KDR: Mr & Mrs Tickly Maheshwari ;)

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Swara, meri file lekar aao. File ke saath pen bhi toh chahiye na? Zara paani ka glass dedo. Aur meri vitamins? Vitamins bhi do mujhe. Ye paani ka glass lo aur wahaan rakh do ShockedROFL

So finally Sanskaar Maheshwari decides to behave or just act like a tyrant hubby who's ordering around his bechari abla naari wife ShockedLOL MANNN! How cute are these two? Like seriously adorableness ki dukaan Day Dreaming BTW he might refer himseld as Daamad ji but for me Sanky will always be my favorite ideal bahu ;) ROFL

Firstly, I love love love how realistically Swara dresses up, it's actually so refreshing to see a female lead dressed up in chiffon sarees without heavy work and pallu and wearing those loose long kurta's, pallazo pants and nightgown's among a hoard of women who dress up as if going for some wedding ALL THE TIME in those huge tent like dresses and 10 kg earrings :/ Kudos to Swara for finally letting us relate to an FL's clothes despite her being married. I absolutely LOVED what she wore today Embarrassed So comfortably gorgeous Day Dreaming & Sanskaar tohhh Day Dreaming OMG no words for my Gajar Ka Halwa today Day Dreaming Man he looks like kesar ki burfi/mootichoor ka laddoo too zcfscvdzvvvngcbbj my man HeartEmbarrassed ALWAYS THE BEST LOOKING EVEN IF IT'S 12 AT MIDNIGHT Day DreamingDay Dreaming I wanna just gobble him up, seriously Swara what stuff are you made up of? Stern SmileLOL
The way he was teasing her by making her do all his work until she finally relents and ask him what he's upto, awww my babies <3 Sanskaar who's lounging in his bed in a very relaxed pose, finally let's her know his reasons: that she's the crowned beti of the house now and by that logic, he's the damaad so getting his 'khaatirdari' done is his janam siddh adhikaar ShockedROFL Swara gets his teasing tone clearly and let's him know that he's crossing his limits now and that's when Mr. Gajar Ka Halwa Maheshwari gets his cue to show his wife that between them, there are absolutely no 'hadd's' Embarrassed Gosh, the way he pulls her upon himself and grabs her, showing complete HAQ and BESHARMI over her, oh god they make me *blussshhh* like she was LITERALLY SITTING ON HIS LAP IN HIS EMBRACEEE UUIII AAAHHH MAAMMMAAA AAAHHH SillyDay Dreaming God I LOVE HOW COZY, COMFORTABLE AND ROMANTIC these two are without any HAQ business between them till date Embarrassed The way he goes close to her and says in his BEST seductive voice, kya yeh meri hadd ke baahar hai? Bolo na Swara? Kya ye meri hadd ke baahar hai while Swara looks on at him, dazed and intoxicated by his intense gaze and magnetically moves towards him to show him there are no barriers between them and she's ONLY HIS by embracing him with all her love Heart Sanskaar is waiting to have her wrapped around him and she pulls the googly at that precise moment, leaving him high and dry AND VERY TICKLY ShockedROFL Aiyooo, poor Sanskaar, was expecting a tight jhappi and kissy while landing up in bed (not the way HE & WE'D like to *ahem* ;) LOL) but instead getting tickled and thrown off guard by his cute, naughty wifey Day Dreaming Sanskaar is laughing madly while Swara is almost on top of him ("tum mere upar ho phirse Swara aur vahi raho" eeekkksss SillyLOL) She can't stop tickling him while Sanskaar being super tickly cannot stop his laughter and violent moves Shocked God I too am VERY tickly and behave in the same EXACT way so I can totally relate, poor guy LOL He of course gets out of it too and starts chasing Swara around the room , of course to tickle her while she's not at all coming into his hold and Sanky finally decides to use his superpowers and dive on the bed to reach her but alas! He forgets to wear his cape and SanskaarMan lands up on the bed pretty badly, spraining his gorgeous neck awww Day DreamingLOL I loved how Swara looked very concerned for him at the beginning and only begun laughing after being ensured that he's doing just fine Embarrassed Poor baby Sanskaar, who now has to take an ice pack massage but no worries Sanky, cos that ice pack is a SwaSan fan too and always ensures romance for you ;) I want continuation scene of the OLV tomorrow before Swara leaves for Daayan House, pretty please? Day Dreaming Aaj toh definitely tickle karte karte kuch kuch ho hi jaata dono ke beech *ahem* second base *ahem* if not for Sanskaar's sprained neck Embarrassed Eeekkksss aaahhh fbffnnffjjfgjgg SillyDay Dreaming

