Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon... Ek Baar Phir


Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon... Ek Baar Phir
Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon... Ek Baar Phir

Ashlok SS: Challenge updated Part 6&7 (Page 5)

Saibhargav Goldie

Joined: 07 February 2015
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Posted: 16 April 2016 at 3:42am | IP Logged
Originally posted by sudhamadhu

Good morning Tongue
Hai Sai, nice update yaar Wink
Feeling sad for astha. Cry
Y Sai u always making her cry Angry
Didn't u know how girls feels touching their motherhood.
Shlok is really a cruel man Angry Angry
Please don't show astha to him so easily.
He wants to find her difficulty yaar.
He wants to realise his mistakes.
He wants to find her and confess his love to her.
Astha don't go to ur home.
Sai please make her stay in her some friends house.
Niranjan is negative henna. And anjali y r u scolding shlok.
Aditi is there. Is she loving shlok. Really it is confussing yaar. Can't wait please sai.
Anyway u made us cry. But enjoyed it.
Thanks for a ss. Continue soon...

hi chechi
thank u Wink
haha LOL k k dont feelsuch its jus a story dont take it serious k i think u will like todays update
hmm Nothing will be unrevealed to u
u will know everything in the course of time
wait and watch
will update in few minutes Big smile
thanks u liked it
ur comments r always so encouraging

Saibhargav Goldie

Joined: 07 February 2015
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Posted: 16 April 2016 at 3:44am | IP Logged
Originally posted by nadeeka1200

Why shlok always behaving like this
Really feels sorry for astha
Waiting for shlok's confession
Thank you waiting for next update

hmm Shlok is so rude right let us punish him for sometime
hmm Aastha will not bend this time
hmm he will in todays update
pleasure is mine
thanks a lot for ur support Big smile
Saibhargav Goldie

Joined: 07 February 2015
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Posted: 16 April 2016 at 3:54am | IP Logged

Part 3

He called her but she always cut her call. Oh God where did she go. He called to her house. Shlok "Kya Aastha nahi hain vaha nahi nahi sirf aise hi poocha wo kaha hain ki office se wo aapki ghar aayegi." And he cut the call.

Haan kaha dhoondu use. He tried now but she is not lifting the call oh god y did she do like this ab kaha hain wo. Varad came out to find him. Shlok "Dada mujhe kuch samaj main nahi aa raha hain kaha chale gayi wo ghar main bhi nahi hain mujhe bohut dar lag raha hain kai kisi musibat main tho.."

Varad observed him keenly "Kyun Shlok tum itni pareshaan kyun ho raha hain ab tumhari koi rishta nahi hain Aastha se suna na baba ne kya kaha."

Shlok "Kya!! Dada aap aise kaise kah sakte hain Aastha mere biwi hain pata nahi kaha hain wo."

Varad "chodiye Shlok vaise hi ab wo choice leliya hain tum se door jaane ki aur tum to usse pyaar nahi karta hain tho fir itna tension kyun le rahe hain Aastha really loved u a lot Shlok that's y she left u to be happy with ur own family and also to be happy with someone u love and also she said she was lucky to marry u but was unlucky to be not loved by u now atleast bcoz of Aastha u have to leave her and let her leave peacefully."

Shlok "dada aap pagal hogaye kya Aastha mere biwi hain pata nahi kaha hain wo main khud dhoondunga Aastha ko." And he got into car and drove away fast. Varad too followed him in his car. Shlok was searching for her everywhere y Aastha y did u do like this kyun kiya tumne aisa he didn't think she herself made that true he thought she will complain against him lekin ye sab kyun kiya. As expected Aastha was kidnapped and held as hostage by Aditi.

Aastha saw her and shocked. Aditi said she was going to kill her. To her surprise Aastha herself asked her to kill her. Aditi herself smiled and said "hmm kya karu Aastha I really pity u bcoz u jus knew u lost ur motherhood and also I don't want to kill u but bcoz of Shlok I have to I don't like his love for u that's y I have to kill u."

Aastha sarcastically smiled and was going to say something but she kept cloth around her mouth. Aastha was shocked. Wat does she need now she was already away from him now y she was going to kill me she thought. Oh God how mad he is how foolish he is he is searching her like a mad one he himself doesn't know wat he is doing he went to police station and asked there help and searched her everywhere.

Kaha ho tum Aastha and he jus sat on the tree aside footpath and recalled each and every word he spoke to her how harsh he is how could he do that to her he jus recalled everything how could he do that to her his mind had already warned him to not do so he saw how shattered she was now he was experiencing it how she was deserted a lone tear left his eye. Aastha too was crying for leaving him it was not easy it was hard for her it was really a hard one.

She jus cried for her failure of entire marriage life. Wat is the need to do that damn u Aastha where r u. Kai use kuch nahi Aastha ko kuch nahi hosakta. He jus got up and wiped his tears and asked varad to trace her mobile. Shlok got the address and rushed to there. As soon Shlok reached there shouted Aastha Aastha. She heard him hmm ab kyun aaya ye ab kya baaki hain mujhse. She didn't try to shout again she don't want to go to him for now isse jihne se achcha ek hi din main mar jao so she kept silent.

