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Posted: 14 April 2016 at 9:40am | IP Logged
Hiii everyone...epi was really boring with all d negative characters hogging d screen... Confused only shivani's entry in DEK and then jalal's decision was worth watching... Big smile

maham goes to that cave and jiji's words r ringing in her ears... Confused she threatens d person who is in captivity by holding some baby Confused

in amer BM his sons and jo r all having discussions on suja... Confused BM and his sons blame suja for creating probs btw jo and jalal as he had entered d palace in disguise of KS... Confused BM vents out his frustration saying suja and shivani both had ashamed him... Confused jo defends shivani and tries to convince BM that if he sees from shivani's pov then he would agree with her as she had discarded both d royal families and ran away with an ordinary sculptor coz of love... Confused

shivani and tej r being brought in chains and moti sees both and is shocked to see them here and goes to speak to shivani but d eunuch stops her saying that since they were culprits so none could speak or meet them... Confused moti just prays to god as jo wasn't here and jalal's mood was already bad as he had not even spared maham and punished her... Confused

maham is seeing some map and hides it when she hears ruku's angry voice... Confused ruk blames her saying she had not told her d truth and try to use her in her dirty games against jo...Geek maham tells her that she had done what she felt and she did hide d truth from her but it was for her good only as even she wanted d same thing and that was to create rift btw joja...Geek ruku gloats saying she was born royal and so she always was loyal towards jalal and never tired to stoop low to gain her objective...Geek look who is talking...GeekWacko both have heated arguments and finally maham shows her d mirror saying that she had already lost jalal to jo and even after knowing it v well she was trying to live in her dreams...Geekruku leaves after not able to face d reality...Geek

shivani and tej r present in DEK all d begums r shown worried as jo wasn't here and jalal was in bad mood so defo these ppl would face d worst punishment.. Confused but SB assures jiji that jalal had started to understand d meaning of love so she was sure of him not punishing shivani... Big smile

jalal enters and he orders atgah to go on with d proceedings... Big smile atgah tells how both had ran away in spite of shivani's wedding being fixed with mirza and so she had been traitors of d sultanate... Confused ruk shows her concern for shivani as jo wasn't here to save her sister...if jalal looses his cool... Confused HB assures her saying jalal will do d needful act... Big smile

jalal asks both if they wanted to say something in their defense... Big smile tej tells him that they never did any crime so there was no question of defending for themselves...and before mirza and shivani's wedding was fixed tej and shivani were already in love...jalal asks him y did they elope...? Confused he tells him that if they had told d truth would they b allowed to marry no as jalal was an emperor and BM was also a ruler so both were powerful and in front of their power their love would have faded away...and so they chose to elope... Confused shivani too clears d air saying if she had married to mirza it would b like cheating him coz she was in love with tej and not mirza... Big smile

jalal finally gives lecture on love after getting PhD in love Wink he tells that he did declare to punish them severely but when love guru mirza had convinced him about love he realized its true meaning...and in that case even his mother HB was a criminal coz she too loved his father... Wink he adds that love is blind and it doesn't see d materialist things and caste creed etc...and so he finally declares them innocent and forgives d love birds... Wink Tongue shivani and tej r happy and jalal gives tej a post of shahi sculptor... Tongue shivani thank jalal and showers praises saying he should get all d happiness he needs in this word and poor jallu thinks that his happiness was away from him his jo... Ouch

waiting guys... Wink

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ayushimehra IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 14 April 2016 at 9:44am | IP Logged

Thanks Harshu, i not feel today episode bore,LOL

Today episode,again full of Many shades,  wow our king  Jalal  found his awaited Heart, or even he used Balanced Way, Heart +Mind,...Yesterday when he was giving punishment to Maham, he used as a King Right Heart +mind combination, or Today shivani point, because Love is full connected  or  Love wins  today.So he took all decisions, because matter is heart related from heart...

 So jalal  found his heart, & now he knows, his heart beats for jodha. so waiting result, came & jalal is  today  on HEART level  

 Good for audience, because we are interested to see, when will jalal reconize  his heart.   so party time.

After Realizing love,  or Gap with jodha, now jalal understands, If we not get our love, Back, What result comes,...Sure everybody this earth, Love someone, he will punish everybody. Ha ha,... Now which King is Re+birthing,...he values Broad +New thoughts.or sure this will reach him, outer +inner world,...that journey which nourney no ends.

