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Ek Maanjha, Teen log, What can keep IshRaRu away for long? 14.4.2016 (Page 4)

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Posted: 14 April 2016 at 5:29pm | IP Logged
Omg helarious review ROFL loved it!

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Originally posted by gravity23

This is hilarious...Raman and Ishita kept saying, "Hello" "Hello can you hear me?" "I cannot hear anything you're saying" repeatedly, but neither could hear what the other was saying. So listening to each other's awaz and going all dhak-dhak was out of the optionLOLLOL

Saare armaanon pe pani phir gaya

In fact, Raman clearly said, "This is Raman Bhalla from India" and Ishita was like, "I'm sorry but your voice is so distorted" Raman ne gusse mein phone hi fenk diya, "Company ka naam toh ghatiya hai hi, network bhi ghatiya hai"LOLLOLLOL


I was like, galti hamare Indian telecom networks he hone ki zyada chances hainWinkWinkWink

Mihir tried to calm Raman down and requested him to consider buying out this company, since he had checked all records and he found them to be alright. So Raman asked Mihir to mail the CEO of IshRa company asap

ISHRA soft drink company ... like I said yesterday, when you compare it with Pepsi, Coke, Mountain Dew you can understand why its been making losses since so many yearsLOLLOLLOL

Ishita cant believe Mani has decided to sell the company...what a BORE that scene was with both of them...whenever Ishita talks, Mani looks jaali madhosh he is drinking in the nectar of her eyes...tharki dost saalaConfused its because of the likes of him that opposite sex friendships become badnaamShocked

Mani has started going to doctor visits all by himself, that should be a happy thing coz then he'll stop being a leech with Ishita. Par woh bhi kaun si kam hai? She apparently, rues the fact that her rejection of his proposal has changed their equation, so much so, that he has started visiting the doctor alone and now thinking of selling the company

When she was telling him, "Tum kab se give up karne lage were always a fighter" I could see Mani doing permutation-combination in his head ticking off what other ways he could apply to patao IshitaLOLLOLLOL No wonder Aaliya has turned out like her Mama...ek baari mein ek baat dimag mein jaata nahinD'oh

Maybe he was telling his heart, "Sun yaar, sun yaar, phirse try maar!"Big smile


Apparently, Ishita has SEEN Mani building this company from scratch...I was thinking, when and HOW did he manage to do that? Didnt he become bedridden that MANHOOZ RAAT he rescued Ishita???Wasn't he spending his days in the hospital and being dependent on Ishita the last 7 years? WackoWackoWacko Kuch bhi... 

Ishita was feeling guilty that because of her rejection, Mani had started behaving weirdly, and so its just proper that she leave the house...I was like, haan yaar, mauka mila hai toh nikal le...but Ishu bhi kam chep nai haiDeadDead

But that wont happen since IshMani struck a deal, that if Mani decides NOT to sell his company, then Ishita will stay back in his house. OF COURSE, how can Mani live without his EEESSSHHHUUU...marr jayega woh agar Aalu ko akele jhelna pada tohErmm

And ONE more time if they mention Nirvan without showing his face, I'm gonna lose it. I think he realises his sister and Mama and even that adoptive Amma of theirs are messed up in their head and doesnt wanna come home. I dont blame him thoughConfused

I was thinking, poor Raman, he isnt as lucky as have a friend like Mani who is ready to come to terms with being friendzoned. He has Shagun beside him, who will show her true colours when Ishita comes back into the picture. Aisa lagega tab jaise uske andar Mata ghus gayiLOLLOLLOL

Something like this


I'm telling you...yehi hogaSleepySleepy


Yaar main sach keh rahi hun...kisi din Aalu ke sar pe kadhai fenk dungi...when she entered Ruhaan's room and got yelled at by her and said she didnt wanna come to the studio, Aalu should have just turned on her back like she did the first time around. But nai, she has a skull thicker than a rhino skullSleepy she came back, and told Ruhi she had got something for her and asked her to shut her eyes

I was like - CAN YOU DO THAT WITH A CELEB?Wacko Like, arey please ankhen band karo, I got you a surprise??!!