Although I can never forgive what SwaSan and especially Swara had to go through but I understand how important DP is to Swara and so it was very cute to see Swara arranging his b'day and getting her rightful daughter of the house title after proving herself and most importantly EARNING it. Seriously Laksh had the guts to ask Ragini whether she felt bad for not getting the daughter title? What has your wife exactly done for the family that you expect her to be given that title? Oh yes, saved YOUR LIFE AND YOU from being an Anarkali while the man she's behaving so kind towards, had mentally tortured him and his family in the past. It's LMAOworthy to see Ragini say all that she told Laksh ROFL Only thing that I liked was when she said that Swara never got the love from her dad and that she's earned the respect she's getting while she herself is happy with the DIL title which is a miracle in itself, seeing the way she's treated the whole Maheshwari clan. Swara DESERVES all the love she's getting and then some MORE while Ragini has always been served everything on the platter Smile

The SwaSan phone convo, god the way Swara was blushing, seriously what was Sanky saying exactly? *blush* the proud looks he gave her throughout the party, his love reflecting in his every glance at her and how proud he is Embarrassed My babies Day Dreaming The Sanky-Sujju moment was awww when during clicking photos, he tickles his mommy while she hits him playfully and he laughs awww LOL Am going to call them SanJu EmbarrassedLOL I also crave some RP-Swara/SwaSan bonding, Ram is amazing afterall Embarrassed today's tickle scene actually oozed out strong VaHe vibes to me, they definitely enjoy shooting such scenes, it's so evident Day Dreaming

Swara eavesdropping at a couples conversation. Errr, they were discussing about her, infact not just discussing but speaking bad about her and any normal human being will have the curiosity to listen to the convo when the subject is THEY THEMSELVES, isn't it? It's not like she installed cameras in AdRi's room, or barge into their room when they were having an intimate moment or try to order Adarsh to divorce Pari just cos she didn't follow her 'orders' (rings a bell, isn't it? Wink) they were freaking talking bad about her and any normal person would want to listen to that which is NOT AT ALL WRONG! Yeah, she ain't as mahaan as you'd like to believe Smile Hoping for Swara to ask DP for permission to leave MM with Sanskaar when the time to ask for return gift comes Day Dreaming Pari has forgotten all Swara has done for her. I am happy Ragini ain't her target LOL You go Pari, throw SwaSan outta home, they aren't your saggas, I'll be so proud of you EmbarrassedLOL

Simar tomorrow? Errr no thanks Ermm *shudders*

Ignore typos, again too sleepy to edit LOL

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Res.. Hope I will unres 
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Swasan Embarrassed
God they are just awesome 
Everyday I think I cannot love them more and after every episode they just prove me wrong 
Swasan phone conversation Embarrassed and pari Angry Kamre Mai NAUKAR disturb karta hai aur phone Pai pari - poor swasan 
And their tickling scene Day Dreaming - I don't have words 
Can they get more cuter?  Embarrassed

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Kavyyaaa!!!!! Meri jaannaaa!!! You know I love you right?Wink
What a post my loveClap What a postClap

Even though Sanskaar claims himself to the DAMAD of MM, but we all know that he the Favorite Bahu of MM, with Swara, the favorite DAMAD of the houseLOL By god, next year GPA main, I am going to make sure ki colors favorite bahu ka nominations rakhe or Sanky hi jetLOLLOL Varna main tandaav macha dungiROFL *Patali devi types*ROFL

I completely agree with you on the dressing part. I am so glad Swara is never shown over dressed for anything. The initial scene of Swara talking on phone with Sanskaar was really cute. And yah, she was actually blushing!! Wonder what Mr Maheshwari was actually sayingWink

