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Tale of 3 Friends Salame Ishq FF (Page 9)

VSai2008 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 02 May 2016 at 12:20pm | IP Logged
Amazing update

kavsy IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 02 May 2016 at 9:12pm | IP Logged
I have made some changes in NK and La. Please have a look at it.

Originally posted by jasminerahul

Ratan stands her foot down 4 not marrying nihal.but veera n baldev planned pregnancy drama with chaiji' support n made ratan agree 2 marry nihaal n finally marr happened.truth is b4 Ratan will she react?Since Baldev helped her which Akshat refused to do Veera is attracted 2wards Baldev now.Will VeeBa confess their luv?What will Akshat do now?Plz show some good scene of Nihaal Ratan.Want to know their POV of this relation.Gunjan came 4 dancing in Ranvi's team n she dances to Ranvi's music.They fell in luv too.Show their scenes in detail plz.Arshi decided 2 stop La from going by introducing NK 2 her.After meeting NK,La is impressed by him .so decided not 2 go.nk-la confessed their luv 2 each fast their luv story is.plz show Nk La scenes too.Khushi lost her anklet n Arnav got it.He put it atound her romantic.u wrote abt their heart beat music which was very romantic.RaJi danced n Jigar proposed her.sweet

jasminerahul IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 02 May 2016 at 9:19pm | IP Logged
loved the changes u made in NK La scenes.After meeting NK La got impressed by him n lost in his thoughts.She cancelled her trip also.they met again later.NK understood la's pain of losing Arnav n consoled her.loved his dialogue abt how luv happens unknowingly as per god's decision.NK said he likes u.La also expressed her liking 2wards him.Guess they will go out 2gether like NK suggested.guess very soon they will also fall in luv
kavsy IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 02 May 2016 at 10:44pm | IP Logged
Chapter 9

After Chaiji revealed about their drama to Ratan, she realizes her mistake and thanks Veera for making her realize her love for Nihal.Veera decides to meet Akshat once as she feels that it is necessary to do so even before breaking up with him.

Madhvi fixes mehbeer's mehendi ritual the next day & invites everyone. Meher requests Gopi to put mehendi for her who agrees to do so. Taiji thinks of a plan to spoil mehbeer's engagement.

Meher and Abeer meet at 5-star hotel after the office hours.

Meher said, "Your dad has agreed for our marriage but Taiji does not seem to be happy."
Abeer said,"Don't worry, I will take care of it. Even dad is in our side now." He cheers up Meher and said, "You are looking very pretty now. I am dying to see how much more pretty you will be looking during the ceremony."

Meher said, "You are very handsome and dashing. Your love has made me more beautiful."

Akshat comes to Ahem's office and asks him to suggest the interior design that has to be done for his office. Gopi does the design and passes it on to Ahem who asks him to have a look at it and suggest the changes if required.

Akshat said, "No changes are needed. The design is perfect. You can carry on with it. I am making this office for my brother Shyam as he too is an advocate like me."

Gopi tells him, "Before I start the actual work, I suggest you to show this design to him."

Akshat said, "Not a problem. I will show it to him." He leaves.

Ahem is now irked about Akshat coming to his office often and staring at his wife.

Gopi tells Ahem, "I don't feel good about this person though he has brought Charu's truth. I don't feel comfortable doing anything for him."

Ahem said, "I too feel the same. I don't like the way he stares at you. I trust you a lot but I don't trust him as he is trying to flirt with you. In the beginning, he said for his office and after you did the sample, he is saying that it is for his brother. But I cannot refuse him as he took up our case."

Gopi said, "I feel there was no need to book the case to extract the truth from Charu. Instead of that, even with the cops, it would have served the purpose. How did you give him the job without knowing about his character? He was engaged to my friend Meher but he misbehaved with Alia and Veera."

Ahem said, "I didn't know about it but he was needy at that time and I gave it to him not on humanitarian basis but he seems to be a good advocate."

Gopi said, "I know that you don't take people on sympathetic grounds. He is very good at his work but not in his personal life."

Both decide to sack Akshat.

Next day, Akshat comes to Ahem's office and tells Gopi that it is perfect. Ahem asks him, "Is it for yourself or for Shyam."

Akshat said, "It is for self."

Gopi said, "You told me it is for Shyam. If he wants let him come here personally."

Ahem said, "We have lots of projects to work on. If you want, I can send you to someone else to do the work."