I know right...some stupidity they show

Wont they like ask you to take a hike and get lost?LOL

So anyway, since Ruhaan is actually our pakki Dilli wali kudi underneath that rockstar image, she shuts her eyes, and Aalu opens the lid of a tiffin and keeps it right under her nose

Turns out its curd rice...Ruhi, for a moment looks like she got back a sliver of her childhood days...her Ishima  ke haath ka banaya hua curd rice

and stupid Aalu went on and on and on about how her Amma usually makes it for her whenever she is in a low mood...Ru recalled how chirpily Ishita was talking to Aalu in the clinic, and caressing her cheeks lovingly...and in anger, hurt, jealousy and frustration, she flings the tiffin away...its clear she, deep down, doesn't wanna share her Ishima's love with anybody, least of all this pea-brained AaluGeek

Aalu's expression be like, "Should I have got tomato rice instead?"LOL

Above line 

So right at that moment, Nidhi comes in and menacingly asks Ru, "kya ho raha yeh sab?" I asked you to come to the recording and you still sitting on your ass here? Ru gets all shaky and flustered, and says she will get ready and immediately come to the studio

Nidhi ko yeh log KAB TAK Hunterwali ke roop mein dikhayenge yaar?? She looks like Cleopatra's descendantOuchOuchOuch wearing that suit-boot, 10 cm danglers, smoky eye makeup and that grim, bitchy snooty smile every frickin' day


Yahan Raman is getting his tickets booked for Australia..waah, I'm not sure if IshRa will meet there, but atleast they will be around each other for some time and maybe recognize each other's body scentLOL I've also begun having all those Silk Smitha thoughts...main bhi naa...issshhh!!Day Dreaming

Count me in on forever EmbarrassedEmbarrassed

Simmi is excited about Ananya coming back in a few days...and she gushes how much fun Anu baby and Pihu have together..what with all the shopping, outings and all that...Raman listened to her monologue for a minute and then brusquely asked her, "KITNE PAISE CHAHIYE?"LOLLOLLOL

Simmi is offended and says, 'har cheez paison se nai tola jaa sakta Bhai" I was just excited about Ananya coming back, coz she loves being with her Mama and spending time with you ..yada yada nonsense

I was like, har cheez paison se nai tola jaata toh tu kaam karna kyun shuru nai kar deti? You've been a frickin dependent since more than a decade now! What happened to that jaali entrepreneurship course? She is, presumably living a single life, then why the f is she not moving her ass and doing something  with her life? If money really doesn't matter, then its time she do something with her life and earn some bucks instead of just depending on BhaiAngryAngryAngry

Sirf dialogue maarna aata hai Bhallas ko...kaam kisi ko nai karna...aur ek beta hai (Romi) jo aise kaam kar raha hai ki poocho hi mat. And then they have the ba**s to criticize Raman and his decisions...jackassesAngryAngryAngry

So anyway, Raman refuses in his usual crisp, bhaad-mein-jaayen-sab style and leaves the scene. I do feel sad for him though...but then, I know its a matter of time...once Ishita comes back, its gonna be alright. As for Bhallas, Ishita or no Ishita, Shagun or no Shagun, they will never change. After all, a leopard doesnt change his spotsConfused

@italics just waiting that happens soon

Ru and Aalu come back from their recording. I am glad Aalu has stopped wearing those sack-like things..She starts chit-chatting with a friend over the phone, over how many likes and comments a pic of her and Ruhaan got. Ru thinks, if she is not allowed to access internet at home, she can always ask Alu and use her phone...

Aalu se poochti toh woh toh apna underwear bhi Ruhaan ko de detiROFL she looked so HONORED by that request

so anyway, Ruhaan asks how to create an id on social media (its quite believable since she has never been allowed access to social media ALL these yearsOuch) ... Aalu says if she wants to look up someone, then she can do using her id instead...and the first person Ru looks up is Shravan Iyer..

and I think she even sends a friend request to him...