She didn't respond Shlok too cant find her anywhere he tried to break the door but she didn't respond so that she might not be in there. Shlok went out and again asked him to trace the mobile and then he called her. He listened her phone sound arey ye ladki ye par hain and he now broke the door and entered in. Aastha saw him and turned her head aside. Shlok felt emotional and went near her and loosened her ties.

Shlok "Aastha kyun kiya aisa tum kya soch rahe ho chalo mere saath."

Aastha took away her hand and shouted at him "main kai nahi aanewala tumse jo karna hain karlo ab kyun aai tum mere piche aap bhi yahi chahte hain na main hamesha keliye mar jao tho fir kyun aayi yaha."

Shlok "Aastha bas nautanki chodo chalo mere saath tum yaha kya kar rahi hain aur kaun apharan kya tumhe kya ho raha hain." And then Aditi came there and pointed gun towards them.

Shlok was hell shocked. She also pointed towards him. Aastha "Aditi u want my life right then take mine there is nothing to do with Shlok pls leave anyways I m the cursed one pls usse kuch mat kijiye pls leave him pls kill me instead of him."

Shlok "Aditi hosh main ho tum kya kar rahe ho."

Aditi "haan Shlok I m going to kill ur love Aastha, Aastha was saying truth all the time but u didn't believe her and now I m going to kill her."

In this mean time varad came with police and took gun away from her. Aditi was shouting "chodo mujhe chodo ye sab Shlok ki vaje se main ye sirf mere bahen keliye kiya." Shlok then stopped them and demanded an explanation from her. And then they all came to know she is Swatis sister.

Aastha was shocked even Shlok too she took them to Swati who was medicalised and was on bed taking treatment and she said "ye sab tumhari vaje se Shlok sirf tumhari vaje se hua sab jo pyaar tum mere bahen se karna hain ab Aastha pe dikhraha hain tum yes Shlok I know u love her and she took my sister's place I will not leave her" and she took gun from police and pointed it on Aastha and held her tightly.

Shlok suddenly got up and said "haan tumne sahi kaha main Aastha se pyaar karta hoon bohut jyaada karta hoon." This came shock to her. Wat is happening here.

Shlok "lekin uski koi galti nahi hain kyun ki ye sab wo jaanta nahi agar tumhe saza dena hain tho mujhe dejiye sab mere vaje se hua." Aditi laughed and tightened grip on her. Aastha was out of world did he jus confess her did he jus say I love u no this time I wont fall for these cheap tricks.

More constables arrived there and took the situation under control and took gun away from them and she was taken away. Within seconds it is finished. Aditi was shouting aap logo ko dikhta nahi hain kya iski vajje se hua sab ye Shlok Agnihotri kiya ye sab punish him. Shlok jus stared Aastha and then to Swati but she died infront of his own eyes. Aastha too didn't know wat to do.

Shlok jus stared at the dead body and silently cried by holding her hand. Aastha also cried silently. She slowly came near him and kept hand on him. Shlok saw her and hugged her tightly and cried again. Aastha didn't return the hug nor did she console him. He broke the hug and saw her tears. Both of them went and saw Swati and made the final rituals. Shlok brought her home.

Shlok also said wo sab galat information hain and he also said he cant tell any reason then he assured them she can bcome a mother. Aastha again shocked for his revelation. She didn't think he himself would expose. Niranjan scolded him for doing so. Anjali felt something weird. Anjali "lekin isgalti ki vaje ham jald se jald vaaras chahiye ye koi simple thing nahi hain tho ye papers kaha se aai kya hain ye sab aur kyun kiya ye sab."

Shlok "Mrs Agnihotri aapko meri fikar kab se lagne lagi aapko mere fikar karne ki jarooat nahi hain aur ye baat uski maa banne ki astitv ki iss Vishay main tho jhoot nahi kah sakte hain na ham aap hi dekhlijiye." And he dragged her to his room.

She didn't understand anything and fought with him again but he didn't let her leave from house everyday she used to ignore him and didn't care him this was piercing him after few days he brought her to a strange place and she asked him y he brought her there. Shlok didn't say anything and she was going to leave but Shlok caught her hand. Aastha turned back.

Shlok "I m sorry Aastha I m sorry main ne sahi hi kaha main tumse bohut pyaar karta hoon I m really sorry agar tumhi gayi tho mere saath kuch nahi hota pls Aastha mere paas aaajao kyun kiya tum aisa haan."

Aastha "Mujhe ek baat samajme nahi aata sirf 4 din pehle tumne kaha hain ki aap mujhse nafrat karte hain aur mujhse bachche bhi nahi karenge aur ab I love u kah rahe hain kya main itni buddhu jaise dikh raha hain kya aapko I don't believe u Shlok jo hartak tumne kiya hain na uske baad main tumse nahi rahsakti."