He sends Akshat to Anita for the same work.

At the end of the day, everyone goes for the engagement. Taiji puts cow dung at the place where Meher is going to enter. As Meher enters, she slips but Abeer holds her. One of Meher's chappels break.

Abeer asked, "Are you alright?"
Meher said, "I'm fine but my slipper broke."
Taiji said, "Didn't you see the cow dung? Not a problem, we will get a better one for you."
Gopi applies Mehendi to Meher.

All have a good time on Meher's mehendi ceremony. Taiji tells Devki, "I want to make this wedding very grand. If you could contribute Rs.20,00,000/- from your side, it will be helpful to us.

Kuber comes and confronts Taiji after Devki leaves. Taiji said, "I am the senior most in this house after my husband. I have every right to decide."

Kuber said, "Yes, I don't deny that but Abeer is my own son. Not yours."

Meher sees Devki worried and troubled and understands her problems. She calls Abeer who meets her. She tells Abeer about Taiji's demands to her aunt. She said, "Please do something about it."

Abeer said, "The only answer for this problem is to elope away. I will talk to my mom and  dad about it."

Meher goes home and tells Suman and Devki about her conversation with Abeer.

Devki said, "Don't worry about money. I will arrange it. It is not that I don't have but my payment is stuck."

She calls all her clients who has to pay her the remaining amount but of no avail. Suman gets her jewellery but Meher refuses.

Abeer's parents support him for the decision he took. They go to Meher's place & tell Devki, "We will conduct the marriage in the temple."

Everyone comes to the temple directly. Abeer & Meher get married. When everyone goes home, Taiji stops Meher's entry. Abeer said, "If Meher is not allowed to enter, even I won't enter." Kuber & Madhvi backs Abeer. They go to their rooms & pack their belongings. Taiji pleads to Abeer but he is firm. Abeer & his parents go with Meher & stay in Devki's house till they find a new one. Satish helps Abeer with the house. Abeer shows the house to his dad who buys it. Abeer & Meher are happy. Abeer decides to teach a lesson to Taiji. He cuts the water & electricity supply of the place where Taiji is living.

Taiji comes & confronts Abeer but Kuber intervenes her saying, "According to you if a woman is staying in our house without her husband, there is no place for her. But you too don't have husband nor the children of your own. So the same thing applies to you."

Taiji said, "You cannot do this. It is your brother's house too."

Kuber said, "It was his house but when he is no more, you have lost that right. If you don't I will call the police and tell them that you have come here to steal in our house. Get out."

He pushes Taiji out of the house with her belongings. Taiji said, "I will see all of you."

Abeer said, "Do whatever you want."

After Taiji left they occupy the house once again, selling the new house that they brought.

Veera goes out to meet Baldev but Akshat stops her. Veera said, "Now why are you coming to me when you did not help me in the pregnancy drama?"

Akshat said, "I could have done that but it was a stupid idea."

Veera asked, "According to you, what was the better idea? If you had told me that idea, we could have worked on that. Now I understand why Meher broke up with you?"

Akshat said, "I didn't actually love her but I love you."

Meher said, "You have showed me the proof that you took up Ahem's case. What is the proof that you love me?"

Akshat said, "If you break up with me, I will defame your mother." Baldev is anxiously waiting for Veera. He comes to that spot and overhears Akshat blackmailing Veera. He comes and beats him left and right.

Akshat flees but decides to spoil Ratan's image.

Veera said, "Akshat is going to spoil my mom's name. What to do?"

Baldev said, "I won't allow him to do that."

He sends his goons before Akshat. They go to his office & breaks the glasses, window panes & loot him."

Akshat is left with no money. The goons kidnap him & tie him in the godown.

Baldev confesses his love to Veera. He said, "I will be waiting for your response. If you agree, we will marry." Veera is in love with Baldev but decides to test him.

Sumeet is Arnav's manager who is madly in love with Khushi. Though, Arnav loves her, he never believed in any marriage or ritual but was performing them because Anjali was telling him to do. Arnav gets jealous seeing Sumeet's closeness with Khushi.

