Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon... Ek Baar Phir


Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon... Ek Baar Phir
Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon... Ek Baar Phir

Ashlok SS: Challenge updated Part 6&7 (Page 9)

Saibhargav Goldie

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Posted: 18 April 2016 at 6:39am | IP Logged
Originally posted by nadeeka1200

Awesome update sai
I like this astha
Shlok has to realize his mistake
Thank you
Waiting for next update
thank u so much
hmm yes Aastha was really hurt
yes he already realised and also regretting now he is repenting
dont worry Aastha sirf Shlok hi ka hain
will update now

Saibhargav Goldie

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Posted: 18 April 2016 at 6:43am | IP Logged
Originally posted by sudhamadhu

Hai Sai, nice update yaar.
Shlok and asthas talk was super.
Astha love shlok but she is not believed shlok
Shlok is trying to convince astha that part was super Wink
Really when astha asked so many questions it was absolutely correct.
Did he think about het once. So astha don't accept so soon.
Next day also shlok telling about children waw shlok now u r also naughty.
Shlok taking astha with him by niranjan's permission. Waw now the cute couples are always together and we can watch the cute noke joke.
Now shlok is like a Romeo.
Anyway nice Sai keep writing
Continue soon.
thanks a  lot chechi yes Shlok bcame romeo he was thinking medicine to her wounds is romance lets wait and watch wat is in store for us
thanks for supporting me so much with ur comments hope u continue like this
Saibhargav Goldie

Joined: 07 February 2015
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Posted: 18 April 2016 at 6:43am | IP Logged
Originally posted by syvalini

awesome update sai
i love the astha not giving up easily
shlok u need that much atleast
lets see wat next 
good going...bro

thank u akki
yes lets see wats next

Saibhargav Goldie

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Posted: 18 April 2016 at 6:56am | IP Logged

Part 5

After dinner they were in their room. Aastha came in bringing water. She went to her side and searched for mat but she didn't find it. She searched everywhere and then she understood. Shlok was working in laptop.

Aastha saw him and yelled at him "Shlok where is my mat haan."

Shlok saw her and said "mujhe kya pata aur uski jarrorat kya hain tum mere biwi ho tum yaha bhi so sakte aao mere paas." And he tapped his bed.

Aastha in anger took her sheets and went to couch and tried to sleep there and was murmuring to herself akdu kahin ka. Shlok too smiled himself and switched off the light and moved laptop such that light falls only on his side. Aastha thought he too was sleeping. Shlok worked for sometime and suddenly he got and idea. He got up and brought some fake lizards. He placed some on the couch and one on her body and he slowly took a stick and was rubbing against her tummy.

Aastha sleepily scratched her tummy. Shlok smiled and once again disturbed her. Aastha now opened eyes. Shlok took away stick and pretended sleeping. Aastha saw lizard on her body and hell shocked and suddenly woke up and shouted loudly. Shlok pretended he jus got up and shouted at her "heyy kya hua Aastha kya hua."

Aastha shakingly "Shlok chipkali Shlok chipkaliyaan haw itne saare aww." And she yelled and ran from there.

Shlok smiled "Aastha kya hua kaha chipkali."

Aastha saw him "Shlok vaha couch pe itne saare kaha se aayi awww."

Shlok looked tensed and thought main bhi na itne saare lagane ki kya jaroorat hain. Shlok "achcha teek hain ab chodo tum yaha sojao no pblm I wont do anything bcoz I have time till 6 days." And he winked at her.

Aastha angrily thought besharam ladka and she came onto bed after seeing couch again and came to her side on bed and faced opposite to him. Shlok smiled and tried to sleep.

But he was recalling her words and his how blind he is how can he do that how can he break her like that really he cant see her so broken that's y he left her on that day and he too got tears at that time he now understood y he got tears at that time he cant see her broken then wat is the need to do all this bullshit hmm he is really messed up hmm galti tho kiya lekin sudhar sakte hain na and he turned to her side this time she faced him in sleep.

Shlok slowly took away her hair strands and kissed her on forehead and smiled at her and he slept peacefully but he felt heavy a tear missed his eye how innocent and childish she is how could he do that and thought I m sorry Aastha I m really sorry. In her sleep Aastha slowly came to his side and put her hand on him. Shlok too in his sleep placed his hand on her hand and slept peacefully.

Next morning Aastha woke up slowly druggily opened eyes she thought the thing in her hands is teddy and hugged it tighter and slept again. Shlok got up with her wriggling and saw her so close to him. He lost in her beauty. She kept her head on his shoulder and hugged him tightly. Shlok slowly moved which made her to wake up. She suddenly lifted her head up and saw him. He too smiled at her and said gud morning.

She was going to withdraw. Shlok held her tightly and winked at her. Aastha "Shlok kya kar raha hain aap chodiye dekho Shlok chodiye mujhe."

 Shlok "nahi kya kar logi tum haan tum mere biwi ho morning kiss nahi denge kya."

Aastha shocked "Kya!! Have u lost it how did u think I will kiss u haan jo harkat tumne kiya hain na uske baad koi bhi ladki apni pati se bilkul pyaar nahi karega tho aap ye sab karna band kijiye samje aap koi asar nahi hone wala." And she was going to leave.

Shlok held her tightly and smiled "arey Aastha tum itna serious kyun le rahi hain dard main ne diya hain na tho dawayiya bhi main hi laga deta hoon k." and he came on top to her.

Aastha "Shlok kya kar raha hain aap aap iss tarah jabardast se aap pe pyaar nahi paogi samje aap."

Shlok pinched her cheek "arey meri jaan u don't know u already in love with me yaar." Aastha now angered and pushed him aside angrily with tearful eyes and went to washroom. Shlok hmmed and smiled.