Now he realised, if he knows this before, he own arranged, Shivani +Tej marriage,so this period change him internally.;;;;

(Ruk always says,...What happening jalal,...Ruk, Maham still standing, own old  thoughts, or not mood to listening or adopting )

Otherside what happans, jalal analysis things, surroundings, thoughts or learns or moves, so sure when when he follow this he will feel   always fresh +new thoughts king, Because he can't stay still  fix thoughts, he habit of Moving, next when other will see,him he will see change King, but who side by this nature, or side by side, walking with him,...they take  these things, its Natural or its King Nature.because then both growthing, king & who have own habit this.

Amer scene.

Jodha other hand, also knows & clears, Shivani & Sujamal point of view. If we see this side by side both travelling carry on, now both thinking about Love, or now clearing Shivani point.


Shivani, point, she knows,  no one will accept her & TEJ realtion, but she was extreame staze of Love, & Love is not a crime, if a person wants to spend life acc to own wishes,  its not bad, or whom you love, that also surrundered your Love,


But ques Rise here,  Shivani insulted Two familes,  (AGREE) This not the way,


1;;;; but  if she speaks  is other members  listen this? No


2;;;; BM sent him AGRA,  HE  & MV knows this, is MV duty was not tackle this issu with shivani (AS A FRIEND ) they knows

 nature of jalal,  so Why, as a pearents, they not listened Shivani


3;;; Why They put pressure on JODHA  means  if marriage

 happens shivani , Mirja, or things out after, which daughter

 already married you putting preuuure in her life also.? now

 BM is saying

 Sujamal did crime, but what did BM is that not crime,

 ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;he put TWO daughters life in DANGER. BM not

 told jalal or jodha,

 BM should aware,  Shivani creation, he own gone jail for cause of this. But why he sielant,   BM choosed selfish wayEven BM spolied image of jalal also.

 Which BM did This is also crime, HOW SHIVANI OR SUJAMAL, did crime. 

one did for love, other did for his LOVE for sister, & VACHAN, which he gave his sister.


so who is honest, of course (SHIVANI OR SUJAMAL )?is both tell their talk honestly other listens,... No, First jodha tried., saying about sujamal point. But Jalal ignored.

 4;;; jodha fighting with then BEN issu, she own not knows, LOVE side effects, & SHIVANI not

shared jodha, here Shivani Wrong. she should try

. 5;; But Shivani knows, JODHA & SUKANYA marriage, when jalal behaves as short tempered,person then he not listens anyone. so she not speaked in DEK


(Shivani is inmature  Girl, her energy was focused, only How she, find way,becuase she wants to spend life with TAJ ), Maham also, misguide her, so immature mind, took immature decesion)   i not saying  Shivani did good, but this matter is  16 0r 21 cen both times tackled, delicately,

if parents or elders, not listens child, so they should ready, which their kids, then take decesion.  Even this time, need more, Tackling grown up kids, also a very delicate, point. But sad is this, Otherside not listens.  Many cases we daily see our society.


Today again liked Jodha confidense Andaz to BM,  her words, we should see this point shivani angel also, means she side by side saying her point of view,...Why she leaved Agra.


(Both jodha +shivani fight for own Rights,...  so both daughter contains strong will power)

My point is only this if BM listen Shivani talk carefully, or sure shivani shars with jodha, which result now we seeing, then comes different style.)

Jodha point is this,  sujamal not point lacking our realtionship, ( i was thinking when sujamal not came Agra Akdha already fighting for many things ),...its our  duty, we both unable to safe our realtionship ,

sujamal point;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;Jodha  clears B M sujamal is right on his place?.


is JODHA  hinting BM he did wrong with sujamal, so he should check?He should give Sujamal his RIGHT  which he deserves.

BM not checked once, What  he is doing, What he  saying, first, jodha marries, so critically condition, MV knows, jodha  & jalal realtion not favourable, jone.  & they are sending their second daughter, To AGRA, is Ragvancies not knows JALAL nature. ?  so   BM should , check himself, BM is saying, Shivani & Sujamal doing wrong. so clearity of vision, should be learn BM. 

its very easy, saying, they did wrong, but as  a KING or as A FATHER, Bm should do reality check must.

She saying sujamal has no way, because he wants to save life ofJALAL so what he did RIGHT

it means,  Jodha vision much clear to others. &  BM should change own old thoughts & learn some NEW thoughts, which is necessary to every  GENERATION, to comunicate to  COMING GENERATION.