Shravan, who was minutes back complaining of being sidelined by his classmates and friends in favor of his Appa (Bala), fantasizes about how cool it would be if Alia Bhatt sends him a friend request. So when he sees a friend request from Alia.b he immediately feels over the moon...I kinda skipped a few seconds there, so I dunno if he accepted it or not

I am kinda disappointed we STILL dont know what Bala is up to (dont tell me, from a teacher/coaching insti head he has now become basketball coachOuchOuch)...Also, Vandu ko kab dikhyenge??

Shravan should work on the way he still seemed like he had vada-pav in his mouth todayLOL

I'm thinking, the teen Shravan looks like a cute lil hippo as compared to skinny lil did Ru even RECOGNIZE him? After all, there can be thousands of Shravan  Iyers on FBWacko

So anyway, before Ru could look up more people, Nidhi came in  and looking at the phone in Ru's hand, she understood what she was up to...she asked Aalu to leave, took Ru in and fished out a whipping cord and started beating Ru up...

it was HORRIBLE to watchCryCryCry I felt so sick in my stomach watching that...I mean, I understand the makers wanna show wat a cruel nasty person Nidhi is, but are they ALLOWED to show such violence on TV, what with impressionable young kids also watching these shows these days???AngryAngry They need to have sme filter in what they show as the final was sickening, and my heart truly went out to Ruhi.

Aalu, who it seems had left her handbag behind, came in once again, and rushed towards the direction Ru's screams were coming from...she too looked shaken was a horrific child should have to go through that


The last part of the episode showed Ishita reading her horoscope for the day, "You are going to meet someone special today"

She remembers the first time it happened, when Amma had called her to discuss her horoscope for the day, she had met Ruhi and just like the prediction said, had given her life and heart away to Ruhi...she smiles, getting all nostalgic, wondering how true it is going to turn out to be this time

and that very minute, Aalu comes running in, saying they have to help Ruhaan...Ishita listens to it all and is shocked.

PRECAP - Some police officers are sent to Ru's place, and ask her if its true she was facing abuse and violence at home..she thinks its the right time to spill the beans and escape once and for all from Nidhi's clutches...

she starts speaking, and then sees Ishita entering the house, her eyes fill up with tears of hurt and anger, and I guess she will refute all accusations against Nidhi...maybe because she wants to punish herself and face her fate than be taken under ISHITA's love and care...maybe she wants to punish Ishita in her own twisted wayCryCryCry

O boy, there's so much soul cleansing work to between the two of them, Ishita and Ruhi. It is going to take time for sure.Sleepy

But today, am glad we were shown scenes surrounding our three favorites...after all, Ishita, Raman and Ruhi are all connected by the same thread, aren't they? SmileSmile

P.S. CVs do your homework please...I dont think Australian police force looks like apartment-wale security guards. Come onD'ohAnd shouldn't they be talking in English??? I understand Indians are spread far and wide globally, but dont tell me the entire Australian force LOOKS Indian and speaks HindiWacko

P.S. Raman looked so HOT in that crisp black shirt and that grey waistcoatDay Dreaming but why the heck is Ishita ALWAYS so overdressed? I mean, Raman is a CEO, uska samajh mein aata hai, but do dentists have to look like wedding guests everyday at their clinic????Dead She looks gorgeous as hell...but phir bhi...

Oh wait, maybe they are prepping her up till she meets RAMAN and then they'll turn her into a wardrobe mess, I guessOuch


I LOVE Aly's acting, and now to he has progressed to playing the lead's RIVAL in YHM. Then why does he wanna commit career suicide???

Bull, my assOuch

Replies in bold

Awesome review as always

Your Aalu limes...Omg LOL
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Superb as alwaysThumbs Up
Tomato rice was killerROFL

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