Aastha in bath room started crying slowly. How can she leave him and y not and she again remembered that incident how he rudely treated her he is an animal. She thought to freshen up and had a nice cold shower and then she came to know she didn't bring anything into the bathroom. Now she is in dilemma arey yaar ye kya kiya main ne ab kaise jao main baahar.

She had no option except to call him. Shlok jus came to room after jogging. Aastha slowly "Shlok Shlok."

Shlok thought some one called him and got up and searched everywhere koi nahi hain kaun hain and again he heard slowly Shlok Shlok. Shlok then slowly went to his bath room.

 Shlok "Aastha kya hain."

Aastha "Shlok I forgot bath robe pls pass it na pls Shlok." Shlok smiled and said "achcha ab tumhe mere help chahiye kya."

Aastha "Shlok pls majak mat karna pls." Shlok smiled at her and went to her cupboard and brought it and said "Aastha ye lo."

Aastha lightly opened the door and put her hand out. Shlok "lekin ek sharat hain."

Aastha "Shlok kyun tang kar rahe hain pls give it na." She was holding door with other hand.

Shlok "tumne I love u kahna pada."

Aastha "in ur dream Shlok I wont say it again u already betrayed me twice but this time I wont do whatever u want." And she closed the door akdu kahin ka samajte kya hain apne aapko.  And she folded her hands across her breast and stood angrily.

Shlok too didn't back down he just stood there and smiled to himself "achcha teek hain main jaa raha hoon jo karna hain karlo."

Aastha "haan tho jayiye na mujhe bhi vahi chahiye."

Shlok "achcha ab tho pucca nahi jaoonga."

Aastha "Shlok pls tang kyun kar raha hain pls dijiye na."

Anjali was shouting down "Aastha Aastha.. kaha hain."

Aastha "Shlok pls sasubai bula rahe hain pls." and she opened the door and put her hand out again.

Shlok smiled and gave it but he waited there. She quickly wore it and came out. Shlok put leg in her way and she was going to fall down and shouted "ooo hooo." She saw him and caught his collar. Shlok too lost his grip and they both fell on floor. Shlok on top of Aastha. They had a deep eye lock. Shlok slowly placed his hand on her waist and was going to kiss her.

Shlok now brought his hand to her face and took her wet strands away from her face and caressed her cheek. Shlok came down and kissed her both cheeks and her nose too. He was going to kiss her but Sita coming to their room shouting Aastha vahini Aastha vahini but Shlok didn't leave her.

Aastha then came to earth and shocked herself and was trying to get away from him but he didn't let her go and had smirk on his lips. Aastha "Shlok kya kar raha hain aap Sita aajayegi chodo mujhe ye sahi nahi hain."

Shlok smiled and got up. Sita came in and saw Aastha lying down.

Shlok observed that "arey Aastha aaram se gir jaogi hamesha aisa chipake kaam karte ho dekhke nahi chal sakte hain kya."

 Aastha saw at him angrily. Shlok smirked at her. Sita "vahini kya hua kai lagi tho nahi."

 Aastha "nahi kya hua kuch chahiye kya."

Sita "haan aai Sahab bula rahi hain."

Aastha "theek hain tum jao main abi aati hoon." And she left them.

Aastha roared at him "kya kar raha tha aap haan kitna besharam hua tumne."

 Shlok "heyy bas kisne shuru kiya tum bhool gayi kya arey main jaanta hoon tum mujhse pyaar karte ho tho fir kyun daba kar rahi hain apni pyaar ko haan."

Aastha "dekho main tumse koi pyaar vyaar nahi karti k."

Shlok pulled her by catching her waist and blew air at her face. She druggily closed her eyes, Shlok smiled at her "dekho apni aapko kaise mere pyaar main khud ko kho rahi hain I know u love me Aastha ek baar bolo I will show u heaven."

 Aastha "main tumse nafrat karta hoon ye sab karne se aappe pyaaar nahi aayega samje aap."

 Shlok began singing "aaduvaari maatalaku ardale verule ardale verule ardale verule..."

Aastha confused "Which language it is."

Shlok smiled and said "it is telugu my friend Sai whose mother tongue is telugu was listening this song and I asked him he said it was famous song in telugu u know wat it means girls doesn't mean wat they say ab jao Mrs Agnihotri will fire u today." And he smiled again.

Aastha "achcha main ne kabhi suna hi nahi aapko aisi friend hain."

Shlok "haan main ek baar milvaadeta hoon unse k."

Aastha "whatever u and ur Sai dono ladkiyo ki dil ki baat nahi samajte." And she frustratingly looked.

Shlok "heyy don't scold hijm he might make u cry even more don't u know."

 Aastha "achcha tho uski vaje se hi aap aisa kiya na he is the one made u to do like this right let me meet him I will kill him with my own hands."  

Shlok smiled "don't worry afterall he will be the one to combine us."

Aastha "Ji nahi iss baar mere haath main hain sab tumhara ye ghatiya Sai bhi kuch nahi karega." And then he left her. She worked without thinking about him.

Part 6&7

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..optimist.. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 18 April 2016 at 7:05am | IP Logged
Oh hoo... Romantic update haan? Wink
Aur yeh Sai kahan se aa gaya WinkLOL Achhe dost bano Shlok ke, ok? Shlok aur Aastha ko milana hai tumhi ko afterall Wink

Nice update Sai... Mazedaar tha LOLSmile

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dazzles IF-Dazzler

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Hahaha... I laughed at the last part... Sai ROFL

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coolhi1988 IF-Addictz

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Posted: 18 April 2016 at 7:11am | IP Logged
really u r shlok's frnd.. so u make astha cry always...

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shrithi13 Senior Member

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Nice one :) the chat between the two too good :)

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