Pari is actually being the total b*tch man and surprisingly only to Swara. Not that I care coz all the Swara or SwaSan dushman ends up being SwaSan shippers, as in bring them closeLOL LOL So yay!! Go pari go!! Keep hating on Swara and make sure SwaSan are forced to leave the house. At least then my babies will be away from this crowd for some time and will be able to spend some quality time with one another without any KMH!! Even if DP or anyone tries to stop them from leaving, Swara will make use of the gift and make sure they leave MM

I liked the scene of DP-Swara. I know many, including me have still not being able to forgive DP for separating SwaSan and making them suffer because of his selfishness and helplessness. But I still liked the scene and Swara being bestowed the title of the pyaari beti of the house. Yes, its not the first time that DP has actually called Swara his beti. She is really his soul beti. Ever since Swara had proven him wrong about her character, DP had developed a very soft corner for her. Thats why he had himself initiated for the wedding of Swara Laksh during that track. Even when all the drama had happened during Swara Laksh wedding, except of Shomi, Sanskaar and Dida, it was DP who hadn't believed Swara could do something like that. He asked Laksh to think twice before taking the decision of marrying ragini. When Swara had finally proven herself innocent, that was the first time DP has actually called her his beti. And that time Parineeta had no issues with that. And now she has!! Isn't that really weird? But I am not surprised, be it gagodias or Maheshwari, they every freaking time has to forget what Swara has actually done for them and blame her for anything and everything. Except of my Bahu Sanskaar of courseLOL. And this thing really did made me wonder why would Laksh question Ragini about her feelings for not getting the beti title? I mean, I know she has been forgiven by everyone in the family and everything but still. I did find it really weird. Anyways!!!

And yes, I do want CVs to develop on work on RP-Swara bond. I would really like to see a father daughter bond between them as well

SwaSan scene at the end was actually very cute!! I loved this attitude wala ghar jamai so much. If our official damad Swara does shoshan on her husband during the day, our official bahu does the shoshan on her wife at nightLOL Kya jodi has boss!! The way Sanskaar started ordering!! While giving away the file, Swara was very normal. Her confusion started after his orders for pen!! Then water!! then vitamins!! then AC!! and then Swara officially gives up and ask him what the hell is he upto? And he responds, giving his cool attitude, saying how he is the jamai of the house and how he should be treated like a king!! And Swara, being the baby, wants to complain to her dad as in bade papa, how the ghar jamai is crossing his haddLOL She gets up and he pulls her back!! and she falls in his lap!!! fhglkfhgld!! hlsuhfs!! You know, i have one scene in my head!!! But I am not gonna say it hereLOL Now she wants to show attitude, so she gets up again and tries to go away but aSanskaari bahu ji wants to cross even more hadd and tries to come even more closeEmbarrassed. She is affected but she finds a way to run away by tickling him. That scene was just so cute!! Swara is actually following our advise of letting him come close and then running away. Good job my girl!!! Tadapaaati raho hamari bahu koLOL Hum sab tumhare saath hai

And yah!! regarding the eavesdropping thing!! I already gave my explanation in one post so I dont want to waste my time explaining my stand again!!!Sleepy

Anyways, my love!! amazing post!!! and as I promised!! its unresed before you are up

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Beautiful ranting..
The whole SwaSan moments were so special..
Neednot say anything more about it..

But the people who are trying to make an issue of the "swara's eavesdropping" literally thirsty to make a point to prove her wrong.
For that they made a MULTIPLE VOTING POLL & continuously voting on it..
What all pain they have to suffer to pull down swara to their favorite's level..
Khudos for their hard work.

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Aj kal Swasan scenes make me go to heaven Day Dreaming today's scene was really cute LOL can't wait for hot ice pack scene and balm lagaoing scene if there is any WinkTongue by the way i have a deep wish in my heart for seduction act by Swara for Sanky Tongue good post. 

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As usual superb post & title as well ...WinkSmile
Today 's swasan tickling  scene was  so good  SmileTongue &  yes  during  birthday celebration ,  i liked dp & swara 's bond which is far  better than shekhar & shwara...Smile

& Actually i want rp family out of mm   & i know they will not do this so i want they throw swasan out of mm ...WinkSmile

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@kavya w'ful KDR ClapClap.i wish they complete the scene 2marrow which w e saw in segment.
rest i"ll post if gets mood.

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