Next day, there is a vrat savitri in Raizada house & Madhumathi's house in which the ladies fast. Khushi, Payal, Madhumathi & other ladies fast till the evening. After the puja, NK breaks La's fast. Shyam breaks Anjali's fast. Payal too breaks her fast. Khushi is about to faint. Sumeet goes to hold her but Arnav moves faster than him & carries Khushi in his arms. He revives her & breaks her fast. Sumeet gets irked & thinks of another plan. He then gets the idea to capitalize on Arnav's negativeness & snatch Khushi from him. At the end of the puja, everyone leaves. When Khushi was about to leave, Arnav holds her hand & says, "You can't run away from me."

Khushi said, "Fine, tell me what you want."

Arnav said, "How dare you move close towards Sumeet?"

Khushi said, "I will go with anybody I want. What difference does it make to you?"

Arnav said, "It makes a big difference to me. You know very well that I love you a lot."

Khushi said, "Lord Governor, when your love has got no destination for me, what is the point?"

Arnav said, "What the?"

Khushi said, "Complete it by saying hell."

Arnav said, "Don't talk to me like that. If I am not wrong, you want me to prove my love by proposing you for the marriage. Right?"

Khushi said, "The day you do that the world will turn upside down as you don't believe in God, rituals and marriage."

Arnav said, "Well if you are insisting on it, I'm ready for it."

He then drops Khushi to her place.

Akash meets Payal at the market place. He said, "I think I saw you somewhere."

Payal said, "I guess in temple where we all fasted."

Akash said, "Correct."

After they buy vegetables, Akash offers to drop Payal at her place. Payal refuses. Akash said, "You have brought so many things. It is quite heavy for you & there won't be any auto rickshaw."

Payal agrees. Akash drops her home. Akash said, "I guess even Khushi is staying in this house."

Payal said, "Khushi is my younger sister."

Akash said, "I am Arnav's brother."

Payal said, "I know it."

She then asks Akash to come to her house. Akash comes in. Payal introduces him to Madhumathi who serves him snacks. Akash is lost in Payal's thoughts after he goes home. Payal is also in the same condition.

Khushi finds her heartbeats fast. Its background sound comes again. Anjali finds both Arnav & Akash lost & asks them, "What is the matter?"

Both of them shrug their shoulders.

To be continued

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sushmitasahu Goldie

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Posted: 03 May 2016 at 3:59am | IP Logged
Awesome update
coolhi1988 IF-Addictz

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Posted: 03 May 2016 at 7:00am | IP Logged
awesome update..
liked it...
Akshat. AngryAngryAngry
1st meher then veera & now gopi.. AngryAngry
shyam is his brotherShockedShocked
asr doesnt believe in marriage but seeing khushi with sumeet he got ready for marriage,,,
continue soon..
thnks 4  d pm...
jasminerahul IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 03 May 2016 at 7:19am | IP Logged
Mehbeer dialogues were so romantic.But this Taiji is so dare she demand money?She put cow dung to spoil mehbeer mehendi func.but glad that abheer held her from falling down n gopi put mehendi 4 her.Bcz of d money issue Abheer married meher in d temple with his parents' permission.but Taiji didnt let meher enter they all decided 2 go away.Later Kuber kicked her out.On d show BD Taiji didnt get any punishment i guess.gud that here u gave her punishment.but she will return 4 revenge?Akshat flirting with Gopi n Gohem r irritated with it.Ahem sent him 2 Anita as in d name of interior designing he is spending time with Gopi.Akshat's bro Shyam is a lawyer too.Is shyam -ve or positive?means Akshat is Arnav's BIL Shyam's bro?i'm confused.Gud that Ratan took veera's drama in a positive sense.plz show nihaal ratan scenes too.Akshat told veera that he loves her,then he blackmailed her that if she doesnt accept him he will defame her mom.oh..Baldev kidnapped Akshat 4 not doing so.well done Baldev.He confessed his luv 2 4 more veeBa romance.On IPK ASR's PA is Aman n they never showed him on d show.but Aman is there in all ffs.but here instead of Aman his manager is Sumeet.Sumeet is trying 2 get closer 2 Khushi n arnav is irritated.loved Arnav overcoming Sumeet to hold khushi n feed her breaking her fast.To not lose Khushi Arnav has decided 2 propose her.Will he propose her in public?Will sumeet try to separate Arshi?nk broke la's let him do that.cute.Akash n Payal attracted 2 each other after meeting again.cute Payash scene.

Edited by jasminerahul - 03 May 2016 at 7:23am
christi002 Senior Member

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Posted: 03 May 2016 at 8:05am | IP Logged
interesting story... amazing updates.. read it in a go... loved them Heart

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