Shlok "nahi Aastha tum galat kar rahi ho main tumse bohut jyaada pyaar karta hoon I knew I shouldn't have done like that pata nahi kyun kiya aisa lekin mera maksad wo nahi hain main kabhi bhi wo papers kisi ko nahi dikhana chahta hoon sach Aastha meri baat manlo I m sorry I really am." She saw his tearful eyes.

Aastha saw him and said "I don't believe u eventhough u love me now I hate u Shlok main tho kya aisa karne se duniya main koi bhi ladki aisa hi karenge sorry I don't want to lose my motherhood being with u and also on the top of that I hate u Shlok Agnihotri I hate u suna hain tumne."

Shlok "nahi Aastha tum jhoot bol rahe ho tumhari aankho main mere liye pyaar dikh raha hain jis tarah mere aankho main tumko mujhpar pyaar najar aaya."

Aastha "U r mistaken I said I hate u."

Shlok "Tho teek hain ham challenge lagayenge saath din tum prove karo ki tum mujhse nafrat karte hain and I should believe u I will prove that u love me hmm k is it k."

 Aastha "Kyun kar rahe ho ye sab kyun mere jindagi se khel rahe ho."

Shlok "nahi Aastha ab koi chupa nahi sakta pehle challenge main tum jeet gaye lekin iss challenge main main jheetega dekho tum tumne prove karliya hain ki main tumse pyaar karta hoon ab main prove karoonga ki tum mujhse kitna jyaada pyaar karti hain."

Aastha thought he was very sad now Swati bhi mar gayi and she accepted the challenge to be beside him "tho teek hain agar tum haar gaye tho main tumhari jindagi se chala jaoongi."

Shlok looked at her seriously "kya sach main mujhe chod ke jaogi tum."

Aastha too looked into his eyes no this time no deception "haan sach main jaoongi jo harkat tumne kiya hain na uske baad main tumhe jindagi bhar nahi maaf karoongi samje aap."

Shlok "agar main jeet gaya tho main mujhe bachche chahiye hmm k deal k." Aastha was stunned to his revelation he directly said he wants children from her. She cant speak anything she was blushing infront of him.

Shlok "Kya hua itna kyun sharma rahe hain main tumhari pati hoon bhool gaya kya tum."

She smiled in blushing Shlok too smiled. Shlok "Kya hua ab awaj kya hua tumhari ab tak chilla rahi hain."

 Aastha "teek hain saath din hain uske baad main tumhari jindagi se chala jaoongi."

 Shlok neared her "We will see wat happens." And he took her to his home.

Part 4

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coolhi1988 IF-Addictz

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Posted: 16 April 2016 at 4:39am | IP Logged

so astha was kidnapped by aditi...
shlok saves her...
sorry varad brought police & saved astha.. not shlok..
y did astha go back to shlok's house haan.. again to get insulted..
she is mad.. if she wil run behind shlok.. she wil get only tears..
though she isnt talking to him.. but she went to his home means she proved she loves him & not hate him even after wat he did...
& now she accepts challenge to b with shlok coz shlok lost swati... wat rubbish...

thnks 4 d pm...

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coolhi1988 IF-Addictz

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Posted: 16 April 2016 at 4:40am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Saibhargav

Originally posted by coolhi1988

nice update..
is astha mad??
doesnt she know that papers r fake?
if she hadnt undergone any test then hw cum reports came...
dont want shlok to get astha soon..
let him rot...
keep astha safe with her sum frnd who wil protect her from shlok until he repents for his doings...
continue soon..
thnks 4 d pm..

thank u didi
aastha isnt mad she knows papers r fake but she is thinking how dare he to say to her like that and she is thinking he directly to her that he doesnt want any children from her she is crying for that
hmm wait and watch wat is gonna happen
hmm Shlok Angry
i have another way hope u will like it
thanks for commenting Big smile

welcum Embarrassed

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vaishux Senior Member

Joined: 21 January 2015
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Posted: 16 April 2016 at 5:33am | IP Logged
Nice one..
Well done Aastha...
Now its shlok turn to win back AasthaClap

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rd0309 Senior Member

Joined: 05 January 2016
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Posted: 16 April 2016 at 6:13am | IP Logged
Hmm interesting reverse challenge now

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sudhamadhu Senior Member

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Posted: 16 April 2016 at 6:28am | IP Logged
Hai Sai gud evening. Nice update yaar.
Arey varad know about everything and u shlok u love her then y did you did too ur baby doll.Angry
She was crying so much henna. Cry shlok know he does the wrong thing but his ego Angry
Aditi Angry really angry with u Angry . Y r u punishing astha wat did she do haan.
Really none of them don't know to keep the relation safe.
Swati dead . Everything was in our eyes and mind yaar.
U remembered everything. Really but shloks confession part was so super.
Astha got shock but she didn't believe him waw astha.
U r right. He wants to prove his love m but again challenges. That makes me fear.
But shlok words made me happy he directly told he want children from her arey superb

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