think dt n rajas connection was preplanned before his entry...or may b guided by dt...AN vasiyo ka vishwas jeetne...n dat mirchi powder waala scene raja me khudi kiya hoga to show dt that he can believe may be a sudden twist... So smthing missing here n der...but let's c wats gonna happen...Smile
Thanks Revathi,  the sudden twist is very questionable .  Something does seem unplanned and missing but I am told its a daily show ..who will remember this in the long run .

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