BUT yes Akdha has both knows now imp of LOVE, & they both are changing, so inner travelling,  they learnt, many things.

 DEK scene, 


These days jalal handling very delicate, Issus, in court. Or sure tough for him, 16 cen take decesion. Love marriage point.


Tej +shivani both said their talk, maingfully, or weight their talk, like shivani words, after marriage, if you not accepting your hubby, because you not love him, its better, whom you love spent life with him. Ruk, Moti both fearing, What will Shivani bear, because jodha not here

(But again like, jalal take decesion, if jodha here she sure,  got speechless listening, jalal judgement or we get one scene more Akdha,...she sure goes, or says i am greatful to you, ha ha. ) but jalal  took judement today becoming AKDHA, means  Two in ONE.


Jalal speech was good, i liked, when he said, in world,   EVERYONE LOVED SOMEONE,

 JALAL  What Happened to you   .



so  is he  will punish everyone."      So jalal yesterday EXTREAME of LOVE you understood, & Extreem of LOVE is GOD,  & GOD not takes wrong decesion.


He forgave shivani,     because Shivani not did any crime.Crime who did who, they not understand or listend shivani,  (if elders listened, then varify that person wrong or right, then child not listen elders, then child faluts, but SHIVANI CASE, all did mistake.


so  JODHA realized  JALAL,  Our king has  HEART Jalal Which way realized Love & showed Love varitions, of Love,...again standing ovation for him. Kya Bat hee.

Love  only fills in his inner Love No caste  no religion, love sees


Love is so pure love world is own obstacle in love.


Shivani how much own , managed because she own leave many comfortable things. Because she want to live with  her Love Tej


Maham Ruk face seeingable


 Ruk, & MAHAM,  one cheater is fighting other, who cheated more.? no comments. But Maham these words right, you plotting i plotting, so no difference, Way maybee different, plotting is plotting.


I was laughing listening Moti Bai, she want to Talk, shivani,...Anyways, Which talk she have to Do,.. ha ha


DEK, jalal feeling emotional lack, or missing jodha badly,


When he walked down stairs, or talk shivani, or goes & sit on his Seat, Actually i think,  his coming near Shiv, +tej, shows he respects Love, or their Love +Mirja words also, opend his Heart, Door, or he Got precious His Heart,...Which not only beats for his beloved, side by side giving him,...that way, that world, which he not imagined in his life.


Or this Precious Heart, cost only who knows,...Who feeld core of his or her heart, Feelings emotions, Love for  someone,...My not ment here, Beloved,  or fiancee, but Love many forms, 


 har dil jo pyar karega voh gaana gayega

har dil jo pyar karega voh gaana gayega

 deewana sekdon me pehchana jayega 

deewana sekdon me pehchana jayega

, deewana

 aap hamare dil ko churakar aankh churaye jate hai

 yeh ek tarfa rasm-e-vafa hum phir bhi nibhaye jate hai

 chahat ka dastoor hai lekin aap ko hi maloom nahi,

 o jis mehfil me shamma ho parwana jayega

 deewana sekdon me pehchana jayega, 


 har dil jo pyar karega voh gaana gayega 

deewana sekdon me pehchana jayega, 


 bhooli bisri yade meri hanste gaate bachpan ki

 raat beraat chali aati hai neend churane nainan ki 

ab keh doongi karte karte kitne sawan beet gaye,

 ho jane kab in aankho ka sharmana jayega 

deewana sekdon me pehchana jayega,


 har dil jo pyar karega voh gaana gayega

 deewana sekdon me pehchana jayega,


apni apni sabne keh li,

 lekin hum chupchap rahe

 dard paraya jisko pyara,

 voh kya apni baat kahe

 khamoshi ka yeh afsana reh jayega baad mere,

 o apna ke har kisi ko begana jayega

 deewana sekdon me pehchana jayega

 har dil jo pyar karega voh gaana gayega

 deewana sekdon me pehchana jayega,

 deewana, deewana

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sweet_diksha IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 14 April 2016 at 9:46am | IP Logged
Thanks Harshu.. nothing much to write...

still, it's really nice to watch once cruel heartless king now turning into Love-guru... 2nd lecture from Jalal  in 15 days time... way to go... and Jo is no less either... in so perfect tune with her hubby who is far away from her...

btw Shivani's stand was really good... that if she had married Mirza just for her father and Jalal's honour, it would be cheating Mirza when she already loved Tej...that young girl can understand the meaning of cheating, and   Jalal who now has started to understand the meaning of all these words like love, cheating, caring and all, naturally supports her, understands her and forgives her... and why not, though he understands meaning now, but in reality he has always craved to feel that sort of love and caring all his life... and just when he has started getting close to Jo , MA's dirty plots separated  them...and now in front of him same case has come for justice...

in his and Jo's case it was MA who played a villain .. so now it was time to see if he will become MA by separating or may be punishing Sivani and Tej, or he would prove to be Jo's loving hubby ...and now when he himself has started hating MA, so surely he won't choose Maham's way... then remains only one option... forgive and accept Shivani and Tej ...and yes this definitely works like reinstates his image as a king who loves his ppl, who wants his ppl to be happy and live their lives freely as per their wish, and not under some pressure from other ppl...and so his decision to forgive and accept Shivani and Taj only made to win the heatrs of his ppl and most of all his Jo...

and abt Bharmal, he is one selfish hopeless fellow, only thinking abt his throne and position...he keeps blaming suja, while he himself was the true traitor who has snatched suja's rightful place as next king of Amer...and even now all he is worried abt his position in front of Jalal...

may be in the start Jalal didn't understand the feeling of love and all, but still he is much much better than Bharmal who can't think beyond himself..

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sharmacatty IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 14 April 2016 at 9:46am | IP Logged


Oh it was Not so boring episode. jalal turned totally into a majnu now.LOL

"Mahamanga.. Mahamanga.. Batmeez mahamanga..", For the first time I love rukaiya .StarStar

I was laughing so hard on this and then maham's reaction," Kya baat h begum rukaiya.. aaj aap hamari badi tareef kar rahi h" 

Loved this.ROFL

In amer whatever  jodha  said was right that bharmal should forgive sujamal and shivani as they were not wrong either. They are right at their places. She was telling him to think once from their point of view then what about her??  Shouldn't she forgive jalal then??

Why was she behaving like an egoistic person if she had so much knowledge?? What's the use of giving this lecture to her father when she herself was not following her words??

And sujamal and shivani did all this intentionally whereas jalal was not at fault. That was a misunderstanding!!

IN DEK, here what I saw today was not shahenshah but jalal. It's nice that he forgave them but still I felt that he was talking more like a majnu,though, whatever he said was right and true but I don't know why I felt ...Silly

Liked salima and jijianga's talk. A person when gets hurt usually tries to hurt others in anger but some tries to make others  serene that nobody bears that pain that we suffer. Few months back, jalal was ready to hurt others during Benazir track after getting rejection from jodha but now he had changed. This was the first step he took to become AKBAR.Big smile

" Aap aise hamare kadmo me jhukengi to hamari begum ki tauheen hogi.."Day DreamingDay DreamingDay Dreaming

In Dek, I felt instead of shivani and tej, Mirza was embarrassed.LOL

PS: RT was looking deliciously handsome today.HeartHeartHeart


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Donjas IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 14 April 2016 at 9:56am | IP Logged
If it was a boring episode then your writeup enlivened it so much that I quite liked what you wrote.

I chuckled at your description of the cat fight of the two witches. The pardon of the eloped lovers was expected, the love guru Mirza had already forgiven them, and Jalal too has been reliving the Majnu avatar in recent times. So love would hit the right cord with him.

Hope tomorrow is interesting.

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harshu27 IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 14 April 2016 at 10:01am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Donjas

If it was a boring episode then your writeup enlivened it so much that I quite liked what you wrote.

I chuckled at your description of the cat fight of the two witches. The pardon of the eloped lovers was expected, the love guru Mirza had already forgiven them, and Jalal too has been reliving the Majnu avatar in recent times. So love would hit the right cord with him.

Hope tomorrow is interesting.

thnx donjas... Tongue hmmm wat to do jalal is still in dat majnu avatar so agree d eloped lovers were bound to b forgiven... LOL and wen MH d love guru had made him realize d meaning of love dn toh arrow has to hit its target... LOL Wink 2mrw we will have more screen spacing for jo Big smile and dn toddy entering d court and he wid jallu will plan for an outing in disguise... Big smile ya so 2mrw its interesting... Big smile

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mickeymini Goldie

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Maham maham all the way
Started with her dirty plans again Angry
Hahaha jalal has already PhD
Mirza the greatest love guru than our jalal LOL
Well aaj ke liye itna hi
I cannot write much Akka
sharmacatty IF-Sizzlerz

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